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L’ Alouette, Frank

L’ Art Photogenique Ltd

L’ Estrange, Val (Madame)

La Dell, C

La Porte (Laporte) & Thompson

La Porte Brothers

La Porte, Charles

La Porte, M John

La Porte, M John & Co

La Roche (Laroche?), J

La Rose, Isidore

La Tour, Adrien de

Lable, D

Lable, William

Lacey & Son

Lacey, A J

Lacey, C

Lacey, Charles

Lacey, J M (Junior)

Lacey, James

Lacey, John

Lacey, John & Co

Lacey, Marjory (Mrs)

Lacey, William

Lacey, William George

Lacey’s (also as Lacey’s Studios)

Lack & Grantham

Lacolley, J

Lacy, Edward Crowther

Lacy, William

Lacy, William George

Ladbrooke, Clarke, J W & Wallace

Ladd, H S

Ladd, Levi

Ladd, Levi & Co



Ladmore, C J

Ladmore, Thomas & Son

Ladmore, Thomas (Junior?)

Ladmore, Thomas (Senior?)

Lafaye Ltd

Lafayette Limited (Lafayette, James)(Lauder, James Stack)

Laffeir, Gilbert

Laffey, Thomas

Laffutte, B

Lafont, B (Miss)

Lafosse, Augustus Frederick (Chevalier)

Laib, Paul

Laidlaw, Andrew

Laidlaw, Andrew Elliot

Laidlaw, G

Laidlaw, G T & Co

Laidlaw, George

Laidlaw, R

Laidler, Thomas Smailes

Laidman, George

Lain (Lane), Edwin

Lain, Ernest

Laing, D Mitchell

Laing, J & Co

Laing, J M

Laing, James

Laing, John

Laing, L

Laing, Thomas

Lainson, George

Lainson, G

Laird, Arthur John Phillip

Laird, John

Laird, John W

Laird, W (Mrs)

Lake & Co

Lake, John Augustine

Lake, Thomas

Lake, W

Lake, William

Lakeland Studio

Laker, Mildred Norris (Mrs)

Lakewood Studio

Lakin, James

Lally & Co

Lama, D

Lamb & Co

Lamb & Lucas

Lamb (Lumb?), E

Lamb Humphrys & Co

Lamb, Charles T

Lamb, Edmund Thomas

Lamb, Edward

Lamb, George Henry

Lamb, J

Lamb, J E

Lamb, J F

Lamb, James

Lamb, John

Lamb, Louisa (Mrs)

Lamb, Persis A (Miss)

Lamb, Samuel George

Lamb, Thomas

Lamb, Thomas Bradley & Co

Lamb, William A

Lambe, Thomas F


Lambert & Co

Lambert & Jackson

Lambert & Lambert

Lambert Brothers

Lambert of Bath

Lambert, Amos

Lambert, Charles

Lambert, Edward James

Lambert, Edward James & Okey

Lambert, Ernest James

Lambert, Fred T

Lambert, G F

Lambert, Henry

Lambert, Henry & Co

Lambert, Herbert

Lambert, J

Lambert, J S

Lambert, J S & Co

Lambert, Jackson

Lambert, John

Lambert, John B

Lambert, John N

Lambert, Leon

Lambert, Lewis

Lambert, Mary (Mrs)

Lambert, Robert

Lambert, Samuel

Lambert, Sarah (Mrs)

Lambert, Thomas

Lambert, Weston & Son

Lambert, Weston & Son Ltd

Lambert, William C

Lambkin, William Thomas

Lambourne, Albert Frederick

Lambourne, Frederick

Lambourne, G

Lamercier, Louis

Lamming, Blanche (Miss)

Lamming, John

Lamont & Ross

Lamont (formerly Ernest)

Lamont, George

Lamont, J

Lamonte, A

Lamotte, Claude

Lamp, E

Lampard, Harry E

Lamplough, Henry

Lanc & Hamson

Lancashire & Yorkshire School of Photography


Lancaster & Co

Lancaster & Sons

Lancaster Brothers (also as Messrs Lancaster)

Lancaster Enlarging Studios

Lancaster, Adrian

Lancaster, Ann E

Lancaster, Christopher

Lancaster, E

Lancaster, Edward

Lancaster, G

Lancaster, J

Lancaster, James

Lancaster, James

Lancaster, James (Mrs)

Lancaster, John

Lancaster, Moses

Lancaster, Richard

Lancaster, Richard Stuart

Lancaster, Samuel

Lancaster, Stanley

Lancaster, Stuart

Lancaster, Stuart & Son

Lancaster, William

Lance, Frank

Land, C

Land, Charles Henry


Lander & Jolliffe, William Edward

Lander & Smith

Lander (Lauder), Henry

Lander, Arthur

Lander, F E

Lander, F E (Mrs)

Lander, Frederick William

Lander, John

Lander, Walter Elliott

Lander, William

Lander’s Studio

Landfer-Burne, J

Landon, Jesse

Landon, Percy

Landor Studios

Landor, Edmund

Landor, Edmund (Landon, Ernest 1902)

Landsdell (Lansdell), George


Landsfield, Harry

Landsfield, Henry

Landstein, J

Lane & Son

Lane, A

Lane, Albert

Lane, Albert E

Lane, Albert Edward

Lane, Alfred

Lane, C

Lane, Charles

Lane, Edgar

Lane, Edmund

Lane, F

Lane, F O

Lane, F W

Lane, Frederick W

Lane, H W

Lane, J Talbot

Lane, John

Lane, Mabel (Mrs)

