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  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
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  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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Gabbott, Robert

Gabell, A G & Co

Gabell, Horace Victor & Co

Gabriel, T

Gabrielli (Gabriello)(Gabbriellis), Enrico

Gabrielli, Rodolfo

Gabrielli, William & Robert

Gabrielli, William & Rodolfo

Gadd, Alfred

Gadd, Thomas (E) Leonard

Gadsby, Ernest

Gadsby, Frank

Gadsby, James

Gadsby, W Frank Ltd

Gael & Seels

Gael, Edgar

Gael, Edgar & Co

Gael, Edgar & Son

Gaelic Studio

Gaffron, J D


Gage, Horace Leonard

Gager, Thomas

Gain & Son

Gain, W R

Gains, William

Gainsboro Photo Co

Gainsborough (Gainsboro) Studio

Gainsborough (Photographic) Studios

Gainsborough Photo Co

Gainsborough Portrait & Enlargement Co

Gainsborough Press

Gainsborough Studio

Gair, James A

Gaisford, John

Gaisford, M

Gaisford, Me

Galagher, William

Galbraith & Co

Galbraith, J

Galbraith, Jennings & Co


Gale & Co

Gale & Jerome

Gale & Polden

Gale, Alf Frederick

Gale, Alfred W

Gale, B H

Gale, Bertram Archibald

Gale, Bertran A

Gale, Bertran Archibald

Gale, F R

Gale, George

Gale, James

Gale, William

Galea, Daniel

Galea, David

Galer & Banks

Galeries Howe Limited

Gale’s Studio Ltd

Gale’s Studios Ltd

Gales, D

Gall, A & Co

Gall, Thomas Charles

Gallagher, James

Gallais, F

Gallenne, Henry

Galleries, R A P

Gallery of Fine Arts and Photography

Galley, J E

Gallimore, A G

Gallo, Henry l

Gallon, W J

Galloway, George Scott

Galloway, Scott

Galloway, Thomas

Gally, John

Galvin, Price V

Galway, J

Gamble & Godwin

Gamble, Charles W

Gamble, Henry

Gamble, John

Gamble, R

Games, Ernest

Games, F

Games, Joseph

Gameson, Edward

Gamlen, T G

Gamleys Ltd

Gammell (Gamwell), George

Gammie, William

Gammond, Albert Read

Gandon, Frederick

Gandy, A

Gandy, Charles Alfred

Gandy, Charles Alfred

Gandy, Frederick Holland

Gandy, G H

Gant, E J

Garage Studios

Garbanati, H

Garbutt, Ernest

Garbutt, James William

Garbutt, John

Garcia, David

Garcia, J

Gardener, Christopher

Gardener, Joseph

Gardener, S

Gardener, S (Mrs)

Gardiner (Mr & Mrs)

Gardiner, Alex

Gardiner, Alexander B

Gardiner, Charles

Gardiner, Edward

Gardiner, Frank Barrett

Gardiner, Frederick Thomas Henry

Gardiner, George

Gardiner, J & E

Gardiner, James Cristopher

Gardiner, Joan (Miss)

Gardiner, John

Gardiner, W H

Gardiner, Walter

Gardiner, Walter & Anne (Mrs)

Gardiner, Willam George

Gardner & Allen

Gardner & Co

Gardner (Gardiner), Walter

Gardner, Almond G

Gardner, Artford G

Gardner, Frederick Norton

Gardner, George

Gardner, H

Gardner, James

Gardner, James William

Gardner, Joe

Gardner, L

Gardner, Louis

Gardner, R & Co

Gardner, Rodway

Gardner, W

Gardner, W H

Gardner, Walter

Gardner, Walter

Gardner, William

Garey, William

Garford, Robert

Garland & Co

Garland & Wakefield

Garland, Albert T

Garland, Alfred E

Garland, C E

Garland, Cyril

Garland, E

Garland, E W

Garland, Edward

Garland, Eliza (Mrs)

Garland, G P

Garland, George G

Garland, George W

Garland, Matthew Pope

Garland, W J

Garland, William

Garland’s Studio

Garlick & Wells

Garlick, Edward A

Garlick, Henry

Garlick, Walter

Garner & Lonnergan

Garner Brothers, Bostock

Garner, Daniel G

Garner, George

Garner, Myles

Garner, Myles

Garner, William Myles

Garner, William Myles

Garner, William V

Garner, William Victor

Garner’s Studio

Garness, George W

Garnett, Frederick

Garnett, Harold C

Garnett, J

Garnham Studios

Garnham, H J

Garnier, Arsene

Garratt, James John Reed & Atkinson, Edward Hall

Garratt (Garrett), John

Garratt, Charles E

Garratt, F Grank A

Garratt, J

Garratt, John

Garratt, John William

Garratt, M & A (Misses)

Garrett & Lockyear

Garrett (Garratt), John

Garrett Studios

Garrett, George

Garrett, George Samuel

Garrett, James

Garrett, James & Son

Garrett, John

Garrick Photo Co

Garrington, A W

Garrison & Camp Photographic Studio

Garrison & Deakin (Deakins)

Garrison, Francis John & Harrison, George William

Garrison, Francis John

Garrison, Mitchell

Garrod, Albert

Garrod, C

Garrod, Jesse

Garrood, John C

Garrow, M

Garside & Harrison

Garside & Laird

Garside & Son

Garside & Stevenson

Garside, Harrison & Co

Garside, J

Garside, James

Garside, Oliver

Garside, Richard C

Garside, Richard Chorley

Garstin, Alice (Miss) & Antrobus Dora (Miss)

Garters, George

Garth, Thomas

Garthwaite, William

Garton Photographic Co

Garton, A C

Gartside, James & Risley

Gartside, James

Garwood, Alfred

Gascoigne, J

Gascoigne, Percy D

Gascon, Henri Limited

Gascon, Henri

Gascoyne, John Joseph

Gash & Co

Gash, Ivor John

Gaskell, Frank (Mrs)

Gaskin (Mrs)

Gass, Frederick & Co

Gasson, Edwin Thomas

Gasson, J H

Gasson, J J

Gasson, James

Gasson, Robert

Gates & Starr

Gates (Brothers?)

