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We have information about all of the photographers listed below – this could include addresses, dates of operation and actual examples of their work, biographical notes, census information, prize medals awarded etc.

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  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
  • P Brown may be listed under ‘Brown, P’ or ‘Brown, Peter’ (if we have the full name)
  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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E & A Studios

E & G Photographic Studios

Eade, Dorothy (Mrs)

Eade, Reginald Arthur


Eades, E E

Eades, H S

Eades, Richard E & Co

Eades, Southwell

Eadie (Miss)

Eadie, B & R

Eadie, David

Eadie, Guthrie & Co

Eadie, James

Eadie, P M

Eadie, W & B

Eadie, W P

Eadie, William

Eadington, Mary (Miss)

Eadle, David

Eadon, Ethel M (Miss)

Eager, R

Eagle Co

Eagle Monster Travelling Studio (Eagles Studio)

Eagle Photographic Co

Eagle, A

Eagle, Thomas Frederick

Eagle, William

Eales, Frederick

Eales, Frederick Henry

Ealey, H

Ealing Photographic Co (Ealing Portrait Co)

Eames, A

Eames, Benjamin

Eames, F

Eames, J G

Eardley, Wilmot Ltd

Earl & Co

Earl, Francis Charles

Earl, Joseph Percival

Earl, Sidney

Earl, Sydney

Earland, W H

Earle & Earle

Earle, George

Earle, Karee

Earley, James

Earnshaw, Harvey

Easden, John

Easden, John & Son

Eason, Arthur

Eason, Arthur & Co

Eason, Arthur E

Eason, G & Co

Eason, Henry Robert

Eason, John

Easson, John

East Anglian Photographic Co

East Anglian Photographic Company

East Anglian Portrait Co

East Grinstead Photographic Co

East Ham Studio

East Hill Studio

East Kent Photographic Co

East Kent Studio

East London Artistic Portrait Company

East, Lizzie M (Mrs)

East, Warren

Eastbourne Photographic & Fine Arts Co Limited

Eastbourne Photographic Company

Eastbourne Stereoscopic Co

Easter, Thomas

Easterbrook, S

Eastern Counties Photographic Co

Eastern Developing & Printing Co

Eastern Photographic Co

Eastern Press Agency

Eastham & Bassano

Eastham Brothers (Eastham’s)

Eastham, E

Eastham, Enos

Eastham, Ernest

Eastham, J

Eastham, John

Eastham, John T

Eastham, Richard

Eastham, Silas

Eastlake, Charles Lloyd

Eastlake, Elizabeth

Eastman, P M

Eastman, P M & Sons

Eastman, P S

Eastmans (Eastmans Photo Service Ltd)

Eastmead, Arthur F

Eastmead, James John

Eastment & Co

Eastment, C & Son

Eastment, C & Sons

Eastment, Charles

Eastment, Charles & Co

Eastment, Charles & Son

Eastment, Charles & Sons

Eastment, J

Eastmid & Co

Eastmid & Co (Eastmid Studios)

Eastmid Photography Studio

Eastmid Studio (Studios)

Eastoe, Charles W


Easton Brothers

Easton, Henry John

Easton, John Henry

Easton, Joseph

Easton, Robert

Easton, William

Eastwood & Howson

Eastwood, David

Eastwood, James

Eastwood, John Thomas

Eastwood, Walter

Eaton, G

Eaton, George

Eaton, J H

Eaton, R F

Ebley, Edward

Ebley, W

Ebley, W & Co

Ebly, William

Ebor Portrait Co

Ebury, G

Ebury, H

Ebury, Harry & Winifred (Miss)

Eccles, Edmund

Eccles, Edmund & Sons

Eccostat Ltd

Echart, Henry

Echte, L H

Eckersley, A V

Eckersley, Thomas

Eckford, N

Eckhardt, Henry

Eckley & Sons

Eckley, M

Eckley, T


Eclipse & Star Photographic Company

Eclipse Photo Co

Eclipse Photo Company

Eclipse Photographic Co

Economic Portrait Association

Eddington, Charles

Eddington, James

Eddison & Inger

Eddison Limited

Eddison, A

Eddison, Inger & Simpson

Eddison, John Edward

Eddison, S (Mrs)

Eddy (Eddie), David J

Eddy, David J

Eddy, H

Edelman, Joshua

Edelman, S

Edelson, Marks

Edelstein, William (Willy)

Edelstein, Willy

Eden, Charles

Eden, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Eden, Humphrey

Eden, Sarah


Edgar & Co

Edgar, Cecil H

Edgar, George

Edgar, James & Co

Edgar, Margaret (Miss)

