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  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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Faber, J & H

Fabric Photos Ltd

Facts Electric Studios

Facts Ltd

Fage, John D

Faiers, Henry

Fair, W J

Fairbain & Phimister

Fairbain, Archibald

Fairbain, H

Fairbain, Henry

Fairbairn Ltd

Fairbairn, A

Fairbairn, A & Bennett

Fairbairn, J

Fairbairn, James

Fairbairn, James

Fairbairn, William

Fairbairn, William

Fairbourn, W A

Fairburn & Craven

Fairburn, William

Fairburn, William Alfred

Faircloth, Annie E (Miss)

Fairclough Glasby & Rowe

Fairclough, James

Fairclough, Philip

Fairclough, Robert Edgbert

Fairey, F

Fairey, Frederick

Fairey, George Frederick

Fairey, W R

Fairey, William Richard Harold

Fairhurst, Barton

Fairhurst, James

Fairlie, A & Partners

Farlie, Charles James

Fairman, G

Fairweather & Co

Fairweather, A E

Fairweather, Andrew

Fairweather, James

Fairweather, John (Junior)

Faith, Angus

Faithfull, (Miss)

Faithfull, Albert Edmund

Falcon Photographic Services

Falconer & Co

Falconer, Alice (Mrs)

Falconer, Craig & George

Falconer, David Claude

Falk Studios

Falk, James A

Falk, Michael

Falkner, George

Fall, Rebecca (Mrs)

Fall, John Wareham

Fall, Thomas

Fall, Thomas

Falla, Ernest James

Faller, Frederick

Fallowfield, Albert C

Fallows-Timperley, William

Fane, Harrington & Co

Fanner & Bayliff

Fantini, Pasquale V

Farbrother & Richards

Fardel Studios

Fardon Howell & Co

Farey, George

Farey, William

Fargher, John James

Faris, C H

Farley, Charles T

Farley, George

Farley, Herbert A

Farlie, Charles James

Farmer & Sons

Farmer, Albert

Farmer, Charles H

Farmer, Edward

Farmer, Edwin Charles

Farmer, George

Farmer, Henry

Farmer, James

Farmer, Richard

Farmer, Robert

Farmer, Robert

Farmer, Thomas

Farmer, William John

Farnworth, S P

Farquhar & Moloney

Farquhar, James J

Farr, Harry

Farr, Henry

Farr, Richard Levi

Farr, W J

Farrant, Hugh Cutler

Farrant, Judith (Miss)

Farrar, S

Farrell, C

Farrell, D O

Farren Brothers

Farren Brothers


Farren, Ernest William

Farren, William

Farren’s Studio

Farrer, James Thomas

Farrer, Joseph S

Farringdon Process Studio

Farringdon, John Irving

Farrington, Albert Vanner

Farrow & Wickenden

Farrow, E E

Farrow, James

Farthing, Edward Thomas

Farthing, Edward Thomas & Son

Farthing, Thomas F

Fastowsky, Will

Faulds Brothers

Faulkes, W

Faulkner & Beeby

Faulkner & D’Alby (Dalby)

Faulkner, A J

Faulkner, Arthur

Faulkner, Charles

Faulkner, Charles George

Faulkner, Edwin (Edward) Trapell

Faulkner, Edwin Trapell

Faulkner, Edwin Trapell & Dalby

Faulkner, Ephraim John

Faulkner, J A

Faulkner, Robert

Faulkner, Robert

Faulkner, Robert & Co

Faulkner, William

Faulkner, William Benjamin

Faust, Alfred

Fawcett & Sons

Fawcett, George

Fawcett, J

Fawcett, J (T?)

