Sitters P Q

Below is a list of Sitters sorted by surname. New names are being added all the time.

Surname Forename/s Title/Position Town Date
Pace Elizabeth Lewes
Packer J B Mr Deal
Paddon, T? Evelyn Boy? Liverpool
Padstow P Brewer Ms Hanley
Pagan Mrs Perth
Page Mrs Birmingham
Page E Ms Bradford
Page E London 1862
Page Mr Wolverhampton
Paget T Mr Leicester
Paget Mrs London
Pakington? Diana Lady London
palding Henry B Mr London 1875
Palin Benjamin Mr Sunderland
Palmer G Mrs London
Palmer G W Mrs London 1879
Palmer H E Mr Southampton
Palmer John Oxford
Palmer Lillian Miss York 1912
Palmer Milly Ms Liverpool
Palmer N (W?) London
Palmer N? Mr London
Palmer R N London 1868
Palmer T W Mr Gravesend 1887
Palmer W? Mr London
Palmer Mrs Bristol
Palmerston Viscount London
Panter Cardiff
Pardy John USA
Pare Luscombe Mr London 1879
Park Miss Retford
Park Christine? Miss Keighley
Park Various
Parker Mr Newcastle Staffs 1863
Parker Dr (Religion) Oldham
Parker Belle? Miss/Mrs? London 1874
Parker Constance Miss Ulverston 1900
Parker F Mr Chester
Parker G Mrs Blackpool
Parker George London
Parker John M Mr Glasgow 1884
Parker Sophea? Mrs? London 1871
Parker Grandpa Norwich
Parker Family Scarborough
Parkes B R Mrs? Tunbridge Wells 1866
Parkes E Miss Hanley 1892
Parkes Mabel Ms Tunbridge Wells 1903
Parkin ? U Mr Maidstone
Parkin ? Mr (Chemist) Ripon
Parkinson Ada Miss? Cheltenham 1886
Parkinson Sissie Miss Preston 1880
Parnell Zoe Baby
Parr Laura Margaret Miss London
Parr Mr Newcastle
Parr Mrs Newcastle
Parrington? Mr Liverpool
Parry Mrs Bangor
Parry Miss Brecon 1886
Parry Mr Newtown 1878
Parry Grandmama Welshpool 1872
Parry Bessie Miss USA 1885
Parry C Mrs Newtown 1877
Parry Charlotte London 1890
Parry F D Mr Hereford
Parry H Mr Liverpool
Parry James Sailor RN Plymouth
Parry James Sailor RN Plymouth
Parry James Sailor RN Plymouth
Parry R M R Miss Newtown 1879
Parry R M R Miss Newtown 1881
Parry Rosa Miss Ashbourne 1884
Parry Rosa Miss Newtown 1884
Parry Rosa Miss Newtown
Parry Rosa M R Miss Newtown 1884
Parry Rosa M R Miss Newtown
Parry Rosa M R Newtown
Parry Rosa M R Miss Newtown
Parry Rosa M R Miss Newtown, (Powys) 1868
Parry Mr Newtown
Parry Mr Newtown
Parsons Mr Manchester
Partridge Gertrude Mary Girl Leominster
Partridge Harry S London 1889
Pascoe Captain, R M B? Plymouth 1877
Pascoe Family Various
Passington? Mr Liverpool
Passmore Florence M C
Passmore N M C & W S Miss & Master Jamaica 1873
Passmore William ?
