Sitters X Y Z

Below is a list of Sitters sorted by surname. New names are being added all the time.

Surname Forename/s Title/Position Town Date
Yardley Dora Ms London
Yardley Kate Ms London
Yateman Arthur Hamilton Master Epsom 1887
Yateman? Charles Wrington 1887
Yearsley Steven Mr Canterbury 1880
Yeates Cyril Ernest Brethargh Master Ambleside 1877
Young Amy Miss Dover 1890
Young Geo Mid-Calder
Young Geo Mrs Mid-Calder
Young George Railwayman Mid Calder
Young George Mrs Mid Calder
Young J Mr Plymouth
Young Margaret Miss
Young Miriam Goodall Miss Broadstairs 1880
Young Tottie Miss London?
Young Mrs Largs
Younger Clara Ayr
Younghusband F Barrett? Mr Weymouth 1868
Youngman H Clifford Mr Norwich 1872
Zuichen Von Fraulein Germany