Fawcett, S

Fawcett, W

Fawley, Leslie Spencer

Fawn, J

Fawn, William Henry

Fawn, William Henry

Fawn, William Henry & Co

Fay, R

Fayer of Vienna

Fazackerley, Frank

Fazakerley & Jones

Feakes, Frederick P

Feaks & Hiscott

Feaks (Freaks)& Hiscott

Fear, George

Fearey, Charles

Fearn, David & Co

Fearn, T J

Fearnley (Ferley)(Farnley), George T

Fearnsides, Charles

Feather, E

Featherstone, Edward P

Featherstone, Robert

Fedarb, J

Fehrenbach & Bernieri

Fehrenbach, Edwin

Fehrenbach, Emilian

Fehrenbach, German

Fehrenbach, Isabel (Madame)

Fehrmann, W

Feldman, B

Feldman, L

Feldsted Studio

Feldwicke, William

Felix, Ellen (Eileen) A (Miss)

Fell, Edward T

Fell, F & J Oliver

Fell, Francis (Frank)

Fell, J C

Fell, John

Fell, W G Halford

Felling, M H

Fellows, W H

Fellows, W H

Fellows, W J

Fellows, William H

Fellows, William Holloway

Felmingham, Ernest

Feltham, Charles K

Felton, Frank Ernest

Feneley, W L

Fenn, Gladys (Miss)

Fenner, Ida T (Miss)

Fenner, John

Fenner, S C

Fenton, Arthur F

Fenton, Charles

Fenton, Charles Frederick

Fenton, Charles Henry

Fenton, George

Fenton, Henry

Fenton, Henry John

Fenton, Herbert

Fenton, J

Fenwick, A

Fenwick, C

Ferdinand Kehrhaan & Co

Fereday, John William


Fergus & McKim

Fergus & Son

Fergus & Sons

Fergus Brothers

Fergus Brothers

Fergus, Bertie

Fergus, Charles

Fergus, Charles & C

Fergus, James

Fergus, John

Fergus, John

Fergus, Thomas

Fergus, William

Fergus, William Reid

Ferguson, Andrew

Ferguson, Ben

Ferguson, Henry

Ferguson, John

Ferguson, John R

Ferguson, Mark

Ferguson, Peter

Ferguson, R B

Ferguson, R B N

Ferguson, Robert

Ferguson, Robert B

Ferguson, Robert G

Ferguson, William

Ferguson, William

Ferguson, William Fraser

Ferman Ltd

Fermor, Henry

Fermor, John


Ferneley, Charles Allan

Fernley, David H

Fernley, Frederick George

Fernley, James

Fernley, John

Fernley, S

Fernley, Sarah

Fernley, Thomas

Fernley, William R

Ferranti, Ceasar

Ferrari, Alfred Alonzo

Ferres, J G

Ferrier, William

Ferris, Albert Ernest

Ferris, Gerald

Ferris, Herbert Walter

Ferris, T & Co

Ferris, T D

Ferris, W R

Ferry, William

Fetter Productions

Fewster, Dora (Miss)

Fewster, F & F F

Fewtrell, John

Fey, John


Fiddes, Richard George

Fiddler, Beatrice A (Mrs)

Fidler, Frank

Fidler, Frank

Fidler, Frederick

Fidler, Wallace

Fido, George

Fido, R B

Fieke, A

Field & Co

Field (Fielde), Dudley

Field, Arthur G

Field, Charles Edwin

Field, David T

Field, David Taylor

Field, E

Field, E F (Miss)

Field, Edwin

Field, George

Field, George Albert

Field, George Dudley

Field, H Lockhart

Field, Herbert J K

Field, James

Field, John M

Field, John Mortimer

Field, Mortimer

Field, Mortimer & Son

Field, Priscilla (Mrs)

Field, Robert & Son

Field, William

Field, William & Co

Fielden, John L

Fielder & Co

Fielder, E

Fielder, F W


Fieldhouse & Lamb

Fieldhouse, Christopher Thomas

Fieldhouse, John

Fielding, Abraham

Fielding, Francis

Fielding, H

Fielding, H (Miss)

Fielding, Henry Edward

Fielding, Henry Edward & Co (Mrs)

Fielding, Henry Edward & Co

Fielding, Isabella (Mrs)

Fielding, Joe H

Fielding, Jonothan

Fielding, Joseph

Fielding, Thomas Henry

Fieldings (Leeds) Limited

Fields, Peter

Fieldsend, Alfred

Fieldsend, R

Fife Photographic Studio (Fife Photo Co)

