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We have information about all of the photographers listed below – this could include addresses, dates of operation and actual examples of their work, biographical notes, census information, prize medals awarded etc.

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  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
  • P Brown may be listed under ‘Brown, P’ or ‘Brown, Peter’ (if we have the full name)
  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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Abba, David

Abba, David & Son

Abba, David & Sons

Abba, Harry

Abbey Studio

Abbey, William

Abbot, J

Abbott (Abbot), James

Abbott, Charles

Abbott, E

Abbott, Edwin

Abbott, Frank Edward

Abbott, Frank J

Abbott, George H

Abbott, George Pearce

Abbott, George Pearce & Sydney Herman

Abbott, H

Abbott, H G

Abbott, H M (H W)

Abbott, Henry

Abbott, Henry George

Abbott, Henry M

Abbott, J H

Abbott, James

Abbott, John

Abbott, Joseph H

Abbott, P J

Abbott, Sydney Herman

Abbott, T

Abbott, Theodore

Abbott, William

Abbott, William E


Abel, James

Abel, Sydney

Abell (Able)(Abel), Thomas Henry

Abell, Lonsdale

Abell, S

Abell, Samuel

Aberdeen Photographic Association

Aberdeen Photographic Company

Abernethy (Abernathy), A & A

Abernethy (Abernathy), A & A J

Abernethy, W

Abery, P B

Abery, Percie Benzie

Abezathe, Gerard

Ablett, J D

Ablett, Walter

Abney House Studio

Abney, Green & Abney

Abney, William de Wiveleslie (Sir)

Abraham & Sons

Abraham, Ashley

Abraham, D

Abraham, George Dixon

Abraham, George Perry

Abrahams & Sons

Abrahams Brothers & Co

Abrahams, David

Abrahams, Edward Charles

Abrahams, Ernest

Abrahams, H F

Abrahams, Harry

Abrahams, Harry F

Abrahams, Henry

Abrahams, Henry E

Abrahams, Henry James

Abrahams, John

Abrahams, Moses

Abrahams, S (Junior)

Abrahams, S F

Abrahams, Samuel

Abrahams, Woolf

Abrahams, Woolf

Abrahamson, Harry (possibly Harry Abrahams)

Abram, A (Miss)

Absalom, Henry Charles

Absell, George

Absell, James

Academy Art Studio

Accrington Photographic Company

Ace, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Ace, Thomas Jenkins

Ace, William

Ace, William & Son

Ackary, Frederick

Ackhart, P

Acock, Charles F

Acock, Thomas William

Acton, Henry Albert


Adair, Isobel (Miss)

Adam & Co

Adam, Edward

Adam, R

Adam, Robert

Adam, William


Adams & Co

Adams & Cusden

Adams & Francis

Adams & Porter

Adams & Salmon

Adams & Scanlan

Adams & Shelton

Adams & Stilliard

Adams Brothers

Adams, A

Adams, Andrew

Adams, Arthur L

Adams, C H

Adams, Charles

Adams, E

Adams, E (Mrs)

Adams, E P

Adams, Edward

Adams, Edward Peter

Adams, Edward Peter & Co

Adams, Edwin

Adams, Ernest George

Adams, G

Adams, George

Adams, Gladstone

Adams, Gladstone Ltd

Adams, H

Adams, I

Adams, Isaac

Adams, Isabella (Miss) & Co

Adams, J

Adams, J (possibly James)

Adams, J F

Adams, James

Adams, James & Co

Adams, James Edward

Adams, James Frederick

Adams, John

Adams, John (Senior)

Adams, Josiah

Adams, Percy Haselhurst

Adams, Thomas

Adams, Thomas J

Adams, W

Adams, Walton

Adams, Walton & Co

Adams, Walton & Sons

Adams, Walton Ltd

Adams, William

Adams, William C

Adams, William H

Adams, William J

Adamson & Smith

Adamson Brothers

Adamson, A G

Adamson, Andrew

Adamson, Henry S

Adamson, J Spencer

Adamson, Joe

Adamson, John

Adamson, John & Son

Adamson, Robert

Adamson, William

Adamson, William Peter

Adcock & Howie

Adcock, Ernest D

Adcock, Henry

Adderley Brothers

Adderley, John

Addey, W R

Addington, A


Addison, James & Co

Addy, William

Adelphi Photographic Co

Adelphi School of Photography

Adelphi Studios Ltd

Adey, T

Adey-Adey, E

Adkins & Co

Adkins, A J

Adkins, E H

Adlington, George


Adriatic Photographic Co

Advance Photo Co

Advance Publishing Co

Advertising Art Co

Aegena, Henri

Affleck, Alfred

Affleck, Allan Ritchie A

Affleck, Margaret (Miss)