Pathecay Various
Paton W Ms London 1885
Patrick David Dr London
Patrick Emily Jane Miss Ipswich
Patrick Robert Henry Boy Ipswich
Patteman F Mr London
Pattersen E A ? Margate
Patterson Susie H Belfast 1886
Paull? Mrs Plymouth 1869
Paw Various
Payly Mrs London
Payne Alicia M London/Newcastle 1885
Peach George W Cambridge
Peacock John Mr Southport
Pearce B Ms Southampton 1882
Pearce John Mr London 1882
Pearce Mrs Kendal
Pearl Mr York 1880
Pears Emily Miss Leamington
Pears? Eileen Marie? Baby Various 1884
Pearse Alfred Thomas Boy Exeter 1866
Pearse Harry Gasking Boy Exeter 1865
Pearse Janie Miss Exeter 1865
Pearse Janie Miss Exeter 1866
Pearson Mrs Wolverhampton
Pearson Adelaide Sophia Ms Shrewsbury
Pearson Amy Grace Leamington 1863
Pearson Florence May Girl Manchester 1863
Pearson Louisa Mrs Boston
Pearson Phillip Miss London
Pearson Willie Mr Weymouth 1880
Pearson Willie Mr Weymouth 1880
Pearson Mrs Ipswich
Peart Dr. & Maggie Dr. & great aunt Glasgow
Peart Maggie Great Aunt & Dr Glasgow
Peart Maggie & Dr Mr & Mrs Glasgow
Peart Maude 2nd. cousin Tynemouth
Peart Sarah Louise Newcastle
Peart Sarah Louise Newcastle
Peart Dr. Keswick
Peascod Robert William Master Carlisle
Pease John Mr Bristol
Pease Walter Mr Darlington
Peatclow? Ms Leeds
Pedder Miss Brighton
Peel J Ms Manchester
Peel J Ms Manchester
Peel Various
Peele (Peek?) Kate Ms Durham
Peene? Mary London
Peighton Mr Various
Pelham Augustus Thursby Rev Shrewsbury
Pellington Venecka? Ms London
Pelten Ethel Girl Tunbridge Wells 1868
Pender Mrs Edinburgh
Penfold Enid? Mary Baby London 1877
Penman Mary Baby Carlisle 1904
Penman Miss Chatham
Penn Joan Miss? 1895
Pennington Adam Ms Brighton
Penny Prescott Bath 1874
Perkins Florry Mrs?
Perkins Lofty P Master London 1875
Perks Mr Birmingham
Perks J Mr Manchester
Perrin Charles F Mr Dublin 1871
Perrin Miss Hastings
Peterson Eline Ms Bradford
Petit A Mr Canterbury 1887
Petrocokins? Emerelda Ms Bradford
Petrocokins? Julie Ms Bradford
Pettitt Alice & Emily Misses London
Pettley Bruce Emily Mrs Sittingbourne
Phillamore J Mr London
Phillips Mr Hastings
Phillips Elsie M Miss St Leonards on Sea
Phillips Francis John Baby Richmond, Surrey 1878
Phillips J? Various
Phillips Ruth Ms Ashford
Phillips Sophy Miss Stamford
Phillips Mrs Ashford
Phillips Mr Bristol
Phillipson F B Ryde
Phillpot Mrs London
Philpot Mrs Ashford
Philpott Charles Henry Mr Oxford
Phipps ? Mr Scarborough
Pickard Mr Southampton 1871
Pickard? Mrs? Southampton 1871
Pickering Mr
Pickersgill Richard Mrs Ripon
Pickersgill Richard Mr West Hartlepool
Pickett Maggie Miss Newick
Pickles J Mr St Michaels 1884
Pickles J St Michaels
Pickles L R Miss? Bradford 1885
Pictor Edith Ms Worksop
Pidduck Will Mr France
Pidgeon Henry Mr Shrewsbury 1865
Piggott Thomas W Mr Harrow 1877
Pigott J? V Master
Pike Fred Navy 1877
Pike Fredk Japan
Pike Sarah Ms London
Pillean Arthur W Mr 1883
Pilling Henry Fowler Manchester 1863
Pilling J Manchester 1863
Pilling John Caslow Manchester 1863
Pilling Mary Manchester 1868
Pilling Samuel Mr
Pilter J M Reverend Bradford
Pim A H Dublin
Pim John Mr Dublin
Pim Jonathan Mr Dublin
Pim W H Mr Dublin
Pinchhead Mrs Middlesbrough
Pinner Lil & June
Pitcairn Edith London
Pitchforth Bradford
Pitman N Nurse Bromley
Pitman Zzak Mr 1876
Pitt Army France
Pitt Mr & Mrs Hastings 1894
Pitt Edward Mr Portsea 1881
Place Edwin Hammond Baby Patterdale
Plaster Rebecca Ms Leeds
Playfair Colonel? St Andrews
Playfair Hettie Miss Redditch
Plowden Elsie Mrs? London 1877
Plummer Mr Keighley
Pole Charles Chandour Mr Southport
Pollard Miss Worcester
Pollard Mrs Worcester
Pollock Mrs St Austell
Ponsonby Mr London 1862
Pook M Mr Italy
Pook Tom Mr Tiverton
Pook Tom Mr Tiverton
Poole Charlie Hastings
Poole Edward? Reverend Derby
Poole Herbert Hastings
Poole L H Ms London
Pooley Sam Mr Ely
Pope Mary L Miss/Mrs Weymouth 1862
Pope Thomas Mr Bolton
Pope Grandfather Bolton
Pope Mrs Farnham
Popplewell Alfred W Master Glasgow 1880
Porch G Mr Pontypridd
Porter Annie Miss Nottingham
Porter Annie Tindal ‘Old Maid’ Eton 1870
Porter Annie Tindal ‘Old Maid’ Eton 1870
Porter Annie Tindal ‘Old Maid’ Eton 1870
Porter Annie Tindal ‘Old Maid’ Eton 1870
Porter Annie Tindal ‘Old Maid’ Eton 1870
Porter Cecil Baby Bristol?