Fife Studios

Fildes, Edward

Fildes, Edwin

Filewood, Charles

Fill (Mr)

Fill, J Golding

Fill, James G

Fillan, Andrew

Fillingham, G A

Fillingham, George T

Film Snap Studio

Filmart Photo Co

Filmer, Arthur N

Films Ltd

Finburgh, Alec

Finch Brothers

Finch, Arthur

Finch, Barnard

Finch, C A

Finch, Charles

Finch, Charles P

Finch, Frank

Finch, Frederick Alfred

Finch, George Henry

Finch, George William

Finch, Harry John

Finch, Henry

Finch, J Lurlev

Finch, Leonard

Finch, Thomas

Finch, Walter Juan

Finch, William

Fincham, Phillip Henry

Finding, Clark

Findlater, H

Findlater, Harry & Co

Findlay, A & G

Findlay, Frank

Findlay, Frederick

Findlay, Hugh

Findlay, Laurence

Findlay, William

Findley, W


Findlow, Abraham

Findlow, F J

Findlow, F J & Co

Findlow, I W & Miss

Findlow, I W & Nephew

Findlow, I W & Nephew

Findlow, Isaac Wood

Findlow, J F

Findlow, Noah

Findlow, Walter

Fine & Smart Ltd

Fine Art Association

Fine Art Co

Fine Art Painting Photographic Co

Fine Art Photographic Co

Fine Art Photographic Co

Fine Art Photographic Publishing Co (Fine Art Photographers Publishing Co)

Fine Art Portrait Co

Fine Art Publishing Co Ltd

Fine Art Studio

Fine Art Studio

Fine Art Syndicate

Fine Arts Photographic Publishing Co

Finestone, A

Finey, (Mrs)

Finey, Charles

Fingham, Philip H

Fink (Finks), Isaac

Fink, Harriet (Mrs)

Fink, Philip

Finlay Colour Ltd

Finlay Photographic Processes Ltd

Finlayson, Alexander

Finlayson, Jacob

Finlayson, John

Finn, Edwin Bartley

Finnecy, Clarence

Finnerty, M P

Finney, K

Finney, Kate (Mrs)

Finney, S

Finnie, John

Finsbury Studio


Firmin, Benjamin


Firth, Amos

Firth, Arthur

Firth, Charles Frederick

Firth, Edwin A

Firth, John

Firth, Joseph

Firth, Joseph William

Firth, S

Firth, Thomas C

Fischer & Vine

Fischer, Max

Fischer, William Henry

Fish & Co

Fish, (Mrs)

Fish, Robert Russell

Fish, Robert Russell & Mrs

Fish, William

Fishburn, S

Fishel (Fiszel), Paul



Fisher (Fleisher?), Adolph

Fisher & Potter Ltd

Fisher & Vine (Misses)

Fisher (Fischer), William Henry

Fisher, A D

Fisher, A E

Fisher, Alfred J (Mrs)

Fisher, Alfred James

Fisher, C

Fisher, Cecilia (Mrs)

Fisher, Charles

Fisher, Charles

Fisher, E (Miss)

Fisher, E J

Fisher, Emma (Mrs)

Fisher, Fred

Fisher, Frederick

Fisher, Frederick (Mrs)

Fisher, G

Fisher, G W

Fisher, H

Fisher, Henry

Fisher, Henry G

Fisher, James

Fisher, James

Fisher, John

Fisher, John George (Giles)

Fisher, Kate (Mrs)

Fisher, M

Fisher, M C

Fisher, Margaret (Mrs)

Fisher, Max

Fisher, Paul

Fisher, Reginald Stanley

Fisher, Robert

Fisher, Robert

Fisher, S H (Mrs)

