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  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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J & J Studios

Jack, Andrew

Jack, M H

Jack, Robert

Jack, Samuel & David

Jack, Samuel Wilson Bird

Jacklett, Helen (Mrs)

Jacklett, J (Senior)

Jacklett, Joseph

Jacklett, Joseph (Junior?)

Jacklett, Joseph William

Jacklett, Joseph William (Mrs)

Jackman, S & H

Jackolett (Messrs)

Jackolett, J

Jackolette (Jacolette), Martin

Jacks Brothers

Jacks, J & Co

Jacks, John

Jacks, William

Jackson & Briggs

Jackson & Brothers (Jackson Brothers)

Jackson & Co

Jackson & Jury

Jackson & Williams

Jackson Brothers

Jackson, A

Jackson, A & F

Jackson, A (Miss)

Jackson, Albert

Jackson, Alex D

Jackson, Alexander

Jackson, Arthur

Jackson, Arthur T

Jackson, B

Jackson, C

Jackson, C A

Jackson, Charles

Jackson, Charles Arthur

Jackson, Charles J

Jackson, F

Jackson, F E (F C)

Jackson, Francis E

Jackson, Frank

Jackson, Frank Marsland

Jackson, G

Jackson, George

Jackson, George B

Jackson, George H

Jackson, George Julian

Jackson, H J & Son

Jackson, Harry

Jackson, Henry

Jackson, Henry T

Jackson, Herbert

Jackson, Herbert J

Jackson, Herbert J & Son

Jackson, J

Jackson, J (Junior)

Jackson, J H

Jackson, J T

Jackson, Jacob

Jackson, James

Jackson, James T

Jackson, John

Jackson, John Herbert

Jackson, John Robert

Jackson, John Stanhope & Co

Jackson, John William

Jackson, Joseph

Jackson, Joseph William

Jackson, Josiah

Jackson, Junia S

Jackson, Lambert

Jackson, Magnus

Jackson, N (Mrs)

Jackson, Oswald

Jackson, Percy B

Jackson, Philip F

Jackson, R

Jackson, R A

Jackson, R W & Co

Jackson, Raymond L

Jackson, Richard

Jackson, Richard Charles

Jackson, Robert

Jackson, S (Mrs)

Jackson, Samuel

Jackson, Solomon

Jackson, T & M

Jackson, T C

Jackson, T W

Jackson, Thomas

Jackson, Thomas C

Jackson, Thomas Henry

Jackson, W G

Jackson, William (Junior)


Jacksons “Faces” Ltd

Jacky, A H

Jacob, Arthur Lewis (Louis)

Jacob, William Henry


Jacobs (Jacubs), Dave W

Jacobs, A & D

Jacobs, Francis Walter

Jacobs, Montague

Jacobs, Samuel

Jacobsberg, Alfred

Jacolette, Martin

Jacomb, Charles Edwin

Jacomelli, G

Jacques, Arthur

Jacques, J

Jacques, John (Junior)

Jacquier & Peroni

Jacquier, Joseph

Jacquire (Monsieur)

Jacubs (Jacobs), Arthur L

Jacubs, Arthur L

Jagger, Moses

Jaggs, E J

Jago & Jago

Jago & Robson

Jagoe, Henry

Jajneey, Joseph

Jakeman & Carver

Jakeway & Terrington

Jakeway, Joseph Frederick

Jamblin, Edit S

Jamblin, John

James & Co

James & James

James & Nesbitt

James, A

James, Alfred

James, Arthur

James, Arthur & Son

James, Arthur John

James, B

James, Benjamin

James, Bennett

James, Bennett & Co (B James & Co)

James, Charles

James, Clarence

James, D Brook & Co

James, David O

James, Douglas

James, Edgar & Co

James, Edward

James, Eric

James, Frank

James, Frederick

James, G

James, George

James, Hannah (Mrs)

James, Harry J

James, Henry

James, J

James, J A

James, Jean (Miss)

James, John

James, Joseph Richard

James, Oliver & Co Ltd

James, R

James, R (Richard?)