Edgar, Walter

Edgbaston Photographic Company

Edgcomb, F W

Edge Ltd

Edge, Albert

Edge, Arthur Ernest

Edge, John

Edge, Joseph

Edge, Thomas

Edhouse, George H

Edhouse, George H & Co

Edinburgh & Leith Photographic Copying Co

Edinburgh Panoramic Photographic Co

Edinburgh Photographic Co (Edinburgh Photographic Gallery)

Edinburgh Picture News

Edinburgh Professional D & P Service

Edinburgh Royal Photographic Establishment

Edinburgh School of Photography

Edinburgh Society For Promoting Employment of Women

Edis, Charles

Edis, John R

Edis, Olive & Katherine

Edis, Olive (Miss)

Edis, Walter

Edish, John

Edison, Thomas

Edisonograph Co

Edkins, Herbert & Co

Edleson, Mark

Edmeads & Co

Edmond, Alfred George


Edmonds (Edmunds), J

Edmonds, Caroline (Miss)

Edmonds, Catherine (Miss)

Edmonds, E

Edmonds, George

Edmonds, Horace R

Edmonds, Horace R & Co

Edmonds, John

Edmonds, W Cooper

Edmonds, William John

Edmonds, William Mortimer

Edmondson & Co

Edmunds, John

Edmunds, W

Edney, John T

Ednie, Samuel Campbell

Edson & Demaine

Educational and Industrial Film Supply Co

Educational Supply Co

Edward & Co (Messrs)

Edward & Spearing

Edward Counsell & Miles

Edward, Andrew D Lim

Edwarde, Edward Charles

Edwardes-Gower, James


Edwards & Badcock

Edwards & Co

Edwards & Jordan

Edwards & Simonton

Edwards & Smith

Edwards (Edward), John D

Edwards Brothers (William Henry & Thomas T)

Edwards’ Studio

Edwards, A

Edwards, Alex J

Edwards, Alfred

Edwards, Andrew E

Edwards, Andrew R

Edwards, Andrew R & Son

Edwards, Austin

Edwards, Benjamin Joseph

Edwards, Benjamin Richard

Edwards, Bertie H

Edwards, C

Edwards, C M

Edwards, Charles

Edwards, Clifton

Edwards, Clifton & Co

Edwards, Daniel

Edwards, E J

Edwards, Edward

Edwards, Edward & Son

Edwards, Edward George

Edwards, Edward John

Edwards, Edward Joseph

Edwards, Edwin

Edwards, Edwin John

Edwards, Ernest

Edwards, Ernest & Bult

Edwards, Fanny

Edwards, Francis William

Edwards, Fred

Edwards, G

Edwards, H

Edwards, H J

Edwards, Harold Stanley

Edwards, Harry

Edwards, Harry Gordon

Edwards, Henry

Edwards, Henry Thomas

Edwards, Herbert

Edwards, Herbert Henry

Edwards, Isabella

Edwards, J

Edwards, J A

Edwards, J E

Edwards, James

Edwards, John

Edwards, John Meurig

Edwards, Joseph

Edwards, K (Mrs)

Edwards, Lewis

Edwards, Llewellyn

Edwards, Lloyd G

Edwards, Margaret (Miss)

Edwards, Michael

Edwards, Osborne

Edwards, P A

Edwards, P S

Edwards, Percie T & Co (Edwards Illiustrating Co)

Edwards, R

Edwards, R J

Edwards, Reuben & Co

Edwards, Reuben Henry & Co

Edwards, S

Edwards, Stanley

Edwards, Stanley Edward

Edwards, T J

Edwards, Thomas

Edwards, Thomas James

Edwards, Thomas James & Son

Edwards, Thomas P

Edwards, V M (Miss)