Ager, Arthur William

Ager, Thomas

Aglio, Augustine Louis Cajetanus & Absolon

Agnew & Co

Agnew & Gibb

Agnew & Son

Agnew, Alice (Mrs)

Agnew, Francis

Agnew, Frank

Ahlborn, Julius

Aiken, Henry

Aikman, George

Aikman, George Matthew

Aimer, William

Ainley, Edith

Ainley, Edith (Miss)

Ainley, F

Ainley, J H

Ainley, J H (Mr & Mrs)

Ainley, John Henry

Ainsley & Bayliss

Ainsley & Runciman

Ainsley (Aynsley), George

Ainsworth & Co

Ainsworth & Dauncey

Ainsworth, Harrison

Ainsworth, Walter H

Ainsworth, William

Airdrie Photographic Establishment

Airey, George

Aitken, Cecil

Aitken, J M

Aitken, James

Aitken, John

Aitken, Jonathan

Ajax & Co

Akerman, I M

Akerman, James

Akers, Alfred

Akers, Frank S

Alabone, M

Aland & Co

Aland, John

Albemarle Photographic Gallery

Albermarle Photo Co

Albert E

Albert Gate Photo Co

Albert Photo Co

Albert Studio

Albert, C

Albert, E

Albert, E & Co

Albert, J & Co

Albert, Richard

Alberto & Co

Alberto, Carlo

Albin, Thomas

Albion Art Co

Albion Art Studio

Albion Photo Co

Albion Photographic Company

Albion Portrait Co

Album Portrait Co

Albury, Richard

Alcock, Alfred

Alcock, Alfred & Co

Alcock, Walter

Aldcroft, Thomas

Alden & Co

Alden, H

Alder & Co

Alder Brothers

Alder, George & Co

Alder, George Edward

Alder, George Edward & Co

Alder, J

Alder, Thomas

Aldercroft, Thomas

Alderman, T

Alderman, William

Alderslade, Charles

Alderslade, John Kenneth

Aldersley, Alpheus

Alderson, Edwin

Aldham, Edwin Laver

Aldine, H

Aldis, E

Aldis, Edward

Aldis, Elijah

Aldous (Aldons), Charles

Aldous, W & P

Aldred, Henry

Aldridge, Charles

Aldridge, George

Alexander & Co

Alexander & Tatler

Alexander (Percy) & Billington

Alexander Brothers

Alexander, A C

Alexander, Charles

Alexander, D

Alexander, David

Alexander, Edgar Ltd

Alexander, Edward

Alexander, Ernest Charles

Alexander, G

Alexander, George C

Alexander, Henry & Co

Alexander, Herman

Alexander, J

Alexander, Jeremiah

Alexander, Joseph Glover

Alexander, P

Alexander, Percy & Co

Alexander, Scott

Alexander, Victor

Alexander, Walter F

Alexander, William

Alexandra Photographic (Photo) Co

Alexandra Portrait Co

Alexandra Studio

Alexandria Studio

Alfieri, Bernard

Alford & Holtson (Hotson)

Alford, E J

Alford, Thomas

Alfred, Henry

Alfred, Joseph & Son

Alfreds, Joseph

Algate, T & Co

Alger, Cleer Sewell

Alger, Cleer Sewell (Junior)