Gates Brothers

Gates, Alfred

Gates, Henry

Gates, Henry & Co

Gates, Thomas

Gatley, John O

Gaubert, Eduard (Edward)

Gaubert, Arthur W

Gaudin, Alexis

Gaudin, Charles

Gaul, John

Gauld, W

Gaulton, Thomas

Gaumont Co Ltd

Gaunt, George & Son

Gaunt, John Henry

Gaunt, Samuel

Gaunt, Sarah

Gauntlett Brothers

Gauntlett, Alfred

Gautrey, Harry

Gavin, John W

Gavin, John W & Banger

Gavin, William John


Gay, David

Gay, Frank A

Gay, J

Gay, James

Gay, Lydia (Miss)

Gay, Percy H

Gay, Stephen

Gay, Titus

Gay, Victor

Gay, William Henry

Gay, William R

Gayger, J J

Gayton, Henry H

Gaze, W

Gaze, W W

Geake, Thomas

Gean, W H

Gear, Chidley & Co

Gear, John H & Co

Gearey, G

Gearing, C P

Gearing, C P

Gearing, Charles J

Gearing, Charles J & Sons

Gearing, Charles James

Gearing, Charles James & Co

Gearing, E F & Son

Gearing, E F & Sons

Gearing, Emma Francis (Mrs) & Sons

Gearing, H & Co

Geary Brothers

Geaten, Alfred

Geddes & Son

Geddes, Charles D

Geddes, Ewan

Geddes, John

Geddes, William

Geddes, William Hendry & Son

Geddies, John Russell

Geden, G H

Gee, C

Gee, C E

Gee, C H

Gee, Charles Palmer

Gee, Charles R (died 1917)

Gee, E

Gee, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Gee, Frank D

Gee, John

Gee, Louisa (Mrs)

Gee, W Burmain

Geer, Ernest

Geering, Edmund

Gegg, Fred G

Geiser, G?


Gellie, William C

Gem Minature Photo Co

Gem Photo Co

Gem Portraits

Gem Studio

Gem Studios

Gemmell, Samuel

Gemmell, William

Gemmill, J F

Gendall, E (Mrs)

Gendall, Edwin

General Photographic Agency

General Photographic Agency Ltd

General Photographic Company

General Picture News

Genlain, Adolphus Frnes

Genn, Percy J

Gent, Charles

Gent, Henry J

Gent, Henry Johnson

Gent, Henry Johnson

Gent, J & R

Gent, William T

Gentar, Raymond

Gentry, Claude

Gentry, Henry

Geo, Frank

Geobelhoff, William

Geoffreys (Geoffreys Studio)(Geoffreys Modern Studio)

Geoffreys Modern Studios Ltd

George & Co

George & Lee

George & Rawlins

George, Arthur J

George, Charles

George, David

George, E

George, Edgar R

George, Frederick

George, Frederick William

George, H

George, H Bruce

George, H A

George, Henry J F

George, Joseph (Monsieur)

George, Morton

George, T L

George’s Studio

Georges, S

Georges, S Limited

Georgiadies (Georgiades), Sotires

Georgy, Constantin De


Gerban (Gerbar), Henry

Gerlach, T

German, Frederick E

German, James

German, John Hill

German, John Hill & Sons

German, Percy Walter

German, Thomas

Gerrard, James

Gerrard’s Photographic Studio

Gerrards Studios

Gerson, Isador

Gerson, Isador

Gerson, T

Gerston Studio

Gething, Edgar T

Gettings, A E

Gianno, John

Gibb & Gibb

Gibb, Annie R (Miss)

Gibb, James

Gibb, James & Co

Gibb, James & Co

Gibbon (Gibbons), Ralph & Son

Gibbon, G H

Gibbon, Ralph

Gibbon, Richard

Gibbons, Arthur

Gibbons, George Henry

Gibbons, Joe (James) Harper

Gibbons, Patrick

Gibbons, W

Gibbs & Barry

Gibbs & Betts

Gibbs & Huller

Gibbs, A M (Mrs)

Gibbs, D (Miss)

Gibbs, Edmund T

Gibbs, Edward S

Gibbs, Edward Thomas

Gibbs, Ernest Stanmore

Gibbs, Frederick G

Gibbs, George

Gibbs, H R Gwyer

Gibbs, Henry Richard

Gibbs, Henry Richard & Co

Gibbs, James

Gibbs, James C

Gibbs, James Thomas

Gibbs, John

Gibbs, John Thomas

Gibbs, Joseph & Son Ltd

Gibbs, R H & Co

Gibbs, Richard George

Gibbs, Robert Henry

Gibbs, Robert William

Gibbs, Robert William & Co

Gibbs, Stanmore

Gibbs, W

Gibson & Son

Gibson & Sons

Gibson (Messrs)

Gibson (Mrs)

Gibson (Mrs)

Gibson Brothers

Gibson, A

Gibson, A & M

Gibson, Albert

Gibson, Albert & Son

Gibson, Albert Claude

Gibson, Alexander

Gibson, Alfred

Gibson, Alfred Henry & Co

Gibson, Alice Maud (Miss)

Gibson, Andrew

Gibson, Arthur Reynolds

Gibson, F R (Miss)

Gibson, Fred W

Gibson, Frederick William

Gibson, George W

Gibson, George William

Gibson, Gervase (George)

Gibson, Gervase (George) & Son

Gibson, Gervase (George) & Sons

Gibson, J J

Gibson, James

Gibson, James

Gibson, James Robert

Gibson, James Robert & Co

Gibson, John

Gibson, John

Gibson, John & Sons

Gibson, John H

Gibson, John Pattison

Gibson, John Pattison & Son

Gibson, Jonah (Jonas)

