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H B Ltd

H, W

Haberer, G

Habgood, G

Habgood, James

Hack, Edward & Henry

Hack, Henry

Hack, Maurice Harry

Hackelton Brothers

Hackelton, James Hermann

Hacker, Frederick

Hacker, George Frederick

Hacker, William B

Hackett & Co

Hackett, Arthur

Hackett, J

Hackett, James L

Hackett, James T

Hackett, Joseph

Hackett, Joshua

Hackett, S

Hackett, W

Hackford, Edward Chapman

Hackford, Edwin C

Hackford, George Edward

Hackford, John & Edward Chapman

Hacking, George Henry

Hackleton (Hackelton), James Hermann

Hackleton Brothers

Hackleton, James Hermann

Hackman, C

Hackney (Hacking), George Henry

Hackston, Robert B

Hacton, M

Hadden, Hubert

Hadden, William

Haddenham, William

Haddock, B V

Haddock, B W

Haddock, W Fred

Haddon, Cecil

Haddon, Edgar

Haddon, George

Haddon, J

Haddow & Armour

Haddow, Thomas (Junior)

Haddy, William

Haden, Henry Hughes

Haden, James Thomas

Haden, T P

Hadley (Handley), Arthur

Hadley, Arthur

Hadley, Edwin

Hadley, George

Hadley, George & Son

Hadley, Hopton

Hadley, Phyllis (Miss)

Hadlow, Alice (Mrs)

Hadlow, Frederick

Hadlow, Thomas

Haes, Frank

Haes, Frank & Vandyk

Haffner, Carl

Hagan, Thomas

Hagerty, Parker

Haggard, Samuel

Haggarty, A

Hagger, Sydney

Haggitt (Huggitt)(Hoggitt), John Henry

Haggitt (Huggitt), John Henry

Hague, Anne Elizabeth (Miss)

Hague, William Alfred

Hagyard, H (Miss)

Hagyard, Robert

Haigh & Co

Haigh, A

Haigh, A L

Haigh, Arthur

Haigh, Charles

Haigh, Edward Makinson

Haigh, Edward Makinson & Hemery, Thomas George

Haigh, George Simpson

Haigh, Harold L

Haigh, J

Haigh, Joe

Haigh, Robert

Haigh, William

Haile, Richard N

Hailes, J S

Hailey (Holley), Henry John

Hailey, Arthur

Hailey, C

Hailey, Clarence

Hailey, Clarence & Co

Hailey, E M

Hailstone & Knight

Hailstone, Harold & Co

Haine, William

Haines, Arthur

Haines, Edward

Haines, Frederick & Co

Haines, Harold

Haines, Reginald

Hains, David

Hains, David & S

Hainsworth, Hilda (Miss)

Haith, Henry

Haith, Henry & C

Halcro, Lettice (Miss)

Halden & Co

Halden, J & Co

Haldenby, John

Halder, C

Hale, Charles

Hale, Edwin

Hale, F Stanley

Hale, G W

Hale, George Arthur

Hale, George Arthur Ltd

Hale, H W

Hale, Herbert

Hale, James Guthrie

Hale, Marjorie (Miss)

Hale, William F S

Hale, William F S (Mrs)

Halepenny, Samuel

Hales, G

Hales, G Henry

Hales, Robert

Hales, Robert

Hales, William Thomas

Haley, A

Haley, A

Haley, Alexander & Gerald

Haley, James Alex

Halford, Joel

Halford, William

Halftones Ltd

Halifax Photographic Co

Halket & Co (Halket’s Photographic Galleries 1886)

Halkett, William

Halksworth, Jane (Miss)

Hall & Co

Hall & Edwards

Hall & Gardner

Hall & Hudson Ltd

Hall & Nightingale

Hall & Siggers

Hall & Son

Hall (Hill), Frederick

Hall Electric Studio

Hall, Frederick William (Mary E, Mrs)

Hall, A

Hall, Albert

Hall, Albert E

Hall, Alexander Thomas

Hall, Arthur

Hall, Arthur Thomas

Hall, Arundel

Hall, B

Hall, B J & Co Ltd

Hall, Benjamin J

Hall, C F

Hall, C F & Co

Hall, Campbell

Hall, Charles

Hall, Clarence R

Hall, Edward

Hall, Edwin

Hall, Ernest Charles

Hall, F H

Hall, Frank

Hall, Fred

Hall, Fred (Mrs)

Hall, Frederick William

Hall, G

Hall, G F

Hall, George

Hall, George & John

Hall, H E

Hall, Harold

Hall, Harry

Hall, Harry & Co

Hall, Henry Edgar

Hall, Henry James

Hall, Isaac

Hall, J

Hall, J

Hall, J A

Hall, J W

Hall, James

Hall, James Henry

Hall, James Herbert

Hall, John

Hall, John (Jonathan) Henry

Hall, John W

Hall, Joseph

Hall, Joseph A

Hall, Joseph Ronson

Hall, Joseph William

Hall, L (Mrs)

Hall, Mary Jane (Mrs)

Hall, Minnie (Miss)

Hall, R

Hall, Richard

Hall, Richard & Co

Hall, Sydney

Hall, T & Co

Hall, Thomas

Hall, Thomas

Hall, Thomas Hopkins

Hall, W H

Hall, W H

Hall, William

Hall, William & Son

Hall, William & Son

Hall, William (2)

Hall, William George

Hall, William W

Halladjian (Halladjin), Moses H


Hallam, J W

Hallamshire Studio

Hallas, Arthur

Hallas, J

Hallas, William

Hallas, William & Son

Halle, James

Halle, Samuel Baruch

Hallen-Smith & Co

Halles (Madame)

Hallett, Arthur Robert

Hallewell, S A

Halliday & Co

Hallier, Frank Parkes

Hallier, Harry

Halliwell, Joe

Halliwell, W

Hallon, R

Hallowes, R M

Halls, Harry T

Hallsworth, W S

Hallworth, William & Co

Halpap, William

Halpen, Charles

Halpen, Charles

Halpin (Halpen?), Charles

Halse, John

Halson & Boult


Halstead, Albert

Halstead, H

Halstead, Harry D

Halstead, Harry D & Co

Halstead, James

Halstead, James & Brooks

Halstead, John

Halvey, J H

Hamblen (Hamlen), Frederick

Hamblen (Hamlen), Frederick & Son

Hambleton, Joseph

Hamblett (Hamblet), T

Hambley (Hambly)(Hamby), Frederick

Hambley (Hamly)(Humbly)(Hambly), William

Hambley, John

Hamblin, H G

Hambling, William

Hambly (Humbly)(Hambley), William

Hambly, Alice (Miss)

Hambly, Richard

Hambridge, Henry

Hambrook, Arthur

Hamel, E & Co

Hamel, Henry J M

Hamer, Joseph

Hamerton, George

Hames, Arthur L

Hames, Roberts & Co

Hamilton & Co

Hamilton (Miss)

Hamilton Photographic Co (Works)

Hamilton Studios Ltd

Hamilton, Allan

Hamilton, Allan & Son

Hamilton, Allan & Sons

Hamilton, Benjamin

Hamilton, C (Mrs)

Hamilton, Charles

Hamilton, Claud

Hamilton, Crawford

Hamilton, David Charles

Hamilton, George

Hamilton, George

Hamilton, George V

Hamilton, H

Hamilton, H & Co

Hamilton, H G

Hamilton, Herdman

Hamilton, Howard

Hamilton, Hugh

Hamilton, J

Hamilton, J & W

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, James Allison

Hamilton, Janet

Hamilton, Jessie (Janet) (Mrs)

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, John M

Hamilton, John M & W

Hamilton, John M & Co

Hamilton, Louis A

Hamilton, Madge Alcott (Miss)

Hamilton, Matilda (Miss)

Hamilton, Stuart

Hamilton, T

Hamilton, W & Co

Hamlet, William

Hamlin, William John

Hamm, Charles Harry

Hammer, William Henry

Hammersley, James

Hammersley, Thomas

Hammersmith & Chiswick Photo Company

Hammersmith Photographic Co

Hammerton, John Draycot


Hammond & Starling (Misses)

Hammond (Messrs)

Hammond (Mr)

Hammond, E (Mrs)

Hammond, F E

Hammond, Fred

Hammond, Frederick Henry Arthur

Hammond, G

Hammond, George

Hammond, Heloise (Mrs)

Hammond, Henry

Hammond, John

Hammond, John Henry

Hammond, Mary (Miss)

Hammond, May (Miss)

Hammond, Robert

Hammond, S

Hammond, T R (T P)

Hammond, Thomas

Hammond, W

Hammond, Walden

Hammond, Walter

Hammond, William

Hamnet (Hammet) & Co

Hamnet, John

Hamnet’s (Hamnett) Studio

Hamnett Ltd

Hamon, Horace John

Hamp & Godwin

Hampel, Gerald

Hampson, Richard

Hampstead Studio

Hampton & Co

Hampton (Hamilton), William Coutts

Hampton Brothers

Hampton, E W

Hampton, Francis George

Hampton, James

Hampton, William Coutts

Hamson, John Alfred

Hana Studios Ltd (Hana Ltd)

Hana, George Henry

Hance, Pelham

Hancock Brothers

Hancock, Alfred

Hancock, Charles

Hancock, E & Co

Hancock, Edward

Hancock, Edward & Co

Hancock, Edward & Williams

Hancock, F

Hancock, George

Hancock, Hattie (Mrs)

Hancock, Henry

Hancock, J E

Hancock, R

Hancock, Reginald Walter

Hancock, W

Hancock, William

Hand, G M

Handcroft Drug & Photographic Stores

Handford, Alfred

Handford, Archie

Handley, Edward

Handley, Ernest

Handley, James W

Handley, Thomas

Hands & Widger

Hands, Arthur

Hands, H

Hands, Henry

Hands, J

Hands, Moses

Hands, Ruth E (Miss)

Hands, Thomas James

Handu & Hardie

Handu, Hardie & Ferderwitz

Handyside, O?

