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We have information about all of the photographers listed below – this could include addresses, dates of operation and actual examples of their work, biographical notes, census information, prize medals awarded etc.

Addresses and dates of operation can be bought immediately on-line at The powerful search facility there will identify the type of information available for each photographer.

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Of course, we constantly add new names and information whenever it becomes available.

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Notes on searching the photographer list below

If you cannot find who you are looking for we suggest you go directly to and use the powerful search engine there.

However, if you want to look more closely at the list below, here are some hints and tips as it is possible to miss a name you are looking for because of the level of detail that you have or because of the way that computers sort lists. If you cannot find the person or firm you are looking for consider the following:

  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
  • P Brown may be listed under ‘Brown, P’ or ‘Brown, Peter’ (if we have the full name)
  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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Naddermeir, J F

Nadin, Charles Harold

Nadle, Gerson

Nagel & Co

Nagington, H W

Nainby, Alfred

Nainby, Edwin

Nainby, Edwin

Nainby, Edwin (Mrs)

Nainby, Fred

Nairn, Peter

Nairn, Peter D

Nairn, Peter D & Christie

Naismith & Co

Naismith, Hugh R C

Nall, William

Nance, Benjamin

Nancy, J J

Nansen (Nanson) & Co

Napier & Holmes

Napier, H

Napier, William John

Napper, Robert P

Nappy & Eccles

Nappy, George

Nappy, George & Audas

Narbett, L & B

Nash, A C

Nash, A H & Co

Nash, Arthur

Nash, Herbert

Nash, Herbert Ltd

Nash, James

Nash, Kenyon & Co

Nash, Robert

Nastrowsky & Co

Nastrowsky, Colson & Co

Nastrowsky, Paton & Co

Nastrowsky, William Charles & Co

Nastrowsky, William Charles (Baron)

Nathan, M S

National Art Co

National Illustrating Co

National Photo Art Co

National Photographic Co Ltd

National Photographic Company

National Photographic Studio

National Portrait Co

National Press Service

National Studios

National Temperance Publication Depot

Naudin, Adolph

Naudin, Adolph

Naudin, Charles & Co

Naudin, G

Naudin, William J

Nautical Photo Agency

Navan, A

Navana Co Ltd

Navana Ltd

Navey, Joseph

Navey, Joseph & Braithwaite, C H

Nawell, Joseph Thompson

Nayer, Philip

Nayler & Udall

Nayler, Robert

Naylor, Frank (Francis)

Naylor, Henry

Naylor, J W

Naylor, Robert

Naylor, William

Naysmith, Stephen

Naysmith, Thomas

Ne Plus Ultra

Neaf, Frederick

Neal & Bacon

Neal Brothers

Neal, John Samuel

Neale, Arthur

Neale, Arthur J

Neale, Ernest Horace (Horace E)

Neale, H

Neale, H

Neale, Wiliam Browne

Neame (Neam), Herbert

Neame, A (Mrs)

Neame, S Edwin (Edwin Neame Ltd)

Neave, William John

Neaves, Louis C

Nedah, Frederick

Neech, Friday A

Need, James

Need, John

Needham, G

Needham, George

Needham, L

Needs, Walter Henry

Negretti, Henry & Zambra, Joseph Warren

Negus Photographers Ltd

Negus, Marcus Robert

Neighbour & Rostance

Neil, Albert Ernest

Neil, Elsie (Miss)

Neil, Frederick Henry

Neil, Joseph

Neil, William

Neild, James

Neill & Co

Neill, Charlotte (Mrs)

Neill, George W

Neill, Robert G

Neilson, Adolph B

Neilson, Marion (Madame)

Neilson, William


Nelson & Emmens

Nelson & Graham

Nelson & Marshall

Nelson & Mitchell

Nelson & Son

Nelson & Sons

Nelson Brothers

Nelson Photographic Co

Nelson Studios

Nelson, Alfred

Nelson, Alfred & Son

Nelson, Arthur

Nelson, Frederick A

Nelson, Horatio

Nelson, Horatio

Nelson, James

Nelson, John

Nelson, John

Nelson, Richard

Nelson, W M

Nelson, Walter

Nelson, Walter & Sarah (Miss)

Nelson, Walter & Madeline (Miss)

Nelson, William Henry & J

Nelson, William Henry & Sons

Nepean, Harry Hughes

Neppress, James William

Nesbit, Arthur W

Nesbitt & Co

Nesbitt, A

Nesbitt, C William

Nesbitt, Charles

Nesbitt, E (Miss)

