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  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
  • P Brown may be listed under ‘Brown, P’ or ‘Brown, Peter’ (if we have the full name)
  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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P C Developing & Printing Co

P D P Company

P D Q Company

P L A Photos

P P Pictorial Co

Pace, George

Pace, J A

Pace, J A & Mann

Pace, Thomas

Pace, Thomas

Pace, Thomas (P)

Pacey, Thomas

Pache, C

Pache, T

Pacific & Atlantic Photos Ltd

Pacifico, Jacob

Packer, Frank A

Packer, Frank R

Packer, Frederick George

Packer, Frederick T

Packer, Frederick T & Kirkup

Packer, George

Packer, Thomas

Packford, Albert

Packham, G W

Packhouse, G W

Padbury, E J & Co

Padbury, E J & Dickens

Paddon, J

Padget, Josiah

Padgett, Alfred J

Padgett, Alfred J & A

Padgham, Frederick George

Padgham, Henry

Padmore, Edward Stanhope

Pae, William

Page & Co

Page, A & Stacey, A E

Page, Alfred W

Page, Alfred W & Co

Page, Amelia Louise (Mrs) & Cross, Phillis Elgar (Mrs)

Page, Archer

Page, E (Mrs)

Page, Henry

Page, J

Page, J

Page, James

Page, John

Page, John Walter

Page, Joseph

Page, Joseph (John)

Page, Robert

Page, V & W H

Page, W

Page, William

Page, William & Co

Page, William Godfrey

Page, William Henry

Page, William L

Paget Studio

Paget, Frank

Paget, Frank Edward

Paget, Frederick G (Frederick W )

Paice, B C

Paice, Charit (Miss)

Paice, Dorcas (Mrs)

Paige, Alice (Miss)

Pain, Arthur H

Pain, Frank

Paine & Sons

Paine, Alfred

Paine, E C

Paine, Edward

Paine, Eric

Paine, H

Paine, Samuel

Paine, William

Painter, Harry

Painter, Thomas

Painter, W H

Paisley Photographic Co

Palace Fine Art Co

Palace Photo Co

Palace Photographic Co (Palace Studio)

Palace Photography Studio

Palace Street Photographers (Photographic Co)

Palace Studio

Palace Studios

Palatine Photo Co (Palatine Photographic Co )

Palatine Studios (Palatine Engraving Co)

Palfrey Brothers

Palfrey, J

Palfrey, Sidney William

Palfrey, William

Palgrave & Co

Palin, W S

Paling, Thomas Edward

Pallett, E (Mrs)

Pallett, Sidney

Palliser, Thomas

Palm Beach Studio

Palmby, D

Palmer & Atkinson

Palmer & Jeffreys

Palmer & Viney

Palmer Brothers

Palmer, A E

Palmer, A G

Palmer, A R

Palmer, Almira E (Mrs)

Palmer, Arthur George

Palmer, C E

Palmer, Cecil D

Palmer, Charles

Palmer, Charles G

Palmer, Charles John

Palmer, Cyril Henry

Palmer, Edward

Palmer, F W

Palmer, Fanny (Mrs)

Palmer, Frederick C

Palmer, Frederick T

Palmer, Frederick T

Palmer, Frederick T & Bennetto

Palmer, Gilbert A R

Palmer, H

Palmer, Harold

Palmer, Henry

Palmer, Henry C

Palmer, Henry E

Palmer, J C

Palmer, Jack

Palmer, John

Palmer, John E

Palmer, John E

Palmer, John E & W

Palmer, John Eastman

Palmer, Nellie (Mrs)

Palmer, Philip Rendall

Palmer, S H

Palmer, T

Palmer, W & J E

Palmer, Walter

Palmer, William

Palmer, William

Palmer, William Eastman & Sons

Palmer, William Henry

Palmer, William J

Palmer, William Judd

Palrymple & Kay

Paltoni, N (Signor)

Paltoni, Ulysses

Pandolfini, R

Pangbourne, Primrose Victoria (Miss)

Pankhurst, George

Pannell & Gardner

Pannell & Holden

Pannell, A J & Co (A & J)

Pannell, E

Pannell, Ebenezer

Pannell, Ebenezer & Barnard

Pannell, Ebenezer & Holden

Pannell, Ebenezer William

Pannell, Eva S (Miss)

Pannell, Frank

Pannell, John L

Pannell’s Studio

Panora Ltd

Pansy Portrait Painting Co

Pantascopic Co

Panton, James & Co

Pantoock, Isadore

Panzi & Co

Pape, Henry

Parade Photographic Studio

Paradise, A

Paradise, Bessie (Mrs)