Hanery, John James

Hanes, J

Hanff, C R

Hanff, Charles

Hanfstaengl, Franz

Hankin, Harold William

Hankins, C

Hankins, Charles

Hanks, Frank

Hanks, William

Hanlon, Albert Astley

Hanlon, R (Mrs)

Hanman, Herbert

Hanman, Lulu (Miss)

Hanmer, Charles

Hann, E

Hann, James

Hannaford, Amy (Mrs)

Hannaford, Frederick E

Hannah, Charles (Hannah, Charles?)

Hannah, James D

Hannah, John

Hannah, William

Hannant, S William

Hanogate Portrait Studios

Hanover Studio

Hanreck, George

Hanreck, Sydney

Hansen & Sons

Hansen, H

Hansen, H & J

Hansen, Hans Peter

Hansen, Henry P

Hansen, J

Hansen, L

Hansen, Lars Peter & Co


Hanson (possibly William)

Hanson, Ainslie

Hanson, Frederick

Hanson, George

Hanson, J

Hanson, James

Hanson, James

Hanson, John

Hanson, John Henry

Hanson, L

Hanson, Robert

Hanson, Rufus

Hanson, William

Hanstock, James Thomas Joseph

Hantler, Charles & Co

Hanwell, Thomas

Happy Snaps

Happy Snaps Ltd

Happy Snaps Studio

Hapted, Leslie

Harben, Philip

Harbour, David

Harbut, Henry

Harcourt (Hancourt), Herbert H

Harcourt, Fox & Co (Fox & Harcourt)

Harcus, H

Hardacre, James

Hardcastle & Co

Hardcastle, Fred

Hardcastle, J

Hardcastle, Joe

Harde, Douglas

Hardee, Oscar

Harden, J

Harden, Olive (Mrs)

Hardey (Hardy), Richard

Hardey, Richard

Hardie, Douglas

Hardie, Frederick W

Hardie, J

Hardie, James

Hardie, James

Hardie, John

Hardie, John & Co

Harding & Lawson

Harding & Thornton

Harding Service

Harding, Adrian

Harding, Albert Ernest

Harding, Alex E

Harding, Edward J

Harding, Edward J & Son

Harding, H

Harding, Hannah (Mrs)

Harding, Henry J

Harding, Herbert Harry

Harding, John

Harding, R

Harding, Reginald

Harding, S

Harding, Sidney W

Harding, W

Harding, W

Harding, WIlliam

Hardman, J

Hardman, Joseph A

Hardman, William

Hardware, Thomas

Hardwick, Alfred (Frederick) Edward

Hardwick, Alfred (Frederick) Edward & Son

Hardwick, R T

Hardy & Co

Hardy & Donald

Hardy & Measures

Hardy & Naismith

Hardy & Rusling

Hardy & Shaw

Hardy, A

Hardy, C G

Hardy, Charles

Hardy, Frank

Hardy, Frederick (Friend)

Hardy, G

Hardy, George

Hardy, J

Hardy, James D

Hardy, James William Fisk

Hardy, John W

Hardy, John William

Hardy, Joseph

Hardy, Joseph & Moreland, Charles

Hardy, R (Mrs)

Hardy, Richard

Hardy, William


Hare & Co Ltd

Hare & Whitley

Hare, Ernest Charles

Hare, George

Hare, Haydon

Hare, J

Hare, James

Hare, Thomas

Hare, William

Hare, William John

Harford, Frank

Hargrave, William

Hargreaves & Boucher

Hargreaves, C

Hargreaves, Carey

Hargreaves, Edwin

Hargreaves, Edwin

Hargreaves, Fred

Hargreaves, G

Hargreaves, George

Hargreaves, George & Francis

Hargreaves, H & Son

Hargreaves, Isaac

Hargreaves, J D

Hargreaves, James

Hargreaves, James

Hargreaves, James H

Hargreaves, Jean (Mrs)

Hargreaves, John

Hargreaves, Kate

Hargreaves, Mendelssohn

Hargreaves, Minnie (Miss)

Hargreaves, Percy

Hargreaves, Thomas S

Hargreaves, William

Hargreve, Maria (Marie) (Miss)

Harker, George W

Harker, J & P

Harker, John

Harker, S Wilson

Harkins, William M

Harkness, Joseph

Harkness, William

Harland, Steel

Harlesden Photographic Studio (Harlesden Studio)

Harley, David

Harley, Henry

Harley, James

Harlip Ltd

Harman, A

Harman, Ada (Mrs)

Harman, Alfred

Harman, Alfred & Co

Harman, Alfred Hugh

Harman, Herbert P

Harman, Joseph

Harman, Robert

Harman, Robert Vine

Harman, Thomas Richard

Harman, W

Harmer, G A

Harmer, R N (Junior)

Harness, George Henry

Harney, John

Harold, Harold William

Harold, Harry William


Harper & Davies

Harper & Smellie

Harper & Son

Harper & Taylor

Harper F? W

Harper, G

Harper, George Joseph

Harper, Henry

Harper, Henry

Harper, J

Harper, James

Harper, John

Harper, John Campbell

Harper, Thomas

Harper, Walter E

Harper, William

Harridge, W H

Harrie & See (Harris & Lee ?)

Harries & Sons

Harries, D C

Harries, Daniel

Harries, David C

Harrington, E

Harrington, Edmund

Harrington, Edward

Harrington, Frank & Co

Harrington, Frank & Co

Harrington, John

Harriott, Joseph

Harriott, W T


Harris & Co

Harris & Co

Harris & Lee

Harris & Price

Harris & Rose

Harris & Son

Harris & Son

Harris & Woods

Harris Picture Agency

Harris, A

Harris, A (Miss)

Harris, Albert Edward

Harris, Albert Thomas

Harris, Alfred

Harris, Arthur John

Harris, C

Harris, C

Harris, Charles

Harris, Charles Arthur

Harris, Charles S

Harris, Claude Ltd

Harris, Cleopas

Harris, Daniel

Harris, David

Harris, David T

Harris, Edward

Harris, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs)

Harris, Emily (Mrs)

Harris, Ernest

Harris, Evans

Harris, F

Harris, F W

Harris, Frank

Harris, G T

Harris, Gaythorne D

Harris, George

Harris, George & Son

Harris, George F

Harris, George Frederick

Harris, George Robinson

Harris, H

Harris, Henry

Harris, Herbert

Harris, Herbert Charles

Harris, Herbert M

Harris, Honor (Mrs)

Harris, J

Harris, J E

Harris, James

Harris, James

Harris, Jessie

Harris, John Robert

Harris, John William

Harris, Jones & Co

Harris, Jones & Co

Harris, Jones & Co

Harris, Joseph

Harris, Joseph Henry

Harris, Lewis T

Harris, Louis Thomas (Tudor)

Harris, Louise (Mrs)

Harris, M

Harris, Morris

Harris, Percival

Harris, Percy

Harris, Robert

Harris, Robinson

Harris, S M

Harris, Samuel

Harris, Son & Co

Harris, Stephen

Harris, Tudor & Son

Harris, W E

Harris, W J

Harris, W J

Harris, Walter

Harris, Walter H

Harris, Walter William

Harris, William

Harris, William P (H)

Harris, William Thomas

Harrison & Co

Harrison & Murch

Harrison & Murch

Harrison (Harrison Photographer)

Harrison (of Cambridge)

Harrison (of Doncaster)

Harrison Brothers (A J Harrison & Walter Harrison)

Harrison Studio

Harrison, A

Harrison, A W

Harrison, Alfred

Harrison, Annie (Mrs)

Harrison, Arthur

Harrison, Arthur Henry

Harrison, C

Harrison, C F

Harrison, Cecil

Harrison, Cecil D

Harrison, Charles Frederick

Harrison, E

Harrison, E (Miss)

Harrison, E J

Harrison, Edward

Harrison, Edwin

Harrison, Edwin

Harrison, Edwin & Son

Harrison, Edwin (Mrs)

Harrison, Edwin (Mrs)

Harrison, Edwin (Mrs) & W (Miss)

Harrison, F

Harrison, F & W

Harrison, F Jewell

Harrison, Fred

Harrison, Frederick (Fred) Stone

Harrison, G

Harrison, G

Harrison, G & Co

Harrison, G H

Harrison, General (Gerald)

Harrison, George

Harrison, George William

Harrison, H

Harrison, Hannah (Mrs)

Harrison, Harold

Harrison, Harris

Harrison, Harry

Harrison, Henry

Harrison, Henry

Harrison, Henry & Shipsides, Edwardina T

Harrison, Henry William

Harrison, J

Harrison, J

Harrison, J C

Harrison, J H

Harrison, James

Harrison, James

Harrison, James & Sons

Harrison, James A

Harrison, James R

Harrison, James Willoughby

Harrison, John

Harrison, John Ashworth

Harrison, John B

Harrison, John H

Harrison, John H & Son

Harrison, John Henry

Harrison, Joseph

Harrison, Joseph

Harrison, Joseph Crozier

Harrison, L

Harrison, My (Mrs)

Harrison, Norman K

Harrison, R

Harrison, R D

Harrison, Richard

Harrison, Robert

Harrison, Robert

Harrison, S Seymour

Harrison, Sharon W

Harrison, Sidney

Harrison, Stanley S

Harrison, T

Harrison, T

Harrison, T & W

Harrison, Thomas George

Harrison, Thomas H

Harrison, Thomas James

Harrison, Thomas Samuel

Harrison, Tom (Harrison Brothers)

Harrison, W

Harrison, W

Harrison, W H (William Herbert?)