Porter Harry Lance Corporal
Porter Henry Worcester 1867
Porter Henry Worcester 1867
Postgate Harry Master Pickering 1878
Postgate Harry Mr Scarborough 1884
Postgate Harry Mr Scarborough 1884
Postgate Harry Mr Scarborough? 1887
Postgate Willie Mr Scarborough 1884
Pott Annie Ms Abingdon
Pott Mrs & Miss Abingdon
Potter J Mr Various
Potter William and family Mr Kirkswald 1897
Potts C Norwich 1886
Powe Lizzie Ms Swansea
Powell Eva Frances Mrs
Powell H W Mr Redcar 1884
Powell Muriel Miss Ripon
Powell Muriel Ripon
Powell Nora Miss Newtown 1883
Powell Thomas Mr Welshpool
Powell Walton Editor
Powell William Elliott? Soldier Richmond, Yorkshire 1875
Pratt George Uncle Cork
Pratt George Uncle Cork
Pratt Miss Leicester
Prebble Lizzie Miss Belgium
Pressley E Ms Southampton 1879
Preston Margaret Miss? Whitby 1870
Preston Thomas Mr Nottingham 1870
Preston William Mr Malton
Preston (Presten) Mr Liverpool
Price Mr Blackpool 1869
Price E Miss Bristol
Price George Uredale? London 1875
Price Nellie Miss Bristol 1881
Pridham Florence M C Miss Plymouth
Pridleston? Florence Parker Baby Plymouth 1871
Pridleston? Florence Parker Baby Plymouth 1871
Priest A F London
Priestly Ms Bristol
Priestman John Beaumont & Muriel Mother & boy & girl Bradford 1882
Prior George Mrs London
Pritchard Mrs Newcastle
Pritchard Francis B Mr Southampton 1874
Pritchard Francis B Southampton
Pritchard Frank Brighton 1874
Pritchard R Miss Littlehampton
Prockter Grandpa Newcastle
Procter Mrs Leeds
Proctor Aunt Bradford 1863
Proctor Aunt Bradford 1863
Proctor Eliza Ms Elgin
Prosser Gertie Ms London
Pruett? Miss? Various
Pryce Jones Auntie Newtown
Pullen Various
Purcell Lillie Ms Bristol 1882
Purdie W Mr Glasgow
Purdy P Ogle Mrs? Newcastle 1892
Purton Mr & Mrs London
Purves George Master Kelso 1878
Purvis Alice Clara Miss St Andrews 1870
Pusilin Dr Kilmarnock
Pusoy? Maria a Brighton 1872
Pyke Mrs Hong Kong 1870
Pyke? Constance man ! Cheltenham
Pyle Edith? Ms Southsea
Pym Louisa? Mrs? London 1867
Pym Lucy Mrs Germany
Pym Mrs
Quaid Eileen M Ms
Quayle Mrs Douglas
Quick Mrs Windsor
Quicke Mr France
Quigley Ellen Ms Dublin
Quin Mrs Newcastle
Quiney Annie Ms