Gibson, Joseph J

Gibson, Kathleen (Miss)

Gibson, Lucrecia (Mrs)

Gibson, Newton

Gibson, Peter Paul

Gibson, Richard

Gibson, S M & Co

Gibson, Samuel

Gibson, Stephen M

Gibson, Stephen M & Co

Gibson, Stephen M & Co Ltd

Gibson, T

Gibson, Thomas

Gibson, W B

Gibson, William

Gibson, William Brown

Gibson, William George

Gibson, William George

Gibsons Studio

Gidden, Theo J

Giddings, Eustace John William

Gidney, Bernard Henry

Gidney, Charles M

Gieves Ltd


Giffard, Katherine (Miss)

Giffen, Arthur James

Gigney, E (Miss)


Gilbert & Co

Gilbert, Albert & Sons

Gilbert, C L & Sons

Gilbert, E G

Gilbert, Fred

Gilbert, Geoffrey

Gilbert, J B

Gilbert, John Hugh

Gilbert, Louis (Louies)

Gilbert, Thomas

Gilbert, W H

Gilbert, William

Gilbert, William Henry

Gilbertson, G

Gilbertson, Thomas

Gilbey, Herbert

Gilchrist & Fyfe

Gilchrist Brothers

Gilchrist, Alexander

Gilchrist, James

Gilchrist, Jessie (Miss)

Gilchrist, Napoleon Arthur

Gilchrist, W

Gilchrist, William

Gilchrist, William

Gilchrist, William H

Gilchrist, William H & Kinloch

Gildawie (Mr)

Giles & Tattersall

Giles, D?

Giles, H A

Giles, Henry

Giles, Herbert

Giles, James

Giles, Joseph R

Giles, R A

Giles, W S

Giles, William John

Gilfillan, Arthur

Gilfillan, Thomas

Gilford (Guilford), A

Gilford, George

Gilham, William

Gilhen, W F

Gilhespie, David R

Gilkes (Gilkies), Frederick

Gilkes, W

Gill & Donald

Gill & Drinkwater

Gill, Charles

Gill, Cyril H (Ltd, 1939)

Gill, Cyril H Ltd

Gill, Edward Cope

Gill, Ellis

Gill, Frederick James

Gill, George Reynolds

Gill, John B

Gill, John H

Gill, Louis M

Gill, M (Mrs)

Gill, W

Gill, William

Gill, William & Son

Gill, William Henry

Gill, William Rey

Gill, William Rey & Son

Gillam (Miss)

Gillam, G

Gillam, J

Gillam, Joseph

Gillam, William

Gillan, Thomas

Gillard, James

Gillard, John F

Gillard, John T

Gillard, William

Gillard, William M

Gillen, J

Gillet, F

Gillett, T

Gillett, W

Gillham, W

Gillies, Clayton

Gillies, Francis Nicoll


Gilling & Co

Gilling, Francis

Gilling, J

Gilling, M E (Miss)

Gillison, Norman

Gillman & Co Ltd

Gillman & Masslin

Gillman & Soame Ltd

Gillman, Charles

Gillman, Charles

Gillman, Charles & Co Ltd

Gillman, Charles & Co

Gillman, William

Gillo, Robert

Gillson, Frederick W

Gillson, Frederick Walter

Gillyatt, James

Gillyett, G T F

Gilman, G

Gilmor, John Wright

Gilmore, Reid & Co

Gilmour & Carswell

Gilmour, E F

Gilmour, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Gilmour, J T

Gilmour, James & Co

Gilmour, Robert

Gilmour, W H

Gilpin, Robert Bernard

Gilson, Henry Turner

Gilvray, A

Gimblett & Williams

Gimblett, Hubert

Gimblett, Reginald Henry George

Gimblett, Samuel S


Ginesi, S

Gird, William Thomas

Girdlestone (Girleston), Daisy (Miss)

Girdlestone (Gridlestone) (Girleston), Daisy (Miss)

Girling, Arthur Amos

Girling, G

Girling, Lois

Girling, R

Girling, W

Gissing, John G

Gisz, Phyllis E (Miss)

Gisz, Stanley M G

Gittings, E A

Gittleson (Miss)

Giuseppi (Monsieur)

Givens, John William

Glacier, Harold

Gladwell, Harry William

Gladwin, Walter Wren

Glaisby, William Punderson

Glaisby, William Punderson

Glaister, A

Glaister, Ernest T

Glanfield, Dudley

Glanville & Skinner

Glanville, Arthur

Glanville, George

Glanville, George

Glanville, L

Glanville, William Russell

Glasby, W R

Glasgow & West of Scotland Amateur Association

Glasgow Artistic Photographic Co

Glasgow Photo Co

Glasgow Photo Engraving Co

Glasgow Photographic Company

Glasgow Portrait Co

Glasgow, Lillias

Glass & Son

Glass, Alexander

Glass, C C

Glass, Fred

Glass, J

Glass, James

Glass, M

Glass, Robert

Glass,Sydney & Innerdale,Gilbert


Glassey, William Henry

Glasson, George Henry

Gleave, Peter

Gledhill & Co

Gledhill (Gledehill), Herbert E

Gledhill, E

Gledhill, Roland

Gledhill, S

Gledstone & Barnard

Gledstone (Gledson), A

Glen, Andrew B

Glen, H Graham

Glen, Henry C

Glen, Henry G

Glen, Henry Graham

Glen, Henry Graham

Glen, James

Glen, Thomas

Glendening Brothers

Glendening, M

Glenester, William W

Glennie, John

Glennie, William

Glenny, N

Glindon, Harry

Glindon, Thomas J

Glindoni, Edward

Gloag, John J (Mrs)

Gloag, John James

Gloag, M (Mrs)