James, Richard

James, Richard (Junior)

James, T C

James, T D

James, W

James, W J

James, Walter

James, William

James, William & Co

James, William B

James, William Smith

Jameson, Claude William

Jameson, James

James’s Press Agency

Jamieson & Cowsill

Jamieson (Jameson), William

Jamieson Brothers

Jamieson, J

Jamieson, James

Jamieson, James H

Jamieson, James Henry

Jamieson, Robert

Jamieson, W & Co

Jamieson, William

Jamiesons Studio

Jamouneau, A J

Jamson Brothers & Co

Jamson, Charles

Jamson, Claude & Norman (also Photo Postcard Publishers)

Jamson, Claude William

Jamson, George R

Jamson, J & C

Jamson, J W C

Jamson, J William

Jancowski, H

Jancowski, Harry Ltd

Jane, Alfred Arthur

Janeck, Rudolph A

Janeck, William


Jaques (Jacques), William Henry

Jaques, J

Jaques, J & Gay

Jaques, John (Jno)

Jaques, William

Jaques, William Henry

Jaquiery, Joseph

Jarche, Feres (Freres???)

Jarchy, Amelia (Mrs)

Jarchy, Arnold L

Jardine, David A

Jardine, Thomas

Jarman, A

Jarman, A H

Jarman, Alfred James

Jarman, H I

Jarman, H J

Jarman, Winifred Mary (Mrs)

Jarratt, T

Jarrett, James (aka James Jarrott)

Jarrett, Abraham

Jarrett, George H

Jarrett, J

Jarrett, J W

Jarrett, James

Jarrett, James W

Jarrett, M (Mrs)

Jarrold & Sons Ltd

Jarvis & Brealey

Jarvis H

Jarvis, A W

Jarvis, B

Jarvis, Caroline

Jarvis, Florence (Miss)

Jarvis, George

Jarvis, Henry

Jarvis, Henry J

Jarvis, J

Jarvis, John

Jarvis, Robert

Jarvis, Robert & Son

Jarvis, Sarah

Jarvis, Vivian Porritt

Jarvis, W

Jarvis, William

Jarvis, William Edward

Jasper, George Henry

Javelot, Auguste

Javelot, Rebecca

Jay, Albert Edward

Jay, Hubert

Jaycock, E & Son

Jaye & King

Jaye, Ruby (Miss)

Jayes, G


Jay’s Photo Publishing Co

Jay’s Pictorial Post Card Co

Jeakins (Jenkins), Albert E

Jeanes, Sidney J

Jeanes, Sidney J & Cooke

Jeary’s Photographic Rooms

Jedwabnitsky, Stanislas

Jee, Thomas

Jefferies & Co

Jefferson, Beatrice (Miss)

Jefferson, E T

Jefferson, H

Jefferson, J

Jeffery & Ward

Jeffery (Jeffrey), Charles

Jeffery, Albert

Jeffery, Andrew Edgar

Jeffery, Benjamin

Jeffery, Benjemin

Jeffery, Francis H

Jeffery, George

Jeffery, Percy

Jeffery, R E

Jeffery, R E & Boarder

Jeffery, R E & McLeod

Jeffery, William

Jefferys, Mary Ann (Mrs)

Jefferys, William

Jeffray ( Jeffrey), Edward

Jeffray Brothers

Jeffray, Andrew Edgar

Jeffray, Richard

Jeffray, William

Jeffray, William George

Jeffrey, Benjamin

Jeffrey, Lewis

Jeffrey, William

Jeffreys, T

Jeffries & Co Ltd

Jeffries, Alfred Frederick

Jeffries, George Edward

Jeffries, William

Jelf, William

Jelfs, Fras G

Jellicoe, E P

Jelly, Henry

Jenkins & Payne

Jenkins, Albert

Jenkins, Albert Edward

Jenkins, C

Jenkins, Charles

Jenkins, Christopher William

Jenkins, Cyril

Jenkins, D

Jenkins, E M

Jenkins, Edward Thomas

Jenkins, Edward Thomas & Remy, Auguste

Jenkins, Ernest

Jenkins, F

Jenkins, Frederick

Jenkins, George

Jenkins, Harry

Jenkins, Henry

Jenkins, J

Jenkins, S

Jenkins, S B

Jenkins, S Philip

Jenkins, Samuel Payne

Jenkins, T

Jenkins, T & Son

Jenkins, Thomas J

Jenkins, W J (J W)

