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  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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B & E Portrait Co

B K S Photographic Services

Babbs, Herbert

Baber, William

Bacchus, William R

Bachan, John

Bachrach, M

Back, Richard Joseph

Backshell, William

Bacon & Johnson

Bacon (James) & Ismay-Taylor

Bacon, Archibald James

Bacon, James

Bacon, James & Sons

Bacon, James & Sons (London) Ltd

Bacon, James & Sons Ltd

Bacon, Thomas

Bacon, W H

Badams, William

Badcock, H D

Baddiel, Nathan

Baden Powell Photographic Company

Baga, Nat

Baggett, Joseph

Baggott, Charles

Bagley, B & M (Misses)

Bagnall, J J B

Bagnall, John L

Bagnall, W H

Bagnelle & Small

Bagot, John

Bagshaw, John

Bagshaw, Luke

Bagshaw, Luke & Son

Bagshaw, P R

Bagshot, R C

Baigent, J & R

Baigent, Richard (Junior)

Bailes, Richard


Bailey, A H Stoll

Bailey, Alfred James

Bailey, Alfred James & Sons

Bailey, B A

Bailey, E M

Bailey, F

Bailey, Fred E

Bailey, H

Bailey, Henry

Bailey, J

Bailey, J & Co

Bailey, John

Bailey, William

Bailey, William A

Bailie, William

Baillie, James

Baillie, John

Baillie, L

Baillie, William L

Bain, Charles G

Bain, Elsie Mabel (Mrs)

Bain, Francis Stephenson

Bain, Frank

Bain, Samuel

Bain, William E

Bainbridge, J T

Bainbridge, James

Bainbridge, W


Baines, George

Baines, John James

Baines, William

Bainfier, Clarence

Baird & Sutter

Baird, R

Baird, Roger

Bakal, Mark

Bake, Robert Rankine

Baker & Brown

Baker & Co

Baker & Dixon

Baker & Hudson

Baker & Muggeridge

Baker & Swift

Baker Brothers

Baker Street Photographic Co

Baker, A J

Baker, A J & F W

Baker, Archie & Fred

Baker, AV

Baker, C

Baker, C & H

Baker, Charles

Baker, Charles Henry

Baker, Charles Robert

Baker, D

Baker, D W

Baker, E

Baker, E & Son

Baker, E J (I?)

Baker, Edmund J

Baker, Edmund Smith

Baker, Edmund Smith & Son

Baker, Edwin

Baker, Edwin Isaac

Baker, Edwin Smith & Son

Baker, Egeston

Baker, Elsie D

Baker, Ernest Henry

Baker, Frank Andrew

Baker, Frederick

Baker, Gabriel Augustine

Baker, George

Baker, Gertrude (Mrs) & Flora

Baker, H

Baker, H & Co

Baker, Harold

Baker, Harold Ltd

Baker, Harry

Baker, Harry E

Baker, Henry

Baker, Henry (Senior)

Baker, Henry James

Baker, Henry Thomas

Baker, Henry Watson

Baker, J

Baker, J P (Junior)

Baker, James

Baker, John

Baker, John James

Baker, John Leslie

Baker, John Thomas

Baker, Joseph (Junior)

Baker, Joseph Perren

Baker, Joseph Perren & Son

Baker, Leslie Alex

Baker, Louisa & Walter Egerton

Baker, Misses

Baker, Paul

Baker, Percy

Baker, Percy John

Baker, Philip Henry (Junior)

Baker, T

Baker, T H

Baker, Thomas

Baker, Thomas & Son

Baker, Thomas David

Baker, Thomas Herbert

Baker, Thomas Herbert & Sons

Baker, Vera (Miss)

Baker, W

Baker, W B

Baker, Walter

Baker, Walter & Co

Baker, Walter & Co Ltd

Baker, Walter Henry

Baker, Walter Henry (?) & Co

Baker, William

Baker, William Charles

Baker, William E

Baker, William E R

Baker, William James

Baker, William James & Son

Baker, William S

Baker-Smith, EW

Bakesmith, W

Bakewell & Lee

Bakhurst, T

Balabanian & Yuill

Balbirnie (Balberni) (Balbirni), Samuel Kay (Ray)

Balcanquhal, James

Bald, Alexander Henry

Bald, Mariane

Balding (Baldwing), Edwin R

Balding, Alfred

Baldry, Edward Hermann

Baldry, H C

Baldry, James Spencer

Baldry, W

Baldry, William

Baldwin Art Studio

Baldwin Brothers

Baldwin Brothers & Bartlam

Baldwin Studio

Baldwin, A & J

Baldwin, Edward (Edwin) Walter

Baldwin, Edward (Edwin) Walter & Frank George

Baldwin, Edwin

Baldwin, Herbert F

Baldwin, J

Baldwin, Thomas Joseph

Baldwin, W

Bale, Arthur

Bale, Stewart

Bale, Thomas

Bale, Walter

Bales, Daniel

Bales, James

Baliol, H G

Baliol, Henry E

Baliol, Henry George

Balk & Brown

Balk, Leon


Ball & Coates

Ball, Albert Edward

Ball, Albert Edward & Son

Ball, Alexander James

Ball, Arnold Samuel

Ball, C

Ball, E W

Ball, Edward Speare

Ball, Edward Speare & Co

Ball, F

Ball, F C

Ball, Fred

Ball, Frederick

Ball, Frederick Edward

Ball, Frederick J

Ball, G

Ball, James

Ball, John

Ball, John Joseph

Ball, Joseph

Ball, Lewis G

Ball, Thomas

Ball, Thomas Benjamin

Ball, Thomas W A

Ball, William

Ball, William & Co

Ballance, W

Ballantine, Dumfries

Ballantine, John

Ballantine, Robert

Ballantine, Robert D

Ballantine, Serjeant

Ballantyne, D B

Ballantyne, George

Ballantyne, John Edward

Ballard, Edmund George

Ballard, W R

Ballard, William L

Ballenger, James

Balley & Flower (Harry)

Balley, E Ellis

Balley, Ellis

Ballingall, Frederick

Ballingall, Irene (Mrs)

Balliott, William

Balls, Frederick

Balls, Frederick Charles

Balmain, James C H

Balmain, Kenneth F

Balme, George

Balmer, J V & Co

Balmforth, H

Balmforth, James

Balmoral Studio

Balmoral Studios

Bamber, Harry

Bamber, J P

Bamber, Joshua

Bambrick, John C

Bambridge Art Studios

Bambridge, James

Bambridge, John

Bambridge, William

Bamford, Charles H

Bamford, Harry

Bamforth, Harry

Bamforth, Harry & Co

Bamforth, James

Bampton, Eugene Frederick

Bamrer, J P

Banbury & Maylott

Banbury, Arthur

Banbury, G

Bancroft & Priestley

Bancroft, Elias

Bancroft, Stephen

Bancroft, William

Bancroft, William Henry

Baneff, Joseph S

Banes, Edward

Banes, Elsie (Mrs)

Banfield, Violet (Miss)

Banford, Harry

Banger & Co

Banger, Edgar H

Banger, Edgar H & Co

Banger, Ernest A

Banger, F H

Banger, Henry

Banger, Mary D

Banger, Michael

Banger, Michael E

Banister, William

Banks & Greaves

Banks & Son

Banks, Agnew

Banks, Cornelius

Banks, E

Banks, Edward Lawrence

Banks, Edwin

Banks, Fischer

Banks, Frederick John

Banks, Henry

Banks, J

Banks, James

Banks, John

Banks, Malcolm

Banks, P G

Banks, Robert

Banks, T R

Banks, Violet (Miss)

Banks, William

Banks, William James

Banne, Adolph

Banner, E

Bannerman, George

Bannerman, Robert Hendry

Banning, Beatrice (Mrs)

Banning, Thomas


Bannister, Frederick William

Bannister, Frederick William & Co

Bannister, George

Bannister, Mary Jane

Bannister, T W & Co


Bantock (Banstock), Roger James

Banton, T

Banyard (Banyards), James Charles

Banyard, Charles

Bara, Ambrose

Bara, Lily (Madame)

Barat, G

Barat, G & Madame

Barat, George

Barback, Leslie


Barber & Wood

Barber, A

Barber, Alfred

Barber, Alfred & Marks

Barber, Charles (Taunton)

Barber, C

Barber, Charles

Barber, Charles C

Barber, Charles George

Barber, Frederick

Barber, Frederick William

Barber, George & Augustus

Barber, J

Barber, J H

Barber, J? G?

Barber, James Henry

Barber, Oswin

Barber, Theodore U

Barber, W

Barber, William

Barber, William B

Barber, William H

Barber, William Harvey

Barbour, Alexander

Barbour, Robert

Barbour, Thomas Middlehurst


Barclay & Co

Barclay & Groom

Barclay Brothers

Barclay, C

Barclay, J

Barclay, John

Barclay, Thomas Henderson

Barclay, William B

Barcroft & Crabtree (David)

Bard, Madam

Barden, Charles H

Bardin, John

Bardon, E

Bardsley, Alice (Mrs)

Bardsley, John

Bardsley, Jonathan (Mrs)

Bardsley, Samuel

Bardwell & Co

Bardy & Co

Barfield, George

Barham, William

Baring-Gould, L (Miss)

Bark, Cyrus Voss (Von)

Barke, J J

Barker & Draper

Barker & Hudson

Barker & Pragnell

Barker & Price

Barker & Smartt

Barker Motion Photography Ltd

Barker, Albert P

Barker, Arthur

Barker, C

Barker, C G

Barker, Charles

Barker, Charles Ives

Barker, E Vernon

Barker, Edward Andrew

Barker, Ethel (Miss)

Barker, George

Barker, George E

Barker, James

Barker, Joan (Miss)

Barker, John

Barker, John Thomas

Barker, Joseph

Barker, L & E

Barker, O

Barker, Samuel James

Barker, Thomas

Barker, W D

Barker, William

Barker, William Baylis

Barker, William George

Barker, William James

Barker’s Photo Works

Barklay & Sons

Barkowski, Vincent

Barkshire Brothers

Barkshire, Alfred James

Barkway, Frederick M

Barley, S

Barlow & Shurvell

Barlow Bothers

Barlow, David W

Barlow, Edith L (Miss)

Barlow, Horace

Barlow, James

Barlow, John H

Barlow, Thomas M

Barlow, Thomas Pratt

Barmes & Son (Messrs)

Barn Studio

Barnaby, E Albert Ernest

Barnaby, E Albert Ernest Ltd

Barnaby, Ernest

Barnaby, F

Barnaby’s Studio Ltd

Barnard & Cantle

Barnard & Heilbronn

Barnard & Starker

Barnard Brothers

Barnard, Edwin

Barnard, George

Barnard, Hebe Renard (Mrs)

Barnard, J

Barnard, James

Barnard, John

Barnard, John Thomas

Barnard, Jonathan

Barnard, Leonard J

Barnard, Marcus

Barnard, Philip Augustus

Barnard, Philip Augustus & Hebe (Mrs)

Barnard, Thomas

Barnard, W

Barnartt & Cohen

Barnartt, Marks

Barndon, John William

Barnes & Co

Barnes & Craxton

Barnes & Douglas

Barnes & Dunsmuir

Barnes & Field

Barnes & Judge

Barnes & Son

Barnes, A

Barnes, Albert Henry (1)

Barnes, Albert Henry (2)

Barnes, Annie (Mrs)

Barnes, Charles

Barnes, Cornelius

Barnes, E

Barnes, Ernest Albert

Barnes, F

Barnes, Forrester Seeley

Barnes, Frederick

Barnes, G G Crawford

Barnes, George

Barnes, George William

Barnes, J H

Barnes, James

Barnes, James Alfred Sleeman

Barnes, John

Barnes, John Henry

Barnes, Joseph

Barnes, M

Barnes, Matilda Sarah (Mrs)

