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  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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D’ Anter & Thomas

D’ Arcis & Whyman

D’ Arcis, Frederick

D’ Arcis, Frederick & Co Ltd

D’ Arcy, Grace (Miss)

D’ Lacey, M

D P C Studios

Dabbs, Ernest G

Dabbs, Walter

Dace, J

Dack, Edward

Dack, F

Dacre, Lionel

Dade, Frederickk

Dadley, Luther A

Daevers, George

Dages, Henry

Dages, Henry & Harman

Daily D & P Service

Daily Event Photo Co

Daily Mail Official Photographs

Daily Mirror Studios

Daily Press Photographic Agency

Daines Brothers

Daines, Barry

Daines, Ross

Daines, Vernon R

Dais, Juan

Dakers, Robert A

Dakeyne, R

Dakin, Thomas

Dakin, W & Dear

Dakin, Walter

Dalby & Son

Dalby Art Gallery

Dalby Brothers

Dalby, Frederick George

Dalby, H J

Dalby, H J & Rixon, Conrad

Dalby, Maud (Mrs)

Dalby-Smith, Samuel

Dale, A

Dale, Andrew A

Dale, Antonio (Antonia) John

Dale, Augustus

Dale, E G

Dale, Herbert

Dale, John William

Dale, Shallett

Dale, Thomas & Son

Dales, Charles

Dalgetty, Alex

Dalgitty, Robert & Clara (Miss)

Dalgleish & Wilkinson

Dalgleish, J R

Dalgliesh, W E

Dalgleish, William N & Co

Dallas, E W

Dallimore, E W

Dallinger, W

Dallmeyer, Thomas

Dallow & Lewis

Dalmayne & Co

Dalmuir Photographic Stores

Dalrose Photographic Co

Dalry Photo Co

Dalrymple & Kay

Dalrymple, J H

Dalrymple, T R H

Dalton, Charles F

Dalton, Francis

Dalton, George Ernest

Dalton, H

Dalton, James

Dalton, John James

Dalton, W E

Dalton, Walter Edwin

Dalton, Walter Henry

Daly, J

Daly, J & Son

Dalziel, John

Damant, A W

Damant, P & Co

Damant, Philip

Damant, Thomas

Damer, W J

Damer, W J

Danby, Frederick

Danby, William

Dance & Birtwhistle (Birtwistle)

Dance, Euphemia (Mrs)

Dance, Herbert Charles A

Dancer, John B

Dando, Arthur James

Dando, I

Dando, Isaac Terry

Dando, Isaac Terry & Sons

Daner, William James

Dangey, Arthur

Daniell (Darnell ), Brothers

Daniell Brothers Ltd

Danielli, Charles William Lorenzo

Daniels & Blaber, Edward

Daniels, Arthur Joseph

Daniels, D

Daniels, David

Daniels, Ernest

Daniels, Frank

Daniels, George Phillip

Daniels, Moses

Daniels, W

Dann & Co

Dann, Charles

Dann, Douglas M

Dann, Edwin

Dann, Edwin & Son

Dann, Francis Hayes

Dann, Francis Henry

Dann, Frank H

Dann, H F

Dann, J T

Dannah, Samuel John

Dannatt (Dunnatt), Keith

Dannatt, Keith

Dannhauser, John K

Dant & Deakin

Danter & Elmer

Danter, James W

Danter, James W & Co

Danter, William


Danzigar, Izzy

Darbey, Marie (Miss)

Darby, Alfred

Darby, Alfred (Junior)

Darby, Arthur

Darby, Frederick & Walter

Darby, S

Darby, Sidney

Darby, Sidney & Mrs

Darbyshire & Foxon

Darbyshire, Edward

Dare, James

Dargavel, William

Darien Photographic Co

Dark, C J

Dark, P M

Darke & Rodmell (Rodmill)

Darke, Thomas

Darken, Eugene

Darker, C

Darley, W

Darling, Charles

Darling, E & T

Darling, Edward

Darlington & Miller

Darlington, Edwin

Darlington, Gertrude Mary (Miss)

Darnell, William

Darnell, William & Co

Darnell, William & Co

Darnell, William & Morgan

Darnell, William D

Darnley, James

Darnton, Henry

Darrah, Albert Arthur

Dartmouth Amateur Photographic Association

Darvill, G

Dashwood, Christian

Date, Alan

Date, James

Daubray, Henry

Daubray, Henry

Dauchaffour (Dauchffour) & McIntyre

Dauncey, Frederick

Davenport, Margaret (Maggie) (Miss)

Davenport, Wilfred O

Daverson, Henry

Davey & Brown

Davey & Hackney

Davey (Davy), John

Davey (Davy), John Lane

Davey (Dewey), William

Davey, Charles

Davey, E G

Davey, Frederick Ashford S

Davey, H W

Davey, Henry

Davey, Hubert

Davey, John

Davey, S A

Davey, Sydney

Davey, W

Davey, Walter

Davey, Walter & Sons

Davey, Walter & Sons

Davey, Walter J

Davey, Walter Seymour

Davey, William

Davey, William T

David, C

David, William

Davidson & Austin (Davidson, Austin ?)

