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We have information about all of the photographers listed below – this could include addresses, dates of operation and actual examples of their work, biographical notes, census information, prize medals awarded etc.

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  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
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  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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K & S Photos

Kadelbach, Ralph A



Kahn, Isaac

Kahn, Rose (Miss)

Kaim, E

Kain, Edward

Kain, William

Kaines, Henry Johnson

Kaltenbach, Gordon

Kaltenbrunn, Edward

Kamra Press Studios Ltd

Kane, T

Kaphan, Louis

Kar, Ida


Karnac Photograph Co

Karoly & Co

Karoly, Frederick (Herr)

Karoly, J (Madam)

Karpin, H

Katcher, A

Katcher, Arthur William

Katterns, James

Katterns, Thomas Charles

Katterns, William

Katz, David

Katzman, Jacob

Kavanagh, A E

Kavanagh, P

Kay & Son

Kay Brothers

Kay, A

Kay, Arthur

Kay, C D

Kay, Ellen (Mrs)

Kay, Ellen (Mrs) & Son

Kay, Ernest

Kay, Harry Forbes

Kay, Herbert

Kay, John

Kay, John H

Kay, Julius A

Kay, Nathan Smedley

Kay, Nathan Smedley & Foley Ltd

Kay, Nathan Smedley Ltd

Kay, T J

Kay, Thomas

Kay, Thomas Ashton

Kay, William

Kaye, Enoch

Kaye, Vernon

Keable Brothers

Keable, Edward Harvey

Keable, J (Mrs)

Keable, William Thomas

Kealey’s Ltd

Kearns, Henry

Kearsley, Richard

Keates, E

Keates, F

Keay, William

Kebble, F

Keddie, William Strathern

Kee, D W

Keeble-Jowett, R

Keeley, George

Keeley, James

Keeling Brothers

Keeling, A & H F

Keely, F

Keen, Charles Job

Keen, Edwin

Keen, Henry L

Keen, James Herbert

Keen, Maurice William

Keen, Thomas

Keenan, Anthony R B

Keenan, Thomas E G

Keene, Charles Barrow

Keene, Eleanor (Mrs)

Keene, Richard

Keene, Richard & Sons

Keene, Richard & Sons Ltd

Keene, Richard, (Junior)

Keene, W C

Keenes, J A (Mrs)

Keenes, James A & Co

Keens, John

Keeping & Co

Keeping & Kerslake

Keeping, A

Keeping, Alfred

Keeping, C

Keeping, Charles

Keeping, George

Keeping, James C

Keet, George James

Keet, Henry

Keeton, James C

Kefalas, George

Keham, Ivy

Kehrahahn, Ferdinand

Keig & Callister

Keig, T S

Keig, Thomas

Keighley Photographic Company

Keigwin (Keighwin), F S

Keily, G H

Keir, H & W

Keir, Henry Wallace

Keirman, Ernest

Keisling, L (Herr)

Keith, Archibald

Keith, Charles

Keith, Thomas

Keith, William

Kelf & Son

Kelf, Frederick

Kelf, J

Kelf, Walter

Kellaway, Aubrey

Kellaway, James

Kelles, Joseph

Kellett & Bines

Kellet & Ellis

Kellett, William & Co

Kelley (Kelly), Edwin

Kelley, B

Kelley, T

Kelley, Walter

Kellie, G J & Co

Kellock, George

Kelly & Harvey

Kelly (Kelley), Thomas Johnstone

Kelly, A T

Kelly, Benjamin

Kelly, Charles E

Kelly, Edward

Kelly, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Kelly, Francis

Kelly, J

Kelly, J W

Kelly, James

Kelly, John

Kelly, John T

Kelly, Joseph

Kelly, Morris

Kelly, R J

Kelly, Robert J

Kelly, Samuel

Kelly, T

Kelly, T S

Kelly, Thomas

Kelly, William

Kelsey & Berry

Kelsey, Benjamin W

Kelson, J J

Kember (Kemper), Albert B

Kemp, C J (Kemps Belgrave Studio)

