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We have information about all of the photographers listed below – this could include addresses, dates of operation and actual examples of their work, biographical notes, census information, prize medals awarded etc.

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  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
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  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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Oak Studio

Oakenfull, Edwin

Oakenfull, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Oakes, Simon Williams

Oakes, William

Oakes, William Hubert

Oakeshott (Oakeshot)(Oakshott), Charles

Oakeshott (Oakeshot)(Oakshott), William

Oakeshott (Oakeshot)(Oakshott), William & Charles

Oakeshott, W

Oakey, N

Oakfield Studio

Oakley & Sidebottom

Oakley, C

Oakley, Charles

Oakley, Charles Henry

Oakley, George

Oakley, George

Oakley, Harry George

Oakley, Harry George & Son

Oakley, Harry J

Oakley, Henry George

Oakley, James William

Oakley, James William & Sidebottom

Oakley, John William

Oakley, Tom

Oakley, William

Oakley, William & Son

Oakway Studio

Oates, George

Oates, James

Oates, Thomas

Oates, William

Oatey, James Edwin

Oatley-Evans, Richard George

Obbard, Gordon

Oberg, Louis

O’Brien, Humphrey

Ockenden, Joshua Oliver

O’Connor & Lancaster

O’Connor, Daniel

O’Connor, H

O’Connor, John Mulholland

O’Connor, P T

O’Connor, R E

O’Connor, T

O’Day, Joseph M

Oddy & Shaw

Oddy, Edwin Charles

Oddy, George

O’Dea, Joseph A

O’Dea, M

O’Dell (Odell), John C

O’Dell, Frederick

O’Dell, Henry

Odling, William

Odoire, Henry

Oeffeline & Co

Oetzmann, Blanche (Miss)

O’Farrell, Daniel

O’Farrell, Norah (Mrs)

Offen, John

Offen, John George

Offord, Joseph & Co

Offord, Robert

Offord, Robert

Ogainby Brothers


Ogden (possibly William)

Ogden Brothers, (Ogden, William & James)

Ogden, Violet (Mrs)

Ogden, Harry

Ogden, James

Ogden, Joseph

Ogden, Mary Ethel (Miss)

Ogden, S & E

Ogden, Samuel Henry

Ogden, Thomas

Ogden, William

Ogden, William Edwin

Ogg, Herbert

Ogg, William J

Ogier, E

Ogilvey, M & Co

Ogle, Thomas

Oglesby, Samuel

Ogley, Mary (Mrs)

Ogston, W

Ogwen Studio

O’Hanlon, Rachael (Mrs)

O’Hara, D

Ohkita, D H

Ohlin, J G

Ohren, Edward

Ohren, Edward (Edwin)

Ohren, George

Oke, John Sampson Rusden

Oke, William

Oke, William William

Oke, William William & Son

Okell, J

Old Bond Street Photo Gallery

Old Kiln Studio

Old, Alexander

Olden, E

Olden, Edward

Olden, Edwin

Olden, Joel

Oldershaw, Richard H

Oldfield, James

Oldfield, W

Oldham & Cooper

Oldham Photo Co

Oldham, A & Son

Oldham, Enid & A (Miss)

Oldham, Enid (Miss)

Oldham, Flora (Mrs)

Oldham, George Abraham

Oldham, George Abraham & Angle, S B

Oldham, J E

Oldham, James

Oldham, Richard

Oldham, William

Oldings Ltd

Olive, Arthur

Oliver & Martin

Oliver, Alfred

Oliver, E

Oliver, E

Oliver, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Oliver, Francis

Oliver, Francis

Oliver, Frank

Oliver, George

Oliver, Harry

Oliver, Henry

Oliver, J Macnee

Oliver, James

Oliver, James & Co

Oliver, John

Oliver, Sarah

Oliver, T

Oliver, Thomas R

Olley, Charles Richard & Son (Olley’s Studios)

Olley, Charles Richard (Olley’s Studios)

Olley, M B

Olley, M B

Olympic Photos

O’Malley, James O

Oman, George

Oman, James

Oman, Thomas

One Day Photo Service

One Day Photos Ltd

O’Neil, Bernard

O’Neil, Henry

O’Neil, Irene (Mrs)

O’Neil, Tyronne

O’Neil, William James

O’Neill, Edwin

O’Neill, James Alleyn

O’Neill, John Robert

Ongeane, William

Onn, H J

Onslow, Arthur

Opalette Co

Opalette, C

Opaline Photo Co

Opaque Roll Film Manufacturing Co Ltd

Openshaw, R

Opie Ltd

Opie, Henry

Opie, Henry & Son

Opie, Henry & Sons

Oram & Parsons

Orange, Andre

Orchard, Claude H

Orchard, F

Orchard, Francis A

Orchard, Francis A & Co

Orchard, Frederick

Orchard, Frederick M

Orchard, Thomas Henry

Orchard, William

Orchard, William

Orchard, William (Mrs)