Harrison, Walter George

Harrison, Walter H

Harrison, Walter Henry

Harrison, William

Harrison, William

Harrison, William & Lawrence

Harrison, William Herbert

Harrison, William Marsden

Harrison, William Marsden & Co

Harrison’s Studio

Harriss, Henry

Harrod’s Stores (Harrod’s Ltd )

Harrop & Howard

Harrop (Harrap), Horatio Nelson

Harrop, Edward

Harrow & Sons (possibly Thomas Harrow)

Harrow Camera Exchange

Harrow, Alfred Hart

Harrow, Thomas

Harrow, Thomas

Harry, G & Bro

Harrys, Henry

Harsion, Leonard J

Harston, Leon J


Hart & Co

Hart & Co

Hart, A

Hart, Albert B (Junior)

Hart, Alfred I

Hart, Allen

Hart, B & Co

Hart, C

Hart, C

Hart, Charles

Hart, Clement

Hart, Francis

Hart, George

Hart, Herbert Thomas & Ames, Charles Albert

Hart, Herbert Thomas

Hart, Hyman

Hart, J & Co

Hart, John

Hart, John (Mrs)

Hart, John Lovell

Hart, Joseph

Hart, Mary (Mrs)

Hart, Sidney

Hart, Thomas

Hart, Thomas

Hart, Thomas J

Hart, William

Hart, William

Harter, Oswald Birley (Lt Colonel)

Hartford, R

Harthot, P & Elliott, R W

Hartland & Donovan

Hartland, William

Hartley Brothers

Hartley Brothers (Hartley, Isaac & B)

Hartley Studio

Hartley, Alfred

Hartley, Bath

Hartley, C H

Hartley, Frank

Hartley, Fred J

Hartley, Frederick

Hartley, G

Hartley, H

Hartley, John

Hartley, Joseph

Hartley, Sarah (Mrs)

Hartley, Stephen

Hartley, Thomas

Hartley, William

Hartman, Garrick

Hartnall, Isabell (Miss)

Hartnell, Herbert

Hartshorn (Hartshorne) & Co

Hartshorn (Hartshorne) & Son

Hartshorne, James E

Hartwell, H

Hartwell, Herbert

Hartwell, Herbert

Hartwell, T

Hartwell, T

Hartwell, T (J )

Hartwell, Thomas

Harvard (Havard) Sims & Co


Harvey & Co

Harvey & Knapton

Harvey & Neuland

Harvey Brothers

Harvey, Alfred

Harvey, Barton & Son

Harvey, Benjamin

Harvey, C

Harvey, Charles P

Harvey, D

Harvey, Douglas

Harvey, E (Mrs)

Harvey, George

Harvey, J

Harvey, Kenelm Ltd

Harvey, Oliver G

Harvey, Percy

Harvey, Reynolds & Co

Harvey, Reynolds & Fowler

Harvey, Richard

Harvey, Sampson

Harvey, Samson

Harvey, Samuel

Harvey, Stephen

Harvey, T

Harvey, Thomas

Harvey, Thomas & Reynolds, Richard

Harvey, Thomas & Reynolds, Richard & Co

Harvey, William

Harvey, William & Walter

Harvey, William Charles

Harvey, William Charles & Son

Harwood, A

Harwood, Ainslie

Harwood, G

Harwood, George

Harwood, Henry

Harwood, William

Hasan, G

Haseler (Hasler), Edwin

Haseler, Charles & Son

Haskins, Frank

Haskoll, T F

Haslam, E

Haslam, James Alfred

Haslam, James Alfred & Fletcher

Hasler, Ulrich

Haslett, Charles O

Hasney, Joseph

Hassall, C W

Hassall, Charles N

Hassall, Elijah

Hassall, William Henry

Hassan, Golam

Hassard, W J

Hassell, A J M

Hassell, Augustus John Marks

Hasset, John Frederick Blenner


Hastings Brothers

Hastings Photographic Company

Hastings School of Photography

Hastings, Edward

Hastings, George W

Hastings, George W

Hastings, Godfrey

Hastings, Godfrey

Hastings, John

Hastings, Joseph

Hastings, Martha

Hatch & Son

Hatch, Charles H

Hatch, D’Aubigney (Aubigny)

Hatch, Henry

Hatch, James

Hatch, James & Millea, ?

Hatch, John Vincent (aka Vincent)

Hatch, Mercer

Hateley, Daniel

Hatfield, V J

Hatherill, John

Hatt (Hart), Robert

Hatt (Hart), W

Hatt, Frederick Lindon

Hatt, Lindon

Hatt, Lindon & Son

Hatt, Robert

Hattersley, Annie & Ada (Misses)

Hattersley, Annie (Miss)

Hattersley, F

Hattersley, Simpson

Hatto, Douglas

Hatton, D & Co

Hatton, Harry

Hatton, John

Hatton, R

Hatty House Studio

Haughan, T J

Haughton, Brandon

Haughton, J E

Haughton, Walter I

Havell, Edmund

Havell, Edmund

Havelock Art Co

Haves & Whiting

Haviland, Heath John

Havill, Frederick

Havill, M W

Havinden, J

Haweirs, Hugolin (Miss)

Hawes, Arthur

Hawes, Percy

Hawhes, William Thomas

Hawick Photographic Saloon

Hawke & George

Hawke, Alfred Herbert

Hawke, Frederick

Hawke, John

Hawke, James Bolton

Hawke, John (Jonathan)

Hawke, John D

Hawken & Sons

Hawken, Thomas Edward

Hawken, William Edward

Hawker & Son

Hawker Brothers

Hawker, Charles

Hawker, Charles & Son

Hawker, G E

Hawker, William John

Hawkes (Hawes), Charles John

Hawkes, Charles John

Hawkes, John

Hawkes, Samuel

Hawkes, William

Hawkey, John

Hawking, John

Hawkings, H

Hawkings, W H


Hawkins & Emerson

Hawkins (Mr)

Hawkins Equetrian Studio

Hawkins, A

Hawkins, Abdiel

Hawkins, Charles

Hawkins, Charles & Co

Hawkins, Charles (Mrs)

Hawkins, Eliza & Co

Hawkins, F

Hawkins, F

Hawkins, Freeman

Hawkins, Henry

Hawkins, John L

Hawkins, Richard

Hawkins, Samuel

Hawkins, T G

Hawkins, T G

Hawkins, T G (J G)

Hawkins, Thomas

Hawkins, Walter

Hawkins, William Henry

Hawkins, William John

Hawksley, William Fletcher

Hawkswell, G & N

Hawley Photo Co

Hawley, Alfred S (P)

Hawley, Ben

Hawley, Frank

Hawley, Frederick

Hawley, Martin

Hawley, William

Haworth, E N

Haworth, George

Haworth, Herbert

Haworth, John



Hay (Hey), Samuel

Hay, Cameron H H

Hay, David

Hay, David Syme

Hay, David Syme & Hay, George Heron

Hay, George Heron

Hay, George Heron & Hay, David Syme

Hay, John

Hay, John & Son

Hay, Lillie

Hay, R

Hay, Samuel

Hay, W J

Hay, William

Hay, Wrightson

Hayball, Arthur

Haycroft, Alan M

Hayden Studio

Hayden, Allan F

Hayden, Charles Edward

Haydock, Ben

Haydon, James

Haydon, Jane

Hayes & Lowther

Hayes, Albert

Hayes, Charles

Hayes, Francis

Hayes, George

Hayes, J M

Hayes, James

Hayes, John

Hayes, Raymond

Hayes, William

Hayes, William Edward

Hayesbirch, William

Hayler, Walter

Hayler, Walter

Hayles, John H

Hayles, William Henry

Hayman & Way

Hayman, Henry

Hayman, Henry & Sons

Haymarket Studio

Hayne & Son

Hayne, A

Hayne, A & J

Hayne, James Henry

Haynes, A

Haynes, E (Mrs)

Haynes, F & Co

Haynes, Frederick

Haynes, Frederick & Green, William

Haynes, Henry William

Haynes, J

Haynes, J W

Haynes, James

Haynes, John

Haynes, Joseph

Haynes, Sarah M (Mrs)

Haynes, T

Hays, Charles

Hays, F T

Hays, Herbert

Hays, R

Hayter, Samuel

Hayter, Tom

Hayward & Co

Hayward (Haywood), William H

Hayward, Alfred & Wilkinson, George

Hayward, Alfred Thomas

Hayward, Alfred Thomas & Cooper, M F

Hayward, Arthur

Hayward, E

Hayward, Edward

Hayward, Ernest

Hayward, Frederick

Hayward, G

Hayward, George E (A?)

Hayward, Henry

Hayward, Jasper (Casper) Gilbert

Hayward, John

Hayward, L

Hayward, Louis

Hayward, Louis

Hayward, Robert

Hayward, Sydney

Hayward, Thomas (Tom)

Hayward, W

Hayward, William G

Haywood, Harry

Hazard, John S

Hazeldine, C H B

Hazeldine, Charles H

Hazell & Applegarth

Hazell (Hazel), Walter

Hazell, Edwin Henry

Hazell, Robert William

Hazell, Watson & Viney Ltd

Hazell, William Robert

Hazelton, William Dennis

Hazleir, F

Hazlett, James

Hazlewood, J E

Hazulay, I

Head, Dora (Miss)

Head, T

Head, T

Head, Thomas

Head, Thomas & Son

Head, Thomas H & Co

Headon, H G

Headridge, William

Heal, William T

Heald, Samuel

Healey, Arthur F

Healey, Arthur Frank

Healey, H T

Healey, Henry T

Healey, Thomas

Healy, A F

Healy, James A

Healy, Timothy Joseph

Heap, A

Heap, George

Heap, Grimshaw

Heap, Mary (Miss)

Heap, Thomas

Heape (Heap), John

Heaps, F L

Heaps, Joseph Lofthouse

Heapy, A

Heard, J F

Hearn, Frederick

Hearn, John

Hearn, John & Foxe (Fox), W

Hearn, Roger

Hearne, Charles

Heath & Bradnee, William

Heath & Bullingham

Heath & Co

Heath & Co

Heath & Stoneman, Arthur Sargeant

Heath Studio

Heath, (Miss)

Heath, A

Heath, A (Mrs)

Heath, Adolphe & Beau

Heath, Albert

Heath, Alfred T

Heath, Alfred T

Heath, Charles

Heath, Edgar

Heath, F J

Heath, H T

Heath, Henry Charles

Heath, Henry Charles & Beau, A P A

Heath, J H (same as Heath John Haviland?)