Alger, Frederick Sewell

Allan & Hudson

Allan Brothers

Allan, Edwin

Allan, Gordon Thomas

Allan, James

Allan, John

Allan, R T M

Allan, Robert

Allan, Robert L

Allan, W Rodger & Co

Allan, Wallace

Allanson, Thomas Booth

Allard, Arthur William

Allard, Frederick

Allcorn, Alfred Frederick

Allcorn, T

Allcott (Alcott), William

Allday, Edward

Alldridge, John

Allee, E C


Allen & Baxter

Allen & Co

Allen & Horton

Allen & Hosking

Allen & Mitchell

Allen & Rowland

Allen & Son

Allen, A M

Allen, Alice Maude

Allen, Arthur

Allen, Charles

Allen, Charles Smith

Allen, Charles William

Allen, Dave

Allen, Edward

Allen, Emily (Mrs)

Allen, Ernest

Allen, F

Allen, Fanny Downing

Allen, G & Co

Allen, G A

Allen, George

Allen, George & Son

Allen, George W

Allen, Godfrey

Allen, Godfrey W

Allen, Gordon Thomas

Allen, Harry Mortimer

Allen, Henry Mortimer

Allen, J P

Allen, James

Allen, James Maurice

Allen, Jesse

Allen, Joseph E

Allen, M & Co

Allen, Eliza (Mrs)

Allen, Oswald

Allen, Oswald & Eliza (Mr & Mrs)

Allen, R W

Allen, Richard

Allen, Richard & Son

Allen, Richard & Son Ltd

Allen, Samuel John

Allen, Thomas

Allen, Thomas John

Allen, W

Allen, W C

Allen, W J

Allen, W Rodger & Co

Allen, Walter

Allen, William

Allen, William Joseph

Allenby, William

Allerston, John Taylor

Allester, Patrick C

Alleyn, Henry

Alliance Art Co

Alliance Limited

Alliance Photographic (Photo) Company

Allingham & Co

Allinson, Henry

Allis, Edward Hagger


Allison & Allison

Allison, D M

Allison, E A & W A

Allison, H & Co

Allison, W B


Allman, C A

Allman, E A

Allmutt, Roland

Allport, A & H

Allport, Austin & Co

Allport, Edward Henry

Allport, Thomas Bacon

Allsop (Alsop), C M & Co

Allsop, W

Allsopp, Henry

Allsopp, William

Allwork Brothers

Allwork, J L

Alma Studio (Co)

Almond, Albert

Almond, Thomas

Almond, V & L

Almond, William Thomas

Alston, Ezra

Alston, Ignatius

Alston, Ignatius & Son

Alston, James

Altior Royal Exchange Photographic Studios (also Altior Studios)

Altman, Abraham

Altman, Solomon

Alty, Isabel

Alvin Studios

Alwyn, Charles G

Amateur Association

Amateur Photographic Intelligence Society

Ambidge, Harry

Ambidge, Henry

Ambidge, W

Ambler, John

Ambridge, Harry

Ambridge, Henry

Ambrose, D R

Ambrose, Frederick

Ambrose, Gordon M

Ambrose, Owen

American Animated Photo Co

American Art Co

American Art Photo Co

American Art Portrait Co

American Boudoir Studios Ltd

American Card Photo Co

American Colograph Co

American Colorgraph & Ivory Types Ltd

American Ferrotype Co

American Fine Art Association

American Fine Art Co

American Galleries

American Gem Victoria & Ferrotype Co

American Gem Co

American Gem Photo Co

American Gem Studio

American Gen Company

American General Photographic Co

American Midget

American Midget Co

American Midget Galleries

American Midget Photographers

American Photo (Photographic) Company

American Photo Studio

American Photographic Saloon

American Photographic Studio

American Portrait Art Co

American Portrait Co

American Star Co

American Studio

American Studio Co

American Studios

Amery, W W (possibly William Amey)

Ames, Charles Albert

Ames, Edward Cooper

Ames, Ethel (Miss)

Ames, Frederick George & Co

Ames, P

Ames, William

Ames, William & Son

Amey, William Vincent

Amos, F

Amos, George Thomas

Amos, William

Amy, George

Amy, George R

Ancell, Godfrey & H

Ancell, Walter

Anckorn (Ankorn), William John

Anckorn, William John & Mrs

Ancrum, J S

Ancrum, J S & R H

Ancrum, J S & Son


Anderson & Bain

Anderson & Hibbert

Anderson & Robson

Anderson (Fraser &)