Barnes, Molly

Barnes, Richmond

Barnes, Robert Freeman

Barnes, Robert Geoffrey

Barnes, Robert William

Barnes, Robert William & Son

Barnes, Sidney

Barnes, Thomas

Barnes, Thomas & Son

Barnes, Thomas John

Barnes, Thomas John & Son

Barnes, W J

Barnes, William

Barnes, William Aug

Barnes, William M


Barnett & Miller

Barnett & Rose

Barnett, Alexander

Barnett, G H

Barnett, Goodman & Rose

Barnett, Henry Walter

Barnett, Henry Walter & Co Ltd

Barnett, M

Barnett, Morris

Barnett, O H

Barney, J

Barney, Maurice

Barns (Barnes), Frank

Barns (Barnes), Samuel West

Barns Brothers

Barns, Frank

Barns, John

Barns, Percival

Barns, Samuel West

Barns, Samuel West (Mrs)

Barns, Sydney

Barns, Thomas

Barnwell, George F

Barolet, E (Mrs)


Baron & Bristow

Baron, David

Baron, Edward

Baron, H

Baron, Hartley

Baron, Henry

Baron, James

Barr Brothers

Barr, B W

Barr, James

Barr, John

Barr, Maggie

Barr, Robert

Barr, W

Barr, William B

Barrable, John George

Barraclough, Arnold

Barraclough, C

Barraclough, D

Barraclough, Emile

Barraclough, Enoch

Barraclough, Harry

Barraclough, Joseph

Barraclough, William

Barrands Ltd

Barrass, Alfred

Barrass, Robert

Barratt & Stanley

Barratt, A

Barratt, George A

Barratt, John

Barratt, John & Stanley, John

Barratt, Peter

Barratt’s Photo Press Ltd

Barraud & Jerrard

Barraud & Robertson

Barraud, A

Barraud, F

Barraud, Herbert Rose

Barraud, Herbert Rose (Junior)

Barraud, Philip (Phillip)

Barraud, Philip (Phillip) & Co

Barraud, Philip (Phillip) & Co Ltd

Barrauds Limited

Barrauds Photographic Establishment

Barrauds Photographic Establishment Ltd


Barrett & Co

Barrett & Son

Barrett & Stanley

Barrett, Angelina & Emily (Misses)

Barrett, Angelina (Miss)

Barrett, Annie (Mrs)

Barrett, Arthur

Barrett, Augusta

Barrett, E R (Mrs)

Barrett, Eugene V (Mrs)

Barrett, H (Mrs)

Barrett, Harold Vernon

Barrett, Harold Vernon Ltd

Barrett, Harry

Barrett, Henry

Barrett, Henry & Upton

Barrett, Henry Arthur

Barrett, Howard

Barrett, Joe

Barrett, John

Barrett, John Edmund

Barrett, Michael

Barrett, Michael Frederick

Barrett, Reginald Douglas

Barrett, Richard

Barrett, Richard Henry

Barrett, Robert A

Barrett, Samuel J

Barrett, Samuel Joseph

Barrett, Vernon

Barrett, W

Barrett, W R

Barrett, Walter

Barrett, Walter H

Barrett, Walter H (R?)

Barrett, William

Barrett, William & Son

Barrett, William R

Barrett’s Photo Press

Barri, Stella (Miss)


Barrie & Mullins

Barrie, Frederick

Barrie, Newton

Barrington, Benedict & Co

Barrington, William

Barriston, Edward

Barritt, James

Barritt, James (Junior)

Barritt, Robert

Barron, Ernest Bosworth

Barron, Henry

Barron, Victor Richard

Barrow, Edward Thomas Ebenezer

Barrow, George

Barrow, Jonathan

Barrow, Joseph

Barrow, William


Barry & Co

Barry, B

Barry, Bartholomew

Barry, C Clarke

Barry, George

Barry, James

Barry, Oliver William

Barry, W

Barry, W P

Barry, William

Barry, William J C & Co

Barsted, John W

Barth, George

Bartholomew, H

Bartholomew, Q

Bartholomew, William

Barthorpe, George Henry

Bartier, William

Bartlam, Charles

Bartlam, Kathleen (Mrs)

Bartle & Reed

Bartle, Alfred

Bartle, Thomas

Bartlett & Co

Bartlett & Preston

Bartlett, C M

Bartlett, Charles

Bartlett, Charles & Son

Bartlett, E M

Bartlett, Emily (Mrs)

Bartlett, George

Bartlett, H

Bartlett, Harry W

Bartlett, J

Bartlett, Lewis William

Bartlett, P R

Bartlett, R L

Bartlett, Ruth (Mrs)

Bartlett, T

Bartlett, William A

Bartlett, William Josiah

Bartley, John W

Barton, C

Barton, E Victor

Barton, Frank

Barton, Fred(a) (Mrs)

Barton, G

Barton, Geoffrey

Barton, George

Barton, George Henry

Barton, H

Barton, Harvey & Son

Barton, Helena M (Miss)

Barton, Howard Ltd

Barton, Jabez

Barton, James

Barton, John

Barton, S

Barton, Sidney James

Barton, Sydney

Barton, Sydney (Sidney)

Barton, T A

Barton, William

Barton, William Harvey

Barton, William Henry

Bartram, Lionel

Barwell, George

Barwich, John William

Barwick, Arthur J

Barwick, J W

Barwick, Walter


Barwise, J

Barwise, Joseph

Basebe & Sons

Basebe (Basebee) & Buckman

Basebe (Messrs)

Basebe, Athelstane

Basebe, Bertram

Basebe, Charles

Basebe, Ethelred

Baseby, A

Basevi, Edgar A

Basevi, Edgar E

Basher, William John

Bashford, George

Bashford, George & Mercier

Bashford, J

Bashford, W H

Bashford, William

Bashford, William T

Basil & Co

Basil, Angus

Baskerville, A G

Bassano Limited

Bassano, Alexander

Bassano, Alexander & Browne, Thomas

Bassano, Alexander & Davis, Robert

Bassano, Alexander Ltd

Bassano, W

Bassano’s Studios Ltd

Bassett, Clara (Mrs)

Bassett, E Haydon

Bassett, Ernest

Bassett, Herbert P

Bassett, Oliver George

Bassett, William

Bassingdale, T H

Bastain, William Robert

Bastain, William Robert & Sons

Bastick, Henry James Dawes

Basve, Bertram

Baswitz, Olga (Miss)

Batch, Wiliam

Batchan (Batcham), John W & Co

Batchan, John W

Batchelder Brothers

Batchelder, S J

Batchelder, Stephen John & Son

Batchelder, Stephen John (Junior)

Batchelor, H G

Batchelor, Lilly (Miss)

Bate, Henry

Bate, John

Bate, Samuel

Bateman Bros

Bateman, C

Bateman, George & Son

Bateman, Stephen

Bateman, Theophilus Edgar

Batemann (Bateman), John B

Bates & Co

Bates & Son

Bates, Alfred

Bates, Athur

Bates, Bernard

Bates, Charles

Bates, Charles E

Bates, Charles Edwin

Bates, David

Bates, Frank

Bates, G

Bates, George

Bates, H

Bates, James

Bates, James B

Bates, James Richard

Bates, John

Bates, R

Bates, R G

Bates, Richard

Bates, Richard C

Bates, Richard H

Bates, Robert

Bates, Samuel

Bates, Sidney

Bates, Thomas

Bates, Thomas W

Bates, W

Bates, W Bernard

Bates, William

Bates, William & Son

Bates, William Edgar

Bates, Y

Bateson & Rallinshaw

Bateson, George & Son

Bath & Bristol Portrait Co

Bath & Co

Bath Photographic Co

Bath Photographic Studio

Bath, F

Bath, Joseph

Bath, Maria (Mrs)

Bath, Ursel

Bath, William & Co

Bathe, George William

Bathe, R L

Bathe, William G

Bathgate Photo Co

Batho (Baths), Alfred

Batho, Charles

Batho, Frederick

Batholemew, John


Bathurst, F E

Batiste, Maurice

Batiste, Maurice & Co

Batiste, Maurice & Son

Batley, Ernest

Batley, J W

Batley, Walter

Batt, Richard T

Batten, George Kevern

Batten, William Henry

Battersby, Frederick

Battersby, J & Son

Battersby, Thomas

Battersby, William

Batteson, H

Battey (Batley), Ernest

Battey, Arnold

Battey, J W & Sons

Battey, Joseph William

Battson, Thomas

Batty, Charles

Batty, Ernest

Batty, G

Batty, Henry J

Batty, J W & Son

Batty, John

Baty, Nellie (Miss)

Baudoux, E & Son

Baudoux, E (Mr)

Baugh & Bensley

Baugh, Charles T

Baugh, Spencer

Bauley, H J

Baum, Edmond J

Baum, Franz (Frank) (France) (Francis)

Baume, Adolph (Herr)

Baume, John

Baume, M (Madame)

Baume, Sarony & Baume (aka Buame)

Baume, Sarony, Baume & Lancaster

Baumgart, Oscar

Baumgart, Otto

Baverstock, W J

Baverstock, W J (Junior)

Bawtree, A L

Bax, George

Bax, William Charles

Baxter & Andrews

Baxter & Roberts

Baxter & Sons

Baxter & Wallace

Baxter, A

Baxter, B

Baxter, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Baxter, Florence (Miss)

Baxter, Hugh

Baxter, J H

Baxter, J J

Baxter, John

Baxter, John A

Baxter, John William

Baxter, Jonas

Baxter, Robert

Baxter, Thomas F

Bay State Photo Co

Bayes, A W

Bayfield, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Bayfield, James Slee

Bayfield, John Gordon

Bayfield, John James

Bayfield, Thomas Charles

Bayfield, W H

Bayley, F

Bayley, Fred E

Bayley, G

Bayley, G A

Bayley, George Alfred

Bayley, George Thomas

Bayley, H & Son

Bayley, John H

Bayley, T

Bayley’s Studio Ltd

Baylis, A G N

Baylis, Albert

Baylis, Alice Louise (Mrs)

Baylis, Charles J

Baylis, Edward Robert

Baylis, Thomas

Baylis, WH

Baylis, William

Baylis, William B

Baylis, William Hale

Bayliss, Philip

Bayliss, William Henry

Bayne, Alexander

Bayne, Herbert

Bayne, James

Baynton, Edward Charles

Baynton, Henry

Bayswater Photographic Co

Bayzand, Herbert W

Beach Brothers

Beach, Arthur Henry

Beach, Charles Edward

Beach, Hawey

Beach, Henry Thomas

Beach, Herbert

Beach, J H

Beach, James

Beach, Jonothan P

Beach, Sidney George

Beach, Susannah (Mrs)

Beach, W T

Beach, William

Beach, William J A

Beacham & Macleod

Beacham, F C

Beacham, Joseph

Beadel, Leapman & Beadel

Beadel, Victor

Beadell, F

Beadell, S

Beagles, John & Co

Beak, A

Beal, Michael & Son

Beal, Samuel B

Beal, Samuel B & Co

Beale, Amos

Beale, J Henry

Beales & Co

Beales & Kennerell

Beales, George & Son

Beales & Sons

Beales & Wray

Beales Brothers

Beales, Anthony

Beales, Anthony & Co

Beales, Bowser & Kennerell

Beales, D & Co

Beales, F

Beales, Frederick & Co

Beales, Frederick & George

Beales, G (Mrs)

Beales, G Anthony

Beales, George

Beales, George & Sons

Beales, James Henry

Beales, Walter

Bealing, Augustus (Angus) James

Bealing, Augustus (Angus) James & Son

Beals, James Henry

Bean & Co

Bean & Halliday

Bean, Arthur

Bean, Edgar

Bean, George Leonard

Bean, John

Bean, Richard Lewis

Bean-Bassett Ltd

Beararni, John

Beard & Foad

Beard & Sharp

Beard, Alex & Co

Beard, Alfred Lloyd

Beard, Edward

Beard, Ernest Alfred

Beard, Ernest S

Beard, F H

Beard, H

Beard, Henry

Beard, Jane (Mrs)

Beard, John

Beard, Lessey Blackmore

Beard, Richard

Beard, Richard (Junior)