Orchard, William J

Ord, Benton

Ord, D

Ord, David

Ord, William

Ord, William R


Ordish, Thomas

Ordnance Survey Photographic Establishment

Ordoyno, William Allanby

Ordsall Studio

O’Reilly, Frank

O’Reilly, Gregory

O’Reilly, John


Organ, F E

Organ, George Edward & Son

Organ, George Edward (George R )

Organ, R

Oriel, Charles F

Oriel, Charles F & Dixon, William

O’Rielly & Howarth

Orient Art Co

Oriental Photo Co

Oriental Photographic Co

Oriental Studio

Original Stickybacks Electric Studio

Orkney Photo Co

Orkney Photographic Company (Orkney Photographic Studio)

Orman, Alexander

Orme, William

Ormerod, Frank

Ormiston-Smith Brothers

Ormonde Studio

Ormondroyd, S E (Miss)

O’Rourke, Cornelius

O’Rourke, Francis

O’Rourke, William C

Orpe, Maria

Orr Photo Engraving Co

Orr, H Scott

Orrett & Symonds

Orrin, S

Orrock, Agnes R (Miss)

Orsich, Charles

Orton, Richard James


Osborn & Fischer

Osborn (Osborne), James

Osborn Studios

Osborn, C

Osborn, Cyril

Osborn, Elfrida & Stodgell, Bertram

Osborn, William

Osborne & Chambers

Osborne, Kate & Fisher, Ada ( Osborne & Fisher)

Osborne & Gibbs

Osborne (Osbourne), Ernest A

Osborne (Osbourne), John

Osborne (Osbourne?), John

Osborne Portrait Studio

Osborne Studio

Osborne, Arthur F

Osborne, Arthur William

Osborne, C (Miss)

Osborne, Clara (Miss)

Osborne, Daniel S

Osborne, E A

Osborne, Edward

Osborne, F & E

Osborne, F E & H M

Osborne, Florence (Mrs)

Osborne, G

Osborne, H M

Osborne, Henry

Osborne, Henry G

Osborne, Henry J

Osborne, J

Osborne, Kate (Miss)

Osborne, W

Osborne, W J

Osborne, William

Osbourne, Alfred Twigg

Osbourne, Alfred Twigg (Mrs)

Osbourne, George

Osbourne, Harry

Osbourne, J

Osbourne, John

Osbourne, Mary (Mrs)

Osbourne, Maud (Mrs)

Osbourne, T W

Oscuthorpe Brothers

Oscuthorpe, M A

Osgood, J

Osguthorpe Brothers

Osguthorpe, Henry

Osguthorpe, Henry

Osguthorpe, Herbert

Osguthorpe, Mary Ann (Mrs)

O’Shea, Henry

Oskers, George

Osmond, A

Ossen (Ossin), Abraham

Ossen (Ossin), Edward

Ossin, Edward

Ostell, John

Ostler, William

Oswald, G J

Oswell, John

Oswin, John & Co

Ottley, G

Otto Fulton Process ltd

Otto, F

Otto, F

Ottridge (Otridge), Henry

Otty, Mathew

Oughtred, Walter

Ouless, Clarence

Ouless, Clarence Philip

Oulson, Richard

Oulson, William

Oun, Harry

Outon, Charles Allen

Outred, George

Over & Griggs

Over, Elisha

Overend Press

Overend, Mary (Mrs)

Overend, Rufus Priestley

Overend, William

Overton & Co

Overton, Frank

Overton, Samuel W

Overton, Thomas William

Overton, W C

Overton, Walter G

Overton, William G

Ove-Thomsen, Edward

Owen & Co

Owen Brothers

Owen, Mabel Beatrice (Miss)

Owen, A H

Owen, Aaron

Owen, Abraham

Owen, Alfred

Owen, Alice (Mrs)

Owen, Arthur

Owen, Arthur A

Owen, Bertram

Owen, Charles Arthur

Owen, Charles Bernard

Owen, Edward

Owen, Evan

Owen, Fred

Owen, George

Owen, George Henry

Owen, Griffith

Owen, Hugh

Owen, Hugh

Owen, J & E

Owen, J (Mrs)

Owen, James

Owen, James

Owen, James

Owen, John

Owen, Kate (Mrs)

Owen, Mabel Beatrice & M A (Misses)

Owen, R J

Owen, Robert

Owen, Robert John

Owen, S (Mrs)

Owen, Thomas

Owen, Thomas H

Owen, William

Owen, William P

Owens (Owen), Richard Thomas

Owens, Albert

Owens, Robert

Owers, Oscar Edward

Oxbury, Charles H

Oxford Artist’s Guild

Oxford Co

Oxford Electric Studios

Oxford Photocrafts

Oxford Photographic Co

Oxford Photographic Institute

Oxford Photographic Studio

Oxford Photoprint Service (Oxford Photopress)

Oxford Studio

Oxford Studio Co Limited

Oxford Studios

Oxford Studios (London) Ltd

Oxford, John

Oxford, John (Jonathan)

Oxley, Ethel Mary (Mrs)

Oxley, John

Oxley, W H

Oxley, William

Oxley, William Henry

Oystermouth Photographic Co

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