Paradise, William Edward

Paragon Photo Co

Paragon Photo Works

Paramount Photo Service

Paramount Studios

Paranee Studios

Parascho, Nicholas Constantine

Parberry (Parbery), John

Pardoe Brothers

Pardoe, George

Pardoe, W

Parfitt, Aloysius

Parfitt, F

Paris Institute of Photography

Paris Photographic Studio Limited

Parish, Frederick E

Parish, Harold Theodore

Parish, John

Parish, John & Son

Parish, Josiah

Parish, Richard

Parish, T

Parisian Art Photo Co

Parisian Art Photographic Co

Parisian Art Studios

Parisian Fine Art Co

Parisian Photo (Photographic) Establishment

Parisian Photo Co

Parisian Photo Co (Parisian Photographic Compagnie)

Parisian Photograph Co

Parisian Photographic Co

Parisian Photographic Co (Parisian Photographic Compagnie)

Parisian Photographic Co (Parisian Photographic Studio)

Parisian Photographic Compagnie

Parisian Photographic Studio

Parisian School of Photography

Parisian Studio

Parisian Studios

Parisienne, Thomas


Park & Barratt

Park Photographic Company

Park, Bertram

Park, F (Mrs)

Park, James

Park, John

Park, Roland

Park, Septimus

Park, Stuart

Parken, E W

Parken, E W & D F

Parken, Edgar W & D F

Parker & Knight

Parker & Sibley

Parker & Sons

Parker & Spicer

Parker & Symes

Parker, Albert

Parker, Albert Edward

Parker, Albert Henry

Parker, Alexander

Parker, Arthur Henry

Parker, Arthur William

Parker, Bertram

Parker, C E

Parker, C H

Parker, E

Parker, Edgar W

Parker, Edward

Parker, Ellingham W

Parker, George

Parker, George C

Parker, H

Parker, H & Co

Parker, Harry

Parker, Henry

Parker, Herbert

Parker, J

Parker, J

Parker, Jack

Parker, James W

Parker, John

Parker, John Robert

Parker, John W

Parker, Mark

Parker, Maurice G Ltd

Parker, Norman L (Parker Studios)

Parker, R (Professor)

Parker, Roland (Rowland)

Parker, Shirley Gordon

Parker, W

Parker, W A

Parker, W O

Parker, William

Parker, William

Parker, William Alfred

Parker, William Bevois

Parker, William Edward

Parker, William G

Parker, William George

Parker, William George & Co

Parker, William George & Collings

Parker, William Richard

Parker, William S

Parker-Owen (Miss)

Parkes, Frederick

Parkes, Harry

Parkes, Harry James

Parkes, Horace

Parkes, J G

Parkes, Raymond

Parkes, Thomas Peers

Parkes, W Scott

Parkes, W Scott & Gedge

Parkin & Garland

Parkin, Albert E

Parkin, Charles

Parkin, Charles & Son

Parkin, E Oswald

Parkin, Frank

Parkin, George

Parkin, Henry

Parkin, James B

Parkin, John

Parkinson & Roy

Parkinson Brothers

Parkinson, Arthur

Parkinson, Elisha

Parkinson, Frank

Parkinson, James

Parkinson, James

Parkinson, M

Parkinson, M A (Mrs)

Parkinson, Norman

Parkinson, T B

Parkinson, Thomas

Parkinson, W J S

Parkinson, Walter

Parkinson, William

Parkinson, William Henry

Parkinson, William Henry & Co

Parkinson, William Henry & Dazeley

Parkinson, William Henry & Son

Parkinson, William L

Park’s Photocraft Co

Park’s Press

Park’s Press Agency

Park’s Press Photographic Agency

Park’s Studio

Parks, Herbert

Parks, Newton

Parks, Reginald W

Parks, William

Parlby, Henry

Parlby’s Photographis Store (H H Parlby)

Parlow, Henry Charles

Parmenter, May

Parmintar, George

Parminter, James C Vye (Vye-Parminter, J C)

Parmiter, George Albert

Parnell & Wilmot

Parnell Photographic Studio

Parnell, Henry

Parnell, Robert James

Parr & Co

Parr, F

Parr, Francis H (Frank)