Nesbitt, Edwin James

Nesbitt, George

Nesbitt, George

Nesbitt, George & Co

Nesbitt, J & G

Nesbitt, John

Nesbitt, John & Lothian

Nesbitt, Thomas

Ness, John R

Ness, Robert

Nessbitt, J

Nethercott, D P

Netherwood & Co

Netten & Moir

Nettleton, Thomas Dickinson

Nettleton, Walter Henry

Neubert, F A

Neuland Studios

Neumans, Henry Philip

Neve, Charles

Neve, Charles

Neve, Clement

Neves, Jesse

Neves, William John

Nevett, Frederick

Nevett, John Charles

Nevill, Arthur

Nevill, Henry

Nevill, J C

Nevill, Joseph

Neville (Nevill), E

Neville, A

Neville, Claude

Neville, R W

Neville, Ralph B

Neville, T

Neville, W J

Neville-Cumming, John

Nevin, William P

New British Art Co

New Light Photo Co

New Oxford & Cambridge Photographic Association

New Palace Photographic Co

New Photo Fine Art Syndicate

New Photo Institution

New Photographic Art Co

New Photographic Co

New Photographic Studio

New Savoy Studio

New School of Photography

New Studios Ltd

New Swindon Rapid Process Co

New York Black & White Portrait Co

New York Fine Art Co

New York Photo Co

New York Photographic Co

New York Photographic Co

New York Portrait Co

New York Studio

New Zealand Photographic Co

New Zealand Studio

New, James

New, William

Newalls Buildings Photographic Co

Newark, A G (Miss)

Newark, Annie G (Miss)

Newark, L & Co

Newark, L & Son

Newark, Lyons

Newart Photographic Co

Newbald, Claude

Newberry (Newbery), James Moore

Newbery, F

Newbery, Sidney Walter

Newbery, W H G

Newbitt, Thomas Charles (Newbitt, Thomas Clark)

Newbon, W H

Newbury, Francis

Newbury, James Moore

Newbury, W H G

Newby Brothers

Newby, A F

Newby, J Beeden

Newby, R

Newby, Valentine Wright

Newcastle Photo Co

Newcombe & Sidney

Newcombe, Charles Thomas

Newcombe, Charles Thomas & Prout, Edgar

Newcombe, Ethel

Newcombe, Raphael

Newcombe, Samuel

Newcombe, Samuel Prout

Newcombe, Sidney

Newcombe, Thomas

Newell & Co

Newell & Milner

Newell, Arthur

Newell, Frank

Newell, Frederick

Newell, Henry Frederick

Newell, Henry Frederick & Co

Newell, Henry Frederick & Son

Newell, John Frederick

Newell, John Frederick & Co

Newell, T F

Newell, W H

Newell, W H & Co

Newell, William Henry

Newey, E (Miss)

Newey, John E

Newey, Walter John

Newhan, J W



Newland Photographic Co

Newland, Frederick George

Newland, William Bingham & Co

Newling, Arthur

Newlove, William

Newman & Co

Newman & Field

Newman & Guardia Ltd

Newman Brothers

Newman Mayall & Co

Newman, A

Newman, Anne J

Newman, Arthur P L

Newman, Charles

Newman, Charles Cornelius

Newman, Elizabeth (Miss)

Newman, George

Newman, George W

Newman, J

Newman, J T

Newman, James

Newman, James Thomas

Newman, Lewis

Newman, M

Newman, Philip & Co

Newman, W

Newman, W & Son

Newman, Walter

Newman, William Owen

Newmark, Hyman

Newmark, Jack & Son

Newmark, Lyons & Son

Newmark, Lyons (Leon)

Newnham & Co

Newnham & Field

Newnham, A L

Newnham, A W

Newns, J

Newport, James George

Newport-Gwilt, H

News Photo Service (News Photos Press Agency)

News Photos (International) Ltd

News Photos (London) Ltd

News Photos Press Agency

Newson, Edward H

Newson, Robert

Newspaper Illustrations Ltd


Newton & Co

Newton & Co Ltd

Newton & Cragg

Newton & Parkinson

Newton Brothers

Newton Studios

Newton, Alfred

Newton, Alfred & Sons

Newton, Barrie

Newton, David

Newton, F

Newton, F & Co

Newton, Harry Wheeler

Newton, Helmut

Newton, Henry

Newton, Henry W

Newton, I

Newton, J

Newton, James Bond

Newton, John

Newton, Joseph

Newton, Ralph B

Newton, Robert

Newton, Thomas M

Newton, William Henry

Newton’s Studio

Neye, Edward Christian

Neyfield Studios


Nias, Edward

Niblett, Henry A

Niblett, Mary E (Miss)