Lane, Percy

Lane, Ralph

Lane, Thomas William W

Lane, W W

Lane, William

Lane, William Orwell

Lane, William S

Lane-Smith, Henry

Lang, George

Lang, J M

Langdale Studio

Langdon, Albert Edward

Langdon, Albert Edward & Son

Langdon, Herbert

Lang-Durban, W

Langfiar, Adolph

Langfiar, Pearl

Langfiar, Saul

Langfield & Kyle

Langfier & Co

Langfier (Finchley) Ltd

Langfier (Langfiar) Ltd

Langfier Ltd (Langfiar Ltd)

Langfier, A

Langfier, Louis

Langfier, Louis Saul

Langfier, Louis Saul Ltd

Langfier, Maurice

Langfier, Sam

Langford & Co

Langford Bros

Langford, Alfred H W

Langford, Edith (Mrs)

Langford, F

Langford, George

Langford, J

Langford, John Arthur

Langham Photographic Laboratory

Langham Studio

Langham’s Electric Studio

Langley, Frederick

Langley, Frederick Parkin

Langlois (Louglois), Arthur

Langlois (Messrs)

Langlois (Monsieur)

Langlois, Camile

Langman, Johanna (Mrs)

Langridge, A

Langridge, Joseph

Langrish, William G

Lang-Sims, R

Langton Studios

Langton, Arthur James

Langton, Edwin (Edward) Simmons

Langton, Joe Arthur

Langton, Thomas Nelson

Langtree, Edward

Lanham, William George

Laniado (Laniads) & Bell

Lankaster & Warren

Lankester, Percy S

Lanksford (Mr & Mrs)

Lannigan, J

Lansdowne & Hucklebridge

Lansdowne, Harold George William

Lansfield, Henry

Lapidaire, Burnard & Co

Laporte & Stanley

Lapparini (Lipparini), Attilio

Lappuhn, Richard

Lapworth, William John

Larbalestier, Philippe

Larcombe, A E

Lardelli & Co

Lardelli, Smith & Co

Large, W H

Largent, J T

Largs Photographic Co

Largs Photographic Studio

Larkin Brothers

Larkin, George

Larmer, Henry

Larmuth, Tomas Henry

Laroch & Co

Laroche & Co [aka William Henry Silvester (b. c.1815 Lambeth)]

Laroche, Charles

Laroche, Louisa Silvester (Mrs) & Sons

Laroche, Martin (aka William Henry Silvester (b. c.1815 Lambeth)]

Laroche, Thomas

Laroche, Thomas & Co

Laroche, William Silvester (Laroche, Silvester)[aka William Henry Silvester (b. c.1815 Lambeth)]

Larratt, Arthur & Co

Larribau, A

Larritt, John James


Lascelles & Co Ltd

Lascelles (La Scelles), M J

Lascelles, Henry

Lasham, H F

Lashbrook, Billie L

Lassalle Photographers Ltd

Last, Alfred

Last, Alfred R G

Last, Charles

Latchmore, B

Latchmore, Thomas Benwell

Latchmore, Thomas Benwell & Son

Latham & Bott

Latham, David C

Latham, Henry

Latham, Herbert Whitaker

Latham, James W

Latham, John

Latham, Marion (Miss)

Latham, Mary (Mrs)

Latham, R M

Latham, Richard

Latham, William

Latham, William James

Latimer, George

Latimer, William Keay

Latter, George W M

Latter, George William

Latter, James A

Latter, James A & Son

Latter, Nora K (Mrs)

Latter, W J

Lattimer, John Freeman Latham

Laubach (Lauback), C William

Laubach, Philip

Laubach, Wilhelm

Lauchin, Hetty (Miss)


Lauder Brothers

Lauder, Charles

Lauder, Claude R M

Lauder, Edmond Stanley (Junior) & Lauder, James Stack

Lauder, Edmund Stanley (Senior)

Lauder, George Marsh (Lafayette, George)

Lauder, Henry

Lauder, Sarah H

Lauder, William

Lauder, William Harding

Lauer, Joseph

Lauraine (Lawrance), Herbert (Bert)

Lauraine, Herbert (Bert)

Laurel Photographic Co (Laurel Studios)

Laurence (Lawrence) & Co

Laurence Ltd

Laurence Photos Ltd (Laurence Studios)

Laurence Portraits Ltd, (Laurence Studios)(Laurence)

Laurence Studios

Laurence, Isaac

Laurence, Walter J

Laurens, A (Junior)

Laurens, Glanville

Laurie, James

Lautenberg (Laudenberg) (Lantenberg), M

Lavedra, Claude de

Lavender & Co

Lavender, Edgar Davey

Lavender, P J

Lavender, Thomas

Laver, George Arthur

Laverne Studios Ltd

Laverne, F

Laverne, H (also as Laverne & Co)

Lavington, Charles

Lavis, A

Lavis, George & Rebecca (Mrs)

Lavis, Walter Clement


Law & Kerr

Law (Miss)

Law, A

Law, A G

Law, Alice & Florence (Misses)

Law, Charles

Law, F W

Law, Florence (Miss)

Law, Florence (Miss)