Heath, James

Heath, John

Heath, Thomas

Heath, Vernon

Heath, Vernon & Co

Heath, W H

Heath, William

Heath, William

Heath, William Edwin

Heathcote, Arthur Henry Yvery Ltd

Heathcote, Frank H

Heathcote, George Frederick

Heathcote, P

Heather Company

Heather, Alice (Miss)

Heather, John W

Heather, Maud (Miss)

Heather, Richard Harry

Heatherstone (Hetherstone), Cleghorn & Co

Heathman, William

Heatley, Evan

Heaton Brothers

Heaton, Alfred E

Heaton, Charles W

Heaton, Frank

Heaton, George (Junior)

Heaton, George Gordon

Heaton, Richard

Heaton, Thomas

Heaton, W B

Heaton, Wallace Ltd

Heaven, R Archibald

Heaviside & Roelich

Heaviside, Edward

Heaviside, Frederick

Heaviside, George

Heaviside, Thomas

Heawood & Hargrave

Heawood (Heywood) & Co

Heawood, John William

Heaword, Thomas

Hebblewhite, F

Hebden, George

Hebdon, Horace Edwin

Heber, Ebenezer

Hebert, Frederick

Heckler, A

Heckley, T

Hector, Jane (Mrs)

Hector, R L

Hector, William

Hedderly, James

Hedge, William

Hedgeland, Sweetman

Hedgeland, Sweetman & Dunk

Hedger, A (Mrs)

Hedger, Mary Ann (Mrs)

Hedger, Mathew & Ann

Hedges, David

Hedges, David & Sons

Hedges, David Marshall

Hedges, Frank

Hedges, Frederick

Hedges, Robert Thomas

Hedges, Robert Thomas & Mrs

Hedley, R H & Co

Heel, E

Heeley, Harry H

Hefft & Co

Heggie, Robert

Heilbrom & Allerton

Heilbronn, Arthur C

Heilbronn, Arthur C & Co

Heilbronn, E

Heilbronn, E & W C

Heilbronn, W C

Heiman, Vandyck

Hele, William

Helene (Madame)

Helene Photographic Studio

Helene Western Studio

Heliogravure Printing Co

Helios Photographic Works

Heliotype Co Ltd

Hellary (Hellery), James Spencer

Hellawell, William

Hellawell, William & Son

Hellier, A D & Co

Hellier, A D (S) & Co

Hellis, Gertrude (Mrs)

Hellis, R

Hellis, Reginald J

Hellis, Robert

Hellis, Robert

Hellis, Robert & Sons (Hellis & Sons)

Hellis, William

Helliwell, Thomas

Hellstern, Arthur

Hellstern, Arthur

Hellwell, J W

Hellyer, Marion (Miss)

Helm, Edwin

Helman, Max

Helmer, Thomas Frederick

Helmer, William Henry

Helms & Sons

Helms, William

Helmsley, Thomas

Helsby, C A & Co

Helsby, Fred

Helsby, Frederick C

Helsby, William George (Junior)

Helsby, William George (Senior)

Helsdon Brothers

Helsey, F

Helton, G & Co


Hemchliffe, Arthur

Hemery & Co

Hemery & Harty

Hemery, Frederick Victor

Hemery, G

Hemery, T Lindsay

Hemery, Thomas George

Hemingway (Hemmingway), William Henry

Hemingway, W

Hemming Brothers

Hemming, Alfred

Hemming, Henry Charles

Hemming, William

Hemmings, E H

Hemmings, G H

Hemmingway, W M

Hemmins, Henry

Hemmins, Henry & Howell

Hempsall, Albert Edward

Hempsall, Albert Edward & Turner

Hemsley, W

Hemstock, Thomas

Henderson & Co

Henderson & Co

Henderson & Ellis

Henderson & Maule

Henderson & Wall

Henderson, A Murray

Henderson, Adam

Henderson, Alex D

Henderson, Alexander

Henderson, Alexander Lamont

Henderson, Andrew

Henderson, Archibald

Henderson, Frank

Henderson, George Robert

Henderson, J

Henderson, J

Henderson, J & S (Misses)

Henderson, J W

Henderson, James

Henderson, James

Henderson, James & Son

Henderson, John

Henderson, John

Henderson, John (Junior)

Henderson, John William

Henderson, Joseph

Henderson, Justus

Henderson, Matthew

Henderson, P

Henderson, Percy

Henderson, Percy E

Henderson, Peter

Henderson, Peter S

Henderson, Robert

Henderson, Robert Sheild

Henderson, T

Henderson, Thomas

Henderson, Thomas & C

Henderson, W C & Sons

Henderson, Wilkin S

Henderson, William

Henderson, William Boyd

Hendley, E (Miss)

Hendley, William Henry

Hendrey (Hendreys)(Hendry), Alfred

Hendrey (Henry)(Hendreys)(Hendry), Alfred

Hendrey, A & Co

Hendrey, A (Mrs)

Hendrey, A G

Hendry (Henry), James

Hendry, Albert Henry

Hendry, Matthew

Hendry, Percy

Hendry, V

Henfrey, Claude

Hengham, Charles T

Henkel R (possibly) & Symons

Henkel, R


Hennah & Kent

Hennah & Mason

Hennan, L (Miss)

Henneman (Hennemann), Nicholas (Nikolaas) & Co

Henneman (Hennemann), Nicholas (Nikolaas) & Malone, T A

Henneman, Nikolaas

Hennigan, Edward Bernard

Hennigan, Edwin

Hennigan, Edwin Bernard

Hennis, G

Henrad, George J

Henrad, George J & Co Ltd

Henri, M & Co

Henri, Robert

Henry & Co

Henry, Louise Maud (Mrs) & Co Ltd

Henry, Louise Maud (Mrs) & Freeman, Ernest Alfred

Henry & Henry

Henry (Henery), Hubert

Henry Brothers

Henry Studios

Henry, H

Henry, Harry Hamilton

Henry, Hubert (also Henry Hubert)

Henry, J

Henry, John H

Henry, John W

Henry, Louise Maud (Mrs)

Henry, Robert

Henry, Robert & Son

Henry, W Ethelbert

Henry, William

Henshall & Bradbury

Henshall, A (Miss)

Henshall, A (Miss) & F (Miss?)

Henshall, C

Henshall, George

Henshall, George (Junior)

Henshall, George H

Henshall, George H

Henshall, James

Henshall, Thomas Meredith

Henshaw, James

Henshaw, John

Henshaw, William Barlow

Hensley, H M

Hensman & Co

Hensman, John

Hensman, John James

Henson & Co

Henson, Ernest

Henson, W S & Co

Henstchel (Henschel), Carl

Hentschel, August

Henty, Fred

Henwick, M A (Miss)

Henwood, Charles

Henzell, Joshua George

Henzell, S D

Heppell & Collier

Hepworth & Co (Hepworth Manufacturing Co Ltd)

Hepworth, F

Hepworth, George

Hepworth, Henry

Hepworth, Walter

Herapath, Thomas J

Herbert & Co

Herbert & Hays

Herbert & Reece

Herbert & Son

Herbert Brothers

Herbert Brothers & Co

Herbert, Alfred

Herbert, C

Herbert, Frank

Herbert, G

Herbert, G W

Herbert, George

Herbert, George & Son

Herbert, H R

Herbert, Henry

Herbert, Henry & Sons

Herbert, Henry Arthur (Major)

Herbert, J F

Herbert, J W

Herbert, Jean (Mrs)

Herbert, L & Co

Herbert, Parker

Herbert, Robert

Herbert, S J

Herbert, S J & Sons

Herbert, Thomas Arthur

Herbert, W

Herbert, William John

Herbert, William W

Herbert, William W

Herbert, William Wallace

Herbert’s Studio

Herbertson, Thomas & Co

Herdman, Walter George

Hereford Photographic Company

Hering, Frank

Hering, Henry

Heritage, Charles George

Heritage, Thomas

Herivel, P T

Herman Studio

Herman Studio

Herman, Herman

Herman, M

Herman, Raivid

Herman, Raivid & Co

Hermann, Carl (Charles Herman)

Hermann, W

Hermer, Herman

Hermer, Hyman

Herne Hill Studio

Herner, Alvard

Herold, W

Heron, Hogarth

Herrett & Prous

Herrett, George

Herridge, E

Herridge, Ernest

Herridge, Ernest & Co

Herridge, J M

Herring, Claude

Herriot, Aubrey

Herriott (Herriot), James

Herriott, F W

Herriott, J

Herriott, J

Herriott, Martha Elizabeth Henrietta (Mrs)

Herriott, W F

Herrman, L

Herron, R H

Herscoviney, Harry

Herts Press

Herts Press Bureau

Hertz, Annie (Mrs)

Hertz, Henry

Hertz, James

Hertz, James & Co

Herve, Alfred

Herve, C H

Herve, Charles

Herve, Charles Stanley

Herve, Charles Stanley (C H)

Herve, Edwin

Hesketh, Eva (Miss)

Hesketh, Frank S

Hesketh, James

Heskett, Joseph James

Hesling, Arthur

Hess & Dexter

Hess, Julius

Hess, Wilhelm (William B )

Hesse, E A & Co

Hester (Hector)(Hestor), Albert

Hester (Hestor), Albert

Hetherington, Henry

Hetherington, Thomas

Heugh, E J

Heughan, Charles T

Heughan, Charles T & Wilkinson

Heughan, James

Heughan, James & Son

Hever, Ernest

Hewend, Thomas

Hewes, Charles Henry

Hewett (Hewitt?), Edward

Hewett, H W

Hewitson, James Redvers


Hewitt & Co

Hewitt, A & Co

Hewitt, Charles Frederick

Hewitt, Charles Henry

Hewitt, Edward A

Hewitt, Ernest A

Hewitt, Harvey

Hewitt, Henry

Hewitt, J V

Hewitt, James

Hewitt, Joseph

Hewitt, R

Hewitt, Thomas & Son

Hewitt, Walter Harry

Hewland, Richard Henry

Hewlett, Muriel (Mrs)