Fisher, Sydney H

Fisher, Thompson

Fisher, Thompson & Co

Fisher, Tom George

Fisher, W

Fisher, W T

Fisher, Walter

Fisher, Walter & Son

Fisher, Walter & Sons

Fisher, William

Fisher, William Henry

Fisher, William T

Fisher, William Thomas

Fisher-Pearson, T & Co

Fishwick Brothers

Fishwick, Alfred

Fishwick, John

Fisk, Alfred Samuel

Fisk, Reginald William

Fiske, George G

Fisk-Moore (aka Moore changed 1919), James

Fisk-Moore, Beaufort & William

Fitch, Frederick

Fitelson, George

Fitelson, S

Fitt, Abraham Thomas

Fitt, G R

Fitton, Edmond

Fitzconroy, Ambrose

Fitzhugh, Frederick

Fitzjohn, Frank

Fitz-Patrick, J

Fitzroy Studios

Fitzroy, Henry

Flamanak (Flamank) & Son

Flamank & Townsend

Flamank, E (Mrs)

Flamank, R Kingsley

Flamank, Robert (Junior)


Flanagan, James A

Flanders, W H

Flannagan, James

Flashette Co

Flather, Henry

Flather, Henry

Flather, Thomas Henry

Flatman, J B

Flatt, Harold W

Flatters Photos Ltd

Flatters, Joseph Tye

Flatters, Milborne & McKechnie Ltd

Flavell, William

Fleck, Walter

Fleet & Wade

Fleet Illustrating Service

Fleet Illustrating Service Ltd

Fleet Studio

Fleet, Charles

Fleetcraft Ltd

Fleetway Press Ltd (Press)

Fleetwood, Eliza

Fleetwood, George

Fleischer (Fleicher), Ambrose

Fleischmann, L

Fleischmann, Shadwell

Fleisher, Adolph

Fleisher, Charles

Fleming & Son

Fleming, C G

Fleming, Chas (Cass?)

Fleming, Edmond (Junior)

Fleming, Edmund

Fleming, Edmund L

Fleming, Edmund L (Junior)

Fleming, Edmund Lionel

Fleming, Frederick & Co

Fleming, J C

Fleming, J L

Fleming, James

Fleming, John

Fleming, P Craigie

Fleming, Peter

Fleming, Richard Baldwin

Fleming, Richard Baldwin & Co

Fleming, T L

Fleming, W V

Flemons, Bertie Cecil

Flemons, Thomas A

Fletcher & Co

Fletcher & Son

Fletcher & Sons

Fletcher & Stanley

Fletcher & Storer, Herbert

Fletcher Brothers

Fletcher Brothers

Fletcher, A

Fletcher, Alfred

Fletcher, Arthur

Fletcher, Arthur George

Fletcher, C W

Fletcher, Charles J

Fletcher, E H & H E

Fletcher, E H E

Fletcher, Edward T

Fletcher, Edwin B

Fletcher, Emily (Miss)

Fletcher, Ernest Henry

Fletcher, Ernest Henry & H E

Fletcher, Ethel (Miss)

Fletcher, Francis J & Son

Fletcher, Francis James

Fletcher, Frank J

Fletcher, George

Fletcher, Gertrude (Miss)

Fletcher, J

Fletcher, James

Fletcher, James

Fletcher, John

Fletcher, John

Fletcher, Joseph

Fletcher, M & Son

Fletcher, Moses

Fletcher, R J

Fletcher, Samuel

Fletcher, Thomas

Fletcher, William

Flett, Henry

Flint, Ada (Mrs)

Flint, Albert

Flint, Albert

Flint, Albert & John M

Flint, E

Flint, Harold

Flint, Horace

Flint, John M

Flint, Nicholas

Flitcroft, Arthur S

Floate, Henry Thomas

Floate, Horace Henry & Albert Edward

Flockhart, James

Flood, John Alexander

Flood, Sidney G

Flood, Sylvester John

Flook, Charles William

Flooks, W H

Florence Studios Ltd

Florence, J G

Florence, John George

Florence, John George & Co

Floretta (Madame)

Flounders, John

Flower, Eric Albert

Flower, George Adams

Flower, Harry

Flower, John

Flower, Joseph

Flower, Samuel F

Floyd, John

Floyd, William

Floyd, William Wordsworth

Flukes & Co

Flukes, Edwin

Flukes, Edwin & Co

Flynn, C (Mrs)

Flynn, Edith (Miss)