Kemp, H

Kemp, Henry

Kemp, Henry Humphreys

Kemp, J

Kemp, John Richard

Kemp, Sidney

Kemp, Thomas

Kemp, W

Kemp, William John

Kemp’s Studio

Kempsell, William H

Kempton & Wallace

Ken, Alexandre

Ken, Hugh


Kendall & Brereton

Kendall, B

Kendall, Bert

Kendall, George

Kendall, Matthew T

Kendall, Thomas

Kenderdine, A F

Kenderdine, Gus

Kendrew, John

Kendrick, Edwin W

Kendrick, S

Kennaugh, C H

Kennedy & Co

Kennedy, Alexander

Kennedy, Donald

Kennedy, J

Kennedy, James

Kennedy, O (Miss)

Kennedy, Patrick

Kennedy, Peter

Kennedy, Thomas

Kennerell, John

Kennerley, (Miss)

Kennerley, Alice

Kennerley, H S

Kennerley, Herber

Kennet, H A

Kenneth & Co

Kenneth, James

Kennett Brothers

Kennett, F

Kennett, H A

Kennett, Harry

Kennewell, Frederick

Kenngott, W

Kenny, J

Kenny, John Alban

Kenny, Robert

Kensington Press Agency

Kensington Studio

Kent & Fenton

Kent & Lacey Ltd

Kent Photographic Art Company

Kent, Edward Louis & Jones

Kent, A (N?)

Kent, C

Kent, C E

Kent, Catherine (Mrs)

Kent, E L & Sons

Kent, Edward Louis

Kent, Harry

Kent, Henry

Kent, Henry H

Kent, Sarah (Mrs)

Kent, Thomas

Kent, W (Junior)

Kent, Walter Harry

Kent, William H

Kent, William H & Nelson, Horatio

Kentish Photographic Company

Kentish Portrait Company

Kent-Lacey Studios Ltd

Kent’s Photographic Studio

Kenworthy, A

Kenworthy, F

Kenworthy, Frederick (Kenworthy & Co)

Kenworthy, Peter A

Kenyon (Kenynon), Harry

Kenyon, Alice (Miss)

Kenyon, Charles Henry

Kenyon, Nicholas R

Kenyon, Stanley Walter

Keohan, Edmond

Keppie (Kippie), George

Keppie, G & Co

Kerby, J R

Kerby, J R & Co

Kerby, Joseph

Kerby, Joseph & Son

Kerch, Robert

Kerfoot, Henry

Kergwin, Frederick S

Kerly, Joseph

Kermode, William

Kerotype Ltd

Kerr, Alexander C

Kerr, Andrew

Kerr, Andrew & Co

Kerr, F G L

Kerr, Frederick G

Kerr, H

Kerr, Hugh

Kerr, John

Kerr, R

Kerry Brothers

Ker-Seymer, Barbara (Miss)


Kershaw Brothers (Herbert Kershaw & John Kershaw)

Kershaw, Abraham

Kershaw, J

Kershaw, John

Kershaw, Joseph

Kershaw, Ted

Kershaw, William

Kerslake (Kirslake), Thomas J

Kerslake, Thomas John

Kerton, Henry & Son

Kessell, A G

Kessler, L

Kessler, William Henry

Kesterton, C A

Kestin, C

Keston, C & S

Ketcher, Ralph

Ketelbey, Frederick

Keton, James

Kettenus, Carl

Kettering School of Art Photography

Kettle, H C

Kettle, Herbert Lionel

Kettle, Thomas

Ketton & Hollister

Ketton, George

Kevan, J

Kevan, James

Kevil-Turner, Stanley

Kevin, Samuel John

Kevis, Walter John

Kewley, Walter E

Key, Harry

Key, Henry

Keys, Thomas & Son

Keystone Press Agency

Keystone View Co

Kibble, William

Kidd & Baker

Kidd & Eadie

Kidd, Emma Annie (Miss)

Kidd, George

Kidd, James Henry

Kidd, John

Kidner, H

Kiek, J D

Kier, Isabella (Mrs)

Kiesling Brothers

Kilbey, Fras

Kilburn, Thomas

Kilburn, William Edward

Kilby, Jos

Kilgannon, T

Kilgour, A (Mrs)

Kilgour, George

Kilgour, James

Killick & Abbott, Charles R

Killick, Frederick

Killick, Frederick Lewis

Killick, John Henry

Killick, John Henry & Co

Killman, Charles Henry

Kilmarnock Photographic Co

Kilner, F G (E G)

Kilner, Francis

Kilpatrick, W J

Kimberley, Edmund

Kimberley, Edmund (Mrs)