Globe Enlarging Co

Globe Photo Co

Globe Photographic Company

Globe Portrait Co

Glossop Dale Photographic Society

Glossop, Edwin

Glossop, Vincent Albert

Glover & Co

Glover Brothers

Glover, A C

Glover, Andrew C

Glover, Bowers & Miles

Glover, Charles F

Glover, Donald

Glover, Edward

Glover, Edward

Glover, Harold G

Glover, Henry

Glover, Herbet Albert

Glover, Horace

Glover, J J

Glover, Jack

Glover, Joseph

Glover, M

Glover, R S & G J

Glover, Wallace

Gloyns, P

Glukman (Professor)

Glynn, Edward & Co

Glyptograph Co

Gobbett, G

Gobbett, W H

Gobbett, W J

Gobbett, William H

Gobbi, Bernardo

Goble (Globe), Harvey

Goble, Harvey

Godard & Co

Godard, Charles Philip

Godart & Co

Godart & Hay

Godart Brothers

Godart Brothers (Limited)

Godart, Thomas & Co

Godart, Thomas Peter

Godber & Howes

Godber, Bryan

Godber, Robert William

Godber, William

Godbold, A

Godbold, Douglas

Godbold, Henry James

Godbold, Henry James & Co

Godbold, Henry James & Son

Goddard (Gobbi), Bernando (Bernardo )

Goddard (Mr)

Goddard, C

Goddard, Charles

Goddard, Ernest Henry

Goddard, Frederick

Goddard, Goldie

Goddard, H

Goddard, W D

Goddard, W S

Goddard, Walter William

Goddard, William Ewart

Goddard, William Henry

Godden (Goodden), Harry F

Godden, John

Godden, John Harvey

Godding, Alfred

Godding, G

Godding, George J

Godding, J

Goden (Goodden), Harry F

Godfray (Mr)

Godfray, Horace S

Godfray, Philip

Godfree, Charles

Godfrey (Gidney), Charles

Godfrey, Arthur

Godfrey, Frank

Godfrey, H C

Godfrey, Henry

Godfrey, Herbert A

Godfrey, John

Godfrey, Louis

Godfrey, Oliver

Godfrey, Thomas Joseph

Godiva Photopress Ltd

Godiva Studio

Godon, Louis Nelson

Godsell, Thomas William

Godsell, William J

Godson, W

Godson, Walter (occasional listed as William)

Godwin & Shuttleworth

Godwin (Goodwin), Dudley Ltd

Godwin, Dudley

Godwin, J

Godwin, J G

Godwin, Thomas Edward (Edwin)

Godwin, William Henry


Goebelhoff, Bertha (Mrs)

Goebelhoff, Wilhelm

Goff, Athur G H

Golbe, William David

Golby, William

Gold & Saunders

Gold, Alfred

Goldbloom, Abraham

Goldbloom, Daniel

Golder, Walter

Goldesmann, Nachson

Goldie & Goddard

Goldie Brothers

Goldie, Archibald W

Goldie, John Harrison

Goldie, Llewellyn

Goldin, Shasa D & Co

Golding, Richard

Golding, Thomas Edwd

Golding, William

Goldman, Isaac

Goldman, Jean G (Herr)

Goldman, Montague

Goldman, Montague

Goldman, Philip

Goldsack, Arthur Henry

Goldschmidt, M

Goldsmid, Sidney

Goldsmith, David Reuben

Goldsmith, Harold

Goldsmith, R

Goldstein, D

Goldstein, Solomon

Goldstone, Harry

Goldsworthy, James

Goldsworthy, James B

Goldsworthy, James T

Goldsworthy, John Birch

Goldsworthy, Walter

Golightly, John

Golledge, E A

Gomez, Henry C

Gompson, G A

Gonnelly, Thomas Bernard

Gooch & Foyn

Gooch, Edward

Gooch, Edward J

Gooch, Robert

Good, Alexander

Good, E D

Good, Frank

Good, Frank Mason

Good, Frederick

Good, J

Good, J & A

Good, J & A

Good, Jabez

Good, Richard

Good, Robert C E

Good, Samuel

Good, William

Good, William Thomas

Goodacre, John William

Goodair, Samuel


Goodall & Ferguson

Goodall & Steven

Goodall, R C

Goodall, Walter F

Goodbridge, A

Goodchild & Co

Goodchild, Alfred

Goodchild, Alfred

Goodchild, Edward

Goodchild, James

Goodchild, Percival

Goodchild, Percival Macdonald

Goodchild, Rupert

Goodchild, Selena (Mrs)

Goodden, Harry F

Goodden, Robert W

Goode, Charles William

Goode, Henry

Goode, John Thomas

Goode, Nellie (Miss)

Goodenough, J

Gooderham, Grayson W

Gooderham, J & Son

Gooderham, John


Goodfellow (Mrs)

Goodfellow, A E

Goodfellow, Alfred Edward

Goodfellow, Arthur James

Goodfellow, Arthur James (Junior)

Goodfellow, Edward

Goodfellow, Henry

Goodfellow, Henry

Goodfellow, William

Goodge (Goode), John

Goodger, F P

Gooding, Harry

Gooding, Lennard

Goodlad, John

Goodlad, John William

Goodlad, Sarah (Mrs)

Goodliffe, Harry

Goodliffe, L & H

Goodliffe, W H

Goodliffe, William Harry

Goodman & Schmidt

Goodman (Messrs)

Goodman, Barnett

Goodman, Barnett (Mrs)

Goodman, Claudius E

Goodman, Claudius E

Goodman, Denis Cecil & Co

Goodman, F & D

Goodman, George

Goodman, Henry

Goodman, Henry Thomas

Goodman, L R

Goodman, W

Goodrich & Sanderson


Goodwin & Keet

Goodwin & Lefley

Goodwin, Arthur D

Goodwin, Arthur Douglas

Goodwin, Edward Thomas Frederick

Goodwin, Edwin

Goodwin, Frederick

Goodwin, Frederick W

Goodwin, G

Goodwin, H

Goodwin, James

Goodwin, John

Goodwin, Patrick

Goodwin, Sidney

Goodwin, Thomas

Goodworth, H? F?