Davidson (Davis), Morris

Davidson Brothers

Davidson, Adam

Davidson, Adam & Son

Davidson, Annie L (Miss)

Davidson, Duncan

Davidson, Duncan & Son

Davidson, Ernest G

Davidson, George

Davidson, George

Davidson, George & Co

Davidson, J

Davidson, J (Miss)

Davidson, James

Davidson, Jane & Margaret

Davidson, John

Davidson, John G

Davidson, P & Co

Davidson, Rea H (Mrs) & William B

Davidson, Reginald

Davidson, Robert

Davidson, Robert

Davidson, S

Davidson, Thomas

Davidson, W B

Davidson, W L

Davidson, William

Davidson, William T

Davidson, William Thomas

Davie, C

Davie, Charles


Davies & Chambers

Davies & Lysley

Davies & Pickles

Davies & Thornton

Davies Brothers

Davies’ Studio

Davies, A

Davies, A

Davies, A (Mrs)

Davies, A J

Davies, Abraham

Davies, Albert

Davies, Alex

Davies, Arthur Randall

Davies, B

Davies, C A

Davies, C H

Davies, Charles Herbert

Davies, Charles J

Davies, D P

Davies, David Jones

Davies, E

Davies, E & Co

Davies, Edward George

Davies, Ellen

Davies, F & M

Davies, F Granville

Davies, F A

Davies, Frederick

Davies, Frederick P

Davies, George

Davies, George Boyer

Davies, George Boyer & Son

Davies, George W

Davies, H (Miss)

Davies, H C

Davies, H J

Davies, H W

Davies, Harry

Davies, Henry Hicks

Davies, Henry Hicks

Davies, Henry Hicks & Son

Davies, J & Co

Davies, J Benson

Davies, J Benson

Davies, J H

Davies, J M

Davies, John

Davies, John & Sons

Davies, Jonathan George

Davies, Joseph Bennett

Davies, Jourdain T

Davies, K

Davies, Martin Henry

Davies, Maurice

Davies, Newton

Davies, Oliver

Davies, Oliver Augustus

Davies, P

Davies, Peter Hughes

Davies, R C & Co

Davies, Richard E

Davies, Samuel Thomas

Davies, Sidney T

Davies, Stephen E

Davies, T

Davies, Thomas

Davies, Thomas

Davies, Thomas John

Davies, Thomas Jones

Davies, W

Davies, W

Davies, W Brevitt

Davies, W Brevitt

Davies, Walter

Davies, William

Davies, William

Davies, William & Co

Davies, William George

Davies, William Henry


Davis & Co

Davis & Compton (Crompton)

Davis & McDonald

Davis & Stedman

Davis & Willing

Davis (Davies), Edwin

Davis (Davies), Joseph William

Davis (Davin) & Lloyd, Thomas Richard

Davis Brothers

Davis, A J

Davis, Annie (Miss) & Co

Davis, Archibald J

Davis, Arthur

Davis, Arthur D & Ernest J

Davis, Arthur Simmons

Davis, Arthur William

Davis, B

Davis, B (Mrs)

Davis, Ben & Co

Davis, Benjamin

Davis, Bernard

Davis, Bertha (Mrs)

Davis, C

Davis, C H & Son

Davis, Charles

Davis, Charles & Harry

Davis, Christopher J A

Davis, D

Davis, Daniel

Davis, David

Davis, Dora (Miss)

Davis, E

Davis, E & Sons

Davis, Edwin

Davis, F

Davis, F A

Davis, Francis

Davis, Frank

Davis, Frederick

Davis, Frederick Knight

Davis, G

Davis, Gordon

Davis, Henry

Davis, Henry

Davis, Henry & Son

Davis, Henry Benjamin

Davis, Henry Benjamin & Son

Davis, Herbert Noble

Davis, Hyman

Davis, J

Davis, J

Davis, J & Cruedon

Davis, J (C J A)

Davis, James

Davis, John (Jno)

Davis, John (Jno) & Son

Davis, John (Jno) & Sons

Davis, John Frederick

Davis, Joseph

Davis, Leonard Sidney

Davis, Lewis

Davis, Oliver A

Davis, Ovinious (Ovinius )

Davis, Robert

Davis, S

Davis, S H

Davis, Samuel

Davis, Samuel & Durrad, Joseph

Davis, Samuel Thomas

Davis, Thomas

Davis, W

Davis, W

Davis, W W

Davis, Walter Ralph

Davis, William

Davis, William

Davis, William & Son

Davis, William Frederick

Davis, William Henry

Davison (Davidson), Edward James

Davison, Jane & Margaret (Misses)

Davy, C

Davy, J

Davy, John Lane

Daw, Joseph

Dawe (Daw), Arthur

Dawes, E Gadsby

Dawes, E Gadsby & Co

Dawes, Edward

Dawes, Frank Bernard

Dawes, H

Dawes, R

Dawes, Victor

Dawes, W J

Dawes, William Henry

Dawkes, Frank & Partridge, Harry

Dawkes, Frank

Dawkes, V

Dawkins, A

Dawkins, James Francis

Daws, Charles Percival


Dawson & Co

Dawson, Frederick & Dutton, John

Dawson & Edis

Dawson & Gent

Dawson & Wray

Dawson, A E

Dawson, Alexander

Dawson, Alfred & Charles

Dawson, Alfred & William

Dawson, Charles

Dawson, Duke

Dawson, Duke

Dawson, Frederick

Dawson, G

Dawson, George

Dawson, Harold C

Dawson, Herbert

Dawson, J

Dawson, J P

Dawson, James

Dawson, James (Junior)