Beard, Robert Lloyd

Beard, W

Beard, W Lloyd

Beard, William

Beard, William H

Beardall, Walter

Beardell, P R

Bearden, Daniel

Beardsall, Bernard Langley

Beardsell, George W

Beardsmore, H

Beardsworth & Co

Beare, Owen Dunstan

Bearne, George W

Bearwood Photographic Studio

Beasant, William

Beasworth, J

Beatie, E W

Beaton, James

Beaton, William

Beaton, William B

Beaton, William Leith

Beattie & Bark

Beattie & Seed

Beattie, Alfred

Beattie, Charles

Beattie, Charles John

Beattie, Hodgson

Beattie, John

Beattie, Leslie

Beattie, Mary & Co

Beattie, Robert

Beattie, William

Beatty, Francis

Beau, Adolphe Paule Auguste

Beauford, H & Maguire

Beauford, Henry

Beauford, Richard

Beauford, Robert

Beaufort, E P

Beaufort, John (Jonathan) William

Beaulah & Swaine

Beaumont-Calvert Studios

Beaumont, B

Beaumont, Edward

Beaumont, James

Beaumont, Joseph

Beaumont, Joseph & John

Beaumont, Joseph (Joe) Firth

Beaumont, W

Beaumont-Calvert, A

Beavan & Barnaby

Beavan & Co

Beavan & Son

Beavan & Sons

Beavan, R H

Beaver & Co

Beavis, Percy

Beazley, Robert

Beazley, Robert

Bechewaise (Bechevaise), James

Beck, Frederick

Beck, George

Beck, H

Beck, John

Beck, Marion (Mrs )

Beck, Maurice

Becker, Hugo

Becker, L

Becker, Lewis (Louis)

Becket & Johnson

Becket, James

Becket, Samuel

Beckett Brothers

Beckett, Charles L

Beckett, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Beckett, Ernest A

Beckett, Henry & Co

Beckett, J

Beckett, James

Beckett, James & Son

Beckett, John

Beckett, John & Willis, George

Beckett, Lily (Miss)

Beckett, Robert

Beckett, Robert & Sons

Beckett, Samuel

Beckett, Samuel Joshua

Beckett, William

Beckford Ltd

Beckham, Leslie Horatio

Beckley, C

Beckman Brothers

Beckwith, Charles Foster

Bedford Studios

Bedford, Carus C & Co

Bedford, Charles C

Bedford, F (possibly Francis)

Bedford, Francis

Bedford, J

Bedford, John William

Bedford, R

Bedford, William

Bedminister Photo Co

Bedom & Hawley

Bedwell & Brown

Bedwell, E & Co

Bedwell, George

Bedwell, J

Bee, Arthur

Beeby, Alfred

Beech & Shaw

Beech Hill Studio

Beech, Edwin

Beech, F

Beech, Henry

Beech, Richard

Beech, William

Beech, Worthington

Beechey, Clement

Beel, Lilian (Miss)

Beer & Son

Beer & Sons

Beer, Frederick A

Beer, John

Beer, Percy

Beer, Reginald

Beer, William

Beer, William & Son

Beer, William & Sons

Beere, Henry William

Beesley, George R

Beeson, Francis Thomas

Beeston, Alfred George

Beeston, Charles & George

Beeston, F & Leonard B

Beeston, Frank

Beeston, G

Beeston, Leonard B

Beetham, J

Beethoven, Carl

Beethoven, Morris

Beeton, J W

Beeton, Robert

Begbie, Charles

Begbie, Thomas Vernon

Begdie, Isabella (Miss)

Begg, George

Begg, James

Begue, Rene le

Beguet, Frederick

Behen & Son

Behrend, Bernard

Beilby (Bielby) & Sons

Beilby (Bielby), Ernest Webster

Beilby, Frederick W

Beilby, G

Beinstein, H


Beken, Frank

Beken, Frank & Son

Bel, J B & Dixon

Belben, Albert H

Belben, Harry

Belbin, Charles Thomas

Belbin, T

Belchamber, Henry

Belchamber, John T

Belcher, James

Beleno, Harry

Belford, ? M

Belford, James

Belgrave Studio

Belgravia Photographic Co & Ladies School of Photo

Belk, H

Belk, H & Co

Bell & Brewer

Bell & Co

Bell & Dixon

Bell & Freeman

Bell & Hobbs

Bell Fowler & Co

Bell Studio

Bell, A W

Bell, Agness

Bell, Alfred

Bell, Alfred H

Bell, Annie (Miss)

Bell, Catherine (Miss)

Bell, Charles G

Bell, Charles S

Bell, E

Bell, Edward

Bell, Edwin

Bell, Edwin H

Bell, G

Bell, G Alex

Bell, G S

Bell, George

Bell, George & Co

Bell, George & Co Ltd

Bell, George Stephenson

Bell, H J

Bell, Hamish

Bell, Henry

Bell, Herbert

Bell, Herbert C

Bell, I

Bell, Ike

Bell, J

Bell, J & Son

Bell, J (Mrs)

Bell, J B

Bell, J H

Bell, J Monro & Co

Bell, James

Bell, Jane (Mrs)

Bell, John

Bell, John & Son

Bell, L M

Bell, M R

Bell, Marion (Miss)

Bell, Mildred (Miss)

Bell, Muriel (Miss)

Bell, Percy

Bell, Richard

Bell, Robert

Bell, Robert Morton

Bell, Sidney & Co

Bell, Sydney W

Bell, T & Co

Bell, Thomas

Bell, Thomas & Co

Bell, Thomas William

Bell, W J

Bell, William

Bell, William James

Bell, William W

Bell, William Watson

Bellamy (Mrs)

Bellamy, D D

Bellamy, H

Bellamy, John

Bellamy, John & Son

Bellamy, Reginald T

Bellamy, T

Bellamy, Walter

Bellham, W

Bellchamber, J T

Belle Vue Portrait Studio

Belle Vue Studio

Bellerby, W

Bellete & Co (Paris)

Belletti, Anthony E

Bellgrove, George W & Co

Bellina, George

Bellinge (Belling), Henry Stone

Bellinger, Charles

Bellinger, Joseph A

Bellini, H

Bellis, Edward

Bellisario, Gabriele

Bellisario, Luigi

Bellman, Alfred

Bellman, Alfred J V

Bellman, James

Bellmaris, Gabriela (Gabriel)

Bell’s City Portrait Rooms

Bell’s Photo Co

Bellwood, Joseph

Belmont Studio

Belshaw, R

Belshaw, Robert

Belshaw, Selby

Belton & Reed

Belton, Beatrice (Bee) (Miss)

Belton, Frederick

Belton, John Charles

Belton, William

Belton, William John

Belton, William John & Reed

Belvoir Studio

Bembridge & Husseby

Bembridge, Nicholas

Bembridge, William

Benabo, Benjamin

Bench, Conrile

Bender & Langfier

Bender & Lewis

Bender, Joseph & Co

Bender, Louis (Lewis)

Bendon, Prince

Benedetti & Boccalini

Benedetti & Boccalini

Benedetti & Co

Benedetti & Co

Benedetti, Augustavas

Benedetti, Augustavas & Son

Benedetti, Gustave (Gustavo)

Benedetti, Gustave (Gustavo) & Son

Benensohn, S

Benfield, T Barker

Benfold, John

Benger, E H

Benger, Norman

Benham, Frederick

Benington, Walt

Benjamin, Albert H

Benn & Cronin (Crovin) Ltd

Benner & Haigh (Misses)

Bennet, James

Bennett & Blunkell

Bennett & Co

Bennett & Co

Bennett & Gibbons

Bennett & Laver

Bennett & Medd

Bennett & Sons

Bennett & Sons

Bennett Brothers

Bennett, A

Bennett, A W

Bennett, Abraham

Bennett, Albert

Bennett, Arnold

Bennett, Arthur & Co

Bennett, Charles W

Bennett, Charles W & Co

Bennett, D

Bennett, Edward (not Edward Elisha)

Bennett, Edward Elisha

Bennett, Elijah

Bennett, Ezedor (Esdor)(Isador) (Izidor)(Isidore)

Bennett, F

Bennett, Frank

Bennett, H

Bennett, H Keighley

Bennett, Henry Watson

Bennett, Ian

Bennett, J W

Bennett, James

Bennett, James & Co

Bennett, John

Bennett, John Patterson

Bennett, John Patterson & Son

Bennett, Joseph

Bennett, Marcus

Bennett, Mark

Bennett, Percy

Bennett, Percy Francis

Bennett, R S

Bennett, Richard

Bennett, Robert

Bennett, Sterndale

Bennett, T F

Bennett, Thomas

Bennett, Thomas & Son

Bennett, Thomas & Sons

Bennett, Thomas Jewell

Bennett, W Sterndale

Bennett, William

Bennett, William Henry

Bennett, William L G

Bennetto, J W

Bennetto, Wallace

Bennetts, G (C?)

Bennetts, Garfield

Bennetts, George

Bennetts, William

Bennetts, William & Co

Bennetts, William John

Bennetts, William John & Sons

Benney, James

Benney, William

Benrose, Benjamin



Benson, A

Benson, Charles

Benson, F F

Benson, Frederick George

Benson, H D

Benson, J

Benson, J F

Benson, J F & Co

Benson, Joseph

Benson, Joseph Francis

Benson, Joseph Richard Charles

Benson, Thomas Henry

Bent, Edward Stanley

Bent, Elizabeth (Miss)

Bentini, A

Bentley, Albert Henry

Bentley, Barrowclough Wright

Bentley, F

Bentley, George

Bentley, H

Bentley, Herbert

Bentley, J R

Bentley, John R

Bentley, John Richard

Bentley, Joseph Herbert

Bentley, Margaret (Miss)

Bentley, Percy

Bentley, Robert

Bentley, Sidney

Bentley, Thomas B

Bentley, William

Bentley, William Humphriss

Bently & Glass

Benton, W

Benzie, John

Berchtold, Charles de

Bercovitch, Morris

Berden, H H

Beresford, George

Beresford, George Charles

Berg, A E

Bergamasco, Charles

Berger, H

Bergman Phototype Co

Bergman, Frederick William

Bergman, T

Bergson, Joseph

Beringer, J B & Sons

Beringer, John

Beringer, Joseph & Son

Berkeley Studios

Berkley Studio

Berks, Charles

Berks, Henry

Berks, W

Berkswell Studio

Berlin (Photographic) Studio

Berlin Photo Co

Berlin Photographic Co

Berlin Photographic Rooms

Berlin, David

Berlon, Henry

Bermingham, Peter (J) Michael

Bermingham, Peter John


Bernard & Gorman

Bernard, G

Bernard, J C

Bernard, J W

Bernard, John

Bernard, Robert W

Bernard, T

Bernard, Thomas

Bernard, W T & Co

Bernard-Davidson, I

Bernardi, Bernard

Bernardo, G

Bernasconi & Co

Bernasconi & Co

Bernasconi & Langford

Bernasconi & Williams

Bernasconi, E

Bernasconi, Edward V

Bernasconi, George

Berners Portrait Co

Bernesconi, George

Berney, Maurice Rupert

Berney, S

Bernhardt, Charles

Bernia, Garcia John

Bernieri, Caldesi & Co

Bernisconi, Ernest V

Bernowski, Maurice

Bernstead, Sidney

Berra, James

Berrecloth, Mr

Berridge, G J

Berridge, J

Berringer, Joseph

Berry & Pickup

Berry & Sharp

Berry & Shaw

Berry (Berry Photos)

Berry Brothers

Berry Brothers

Berry, A J

Berry, Alfred

Berry, Charles John

Berry, E

Berry, Ernest

Berry, Frank H

Berry, Frederick (Francis) William

Berry, George

Berry, George & Sons

Berry, George Robert

Berry, Harry

Berry, Henry

Berry, Henry Charles

Berry, J

Berry, John

Berry, John W

Berry, Joseph Lindon (Lendon)

Berry, Lendon & Co

Berry, Luke

Berry, Luke & Son

Berry, R B & Sons

Berry, Richard

Berry, Richard

Berry, Richard Brown & Co

Berry, Richard Brown & Sons

Berry, Richard Lewis

Berry, Robert

Berry, S

Berry, Susanah (Susanna) (Miss)