Hewson, William

Hey, Samuel (aka Hay)

Hey, Samuel

Hey, Samuel

Hey, Victor

Heyden, Henry

Heydens Studio

Heyes, Cyril James

Heyes, George

Heyes, Victor

Heyes, William

Heyes, William & Son

Heymann, Marie (Madame)

Heys & Co

Heys & Silverwood

Heys, John

Heys, William Henry

Heywood (Heaword), Thomas

Heywood, Charles W

Heywood, E W

Heyworth, F

Heyworth, Robert N

Hibberd, J

Hibbert, Leslie Robert


Hibbins, W

Hibbs, Edward

Hibling, Everett Edward

Hick & Heerman’s

Hick, Arthur Charles

Hick, Vivian M

Hicken, E

Hicken, Henry

Hickey (Hickie), Michael

Hickey, C Campbell & Co

Hickey, William

Hickin & Slater

Hickin, Edwin James

Hickin, Thomas

Hicking, S & Co

Hickings, H

Hickling, Dorothy (Miss)

Hickling, J

Hickling, W


Hickman (Hickham), John

Hickman, Samuel

Hickox, Herbert Edward

Hicks & Co

Hicks Brothers

Hicks, Cecil Arthur

Hicks, E D

Hicks, Edwin Thomas

Hicks, J

Hicks, James

Hicks, James & Hicks, William

Hicks, John

Hicks, John Arthur

Hicks, S G

Hicks, Thomas

Hicks, Thomas Spurzheim

Hicks, Thomas Spurzheim (Mr & Mrs)

Hicks, V M

Hicks, William

Hicks, William & Co

Hide & Co

Hide (Hides), Edmund

Hide, William

Hider, Bertram Laurence

Hider, Claud Robert

Hider, Harry Percival

Hider, Robert

Hider, Robert

Hides, Arthur

Higby, Joseph

Higdon, Frank

Higdon, Thomas

Higginbotham, Henry

Higginbottom, F

Higginbottom, H

Higginbottom, William

Higgins & Sons

Higgins Royal Studio

Higgins, A P

Higgins, Albert

Higgins, Daniel Francis

Higgins, Edward James

Higgins, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Higgins, Frederick G

Higgins, Frederick G & Son

Higgins, George

Higgins, Henry

Higgins, John William

Higgins, Mary J (Miss)

Higgins, Michael J

Higgins, Montague

Higgins, P

Higgins, Peter

Higgins, Peter

Higgins, R

Higgins, Reginald

Higgins, Reginald Arthur

Higgins, T

Higgins, Thomas

Higginson, George

Higginson, Thomas Walt

Higginson, William R

Higgs & Sayer

Higgs, A K

Higgs, C C (Madame)

Higgs, Charles Edward

Higgs, James J

Higgs, Samuel

Higgs, W H

High Art Studio

High Street Photographic Co

High Street Studio

Higham, Charles T

Higham, George G

Higham, Sydney

Higham, William

Highbury Studio

Highlight Studios Ltd

Hignell, Henry

Hignett, John A

Higson, C H & Co

Higson, James

Hikely, John

Hil, G l & Co

Hilbert, J & Co

Hilder, Alfred John

Hilder, Alfred John & Ward

Hilder, Charles John

Hilder, H & C

Hilder, Harry

Hilder, John William

Hilder, John William (Junior)

Hilder, William

Hildesheimer, Albert

Hildick, Benjamin Herbert

Hildyard, Walter

Hildyard, Walter & Molyneux

Hiles, P V

Hiley, Henry W

Hill, W & Hartley

Hill & Kellock Ltd

Hill & McCowan

Hill & Pentlow

Hill & Scott

Hill & Scott

Hill & Wakeling

Hill & Williams

Hill (Hills), Samuel Joseph

Hill Brothers

Hill Brothers

Hill, Amos

Hill, Arthur

Hill, Arthur Harrison

Hill, Athelstan

Hill, Bert

Hill, C

Hill, Clarissa (Miss)

Hill, Claude & E

Hill, David Octavius

Hill, E

Hill, Edward

Hill, Edward

Hill, Edward & Mrs

Hill, Edwin

Hill, Eliza

Hill, Ernest

Hill, F

Hill, F H

Hill, Francis

Hill, Frank J

Hill, Frank T

Hill, Fras

Hill, Frederick

Hill, Frederick James P

Hill, G Gatwin

Hill, George

Hill, George & Sons

Hill, H

Hill, H

Hill, H E

Hill, Harold

Hill, Henry

Hill, Henry Hutchinson

Hill, Henry R

Hill, Herbert

Hill, James

Hill, James

Hill, Jane

Hill, John

Hill, John

Hill, Joseph

Hill, Joseph & Son

Hill, Joseph & Sons

Hill, Joseph James

Hill, L (Miss)

Hill, Leigh

Hill, Lillian (Miss)

Hill, Margaret

Hill, Mary Jane (Miss or Mrs)

Hill, Medora

Hill, Percy

Hill, R

Hill, R S

Hill, R S & Son

Hill, Reginald S

Hill, Richard

Hill, Richard Stephen

Hill, Robert

Hill, Robert Stenton & Son

Hill, S E

Hill, Samuel

Hill, Samuel

Hill, Samuel Joseph

Hill, W

Hill, W White

Hill, Walter G

Hill, William

Hill, William Henry

Hillen, James T

Hillerby, Harry

Hillier & Co

Hillier, E

Hillier, Joseph

Hillman, Walter & Co

Hillmer, W & Co

Hillmer, William

Hills & Co

Hills & Co

Hills & Saunders (Hill & Saunders Ltd)

Hills, Arthur Reginald

Hills, H J

Hills, Henry James

Hills, Robert

Hills, Robert

Hills, Robert & Saunders, John Henry

Hills, Samuel Joseph

Hillside Studios

Hilsbach, Edward

Hilson, Percy H

Hilton Brothers

Hilton, Alfred William George

Hilton, Edward

Hilton, Edwin H

Hilton, Fred

Hilton, H

Hilton, Harry

Hilton, Henry

Hilton, J

Hilton, James

Hilton, John Deane

Hilton, Joseph

Hilton, S Gordon

Hilton, W H

Hilton, Walter M

Hilton, William H

Hilton, William Henry

Hilton, William Henry

Hilwood, Clarke Studios

Hinchcliffe & Co

Hinchcliffe & Ramsden

Hinchcliffe & Son

Hinchcliffe (Hinchliffe), Fred

Hinchcliffe (Hinchliffe), Herbert

Hinchcliffe, Alice (Miss)

Hinchcliffe, David

Hinchcliffe, Ellen (Mrs)

Hinchcliffe, Eugene

Hinchcliffe, Grace (Mrs)

Hinchcliffe, Henry

Hinchcliffe, J

Hinchcliffe, John

Hinchcliffe, Ramsden (Hinchliffe & Ramsden)

Hinchcliffe, Thomas


Hinchliffe, Charles

Hinchliffe, H

Hinchliffe, James Wilson

Hind, Alfred & Haley

Hind, Arthur Richard

Hind, Elizabeth (Miss)

Hind, Harold

Hind, J

Hind, Joseph & Haley

Hind, Richard Arthur

Hind, T & R

Hind, W L

Hinde & Carpenter

Hindle & Gibson

Hindle, Eugene

Hindle, George

Hindle, Joseph

Hindle, T

Hindley, Edward Ernest

Hindley, Ivy (Miss)

Hindley, J

Hindley, Thomas J

Hine, Alfred

Hine, Alfred H

Hine, J

Hinge, Henry

Hingie, G

Hingley, Oswin F

Hinkins, Arthur

Hinkins, Arthur & Son

Hinkins, F R & Sons

Hinkins, Frank R

Hinks, Henry James

Hinley, John

Hinson, George Frederick

Hinson, H

Hinton, Alfred Horsley

Hinton, Charles

Hinton, E W

Hinton, Elizabeth & Henry

Hinton, H N

Hinton, Herbert James

Hinton, More

Hinton, Richard

Hinton, William & Co

Hinton, William Ernest (E W) & Co

Hipp, A & Co

Hipp, Christie Ahier

Hipperson, William A

Hird, James

Hird, John

Hiron, Russell

Hirst & Co

Hirst & Sons

Hirst, Guy L

Hirst, S R

Hirst, William


Hiscock, William Lionel

Hiscocks, Phillip

Hiscox, W S

Hisgen Brothers

Hislop & Day

Hislop & Day Ltd

Hislop, John

Histed, Ernest Walter

Histed, Ernest Walter & Co

Hitchcock, George

Hitchcock, H

Hitchcock, Henry Jonothan

Hitchcock, James

Hitchcock, William

Hitchen, James

Hitchin (Hitchen), Thomas

Hitchings, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs)

Hitchings, John Rouse

Hitchin-Kemp, F

Hitchman & Son

Hix, Jean

Hoad, Charles

Hoadley, James

Hoare & Cole Ltd

Hoare Brothers

Hoare Brothers

Hoare, C F

Hoare, Charles

Hoare, George Phillip

Hoare, John

Hoare, William Henry

Hoather, William Henry

Hoban, J T

Hobart & Co

Hobart, A W

Hobart, Robert

Hobbes, Henry Arthur Mark

Hobbige, John James

Hobbis (Hobbiss), John James

Hobbis, Frederick

Hobbis, John (Senior)

Hobbis, Richard

Hobbis, W B


Hobbiss (Hobbis), John James

Hobbiss, Henry

Hobbiss, J & G

Hobbs & Barratt

Hobbs & Co

Hobbs, Alfred

Hobbs, Alfred W

Hobbs, Charlotte (Mrs)

Hobbs, Frank

Hobbs, Henry

Hobbs, Hesse (?)

Hobbs, J (Mrs)

Hobbs, James

Hobbs, Offen & Co

Hobbs, Pauline (Miss)

Hobbs, William (3)

Hobbs, William (1)

Hobbs, William (2?)