Dawson, John

Dawson, John Edward

Dawson, John H

Dawson, John Harrison

Dawson, Joseph

Dawson, Joseph & Benjamin

Dawson, M

Dawson, W

Dawson, Walter

Dawson, William

Dawson, William

Dawson, William & Co


Day & Clark

Day & Electric Light Studios

Day & Electric Studio

Day & Heeley

Day & Son Limited

Day & Wright

Day (Messrs)

Day Brothers

Day Hamilton Smith & Co

Day Hamilton Smith & Son

Day, A

Day, A E

Day, A E

Day, Albert

Day, Alexander

Day, Alfred V

Day, Arthur

Day, Arthur Stephen

Day, Charles William

Day, Charlotte Ada (Mrs)

Day, Daisy (Miss)

Day, E & Son

Day, E (Mrs)

Day, E A

Day, E A & Co

Day, E G

Day, E? & Co

Day, Edwin

Day, Edwin George

Day, Emily

Day, Ernest A

Day, Ernest A & Co

Day, Francis Thomas

Day, Frank

Day, G R

Day, George

Day, George

Day, George P

Day, George Thomas

Day, George Thomas & Son

Day, H

Day, H & Co

Day, Henry Valentine

Day, John B

Day, John B & Son

Day, John Henry & Sons

Day, Joseph

Day, Kate (Miss)

Day, M

Day, M

Day, M J

Day, Mary (Mrs)

Day, Morton R

Day, Norman

Day, R

Day, Reginald A

Day, Robert

Day, W Cave

Day, W G

Day, W P

Day, William

Day, William James

Day, William James (Junior)

Day, William John

Daydy, William Hutchinson

Daykin, W J

Daykin, William Henry

Daynes, Thomas

Daynes, William

Daynes, William


Dazeley, H

De Ath & Condon

De Ath & Dunk

De Ath, Alaric Hawkins

De Ath, Alfred W

De Ath, H M

De Bach, Frederick

De Caville, Charles

De Fontaine, Eugene

De Freyne, Frederick

de Grunchy, Frank Leopold

De La Matte, Philip Henry

De La Rue & Co

De Lacy, R

De Lacy, R & J

De Lan, Mary & Julia (Misses)

De Lan, Mary (Miss)

De Lan, W H

De Lavadre (Levadre), Claude

De Lessert, Robert Kellegrew

De Mauny, Louis

De Mauny, Louis

De Maus, James

De Maus, James

De Monfor, B

De Mouxy, John Marie (Marie John)

De Mouxy, Joseph

De Mullett, Alexander L

De Niceville, Augustus

De Niceville, Augustus

De Niceville, J

De Poitiers, Gustave W

De Poitiers, Louis

De Poittiers, Alfred Eugene Lambretchs

De Poittiers, Gustave W

De Quichy, Andrew

De Redder, Mary (Mrs)

De Redder, Matthew

De Rome, W

De Rozier, A J

De Ruffo, Edward Charles Richards

De Sa (Desa), Paul Royz

De Saulles, William

De Serraville, J & Co

De Simony, E

De Vipan, Charles

De Witt, Alfred Paul

De Witt, Harry

De Wyrall

Dea, F (Miss)

Dea, Michael J

Deacon & Davies

Deacon, Rodger (Roger)

Deakin, Charles Henry

Deakin, Frederick

Deakin, Herbert A

Deakin, William Henry

Deal, Harry C

Dean & Son

Dean (Mrs)

Dean (Mrs)

Dean Studios

Dean, A

Dean, A E & Co

Dean, A T

Dean, A T

Dean, Arthur

Dean, Arthur Douglas

Dean, Arthur Thomas

Dean, Celine (Mrs)

Dean, F E (Junior)

Dean, Frederick

Dean, Frederick James

Dean, Frederick M

Dean, George A

Dean, George Augustus

Dean, George Augustus (Junior)

Dean, H

Dean, Harry

Dean, James (Junior)

Dean, James S

Dean, Leo S

Deana (Deane), Charles J

Deana, Charles

Deane & Harwood

Deane & Martin

Deane, C T

Deane, Clare

Deane, Frederick

Deane, Hilton

Deane, Margaret (Miss)

Deane, Martin & Wiles

Deane, W T

Deane, W T

Deane, Wiles & Millar

Deanes, G W

Dear, George

Dear, J

Dear, James

Dear, James C

Dearden, Arthur

Dearden, J

Dearlove, Thomas B

Dearnley, J

Deas, Jessie

Death, Henry

Deayton, J (Junior)

Deayton, John

Deazeley, John


Debenham & Co

Debenham & Co

Debenham & Gabell

Debenham & Gould

Debenham & Gould

Debenham & Read

Debenham & Son

Debenham, A & Co

Debenham, A & Sons

Debenham, A J

Debenham, A J (Mrs)

Debenham, Arthur

Debenham, Arthur

Debenham, Arthur & Son

Debenham, Arthur & Sons

Debenham, Arthur William

Debenham, C

Debenham, Charles

Debenham, E

Debenham, E

Debenham, E & A

Debenham, E & Co

Debenham, E & Stewart

Debenham, E H (possibly Edwin)