Berry, Susanna

Berry, Sydney

Berry, Sydney Joseph

Berry, W

Berry, William

Berry, William E

Berry, William James

Berry, William Lawford

Berryman, John

Berryman, John & Co

Berryman, John W

Berryman, M (Mrs)

Berry’s (Croydon Times) Ltd

Bersey, Carrie (Miss)

Berthold, Ada Harriett (Mrs)

Berti, A

Bertin & Collier

Bertin, J

Bertin, Louis

Bertin, M (Miss)

Bertis Studio

Bertolacci, C & M (Misses)

Bertolacci, C, M & I (Misses)

Bertolle, James

Bertolle, James & Son

Bertolle, James Lewis William

Bertolle, Louis

Bertolle, Richard Frank

Bertram, A (Miss)

Bertram, Frank

Bertram, Harry T

Bertram, Jessie (Miss)

Berwick & Annan


Beryl, Madame Ltd

Bessent, Thomas

Best, Albert E

Best, D L & Co

Best, E

Best, John Bird

Bestchelles, Alice H

Beswick, F

Beszant, Richard

Bethal (Bethel), Robert

Betham, J

Bethel, G E

Bethel, Robert

Bettasnap Photo Service

Betteley, George

Bettoney, Samuel

Betts, Alexander (Alec) Alfred

Betts, Alfred

Betts, C E ( Miss)

Betts, Caroline (Mrs)

Betts, Esther (Mrs)

Betts, Frederick

Betts, Henry

Bevan & Sons

Bevan, Henry Leonard

Bevan, Henry William

Bevan, J

Bevan, John

Bevan, John Robert

Beveridge, David

Beverley & Son

Beverley Studio

Beverley, B

Beverley, S

Beverley, Samuel

Beves, Percy A

Bevis, James

Bewes, Samuel

Bewley, Herbert

Bex Brothers

Bex, C E

Bex, Edward

Beynon, W H

Bibbings, J H & Son

Bibbs, Herbert W

Bibbs, Valentine

Bibby, John Ray

Bibby, Robert

Bibby’s Studio

Bibo, H

Bibo, H L

Bickerstaffe, John

Bickerton, E Cecil (Cicero)

Bickmore (Beckmore), Albert Edmund


Bicliffe, A & W

Bidden (Biden), John

Biddle, Charles George & Co

Biddle, Charles George & Dowdall

Biddle, Edward

Biddle, Fred

Biddle, John Bedworth

Biddle, Robert

Biddle, Samuel

Biddle, Thomas Kirk

Biden, J

Bidwell & Son

Bidwell, Frederick B

Bidwill, William

Bienvenu, O L

Biermann, Ernest Albert

Bigg, A A

Bigg, Dilmot

Bigg, Robert V

Bigg, William

Biggins, T Victor

Biggs, George St. John

Biggs, Gordon

Biggs, J A

Biggs, R H

Bigot, William

Bijon Studio

Bijou Art Co

Bijou Photo Co

Bijou Photographic Co

Bijou Portrait Co

Bijou Portrait Studio

Bijou Studio

Bilby, Mary (Mrs)

Bilcliffe (Billcliffe), A

Bilcliffe, Arthur

Bilcliffe, Joshua

Bilcliffe, William Arthur

Bilkhorn Brothers

Bill, Alfred

Billina, George

Billing, E A

Billing, Edward Isaac

Billing, Mark (Mrs)

Billinge, Mark

Billinghurst & Dovey

Billinghurst & Downham

Billinghurst & Smith

Billinghurst, Thomas Henry

Billington, Daniel (Donald 1912) F

Billington, Isidor

Billows & Smith

Billows, Albert Edward James

Billows, Frederick

Billson Ltd

Bilson, Arthur

Biltcliff Brothers

Biltcliffe (Biltcliff), Joshua

Biltcliffe (Biltcliff), Joshua & Sons

Biltcliffe, Frederick William

Bilton, Francis

Bilton, J F S

Bilton, P

Binch, John R


Bindon, G

Bindon, Herbert William

Bindon, Robert William

Bindon, Robert William & Co

Bingham, Alfred

Bingham, Breeze

Bingham, Cliff

Bingham, Cyril

Bingham, James

Bingham, Mary Ann

Bingham, Thomas

Bingham, W D

Bingley, Benjamin Brown

Bingley, Godfrey

Binnie, Alexander (Alec) Edwin

Binnington, Richard

Binns, Arthur

Binns, E

Binns, E & Co

Binns, Emily Denison (Mrs)

Binns, H

Binns, H H

Binns, J

Binns, John

Binns, Joseph

Binns, Thomas

Binns, Willie

Binographic Portrait Company

Bintcliffe, John

Biofax Syndicate Ltd

Biofix Ltd

Biogram Studios

Birch, Arthur

Birch, E P

Birch, Frank (Francis)

Birch, J J

Birch, William

Birchall & Yates

Birchall, J

Birchall, James (Junior 1891)

Birchall, John

Birchall, John Clark

Birchall, Thomas

Birchley, Esther (Mrs)

Birchley, John

Bird & Jackson

Bird, Helen (Miss)

Bird, Albert James

Bird, Alfred George

Bird, B W

Bird, Benjamin

Bird, C

Bird, Edward H

Bird, Frederick Charles

Bird, H W

Bird, Harry Edward

Bird, Harry Edward & Co

Bird, Henry

Bird, Henry Edward

Bird, Henry William

Bird, Henry William & Co

Bird, Isaac King

Bird, Joseph

Bird, Owen Graystone

Bird, Thomas Matthew

Bird, Walter

Bird, Walter & Eric

Bird, William

Bird, William Henry Vernon

Birdsey, Herbert Edward

Birdsey, John Alfred

Birdsey, P H E

Birkenhead Portrait & Landscape Photographic Co

Birkenhead, Albert

Birkett, Charles William

Birkett, Frank

Birkett, Frederick N

Birkin, Frederick A

Birkott, C

Birks, C

Birks, Charles

Birks, E T

Birks, Thomas Richard

Birmingham Enlarging Photographic Portrait Co

Birmingham Photo Finishers Ltd

Birmingham Photographic Co Ltd

Birmingham Photographic Company

Birmingham Photographic Enlarging Company

Birmingham Photographic Studio

Birnie, W

Birnstingl, Louis & Co

Birrell Brothers

Birrell, William

Birt, C

Birt, Eric Charles Hughes

Birtles & Longshaw

Birtles (Birtle), Thomas

Birtles (Messrs)

Birtles, Frederick Harold

Birtles, John ( C) Edward

Birtwhistle & Hennan

Birtwhistle, W (Mrs)


Birtwistle, H


Bishop & Co

Bishop, Albert Frederick

Bishop, Albert George

Bishop, Alfred

Bishop, Benjamin C

Bishop, Charles Edward

Bishop, Henry

Bishop, J & Co

Bishop, James

Bishop, John

Bishop, R O & C H

Bishop, Robert

Bishop, William

Bishop, William Henry

Bishop, William James

Biskeborn, Charles

Bisset, J

Bisset, James

Bissett, J & J

Bissett, James

Bissicks, Francis

Bitton Studio


Bizzell, George Henry

BjÜrling, Carl Edwin

Blaber & Strevens

Blaber, E & Co

Black & Bambridge

Black & White

Black & White Art Co

Black & White Crayon Co

Black & White Studios

Black Cat Studios Ltd

Black, D M

Black, David

Black, Ethel (Mrs)

Black, George B

Black, George L

Black, J G

Black, James

Black, John

Black, John & Son

Black, Joseph

Black, K

Black, Louis

Black, M

Black, Mary

Black, Stuart

Black, Thomas

Black, W S

Black, William Henry

Blackadder, William

Blackall (Blackhall), Walter

Blackbeard, Percy John

Blackbeard, R J

Blackbee, F

Blackbee, F H & Sons

Blackburn & Co

Blackburn & Hardy

Blackburn Photographic & Fine Arts Company Limited

Blackburn Photographic Company

Blackburn, A H

Blackburn, Arthur

Blackburn, Frederick Tom

Blackburn, Henry

Blackburn, Henry & Co

Blackburn, Ivy (Miss)

Blackburn, J C

Blackburn, J H

Blackburn, J W

Blackburn, James

Blackburn, John Hodgson

Blackburn, John T

Blackburn, Joseph

Blackburn, K

Blackburn, W

Blackburn, William

Blackburn, William R

Blackburne, Joseph

Blackburne, Muriel D (Miss)

Blackeley (Blakley), John Robert

Blackeley, Samuel

Blackell, Walter

Blacker, A

Blacker, Elva (Miss)

Blacker, William Harry

Blackett, R F

Blackford, E

Blackham, Henry

Blackham, William Roderick

Blackheath Photo & Art Stores

Blacklock, J

Blacklock, Thomas

Blackman, Jane (Mrs)

Blackman, Thomas

Blackman, Thomas & Co

Blackman, Thomas & Son

Blackmore, F

Blackmore, Fanny (Mrs)

Blackmore, Thomas Herbert

Blackmore, Thomas Norwood

Black’s Studio

Blackshaw, Joseph

Blackwell (Blackwill), William

Blackwell, G W

Blackwell, Henry J

Blackwell, John

Blackwell, M (Mrs)

Blackwell, M R

Blackwell, Robert

Blackwood, Isaac


Blades, A (Miss)

Blades, Afred Chapman

Blades, Alfred E ( C)

Bladud Studio

Blagg, Arthur Greenwood

Blagg, William Thomas

Blagrove, Daniel

Blagrove, Daniel & Son

Blagrove, Daniel & Sons

Blain, William

Blaine, James A H

Blair & Temple

Blair, Donald

Blair, George Laurence A

Blair, Hugh

Blair, J P & Co

Blair, Jean (Miss)

Blair, John Price (Pryce)

Blair, R J (or J R)

Blair, Richard

Blair, Winfred (Miss)

Blake & Partners Ltd

Blake & Smith

Blake Brothers

Blake Studios

Blake, Alfred Walter

Blake, E J

Blake, Frank

Blake, Harry

Blake, Herbert A

Blake, J W

Blake, Jack

Blake, John

Blake, John & Son

Blake, John Henry

Blake, John Telfour

Blake, Leonard

Blake, R (Mrs)

Blake, Robert

Blake, W

Blake, William & Edgar

Blake, William Frederick

Blake, William N

Blakeborn, Charles


Blakeborough Brothers

Blakeborough, Dan W

Blakeborough, David W

Blakeborough, Edwin E

Blakeborough, James

Blakeborough, John

Blakeborough, John & Son

Blakeley, Harry & Co

Blakeley, John Robert

Blakeley, William

Blakeman & Saville

Blakemore & Deeley

Blaker, E B

Blakeway, T W A

Blakey, A

Blakey, Ethel Mary (Mrs)

Blakey, Harry

Blakey, James

Blampey Brothers

Blampey, Frederick

Blampey, Frederick & Son

Blampey, J

Blampey, Joseph Henry

Blampey, L (Miss)

Blanc, Numa Fils

Blanch, Madame

Blanchard, E H E

Blanchard, Smyth & Blanchard

Blanchard, Valentine

Blanchard, Valentine & Lunn

Blanchard, Valentine L

Blanche, Mary (Mrs)

Blanchet, A

Bland, J F

Bland, Jack

Bland, John R

Bland, Joseph

Blanden, T

Blandford, E (Mrs)

Blandford, Leonard


Blanks, C

Blase, John Walter (Walker)

Blase, Thomas

Blatchford, James H

Blayney, Charles

Blazeby, William

Bleasdale & Wright

Bleasdale, John

Bleasdale, Michael

Bleasdale, R B

Bleasdale, Reginald E M

Bleasdale, Richard H

Blease, Thomas

Bleass, George

Blenan, Thomas

Blenkinsop (Blenkinsopp)(Blenkinssopp), Andrew

Blenner-Hasset, John Frederick

Bletcher, Thomas

Blewett, William

Bligh, William & James

Blinco, B

Gardner, Walter Blink

Blinkhorn Brothers

Blinkhorn, Bernard L


Bliss, A (Bert) E

Bliss, A M & Co

Bliss, Bert

Bliss, Ernest Howard

Bliss, Henry James

Bliss, John E


Blizard, J

Blizard, M

Blomfield, John H

Blomfield, John Henry & Co

Blomfield, William & John

Blondel, George

Bloom, Alexander

Bloomer, A E

Bloomfield, A

Bloomfield, Alfred

Bloomfield, Daniel

Bloomfield, Frederick

Bloomfield, Henry

Bloomfield, John

Blooms Ltd

Bloor, Louise (Mrs)