Hobbs, William (2)

Hobcraft, Edward

Hobcraft, William

Hobday, H E

Hobday, Walter William

Hobday, William Walter

Hobkirk, Robert

Hobley, G H

Hobson, E

Hobson, Paul

Hobson, Thomas

Hockenhull, Philip Hall

Hockett, Samuel W & Co

Hockett, Samuel W & White

Hockey, John

Hockey, William

Hockin, Ernest Hopekirk


Hocking, Henry

Hocking, Henry & Co

Hocking, Sydney

Hockley, George

Hockley, George & Mrs

Hodda, John

Hodda, John

Hodder, Edmund

Hoddle, Charles

Hodge, Andrew

Hodge, Henrietta (Mrs)

Hodge, John

Hodge, Samuel


Hodges & Son

Hodges (Mr)

Hodges, Alfred Stanhope

Hodges, Albert Ernest

Hodges, Ann (Mrs)

Hodges, Frank

Hodges, James

Hodges, John William

Hodges, Richard

Hodges, W

Hodges, William

Hodges, William

Hodges, William & Son

Hodges, William & Son

Hodges, William F

Hodges, William Merrett

Hodgetts (Hoggetts), Thomas

Hodgetts, John William

Hodgetts, Thomas Corderoy

Hodgkinson, Alfred

Hodgkinson, H

Hodgkinson, James

Hodgkinson, T

Hodgkinson, W Ltd

Hodgkinson, William



Hodgson & Co

Hodgson & Walburn

Hodgson (Hodson), R

Hodgson Brothers (aka W & E Hodgson)

Hodgson Brothers

Hodgson, Chris H

Hodgson, Edward

Hodgson, G C

Hodgson, George

Hodgson, Henry

Hodgson, J

Hodgson, Joseph

Hodgson, Margaret Alice (Miss)

Hodgson, R

Hodgson, R & Carter

Hodgson, Ralph

Hodgson, William

Hodgson, William (Mrs)

Hodgson, William Henry & Co

Hodgson, William J

Hodgson-Brown, Anthony

Hodkinson, H

Hodnett, T

Hodsoll, Frederick G


Hodson, E M

Hodson, Edward

Hodson, George

Hoe, Tom

Hoeck, Hermann

Hoedt, W H Inc

Hoepfner, Franz


Hoffman, George

Hoffman, George Cameo

Hoffman, George Laurence

Hoffman, Johnston

Hoffman, Meyer

Hoffman, Otto

Hogan & Davies

Hogarth & Eidmans

Hogben, H R

Hogben, Henry David

Hogben, Henry F (David )

Hogg, Alexander Robert

Hogg, Browning

Hogg, Edward Albert

Hogg, Edward Alfred

Hogg, Gilbert T

Hogg, Henry Browning

Hogg, Jabez

Hogg, James Henry

Hogg, Robert

Hogg, Thomas

Hogg, William J

Hogg, William Robert


Hoggard, John (Jonathan) E

Hoggard, S

Hoggard, Samuel

Hogge, Albert Edward


Hoinville, Frederick

Hoit & Co

Holam Ltd

Holaway, James Frederick

Holborn & Turner

Holborn (Holbourne), Henry

Holborn Banquet Photographic Co

Holborn Brothers

Holborn Photographic Co

Holborn, Arthur

Holborn, Arthur

Holborn, Arthur Samuel Henry

Holborn, Henry

Holborn, Henry N

Holbrook, Albert Henry

Holbrook, Arthur (is this Albert Henry?)

Holbrook, F

Holbrook, Frank

Holbrook, Frederick

Holbrook, Mary (Mrs)

Holdaway, T

Holdaway, T & A

Holden, (George?) Watkins

Holden, Albert

Holden, Charles

Holden, E

Holden, Eliza (Mrs)

Holden, Frederick (Mrs)

Holden, Frederick James

Holden, G W (Mrs)

Holden, George

Holden, George

Holden, George Watkins

Holden, George Watkins

Holden, George Watkins & Co

Holden, H

Holden, H & Son

Holden, Henry

Holden, J

Holden, Joseph

Holden, Nathaniel

Holden, R

Holden, R & Son

Holden, Rebecca

Holden, Richard

Holden, Thomas F

Holden-Tooley & Kelf

Holder, Henry Wharry

Holder, John Percy

Holder, Joseph

Holderness, F J

Holderness, J & Higginson

Holderness, J & J

Holdich, Alfred

Holding, Ezbon

Holding, J

Holditch, P

Holdstock, W S

Holdsworth, E

Holdsworth, George

Holdsworth, George & Co

Holdsworth, George & Son

Holdsworth, Harold

Holdsworth, Herbert

Holdsworth, Israel

Holdsworth’s Free Film Co

Holdsworth’s Studio

Hole, Bert

Hole, Herbert Henry

Holey, George

Holey, Thomas

Holgate, James & Co

Holgate, John

Holgate, Richard

Holiday Snaps

Holifield, Edmund

Holker, J

Hollamby, Arthur

Hollamby, Charles

Holland & Hampton

Holland, Andrew

Holland, Andrew

Holland, B

Holland, Charles

Holland, E

Holland, Edward

Holland, Frederick Walter

Holland, Joseph A (Joseph H)

Holland, Joshua

Holland, Richard Arthur

Holland, Richard Arthur & Holland, A E

Holland, Walter

Hollander, Jacob

Hollands, Arthur

Hollick, C

Hollick, William

Holliday & Co

Holliday & Son

Holliday, Alfred William

Holliday, Herbert

Holliday, William Henry

Holliday, W H

Holliday, Willaim

Holliday, William & Major

Holliday, William Henry & Son

Hollinghurst, Charles Herbert

Hollingshead, L

Hollingworth, H

Hollingworth, E

Hollingworth, Halboyne Arthur

Hollins, B


Hollis, Arthur

Hollis, George James

Hollis, James G

Holliwell, Richard

Hollow, D (Miss)

Hollow, Harry

Holloway & Beard (possibly Jesse Holloway)

Holloway, B Vere

Holloway, Charles Wykeham

Holloway, Charles Wykeham

Holloway, Edgar

Holloway, Frederick

Holloway, G C

Holloway, George

Holloway, H

Holloway, Hector Reynold

Holloway, J (Mrs)

Holloway, Jesse

Holloway, Miller

Holloway, Roland

Holloway, W H J

Holly House Studios

Hollyer, Frederick

Hollyer, Frederick

Hollyer, Frederick T

Hollyer, Reginald Federick

Hollywood Photography Ltd

Hollywood Studio

Hollywood Studios Ltd

Holman & Paget (Misses)

Holman, Henry

Holman, William


Holme, Harry

Holme, Horace

Holme, M A

Holme, William T


Holmes & Co

Holmes & Morris

Holmes & Morris

Holmes (Miss)

Holmes, Alfred

Holmes, Arthur

Holmes, Burvill

Holmes, Charles

Holmes, E

Holmes, Edward

Holmes, Edward James

Holmes, Eleanor (Mrs)

Holmes, Ernest

Holmes, Frank

Holmes, Frank & Turl, Victor H

Holmes, Frank Edward

Holmes, Frederick

Holmes, George

Holmes, H W

Holmes, Harold

Holmes, J T

Holmes, J W

Holmes, James

Holmes, James C

Holmes, John

Holmes, John E

Holmes, John E & Co

Holmes, John Hugh

Holmes, Joseph

Holmes, R

Holmes, Richard

Holmes, Sidney

Holmes, Verna (Mrs)

Holmes, W

Holmes, William

Holmes, William Robinson

Holmwood, Thomas

Holroyd, Thomas & James

Holroyd, James

Holroyd, Thomas & James

Holt & Co

Holt & Leonard

Holt & Marsden

Holt & Robinson

Holt, Alfred

Holt, Carl

Holt, Edmumd

Holt, Edward

Holt, George

Holt, George Frederick & Son

Holt, Harry

Holt, Horace Parr

Holt, J

Holt, John

Holt, Joseph

Holt, Joseph Oliver

Holt, M

Holt, R

Holt, Richard

Holt, Robert

Holt, W

Holt, William

Holtby, Lance

Holte, Thomas Frank


Holwill, Fred Cyril

Holy Croft Photographic Studio

Holyoak & Son

Holyoake & Coates

Holyoake, George S

Holyoake, Walter Rowland

Holyoake, Walter Rowland

Holyoake, William H

Holyoake, William H & Son (Henry)

Holywood Portraits

Holzheimer & Sayer

Holzheimer (Holzeimer), Louis (Louie)

Holzheimer, Louis (Louie)

Home & Co

Home Photographic Co

Home Portrait Co

Homer, Alfred

Homer, Elijah James

Homer, James Edward

Homer, John

Homes for Orphans

Homes, Henry

Homolka, Jaroslav

Hone, William

Honey, Alfred

Honey, Alfred & Brandenburg (Brandeburg)

Honey, Alfred T

Honey, Alfred T & Co

Honey, William Griffiths Earle

Honey, William Henry

Honeyman & Co

Honeywell, Frank

Hood & Co Ltd

Hood (Hodd), Oliver

Hood, Alex

Hood, Arthur

Hood, C

Hood, David

Hood, Eliza (Lisa) (Miss)

Hood, Elizabeth (Miss)

Hood, Emilie (Miss)

Hood, Emilie (Mrs)

Hood, G

Hood, Harold

Hood, J A

Hood, J C

Hood, James

Hood, John

Hood, John

Hood, John & R

Hood, John Dawson

Hood, John Roy

Hood, Robert G D

Hood, Thomas

Hood, Thomas

Hook, W E

Hooke, J

Hooke, William Henry

Hooker, T

Hoole, Charles

Hoole, Edward

Hoole, Henry Frederick & Co

Hoole, J

Hooley, Charles

Hooley, Harold

Hooper & Moffatt

Hooper & Wyeth

Hooper, Barry

Hooper, Charles E

Hooper, Douglas

Hooper, E F

Hooper, George

Hooper, Gladys (Mrs)