Debenham, Edwin

Debenham, Edwin

Debenham, Edwin & Co

Debenham, Edwin & Co

Debenham, Edwin (E A)(E H)

Debenham, Edwin H

Debenham, Edwin Holfred

Debenham, J

Debenham, John William

Debenham, John Worley

Debenham, Longman & Co Ltd

Debenham, Philip

Debenham, Philip E

Debenham, S

Debenham, S

Debenham, S & Co

Debenham, William Elliott


Debierre, Camille

Debron Studios

Decking, Sidney

Decorative Art Studio

Decours & Hovey

Decours, E & Co

Dee Portrait Co

Dee, Alice Maud (Mrs)

Dee, T

Dee, William

Dee, William Henry

Deenery, H

Degroote, George

Deighton & Dunthorne

Deighton & Son

Deighton, Frank

Deighton, R

Deighton, Thomas William

Deighton, William Robert

Delacrois (Delacroise), Emile


Delamotte (De La Matte), Phillip

Delamotte, Freeman

Delany & Co

Delany, Ernest

Delf, Charles

Dell, G E

Dell, Henry

Dell, William

Della, Bella John

Dellburn Studio

Deller, Henry Asher

Deller, Lawrence

Delmen Art Co Ltd

Delmen Art Studios Co Limited

Delves, Arthur Thomas

Delves, J

Delves, T F

Delves, W H

Dembrey, F H

Demezy & Co

Demezy & Hemery, Thomas George

Dempsey, J

Dempsey, John

Dempster, F G

Dench, E

Dench, Edward

Dene (Dean), Clare

Denes, G

Deneulain, Albert

Deneulain, Albert & Blake


Denham & Baldwin

Denham, Arthur

Denham, J R

Denholm, D

Denison, Edwin Henry

Denison-Binns, Emily (Mrs)

Denman, John Flaxman & Son

Denmark Hill (Photographic) Studio

Denner, E A

Denness, A S

Denness, K (Miss)

Dennett, A

Denney, E

Denney, E & Co

Denney, E & Co

Denney, George

Denney, George & Co

Denney, Henry

Denning, Claude

Denning, Richard

Denning, Richard

Dennis, Alonzo Henry

Dennis, E T W

Dennis, H

Dennis, J S

Dennis, James S?

Dennis, John

Dennis, John

Dennis, John & Co

Dennis, John Bayley

Dennis, Moss & Peckham

Dennis, Smith & Co

Dennis, W & Son

Dennis, William

Dennis, William & Co

Dennis, William A

Dennison , James & John

Dennison , S B

Dennison, James

Dennison, James

Dennistoun Photo Co

Denny, Alex

Denny, Charles George

Denny, John Love

Denston, Armond R

Dent, Alfred Frederick

Dent, B

Dent, C

Dent, F

Dent, John Thomas

Dent, Reuben

Dent, Thomas

Dent, W

Dentith, Henry

Denton & Co

Denton & Sharp

Denton, A G

Denton, G H

Denton, James

Denton’s Photographic Studio

Denyer, Edmund


Deplidge, Mary Ann

Deposit Photographic Studio

Depot for Photographic Views

Derby & District Photographic Co

Derby Photo Co

Derby Photo Works Ltd

Derby Stereoscopic Co

Derby, Lizzie (Miss)

Derbyshire, James Alfred


Dereske Studios

Dereske, Charles & Frank

Dereske, Charles F

Derricutt, Francis

Derry, Walter

Desa & Pullen

Desabris, B


Desmond, Joseph

Desmond, Thom

Desssurne, Mark B A

Dessurne (Miss)

Dessurne, Louis Alfred

Detheridge, J

Developrint Services

Devenport, J

Dever, Robert

Devereux & Rutter

Devereux, Edward

Devereux, Frederick Oakes

Deverill, Charles

Devey, George

Devey, George Albert

Deville, Joseph Vickers

Devine, K

Devine, Peter

Devon & Cornwall Photographic & Stereoscopic Co

Devon Commercial Photos

Devon Photo Co

Devonald, O (Mrs)

Devonshire Studio Co

Dew, Frederick W

Dew, Frederick W & H M

Dew, George Frederick

Dew, Thomas

Dew, W & H M F

Dewar, Allan

Dewar, George

Dewar, James

Dewar, John

Dewey, Alfred

Dewhirst, Issac & Dobson, Anthony

Dewhirst, James Robert

Dewhurst, John

Dewhurst, Joseph

Dewhurst, Thomas


Dewing, Kirtley

Dewsnap, Alfred

Dewsnap, W T

Dexter & Dexter

Dexter & Sons

Dexter (Mr & Mrs)(Messrs)

Dexter, John

Dexter, Joseph

Dexter, W

Dexter, Walter Sothern

Dexter, Walter Sothern & Son

Dexter, William

Dexter, William John

Dexter, William Sothern & Sons

Di Villa, Felix H

Di Villa, Manso

Dial House Studio

Diamond, J

Diana Studios

Diaz, A & M

Dibben, Frederick Henry

Dick, J & Sons

Dick, John

Dick, Matthew

Dick, William R

Dicken, Arthur

Dickens, Charles

Dickens, Robert M

Dickenson, A

Dickenson, Betts A

Dickenson, J

Dickenson, Thomas

Dicker, D

Dickie, James S

Dickie, John

Dickins, Frank

Dickins, Frank & Glasse, T Allan


Dickinson & Foster

Dickinson & Gilbert

Dickinson (Dickenson), T H

Dickinson (Dickenson), William R

Dickinson Brothers

Dickinson Brothers & Foster

Dickinson, Charles B

Dickinson, Charles Frederick

Dickinson, George

Dickinson, George M

Dickinson, George Thomas Youdan

Dickinson, James

Dickinson, James

Dickinson, James (Junior)