Blount, David

Blower, J R

Blowers, H L

Blowers, John V

Blue Print Co

Blundell, William Thomas

Blunt, Herbert F

Blyth, Frederick William

Blyth, Richard H

Blythe, Douglas

Blythe, Samuel Victor

Blythswood Studio

Boag, H Clow

Boag, Henry

Boag, St. Clair

Boak & Edwards

Boak & Johnson

Boak, Johnson

Boak, M (Miss)

Boak, Matthew

Boak, Matthew & Co

Boak, Matthew & Sons

Boaker, Cyril

Board, James Robert

Boarder, James

Boast, J W

Boath, C G

Boath, James

Boatwright, Ambrose

Boaz, Edward

Bobker, Mary (Mrs)

Bobkin (Bokder), Charles

Bobs Studio

Bockett, John

Bocock, David

Bocquet, Frank

Boddington, Edith M (Miss)

Boddy, Edward P

Boddy, H

Boden, John Berry

Boden, Joseph

Bodiam, H

Bodian, David

Bodin, G J

Bodley, Norah (Miss)

Bodom, H

Boeree, Anthony

Bogg, Charles Caisby

Boggis, E R

Bogue, David

Boister, William

Bolak, George

Bolam, E

Bolam, Edward

Bolam, Edward John

Bolam, George K

Bolan, E

Bolas, C L

Bolas, S B & Co

Bold & Co

Bolitho, James

Bolko, S

Bolko’s Electric Studio

Bolland, J S

Bolland, Thomas H

Bolland, Thomas H (T or J?)

Bollard, W

Bollington, J T

Bolt & Pike

Bolte, P C


Bolton & Hall

Bolton Art Society

Bolton Photographic Society

Bolton, Berriman

Bolton, E

Bolton, M & T

Bolton, Martha (Mrs)

Bolton, R

Bolton, Samuel

Bolton, Thomas Samuel

Bolton, William

Bolton, William John

Bolwell, Albert George

Bomont, A B (Madame)

Bomont, B

Bomont, F

Bomont, Frederick & Co

Bond & Newman

Bond Street Photo Co

Bond Street Photographic Co

Bond, A

Bond, Arthur John Frederick

Bond, Dora A (Miss)

Bond, E (Miss)

Bond, Frederick

Bond, George

Bond, Harry J

Bond, Henry

Bond, Henry John

Bond, James H

Bond, James William

Bond, Sidney P

Bond, Thomas

Bond, W E

Bond, William

Bond, William J C

Bond, W J J C

Bondonneau, Emile

Bone, C J Merlin

Bone, Carrie (Miss)

Bone, May (Miss)

Bone, Sidney P

Bonehill, William

Boneus, George

Boniface, H

Boning & Small

Boning, Robert

Boning, Robert & Co

Bonnaud, Jean Baptiste Germeuil (aka Germeuil-Bonnaud, Jean Baptiste)

Bonnaud-Barratt, Lucy (Mrs) (aka Mrs Lucy Germeuil-Bonnaud)

Bonne, Thomas J

Bonne, Thomas (Julia B) (Mrs)

Bonne, Thomas J

Bonne, Thomas J & Co

Bonner & Covell

Bonner, Edward H

Bonner, George

Bonner, Herbert George

Bonner, W

Bonnie, Thomas

Bontoft & Scott

Bontoft, Jesse

Bonvonni, David Evans

Boocock Bros

Boocock, Arthur

Book & Tract Depot


Booker & Sullivan

Booker, Alfred

Booker, Clarence

Booker, Richard Y

Bool, Alfred

Bool, Alfred & John

Bool, George

Bool, John

Bool, W & Co


Boon, Herbert Frederick Kent

Boore, A S

Boorman, George

Boot, Edward

Booth & Holt

Booth (Mr) (possibly H C)

Booth Griffith & Co Ltd

Booth, Abraham

Booth, Caroline (Miss)

Booth, Fred

Booth, G

Booth, George

Booth, Griffin

Booth, Griffin & Co

Booth, Henry

Booth, Henry William

Booth, Hiram Crompton

Booth, Isaac

Booth, James

Booth, John

Booth, John Edmund

Booth, Robert

Booth, Samuel Lawson

Booth, Thomas

Booth, W F & Co

Booth, William

Booth, William Philip

Booth, William Plowright

Boothby, G

Boothby, Percy

Boothman, J

Boothroyd & Woodhouse

Bootman & Co

Booty, Abbott & Co

Booty, Abbott (Chevalier?)

Booty, C

Booty, Charles

Border Snaps Ltd

Bordley, David

Bordley, John (Jno)

Bordley’s Castleburgh Studio

Bordon Photographic Co

Bordone, Paris

Boresoff, Lewis

Boris Studio

Borland & Edwards

Borland, Alexander

Borland, John

Borlase, Emily (Miss)

Borley, William Maule

Borne Brothers

Boro. Fine Art Co

Borona Studios

Borrow, J

Borrow, Joseph

Borrowdale, William

Borrows (Messrs)

Borrows, G

Borthwick (Miss)

Borthwick, Alexander

Borthwick, Joseph

Bortoft, J

Borton, Henry

Borup Brothers

Borup, Charles

Borup, James

Borwell, Thomas F F

Bosanquet (Madame)

Bosanquet, Richard

Bosco, Jefferson

Bosebe & Buckman

Bosley, William

Boss, Ernest Maycock

Boss, Sarah A (Mrs)

Bossoli, Claude

Bostock, E

Bostock, Erasmus & Carr

Bostock, Erasmus Foster

Boston & Parker

Boston Studios


Boswell & Barratt

Boswell, Charles H

Boswell, F

Boswell, Frank

Boswell, John W

Boswell, W & Son

Boswell, W (Junior)

Bosworth & Garlick

Bosworth, Ethel M (Miss)

Bosworth, Thomas

Botham, Benjamin William

Botham, J F

Bothamley, John T & Goodacre

Bothomley (Miss)

Bothwell, A E

Bothwell, James

Bott, George

Bott, Percy

Bott, Richard

Botterill, John

Bottling & Blowey

Bottling, Edward

Bottom, C

Bottom, John

Bottomley, Albert

Bottomley, Alfred

Bottomley, J

Bottomley, John

Bottomley, Joseph

Bottomley, M

Bottomly, A

Boucas, Eustace

Boucas, George

Boucher, Albert (Monsieur)

Boucher, George

Bouell, Charles Von

Boughen, Hugh

Boughen, William

Boughton, Robert

Boughton, Thomas Robert

Boughton, Thornton J

Boughton, Walter

Boughton, Walter & Sons

Boult, Fred

Boulton, F C

Boulton, Henry

Boulton, Herbert Charles



Bourbon Studio

Bourdon, Rosa A (Miss)

Bourgingnon, Adolphus

Bourke (Burke), Thomas

Bourke, Annie (Miss)

Bourke, Charles

Bourke, T

Bournbrook Fine Art Depot

Bourne, A

Bourne, Frederick A

Bourne, John

Bourne, Robert

Bourne, Samuel

Bourne, W

Bourne, William

Bourne, William James

Bournemouth View Co,

Bourner, Alfred R

Boursnell & Sons

Boursnell (Mr & Mrs)

Boursnell, R A & Sons

Boursnell, Robert

Boussod, Valadon & Co

Bouts, Walter James

Boveington, F & Co

Bovey, William Thomas

Bovill, William John

Bowan, Henry

Bowden Bowden & Co

Bowden Brothers

Bowden, E L T

Bowden, W

Bowden, W R

Bowden, William Henry

Bowen & Carpenter

Bowen & Co

Bowen, Alfred Walter

Bowen, D & J

Bowen, David

Bowen, David & Son

Bowen, Francis E

Bowen, John

Bowen, T & Sons

Bowen, Thomas

Bowen, William L

Bower Studio

Bower, Alfred

Bower, G

Bower, George Henry Evarard

Bower, Henry

Bower, W A

Bowerman & Thomas

Bowerman, Charles

Bowerman, J

Bowers & Co

Bowers & Koll

Bowers, Charles Albert

Bowers, Charles K

Bowers, Charles K & Son

Bowers, Edmund

Bowers, Henry Thomas

Bowers, John

Bowes, Alice (Miss)

Bowes, E W

Bowes, Jean (Miss)

Bowes, Mary Jane (Mrs)

Bowes, W A

Bowie, David

Bowies, Edward

Bowing, T

Bowker & Son

Bowker, H

Bowker, Henry

Bowker, Robert J

Bowl, J Albany

Bowland, Charles

Bowler, E (Mrs)

Bowler, Harry

Bowler, Henry

Bowler, John (Junior)

Bowler, John Joseph Paul

Bowler, Leonard

Bowler, Thomas

Bowles, A Harry

Bowles, Alfred

Bowles, E V

Bowles, Edmund

Bowles, Edward G

Bowles, Harry

Bowles, W & Co

Bowley, D

Bowley, Gilbert

Bowley, Herbert


Bowman, Andrew

Bowman, Edwin

Bowman, F J

Bowman, Frank

Bowman, James

Bowman, Jonathan (John)

Bowman, Joseph

Bowman, T S

Bowmans Portrait Galleries

Bowmer, Benjamin

Bowmer, J

Bown, Arthur

Bown, Charles

Bown, Charles & Son

Bown, H Ltd

Bown, Henry (Junior)

Bown, Henry (Senior)

Bown, Henry William

Bown, Mabel (Mrs)

Bown, William

Bowne, J C

Bowness, Moses

Bowry, Charles

Bowser & Rogers

Bowser, Henry B

Bowser, John

Bowser, Martha

Bowtell, J

Bowyer & Dimsdale

Bowyer, John Walter

Bowyer, R (Miss)

Box, Donovan E H

Box, Robert George

Box, William C

Boxall, George Edward

Boxall, Thomas


Boxell & Co

Boxell, Harold

Boxell, J

Boxell, Thomas

Boyac, Alexander

Boyd & Co

Boyd, B

Boyd, Harry

Boyd, James

Boydes Studios

Boyer (Mr)

Boyer, W

Boyes, Frederick J

Boyes, J W

Boyes, L

Bracewell, H

Bracewell, Harry

Bracewell, William Henry

Bracher, Edward

Braconyer, Edward Alfred

Bradburn & Freeman

Bradbury, Albert

Bradbury, C W

Bradbury, George C (Mrs)

Bradbury, Horace James

Bradbury, Merlin

Bradbury, Sampson

Braddock & Son

Braddock, Alfred

Braddock, C

Braddock, George

Bradford Fine Art Co

Bradford Photographic Company

Bradford, Robert

Bradford, W

Brading & Cantelo

Brading & Co

Brading, James

Bradlaw, Ben

Bradley & Blowers

Bradley & Bolton

Bradley & Haydon

Bradley, Arthur

Bradley, Charles

Bradley, Daniel

Bradley, Eliza

Bradley, Frances

Bradley, Frank

Bradley, Frederick

Bradley, G

Bradley, H B

Bradley, Hayden

Bradley, Henry

Bradley, Isaac

Bradley, J

Bradley, J B

Bradley, J W

Bradley, John

Bradley, Joseph Seymour

Bradley, Leo E H

Bradley, Patrick Arthur

Bradley, Percy

Bradley, Richard

Bradley, Richard B

Bradley, T N

Bradley, T W

Bradley, Thomas

Bradley, W

Bradley, W H

Bradley, William

Bradley, William Robert

Bradly, Richard B

Bradly, Thomas

Bradnee, Walter

Bradnee, William


Bradshaw & Battersby, William

Bradshaw & Co

Bradshaw & Dudley

Bradshaw & Godart

Bradshaw Brothers

Bradshaw Imperial Photo Co

Bradshaw, A & G (Misses)