Flynn, W A

Foad (Foan 1853), James T

Foakes, Edward

Foakes, George

Foard (Foad?), James Thomas

Foard, James

Foat & Lattimer

Fogg, J

Fogg, John

Foggo, James

Fogwill, A

Foladori & Aris

Folardi, Edward (Eduardo)

Foley, Cyril

Folk, Emil

Folker, A

Folker, John Herbert

Folkes, Daniel

Folkes, Oswald O

Folkestone Imperial Photographic Company

Follitt, S A

Fontain, E

Fontain, E & Co

Fontauella, Victor

Food, William

Fooks, F

Foord, A C

Foord, A C

Foot, F

Foote (Foot), Henry

Foote (Foot), James

Foote, James & Henry

Foote, William

Footit, C H

Footring (Footering), S

Footring, Harry

Footring, Pearl (Mrs)

Forbes & Co

Forbes & Franks

Forbes, Arthur J

Forbes, Beatrice Mary (Mrs)

Forbes, D

Forbes, Fred

Forbes, George

Forbes, John (Junior)

Forbes, Joseph

Forbes, L

Forbes, L & J

Forbes, Maggie

Forbes, Monteith

Forbes, Norman

Forbes, R

Forbes, Richard

Forbes, Robert

Forbes, W T

Forbest Ltd

Force, James William

Force, James William & Son

Forcow, R & Co

Ford & Son

Ford & Sons

Ford & Wall

Ford, Alfred Jack

Ford, Alfred James

Ford, Charles

Ford, Clara & Jessie (Mrs)

Ford, Frank

Ford, J

Ford, James Pearce

Ford, Kathleen (Mrs)

Ford, Ken

Ford, Peter

Ford, Peter & Son

Ford, Philip T

Ford, R

Ford, Robert Thomas

Ford, Silas (Mrs)

Ford, T

Ford, Thomas Merrick

Forde, T (Y) Fitzgibbon

Fordham, Frank

Fordsmith, Alfred

Fordsmith, Jemima

Foreman, Alex D

Foreman, H J

Foreman, S G

Foresight, (Mr)

Forest Gate School of Photography

Forest Gate Studio

Forest Photo Co

Forester (Forster), Robert

Forester, L

Forfar, Elizabeth

Forgan, Molly R (Miss)

Forget Me Not Studios

Forget-Me-Not Portrait Painting Co

Forhead, Edwin

Forrest & Son

Forrest, Albert O

Forrest, Frederick

Forrest, George

Forrest, George M

Forrest, John

Forrest, John & Son

Forrest, Joseph

Forrest, Maria (Mrs)

Forrest, R S & W

Forrest, Robert Smith

Forrest, Thomas

Forrest, Thomas & Sons

Forrest, William

Forrest, Wilson G

Forrester, John

Forrow, Richard

Forscutt, Charles

Forscutt, W H

Forsey, George William

Forsey, George Wilson

Forsey, J & R

Forshaw, W & Coles

Forshaw, William


Forster & Haskoll

Forster & Scott

Forster, E

Forster, G

Forster, J Frank

Forster, Joseph B

Forster, Matthew

Forster, Robert

Forsyth, Alexander

Forsyth, G

Forsyth, George

Forsyth, James

Forsyth, James J

Forsyth, John

Fort-Buckle Camera Studies

Fortescue, A & Co

Fortescue, F & Co

Fortex Four-Hour Photo Service

Forth, Abraham (Junior)

Fortman, George W

Fortman, Henry

Fortt & ForteSquare ue

Forum Publicity Services Ltd

Forward Photos

Fosdike, Edward A

Fosey, G Wilson

Foss, Henry

Fossett, John

Fossey, T

Fossick, Samuel


Foster & Harwood

Foster & Martin

Foster, Gwen (Mrs)

Foster, A

Foster, A Keswick

Foster, Alfred

Foster, Allen (Allan)

Foster, Arron

Foster, B

Foster, Charles Hill

Foster, Edward G

Foster, Enoch

Foster, F

Foster, F L

Foster, Frederick

Foster, George

Foster, Gustav

Foster, H G

Foster, Helen (Miss)