Hooper, James C

Hooper, John

Hooper, Joseph

Hooper, Samuel

Hooper, Turner & Co

Hooper, William

Hooper, William & Atherton

Hooton, Albert WIlliam

Hope & Co

Hope, Charles A

Hope, Frederick

Hope, Morten

Hopgood, E

Hopgood, Edward

Hopgood, Edwin James

Hopgood, J

Hopkin & Williams

Hopkin, L E

Hopkins & Ainsworth

Hopkins (Hopkin), Ernest

Hopkins Brothers (also as John & Alfred G Hopkins)

Hopkins Frank L

Hopkins, Cuthbert John

Hopkins, E & C

Hopkins, E W C

Hopkins, Ernest

Hopkins, Frank

Hopkins, Frederick

Hopkins, Richard

Hopkins, Richard & Hicks

Hopkins, T F

Hopkins, T F & Ainsworth

Hopkins, W

Hopkins, William

Hopkinson, Frederick

Hoppe, Emil Otto

Hopper & Spry

Hopper, Edwin

Hopper, Henry

Hopper, James

Hopper, Joseph L

Hopper, T

Hopperton, Herbert

Hopperton, Herbert Joseph

Hopperton, Hubert Joseph

Hopperton, S H

Hopps, Frank

Hopson, Alfred

Hopson, Charles

Hopson, George

Hopson, J

Hopwood & Co

Hopwood (Mr)

Hopwood Brothers

Hopwood, Edward

Hopwood, Ethel (Miss)

Hopwood, F

Hopwood, Frank

Hopwood, Frederick

Hopwood, J

Hopwood, John

Hopwood, Peter

Hopwood, Peter

Hopwood, Peter & Co

Hopwood, Robert

Hopwood, W & Co

Horbury, Charles

Hore, P P

Hore, W

Horfield, Charles

Horgan Brothers


Horlington, William

Horlington, William Harry

Horlock, Henry Dutton

Horlor, H

Horn, Benjamin

Horn, Edward Daniel

Horn, James

Horn, Richard Sabin

Horn, S

Horn, Salim N

Hornalah, Y

Hornalha, J


Hornby, Arnold


Horne, A (Mrs) (also as Mrs L)

Horne, Adam G

Horne, Arthur

Horne, David

Horne, Fallon & Thornthwaite, W H E

Horne, Grant

Horne, I & Thornthwaite

Horne, Israel

Horne, R

Horne, R

Horne, Russell

Horne, William Henry

Horne, William Robert

Horner, Anthony

Horner, Anthony & Son

Horner, Arthur

Horner, B

Horner, Betty M (Mrs)

Horner, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Horner, James

Horner, James

Horner, Michael

Horner, R

Horner, W

Horner, William

Hornett, John Francis

Hornsby, J

Hornsell (Horsnell), W C

Hornsey, C

Horobin, George

Horrex & Bird

Horrick, John & Co

Horrobine, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Horrobine, William

Horrocks, J E

Horrocks, Joseph R

Horsburgh, John

Horsburgh, John & Son

Horsburgh, John Alfred

Horsburgh, John Alfred & Son

Horse Shoe Photographic Co


Horsey, Alfred

Horsey, Alfred

Horsfall, E

Horsfall, E

Horsfall, J G

Horsfall, James G

Horsfall, Joseph G

Horsfield, Ernest Lockwood

Horsler, S S

Horsley, Jessie (Mrs)

Horsnaille, Florence

Horswill & Palmer

Horswill, Edward

Horton & Jennings

Horton Smith & Willis

Horton, A

Horton, Alfred E

Horton, Alfred E & Co

Horton, Charles H

Horton, H

Horton, Henry

Horton, L M (Miss)

Horton, W

Horwich, Maurice

Hosford, F F

Hosford, Frederick

Hosier, James Charles

Hoskins, Alfred Charles

Hoskins, Edward

Hoskins, Paul

Hosler, Edward E

Hosler, W T

Hosler, William Charles

Hosmer & Arthur

Hosmer, Archibald William


Hotham, William R

Hothersall Brothers

Hotson & Alford

Hough, Ernest

Hough, William

Houghton & Payne

Houghton Limited

Houghton, Arthur Bale

Houghton, C J

Houghton, Ernest C

Houghton, G

Houghton, George Edwin

Houghton, George Edwin Ltd

Houghton, James & Co

Houghton, John

Houghton, John

Houghton, Mary (Miss)

Houghton, Thomas Richard

Houlding, T H

Houldsworth, G

Houlson, R

Houlson, Robert Isaac (R J in 1899)

Hoult, Charles

Hoult, Charles

Houlton Brothers

Houlton, Ernest

Hounsell, J

Hourston, John

House, H


Houseman & Williams

Housley (Houseley), William

Houtson, Margaret

Hove, Percy P

How, Irene Emmie (Miss)


Howard & Alan Ltd

Howard & Jones & Roberts & Leete Ltd

Howard & Jones Ltd

Howard & Regina

Howard & Saunders

Howard & Tansley

Howard Jones Roberts & Leete Ltd

Howard, Brereton Dwarris

Howard, Charles & Son

Howard, Charlie (Charles)

Howard, E S (Miss)

Howard, Ernest

Howard, Evelyn (Miss)

Howard, F (Mrs)

Howard, G H

Howard, George A

Howard, Gwyneth & Evelyn (Misses)

Howard, H H

Howard, Henry

Howard, Herbert

Howard, James William

Howard, John

Howard, Mary (Mrs)

Howard, Maurice

Howard, Orlando

Howard, Percy

Howard, S

Howard, S & Sons

Howard, Thomas Cecil

Howard, Thomas William

Howard, W B

Howard, William

Howard, William

Howard, William Parkes

Howards, Herbert


Howarth, Albert Ernest

Howarth, Charles

Howarth, George

Howarth, John

Howarth, John & Co

Howarth, R E

Howarth, William

Howden, F

Howe (How), Thomas Leuthwaite

Howe (Howie), John (Jonathan)

Howe, Cyril

Howe, George D

Howe, L T

Howe, Richard

Howe, T (not Thomas Howe from Somerset)

Howe, Thomas (not T B Howe)

Howe, Thomas Brownrigg

Howe, Thomas E

Howe, Thomas Edward

Howell & Adams

Howell Brothers

Howell, A S

Howell, Albert

Howell, Alfred

Howell, Charles

Howell, Charles

Howell, Charles & Son

Howell, Francis

Howell, Henry

Howell, J

Howell, James & Co

Howell, John

Howell, T

Howell, Thomas

Howell, W Martin

Howell, William

Howells (Howell), John

Howells, E

Howells, F H

Howells, Frederick

Howells, John

Howells, T C

Hower, E James

Howers, George

Howes & Lowther

Howes & Rollin

Howes, Arthur John

Howes, Ethel Gertrude (Miss) & Co

Howes, H

Howes, Hubert C

Howes, James

Howes, Michael James

Howes, Robert William

Howett (Howitt), William

Howett, William & Co

Howiantz, Lucas

Howie & Bonne, T J

Howie, Ann

Howie, D

Howie, David Lamont

Howie, David Lamont & Co

Howie, H

Howie, J

Howie, James

Howie, James (Junior)

Howie, James (Senior)

Howie, John

Howie, John Bruce & Findlay

Howie, Lindsay G

Howie, Mary

Howie, Thomas

Howie, William


Howitt, C A

Howland, Edward H

Howle, F

Howle, Henry

Howle, Henry (Mrs)

Howle, William

Howlett, Charles Henry

Howlett, Herbert

Howlett, James

Howlett, James Edward

Howlett, Joseph

Howlett, Robert

Howley, Charles

Howlier, H

Howorth, Harold Edwin

Howorth (Howarth), Harold Edwin Ltd

Howsley, Fred R

Howson, W

Howson, William George

Howton, John

Hoy, E C

Hoyland, George

Hoyle, Arthur Edward

Hoyle, Campbell Ltd

Hoyle, Henry

Hoyle, John

Hoyle, John W

Hoyle, W

Hoyle, William T

Hoyles, Arthur Edward

Hubbard, Arthur

Hubbard, F H

Hubbard, George Vincent

Hubbard, J W

Hubbard, John

Hubbard, John & Co

Hubbard, John H

Hubbard, Vincent

Hubble, Henry James

Huber (Hubert), Augustus Charles

Huber (Madame)

Hubere, Hubert

Hubert, Eugene

Hubert, Henry

Hubert, Joseph

Hubert, V

Hubert, Victor

Huck, Richard

Huck, Robert

Huckbody, Ann

Huddart, J J

Huddersfield Photo Co

Hudgell, Henry

Hudsmith, W H

Hudson & Baker

Hudson & Co

Hudson & Co

Hudson & Co (Hudson Studios Ltd)

Hudson & Keans Ltd

Hudson & Makepeace

Hudson & Sons

Hudson Brothers

Hudson Photo Service

Hudson Studio Ltd

Hudson Studios Ltd

Hudson, A (Miss)

Hudson, Arthur

Hudson, Arthur

Hudson, Benjamin

Hudson, C A

Hudson, Charles

Hudson, Charles George

Hudson, Charles G

Hudson, Edward

Hudson, Edwin

Hudson, F

Hudson, Frank T

Hudson, Frederick

Hudson, Frederick & Purnell

Hudson, Frederick Augustus

Hudson, Frederick Augustus

Hudson, Frederick Augustus & Son

Hudson, G H

Hudson, George Bradfield

Hudson, George Henry Ernest

Hudson, Harry

Hudson, Isaac

Hudson, J

Hudson, John

Hudson, M (W?)