Goody, Frederick William

Goodyer, Lionel R

Goold, Edgar

Goom, Frank

Gordon & Co

Gordon & Macfarlane

Gordon & Moir

Gordon & Trail

Gordon, Agnes & Margaret (Misses)

Gordon, Aird

Gordon, Albert

Gordon, Alex

Gordon, Anthony

Gordon, David

Gordon, David

Gordon, Douglas

Gordon, Duncan W

Gordon, E

Gordon, Edward & Co

Gordon, F E

Gordon, Francis

Gordon, Frederick

Gordon, H

Gordon, Henry

Gordon, Henry S

Gordon, J T

Gordon, James

Gordon, James

Gordon, James A

Gordon, James T

Gordon, John

Gordon, John

Gordon, John R

Gordon, John S

Gordon, Joseph

Gordon, Joseph Thomas

Gordon, K

Gordon, L T & Co

Gordon, Margaret

Gordon, Robert

Gordon, Thomas

Gordon, William

Gordon, William Crow


Gore, A & B (Misses)

Gorer, Herbert J

Gorer, Sidney Lewis

Gorham, Charles

Gorin, W G

Goringe, Thomas

Gorman, William & Co Ltd

Gornall (Garnall), Robert

Gorrad, Barnabas A

Gorsuch, John William

Gorsuch, John William & Ewen

Gorton, Albert

Gorton, J W & Co

Gorton, Thomas Arthur

Gorvin, Henry

Gorvin, Henry & Son

Gosby, Thomas Clement

Goscombe, E H

Gosden, Alfred James

Gosharp (Goshawk?) (Mr)

Goshawk, A

Goshawk, A

Goshawk, Alfred

Goshawk, Edmund

Goshawk, Frederick

Goshawk, W

Goshawk, Walter

Gosling, A

Gosling, Hartley

Gosling, J & Son

Gosling, John

Gosling, Walter

Gosney, Adam

Gosney, Adam

Gosport Minature Photo Co

Goss, R W

Gostick, Jesse

Gothard, A F

Gothard, Joe

Gothard, Joe

Gothard, John J C

Gothard, Joseph

Gothard, Mary Ann

Gothard, W (Senior)

Gothard, Warner

Gothard, Warner (died 1909)

Gothard, William

Gottheil, Elias

Gotthiemer, Jacob

Gottschalk, Dreyfus & Davis

Gough & Son

Gough, Charles

Gough, T

Gough, Thomas Wood

Gough, W H

Gough, William Henry

Gough, William Hillyer

Gould & Partridge (Golden Partridge)

Gould, Cecil

Gould, Chalkey & Co

Gould, David

Gould, F S

Gould, Fred G H

Gould, Frederick

Gould, Frederick Charles

Gould, Frederick Charles & Son

Gould, George

Gould, James Edgar

Gould, John Cecil

Gould, T

Gouldbourn, W

Gouldbourn, W & Son

Goulder, Charles

Goulding & Mayall

Goulding & Robinson

Goulding & Son

Goulding, J & Co

Goulding, Thomas

Gouldsmith, G

Goulson, Elsie Mary (Miss)

Goulson, John

Goulter, Charles Ezra

Goupil & Co

Goupil & Son

Gourlay & Love

Gourlay, David

Gourlay, H T

Gourlay, J & Co

Gourlay, W C

Gover, Edward Thomas

Gover, Herbert James & Co

Gover, Herbert James Ltd

Govett, William James

Govier, Samuel John

Govier, Samuel John

Gower, J E

Gower, Walter T


Gowing, Charles E

Gowland, Frederick

Gowland, J G

Gowland, Robert

Gowland, Thomas Stafford

Gowland, Walter

Gowland, William

Gowland, William Thomas

Gowland, William Thomas & Frederick

Gowland, William Thomas & R

Gowler, Edward H

Grabman, Joseph

Grace, Edgar

Grace, Frank

Grace, Joseph

Gradwell, Mathew S G

Graffson, F C

Grafton Photo Studio

Grafton Studio

Grafton, Rollo Edward

Graham & Co

Graham & Coates

Graham & Suter

Graham [Pollard] & Co

Graham [Robert] & Anderson

Graham, A & Co

Graham, Albert Edward

Graham, Alfred Edward

Graham, Annie Ruth (Miss)

Graham, B

Graham, Benjamin

Graham, Burton

Graham, Charles E

Graham, Edwin

Graham, G C & Co

Graham, George

Graham, Glen H

Graham, Harold

Graham, Henry

Graham, Isaac

Graham, Isaac?

Graham, J

Graham, J

Graham, James

Graham, James Charnock

Graham, John

Graham, P

Graham, Percy

Graham, Percy

Graham, Pollard

Graham, Pollard & Co

Graham, Pollard & Co

Graham, Pollard & Son

Graham, Robert

Graham, Robert L

Graham, T P

Graham, T Percy

Graham, W L

Graham, William

Grahame, Ellerby & Co

Grahame, James Kenneth

Graham-Turnbull, James

Grainger, A G

Grainger, Abner

Grainger, Albert

Grainger, George William Henry Pugh

Grainger, John

Granby Electric Studio

Grand Art Studio

Grand Studio

Grange Photo Service

Grange Photographic Works

Grange Studio

Grant & Morton

Grant & Pickeman

Grant & Tulloch

Grant (Miss)

Grant Enlargement Co

Grant, A G

Grant, Alex

Grant, Alexander Ness

Grant, Alonzo G & Alcock, J

Grant, Alonzo Galard (Galord )