Jenkins, Wilfrid Lawrence

Jenkinson Brothers

Jenkinson, E (Miss)

Jenkinson, Edward B

Jenkinson, John N

Jenkinson, Joseph

Jenkinson, Norman

Jenkinson, Samuel John

Jenkinson, T & Joseph

Jenkinson, William

Jenks, George Dewsbury

Jenks, George Dewsbury (Mrs)

Jenkyns, W

Jenner & Co

Jenner, Phoebe & Olivia (Misses)

Jenner, Wilfred T

Jennings & Hunton

Jennings & Hutchinson, Harold Percy

Jennings (Mrs)

Jennings, A (Miss)

Jennings, Agnes (Miss)

Jennings, Albert E

Jennings, Alexander

Jennings, Alphonso (Alex?) & Co

Jennings, Constantine

Jennings, Frank

Jennings, George

Jennings, Henry Benjamin

Jennings, Henry Constantine

Jennings, J & Co

Jennings, James

Jennings, John Payne

Jennings, Joseph

Jennings, Nelson

Jennings, Nelson (Mrs)

Jennings, R V (V R?)

Jennings, Susan (Mrs)

Jennings, William

Jennings, Wilson

Jenson, John Bennett

Jepson, Alfred

Jepson, Arthur

Jepson, Joseph

Jepson, W A

Jepson, William Warren

Jepson, William Warren & Co

Jeremy, H

Jerome Ltd (Jerome Studio Ltd)(Jerome’s Studio)

Jerome, Alice (Mrs)

Jerome, V & A


Jerrard (Jerrad), George Milner Gibson

Jerrard, J T

Jerrard, John

Jerrems, William

Jerrome (Mr & Mrs)

Jerrome, Jenner

Jervis, A C

Jervis, Albert Charles

Jervons, J

Jessamine Photographic Studio

Jesset, E M

Jessop, Frederick & Co

Jessop, Harry T

Jessop, T & Co

Jessop, Turner

Jessop, W

Jessop, William J

Jessup, W

Jetta’s Studios

Jeuffrain, Paul

Jevons, Janet (Miss)

Jevons, Janet (Miss) Ltd

Jewell, J

Jewell, Jethro

Jewell, Joseph Henry

Jewell, Joshua

Jewers, A F

Jewes, John

Jewry, Frank Russell

Jewson, A E

Jewson, Alfred

Job Brothers

Job, Charles

Job, James

Joberns, Leveson

Jobling, E

Jobling, Edward

Jobling, Joseph

Jobson, C

Jobson, G

Jobson, George

Jocelyn, Fanny

Jockel, Norman Marshall & Co

Jod, A G

Joel, Myer

Joergans, F

Joergens, Ferdinand

Joesbury, W & Sons

Johansen (Johanson), George

John Bull Studio

John Bull Studios

John Bull Studios Ltd

John Street Studio

John, Henry

John, James

John, Thomas Lonser

Johnny Studio

Johns & Co

Johns Studios

Johns, Andrew J

Johns, E (Miss)

Johns, George

Johns, George & Son

Johns, Stafford


Johnson & Blackburn

Johnson & Logan

Johnson (of Litcham)

Johnson (possibly Wiliam)

Johnson Brothers

Johnson Brothers (Johnson, Charles Edmund & Frederick )

Johnson, A G

Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Albert Edward

Johnson, Alexander

Johnson, Alfred

Johnson, Alice (Miss)

Johnson, Anthony Mowbray

Johnson, Arthur

Johnson, B T

Johnson, Bird & Co

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Charles W

Johnson, Charlotte (Miss)

Johnson, David

Johnson, David S

Johnson, Edith (Miss)

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Elizabeth (Miss)

Johnson, F J W

Johnson, Frederick

Johnson, Frederick Edward

Johnson, Frederick Henry

Johnson, G H

Johnson, George James

Johnson, H P

Johnson, Harry Laird

Johnson, Henry

Johnson, Henry & Co

Johnson, J

Johnson, J (Mrs)