Dickinson, Joseph

Dickinson, Thomas

Dickinson, W

Dickinson, W C


Dickinson’s Studio

Dickman, W B

Dicks, Elam

Dicks, Frank


Dickson (Dixon), George

Dickson, Andrew M

Dickson, D

Dickson, James C

Dickson, John

Dickson, Robina

Dickson, William

Dickson, William

Dickson, William (Willie) B

Dierks, Charles H

Dierks, Charles H & Brooks, Shirley

Dietrichson & Co

Digby, Bernhardt

Digby, Dighton

Diggens, Charles

Diggle, W

Diggle, William

Dight, David Lewis

Dighton, F

Dighton, Frederick

Dighton, Joshua

Dighton, Richard (Junior)

Dighton, Walter David

Dighton, William

Dighton, William D (D)

Dighy, H C

Digweed, Bernard George Stanley & Co

Digweed, J & Sons

Digweed, J & Son

Digweed, Walt

Diko Trading

Dilke, H F

Dilke, M B

Dilkes, John Edward

Dillon, A T

Dillon, George W

Dimberline, Richard

Dimbleby (Mrs)

Dimmer, Richard

Dimmock, W

Dingley & Miller

Dinham, James Charles

Dinham, James Charles & Sons

Dinnick Brothers

Dinnie Studio

Dinnie, Alexander

Dinnie, William Davidson

Dinsdale & Laxon

Dinsdale, A E

Dinsdale, Albert

Dinsdale, Bertie Charles

Dinsdale, J

Dinsdale, J

Dinsdale, James

Dipple, C C

Dipple, Clara C (Mrs)

Dipple, James

Direct Film Service

Direct Photo Engraving Co

Direct Photogravure Co

Discombe, Thomas Frederic Pessell

Disderi, Adolphe & Co

Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene

Disley, John

Dismorr, James Stewart

Diston, Adam

Diston, Adam & Son

Diston, Adam (Junior)

Diston, Mary (Mrs)

District Photographic Portrait Rooms

Ditchfield, J

Ditchfield, James

Diviani & Monte

Diviani, Gandenizio

Diviani, Gandenizio & Co

Dix & Smedley

Dixey & Smith

Dixey, Lewis

Dixey, Lewis & Co

Dixon (Mr & Mrs)

Dixon Studio (Dixon-Scott , J)

Dixon, Andrew M

Dixon, C D

Dixon, Charles

Dixon, Charles Edward

Dixon, Dixon

Dixon, Dorothea (Mrs)

Dixon, E

Dixon, E (Mrs)

Dixon, Ellen (Mrs)

Dixon, Frederick Henry

Dixon, Harry

Dixon, Henry

Dixon, Henry & Son Ltd

Dixon, I

Dixon, J

Dixon, J

Dixon, John

Dixon, John

Dixon, Lot

Dixon, Montague & Co

Dixon, Percy Goodchild

Dixon, Percy Goodchild & Co

Dixon, Richard H

Dixon, Richard Harper

Dixon, Robert

Dixon, Roy

Dixon, S

Dixon, S (Mrs)

Dixon, S J

Dixon, Theophilus

Dixon, Thomas

Dixon, Thomas Harbin

Dixon, W

Dixon, W E

Dixon, W Edgar (Henry)

Dixon, W H

Dixon, Walter

Dixon, William

Dixon, William Henry

Dixon’s Studio

Dobay, Victor

Dobbie, John

Dobbie, Richard Lascelles

Dobbie, Richard Lizars

Dobbings, William (Junior)

Dobbs & Fry

Dobbs, C J & Co

Dobbs, Sydney P

Dobbs, William

Dobbs, William P

Dobie, Richard


Dobson & Paterson

Dobson & Son

Dobson (Dodson), Edwin

Dobson (Dodson), Sylvester Graham

Dobson Studios Ltd

Dobson, Antony

Dobson, Edmund

Dobson, Edward

Dobson, Edward L

Dobson, Frank

Dobson, George

Dobson, Henry

Dobson, J L

Dobson, M (Mrs)

Dobson, Thomas

Dobson, W

Dobson, William L


Docking, L Sidney

Dockrill, J

Document Photographing Co Ltd

Dodd, Charles Robert

Dodd, Ernest George

Dodd, Henry

Dodd, John

Dodd, John C

Dodd, Robert T

Dodd, T E

Dodds, D

Dodds, Edward J

Dodds, William Harvey

Dodds, William Harvey & Co

Dodge, Joseph W

Dodge, Thomas S

Dodge, Walter Parker

Dodge, Walter Parker

Dodge, William

Dodgshon, J & William

Dodgshon, William

Dodgson, G

Dodington, J S


Dodman, A H

Dodman, J H

Dodson (Dobson), Anthony (Antony)