Foster, Herbert Henry

Foster, J

Foster, J F

Foster, J W

Foster, John

Foster, John

Foster, Joseph

Foster, Joseph

Foster, L J

Foster, Nancie (Miss)

Foster, R & J

Foster, Randolph

Foster, Rose Jeanette (Mrs)

Foster, Samuel Barnes

Foster, Stanley

Foster, T Scott

Foster, Thomas

Foster, Thomas G

Foster, W

Foster, W Gilbert

Foster, W H

Foster, Walter

Foster, William

Foster, William Edwin

Foster, William Frederick

Foster, William Gilbert

Foster, William Lewis

Fothergill, Walter Edward


Fotoco Ltd

Fotoset Ltd

Foubister, Thomas


Foulds & Briggs

Foulds & Gleaves

Foulds & Hibberd

Foulds, Annie Elizabeth (Mrs)

Foulds, F & A

Foulds, George Henry

Foulds, James

Foulkes, Alethea (Alecia) Ann (Mrs)

Foulkes, S F

Foulkes, Thomas Frederick

Foulkes-Winks, Benjamin

Foulsham & Banfield Ltd

Foulsham, Francis William

Foulsham, Frank

Fountain Photo Co

Fountain Photographic Co

Fountain, Charles Linley

Fountain, G A

Fountain, G W

Fountain, George

Fountain, Reginald J

Fountain, William H

Fowden, Albert

Fowe, Thomas

Fowke, Charles S E


Fowler, Albert

Fowler, Albert

Fowler, F

Fowler, Francis Edwin

Fowler, Frank

Fowler, Frederick Joseph

Fowler, G H

Fowler, Henry

Fowler, Henry Edwin

Fowler, J

Fowler, J & A

Fowler, James

Fowler, John


Fowles, J W


Fox & Co

Fox & Harcourt

Fox & Hill

Fox Bros

Fox Photos

Fox Photos Ltd

Fox Studios

Fox, Annette & Blanche (Misses)

Fox, A E & C

Fox, Bush & Fox

Fox, Charles

Fox, Charles James

Fox, Edward

Fox, Edward (Junior)

Fox, Edwin

Fox, Edwin F

Fox, Ernest D

Fox, Frederick

Fox, G A

Fox, G W

Fox, George

Fox, Greenhough & Co

Fox, Henry K

Fox, J

Fox, J Parkes

Fox, James E

Fox, John Edward

Fox, John Fr.

Fox, John Henry

Fox, John Henry & Co

Fox, John Henry & Co

Fox, Levi

Fox, Philip J

Fox, R

Fox, Richard

Fox, Richard Smith Lawrence

Fox, Samuel

Fox, Sydney William

Fox, Thomas

Fox, Tim (Tom)

Fox, Tom

Fox, W

Fox, W H

Fox, W H

Fox, William

Fox, William

Fox, William & Sons (Sheffield) Ltd

Fox, William Edward

Fox, William Henry

Foxall, George

Foxall, William

Foxe, W

Foxhall, G

Foxlee, Annie E (Miss)

Foxlee, Edward William

Foxon, Samuel

Fox’s Studio

Foxton, Fred

Foxton, George

Foxton, Percy

Foy, Frank W (& Son, from 1926)

Foy, J Parkes

Foy, Thomas

Foy, W

Foy, William

Foyle, Henry

Foyn, Hamilton

Foyn, Mathias William

Foyn, William Mathias

Fradelle, Albert Eugene

Fradelle, Albert Eugene & Leach, Eugenia Caroline

Fradelle, Albert Eugene & Marshall, William Shury

Fradelle, Albert Eugene & Young, Albert Antonio

Frain, Robert

Frame & Co

Frame, Andrew T

Frameless Colourgraph Co

Frampton, George D

Franc, Morris (Moritz) & Sons

France, George J

France, Morris

France, Thomas Andrew

France, Thomas Andrew



Francis & Co

Francis, A

Francis, A

Francis, Arthur

Francis, Byrne & Co

Francis, C E

Francis, Charles William Lester

Francis, Clifford

Francis, Doris

Francis, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Francis, George

Francis, Henry

Francis, J

Francis, James Bowen

Francis, James Ray

Francis, John

Francis, John Richard

Francis, Joseph

Francis, Joseph Henry

Francis, Leonard

Francis, R John

Francis, Robert Charles

Francis, Sidney

Francis, Walter

Francis, Walter John

Franco American Photographic Atelier

Franco British Photo Co

Franco-British Studios

Frank & Hamilton

Frank & Sons

Frank, Arthur

Frank, C

Frank, George

Frank, George & Son

Frank, Hyman

Frank, Reginald

Frankel, Albert

Franken, Magy (Miss)