Law, James

Law, James Bogie

Law, James Bogie & Co

Law, James L

Law, Norman E

Law, R

Law, W W

Law, W W & Son

Law, William A

Lawcock, Fred

Lawes, Henry S

Lawless, A (Mrs)

Lawley Brothers

Lawlor, W H


Lawrence & Stuckey

Lawrence & Wenbron

Lawrence Brothers

Lawrence Portraits Ltd

Lawrence Studios

Lawrence, Alexander

Lawrence, Benjamin

Lawrence, C & Co

Lawrence, C E

Lawrence, C J

Lawrence, F

Lawrence, Fred

Lawrence, Frederick

Lawrence, George Henry

Lawrence, Hal

Lawrence, Henri L

Lawrence, Henri L & Co

Lawrence, Henry

Lawrence, Hyman

Lawrence, J

Lawrence, J & Co

Lawrence, J & Son

Lawrence, J C

Lawrence, J C & Sons

Lawrence, J F

Lawrence, J G

Lawrence, Jabez

Lawrence, James

Lawrence, James Henry

Lawrence, John

Lawrence, John & Co

Lawrence, John George

Lawrence, John Henry

Lawrence, Joshua

Lawrence, William

Lawrenson & Co

Lawrie & Mitchell

Lawrie, Alexander

Lawrie, G W

Lawrie, G W & Co

Lawrie, James

Lawrie, Thomas

Laws (Law), James

Laws (Law), Thomas Maitland

Laws, Albert Heath

Laws, Alex

Laws, Charles Hardy

Laws, E A

Laws, H

Laws, P M

Laws, Percy S

Laws, Peter Maitland

Laws, Peter Maitland & Son

Laws, T M

Laws, Thomas & Co


Lawson & Co

Lawson & Redpath

Lawson & Ross

Lawson, A

Lawson, Alex

Lawson, Alexander

Lawson, Charles

Lawson, George R

Lawson, H T (H Y?)

Lawson, H Y (H T?)

Lawson, Herbert T

Lawson, J

Lawson, J O

Lawson, James

Lawson, James M

Lawson, John

Lawson, R

Lawson, T F

Lawson, W J

Lawson, William


Lawton, Ephraim

Lawton, Henry

Lawton, Robert

Lawton, Walter G

Lawton-Jones, A

Laxon, H

Laxton, Stephen

Lay, A F

Laycock & Ricketts

Laycock Bros

Laycock, E C

Laycock, Ernest

Laycock, H

Laycock, Joseph & Sons

Laycock, Samuel

Layland, William

Layton & Lamb

Lazenby, Charles

Lazenby, J

Lazer, George

Le Beau & Rust

Le Beau, Timothy

Le Bon Studio

Le Caron, A

Le Cheminaut, Wilfred

Le Cocq, Charles R

Le Conte, Jessie R

Le Conte, John

Le Couteur, John

Le Couteur, William John

Le Croix, W

Le Dernier Court Studios

Le Estrange, Val

Le Maitre

Le May (Lemay), Arthur

Le Mesurier & Marshall (Misses)

Le Moeur, Alfred George

Le Resche, Samuel

Le Roi Photo Co

Le Roi Studio

Le Roi, Claude & Company

Le Rose Studio

Le Roy Studios

Le Studio Pour Enfants

Le Tourneaux (Letourneux), Alphonse

Le Tourneaux, Alphonse

Le Tourneaux, Annie (Miss)

Le Tourneaux, E

Le Tourneaux, Margaret (Mrs)

Lea, H N

Leach & Gelder

Leach, A

Leach, A & Andrew

Leach, A H & Co Ltd

Leach, Arthur H

Leach, Arthur H & Co

Leach, Arthur H & Gelder

Leach, Arthur H (& Co, after 1904)

Leach, Charles

Leach, Edward L

Leach, Edwin

Leach, George

Leach, Harold

Leach, Harry W

Leach, Henry Thomas

Leach, Henry Thomas de B

Leach, Henry Walter

Leach, Herbert W

Leach, J

Leach, James

Leach, John B

Leach, John Richard

Leach, Joseph

Leach, M

Leach, R

Leach, Robert

Leach, Robert & Son

Leach, S

Leach, Samuel

Leach, William

Leadbitter, John L

Leah, Dougald W

Leahy, Harry

Leak, R & Co

Leak, Robert

Leake, Herbert

Leake, James Cotton

Leake, James Cotton & Co

Leakey, Alfred Henry

Leakey, R

Leal, W

Leaman, Tom Carlyle

Leamside Studio

Lean, Charles

Lean, W

Leaney, Walter

Leaney, William W

Lear, M

Leatherbarrow & Co

Leathley-Mack, S G

Leathwick & Nix

Leathwood, William Henry

Leaver, Annie

Leaver, Benjamin

Leaver, Thomas B

Leavesey, Harold

Leavy (Monsieur)

Lebert, Frank

Lebon, J L

Leck, John

Leck, Robert

Ledbetter, R B & Co

Ledgard, Samuel

Ledgard, William Henry

Ledger, E

Ledingham, Alex (Junior)

Ledsham, G S


Lee & Dust

Lee & Edwards

Lee & Walter

Lee & Wilton

Lee, James Henry

Lee Brothers

Lee Photographic Exchange

Lee, A

Lee, A H

Lee, Abner

Lee, Alfred James

Lee, Alfred P

Lee, Arthur (2)