Bradshaw, Arthur

Bradshaw, Bert Champion

Bradshaw, Charles

Bradshaw, Charles A

Bradshaw, Charles Champion

Bradshaw, Charles Champion & Co

Bradshaw, E & W

Bradshaw, Edgar

Bradshaw, Edward

Bradshaw, Emily

Bradshaw, F

Bradshaw, G B

Bradshaw, George

Bradshaw, George Bagnall

Bradshaw, George Bagnall & Co

Bradshaw, George W

Bradshaw, Henry

Bradshaw, John

Bradshaw, John Champion

Bradshaw, John E

Bradshaw, L B

Bradshaw, L P

Bradshaw, Leonard P

Bradshaw, R

Bradshaw, Thomas

Bradshaw, W E

Bradshaw, William Stephen

Bradshaw, William Stephen & Son

Bradshaw, William Stephen & Sons

Brady, F

Braess, Frederick

Braess, Frederick & Buchanan, W C

Braess, Frederick & Steele, E

Bragg, Edward A

Braggs, J A

Braid, James (Junior)

Brain, H J

Brain, Harry

Brain, Philip

Braine, Alfred

Braine, Robert

Braithwaite, Arthur William

Braithwaite, C H

Braithwaite, C Morland

Braithwaite, Charles Henry

Braithwaite, E

Braithwaite, Gordon

Braithwaite, James

Braithwaite, M

Braithwaite, M J

Braithwaite, Morland

Braithwaite, Richard William

Braithwaite, Samuel

Braithwaite, William

Braithwaite, William Chamley

Bramble, Charles

Bramham, Henry

Bramley & Jackson

Bramley, Dave

Bramley, James

Bramley, Reuben Alfred

Bramley, William

Bramley-Wilton, Herbert A

Brammer, George

Bramwell & Ferguson (Misses)

Bramwell, L J

Bramwell, C (Miss)

Bramwell, C M & Co

Bramwell, Edmund

Bramwell, Joseph Edmund

Bramwell, Thomas

Branch, William Shelley

Brand, C & Co

Brand, Francis

Brand, Henry George

Brand, John Thomas

Brand, Robert James

Brandebourg, Frank

Brandebourg, Joseph

Brandis, Clement R

Brandish, A

Brandon, Arnold

Brandon, Jonathan

Branigan, Henry

Brann, Henry Charles

Brannan (Misses)

Brannan, Mary

Branston, Charles

Brant, Benjamin

Brant, Ernest

Brant, George E

Branthwaite, James

Brantingham, Christopher

Brass, Isabella

Brass, J

Brassington, John

Bratt, F H

Brauen, Alexandre & Co

Brauer, F

Braun, Ernest

Braund, George Henry

Braund, Thomas

Braund, Thomas Matthew


Bravery, S (not Bowen)

Bravery, S Bowen

Bray & Son

Bray & Wakefield

Bray, H & Co

Bray, Henry James W

Bray, William

Braybrook Webb Studio

Braybrook Webb Studio Ltd

Braybrook, Tobias R

Braybrook, Tobias R & Co

Brayfield, John Gordon (possibly John Gordon Bayfield)

Brayley, John Cowell

Brayshaw, John

Brayshaw, S & Co

Brayshaw, T

Brayton, Francis

Brazendall, James G

Brazil, E H

Breach, Archibald Mark

Breaks, Harry

Brealey, Victor

Brealey, William

Brealy (Brearley?), William

Brealy, Henry

Brealy, Victor

Brear, Abraham & Son

Brear, Robert

Brearley, J E

Brearley, W

Brears, E

Breckon, J R

Breedon, Charles

Breedon, Charles J

Breen, F A

Breen, William

Breese, Charles & Co

Breese, Charles S

Breeze, Jonathan E

Bregazzi & Mathews

Bregazzi, Augustus

Bregazzi, C

Bregazzi, Carl

Breidenbach (Bryden, changed 1916), John Francis

Breitbart, I C

Bremner, Charles Louis & Rouch, George

Bremner, George

Bremner, Robert Ernest

Bremridge, R C (Senior)

Bremridge, Robert Tomas

Brenchley, H & Co

Brenchley, Herbert William S

Brenner (Brennen) (Brennan), James

Brenner, W

Brent, Frederick Josiah

Brenton, W B

Brereton, Willoughby J (Mrs)

Brett & Co

Brett, Charles A

Brett, Francis

Brett, John

Brett, John & Co

Brett, Sheridan

Brett, William

Brettell, C B

Breves, Samuel

Brew, E

Brew, Edward

Brew, Edwin

Brewer, Alfred

Brewer, Alfred John

Brewer, E & B

Brewer, Francis

Brewer, John

Brewer, Julian Cedric

Brewer, Percival

Brewerton, James George

Brewes, Samuel

Brewins, J A

Brewis (Mrs)

Brewis, Edward G

Brewis, Edward G Ltd

Brewitt, C

Brewster & Co

Brewster, Alfred

Brewster, George J

Brewster, James


Brice, Edward Henry

Brice, Henry

Brickell, John

Brickell, John & Co

Briddon Brothers

Briddon, James

Briddon, John Edward

Bridge (Mrs)

Bridge Foot Studio

Bridge Portrait Company

Bridge Studio

Bridge Studio Co

Bridge Studios

Bridge Studios Ltd

Bridge, C

Bridge, C & Co

Bridge, E

Bridge, E L & Son

Bridge, E L (Junior)

Bridge, Edward Law

Bridge, Frederick Albert

Bridge, George

Bridge, H C

Bridge, W

Bridgeman & Davies

Bridgeman, John R

Bridgeman, Joseph

Bridgens & Son Ltd

Bridger, E L

Bridger, Thomas

Bridges & Smith, Frederick George

Bridges, George

Bridges, Thomas Charles

Bridges, Thomas Charles & Smith

Bridges, Thomas Charles & Son

Bridgman & Robbins

Bridgman, Ernest Alfred

Bridgman, Thomas Cooper

Bridle, James

Bridle, John

Brido, E

Bridson, Thomas Arthur

Brier, James

Brierley Brothers

Brierley, Frank

Brierley, Herbert C

Brierley, John N Hope

Brierley, W

Brierley, William

Brigden (Bridgen), Charles

Brigden, William Henry

Briggs, A R

Briggs, Albert A

Briggs, Alfred E

Briggs, C

Briggs, Charles

Briggs, Charles Melrose

Briggs, Clarence

Briggs, Frank

Briggs, Frank & Son

Briggs, George St John

Briggs, H & Son

Briggs, H G

Briggs, Henry C

Briggs, Horace

Briggs, J Aston

Briggs, J T

Briggs, James & John

Briggs, James Ashton

Briggs, John

Briggs, Netterville

Briggs, R H

Briggs, Thomas (Tom)

Briggs, Thomas Henry

Briggs, Tom

Briggs, Tuke

Briggs, W & Tomlinson

Briggs, Walter

Briggs, Walter & Watkins

Briggs, William

Briggs, William Keighley

Briggs, William T


Brigham, A K (Mrs)

Brigham, C B

Brigham, C D

Brigham, David

Brigham, J

Brigham, J C

Brigham, J S

Brigham, William Dobson

Brigham, William Foster

Brighouse Photographic Co

Brighouse Photographic Co Ltd

Bright, Frederick J

Bright, Frederick J & Son

Bright, George

Bright, James

Bright, Walter

Bright, William

Brightman & Rushton

Brightman, Charles Ariel

Brightman, Edward & Son

Brightman, Walter

Brightman, William

Brighton Camera Exchange

Brighton Mezzographic Co

Brighton Photographic Co

Brighton Photographic Enlarging Co

Brighton Photographic Institute

Brighton Stereoscopic Co

Bright’s Stores Ltd

Brightwell, Leonard

Brighty, John

Briginshaw, E (Mrs)

Brime, Tom (Junior)

Brimmell & Sons

Brimmell Brothers

Brindle, John

Brindley (Mrs)

Brindley, Aaron

Brindley, H H

Brindley, W H

Brine, George Harrison

Brine, Tom

Brinicombe, Arthur L

Brinkley & Stevenson

Brinkley, Robert & Son

Brinkley, William John

Brinley, John

Brinley, John & Son

Brisby, Edward

Brisell, George L

Brisley, Charles

Brison, William Henry

Bristol & South Wales Portrait Co

Bristol Club Portrait Co

Bristol Photographic Company

Bristol Photographic Stores

Bristol Portrait Company

Bristol School of Photography

Bristol Studio

Bristow, Edwin Davis

Bristow, George S

Bristow, W C

Bristow, Walter Charles

Bristow, Walter Charles (Winifred) (Mrs)

Britannia Photographic Company

Britannia Photographic Studio

Britannia’s Electric Portraits Ltd

Britannia’s Electric Portraits Ltd (Studio)

Britannia’s Ltd

Britefield & Co

British & Co

British & Continental Photographic Co

British & Foreign Copying Company

British & Foreign View Co

British American Art Co

British American Photo Co

British Art Co

British Automatic Photograph Co Ltd

British Biograph Co

British Biotype Co (Limited)

British Empire Portrait Co

British Fine Art Association

British Fine Arts Society Limited

British Illustrations Ltd

British Illustrations Press Agency

British Industrial Photo Co

British International Photos

British Novelty Co

British Novelty Photo Co

British Photo Co

British Photo Engraving Co

British Photograph Finishing Co

British Photographic Co

British Photographic Corporation

British Photomation Trading Co Ltd

British Photoprint Co

British Rapidograph Co

British Solar Printing Co

British Studio Co

British Studios Ltd

British Trade Enlarging Co

British United Studios Ltd

Brittain, P? W

Brittain, William & Samuel

Britten, W J

Brittenden, C Arthur S

Brittlebank (Brittleneck) & Co

Brittlebank, Arthur


Britton, Frank W (A 1918)

Britton, Frederick

Britton, George Henry

Britton, Humphrey

Britton, Humphrey & Charles, John

Britton, W & Son

Britton, Walter Raleigh

Britton, William

Britton, William & Sons

Britton, William (Junior)

Brixton Photographic Institute

Broad & Co

Broad, James

Broad, S & M

Broad, William Henry

Broadbelt, A L

Broadbent, A

Broadbent, A H

Broadbent, Frederick

Broadbent, James

Broadbent, James Henry

Broadbent, T

Broadbent, W

Broadgate Studio


Broadhead & Co

Broadhead & Cox

Broadhead, A

Broadhead, F

Broadhead, Frederick Dodson

Broadhead, Frederick William

Broadhead, Frederick William & Son

Broadhead, J W

Broadhead, Robert

Broadhead, William Francis

Broadley Brothers

Broadley, James

Broadley, John

Broadway Photographic Co

Broadway Snapshot Service

Brock, Benjamin George

Brock, Elvina

Brock, Herbert

Brock, Herbert & Co

Brock, S H

Brock, Walter Bino

Brock, Walter Bino & Evitt, T

Brockbank, George H

Brockbank, William Inman

Brockhurst Studios Ltd

Brocklebank, G

Brockly, Charles

Brodal, Alan

Broderick, E (Mrs)

Broderick, Frederick Nutt

Brodie & Imrie

Brodie, Geddes

Brodie, John

Brodie, Scott

Brodie, Vere

Brokenshir, J

Brokenshire, James

Bromhall, H

Bromhead, Frederick

Bromhead, J H

Bromide Enlarging Co

Bromley, James

Bromley, Joseph E

Bromley, William

Bromo Art Company

Bromo Co

Bromo Photographic Co

Bromo Studios

Brompton Press Bureau

Brompton School of Photography

Bromwich, Thomas C

Bronte Photographic Stores

Brook & Evitt

Brook & Son

Brook & Sons

Brook, Alec

Brook, Ben

Brook, Benjamin

Brook, Charles

Brook, E

Brook, Edgar

Brook, Edward

Brook, Edward & Sons

Brook, Eleanor (Miss)