Frankland, Benjamin

Frankland, Henry B

Frankland, John

Franklin, G

Franklin, George

Franklin, H

Franklin, H & Son

Franklin, L A

Franklin, William Alfred Charles

Franklin, William Henry

Franklin, William Henry (& Son, 1890’s)

Franklyn Photographic Studio


Franks & Rogers

Franks & Sons

Franks, A

Franks, Arthur

Franks, Charles

Franks, F

Franks, Francis

Franks, Frank J

Franks, Fred

Franks, John

Franks, Lewis (Louis) Edward

Franks, Louis

Frary, John

Fraser & Anderson

Fraser & Elrick

Fraser & Elrick Ltd

Fraser, A & E

Fraser, Alexander

Fraser, Alexander William

Fraser, Angus R

Fraser, D Wilson

Fraser, David

Fraser, Donald

Fraser, E

Fraser, E Donald

Fraser, Edwin

Fraser, Ethel (Mrs)

Fraser, Flora (Mrs)

Fraser, Flora (Mrs) & Jennings, Agnes (Miss)

Fraser, Gavin

Fraser, H J

Fraser, James

Fraser, John

Fraser, John S

Fraser, Margaret

Fraser, Margaret B (Miss)

Fraser, Sidney

Fraser, Thomas

Fraser, Thomson

Fraser, Tyler

Fraser, William

Fraser, Wilson

Fraser’s Studio

Frater, J P

Frawley, John


Fray’s Artistic Reproductions

Frazer, A R

Frazer, Hugh G

Frazer, W

Frazier, Edwin Lewis

Freakes, William

Freckleton Brothers

Freckleton, Harry Walton

Freckleton, Joseph Walter (also as Freckleton & Co)


Freda Noel Studio (Noelfreda Studio)

Frederick, Godfrey (Herr)


Fredericks, Charles

Free, Charles H

Freeborn, Edith (Miss)

Freed, B & S

Freedberg, Dan

Freeder, Abraham

Freedman, M

Freeland & Son

Freeland, H W

Freeman & Ayton

Freeman & Brown Co Ltd

Freeman & Co

Freeman & Whitehead

Freeman, Alfred

Freeman, Arthur

Freeman, Arthur John

Freeman, B

Freeman, Charles H

Freeman, E

Freeman, Ernest Alfred

Freeman, F

Freeman, Francis

Freeman, Frank

Freeman, Frederick

Freeman, G

Freeman, H

Freeman, Henry

Freeman, Herbert E

Freeman, J

Freeman, James (1)

Freeman, James

Freeman, James William

Freeman, John

Freeman, John T

Freeman, L A

Freeman, L B

Freeman, Lacey & Co

Freeman, Louis

Freeman, P

Freeman, Pearl Ltd

Freeman, R

Freeman, Richard Stanley

Freeman, Samuel Alker

Freeman, Stanley (name changed 1918)

Freeman, Thomas

Freeman, W (Junior)

Freeman, W B

Freeman, William (1)

Freeman, William

Freemantle & Co

Freeston & Whitehead

Freeston, Henry

Freestone, Albert

Freestone, Henry

Freestone, Hubert

Freeth, J

Freke, Alfred

Freke, Kate (Miss)

Fremlett, Reuben

French & Co

French Fine Art Co

French Photo Co

French Photo Gallery

French, Amelia Mary (Mrs)

French, Albert Edward

French, Albert Edward & Son

French, Ethel (Mrs)