Anderson (John?) Brothers

Anderson Brothers

Anderson, A J

Anderson, A J & Co

Anderson, Alexander

Anderson, Alexander G

Anderson, Andrew

Anderson, Charles C

Anderson, David A P

Anderson, George

Anderson, James

Anderson, James H

Anderson, James H & Son

Anderson, John & Son

Anderson, John W

Anderson, Mr

Anderson, Peter

Anderson, T? S & G

Anderson, Thomas M

Anderson, Thomas Miles

Anderson, William

Anderson, William B

Anderson, William Patrick (Willie)

Anderson, William Snowdall

Anderson’s Photographic Portrait Institution

Anderson’s Photographic Portraits

Anderson’s Saloon


Andre & Sleight Ltd

Andreae, J C

Andree, H

Andree, Harry Cust Ernest

Andrew, David

Andrew, Frank Warland (Wailand)

Andrew, H

Andrew, T

Andrew, Warland

Andrew, William

Andrews & Parkin

Andrews & Son

Andrews, E

Andrews, George E

Andrews, H H

Andrews, H J

Andrews, Harry

Andrews, Henry

Andrews, Herbert E

Andrews, Heskett

Andrews, J

Andrews, J & Co

Andrews, James

Andrews, John Albert

Andrews, Robert

Andrews, T

Andrews, Thomas

Andrews, William

Angel, F

Angel, Owen

Angel, Samuel

Angell, Arthur S

Angell, Frederick Eyrans

Angelo Photo Co

Angerers, Son

Angle, Henry

Angle, Sydney Butler

Angle, Sydney Butler & Co

Anglo American Art Co

Anglo American Photo Co

Anglo American Photographic Co

Anglo American Portrait Co

Anglo American Studios

Anglo Barvarian Photographic Co

Anglo Continental Co

Anglo Engraving Co

Anglo German Studio

Angus, Robert H

Animated Photographs Ltd

Ankers, W H

Anley, Charles

Annan & Son

Annan & Swan

Annan (s) & Skelton

Annan Brothers

Annan Engraving Co

Annan, F & R

Annan, James & Son

Annan, James Craig

Annan, John

Annan, Thomas

Annan, Thomas & Robert

Annan, Thomas & Robert & Sons

Annesley, Hugh (Hon.)

Anson, George

Ansonia, A A

Ansonia, James

Anstee, Sydney W

Anstey, Coleman Gibbs

Anstey, Harry

Anstice, Charles Arthur

Anstice, Charles Augustus


Anthony, F J

Anthony, Gordon

Anthony, Simon

Anticoni, M

Antill & Co

Antill & Smith

Antill & Sons

Antill, Charles

Antill, Ernest

Antill, H S

Antill, Herbert

Antill, Herbert Samuel

Antill, Thomas

Antill, William Samuel

Antoni, M

Antrobus, Dora (Miss)

Anyon, Emily (Mrs)

Apland & Co

Apollo Art Association

Appleby, C T

Appleby, C W

Appleby, Charles T

Appleby, Ernest William

Appleby, Robert

Appleby, T James

Appleby, W

Appleby, William E C

Applegarth, Samuel

Applegate, Herbert

Appleton & Co

Appleton & Spencer

Appleton, Charles

Appleton, J

Appleton, J F

Appleton, N & Co

Appleton, Richard J

Appleton, Richard J & Co

Appleton, Thomas William & Co

Appleton, William

Appleyard, Henry M

Appleyard, Walter

Appleyard, William

Applin, George Augustus

Applin’s Studios

Apps, A

Apps, Edward

Apted, Henry

Apthorpe, Dora (Miss)