Dodson, Ellis

Dodson, Zephaniah

Dodwell, Frank Charles

Doe, Charles

Doemer, Auguste

Doff, Igantius

Doggett, J

Doherty, A

Doherty, A J

Doherty, Augustus (Augustin)

Doidge, Thomas & Co

Doidge, Young & Co

Doig, John

Dolamore, T W

Dolamore, William

Dolamore, William & Bullock, H B

Dolan, P

Dolan, Patrick

Dolan, W H

Dolibo (Dolebo), L

Dolland, William A

Dollar Photographic Establishment

Dollman, Philip


Dolman, W H

Dolphin, George

Dolphin, William F

Dominion Photo Co

Don Lion Production

Don Photo Co

Don Studios

Donahey (Donahay)(Donahoy), William

Donald & Bibbs

Donald, Alexander

Donaldson, Andrew

Donaldson, Charles

Donaldson, David A

Donaldson, Winifred (Miss)

Doncaster Rotophoto Co (Roto Photo Co)

Doncaster, Edmund

Doncaster, Frederick

Doncaster, Henry

Done & Ball

Done & Ball & Craig

Done (Donne), John & Co

Done, J

Done, John

Done, John & Co

Donkin, J

Donking, Gerard J

Don-Levie & Cheetham

Don-Levie, Lillie

Donn, Samuel

Donning, Henry

Donovan, Charles

Donovan, Donald J Ltd

Donovan, Donald L Ltd

Donovan, G & Son

Donovan, Thomas

Donovan, Thomas & Co

Donovan, Thomas & Son

Doo, Edward A

Doran Brothers

Doran, D C

Doran, Frank

Doran, George

Doran, Thomas

Doran, William

Doran, William E



Dore & Co

Dore Studio

Dore, Frank

Dore, James

Dore, M

Dorey, Lester & Co

Doris Studio

Dorlen, Leigh Ltd

Dorman & Stocks

Dorman, George

Dorman, Mark

Dorning, Henry

Dorothea Studios

Dorotich, E A

Dorotich, Emily Ann (Mrs)

Dorotich, Joseph

Dorotichk, E A

Dorrell, Edgar

Dorrell, Edgar Thomas

Dorrett, Harry Gordon

Dorrett, Harry Gordon & Martin, Paul

Dorton & Co

Doubell, Harold Percy

Doubell, V

Doubleday, Matthew

Douce, W H E (W H F?)

Douch, Thomas

Dougdale, Thomas

Dougharty, J E

Doughm, Thomas

Doughty, Berney S

Doughty, E

Doughty, W

Doughty, Walt

Doughtys Ltd

Douglas & Co

Douglas, Priscilla (Prissie)(Miss)

Douglas Ltd

Douglas Studio

Douglas, A

Douglas, Agnes

Douglas, Albert Rudolph

Douglas, Alfred

Douglas, Arthur

Douglas, C

Douglas, Gordon

Douglas, J

Douglas, J & R

Douglas, J D

Douglas, J D

Douglas, John

Douglas, John

Douglas, John & Son

Douglas, John David

Douglas, Priscilla (Prissie)(Miss)

Douglas, Robert

Douglas, Thomas

Douglas, Thomas H

Douglas, Walter

Douglas, William

Douglas, William

Douglas, William Alexander

Doull, David

Douse, C H

Douston, M H

Douval & Co

Dovaston, Freeman

Dove (David?)

Dove, A

Dove, David

Dove, E

Dover Street Studios

Dover Street Studios & Adart Ltd

Dover, William

Dovey, Walter J

Dow, David

Dowa, Edward George

Dowdall (Dowdell), James R

Dowdall, William

Dowdell, Lancelot F

Dowden, Harry

Dowden, Henry

Dowding, S Murray

Dowell, William

Dowle, F

Dowle, Frederick William

Dowle, Richard S

Dowley, Edward

Dowling, B (Miss)

Dowling, J

Dowling, M P

Dowling, W Paul


Down & Son

Down, Edward George

Down, J & Co

Down, J & Son

Down, J (Senior)

Downe (Downie), David Clephene

Downe, Alfred L

Downer, Arthur

Downer, Frederick

Downer, Frederick & Sons

Downer, Frederick (Junior)

Downes & Beecroft

Downes, George

Downes, George H

Downes, Henry Graham & Co

Downes, Henry Graham (George)

Downes, William

Downes, William Starkey

Downey & Carver

Downey & Herriott

Downey & Mendlessohn

Downey, Arthur James Hope

Downey, Cornelius

Downey, James

Downey, James & Sons

Downey, John

Downey, Vincent J

Downey, W & D Ltd

Downey, William & Daniel (Downey Brothers)

Downham, J S

Downie, Archibald

Downie, Archibald (Junior)

Downie, David C

Downie, William

Downing, F

Downing, Frederick

Downing, M (Miss)

Downs, Charles

Downs, G (Mrs)

Downs, Henry G

Downs, Samuel

Downs, William J

Downsworth, Harry

Dowsing, Channing Fairhead

Dowson, E & H

Dowty, E F Ltd

Dowty, Robert

Dowty, W W

Dowty, William

Dowty, William & Sons

Dowty, William W

Dowty, William Ward

Doyle, James

Doyle, Thomas

Drabble, George

Drabble, W

Draffin, Frederick

Draffin, John Larden

Drage, J

Drake & Foster

Drake, Cecil

Drake, Charles

Drake, Charles & Son

Drake, Charles (Mrs)

