It is such a shame that people down the years have disposed of family albums without a thought as to who might treasure them in the future.

The prime purpose of this part of the archive is to preserve information for family historians and to re-unite families with their photos.

We have many thousands of Victorian photographs which indicate the name of the person or persons who have been photographed. See the alphabetical lists A to L Sitters and M to Z Sitters.

These people, the sitters, are mainly everyday folk although a few with titles are included.

Most photographs of sitters are available for sale to the families that want them.

Cards that are integral to the archive itself cannot be released but high quality scans can be supplied.

See Prices for more details.


Please Note

WE DO HAVE photographs of people who are listed in this SITTERS section. These names are written on the mounts of old photographs which are held in the collection.

WE DO NOT HAVE any other photographs of named sitters/customers.

NOR DO WE HAVE ACCESS to the historical records of the sitters/customers of any other photographers from the period 1840 – 1940.


Here is a lovely record of days gone by

The Sandland Girls from London

Sometimes when collecting, not everything comes at the same time. This series of family portraits was gathered together over several years and shows the joy of taking a family to the photographers and having the children photographed at least once a year – not something that could easily be done at home in those days. Looking back, it is wonderful to see them ‘grow up’ before your very eyes.

Bertha is the elder of these two sisters and Dorothy (usually known as Dolly) was born about four years later. They also had a brother called Charlie.


Bertha Sandland

Bertha Sandland age 1 1888

1888 age 1

Bertha Sandland age 3 in 1890

1890 age 3

Bertha Sandland age 4 in 1891 with father

1891 age 4

Bertha Sandland age 11 in 1898

1898 age 11

Bertha Sandland age 14 in 1901

1901 age 14

Bertha Sandland age 15 in 1902

1902 age 15

Bertha Sandland age 16 in 1903

1903 age 16

Bertha Sandland age 17 in 1904

1904 age 17

Bertha Sandland age 18 in 1905

1905 age 18

Bertha Sandland age 19 in 1907

1907 age 19


Dorothy (Dolly)(Doll) Sandland

Dolly Sandland age 2 in 1893 aka Dorothy

1893 age 2

Dolly Sandland age 6 in 1897 aka Dorothy

1897 age 6

Dolly Sandland age 7 1898

1898 age 7

Dolly Sandland age 9 in 1900

1900 age 9

Dolly Sandland age 12 in 1903

1903 age 12

Dolly Sandland age 13 in 1904

1904 age 13

Dolly Sandland age 14 in 1905

1905 age 14

Dolly Sandland age 15 in 1906 aka Doll

1906 age 15


If you want to find a picture of your ancestors – read on

We have pictures of over 6,000 NAMED sitters in our archive. One or more of them could be YOUR ancestor/s – the original cartes de visite are often available for sale, if not, scanned copies can be supplied.

The sitters are listed alphabetically by surname (see the drop down menu at the top of this page) along with the town where the photograph was taken. Where stated, the date that the photograph was taken is also recorded.

Please note that WE DO NOT HAVE details of any sitters other than the ones that are listed in this section of the website.

In most cases the town will be where the sitter lived but it should be remembered that photographs were often taken on holidays (Blackpool, Scarborough etc.) or when visiting relatives or working away from home. In those cases the town may not match up with where the sitter lived – but it could still be one of your ancestors!

Remember, most of the names have been added in handwriting – and Victorian writing, like today’s scrawl, can vary in clarity. If the name you are looking for is not here – think of how the name might have looked when written down.

Not Sure?

In some cases the surname is so unusual or the forenames are so distinctive that you will know that it is an image of one of your ancestors. However, if you are not sure, and want more information – such as the age of the person in the picture or the approximate date of the image etc. – please   Contact Us

Original or Scan?

If you find a name that appears to fit into your family tree, Contact Us to find out if the original is available or if a scan can be provided.

Please note that WE DO NOT HAVE details of any sitters other than the ones that are listed in this section of the website.