Arbon, William

Arbus & Bernardi

Arbus, Louis

Arbus, M

Arbus, Sala

Arbuthnot, Malcolm

Arcade Photographic Co

Arcade Photographic Studios

Arcade Studio

Arcade Studio Co

Arcade Studios

Arcade Studios Ltd

Arcadia Bazzar Co

Arcadian Studios

Arch & Co

Archard, Leonard

Archbold, George & Co

Archer, A H

Archer, Argent A

Archer, Harry

Archer, John Richard


Archibald, A

Archibald, A B

Archibald, C

Archibald, Fowler & Ferrier

Archibald, John

Archibald, W

Archibald, Walt & Co

Architectural Photographic Association

Archway Photographic Studio Co

Arden & Co

Ardern, C E

Areas Photo Co

Argall, Ernest C

Argall, Frederick

Argenta Photography

Argyle Studios

Argyle, John

Aris Photographic Services

Ariston C



Arkinson, W

Arkison, E

Arkless, Walter

Arlidge, A T

Arlidge, Albert

Arlidge, C W

Arlidge, P E

Arlidge, Samuel

Armagh Portrait Company

Armes, Edward William

Armitage & Co

Armitage, Edwin

Armitage, Irwin

Armitage, J J

Armitage, Lister (Mrs)

Armitage, Robert

Armitage, William

Armitage, William Clough

Armour, Ebenezer

Armour, James

Armour, James (Junior)

Armour, William A

Armstead & Maltby

Armstead, William

Armstrong, Alice (Miss)

Armstrong, F

Armstrong, Frederick

Armstrong, G

Armstrong, J

Armstrong, James

Armstrong, Percy

Armstrong, R

Armstrong, Richard

Armstrong, Robert

Armstrong, Tom George

Armstrong, William

Army & Navy Auxiliary Co-Operative Supply Ltd.

Army & Navy Co-Operative Society Ltd

Arnall, John

Arnaud, Matthew

Arndt, Wolfgang

Arnell, Alfred

Arnett (Arnitt), James

Arnett, H H

Arnette, Martin

Arney, John & Son

Arnold & Co

Arnold & Sons

Arnold, Albert

Arnold, Cyril

Arnold, Edward

Arnold, Fred

Arnold, J

Arnold, James F

Arnold, John

Arnold, John (2?)

Arnold, Marshall Harry

Arnold, Richard George

Arnold, Thomas

Arnold, Thomas Douglas

Arnold, William M

Arnolds Studio

Arnold’s Studios

Arnott, Frederick James

Arnott, J G M

Arnsby, William J

Arnstein, Alex

Art & Decorative Photographic Co Ltd

Art & Humor Publishing Co Ltd

Art Beauty & Commerce Ltd

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Photo Works

Art Light Photo Co

Art Midget Photo Co

Art Photo Co

Art Photo Service

Art Photo Studio

Art Photograph & General Publishing Co

Art Photographic Association

Art Photographic Co

Art Photographic Studio

Art Photography Co

Art Photography Ltd

Art Photogravure C Ltd

Art Portrait Co

Art Portrait Ltd

Art Portraits Ltd

Art Production Co

Art Publishing Co

Art Reproductions Co

Art Room Co

Art Studio Co

Art Studios Ltd

Artaud, M (Miss)

Artburne Fine Art Co


Arter, Thomas

Arthur & Arthur Ltd

Arthur & Co

Arthur & Johnson

Arthur, Alan

Arthur, Arthur

Arthur, C E

Arthur, Charles E

Arthur, F

Arthur, Fred

Arthur, Fred Ltd

Arthur, G

Arthur, John

Arthur, Maurice

Arthur, William

Arthurlie Fine Art Co

Arthurlie Photo Enlarging Co


Artill, William & Co

Artis, F & E

Artis, Frederick


Artistic & Industrial Photographic Co

Artistic Commercial Photographers Ltd

Artistic Editions Agency

Artistic Illustrators Ltd

Artistic Photo Co

Artistic Photographic Co Ltd

Artistic Photographic Company

Artistic Portrait Company

Artistic Portrait Studio

Artistic Studios

Artistic Touring Photographic Company

Artists Association

Artists Co-operative Association

Artists Illustrators Ltd

Artlett, Francis

Artlett, Richard

Artograph Co

Artograph Ltd

Arundale, William

Ascoli, Abraham Augustus

Asguthorpe, Henry

Ash & Co

Ash, Charles William

Ash, E

Ash, Edwin

Ash, Edwin & Co

Ash, Frank

Ash, Fred (Frederick)

Ash, Frederick (Mrs)

Ash, Henry Septimus

Ash, J

Ash, J (Mrs)