Nichol, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Nicholai & Co

Nicholas & Bathgate

Nicholas (Nicholls) (Nichols), George Albert

Nicholas Brothers

Nicholas, Arthur

Nicholas, Thomas James

Nicholas, William

Nicholds, Alfred Tertius

Nicholds, William Henry

Nicholl Processes Ltd (Nicoll Process Ltd)

Nicholl, Isaac

Nichollai, James Augustus

Nicholls & Page

Nicholls (Misses)

Nicholls (Nichols), Hugh R

Nicholls, A E

Nicholls, Arthur

Nicholls, Charles & Co

Nicholls, Charles & Collins, William

Nicholls, F

Nicholls, F C M

Nicholls, Francis

Nicholls, Frank

Nicholls, Frederick

Nicholls, George

Nicholls, George Edmund

Nicholls, Harold

Nicholls, Henry

Nicholls, Henry

Nicholls, Horace W

Nicholls, John

Nicholls, John H

Nicholls, Maurice

Nicholls, Thomas

Nicholls, William & Son

Nicholls, William J

Nicholls, William S

Nichols (Nicholas), George Albert

Nichols (Nicholas), George Albert (Mrs)

Nichols (Nicholls), George A

Nichols Brothers

Nichols, C F

Nichols, Edward W

Nichols, F W

Nichols, Francis (Mrs)

Nichols, Frederick W

Nichols, George A

Nichols, Hugh R

Nichols, J

Nichols, John A

Nichols, John Allen

Nichols, Samuel Arthur

Nichols, Walter

Nichols, William

Nichols, William

Nichols, William & Son

Nichols, William & Sons

Nicholson & Co

Nicholson, Amos

Nicholson, C B (Junior)

Nicholson, David

Nicholson, E P

Nicholson, Edward J

Nicholson, Garnet W

Nicholson, George

Nicholson, George H

Nicholson, H

Nicholson, J

Nicholson, James Charles

Nicholson, Jeffray

Nicholson, John

Nicholson, John Miller

Nicholson, Richard Thomas

Nicholson, Robert

Nicholson, Robert T

Nicholson, Samuel

Nicholson, T

Nicholson, William

Nickels (Nickel), Edward (Edouard)

Nickelson (Nicholson), Carl

Nickelson, Henry John

Nickelson, J

Nickelson, J

Nickelson, Joseph

Nickson, Henry H

Nicol (Nichol), David

Nicol, Alexander

Nicol, Charles

Nicol, Frank

Nicol, John

Nicol, Kenneth & Co

Nicol, Leonard

Nicol, Robert

Nicol, Samuel P

Nicol, William

Nicoll, David

Nicoll, Leonard G

Nicols (Mr)

Nicolson, David W

Nicolson, Mary (Miss)

Nield, Allen

Nield, Allen

Nield, F Newton

Nield, F N

Nield, Frank N

Nield, Fred

Nield, James & George

Nield, Marie (Mrs)

Nield, R C

Nield’s Successors

Nielson, Augustus

Nievsky, Ladislas

Nightingale, B

Nightingale, Frank

Nightingale, George

Nightingale, Harpley James

Nightingale, J

Nightingale, Samuel William

Nightingale, W B

Nild, J

Nimbleby, S (Mrs)

Nimmo, James

Nimmo, Peter

Nimmo, Peter & Son

Nind, John

Nind, P

Nipper, Alfred James

Nisbet & Hamilton

Nisbet, Eric M

Nisbet, J

Nisbet, Jean Lance (Miss)

Nisbet, John

Nisbet, Thomas

Nisbet, William

Nisbet, William

Nix, Edward

Nixon, Cecil

Nixon, J

Nixon, R H

Nixon, Robert

Nixon, Thomas

Noad, Herbert Scotford

Noael, Freda (Georgina Noel Knight-Adkin)

Noakes & Co

Noakes, Arthur

Noakes, Arthur & Co

Noakes, Arthur Aquila

Noakes, John

Nobbs, Donald R

Nobes, Henry James

Noble & Son

Noble & Sons

Noble, C

Noble, Donald

Noble, Edwin

Noble, Edwin

Noble, George Capon

Noble, George Capon

Noble, J

Noble, John

Nock, Alfred

Nock, Joseph Marie J

Nock, R

Noel, Cyprian A

Noise, William C

Nokes, Tom

Nola Portrait Co

Nolan, Thomas

Non Nobis Solum Studio

Nonflash Banquet-Photo Co

Nonpareil Studio

Noon, John

Norbury Studio

Norbury, Joseph

Norfolk Photo Enlarging Co

Norfolk Portrait Co

Norfolk Studios

Norfolk Studios Ltd

Norgate, Frederick W

Norgate, T B


Norman & Burnicle, Robert

Norman & Montague

Norman (Miss)