Johnson, J A

Johnson, J R

Johnson, James

Johnson, James Ambrose

Johnson, James S

Johnson, John

Johnson, John S

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Joseph (Joshua) James & Samuel

Johnson, M (Miss)

Johnson, M A & Son

Johnson, Mary (Miss)

Johnson, Maud (Miss)

Johnson, Percival

Johnson, R

Johnson, Reynold

Johnson, Richard James

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, S

Johnson, S l

Johnson, Samuel

Johnson, Simeon

Johnson, T & J M

Johnson, T T

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, W H

Johnson, W J

Johnson, W J B

Johnson, Ward

Johnson, William

Johnson, William & Farnsworth, Arthur

Johnson, William & Margaret

Johnson, William (Senior)

Johnson, William Alfred

Johnson, William Frederick

Johnson-Browne, E F

Johnston & Co

Johnston & Hoffmann

Johnston & Kay

Johnston & Mason

Johnston & Muse

Johnston (Johnson), Henry

Johnston (Johnstone), David

Johnston, A R & Sons

Johnston, Alex

Johnston, Alexander

Johnston, Alfred

Johnston, Bertha (Mrs)

Johnston, D

Johnston, Eva (Miss)

Johnston, G

Johnston, George

Johnston, George James

Johnston, Harry

Johnston, Henry

Johnston, Henry Carson

Johnston, Henry E

Johnston, Henry E & Co

Johnston, James

Johnston, John

Johnston, John A

Johnston, John Dudley

Johnston, W C

Johnston, W H

Johnston, Walter

Johnston, William

Johnston, William Bruce

Johnstone, Arthur

Johnstone, Arthur W

Johnstone, David

Johnstone, George

Johnstone, Herbert

Johnstone, J & T

Johnstone, J Henry

Johnstone, J L

Johnstone, John

Johnstone, M

Johnstone, M E

Johnstone, Mortimer & Co

Johnstone, R

Johnstone, Roderick

Johnstone, Thomas

Johnstone, William

Joiner, Albert

Joll, M (Miss)

Jolliffe & Co

Jolliffe, Henry

Jolly, James


Jonas & Co

Jonas Brothers

Jonas Ltd

Jonas, Alexander


Jones & Brenchley

Jones & Co

Jones & Doughty

Jones & Edwards (possibly Thomas A Jones)

Jones & Isaacs

Jones & James

Jones & Son

Jones & Sons

Jones (Miss)

Jones Brothers

Jones, A

Jones, A (Mrs)

Jones, A C

Jones, Ada (Mrs)

Jones, Agnes (Mrs)

Jones, Albert E

Jones, Alex

Jones, Alfred

Jones, Alfred Percy

Jones, Alice Lawton (Miss)

Jones, Allan E

Jones, Allen & Co

Jones, Archibald

Jones, Arthur Frederick

Jones, Arthur George

Jones, B

Jones, B A

Jones, Benjamin

Jones, C

Jones, C Chaplin

Jones, C H

Jones, C V

Jones, Calvert Richard

Jones, Charles

Jones, Charles (Mrs)

Jones, Charles E

Jones, Charles Henry

Jones, Charles Joseph

Jones, Charles Lawton

Jones, D R

Jones, Daniel & Co

Jones, Daniel D

Jones, Daniel Owen

Jones, David

Jones, David G

Jones, David Owen

Jones, David Richard

Jones, David Sherwood

Jones, E

Jones, E C

Jones, E O

Jones, Ernest

Jones, Ernest Henry

Jones, Ernest Selkirk

Jones, F N

Jones, F N & Co

Jones, Fenning Ebenezer

Jones, Frederick

Jones, Frederick (Frederic)

Jones, Frederick E

Jones, Frederick Edward

Jones, Frederick Nathanniel

Jones, G

Jones, G J

Jones, George

Jones, George Frederick

Jones, George Henry Pyne

Jones, George Thomas

Jones, George Thomas & Co

Jones, George Thomas & Son

Jones, Gilbert

Jones, H

Jones, H B

Jones, H B & Sister

Jones, H J

Jones, H W

Jones, Hannah (Miss)