Kimberley, Edward

Kimberley, Florence (Miss)

Kimberley, J

Kimberley, M

Kimberley, Mark

Kimberley, W F

Kimble, George William John

Kime, Ernest Alfred

Kimmings, Richard & Knowles

Kimmings, Richard & Co

Kinbeena & Co

Kinder, G

Kindler (Kinder), William & Co

Kindler, W & Co

Kindler, William & Co

Kines, S

King & Co

King & Wilson

King Brothers

King Edward Art Enlarging Co

King, A

King, Alf

King, Alfred

King, Amos

King, Arthur

King, Arthur (Mrs)

King, Arthur T

King, B G

King, C

King, C L

King, Charles

King, Charles J

King, Clara (Mrs)

King, Edward

King, F

King, F & Co Ltd

King, Frederick

King, Frederick William

King, G

King, George

King, George T

King, G P

King, H

King, Harry

King, Harry E

King, Harry R

King, Henry (Harry)

King, Horatio Nelson

King, Howard

King, Howard M

King, James

King, John

King, Jonathan M

King, Joseph

King, M

King, Mary (Mrs)

King, Nellie

King, Nellie (Mrs)

King, Richard Oakes

King, Rowland

King, S A

King, Samuel

King, Sidney

King, Solomon

King, Stanley A

King, Thomas

King, Victor

King, W

King, W & Co

King, William

King, William

King, William Edward

King, William Edwin

King, William Robert

Kingdon, Ellen E (Mrs)

Kingdon, William Peel

Kingdon, William T

Kingham, Emily Kate (Mrs)

Kingham, Henry James

Kingham, W C

Kinghton & Carr

King’s Cross Studios

King’s Cross Studios (Knightsbridge Studios)

King’s Lynn Photographic Co

King’s Studio

Kingsbury & Notcutt

Kingsbury, Edward R

Kingsbury, Frederick

Kingsford, A E

Kingsley (Kingley), William

Kingsley, Alec Paul

Kingsley, Tayler R

Kingsley, William

Kingsmill, Thomas

Kingston Photographic Co

Kingston Photographic Company

Kingston, F

Kingston, Francis Henry

Kingston, R

Kinloch, Charles Rae

Kinnersley, Henry

Kinninmont, Kenneth

Kinninmont, Kenneth & Taylor

Kins & Co

Kinsey, A H

Kinsey, B C

Kinsey, Edgar

Kinsley (Kingsley), Joseph

Kinsley, F

Kinsley, Joseph

Kinsley, Mary (Miss)

Kinsman, Johns Henry

Kinsman, William

Kintoch (Kinloch), Charles Rae

Kipling, Charles Waistell

Kipling, Thomas

Kipling, Tobias

Kipling, W B

Kipping, Albert Edward

Kirbeena, H

Kirbeena, H & Co

Kirby, Albert

Kirby, David

Kirby, E J

Kirby, G W

Kirby, H W

Kirby, J G

Kirby, James George

Kirby, John C

Kirby, Noreen (Mrs)

Kirby, T W

Kirby, Theophilius Claudius

Kirby, Thomas & Sons Ltd

Kird, Charles Stuart

Kirk & Sons

Kirk, Arthur H

Kirk, Arthur H & Son

Kirk, Charles J

Kirk, George William

Kirk, H

Kirk, Isaac

Kirk, James

Kirk, Samuel (Junior)

Kirk, Samuel (Senior)

Kirk, Saville

Kirk, William

Kirk, William Umpleby

Kirk, William Umpleby & Sons

Kirk, William Umpleby (Junior)

Kirkbride, Thomas

Kirkby (Mr)

Kirkby, Samuel

Kirkby, T

Kirkham, Alexander

Kirkham, F D

Kirkham, Margaret (Mrs)

Kirkhope, James A

Kirkland, Charles

Kirkley, J

Kirkman, J

Kirkman, William

Kirkness, T R

Kirkness, W

Kirkpatrick, J

Kirkpatrick, Thomas Suthers

Kirkpatrick, William

Kirkup, J

Kirkup, William


Kirkwood & Hider

Kirkwood, James

Kirkwood, James Taylor

Kirman, Charles S

Kirton, M (Miss)

Kisby, William

Kiss, Perkins & Co

Kissack, Alfred D

Kitch, George

Kitchen, Clare (Miss)