Grant, Arthur

Grant, C

Grant, D

Grant, D

Grant, David Allen

Grant, Duncan (Dunkin) Joseph

Grant, E J

Grant, Edwin

Grant, Edwin

Grant, Ernest Joseph

Grant, G E

Grant, G F

Grant, George

Grant, Graham

Grant, Granville

Grant, Henry E

Grant, Herbert & Eros

Grant, J

Grant, J Duncan

Grant, J G

Grant, James

Grant, James Duncan

Grant, James Duncan (Mrs)

Grant, Jane

Grant, John Alexander

Grant, L E

Grant, T W

Grant, W

Grant, William

Grant, William

Grantham, Charles

Granville, Davies

Granville, George

Granville, William R

Granvills Studio

Graphic Press Agency

Graphic Studio

Graphic Studios

Graphoscopic Company

Graphotone Co

Graphotyping Co Limited

Grapper, Ernest George

Grass, A

Grassby, George F

Grasse (Grass), Ernest

Grasse (Grass), M

Gratispool Co


Grattan, Jabez Benjamin

Grattan, Jabez Benjamin

Grattan, James

Grattidge, Alfred J

Gratton, B & Son

Gratton, David Emery

Grave (Miss)

Graver, F W

Graves, Charles

Graves, Clement

Graves, Thomas

Gravure Co Ltd


Gray & Bulman

Gray & Davies

Gray & Davis

Gray & Jones

Gray & Noble

Gray & Sherman

Gray (Grey), Thomas

Gray Brothers

Gray -Campbell

Gray, A & T

Gray, A G

Gray, A J

Gray, Andrew

Gray, Andrew

Gray, Charles

Gray, Charles S

Gray, Doreen (Miss)

Gray, Eric

Gray, Ernest

Gray, G

Gray, George

Gray, George C

Gray, H

Gray, Henry

Gray, J C

Gray, James

Gray, James

Gray, James & Co

Gray, Jeuel Jabez

Gray, John

Gray, John Charles

Gray, John William

Gray, Lizzie & Kate (Misses)

Gray, Lizzie (Miss)

Gray, M & Co

Gray, Margaret Jane (Mrs)

Gray, N J

Gray, Robert

Gray, S L

Gray, Stephen

Gray, T H

Gray, Thomas

Gray, W

Gray, W & E

Gray, W & E

Gray, Walter

Gray, William

Gray, William

Gray, William A

Gray, William Edward

Gray, Doreen (Miss) & Lewis, Marian (Miss)

Graydon, H W

Grayland, Henry George

Grayson, Harry

Grayson-Foster (Madame)

Great Britain Art Co

Great Britain Art Co of Manchester

Great Northern Art Co

Great Northern Studio

Great Western Photo Art Co

Great Western Photographic Company

Greatheed, William

Greatorex, John


Greatrex, George

Greatrex, George William

Greatrex, John Henry

Greatrex, John Henry (H)

Greatrix, George

Greaves, Arthur & Co

Greaves, Arthur Edward

Greaves, Clement

Greaves, Clement

Greaves, Clement William & Co

Greaves, Edgar

Greaves, Ezra

Greaves, Ezra & Co

Greaves, H

Greaves, Hugh & Co

Greaves, J

Greaves, William

Gredy, John

Gredy, William


Green & Gilchrist

Green & Moulding (Misses)

Green & Son

Green & Sons

Green & Sutcliffe

Green (Mr & Mrs)

Green Brothers

Green Brothers

Green Mount Studio

Green, A E

Green, A W

Green, Adam Vallance

Green, Alfred

Green, Alfred Richard & Son

Green, Arthur

Green, Arthur & Ethel (Mrs)

Green, Bernard

Green, C

Green, C & J C

Green, C E

Green, C W

Green, Charles

Green, Clifford

Green, David William

Green, Dorothy (Miss)

Green, Ethel (Mrs)

Green, Evan T

Green, Frederick William

Green, G

Green, G

Green, G & J C

Green, G A

Green, G S

Green, George

Green, George

Green, George Adam

Green, George J

Green, Harold Bennett

Green, Henry

Green, Herbert

Green, J

Green, J P

Green, J W

Green, James

Green, James

Green, James P

Green, James Peter

Green, James S

Green, John

Green, John Edward

Green, John Joseph

Green, John S

Green, Joseph

Green, Joseph & Son

Green, Louis William

Green, Martin

Green, Nathan

Green, Oliver

Green, Oliver N

Green, Oliver N & Co

Green, P H

Green, Phil

Green, Richard Vallance

Green, Robert

Green, Robert

Green, Robert Percy

Green, Samuel James

Green, Sidney Murray

Green, Stanley M

Green, T

Green, Thomas

Green, Thomas Oliver

Green, Thomas W

Green, W

Green, W

Green, William

Green, William

Green, William (died 1918)

Green, William & Co

Green, William Alfred

Green, William J

Green, William Rayner

Greenacre, John S

Greenall, W A

Greenaway (Greenway) Brothers

Greenbank, Richard

Greenberg, Alexander

Greenberg, Alexander & Philip

Greenberg, Alexander & Philip Greene

Greenbury, E H

Greene & Co

Greene Frew Simpson & Co Ltd

Greene, Claude Friese

Greene, Friese & Simpson

Greene, Friese & Simpson Ltd

Greene, Friese (Mrs)

Greene, Helena (Mrs)

Greene, S

Greene, William Friese

Greene, William Friese & Collings, Arthur Esme

Greene, William Friese & Easton


Greener & Co

Greener, J H

Greener, James H

Greener, James Henry

Greener, James Henry & Burghall, George J

Greenfield (Green?) Brothers

Greenfield Brothers

Greenfield, George Frederick

Greenfield, J

Greenfield, James

Greenfield, James Edward

Greenfield, John

Greenhalgh Brothers

Greenhalgh, Edward

Greenhalgh, L G

Greenhalgh, Percy

Greenhalgh, Peter

Greenhalgh, Peter & Son

Greenhalgh, Peter & Sons

Greenham, F

Greenham, James M

Greenham, M

Greenhaugh, Arthur

Greening, A T

Greening, Charles

Greening, William B

Greenish, Thomas

Greenless, James

Greenless, William

Greenock Photo Co

Greenock Photographic Company

Greenotype Studio

Greenslade, Albert

Greenslade, F & Albert

Greenway, H H

Greenway, Samuel H

Greenway, William

Greenwich Fine Art Academy

Greenwich Photo Co

Greenwich Photographic & Optical Stores

Greenwich Studio & Phot Exchange

Greenwood, Alfred & Hartley

Greenwood, A

Greenwood, Alfred

Greenwood, Alfred & M

Greenwood, Arthur

Greenwood, E A

Greenwood, G H

Greenwood, George

Greenwood, Gregory (C?)