Jones, Harold

Jones, Harold Stewart

Jones, Harry

Jones, Harry H

Jones, Henry

Jones, Henry B

Jones, Henry Charles

Jones, Henry Gurney

Jones, Henry Joseph

Jones, Henry W

Jones, Henry Webb

Jones, Herbert Edward

Jones, Herbert Edward & Son

Jones, Herbert H

Jones, Herbert Hedley

Jones, Irving (Mrs)

Jones, J

Jones, J & R

Jones, J A

Jones, J Edward

Jones, J J

Jones, J P

Jones, J R & Co

Jones, J Reese & Co

Jones, J W

Jones, James

Jones, James & Son

Jones, James G

Jones, Jane

Jones, John

Jones, John & Sons

Jones, John Ashworth

Jones, John Atkins

Jones, John Emrys

Jones, John Henry

Jones, John James

Jones, John Reese

Jones, John Rogerson

Jones, John W

Jones, Joseph Vincent

Jones, L E

Jones, Lewis

Jones, Llewellyn

Jones, M

Jones, M Gordon

Jones, M H (Mrs)

Jones, Mary

Jones, Nelson H

Jones, O William

Jones, Owen

Jones, P

Jones, P (possibly Philip R)

Jones, Pryce

Jones, P C

Jones, Percy

Jones, Philip

Jones, Philip R

Jones, R Bryan

Jones, R G

Jones, Ralph

Jones, Ralph Jackson

Jones, Richard

Jones, Richard G

Jones, Richard William

Jones, Robert

Jones, Robert Edward

Jones, S

Jones, S D

Jones, S E

Jones, S W

Jones, Samuel

Jones, Sarah

Jones, Sarah Ann (Mrs)

Jones, T

Jones, T W

Jones, T Wills

Jones, Thomas

Jones, Thomas & Son

Jones, Thomas & Son & Harper

Jones, Thomas A

Jones, Thomas A & Co

Jones, Thomas F

Jones, Thomas Henry

Jones, Thomas William

Jones, Tom

Jones, Valentine

Jones, W

Jones, W B

Jones, W E

Jones, W F

Jones, W H

Jones, W M

Jones, W Rhys

Jones, W S

Jones, W Wallace

Jones, Walter Henry

Jones, William

Jones, William Bonner

Jones, William E

Jones, William Edward

Jones, William H

Jones, William John

Jones, Wills

Jordan & Metcalfe

Jordan, E & Son

Jordan, E (Mrs)

Jordan, H

Jordan, John B

Jordan, Joseph

Jordan, R & Co

Jordan, Ralph Harold

Jordan, W

Jordison (Mrs)

Jordison, Walter Elliott

Joscelyn (Joycelyn), Alfred

Joscelyn, Alfred


Joseph, Henry

Joseph, Jack

Joseph, Jacob

Joslin Photographic Works

Joslin, A & E

Joslin, Alfred

Joslin, Alfred & Plowman

Josty, D & Co

Joubert, Ferdinand

Jouens, E C

Joughin, Hannah (Mrs)

Jowell (Jowett), R Keeble

Jowett, John

Jowett, S Herbert

Jowett, Sydney H

Jowett, Walter

Joy Brothers

Joy, F W

Joy, John

Joy, John & Son

Joy, Lionel

Joy, Thomas

Joyce, Barrett

Joyce, H F

Joyce, H H

Joyce, Helen & Son

Joyner, John

Juba, Edmund

Jubilee Photo Company

Judd, A H & Co

Judd, William

Judd, William Alfred

Judge, Fred

Judge, Frederick

Judge, George

Judge, Joseph

Judge, T

Judkin, T R

Juggins, Alfred

Juggins, Harold

Juggs, E & G

Jukes, John A

Jukes, John Edwin

Jules, Albert

Julian, A E

Julian, Edward W

Julian, Kate (Mrs)

Julian, Walter

Juliane, Louis

Julyan & Ahlfred

Julyan, Benjamin

Julyan, Frederick

Julyan, G L

Junior Army & Navy Stores Limited

Jury, J

Just, Katie R

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