Edwards, Vincent

Edwards, W & Co

Edwards, William Henry

Edwards, W L G

Edwards, Walter

Edwards, William

Edwards, William Albert

Edwards, William B

Edwin & Kelley

Edwin, E

Edwin, S

Edwunds, J

Edwyn, Maurice

Edyvane, Edward C

Effra Photographic Co

Egerton Brothers

Egerton Limited

Egerton, Frank

Egerton, Jeremiah

Egerton, Jeremiah & John Wharry

Egerton, Philip H

Egerton-Jones, Harold

Eggar, William Joseph

Eggett, E

Eggett, Edward

Egginton, B

Egginton, Harold

Egginton, W

Egglestone, Benjamin

Egleton, F E

Eglinton Studio

Egrot, Lucian George

Ehn, Henry

Eiffel Tower Photographic Co

Einsley, George

Einsohn, David

Eisenhofer, Claude Augustus

Elbourne, Ernest Gilbert

Elbyn & Co

Elbyn Studios

Elder Brothers

Elderfield, Francis

Elding, Joseph

Eldred, F J

Eldridge (Eldredge), Charles

Eldridge, A

Eldridge, Jonathan James

Electric Art Studio

Electric Light Enlarged Photographic Co Ltd

Electric Light Studio

Electric Photo Co

Electric Photo Company

Electric Photo Copying Co

Electric Photo Transfer Co Ltd

Electric Photographic Company

Electric Photographic Printing Co

Electric Portrait Co

Electric Studio

Electric Studio Co

Electric Studio Co Ltd

Electric Studio Street & Redstone

Electric Studios

Elementary Schools Photographing Co.

Eleve de Nadar

Eley, J H

Elezara, A (Mrs)

Elforde, C & Co

Elgar & Barnard

Elgar, Benjamin

Elgar, Cecil H

Elger, F C

Elgy, Frederick

Eliot, Francis

Elite Photo Co

Elite Photo Company

Elite Photo Repro Co

Elite Photo Studio

Elite Photographic Co

Elite Portrait Co Ltd

Elite Stamp Photo Co

Elite Studio

Elite Studios

Elite Studios Co

Elkan, Vera (Miss)

Elkin, F J & Co

Elkington, Amos Charles

Elkington, E C

Elkington, F

Elkington, G

Elkington, George

Elkington, H

Elkington, H & Son

Elkington, O J

Elkington, W

Elkins, Henry

Ellam, E

Ellam, Edward

Elland, William

Ellcock, William

Ellenbogen, Isaac

Elleray & Co

Ellerbeck, Henry S

Ellerby & Co

Ellerby, John William

Ellerthorpe, Frederick R

Ellery, Edwin Iddol

Elliff, C

Elliff, Charles

Elliff, Reginald

Ellingworth, Harry

Ellingworth, W


Elliott & Co

Elliott & Green, William

Elliott & Kane

Elliott & Son

Elliott & Thomas

Elliott (Elliot), W

Elliott (Mr)

Elliott Brothers

Elliott, Albert

Elliott, Alfred J

Elliott, Charles Earp

Elliott, E

Elliott, F

Elliott, Francis

Elliott, Frank

Elliott, Frederick

Elliott, G

Elliott, H A

Elliott, J

Elliott, J C

Elliott, J H

Elliott, James

Elliott, John Henry

Elliott, John Henry (H J)

Elliott, Jos. R

Elliott, Joseph

Elliott, Joseph John & Fry, Clarence Edmund (Elliott & Fry)

Elliott, Joseph John & Fry, Clarence Edmund Ltd (Elliott & Fry Ltd)

Elliott, Joseph R

Elliott, R

Elliott, Ralph Liddle

Elliott, Robert William

Elliott, Rollo

Elliott, Rollo & Co

Elliott, Rosalind (Mrs)

Elliott, Samuel

Elliott, Sarah (Mrs)

Elliott, W & A

Elliott, William

Elliott, William Henry

Ellis & Burvill

Ellis & Co

Ellis (Elliss), William

Ellis (Mrs)

Ellis Brothers

Ellis, A D

Ellis, A W

Ellis, Alfred

Ellis, Alfred & Walery

Ellis, Arthur

Ellis, Arthur W

Ellis, Charles

Ellis, E

Ellis, Emily

Ellis, Ernest

Ellis, Frank Bernard

Ellis, Frederick

Ellis, G A

Ellis, Gavin

Ellis, George Sydney

Ellis, Harry Amos

Ellis, J

Ellis, Joseph

Ellis, Joseph & Co

Ellis, L & F B

Ellis, M

Ellis, Mary (Mrs)

Ellis, Paul Ashton

Ellis, Samuel

Ellis, Samuel J H

Ellis, Thomas Anthony

Ellis, William

Ellison Brothers

Ellison, Edward

Ellison, J

Ellison, Thomas

Ellison, William

Ellis’s (Bridlington) Ltd

Ellmers, A

Ellsmoor & Driver

Ellsmoor, Margaret (Miss)