Lee, Arthur (1)

Lee, Arthur William

Lee, Burt

Lee, C B

Lee, Charles

Lee, Charles R

Lee, Charles William

Lee, E & H

Lee, Edward

Lee, Edwin Philip

Lee, Edwin Philip & Co

Lee, Evelyn A

Lee, Frank

Lee, Fred R

Lee, George Albert

Lee, George J

Lee, George S

Lee, George T

Lee, H

Lee, Harry C & Joseph H (Lee Brothers)

Lee, Harry

Lee, Harry & Co

Lee, Harry C & Joseph H (Lee Brothers)

Lee, Henry Boswell

Lee, Henry C

Lee, Herbert

Lee, J & Co

Lee, J & J

Lee, J H & Son

Lee, J William

Lee, James

Lee, James Henry

Lee, John

Lee, John Henry

Lee, John W

Lee, Joseph

Lee, Joseph H

Lee, Lewis

Lee, M (Mrs)

Lee, Percival M

Lee, Richard

Lee, Robert

Lee, S G

Lee, Thomas

Lee, Walter

Lee, Walter A

Lee, William

Lee, William John

Lee, William Pollard

Lee, William Richard

Leech, A H

Leech, Benjamin Richard

Leech, Elizabeth

Leech, George J

Leech, George Walter

Leech, John

Leech, John B

Leech, Joseph

Leech, M

Leech, Percy

Leech, William J

Leedham, John

Leeds and District Reproduction Co

Leeds Press Agency

Leeford, J

Leer, William A


Lees & Hopper

Lees, A

Lees, Arthur

Lees, Ernest H

Lees, Evelyn (Miss)

Lees, Harry

Lees, Henry

Lees, J

Lees, James A

Lees, John

Lees, Joseph

Lees, Nancy (Miss)

Lees, S S

Lees, Spencer

Lees, T

Lees, W J & Co

Lees, William

Leese, John Henry

Leeson, H Laurence

Leeson, Henry J

Leete, W

Lefort, H

Legg & Co

Legg, Adolphus Henry

Legg, Harry F

Legg, John Henry

Legge, Leo & Co

Legge, R B

Legge, St. Clair

Legge, Thomas

Leggett, Arthur

Leggett, D M (Miss)

Legood, Jeremiah

Legood, Richard

Lehmann, P H (P J?)

Leibinger, C

Leicester & Derby Photographic Co

Leicester & London Landscape & Portrait Photograph

Leicester & London Photographic Company

Leicester Photo Co

Leicester Portraits Ltd

Leicester, J

Leigh, H

Leigh, Harry

Leigh, Herbert & Co

Leigh, John

Leigh, Richard

Leigh, Thomas

Leigh, Thomas Henry

Leighton Studio Ltd

Leighton, Arthur

Leighton, Crosby

Leighton, Cyril

Leighton, H R

Leighton, John Alfred

Leighton, Marian (Mrs)

Leighton, Rupert

Leith & Co

Leith, Robert

Leithead, Robert

Lejeune, Leotine

Lello, Arthur J

Lely, Peter

Lemaire, Henry

Leman, E

Leman, Edward

Leman, Herbert Thomas

Leman, J E (Miss)

Leman, Robert Sumner

Lemenager (Lemanager), Henri V

Lemere, Bedford & Co (Lemere Bedford & Co)

Lemmon & Co

Lempriere, Thomas Charles Leaver

Lena, Edith

Lenard, W

Lenardi’s Photographs

Lenare Ltd (aka Lenare)

Lendon, Berry & Co

Lennard, Charles

Lennard, Reuben


Lennie & Thompson

Lennie, E

Lennotype Co

Lennotype Photo Co


Leno, Arthur


Lenox (Lennox), Isaac Shaw

Lenox (Mr & Mrs)

Lenthall, Charles Robertson

Lenthall, Henry

Lenton Brothers

Lenton, A

Lenton, Frederick

Lenton, Henry

Lenville & Co


Leo, S

Leo, Victor

Leon (Madame)

Leon, John

Leon, Leonard C

Leon, Marie (Miss)

Leon, Victor

Leonard Agency

Leonard, F

Leonard, G

Leonard, T A

Leonard, William Miles

Leonardt, Rudolph


Leonette, John

Leonhardt, Lewis

Leonhardt, Rudolph

Lepard, M

Lepri, D & Co

Leroi Ltd

Leroux, Pierre

Lesage, A

Lesaire, Albert

Lesley, M

Leslie Brothers Ltd

Leslie Studios

Leslie, A

Leslie, Colin & Co

Leslie, E & J

Leslie, George

Leslie, James C

Leslie, John Chalmers

Leslie, John W

Leslie, R

Leslie, Ralph

Leslie, William George

Leslie’s Studios

Lessels, John Fraser

Lesser, H E

Lester, A

Lester, C

Lester, Edward

Lester, Edwin Joseph

Lester, George

Leston Studio

Lesty, Doroth (Miss)


Letalle, Auguste E

Letalle, Auguste E & Co

Letchford & Stephens, William H

Letchford, Henry Clayton

Letheren, William John

Letters, Frederick

Letti, P Paul

Letts, A & Son

Letts, Alfred

Letts, D W

Lettsome (Letsome) & Sons

Lettsome (Letsome), Edward

Lettsome, Edward

Lettsome, Edward & Sons

Lettsome, John

Leuchars, William

Le-Vein, Fred

Lever Brothers Ltd

Leveridge, Charles

Leverington, Thomas

Levermore & Brooker

Levermore, Charles Randolph

Leverton, Horace Walter

Levett, Harry John

Levey (Levy), George G

Levick, Gerturde (Miss)