Greenwood, Henry

Greenwood, Hiram

Greenwood, J T

Greenwood, James

Greenwood, James & Son

Greenwood, John Haigh

Greenwood, M

Greenwood, M (Mrs)

Greenwood, Pickles

Greenwood, R & S

Greenwood, S

Greenwood, S & Co

Greenwood, Samuel

Greenwood, W

Greenwood, W J

Greenwood, Watson

Greenwood, William

Greer, Annie (Ann)(Mrs)

Greer, John

Greeston, Henry

Greet, J A

Greet, Joseph


Greetham Brothers

Greetham, Edwin W

Greetham, Edwin W & Co

Greetham, F

Greetham, F

Greetham, W

Gregg (Gegg), Fred G

Gregg, E G

Gregg, James

Gregg-Couper & Co (Couper Gregg & Co)

Grego & Fraser

Grego, Donald

Gregoire, J

Gregoire, Jonathan

Gregor, Margaret (Mrs)

Gregor, William

Gregorie, Jonathan


Gregory & Eddy

Gregory (Gregson?), Edward & Son

Gregory, C

Gregory, C & Son

Gregory, Charles

Gregory, Charles Joseph

Gregory, G E

Gregory, George

Gregory, H

Gregory, Henry R

Gregory, J B

Gregory, James

Gregory, John

Gregory, Thomas

Gregory, W Walker

Gregory, William & Co

Gregory, William & Co Ltd

Gregory, William Walker

Gregson & Bates

Gregson, E & Co

Gregson, Edgar J

Gregson, Edward

Gregson, Edward & Co

Gregson, Edward & Son

Gregson, Edward J

Gregson, Frederick (Fred)

Gregson, Henry

Gregson, J

Gregson, James

Gregson, Richard Philip

Gregson, W J

Gregson, William J & Co

Gregson, William J & Tansey B

Greiffeld, F

Greig, Thomas

Greig, W C

Grenet, A

Grenville Studio

Gresham Photo Co

Gresswell, R H

Gresty, John

Gresty, Ralph

Gretton Photo Ltd

Gretton Photographs

Greville, C H

Greville, Norman

Greville, R

Greville, T H

Grew, John

Grey & Hall

Grey & Sons

Grey, Alfred

Grey, B

Grey, Charles S

Grey, George

Grey, George Henry

Grey, J

Grey, James

Grey, James

Grey, James William

Grey, John

Grey, Sidney W

Grey, Stephen

Grey, Stephen & Son

Grey, Stephen & Sons

Grey, William

Grffiths & Marley

Gribble, J H

Grice, J

Grice, Joseph

Grice, Thomas T

Grice, William (Junior)

Grierson, Edgar & Co

Gries, E M & Plate

Griffield, Ferdino

Griffin (Griffiths), George William

Griffin, A

Griffin, Arthur

Griffin, Bernard

Griffin, Booth & Co

Griffin, Cecil

Griffin, Elgin

Griffin, George

Griffin, George W

Griffin, George W & Son

Griffin, George William

Griffin, George William (Junior)

Griffin, George William & Son

Griffin, H S & Co

Griffin, H W

Griffin, Henry Samuel

Griffin, Isaac

Griffin, J J & Son

Griffin, J Stokes

Griffin, John (Jonathan) Taylor

Griffin, Joseph

Griffin, Thomas

Griffin, W

Griffin’s Ltd

Griffith, David Knox

Griffith, R

Griffiths & Butler

Griffiths & Molley

Griffiths & Young

Griffiths (Griffith), Richard

Griffiths Brothers

Griffiths, A & Sons

Griffiths, A E

Griffiths, Alfred E

Griffiths, Alfred John

Griffiths, Arthur

Griffiths, Arthur & Son

Griffiths, Arthur & Sons

Griffiths, Arthur Percy

Griffiths, Arthur Percy & Son

Griffiths, Arthur Percy & Sons

Griffiths, C E

Griffiths, C R

Griffiths, Daniel

Griffiths, E

Griffiths, Edward

Griffiths, Ernest H

Griffiths, Frank

Griffiths, George

Griffiths, Ifor

Griffiths, J

Griffiths, J R

Griffiths, Jack

Griffiths, James Robert

Griffiths, Jeremiah

Griffiths, John

Griffiths, John

Griffiths, John C

Griffiths, Joseph

Griffiths, L P

Griffiths, R

Griffiths, R

Griffiths, Richard Price

Griffiths, Robert

Griffiths, Robert B

Griffiths, Seth George

Griffiths, W P

Griffiths, William

Griffiths, William

Griffiths, William Henry

Grigg (Griggs), Thomas

Grigg, George L

Grigg, J L

Grigg, James

Grigg, T

Grigg, Thomas

Griggs & Son

Griggs, Charles & Walter

Griggs, Frank

Griggs, Harry

Griggs, J

Griggs, S

Griggs, Thomas

Griggs, William

Griggs, William J

Grime, William

Grimmett (Mrs)

Grimmett, A

Grimmett, Albert Thomas

Grimmett, Albert Thomas (F ?)