Ellwood, Richard

Elly, George

Elma Studio

Elmes, Eliza (Madame) & Co

Elmes, Sidney Walter

Elmes, Sidney Walter & Eliza

Elmont, Samuel

Elott & Saunders

Elsden, Arthur

Elsden, Arthur & Son

Elsmore Studio

Elsmore, W

Elsmore, William

Elstob, Audrey & Leslie

Elstree & Co

Elswick Photographic Co

Elsworth, A

Elsworth, Samuel Heaton

Elton, H

Eltringham (Ettringham), James Thomas

Eltringham, Alfred

Eltringham, James Thomas

Eltringham, John

Elwell, Francis Richard

Elwood, Vincent I

Ely, T H

Elysee Studios Ltd

Emanuel, Charles H L

Emary, Alfred M

Emberson & Sons

Emberson, A & Sons

Emberson, Ellen (Mrs)

Emberson, George

Emberson, George & Son

Emberson, George & Sons

Emberson, George (Junior)

Emberson, George (Junr)

Emberson, John

Emberson, John & Sons

Emberson, Thomas

Emberson, William

Embley, Richard

Emblin, Amos

Emeny & Son

Emeny & Sons

Emeny, Charles F

Emeny, Charles John

Emeny, Clement James

Emeny, William George & Clement James


Emerson, Peter Henry

Emerson, R

Emery & Macgillivray

Emery, C & E

Emery, Charles

Emery, E

Emery, Ernest

Emery, John (Senior)

Emery, Joseph

Emery, M L

Emery, Mary (Mrs)

Emery, Robert William

Emery, W

Emery, W (Randy)

Emery, Wilfred

Emmens, Harry J

Emmens, Henry (Harry J)

Emmens, James

Emmerson, C

Emmerson, L R (Mrs)

Emmerson, Samuel

Emmett & Co

Emmett (Emmitt), H

Emmett, M E (Mrs)

Emmett, R H

Emmett, Thomas

Emmett, William

Emmett, William (Junior)

Emmine, Louise (Signor)

Emmott, Thomas

Emms, James

Empire Art Co

Empire Art Studio

Empire Enlargement Co

Empire Fine Art Co

Empire Manufacturing Co

Empire Photo Co

Empire Photographic Arts Service

Empire Photographic Co

Empire Studio

Empire Studios

Empress Enlarging Co

Empson, Ellis

Empson, Ellis Vernon

Emsley, John

Emsley, John & Walter

Emsley, W

Emslie (Elmslie), Peter

Emues, Frederick William

Enamel Photo Company

End, Fred John

End, Richard William

End, William

End, William (Mrs)

Endacott & Florkofski

Endacott, Alex

Endacott, Alick M

Enderley Studio

Endsman (Endsmen), Felix

England Brothers

England, Albert Edward

England, Joan

England, Louis William

England, Tom

England, William

English Art Studios

English Photo Co

English Studios

Enlargements Studio

Ennel & Chapple

Ennel, N

Ennis, William Edward

Ensign Process Company

Enston, J

Entwistle, H

Entwistle, Thorpe & Co

Epston, Sydney

Erard, Edouard

Erby, Maria (Mrs)

Erdington Studio

Erdmann (Erdman) & Schanz (Schang)

Erdmann, H


Erik & Haigh

Erith, John


Ernest & Co

Ernest & White

Ernest, A

Erneste, A

Ernst, Fred & Co

Ernst, Hermann

Errington, I (Miss)

Erwin, Thomas

Erwin-Craig, William

Esam, George B

Esam, George B (Mrs)

Esau, John

Escome, William

Eskdale Brothers

Eskdale, James Porteous

Eskett, William

Esler, Howard

Esme & Co

Esme Collings Ltd

Esplanade Studio

Espley, Richard

Essen & Pessara (Pessarra)

Essenhigh, Corke & Co

Essex Photographic Saloon

Essex Photographic Stores

Essex Studios

Esslemont, David

Esslemont, James C

Esson, John F

Estabrook, C


Estabrooke, Richard Parker

Estabrooke, Thomas Sherman

Estelle [Studio]

Estelle, George

Eswell, A

Etchells, Alan Herbert

Etches, Joseph

Etching & Photogravure Co Ltd

Etheridge, Thomas

Etherington, John

Ettery, W G

Ettle, Joseph

Eugene & Henry

Eugene, Frank

Eureka Photographic Co

Eureka Post card Co

Eustace (Mrs)

Eustace Photographic Co

Eustace, Alfred J

Eustace, Brownlow

Eustace, George Henry

Eustace, M & Alfred J

Eustace, William H

Euston Enlarging Co

Euston Studio

Evani, Alice (Mrs)

Evani, David Bretherton

Evanoff & Goddard


Evans & Co

Evans & Crabtree

Evans (of Surbiton Hill)