Levie, Don & Cheetham, Richard (Levie & Cheetham)

Levie, Don (Miss)

Levinne, William

Leviton, A

Levitt, Alice E (Miss)

Levitt, C

Levy Brothers

Levy, F E (Miss)

Levy, Frank

Levy, Henry

Levy, Michael

Levy, S

Levy, Thomas William

Lewes, C & Co

Lewes, William

Lewie, T J (possibly T J Lewis)

Lewin, David


Lewis & Co

Lewis & Edwards

Lewis & Owen

Lewis & Randall Ltd

Lewis & Taylor

Lewis & Turnbull

Lewis (Brighton) Ltd

Lewis Brothers

Lewis Portraits

Lewis, A

Lewis, Abel

Lewis, Abel & Sons

Lewis, Albert

Lewis, Albert George

Lewis, Alexander Denhholm

Lewis, Alfred (Alf)

Lewis, Alfred J

Lewis, Arthur

Lewis, Arthur D

Lewis, Arthur J C

Lewis, B C

Lewis, Benjamin

Lewis, C

Lewis, C & A G

Lewis, Charles

Lewis, Charles Hethton

Lewis, Claud B

Lewis, Clifford Norman Frank

Lewis, D J

Lewis, D L

Lewis, David

Lewis, E

Lewis, E W

Lewis, Ernest Richard

Lewis, F & Co

Lewis, Frederick Crompton

Lewis, Frederick George

Lewis, Frederick William & Co

Lewis, G & A G Ltd

Lewis, G B

Lewis, G C

Lewis, G P

Lewis, G P & M

Lewis, Gorell

Lewis, H Mostyn

Lewis, H Roberts

Lewis, Harold

Lewis, Henry

Lewis, Henry G

Lewis, J

Lewis, J H

Lewis, J H J

Lewis, Jack

Lewis, Robert

Lewis, Thomas

Lewis, Thomas & Co

Lewis, Thomas & Co Ltd

Lewis, Thomas (Junior)

Lewis, Vincent G

Lewis, W

Lewis, W H

Lewis, W Newark

Lewis, Walter George

Lewis, Whymper

Lewis, William

Lewis, William Henry

Lewislee, M (Mrs)

Lewthwaite, Thomas

Ley (Lee?), Edward George

Ley, Edward George

Leyland Studios

Leyland, Edith (Miss)

Leyland, Edward

Leyland, F & L

Leyland, Herbert

Leyland, James

Leyneek, H Andrew

Libbotte, F

Libby, Ralph

Liberson & Appleby

Libley, Henry J

Lickfold American Photo Co

Lickfold, George

Lickley, C

Liddard & Cave

Liddel, J

Liddell & Williams

Liddell, Arthur G

Liddell, Henry

Liddiard, William

Liddicoat, Samp

Liddle, Thomas W

Liddle, Thomas William

Lidington, H A

Lidington, Herbert A

Lidsey (Lindsey), William

Lidsey, William

Life Size Photographic Company

Liffen, James

Ligat, William

Light, Frank

Light, Henry

Light, William V

Lightfoot, Fred

Lightning Photographic Co (Western) Ltd

Lightowler, William

Lightwood, Percival

Li-Jones & Co

Likeman, John

Lile, John Henry & Co

Lile, John Henry & Lacey

Lilley, G

Lilley, George

Lilley, Lambert

Lilley, W Eaden

Lillie (Lilliel), James

Lillywhite, Edmund

Lily Studios

Lily, H

Lily, R W

Lilywhite Ltd

Lima, J C C ?

Limmer, E

Limney, James


Lincoln Studio Ltd

Lincoln, Edgar

Lincolnshire Enlargement Co

Linde, E

Lindell, E (Mrs)

Lindemann, Edward

Linden Road Studios

Linden, Cyril

Linden, Hal

Lindley, Charles

Lindley, Donald

Lindley, Donald & Son

Lindley, George A

Lindon, C

Lindon, Thomas

Lindon, William (Lynden?)

Lindsay, David

Lindsay, Frank

Lindsay, Henry K

Lindsay, J

Lindsay, Thomas

Lindsay’s Photo Service

Lindsey, Crawford

Lindsey, Frederick K

Lindsey, Thomas

Lindsey, William

Lindsley, Ann (Mrs)

Lindsley, Ann (Mrs) & William

Lindsley, Forester

Lindsley, Forester (Mrs)

Lindsley, J (Mrs) (Mrs Ann Lindsley?)