Drake, George Henry A

Drake, George Henry A Ltd

Drake, Harry

Drake, J

Drake, James William

Drake, John

Drake, Joseph

Drake, Joseph V

Drake, M

Drake, M & Son

Drake, W H

Drake, William

Drake, William H

Drake, William H

Drakeley, Lillian I (Miss)

Drake’s Picture Agency Ltd

Drane, Robert


Draper, Charles

Draper, Charles Allen

Draper, Henry J

Draper, J

Draper, John (Dr)

Draper, William P

Drapiez & Wigton

Drawater, W

Drawbridge Photographic Studio

Dray & Cooke (Corke)

Dray, John H

Draycott Limited

Draycott, George A

Draycott, John Arthur

Draycott, John Arthur Ltd

Draycott, Lena (Madam)

Draycott, Lena (Madam) (Draycott’s Galleries)

Draycott’s Galleries

Drayson, Charles Millington

Drayton, Charles

Drayton, F

Drayton, W L

Dredge, George

Dresser, William

Dreux, Eugene

Drew & Whittaker

Drew, Cicely & Co

Drew, Frederick

Drew, Frederick William G

Drew, H W

Drew, Henry

Drew, John Ltd

Drewery, Harry

Drewett & Ramage

Drewett, Edgar

Drewett, Edgar (Junior)

Drewett, F K

Drewett, W J

Drewett, Walter

Drewett’s Photographic Studio

Drewit, E

Drewitt, W J

Dring, Robert

Dring, Robert & Co

Drinkwater & Co

Drinkwater, J

Drinkwater, S

Drinkwater, W

Drinkwater, William Edwin A

Driver, Albert Edward

Driver, Francis

Driver, James (Junior)

Driver, Sidney (Sydney) Amos

Driver, T

Drobig, M

Droege & Co

Droege & Wirth

Droege, Frederick

Dron, Andrew William

Dru?er, William

Druce, George Claridge

Drummond & Herriott

Drummond & Low

Drummond, Charles

Drummond, John

Drummond, John & Co

Drummond, John M

Drummond, S

Drummond, William

Drummond-Young, W & E

Drury Photo Service

Drury, E J

Drury, Hal

Dryburgh & Gibson

Dryburgh, John

Dryden, John

Dryden, John Elliott

Drysdale, Alexander

Drysdale, Alfred

Drysdale, George J

Drysdale, H

Drysdale, John

Du Barrie’s Princess Portrait Studios Ltd

Du Barry Studio

Du Faur, Charles H

Du Heaume (Du’ Heaume), Emil Henry

Du Val, Charles Allen & Co

Dubarry Studios

Dubbin (Dublin), Robert James

Dubbin, Robert James

Dubisson, Walter

Dublin & Belfast Photographic Company

Dublin & Melbourne Portrait Rooms

Dubois-Kolme, Marolius

Dubourg & Veluti

Dubourg, William


Duce, George

Duce, Joseph

Ducell & Betts

Duck & Sons

Duck & Sons

Duck, F

Duck, Frederick E

Duck, George F

Ducker, Daniel

Ducker, Johnson

Duckmanton, Benjamin

Duckworth, Henry

Duckworth, Thomas E

Dudgeon, George

Dudkin, Abraham H

Dudkin, Alfred H

Dudkin, Mordan M

Dudkin, Mordecai

Dudkin, William Henry

Dudley, B

Dudley, Gerard

Dudley, H

Dudley, H & A

Dudley, Horace D

Dudley, Horace H

Dudley, Horace H

Dudley, Horace H (Dudley’s Studio )

Dudley, Philip

Dudley, William Ewart

Dudman, James

Dudman, L

Duerden, John

Duesbury, Samuel

Dufaur, C

Dufaur, C & Co

Duffie, J B


Dufford, George

Duffus, William

Dufton, Alex

Dufty, Francis H

Dufty, Martha (Mrs)

Dugdale (Dougdale), Thomas

Dugdale, J

Dugdale, John

Dugdale, John & Co

Dugdale, John (I)

Dugdale, Mary A (Mrs)

Dugdale, S

Dugdale, T G

Dugdale, W

Duggins, James E

Dugmore, Arthur Radclyffe

Dugmore, Hannah (Mrs)

Dugmore, W

Duguey, Ernest

Duguid (Daguid), David W

Duguid, David W

Duguid, David W & Sons

Duke, Henry

Duke, William

Dukes, William

Dulake, William

Dulake, William

Dullehan, John

Dullhopff (Dollhopff), J von

Duly, H J

Duly, James

Dumain & Orchard (Misses)

Dumaresq, Robert

Dumaresq, Robert & Co

Dumble, Thomas

Dumbleton Studios

Dumbleton, James Thomas

Dumont, William

Dumsday, Albert

Dunbar, A & Co

Dunbar, A & Co

Dunbar, G

Dunbar, Henry

Dunbar, Henry

Dunbar, Henry (Harry)

Dunbar, Henry Michael

Dunbar, Thomas

Duncan & Hamilton

Duncan (Misses)

Duncan, A G (Mrs)