Evans Brothers

Evans, A (Mrs)

Evans, A T

Evans, Alex

Evans, Alfred Montville

Evans, Arthur

Evans, B

Evans, C

Evans, C H

Evans, Charles

Evans, Charles Henry

Evans, Clarence

Evans, Daniel

Evans, David Brotherton

Evans, David William

Evans, David William & Co

Evans, Dorothy (Miss)

Evans, E Ceredig

Evans, E W

Evans, Edmund

Evans, Edward Juson

Evans, Edwin J & Evans, Joseph C

Evans, Emily (Mrs)

Evans, Emily (Mrs) & Co

Evans, Emlyn

Evans, Eustace Ltd

Evans, Frank

Evans, Frederick William

Evans, Frederick William & Caley

Evans, G

Evans, G E

Evans, George

Evans, George Edward

Evans, George Herbert

Evans, Harvey

Evans, Herbert

Evans, I

Evans, Isaiah P

Evans, J & Sons

Evans, J E

Evans, J J

Evans, J P

Evans, J W Saville

Evans, J Will

Evans, James George

Evans, Jeremiah

Evans, John

Evans, John & Co

Evans, Joseph

Evans, Joshua

Evans, Llew

Evans, M E & Co

Evans, Matilda M (Mrs)

Evans, Morgan

Evans, N

Evans, N P (Miss)

Evans, Nathaniel

Evans, Owen

Evans, Percy F

Evans, R M

Evans, Richard

Evans, Robert

Evans, Robert & Co

Evans, Robert & Shelton

Evans, S

Evans, T

Evans, Thomas

Evans, Thomas Aubrey

Evans, Thomas Aubrey & Son

Evans, Thomas John

Evans, W

Evans, W & Co

Evans, W E

Evans, William

Evans, William Charles

Evans, William E

Evans, William James

Evans, William Morgan

Evans, William Tyler

Evans-Harris, William


Eve, Charles

Eve, S (Mrs)

Evelyn & James

Evelyn, Edward

Everard & Co

Everard, Henri

Everard, John

Everard, John Ltd

Everatt & Co

Everatt, Cuthbert

Everest, D

Everest, D R & Co

Everest, David Robert

Everest, Robert

Everett & Ashdown

Everett, C G

Everett, C J

Everett, Charles

Everett, Sydney T

Everett, Thomas

Everett, Victor C

Everex, Henry

Everitt, Charles F

Everitt, William Henry

Everitt, Tom Howard (& Son)


Everleigh (Eveleigh), Annie (Mrs) & Leslie

Eversden, George

Eversleigh, F

Everson, George

Eves, George L

Eves, P H

Eves, William Frederick

Eves-Down, A E

Evitt, F & K

Evitt, Thomas

Evkyn, Charles Hicks

Ewan, John

Ewan, T J

Ewart, Frank

Ewart, J

Ewbank (Ellbank), T J

Ewell, John George

Ewewn, John

Ewing & Pollock

Ewing, E W

Ewing, James

Ewing, N

Ewing, Peter

Ewing, Robert

Ewings & James

Ewings, William

Exactis Photo Printing Services

Excel D & P Service

Excel Photographic Co

Excel Studios

Excelsior Photo Co

Excelsior Photo Studio (Excelsior Photographic Company)

Excelsior Photographic Co

Excelsior Photographic Co Ltd

Excelsior Photographic Company

Excelsior Portrait Co

Excelsior Studio

Exchange Studio

Exclusive News Agency

Exe Bridge Studio

Exhibition, Crystal Palace,1851

Exhibition, International, 1862

Exley & Stubbins

Exley, Charles E

Exley, Emma (Mrs)

Exley, James

Exley, John W

Exon, E H

Exonia Photo Studio

Expert Enlarging Co

Express Art Studios

Express Photo Service

Express Photographic Co

Express Photographic Company

Express Photographic Service

Express Photos Ltd

Express Still Ltd

Express Still Service Co (Talbot & Webbey)

Eycken, Eugenie Van (Mrs)

Eyeley, Charles

Eyers & Co

Eyers & Hurley

Eyers, Albert Benjamin

Eyers, Alfred Benjamin

Eyers, Edmund J

Eyers, Horace P

Eyers, J F

Eyles, T F

Eyles, Thomas Frederick

Eymer, John

Eynon, J

Eyre & Spottlewood

Eyre, Arthur Stanlope

Eyre, John

Eyre, Norman

Eyres & Co

Eyres, Alfred

Eyres, Edmund J

Eyres, Henry

Eyres, T

Ezard, W E

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