Ash, J Bathbury

Ash, Maria

Ash, Moses

Ash, Thomas

Ash, William A

Ashbee, William H

Ashbolt, Augustus John

Ashbrook, Billie L

Ashburner, Thomas

Ashby, Aldhelm S

Ashby, George

Ashby, Percival Sydney

Ashcroft, William John

Ashdown, Edward Horace

Ashdown, Henry & Smith

Ashdown, Henry William

Ashdown, Henry William & Co

Ashdown, Thomas Edward

Ashe, Morris S

Ashenden, Frederick

Asher & Drummond

Asher, Alexander

Asher, Arthur H

Ashford Brothers

Ashford Brothers & Co

Ashford, Frederick William

Ashford, Henry & Co

Ashford, Thomas Bristo

Ashley, A George

Ashley, Arthur Ernest

Ashley, Charles

Ashley, E M

Ashley, Hallam

Ashley, Jack

Ashley, John (Jonathan)

Ashley, Peter

Ashman & Co

Ashman, William Middleton

Ashman, William Middleton (Mrs)

Ashmore, Henry

Ashmore, J

Ashton & Son

Ashton, Albert Cammock

Ashton, Albert William

Ashton, Andrew

Ashton, Benjamin

Ashton, E

Ashton, Edward

Ashton, Hanley

Ashton, Herbert

Ashton, J & Sons

Ashton, M (Mrs)

Ashton, Norman

Ashton, Robert Howe

Ashton, Thomas

Ashton, William

Ashton-under-Lyne Photographic Society

Ashurst & Meadows

Ashurst, Andrew

Ashurst, Arthur

Ashwell, William

Ashwin, Frank

Ashworth, Charles Frederick

Ashworth, Charles Henry

Ashworth, Giles

Ashworth, Giles & Son

Ashworth, Jack & Co

Ashworth, John

Ashworth, John S

Ashworth, John Spencerly & Yonwin, Charles Henry

Ashworth, R

Ashworth, Sydney

Ashworth, Thompson

Ask, Richard

Askew & Dodd

Askew, Alice (Miss)

Askew, E

Askew, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Askew, H

Askew, H & Braund

Askew, John

Askey, George

Askwith, E B

Asmore, J

Aspden, Fred

Aspden, W

Aspin, T

Aspinall, Robert Peel

Aspland, C (Miss)

Asplet & Green

Asprey, Albert

Asquith, John

Asquith, Midgley

Asquith, Midgley & Son

Associated Illustration Agencies Ltd

Associated Photographers

Associated Press of Great Britain Ltd

Associated Press Service

Astbury, Robert Wilson

Astley & Peacock

Astley, N

Astley, William Henry


Aston, Albert Cammock

Aston, John

Aston, S Clement

Aston, Thomas

Aston, W H

Aston, Walter

Aston, William

Aston-Briggs, J

Astor & Co (Astor’s)

Astor Studios

Astor, James

Astor, William

Astor, William James

Astwood, Irvine

Astwood, J

At Home Portrait Co


Athenaeum Electric Studio

Athenaeum Studio

Atherly Studios

Athersych, Ralph H

Atherton, John

Atherton, R

Atherton, Robert

Atherton, William

Athey, M A

Athey, M O

Athey, Mark

Athey, T & Co

Atkin, J E

Atkins & Lockyear

Atkins & Sons

Atkins, Alfred A

Atkins, Arthur

Atkins, George Jones

Atkins, Thomas

Atkins, William

Atkins, William Ernest


Atkinson & Son

Atkinson Brothers Ltd

Atkinson, Alfred William

Atkinson, Alfred William & Co

Atkinson, Angelo

Atkinson, Ashworth & Co

Atkinson, B T

Atkinson, Charles

Atkinson, E

Atkinson, Edward

Atkinson, Ellen

Atkinson, F

Atkinson, Frederick

Atkinson, Frederick & Sons

Atkinson, George

Atkinson, George M

Atkinson, George Thomas

Atkinson, H

Atkinson, Henry

Atkinson, Henry D

Atkinson, Herbert Dearman

Atkinson, J

Atkinson, J H

Atkinson, J S

Atkinson, James

Atkinson, James G

Atkinson, John

Atkinson, John & Edward

Atkinson, John & Son

Atkinson, John William

Atkinson, Joseph

Atkinson, M (Miss)