Brook, Ernest

Brook, George

Brook, James Edward

Brook, L C (Miss)

Brook, Lynn

Brook, Norman Leslie

Brook, Sidney

Brook, Thomas

Brook, William

Brooke & Steggles, George Frederick

Brooke (Brook), Howard

Brooke, Alan

Brooke, Alfred

Brooke, Cyril

Brooke, Esther (Mrs)

Brooke, Leonard

Brooke, Leonard S

Brooke, Louis V

Brooke, M

Brooke, R S

Brooke, S V

Brooke, Samuel

Brooke, Simon

Brooke, Stewart Daniel

Brooke, T E

Brooke, Thomas

Brooke, Thomas C

Brooke, W

Brooke, W A

Brooke, Walter

Brooke, William

Brooke-Hughes, Cecil Ltd

Brooker (Brookes?), E J

Brooker, A

Brooker, Edwin

Brooker, G

Brooker, George

Brooker, L

Brooker, Thomas Lionel

Brooker, Thomas Lionel & Co

Brookes & Co

Brookes Brothers

Brookes, A

Brookes, A & Co

Brookes, A G

Brookes, A G & Son

Brookes, Alfred

Brookes, Ann Hannah (Mrs)

Brookes, Arthur

Brookes, Brooke

Brookes, Charles

Brookes, Charles E

Brookes, Edward Arthur

Brookes, Edwin Phillip

Brookes, F

Brookes, Frederick

Brookes, Harold

Brookes, Harry

Brookes, Henry

Brookes, J S

Brookes, James

Brookes, James E T

Brookes, John

Brookes, S B

Brookes, W

Brookes, W & J

Brookes, W H J

Brookes, Warwick

Brookes, Warwick (Junior)

Brookhouse, Annie E (Mrs)

Brookhouse, Charles J

Brookhouse, Charles Turing

Brooklyn Photographic Company

Brooklyn Studio


Brooks & Co

Brooks & Hawker

Brooks & Son

Brooks & Son (Messrs)

Brooks & Sons

Brooks & Taphouse

Brooks (Vincent) Day & Son Limited

Brooks Brothers

Brooks, A

Brooks, A & Co

Brooks, A H (Mrs)

Brooks, Albert

Brooks, Alfred

Brooks, Arthur F

Brooks, Arthur Freemont

Brooks, C E

Brooks, C H

Brooks, David

Brooks, E

Brooks, E C

Brooks, Edward Thomas

Brooks, Edwin Phillip

Brooks, Emily (Miss)

Brooks, Ernest

Brooks, F

Brooks, Fred

Brooks, Frederick

Brooks, Frederick W

Brooks, G H

Brooks, H

Brooks, Hannah (Mrs)

Brooks, Harold

Brooks, Henry

Brooks, Henry James

Brooks, Henry James & Co

Brooks, J

Brooks, J Swinderley

Brooks, James

Brooks, John

Brooks, Leonard

Brooks, Martha

Brooks, Methuselah

Brooks, Owen

Brooks, R G F

Brooks, R I

Brooks, Reece Thomas

Brooks, Robert

Brooks, S

Brooks, Sarah

Brooks, Shirley

Brooks, Sidney

Brooks, T R

Brooks, Thomas

Brooks, Thomas G

Brooks, Titus

Brooks, W

Brooks, W & Sons

Brooks, Walter

Brooks, Wigmore

Brooks, William

Brooksbank, R

Brookwynne Brothers

Broom, Albert (Mrs)

Broom, Anderson

Broom, S

Broom, William Henry

Broome, M C

Broomfield, Robert William

Broomfield, Wilfred B

Broomfield, William (Wilfred) Beecher


Broomhall, F

Broomhall, Harry Oscar

Broseley Studio

Broster, Albert

Brothers, A E (Miss)

Brothers, Alfred

Brothers, Alfred & Briggs, W K

Brothers, Alfred & Co

Brothers, Annie (Mrs)

Brotherton, R

Brotherton, Robert William

Brothwell, W G

Broucher, David & Co

Brough, B

Brough, Maurice

Broughton Studios

Broughton, Enoch

Broughton, Richard

Broughton, W & Son

Broughton, W & Sons

Brouncker, Mrs

Brouskievith, J


Brown & Brown

Brown & Co

Brown & Davenhill

Brown & Draycott

Brown & Dunlop

Brown & Ferguson

Brown & Greatrex

Brown & Green

Brown & Pruce

Brown & Ream

Brown & Shaw

Brown & Son

Brown & Sons

Brown & Webb

Brown & Wheeler

Brown & Whiting

Brown (Messrs)

Brown Brothers

Brown Tone Art Co

Brown, A

Brown, A & Co

Brown, A Mason & Co

Brown, A Taylor

Brown, Albert I

Brown, Alexander

Brown, Alfred James

Brown, Alfred James & Son

Brown, Alfred Mavor

Brown, Andrew

Brown, Anthony Hodgson

Brown, Anthony Hodgson (Mrs)

Brown, Archibald

Brown, Archibald & Co

Brown, Arthur

Brown, Arthur & Son

Brown, Arthur E

Brown, B

Brown, B & H R

Brown, Barnes & Bell

Brown, Bertie Norman

Brown, C E

Brown, C F

Brown, Cecil Seymour

Brown, Charles

Brown, Charles E

Brown, Charles R

Brown, Charlotte (Miss)

Brown, Cormack

Brown, Daniel

Brown, E

Brown, E J

Brown, E J & Co

Brown, Edgar

Brown, Edward

Brown, Emma Harriett (Mrs)

Brown, Ernest A

Brown, Esme (Mrs)

Brown, Evalina (Miss)

Brown, F

Brown, F C

Brown, Florrie (Miss)

Brown, Francis

Brown, Frank

Brown, Frederick

Brown, Frederick John James

Brown, Frederick William

Brown, G

Brown, George

Brown, George & Son

Brown, George A

Brown, George Frederick

Brown, George S

Brown, Graham

Brown, H

Brown, H A & Son

Brown, H D

Brown, H D & Co

Brown, H P

Brown, H R

Brown, Harry

Brown, Helen (Mrs)

Brown, Henry

Brown, Henry (senior)

Brown, Herbert

Brown, Hugh

Brown, Hugh A

Brown, J

Brown, J & J

Brown, J C

Brown, J Collier

Brown, J G

Brown, J L & Co

Brown, J Lawrence

Brown, J Ludford Prava

Brown, J W

Brown, Jabez C

Brown, James

Brown, James & Co

Brown, James & Sons

Brown, James Livingstone

Brown, James M

Brown, Jesse & Charles

Brown, John

Brown, John & Co

Brown, John & Son

Brown, John G

Brown, John Lawrence (also as Brown & Co)

Brown, John Stephen

Brown, John Thomas

Brown, John W

Brown, Joseph

Brown, Joseph Collier

Brown, Joseph Milman

Brown, Joseph Stephen

Brown, Joshua

Brown, K

Brown, Laurence Castleman

Brown, Louisa Rose (Mrs)

Brown, M

Brown, M H

Brown, Maddock & Co

Brown, Martin

Brown, Milman Harvey

Brown, Montague

Brown, Norman & Co

Brown, Otto

Brown, Percival J

Brown, Pruce & King

Brown, R

Brown, R & F

Brown, R (Mrs)

Brown, R J

Brown, R M

Brown, Reginald Walter

Brown, Reginald Walter & Co

Brown, Reginald Walter & Son

Brown, Richard

Brown, Richard Gregory

Brown, Richard Stuart

Brown, Robert

Brown, Robert & Son

Brown, Robert V

Brown, Samuel

Brown, T & Co

Brown, Thomas

Brown, Thomas Chapman

Brown, Thomas Chapman & Hewitt, Joseph J

Brown, Thomas J

Brown, Thomas W

Brown, W & H B & Son

Brown, W (Mrs)

Brown, W D & Co

Brown, W E

Brown, W J M

Brown, Walter

Brown, Walter Henry

Brown, Walter J

Brown, Watkin John

Brown, William

Brown, William & Bennett, Sterndale

Brown, William & Son

Brown, William (Junior)

Brown, William A

Brown, William Arthur & Son

Brown, William Baker

Brown, William J

Brown, William R

Brown, Winfred (Mrs)


Browne & Gradidge Limited

Browne & Newman

Browne Brothers

Browne, Ada (Miss)

Browne, Cecil Seymour

Browne, Charles

Browne, Edward J

Browne, Edward J & Co

Browne, Esme (Mrs)

Browne, F

Browne, F J J

Browne, Frances (Miss)

Browne, George

Browne, Henry

Browne, J

Browne, J R

Browne, James Edward

Browne, John

Browne, John & Son

Browne, John R

Browne, Louisa Rose (Mrs)

Browne, Robert

Browne, Seymour

Browne, T

Browne, Thomas Chapman

Browne, W D

Browne, William B

Browne, William H

Brownell, Joseph

Brownett, M A (Mrs)

Brownett, Richard

Brownhill, Fred Strong

Brownie Studios

Browning, A W

Browning, Arthur

Browning, Arthur William

Browning, E W F

Browning, Edgar

Browning, Francis

Browning, H

Browning, Hugh

Browning, J

Browning, James

Browning, James Walter

Browning, Jonathan (John) Ross

Browning, Peter C

Browning, Theresa

Brownlee (Brownlie), John M

Brownlee, G Methven

Brownlee, Gladys Methven (Miss)

Brownlee, Gladys Methven (Miss) & Pearson, Audrey

Brownlee, Robert

Brown’s Photographic Studio

Brownsworth, David

Brownsworth, Sophia (Mrs)

Broydo, J

Bruce Grove Art Studio

Bruce, A C & Co

Bruce, Adele (Mrs)

Bruce, Alexander S

Bruce, Charles

Bruce, Esme

Bruce, George

Bruce, Grice R

Bruce, Isabella M (Miss)

Bruce, James

Bruce, John

Bruce, Richard

Bruce, William

Bruges, W Bramwell

Brugnoni, Mario

Brugnoni, Marius

Bruley, Samuel & Co

Brument, Alex E & Son

Brument, L E A

Brumfitt, Ellis

Brummer (Madame)

Brummitt & Andrew

Brummitt & Fawssett

Brummitt, A

Brumpton, Harold

Brumpton, W

Brumpton, William J

Brun, Samuel

Brund(r)ett, Frederick & Albert

Brundenell, S R

Brundett, Albert

Brunell, Theodore

Brunelliere, Henry Antoine

Brunner, C (Madame)

Brunsdon, Mrs

Brunskill, J W

Brunskill, R

Brunskill, R & F W

Brunskill, R & J W

Brunskill, S A

Brunskill, S A & Son

Brunswick Photo Co

Brunswick, G

Brunt, Donald

Brunt, Robert

Brunton, J E

Brunton, John Robert

Brunton, John Robert & Son

Brunton, Thomas

Brunton, W

Brunton, W G

Brunton, W H

Brunton, W H & Co

Brunton, William

Bruton, John E

Bruxby, Mary (Mrs) (Miss?)