Hudson, Peter

Hudson, R

Hudson, R H & Co

Hudson, Richard

Hudson, Samuel Greenwood

Hudson, Walter

Hudson, William

Hudson, William Arthur

Huey, Harold Frank

Huff, James

Huff, James & Son

Huff, James & Son

Huff, John William

Huff, William John

Huffell, H


Huggins, F A

Huggins, John

Huggins, Thomas A

Huggins, Thomas A

Huggon & Co

Huggon (Huggorr), William

Huggon, William

Huggon, William & Briggs, Thomas Henry

Hugh White Studio Ltd

Hugh, Cecil Portraits Ltd

Hugh, D J

Hugh, Marr & Garnham Studios

Hugh, William



Hughes & Calcott

Hughes & Co

Hughes & Davies

Hughes & Sons

Hughes Brothers

Hughes Studio

Hughes, A

Hughes, A

Hughes, Alfred

Hughes, Alfred T

Hughes, Alice (Miss)

Hughes, Arthur

Hughes, Brooke

Hughes, Charles

Hughes, Cornelius Jabez

Hughes, Cornelius Jabez & Mullins, Gustav

Hughes, D

Hughes, D & A

Hughes, D H

Hughes, David

Hughes, de Bosco

Hughes, E D

Hughes, Edward

Hughes, Edward F

Hughes, Edward James

Hughes, Edward S

Hughes, Edward W

Hughes, Ernest

Hughes, F

Hughes, F

Hughes, Frank

Hughes, Frederick

Hughes, Frederick & Co

Hughes, Frederick (Fred)

Hughes, Frederick Henry

Hughes, G

Hughes, G (Miss)

Hughes, George [1]

Hughes, George [2]

Hughes, George [3]

Hughes, George J

Hughes, Guy & Co

Hughes, H

Hughes, H Claude

Hughes, Hugh J

Hughes, Henry

Hughes, Henry & Son

Hughes, Herbert C

Hughes, Hugh J

Hughes, Isaac

Hughes, Isaac

Hughes, J

Hughes, John R

Hughes, John

Hughes, John Cartwright

Hughes, John W

Hughes, Joseph

Hughes, M

Hughes, Marc

Hughes, Mark Thomas

Hughes, Morris

Hughes, N A (Mrs)

Hughes, O & D

Hughes, Oswald

Hughes, Owen

Hughes, R

Hughes, R & W

Hughes, Richard

Hughes, Richard R

Hughes, Robert

Hughes, Robert R

Hughes, Rowland

Hughes, S H

Hughes, Scarman & Hughes

Hughes, T

Hughes, T H

Hughes, Thomas

Hughes, Thomas Christopher

Hughes, Thomas G

Hughes, Thomas H

Hughes, Thomas L

Hughes, W E

Hughes, W W & Edmonds

Hughes, Walt

Hughes, Walter

Hughes, Walter L

Hughes, William

Hughes, William

Hughes, William Griffith

Hughes, William Walter

Hugo (Hugo Studios)

Huish, Alexander

Huish, William

Hull Press Agency (Hull Press Photo Agency)

Hull, Arthur

Hull, Charles

Hull, Ernest Charles

Hull, F

Hull, Henry Edmonds

Hull, William

Hull, William

Hulland, William T

Hullen (Huelin), Arthur

Hulman & Co

Hulme (Hulse), Arthur

Hulme, Arthur

Hulme, John

Hulme, Joshua K

Hulme, T

Hulme, Thomas

Hulme, William & Co

Hulse & Co

Hulse, Fred

Hulse, Jesse Gray

Hulse, T

Hulse, Thomas

Hulton, James

Hum, David

Hum, David & Co

Hum, David & Bishopp

Hum, David & Roberts

Hum, Frederick W

Hum, Robert

Hum, Thomas Edward

Humby, John Moore

Hume, Robert

Hume, T O

Humfrey, Harold

Humphrey, Arthur James

Humphrey, C

Humphrey, Charles Leonard

Humphrey, Charles Thomas

Humphrey, Dorothy (Miss)

Humphrey, Edgar E

Humphrey, Elsie Margaret (Miss)

Humphrey, Frederick

Humphrey, Henry

Humphrey, James

Humphrey, John

Humphrey, John G

Humphrey, Lillie (Miss)

Humphrey, Matthew Henry

Humphrey, W H & Son

Humphrey, William


Humphreys & Finch

Humphreys, Amphlett & Co

Humphreys, Clement

Humphreys, G

Humphreys, G & Helliwell

Humphreys, G & Whaite

Humphreys, Henry V

Humphreys, Hugh

Humphreys, J

Humphreys, James William

Humphreys, John

Humphreys (Humphries), Joseph

Humphreys, Joseph

Humphreys, Joseph

Humphreys, Joshua William

Humphries & Baker

Humphries, Charles

Humphries, Frank Robert

Humphries, J

Humphries, Thomas

Humphries, William H B

Humphry, W F

Humphry, W F & Co

Humpreys, John

Hunn, H

Hunn, William Thomas

Hunneman, C

Hunnings, W J & H

Hunt & Co

Hunt & Co

Hunt & Son

Hunt & Thornton

Hunt (Mr)

Hunt, A J

Hunt, Albert

Hunt, Albert Edward

Hunt, Alfred W & Co

Hunt, Arthur Hill

Hunt, Ashley Octavius

Hunt, Benjamin F

Hunt, Bert

Hunt, Bertram

Hunt, Cecil F

Hunt, Charles

Hunt, Claude

Hunt, Davis & Hunt

Hunt, E

Hunt, Edgar Surridge

Hunt, Edward

Hunt, Ernest

Hunt, Frederick William

Hunt, G I

Hunt, George

Hunt, George Hill

Hunt, George Hill & Co

Hunt, H H

Hunt, Harry George Basham

Hunt, Henry

Hunt, Henry Doddridge

Hunt, Henry William

Hunt, Horace E

Hunt, J (possibly James)

Hunt, J J

Hunt, James Ernest

Hunt, James Ernest & Son

Hunt, John

Hunt, John

Hunt, John & Co

Hunt, John & Fryer, Charles

Hunt, John & Son

Hunt, Joseph James

Hunt, Maud (Mrs)

Hunt, Philip G

Hunt, Robert

Hunt, S Wallace

Hunt, Sarah (Mrs)

Hunt, T

Hunt, Terry

Hunt, Thomas

Hunt, Thomas B (Junior)

Hunter & Sons

Hunter (Hunters), William A

Hunter (Messrs)

Hunter, Alexander & Sons

Hunter, Andrew

Hunter, Charles

Hunter, Dorothy Isabelle (Mrs)

Hunter, E (Mrs)

Hunter, Frederick W

Hunter, Frederick William

Hunter, G Stenhouse

Hunter, G R

Hunter, H

Hunter, Henry

Hunter, Hugh

Hunter, J

Hunter, J (James E?)

Hunter, J W

Hunter, James

Hunter, James E

Hunter, John S

Hunter, John S

Hunter, John Y

Hunter, Kate (Miss)

Hunter, Norman

Hunter, R F Limited

Hunter, Thomas

Hunter, W & W

Hunter, W J & Co

Hunter, William

Hunter, William & Son

Hunter, William B


Hunters Border Photographic Saloon

Huntingford, Rodney H

Huntington, Robert William

Huntley, James

Huntley, William Alfred

Huntley’s Studio

Huntly (Huntley), John Lysnar

Hunton & Carling

Hunton, George

Huntroyd, Joseph

Hunt’s Studio

Hunwick, John

Hurd, Fred Charles Durbin

Hurley, Hetty (Mrs)

Hurn, David

Hurrell, Frederick G

Hurst & Lane

Hurst & Sons

Hurst, H B

Hurst, H B & Wallis

Hurst, Henry

Hurst, Marrin & Mason

Hurst, S

Hurst, Stanley

Hurst, William

Hurst, William Henry

Hurt & Sibbald Ltd

Hurton, F

Hurwich, Morris

Husbands & Sons

Huskinson, George

Huson, Thomas

Hutcheon, William

Hutcheson, Alexander & Son

Hutcheson, R C

Hutcheson, William J

Hutchin, Richard

Hutchin, William

Hutchings, Samuel

Hutchings, Thomas

Hutchings, Thomas & Orchard

Hutchins & Moore

Hutchins, H C

Hutchins, Henry

Hutchinson & Moore

Hutchinson & Rowlandson

Hutchinson & Russell

Hutchinson & Svendsen

Hutchinson (Hutchison), Thomas

Hutchinson, Albert

Hutchinson, Alex C

Hutchinson, Alfred James

Hutchinson, Cyril C

Hutchinson, George Thomas

Hutchinson, H E

Hutchinson, Hugh William

Hutchinson, James

Hutchinson, J R

Hutchinson, James Herbert

Hutchinson, Madeline R (Miss)

Hutchinson, May (Miss)

Hutchinson, Percy

Hutchinson, Robert Bell

Hutchinson, Simon

Hutchinson, Thomas

Hutchinson, Thomas Cecil Lumley

Hutchinson, Thomas James

Hutchinson, W

Hutchinson, William


Hutchison, Agnes

Hutchison, Alexander

Hutchison, Alexander C (Hutchison’s Studio)

Hutchison, Henry

Hutchison, John P

Hutchison, William

Huth, William

Huther, Edmund

Huther, M

Hutley, Sidney Arthur

Hutt, J

Hutt, William

Hutton & Nesbitt

Hutton, John M

Hutton, T B

Hutton, T B

Hutton, William (Junior)

Hutton-Preston, George Henry

Huxley, Henry

Huxley, Walter

Hyam (Hyman), Frederick

Hyam, Charles Vickris

Hyam, Frederick

Hyam, Henry

Hyams, R

Hyams, Reuben

Hyams, Soloman

Hyatt & Hyatt

Hyatt, H H

Hyatt, Hallett

Hyatt, James H L

Hyatt, W J

Hyatt, W J

Hyde Photographic Co

Hyde, Arthur Leopold

Hyde, Henry

Hyde, J E

Hyde, James

Hyde, Joseph C

Hyde, Joseph Challoner & Co

Hyde, William Dennis

Hyett, A

Hyland, W F

Hylton, Claude

Hyman, Alfred

Hyman, Louis

Hynd, George

Hyne & Co

Hyne, Elsie K (Miss)

Hyson Green Studio

Hysum, G E

Hysum, G E

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