Atkinson, Michael

Atkinson, Montague

Atkinson, R

Atkinson, Rowland

Atkinson, S

Atkinson, Thomas

Atkinson, W

Atkinson, W A & Co

Atkinson, William

Atkinson, William John

Atkinson’s Atelier Photographique

Atkinson’s Electric Studio

Atkyns & Burton

Atlantic Art Studios

Atlantic Photographic Co (Limited)

Atley, William

Attenborough, Henry J

Attenborough, William Edward

Attenbury, H J

Attewell, Ernest

Attfield, A E

Attwood & Co

Attwood (Atwood), William S

Attwood (Atwood), William S & Son

Attwood, Thomas

Attwood, William

Attwooll, W A

Aubrey & Co

Aubrey, Edwin

Aubrey, H (Mrs)

Aubrey, H J

Aubrey, Henry

Audare, John

Audas, Eleanor Ann (Mrs)

Audas, Robert

Audas, William

Audas, William & Co

Auden, James

Audoinre, N

Audoire, Henry

Audrainh, L A

Audrey, Charles

Auguste, Frederick & Co

Auld, Charles

Auld, James

Auld, Lockhart

Ault, F H

Ault, Henry Thomas

Aurbach, S

Ausher & Nathan

Austen & Co

Austen, Charles

Austen, George William

Austen, W

Austen, Walters

Austen, William

Austin & Co

Austin (Austen), Albert E

Austin, Charles

Austin, Clarence

Austin, E & Co

Austin, Edward John & Son

Austin, F & Co

Austin, Frank

Austin, Frederick

Austin, G

Austin, G W

Austin, George

Austin, H

Austin, Henry Thomas

Austin, J

Austin, J H

Austin, James

Austin, John & Co

Austin, Joseph Percy

Austin, L J

Austin, M & A (Misses)

Austin, Rodney & Co

Austin, W & Co

Austin, William

Austral Photographic Service

Australian Art Co

Australian Photographic Company

Australian Studios

Auto Electric Studios

Auto Foto Co

Auto Photo Publishing Co

Auto Portraits Ltd

Auto Press Pictures

Auto Studios

Autochrome Co

Autograph Ltd

Automated Engraving Co

Automatic & General Photographic Co Ltd

Automatic Photograph Co (Limited)

Auton, John

Auton, Richardson

Autophoto Co

Autotype Co

Autotype Co Ltd

Auty & Heaven

Auty & Ruddock

Auty Ltd

Auty, Charles

Auty, Matthew


Ava Studios

Avenell (Avenall) (Avenill), William & Co

Avenue Photographic Co

Averill, Ellen (Miss)

Averill, Thomas

Avery & Marks

Avery Illustrations

Avery Ltd

Avery, Albert

Avery, Edward

Avery, Edward C

Avery, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Avery, Frederick George

Avery, George

Avery, George Frederick

Avery, Henry

Avery, Henry Alfred

Avery, John

Avery, John C

Avery, John H & Co

Avery, John James

Avery, John James & Sons

Avery, Thomas J

Avery, Thomas Porter

Avery, W

Avey, E

Avey, Edward

Avey, P (Mrs)

Aveyard, T

Avezathe, Basil Vos (Von)

Avins, John

Avison, E & Co

Avison, Edwin

Avison, W

Axe & Sales

Axell, Charles Henry

Aycliffe, GW

Ayers, Harry

Ayers, Henry

Ayers, R

Ayers, Thomas

Ayers, Thomas (Junior)

Aylen, Samuel

Ayles & Bonniwell

Aylesbury, Hector Joseph

Aylesbury, Victor

Aylett, A

Ayliffe, George William

Ayling, Charles

Ayling, Edward

Ayling, F

Ayling, Joseph

Ayling, Stephen

Ayling, Stephen & Newcombe, Charles Thomas

Aylward, Henry Augustus

Ayres, Richard

Ayres, Richard & J

Ayres, Thomas S

Ayres, William Mountford

Ayrshire Photographic Co

Ayton, Alexander

Azulay & Sons

Azulay (Asulay), Albert

Azulay, Clara (Mrs)

Azulay, Henry

Azulay, Isaac

Azulay, Isaac H

Azulay, Isaac Henry

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