French, Frank John

French, George William

French, Gilbert J

French, H

French, Hedley

French, I J

French, John William

French, Leonard Hill

French, William J

Frere, Charles

Frere, Edwin

Fresco, Elias

Freshwater Photographic Co

Frew, John

Frewer, J W

Frewing, E

Frewing, Edward

Frewing, Edward

Frewing, Edward & Co

Frewing, Edward & Co

Frewing, Edwin & Co

Frezzel, Charles

Friar, Robert

Fricker (Frickers), Frederick William James

Fricker, George R

Friday & Thompson

Frieder, Abraham

Friederich, Walter Ulrich

Friedl, George

Friedman, Henry

Friedmann, Alexander Julius

Friedmann, Henry

Friend, W H

Friend-Smith, Charles

Frier & Parris

Frier, Robert

Frier, Robert & Paris

Fries & Penney

Fries, Martin

Fries, Martin

Fries, P

Fries, Paul

Fries, William P

Fripp, George

Frisby, John

Frisby, Leslie D

Frisby, William G

Friston, Frederick Edwin

Friston, Son & Co

Friswold, Paul Christian

Frith & Wilkinson

Frith, Francis

Frith, Francis & Co

Fritton, Edmond

Frizell, William


Frogatt, B

Frogley, Alfred Joseph

Frohnhaeuser, Alice (Madame)

Fromont, William Henry

Froom (Froome), William

Froom, William George

Froome, William

Frost & Sons

Frost, D & E

Frost, Frederick

Frost, George

Frost, Hazeltine

Frost, Henry

Frost, Henry

Frost, Henry H

Frost, Henry H & Sons

Frost, James

Frost, John

Frost, May (Miss)

Frost, Paul

Frost, Percival Howard

Frost, Richard

Frost, Robert Harry

Frost, Samuel

Frost, Thomas

Frost, W J

Frost, William

Frost, William Hazeltine

Frost, William Henry

Frost, William Row

Frost, William Row

Frost, William Row & Co

Frost, William Row & Thomas

Froud, W

Fruwirth, Daniel

Fry Brothers

Fry, A

Fry, Alfred

Fry, Allen Hastings

Fry, Arthur

Fry, C E & Son

Fry, Frederick G

Fry, G E

Fry, George

Fry, George

Fry, George & Co

Fry, J

Fry, J W

Fry, Leonard

Fry, Mary (Mrs)

Fry, Mr & Mrs

Fry, Richard

Fry, Robert

Fry, Samuel

Fry, Samuel

Fry, Samuel & Co

Fry, Samuel & Hamilton

Fry, Samuel Herbert

Fry, Walter & Allen Hastings

Fry, Walter & Allen Hastings Ltd

Fry, Wesley W


Fryer Brothers

Fryer, G

Fryer, Gilbert

Fryer, Joseph B

Fryer, Montague Joseph (aka Montague)

Fudger, William George

Fuerst Brothers

Fugill, Robert

Fugill, Robert

Fuidge, Louis Varley

Fulford, William A

Fulford’s Photographic Enlarging Co

Fullagar, E & G

Fullarton, Thomas

Fullaway, J & Son

Fullaway, John

Fuller & Clayton

Fuller & Osborne

Fuller, Charles

Fuller, E (Miss)

Fuller, Ernest Harry

Fuller, Eugene

Fuller, Frederick

Fuller, John

Fuller, T L (Thomas Lionel?)

Fuller, Thomas

Fuller, Thomas Lionel

Fuller, William

Fullerton & Edgar

Fullerton, Ada (Mrs)

Fullerton, W

Fullerton, William

Fulton Brothers

Fulton, Thomas

Funnell, Arthur Edmond

Funnell, W B

Furber, W

Furby, John

Furnass, J

Furness, Alphonso

Furness, Thomas

Furney, J K

Furnhill, Gordon

Furniss, William Thomas (Junior)

Furse, Reuben Tremlett

Fussey, William

Fuston, Frederick E

Futcher, Colin G

Futcher, Frederick

Futcher, Frederick & Son

Futcher, Gilbert Newton

Futorian, David Hirsch

Fyfe, Fred A

Fyfe, James W

Fyfe, S H

Fynch, Eugenia

Fyne, Harold

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