Sitters N

Below is a list of Sitters sorted by surname. New names are being added all the time.

Surname Forename/s Title/Position Town Date
Nagle (Bagle?) P J Mr Dublin 1881
Nash Mr Guildford
Nash Mr London
Nash Margaret A E London 1877
Nash W L Mrs Bath
Nash Mr Guildford
Nattress T Mr Bradford
Naughton S.Mae Mr Preston
Neal Mr Various
Neall Frank F Newcastle 1877
Neall Frank F Mr Newcastle 1877
Neashe Richard Mr Sheffield
Needham Mrs New Radford
Needham Mary Bangor 1889
Needham N? Miss Boston
Neil Ellen C Miss London?
Nesbitt David Uncle Elgin 1875
Nesham Charles Courtney Cheltenham 1866
Nessy Sophie? Miss Clitheroe 1869
Nevile Ethelerne Mrs London
Newberry George Mr Godmanchester
Newlyn Leonie E Ms Bournemouth 1899
Newman Boy
Newman Charlie Mr London
Newman Francis W Mr Weston Super Mare
Newman Jack, Guy & George Brothers Ambleside
Newmann Rosa Ms Honiton
Newport? S London
Newsam Mary Miss/Mrs Winchester 1888
Newsome F Mr & Mrs +2
Newson Mr Dublin
Newton Miss
Newton Christopher H C Germany
Newton Clarence Boy London
Newton Ivan Australia
Newton Nellie Australia
Newton W? Mr Newtown 1870
Newton Willie Australia
Newton Willie Australia
Newton Willie, Johnny, Teddy, Nellie Children Welshpool 1870
Newton Lady Manchester
Nichol Private Galashiels 1913
Nicholls Arthur T (J?) Boy Oxford
Nichols A E Mr Malvern
Nichols Charles J Mr Glasgow
Nicholson Miss Nottingham
Nicholson Miss Southport
Nicholson Alex Aberdeen
Nicholson Alfred Birmingham 1868
Nicholson Ester Mrs? Liverpool 1875
Nicholson J G H Mr Liverpool 1875
Nicholson John Joseph Mr Hull 1865
Nicholson John Joseph Hull
Nicholson Lily Miss Bradford
Nicholson Thomas Germany
Nicol Mr Dundee
Nicolay (s?) May Braddon Ms Australia
Nigelins Miss London
Nisbett Lorne? Miss Bournemouth
Nisbett Louie & May 2 g Southampton
Nisbett M Mr Southampton
Niven George Mr Bristol 1873
Nixon Mr London 1861
Noakes Northallerton
Nobbs George H S Boy Bath
Noggan ? Adam Rev Ch Exeter
Nolan Austin Mr St Helier 1891
Norman ? Norman ? Mr Various
Norris Mr & Mrs St Leonards on Sea 1869
North Brownlow Mr London
North Mr London
Norton Maggie Mrs? Sheffield 1899
Norton Phyllis, James & Nancy Children x3 Sheffield 1898
Norwood Mrs (2nd) Ambleside
Nott Susannah Mrs London
Nugent Walter Mr Cheltenham
Nugent Walter Mr
Nugent Zoe Miss Bournemouth
Nunn Adella Miss London
Nunn Eliza Miss London 1882
Nunn Lily W Mrs London
Nussey? Peter & Louisa Marshall Mr & Mrs Ramsey 1881
Nussey? Peter & Louisa Marshall Mr & Mrs Ramsey 1881
Nussey? Sophia Anne Mrs? Ramsey 1881
Nussey? Sophia Anne Redcar 1876
Nutter Mrs Oldham