Grimmett, Frank

Grimmond, William (Junior)

Grimshaw & Co

Grimshaw (Grimshawe) Brothers

Grimshaw, H Alex

Grimshaw, J

Grimshaw, Miles

Grimshaw, R E

Grimshaw, Walton (Walter)

Grimston, Edward

Grimwell, Joseph

Grimwood, W

Grindley (Mrs)

Grisdale & Fillan

Grocock, E C

Grocott, H S

Grocott, S

Grocott, T

Grocott, Thomas O

Gromann & Gobeli

Gromm (Gomm), Henry

Groocock, M H

Groocock, Miles H

Groom & Co

Groom, Alfred

Groom, Alfred Lionel Henry

Groom, D

Groom, David & Co

Groom, Josiah

Groom, T

Groome, Frank

Groost, S

Grose, F W

Grose, Harry

Gross, Edgar

Gross, George

Gross, Harold R

Grossi, Antonio

Grossi, John B

Grossi, Spiridious (Spiridione)

Grossi, Stella (Miss)

Grossman, Alexander James

Grossman, Louis

Grosvenor Photo Co

Grosvenor Photocraft

Grosvenor Photographic Studios

Grosvenor Photos

Grosvenor Studio

Grosvenor, Christopher J

Grosvenor, Christopher J & Edward

Groundsell, William D

Groundwater, William

Group Photo Service

Grout, Henry

Grove, William Henry

Grove Electric Light Studio

Grove Portrait Co

Grove Studio

Grove, Son & Boulton

Grove, William Henry & Boulton

Grove, William Henry & Son

Groves & Little

Groves & Miller

Groves, Charles

Groves, Ernest Arthur

Groves, F

Groves, Fred

Groves, L & M

Groves, T

Groves, Thomas

Groves, Thomas

Groves, Thomas Tompset

Grubb (Grabb), George

Grubb, George

Grubb, John Richard

Grubb, Mary (Mrs)

Grubb, Richard

Grubl, Ernest

Grugeon, M E & C L

Grundy & Co

Grundy, F (Miss)

Grundy, G

Grundy, George

Grundy, George & Sons

Grundy, Horatio (Harry)

Grundy, Vera (Miss)

Grunebaum, Joseph

Gruograph Co

Grut, Norman

Grut, Thomas Alfred

Guardbom, A

Gubb, John Richard

Gubbins, William G

Gubbins, William G

Gude, George (H ?)

Gudgeon, H & I

Guenee, William Warrender

Guest & Cooper

Guest & North

Guest, Edward Archer

Guest, T

Guest, William Henry

Guggenheim & Co

Guggenheim & Majort

Guggenheim, Gustave

Guggenheim, H

Guggenheim, J S & Co

Guggenheim, J Sigismund

Guggenheim, Jules M

Guggenheim, Julius (Jules) N

Guggenheim, Sigismund

Guibal, Sussan J F (Miss)

Guilden, Pax

Guildford (Guilford), William

Guildford Photographic Works

Guildhall Art Studio

Guildhall Studio

Guildon (Guilden), P (Pax ?)

Guilford, William & Maybury

Guilliver, Thomas

Guillon Gullion, Leopold Alexandre Valentin (Valentine)

Guillon Gullion, Valentine

Guillon, Maximilian

Guiness, George

Gulliver, Harry George

Gulliver, Osmond

Gulliver, Thomas

Gumbinski, Lewin

Gummery & Bischam

Gummery, H & Son

Gumprecht, Louis

Gumprecht, Louis & Co

Gunbie, John William

Gundle & Co

Gundry, Arthur Charles John

Gundry, Arthur E

Gungler, Albert

Gunn & Co

Gunn & Co Ltd

Gunn & Nowell

Gunn [Charles] & Stuart [William Slade]

Gunn, Alfred & Juggins

Gunn, Horace

Gunn, Horace & Co

Gunnell, L J

Gunnington, Horace Arthur

Gunston & Co

Gunston, J & J

Gunston, J S

Gunston, James

Gunston, James Limited

Gunston, John

Gunstone, Arthur Frederick

Gunstone, Joseph A

Gunther, Benjamin

Guppy, William Henry

Gurney, Algernon

Gurney, Harold Albert

Gurney, W

Gurr, B

Gurr, H

Gurr, Thomas A

Gurton, E

Gurton, H

Gurton, Harry & Agnes (Mrs)

Gush, Frederick Aaron & Co

Gush, Frederick Aaron

Gush, Frederick Aaron & Ferguson, W J

Gustave, William R

Guthrie, Alfred

Guthrie, Alfred & Son

Guthrie, James Strachan

Guthrie, William

Gutman, D W E

Gutmann, Francis J

Guttenberg & Hoggard

Guttenberg, G

Guttenberg, George

Guttenberg, Marcus & Co

Guttenberg, Marcus (Mark)

Guttenberg, Marcus Limited

Guttenberg, Percy

Guttenberg, Percy Ltd

Guttenberg, William & Co

Guttenberg, William

Guttiss, James

Guttridge, James

Guy & Co

Guy & Co Ltd

Guy & Collier

Guy, Albert John (Junior)

Guy, Allen

Guy, Cliff

Guy, Eric

Guy, Francis

Guy, Hughes

Guy, Leonard John

Guyot & Wood

Guyot, Theodore

Gwyn, J

Gwynn (Monsieur & Madam)

Gwynn, Edward M

Gwynn, Edwin

Gwynn, M

Gwynn, M

Gwynn, Mabbett

Gwynne Brothers

Gwynne, C N

Gwynne, Clement W

Gwynne, David

Gwynne, Ida (Miss)

Gyde & Gyde

Gyde & Pickford

Gyde, Alfred S

Gyde, Edward Richard

Gyde, Edward Richard & A S

Gyles, George

Gyngell, G

Gyngell, G & Co

Gyngell, Lionel V

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