Bruxby, Tom

Bryan, Charles

Bryan, D A

Bryan, E J

Bryan, Francis John

Bryan, John

Bryan, John G

Bryan, Joseph

Bryan, Joseph S

Bryan, Vernon

Bryant & Co

Bryant, Albert

Bryant, Alfred

Bryant, C

Bryant, F

Bryant, F C

Bryant, George

Bryant, Harry

Bryant, John

Bryant, Leslie Howard

Bryant, V

Bryant, Victor

Bryar, Joseph George W

Bryce, Charles

Brydon, G

Brydon, J J

Brydon, Joseph

Brydon, Walter

Bryer, Joseph G W

Bryne, J

Buchanan & Armour

Buchanan, Alexander

Buchanan, J

Buchanan, Liddell

Buchanan, PA & Co

Buchanan, W C

Buchanan, William M

Buchanan-Wollaston & Bowden

Buck, E H

Buck, Edmund

Buck, F W & Son

Buck, Harry

Buck, John

Buck, Sidney

Buck, V

Buckingham, Frank

Buckingham, G

Buckland, A (Mrs)

Buckland, Henry James

Buckland, James

Buckland, Thomas (Junior)

Buckland’s Studio

Buckle, Agnes J (Miss)

Buckle, G Fort

Buckle, Henry C

Buckle, Henry G

Buckler, John

Buckler, W J

Buckley & Co

Buckley (Buckely), & William Ireland (J)

Buckley, Anthony

Buckley, E

Buckley, Ernest

Buckley, Frederick William

Buckley, George Fred

Buckley, Joseph

Buckley, Joseph & Sons

Buckley, M

Buckley, Robert Edward

Buckley, T

Buckley, Thomas C

Buckley, Thomas E

Buckley, William

Buckley, William R

Buckman, G H

Buckmaster, Harry Roland

Bucknell, Aldred H

Buckrose, J T S

Budd, A

Budd, George

Budd, J

Budd, James Henry

Budding, T Newerne

Budge, Maria Palmer (Mrs)

Budin, George

Buffham, F

Bugg, Arthur A

Buggs & Mills

Buggs, Walter C

Buist, Thomas

Bulbeck, John & Co

Bull & Cummings,

Bull, A G

Bull, Albert Sidney

Bull, Arthur E

Bull, Austin & Co Ltd

Bull, E

Bull, G

Bull, George

Bull, J T & G

Bull, John

Bull, John & Alfred

Bull, John & Son

Bull, Robert

Bull, Robert & Hawkins

Bull, Robert & Robert

Bull, William Ernest

Bullcock Brothers

Bullcock, E & Co

Bullcock, Edward & Sons

Bullen, Joseph Samuel

Bullen, T E H

Bullen, William

Bulley, D

Bullingham, Henry

Bullingham, Joseph G

Bullingham, Ralph

Bullingham, Robert

Bullivant Photos

Bullivant, Parkinson

Bullivant, William

Bullock & Co

Bullock & Martin

Bullock & Sons

Bullock & Wilson

Bullock (Mr)

Bullock Brothers

Bullock, Edward & Co

Bullock, Edward & Sons

Bullock, Edward (Edwin)

Bullock, Ezra

Bullock, F

Bullock, George

Bullock, Harry

Bullock, Harry & Son

Bullock, Henry

Bullock, James

Bullock, Percy Albert

Bullock, T & W H

Bullock, Thomas

Bullock, Thomas & Son

Bullock, Thomas & Sons

Bullock, William

Bullock, William Alfred

Bullock, William H

Bullock’s Studios

Bulman, Charles Thomas

Bulmer, John

Bultz, Harry Frederick

Bultz, Harry Frederick & Son

Bultz, Henry Frederick

Bultz, Samuel Walt

Bultz, William & Weber

Bultz, William J W

Bumby, H

Bunce Brothers

Bunce, G & H

Bunce, George & Albert

Buncle, James

Bundock, Thomas

Bundred, J

Bunhill & Bingham

Bunhill, Henry

Bunker, J

Bunn & Co

Bunn & Coldbeck

Bunn, Edwin

Bunn, George

Bunn, John

Bunnett, William Henry

Bunney (Bunny), H

Bunney (Bunny), H & Son

Bunney (Bunny), H & Sons

Bunting, Charles

Bunting, Charles & Son

Bunting, E T

Bunting, Enos Frederick

Bunting, Henry

Bunting, Joseph Haigh

Bunting, Norman

Bunyard, Frederick

Burbidge, Joseph

Burbidge, William

Burbitt, W H

Burbury, F

Burch, J

Burchall, C

Burchall, Charles John & Co

Burchall, Charles John & Son

Burcham, Francis

Burchett, A

Burchfell & Freeman

Burchill & Telling

Burchill, Charles

Burchill, Charles Thomas

Burchill, John

Burchill, T C

Burchill, Thomas

Burdekin, Harold B

Burdekin, W F

Burden, Daniel

Burden, J

Burden, Percival Edwin

Burder, John

Burdett Photographic Works

Burdett, Oliver

Burditt, Elanore (Miss)

Burford, Ebenezer Samuel

Burford, Francis (Frank) William Wansbrough

Burge, George Henry

Burger, Arthur

Burgess & Grimwood

Burgess & Jennings, H C

Burgess & Laws

Burgess Brothers

Burgess, A J

Burgess, Alfred

Burgess, Alfred & Son

Burgess, Alfred C

Burgess, Annie (Mrs)

Burgess, Ar

Burgess, Arthur

Burgess, James

Burgess, James (M L P)

Burgess, John

Burgess, John Middleton

Burgess, Peter

Burgess, Robert

Burgess, Robert & Co

Burgess, Samuel

Burgess, T H

Burghall, George J

Burgoyne, Frederick John

Burgoyne, James

Burgoyne, James & Thompson

Burgwitz & Co

Burke, Edward

Burke, Percy J

Burke, Richard H

Burkett, Walter E

Burkill & Co

Burkinshaw, Harold

Burkinshaw, Samuel

Burkinshaw, William

Burkitt, M C

Burkle, Percy J

Burl, John Thomas

Burland, E

Burland, Robert

Burland, Vincent

Burlington Photographic Co

Burlington Photographic Rooms

Burlington Studios

Burlington Studios Ltd

Burlington, M W

Burlinson, W

Burlinson, William

Burman, F W

Burman, J F

Burman, James

Burmon, Aswinikumar

Burn Studio

Burn, William Henry

Burnand, A W

Burnand, Edwin

Burnand, William R

Burnand, William Wyatt

Burnaud, Edwin

Burnaud, R

Burnaud, William

Burnaud, William R

Burnbank Studio

Burndred, J

Burne, Charles

Burne, John (Mrs)

Burne, John C

Burne, John C & Son

Burne, Landfer

Burnell, Charles

Burness, A & J

Burness, Alexander

Burnett & Pearson

Burnett, Charles C

Burnett, Edwin

Burnett, Frederick A

Burnett, G & Co

Burnett, G & Pinnington

Burnett, J

Burnett, J M

Burnett, Poole

Burnette, F P

Burnette, Frederick R

Burnette, R

Burney Publicity Service

Burney Snapshot Service

Burngeave Studios

Burnham, C

Burnham, Francis Champneys

Burnham, S C

Burnicle, Robert

Burnie & Robertson

Burnie, Robert

Burnley Photographic Co

Burnley, Frederick


Burns & Ashton

Burns & Fox

Burns Photographic Co

Burns, A J

Burns, Archibald

Burns, Charles

Burns, E C

Burns, J C & Co

Burns, John

Burns, T M

Burns, Thomas

Burns, W

Burns, William

Burns, Young

Burnside, H

Burnside, James

Burnside, Joseph (this is a lady named Joseph)

Burow, Ralph & Co

Burow, Rudolph & Co

Burr, A T

Burr, Frederick

Burr, Michael

Burras, James

Burrell & Burrell

Burrell & Flower

Burrell & Hardman

Burrell & Hardman Ltd

Burrell, E Jacques

Burrell, Edward

Burrell, Frederick William

Burrell, George

Burrell, H R

Burrell, H T (Mrs)

Burrey, Ruby (Miss)

Burridge, Ambrose Mark

Burrmann (Buermann), H

Burroughes, Frank Smith


Burrow, E J

Burrow, Henry & John Charles

Burrow, John Charles

Burrow, R L

Burrow, Rudolph & Co


Burrows & Co

Burrows & Colton

Burrows Brothers

Burrows, Alfred

Burrows, Charles Henry

Burrows, Charles & Broughton, A W

Burrows, Charles Frederick Setton

Burrows, Eliza (Mrs)

Burrows, F T & Colton

Burrows, Frederick Thomas

Burrows, George

Burrows, George H James

Burrows, H

Burrows, Henry

Burrows, Herbert Edwin

Burrows, R

Burrows, R (Junior)

Burrows, S J

Burrows, Thomas Henry

Burrows, Thompson

Burrows, William

Bursill & Ladyman Ltd

Bursill, F Ltd

Burslem, Charles E

Burstein, William

Burt, A & P

Burt, Elizabeth (Miss)

Burt, Harry

Burt, John

Burt, Sharp

Burt, Thomas Benjamin

Burt, William

Burt, William & Co

Burtenshaw, Albert

Burton & Co

Burton & Company

Burton & Garland Ltd

Burton Brothers

Burton Rake Illustrating Co

Burton, Alfred

Burton, Alfred R E

Burton, Arthur

Burton, C

Burton, Edward

Burton, Ernest W

Burton, Frank

Burton, G R

Burton, Hilda (Miss)

Burton, J

Burton, J B

Burton, J D

Burton, J F

Burton, J H

Burton, J J

Burton, J T

Burton, James

Burton, James Davies

Burton, John

Burton, John & Sons

Burton, John Henry

Burton, John T

Burton, Richard

Burton, Richard & Company

Burton, S

Burton, S H & Co

Burton, W J

Burtonwood, Peter

Burtt, F

Burvill, Wood


Bury & Pickup

Bury, John

Bury, John & Co

Busbridge, Herbert Walter

Busby & Skinner

Busby (Bushby), William George

Busby, E H

Busby, James

Bush & Gillyatt

Bush, A

Bush, E

Bush, George

Bush, J W

Bush, James Edward

Bush, Joseph

Bushe, G Scott Ltd

Bushell & Pritchard

Bushell, George

Bushell, W H & A

Bushnell, A

Bushnell, G H S

Bushnell, George & Son

Bushnell, William

Business Photo Ltd

Business Photos Ltd

Bussell, Albert George

Bussell, Frederick E

Bussell, Frederick E & Son

Bussey, Reuben

Busst, G

Bustin (Messrs) (Miss?)

Bustin, Frederick

Bustin, George

Bustin, George Britten

Bustin, Marion (Mrs) & Son

Bustin, Marion (Mrs) & Sons

Bustin, Richard & Marion (Mrs)

Bustin, Richard Britton

Bustin, William Henry

Bustin, William Henry & Son

Butcher, Arthur

Butcher, Donald J

Butcher, F

Butcher, Fred

Butcher, G A

Butcher, George William

Butcher, Harriett (Mrs)

Butcher, Henry

Butcher, Isaac

Butcher, Robert

Butcher, Robert & Son

Butcher, W & Son

Butcher, William

Butcher, William Frederick

Bute Docks (Photographic) Co

Bute Post Card Co

Buthlay, Roy W


Butler & Denton

Butler & Dyer

Butler & Reeves

Butler, Adolphus George

Butler, Alfred

Butler, Alfred Ernest

Butler, Archibald

Butler, Arthur George

Butler, E

Butler, Edward

Butler, F H

Butler, F W

Butler, Frederick Walter

Butler, George W

Butler, H C

Butler, Harold

Butler, Harry

Butler, Henry

Butler, Henry George

Butler, James

Butler, James Mellor

Butler, John

Butler, Thomas

Butler, William

Butson, William

Butt, Drinkwater

Butt, Fred

Butt, Robert Arthur

Butt, W

Butt, William James

Buttberg, F

Buttberg, F & Co

Butterfield, John T

Butterley, H D

Butters, Stephen

Butters, W G

Butterwick, G

Butterworth & Co

Butterworth, Arthur

Butterworth, F

Butterworth, Frank K

Butterworth, Frederick & Co

Butterworth, G & Co

Butterworth, George

Butterworth, J

Butterworth, Joseph

Butterworth, W T

Butterworth, William

Button, Edward

Button, F A

Button, N

Buttrum, A (Miss)

Buttrum, Henry D

Butts, William

Buxton, M J

Buxton, M John

Buxton, Samuel

Buzzard, Doris Victoria (Mrs)

Buzzard, Leonard Ltd

Bye & Penfold

Bye, G

Byers, Richard

Byers, Richard & Sons

Byfield, C

Byfield, Edgar

Byran, Joseph

Byrne, Francis & Co

Byrne, John

Byrne, Joseph

Byrne, William Joseph & Co

Byron & Clayton, Walter

Byron, J

Byron, J (James C or John)

Byron, James

Byron, James C

Byron, James C & Son

Byron, James C & Sons

Byron, John

Byron, Joseph

Bywaters, Jotham A

Byzanotype Portrait Co

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