Kitchen, John Marsh

Kitchen, Robert

Kitchen, W

Kitchener & Salmon

Kitchener Portrait Co

Kitchener, Maurice Thomas

Kitcher, J

Kitcher, Joseph

Kitchiaghun, Walter

Kitchin, C

Kitchin, E J (Mrs)

Kitchin, Ernest Edward

Kitchin, Esther Olive (Miss)

Kitchin, W

Kitchingmar, Isaiah

Kite, Edward

Kitson, A

Kitson, Samuel

Kitto, Frederick

Kitto, Frederick & Son

Kitto, P

Kitto, Thomas

Klaftenberger, E H

Klahn, E

Klamer, Jacob

Klar, Charles

Kleboe & Franklin Ltd

Klein, Henry Oscar (Q)

Kleinmann, H & Co

Klepper (Klapper), Jack

Klepper, John

Klic, Karel

Klien & Wilensky

Klose, Detlef

Knaggs, C James

Knaggs, C James & Foulkes-Winks

Knaggs, John

Knapp, Henrietta (Miss)

Knapp, S (Mrs)

Knapton Brothers

Knapton, George W

Knapton, George W & Co

Knapton, William

Knecht, Charles

Knibb, Charles

Knight & Co

Knight & Jackson

Knight Brothers

Knight, A

Knight, Benjamin

Knight, Bertram James

Knight, C & Co

Knight, C H

Knight, Charles

Knight, Charles & Von der Heyde

Knight, David W

Knight, Edgar

Knight, F

Knight, F & F

Knight, Frank

Knight, Frank William

Knight, Frederick

Knight, Frederick William

Knight, G

Knight, G A & Son

Knight, George

Knight, H C

Knight, H S

Knight, Harry U

Knight, Henry

Knight, Henry U

Knight, James

Knight, Leslie

Knight, M A

Knight, R L

Knight, Ralph Lethridge

Knight, Richard

Knight, T S

Knight, Walter S

Knight, William

Knight, William Frederick

Knight, Wilton

Knighten, A F

Knighten, Arthur L

Knighten, Clara Matilda (Mrs)

Knighton & Cutts Ltd

Knighton, A

Knighton, Alfred

Knighton, Fred

Knight’s Manufacturing Co

Knights Photographic Works

Knights, J F

Knights, James Francis

Knightsbridge Photographic Bureau

Knights-Whittome, David

Knipe (Knape) & Culliford (Pulliford)

Knipe, H H

Knott Brothers

Knott, Alfred

Knott, Annie L (Miss)

Knott, George Francis

Knott, James

Knott, James Brown

Knott, Robert

Knott, Squire

Knott, W L

Knowles, Edgar

Knowles, Edith(Madame)

Knowles, F N

Knowles, Francis James

Knowles, H

Knowles, J

Knowles, James

Knowles, John W

Knowles, Joseph

Knowles, W

Knowles, William Henry

Knowles, William J

Knox, Herbert J

Koenig & Lloyd

Koenig, Charles

Koenig, Charles (Senior)

Koenig, Gasper

Koenig, Gasper & Son

Koenig, Lloyd & Hiron

Koenig, Siegmund

Koester, Herbert

Koffler, Jack

Kohler, Richard

Kohn, Rose (Miss) & Co

Kosky, David

Kostrovitzki, Henri

Kotch, Francis

Kotch, Frederick

Kough, Lionel

Krall, Karl

Kranshaar, Alfred

Kraushaar, Pincus

Krauss, Edward

Kreiger, Hyman

Kresovsky, Woolf

Kreutler, Gustav

Kreutz, J (Herr)

Krever, Mark

Krevosky (Kresovski), S

Krevosky (Kresovski), Woolf

Krone, Herman

Kroneck, F

Kruger, E

Kruger, Henry

Kruger, Henry & Son

Kruger, Henry & Sons

Kruger, Matilda (Mrs)

Kruger, Simon David (Davis)

Krumer, Max & Joseph

Kulerogsky, R

Kushner, Lewis

Kutner, J

Kutner, Myer

Kyd & (unreadable name)

Kyle Photo Co

Kyle, David W

Kyle, David W & Cameron

Kyle, Edward


Kyles & Law

Kyles & Moir

Kyles, William

Kyles, William Elizabeth (Mrs)

Kyrle Enlarging Co

Kyrle, D R

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