Duncan, Alex G

Duncan, Charles William Halley

Duncan, D R

Duncan, David

Duncan, David M

Duncan, Geoffrey

Duncan, George

Duncan, J

Duncan, James

Duncan, James A

Duncan, James L

Duncan, Jessie (Mrs)

Duncan, John

Duncan, John H

Duncan, John L

Duncan, John T

Duncan, Joseph

Duncan, Joseph & Lewin

Duncan, Robert

Duncan, Thomas

Duncan, W

Duncan, William

Duncan, William

Duncan, William Arthur

Duncan, William Harper (Hooper)

Duncanson, James

Duncanson, James

Duncombe & Son

Duncumb, J

Dundas, Eleanor (Miss)

Dundee Photographic Co

Dungan, G

Dungey, Arthur

Dungey, Arthur & Son

Dunham, Percival R

Duningham, Thomas

Dunk, William

Dunkerley, James

Dunkerton, Thomas

Dunkerton, Thomas & Son

Dunkirk Studio

Dunley, H H

Dunlop & Collett

Dunlop, Charles

Dunlop, Dan[iel]

Dunlop, James

Dunlop, Janet

Dunmore, A & G

Dunmore, Alfred

Dunmore, Alfred

Dunmore, Alfred T

Dunmore, Alfred Thomas

Dunmore, Edward

Dunmore, George H

Dunmore, George Henry

Dunn & Co

Dunn, Alfred

Dunn, Arthur

Dunn, Charles Edward

Dunn, Clinton & Co

Dunn, Eliza Pascoe (Miss)

Dunn, E M

Dunn, G

Dunn, George William

Dunn, H

Dunn, Julianna (Miss & Mrs)

Dunn, Latimer

Dunn, Thomas William

Dunn, Venice

Dunn, W H

Dunn, William

Dunn, William H

Dunn, William Henry

Dunn, William L & Co

Dunn, William L & Son

Dunn, William L (Junior)

Dunneham, Michael Joseph

Dunning, Henry

Dunning, Henry

Dunning, Robert

Dunningham, F

Dunn’s Art Studio

Dunscombe, M W Ltd (Dunscombe Photographic Stores)

Dunsire, Peter

Dunstan, W H

Dunstan, W H & Co.

Dunton, Joseph

Dunwell, Arthur

Dunwell, James

Dupe, W H

Duplex Photo Co

Dupont, Henri

Dupre, F

Duprez (Dupres), Louis

Duprez (Dupres), Louis (L J P?)

Duprez, John & Co

Duprez, John (L J P?)

Duprez, L J P

Dupton, Alexander

Dura (Dura Ltd)(Dura’s Photos Ltd)

Durand, Francois

Durand, William

Durant (Durrant), William


Durban, Lang (Mrs)

Durban, William Lang

Durell, Joseph

Durelle, Molly (Miss)

Durgham, J (possibly James Durham)

Durham & Co

Durham (Dustan), H J

Durham, J

Durham, James

Durham, John R

Durhams Limited

Durie Brown & Co

Durkin, Oswald

Durn, Albert

Duros, Leon

Durrant, Christopher J

Durrant, Peter

Durrant, Rose K (Mrs) & Son

Durrant, Seymour Jonas

Durrant, W (Junior)

Durrant, William

Durrant, William

Durrant, William & Co

Durrell, Arthur

Durrell, Arthur William

Durrell, Arthur William (Durrell Press Studios)

Dursward, F

Durward, Alexander

Durward, Eliza (Mrs)

Dust, G

Dustin, Edward

Dustin, Edwin Lane

Dustin, Henry

Dutch, Francis William

Dutch, Frank

Duthie, Andrew

Duthie, J F

Dutnall, Thomas

Duton, C Photographic Company

Dutton & Schreiber

Dutton, George

Dutton, Jane (Miss)

Dutton, John & James Joseph (Dutton Brothers)

Dutton, John

Dutton, James

Dutton, Philip C

Dutton, William


Duval & Co

Duval (Du Val), Edward J

Duval, Alexander

Duval, Charles

Duval, Charles

Duval, Charles & Wharton

Duval, Charles Allen & Co

Duval, Elsie

Duval, G & Co

Duxbury, W H

Duxbury, William Henry

Duyshart, Maria Mona

Duyshart, Maria Mona & Co

Duyshart, Pieter Henry Joannes & Co (aka Peter Henry John by 1892)

Duyshart, Peter John (aka Pieter Joannes)

Dyas, Henry G

Dyball, Robert H

Dyche (Dycke), Ernest

Dyche, Ernest

Dyche, Sarah

Dye (Mr)

Dye, A W

Dye, Charles

Dye, Mary Frances (Mrs)

Dyer Photographic Portrait Co

Dyer, A

Dyer, Edward C

Dyer, Edwin

Dyer, Frank

Dyer, Frederick William

Dyer, John

Dyer, Thomas B

Dyer, Thomas John

Dyer, William

Dyer, William (Willie)

Dyers, Thomas

Dyke & Co

Dyke, C

Dyke, Charles

Dyke, Colville

Dyke, E

Dykes, T

Dyson, Arthur

Dyson, Caroline (Miss)

Dyson, Caroline (Mrs)

Dyson, Frank E (Dyson’s Studio )

Dyson, John

Dyson, Joseph

Dyson, Joseph

Dyson, T


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