Norman Photographic Co

Norman, A

Norman, Alfred D & Co

Norman, Arthur J A

Norman, Bert

Norman, C

Norman, Carl & Co

Norman, Carl & Norton, John

Norman, Charles

Norman, F

Norman, George & Son

Norman, J S

Norman, John

Norman, Leonard

Norman, Louis

Norman, Louis C

Norman, M

Norman, May & Co

Norman, T Marlin

Norman, Thomas

Norman, Thomas William

Norman, William

Norman, William

Norman, William & Sons

Norman, William T

Norrie, Alexander J

Norrie, James

Norrie, William

Norris Brothers

Norris, A H

Norris, Charles

Norris, Edward

Norris, Florence (Miss)

Norris, Florence B (Miss)

Norris, George Herbert

Norris, Herbert

Norris, James

Norris, James

Norris, John

Norris, John & Co

Norris, Joseph

Norris, Matthew

Norris, T

Norris-Rogers, L N

Norsworthy, William J

North American Art Co

North Bay Snaps Ltd

North British Panoramic Co

North British Photographic Establishment

North Camp Photo Company

North Devon Photographic Company

North Eastern Enlargement Co

North End Studio

North Kensington Photographic Studio

North Kent Photo Co

North Lancashire Photographic Co

North London Institute of Photography

North London Photographic & Fine Art Repository Co

North London Photographic and Optical Company

North London School of Photography

North London Studios

North of England Photographic Company

North of England Photographic Institute

North Press Photos

North Surrey Photographic Society

North Wales Photographic Co

North, George

North, John

North, Peter

North, Peter Ltd

North, Rene P

North, S

North, Thomas

North, Thomas

North, Thomas E

North, W

North, William

Northam, Walter Thomas

Northam, Walter Thomas

Northampton Photographic Studio


Northcote, Francis

Northcote, Percy

Northcott, William

Northern Art Photo Co Ltd

Northern Counties Fine Art Co

Northern Engraving Co Ltd

Northern Fine Art Photo Co

Northern Photo Engraving Co Ltd

Northern Photographic Co

Northern Photographic Engraving Co Ltd (E & J Spencer, managers)

Northern Polyphoto

Northern Press Photo Agency Ltd

Northern Studio

Northern Studios

Northlight Studio

Northwich Photographic Co

Norton & Gregory

Norton & Verel

Norton, C R & Co

Norton, Charles

Norton, E A

Norton, Edwin George

Norton, Edwin George

Norton, Edwin George Emscote

Norton, Frederick

Norton, J J

Norton, John (Senior)

Norton, Nathaniel & Iris

Norton, Nathaniel

Norton, W

Norton, William Henry

Norton-Day, R

Norval, James

Norval, James

Norvic Studios

Norwich Photographic Company

Norwood Studios

Notcutt, Fred E

Notley, Frederick Graham

Notman, Agnes H

Notman, Christopher

Nott, Amy (Miss)

Nott, John

Nottingham Photographic Works

Nottingham Portrait Studio

Nottle, David

Nova Studios

Novelty Art Studios

Novelty Photo Company

Novelty Portrait Co

Novelty Shop

Novelty Studio

Novra, Henry


Nowell, Harry

Noy & Co

Nugent, Frederick

Nulley, Horace

Nunn, Constance M (Mrs)

Nunn, Frederick

Nunn, Henry

Nunn, J

Nunn, James

Nunn, Stephen J

Nunn, Stephen J (Nunn’s)

Nunn, William

Nunney, Edwin Charles

Nunney, Frederick

Nurnberg Studios Ltd

Nurnberg, Walter

Nurse, William

Nutt & Stevens Ltd

Nutt, Frederick

Nuttall, Frank D

Nuttall, George

Nuttall, George R

Nuttall, William

Nutter & Co

Nutter, Charles Chase

Nutter, F D

Nutter, Francis

Nuva Portraits

Nye, A G

Nye, Charles

Nye, Edward Arthur

Nye, George

Nye, George Beresford

Nye, Thomas J

Nye, Thomas J & Co

Nye, Victor A

Nyren & Son

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