Line, Samuel J

Lineham, George Edmund Alfred

Lineham, George Henry

Lineham, Harry E R

Lines, S E

Linford, John Samuel

Linforth, Florence (Miss)

Ling, Frederick John

Lingford, Edward

Lingwood, Edgar

Link, B G

Linklater, James

Linklater, T & J

Linley (Lindley), David M

Linley, David M

Linley, James

Linn, Henry

Linn, Lord

Linnell & Co

Linnell, Joseph

Linnenlauf, J

Linnitt, Edgar

Linsdell, Harry Cowland

Linsell & Saven

Linton, E G

Lintott, Anna (Madame)

Lintott, Arthur

Lintott, S

Lionel & Co

Lionel, Jerome

Lipparini, Attilio

Lippiatt, Edwin (Junior)

Lippiatt, E E

Lippiatt, Edwin

Lippiatt, Ernest

Lipschitz, Abraham

Lipschitz, Adolph

Lisco, Joseph

Lisle, Arthur William

Lissant, Alfred

Lissant, Alfred W

List, Joseph

Lister, Arthur

Lister, Harry (Henry)

Lister, James

Lister, James Horobin

Lister, John

Lister, Joseph

Lister, Joshua

Lister, Leonard

Lister, Norman

Lister, Richard Neal

Lister, Thomas

Lita Studios

Litchfield, Charles Henry

Litherland, Thomas

Litherland,Thomas & Hudson, Isaac

Litho-Photographic Institute

Little & Co

Little (Littleton), Robert

Little, Frederick George

Little, Howard John

Little, James

Little, R

Little, R & Co

Little, Thomas

Little, Violet Evelyn (Mrs)

Little, Walter Park

Little, William Archibould

Littlejohn, Robert J

Littlejohn, W

Littlewood, E

Littlewood, G Henson

Littlewood, George

Littlewood, George Samuel

Littlewood, Ramsden

Littlewood, V

Littlewood, Walter

Liver Photographic Company

Livermore, H

Liverpool & Lancashire Photographic Co

Liverpool & London Photographic Co

Liverpool & London Photographic Co Ltd

Liverpool (Liver) Photographic Co

Liverpool Amateur Photographic Association

Liverpool Artists Ltd

Liverpool Developing & Printing Co

Liverpool Dry Plate & Photographic Printing Co

Liverpool Dry Plate Co (Photographic Plate Makers), (W B Bolton & B J Sayce)

Liverpool Palace Photo Co

Liverpool Photo Co

Liverpool Photographic Institute

Liverpool Photographic Supply Co

Liverpool Portrait Co

Liverpool Stereoscopic & Photographic Company

Liversidge, Alfred


Livesey Brothers

Livesey, John

Livesey, Samuel James

Livingstone, John

Livsey, Joseph

Livsey, Maitland

Lizars Popular Photo Co

Lizars, J

Lizars, J R

Lizars, John

Llewellin, Gilbert Hall

Llewellyn, James

Llewellyn, Lewis Herbert

Lloyd & Company

Lloyd & Huggins

Lloyd & Shaw

Lloyd, Alfred

Lloyd, Alfred H

Lloyd, Annie (Miss)

Lloyd, Charles

Lloyd, Charles L I

Lloyd, E

Lloyd, Edgar

Lloyd, Edward

Lloyd, F E

Lloyd, F V A

Lloyd, Frederick V

Lloyd, G A

Lloyd, George

Lloyd, H

Lloyd, H L

Lloyd, Harry

Lloyd, Harry S

Lloyd, Henry J

Lloyd, Henry L

Lloyd, J H

Lloyd, J H

Lloyd, James

Lloyd, James & Son

Lloyd, James H

Lloyd, James Henry

Lloyd, John

Lloyd, Joseph H

Lloyd, Joseph H & Jefferson

Lloyd, Percy

LLoyd, Sarah (Mrs)

Lloyd, Sidney

Lloyd, Thomas

Lloyd, Thomas Frederick

Lloyd, Thomas Joseph D

Lloyd, Vaughan W

Lloyd, Vivian

Lloyd, Walter J

Lloyd, William

Lloyd, William Henry


Loader & Sons

Loader, Walter TW

Lobb, Winnifred (Mrs)

Loch & Co

Lock (Locke), Henry

Lock, A Lindley

Lock, Arthur

Lock, G B

Lock, George Belsham

Lock, Gilbert Oliver

Lock, Horace

Lock, L

Lock, Samuel Robert

Lock,Samuel Robert & Whitfield, George Carpe, (also Locke & Whitfield)

Locke, Charles William

Locke, Frederick A

Locke, William

Locken, Thomas

Lockett, J

Lockett, J & Co

Lockhardt (Lockhart), Tuhten (Tuhtew)

Lockhart, Field H

Lockie, John

Lockley, Harry James

Lockwood Bros, Arthurst

Lockwood, Enoch

Lockwood, H A

Lockyer, E

Lockyer, Edward

Lockyer, George John

Lockyer, Lawrence

Locomotive Publishing Co

Loder, C

Loder, Francis (Frank)

Lodge, Cyril H

Lodge, Lister

Lodge, Mary E (Mrs)

Lodge, Reginald Badham

Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co

Lofthouse, Thomas William

Lofting, A & G

Lofting, P

Lofting, Samuel G

Lofts, Lionel

Loftus, W R

Logan & Anderson

Logan & Co, Kirkgate

Logan (London) Ltd

Logan Limited

Logan, A J

Logan, Albert Watson

Logan, Alfred Watson

Logan, F

Logan, Frank R (K)

Logan, James

Logan, John

Logan, Samuel

Logan, William

Logsdon, Walter Haskin & Sons

Lollinson, Sarah

Lomas, James

Lomax & Son

Lomax, Ben

Lomax, J

Lomax, John

Lomax, William

Lombardi & Co

Lombardi & Fox

Lombardi & Fry

Lombardi, Caldesi & Co

Lombardi, Weston & Son

Lombardi, William

Lomnitz (Lomnity), Elizabeth Mabel (Miss)

London & Birmingham Photographic Co

London & Brighton Photo Engraving Co

London & Bristol Photographic Company

London & Chester Photographic Company

London & Counties Studio

London & Counties Studios

London & County Photographic Company

London & County Photographic Copying Co

London & County Portrait Company

London & Coventry Photographic Co

London & Manchester Photographic Company

London & Midland Photographic Survey Co

London & New York Photograph Co

London & Northern Studios

London & Paris Photograph & Portrait Co

London & Paris Photographic Company

London & Paris Portrait Co

London & Paris Studios

London & Paris Universal Photographic Company

London & Provincial Photo Enlargement Co

London & Provincial Photographic (Photographing) Co

London & Provincial Photographic Co (London & Provincial Photographing Co)

London & Provincial Photographic Copying Co

London & Provincial Studios Ltd

London & Suburban Photographic Co

London Art Association

London Art Portrait Co

London Artist

London Artistic Portrait Co

London Branch Photographic Co

London Commercial Photographic Co Ltd

London Co-operative Artistic Portrait Co

London Court Studio

London Crystal Palace Photographic Company

London Electrotype Agency Ltd

London Embossing Co

London Fine Art Co

London General Photo Co

London Glasgow Art Enamels

London Institute of Photography

London Lynchnographic (Lychnographic) & Photographic Co

London Metropolitan Photographic Co

London Mutual Photographic Association

London Mutual Photographic Association Limited

London News Agency Photos Ltd

London Panoramic Co

London Photo (Photographic) Service

London Photo Printing Co

London Photocraft Limited

London Photographic (Photo) Co

London Photographic (Photo) Copying Company

London Photographic Association

London Photographic Co Ltd

London Photographic Institution

London Photographic Portrait Co

London Photographic Portrait Company

London Photographic Society

London Photographic Studio

London Photogravure Syndicate Ltd

London Portrait Club & General Photographic Assn

London Portrait Company

London Portrait Company Ltd

London Portrait Studios

London Press Photos

London Provincial Studios Ltd

London Regal Portrait Co

London Rembrandt Company

London Scholastic Photographic Co

London School of Photography

London Semi-Emaille & Portrait Co

London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co & Carte de Visite Institute

London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company (Ltd) (London Stereoscopic Co)(Carte de Visite Institute)

London Stereoscopic Company (Limited)

London Stereoscope Company

London Stereoscopic Company Limited

London Studio

London Studio Co

London, Arthur

London, H L P

London, Thomas


Long & Co

Long & Faulkner

Long, Albert Edward

Long, Albert Ernest

Long, Arthur E

Long, Arthur Spencer

Long, Charles

Long, Charles Edmund

Long, Edwin

Long, Emma & Elizabeth (Misses)

Long, Emma (Miss)

Long, Ernest Walt

Long, Frederick

Long, G

Long, George & John

Long, George F

Long, George W

Long, Henry

Long, J F (1) (died 1864)

Long, J F (2)

Long, James Frederick

Long, James Frederick (3)

Long, John (1)

Long, John

Long, John & Son

Long, John & Sons

Long, John Osborne

Long, Lena (Mrs)

Long, Reginald

Long, Robert Weaver Rogers

Long, Saddler

Long, Thomas E

Long, Victor W

Long, W G & L

Long, William

Longbottom, Dorothy (Miss)

Longbottom, E

Longbottom, John

Longcroft, Ernest

Longden, James

Longford, Wren & Co

Longhorn, P

Longley, C L

Longley, F E

Longman, Frederick Wallace & Sidney

Longman, J

Longmate, Ernest

Longmire, William Henry

Longmore, Robert Joseph

Longney, Edgar

Longney, Edgar H


Longshaw, John

Longsight Enlarging Studios

Longstaff, Alice

Longstaff, John Wycliffe

Longstaffe, E

Longton, Richard

Longworth, Samuel

Lonnergan, Thomas Edward

Lonsdale & Co

Lonsdale & Nafzger

Lonsdale, Frederick A

Lonsdale, Harry

Lonsdale, John Smith

Loof, Henry

Looser, Otto

Loraine, Loraine

Lord & Barnes

Lord & Binns

Lord & Co

Lord & Fox

Lord Raglan Co

Lord, A A & Co Ltd

Lord, Abraham

Lord, E

Lord, E E & Son

Lord, Fred Walker

Lord, Frederick & Sons

Lord, Frederick James

Lord, George

Lord, Henry

Lord, J E

Lord, James

Lord, James Henry

Lord, Joseph

Lord, Ralph Herbert (H R)

Lord, Richard William

Lord, William

Lorenz, Fritz

Lorenz, Fritz & Co

Lorenzo’s Studio

Loretz, L

Lorimer (Mr)

Lorimer, Mary (Miss)

Lorne, Alfred

Lorne, Alfred & Co

Lorraine & Co

Lorraine (Loraine), Robert

Lorraine Art Studio

Lorraine, F

Lorrayne & Co

Los Angeles Studios

Losel (Losell), Franz Heinrich (Francis Henry)

Losh, John

Lotherington & Evans

Lotherington, Maude (Miss)

Lothian Brothers

Lothian, Adam

Lothian, Peter

Lothian, Robert

Lott, Arthur

Lott, Edwin

Lott, H

Louch, Arthur

Louden, Julia (Mrs)

Loudoun Photo Studio

Loughran (Tenterden) Ltd

Loughton, A

Louis, Jules (Monsieur)

Louis Studio

Louis, Arthur

Louise Studio

Louvain Studio

Lovatt, George

Lovatt, Harry P

Lovatt, Mary Jane (Mrs)

Love, Jesse

Loveday, Sally (Miss)

Lovegarove, William

Lovegrove, Arthur

Lovegrove, Louisa

Lovegrove, W A F

Lovejoys Library (Shop)

Loveland, Albert

Lovell, Alexander James

Lovell, S

Lovell, Smith

Lovell, William John

Lover, George W

Loverock, James

Lovesy, Edgar

Lovesy, H & Son

Lovett & Co


Low, Claude

Low, Edmund

Low, M & Co

Low, Mary (Mrs)

Low, Peter & Co

Low, Peter (Messrs)(Mr)

Low, Philip Ernest

Low, Richard

Low, T L

Low, Thomas

Low, W & P (Low Brothers)

Low, William & Son

Lowcock Brothers

Lowden, G

Lowden, George

Lowden, William

Lowden, William & Son

Lowe & Co

Lowe & Tyler

Lowe, George

Lowe (Miss)

Lowe, A

Lowe, Alfred

Lowe, Bennett

Lowe, Charles

Lowe, Eliza (Mrs)

Lowe, Ellen (Mrs)

Lowe, Frederick

Lowe, George E

Lowe, Harold

Lowe, Harry

Lowe, Harry C

Lowe, Jonathan

Lowe, Joseph

Lowe, L (Miss)

Lowe, Lawrence

Lowe, M

Lowe, Matilda (Mrs)

Lowe, Oliver Benjamin

Lowe, Oliver Benjamin & Alfred

Lowe, Oliver Benjamin & Sons

Lowe, Phil

Lowe, R

Lowe, Richard

Lowe, W & E

Lowe, W E

Lowe, William

Lowell, Alexander

Lowenthal (Mrs)

Lowenthall Brothers

Lowenthall, Louis

Lowenthall, P

Lowery, Grace (Mrs)

Lowery, Joseph

Loweth Studio Ltd

Lowndes, Bernard

Lowndes, Jacob

Lowrie, Frank H

Lowrie, James Frederick

Lowry, John

Low’s Photographic Studio

Lowther & Baker

Lowther & Son

Lowther, Alfred

Lowther, Charles L

Lowther, Francis Sebastian

Lowther, George

Lowther, Hugh

Lowther, Michael Angelo

Lowther, R

Lowthian Brothers

Lowthian, Harry

Luboskey, Ela

Lucas & Box

Lucas & Groom

Lucas & Lee

Lucas & Ohrly

Lucas & Son

Lucas & Tuck

Lucas Brothers

Lucas, Arthur

Lucas, Charles Albert

Lucas, Charles Herbert

Lucas, Edward Batty & Co

Lucas, G A

Lucas, H

Lucas, J

Lucas, John

Lucas, John T

Lucas, John William

Lucas, Nan (Miss)

Lucas, Richard

Lucas, Thomas

Lucas, Thomas Scott

Lucas, W A

Lucas, William

Luck & Hatt

Luck, Walter

Luck, William Percy

Lucken, William

Luckham, Frank

Luckin, Thomas

Ludgate Photo Co

Ludlam, Ebenezer

Ludlow, Albert J

Ludlow, Henry

Ludwig, Harry

Luesley, Richard John

Luff, Robert

Luff, William

Luff, William James

Lugg, T J

Lugg, T J & Sons

Lugton, Thomas Polson

Luke, Frank

Luke, S Arnold

Luke, T

Luke, W H

Lukey, Joshua

Luks, William

Lumb, Edwin & Co

Lumb, T & Sons

Lumby (Lamby), Herbert O

Lumby, Herbert O

Lumenart Ltd

Lumley, John William

Lumley, Percy

Lumsden, Charles F

Lumsden, Fraser

Lunar Photo Co

Lund, B

Lund, Margaret D

Lund, Percy & Co

Lundager, J Hansen

Lundie (Lundle), Daniel Murray

Lundstrom, A

Lundstrom, Adrian

Lundy, Richard

Lunn, Colin


Lupson & Son

Lupson, Augustus

Lupson, Frederick

Lupson, Frederick & Co

Lupson, Frederick Thomas

Lupson, S

Lupton, A E

Luscombe, John

Lush, Henry

Lush, J J

Lush, Joseph

Lusty, George H

Luther, Herbert Henry

Luton, Percy William



Luxograph Company

Lyall, Thomas

Lyall, Wiliam

Lyceum Studio

Lydford, George

Lydford, Sydney George

Lygo, Thomas

Lyle, A J

Lyle, Arthur

Lyle, T Byron

Lymburn, J

Lynas, John

Lynch, Owen

Lynch, Robert & Co

Lynch, William Robert

Lynde, Frederick Raymond

Lynden, William A

Lyndford, S G

Lyne, Edwin H B

Lyne, Percy

Lyon, Job

Lyons (Mr)

Lyon’s Enlargement Co

Lyons, L

Lyons, Lewis E

Lyric Art Studio

Lytheer, Alfred

Lytheer, Henry

Lytton & Co

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