Parr, Harry

Parr, John Henry

Parr, William

Parr, William

Parramore, William

Parratt, William

Parrett, Edgar William

Parrett, Frederick Robert

Parrett, Frederick W

Parrett, Frederick William

Parrington, Charles

Parris, William A


Parrish, E (Mrs) & Berry, Robert W

Parrish, J

Parrish, William Samuel & Berry, Robert W

Parrott, Richard H

Parry & Co

Parry Brothers

Parry, A

Parry, B

Parry, Eliza J (Mrs)

Parry, F M

Parry, H S & Co

Parry, H S & Steel

Parry, J B

Parry, John

Parry, Marcus R

Parry, Robert

Parry, Robert E

Parry, Silvester

Parry, Silvester

Parry, Steel

Parry, W L

Parry, William

Parry, William & Son

Parry, William Haig

Parry, William John

Parry, William John & Mace, John

Parry, William Softley

Parsley, James

Parson, E

Parsons, Albert

Parsons, Alfred

Parsons, Edwin & Co

Parsons, Edwin P

Parsons, Frederick

Parsons, Frederick

Parsons, G H

Parsons, George

Parsons, George & Co

Parsons, Gilbert & Co

Parsons, H J

Parsons, H S

Parsons, Harry

Parsons, Harry S

Parsons, Herbert John

Parsons, J

Parsons, John Robert

Parsons, P

Parsons, P & Young

Parsons, Percy

Parsons, Percy

Parsons, Philip

Parsons, Philip Lant

Parsons, Selby (Madame)

Parsons, W (Mrs)

Parsons, W H

Parsons, William Augustus

Parsons, William F

Parsons, William L

Partington, Benjamin

Partington, G

Partington, Harold

Partington, Harold & Son

Partington, James

Partington, James & Co

Partington, James F

Partington, John

Partington, John H

Partington, Joseph

Partington, L

Partington, Lambert

Parton, William

Partoon, A W

Partoon, Charles

Partoon, Charles A

Partoon, Charles F

Partridge & Co

Partridge, Charles

Partridge, E

Partridge, G

Partridge, George

Partridge, Golden

Partridge, Harry

Partridge, Henry Symonds

Partridge, John Henry

Partridge, Lindon (Lendon)

Partridge, Reginald Charles

Partridge, Sarah (Miss)

Partridge, Stephen

Partridge, Thomas

Partridge, Thomas C

Pascal & Co

Pascal, Laurel (Miss)

Pashler, William

Pask, Frank W

Passey, Walter Samuel

Passgraph (Parent) Corporation Ltd

Passingham, Edmund (Edward) J

Passman & De Loiza (De Soiza? Check cdv)

Passmore & Alabaster

Passmore, Frederick

Passmore, M

Passmore, R

Passmore, William

Passport Photography

Patchett, D S

Patchett, Tom

Pateling (Patching), Thomas

Patent Casket Portrait Company

Patent Dry Collodion Plate Co

Patent Photo Galvanographic Co

Paterman (Pateman), Maurice William Lowndes

Paternoster, Thomas

Paterson & Co

Paterson (Mrs)

Paterson (Pateson), Robert

Paterson James & Thomas

Paterson, A

Paterson, Adam

Paterson, Alexander

Paterson, Alice (Miss)

Paterson, Andrew

Paterson, C W

Paterson, Edwin L

Paterson, Horatio

Paterson, Horatio & Co

Paterson, Horatio (Paterson’s Photographic Co Ltd from 1882)

Paterson, Hugh

Paterson, J

Paterson, J

Paterson, J C

Paterson, J C

Paterson, James

Paterson, John

Paterson, Montague S

Paterson, Robert

Paterson, Thomas

Paterson, W G

Paterson’s Studio

Pates, Allen Gordon

Pateson, Robert

Paton & Baird

Paton & Humphrey

Paton Studios

Paton, Alexander

Paton, Hugh

Paton, Hugh & Sons

Paton, J

Paton, James

Paton, James William

Paton, John

Paton, John N

Patrick, A

Patrick, George

Patrick, J

Patrick, James

Patrick, John

Patrick, John & Son

Patrick, John & Sons

Patrick, Peter F

Patrick’s Photographic Studio


Patterson (Paterson), Gordon

Patterson, Charles Andrew

Patterson, George

Patterson, George & James

Patterson, J & T

Patterson, James

Patterson, Thomas

Patterson, Walter Greenoak

Patterson, William

Pattinson, Harry

Pattinson, Thomas Henry

Pattison, J H

Pattison, Reuben Roger

Patton, David

Pattons Photo Prints Ltd


Paul & Bishop Ltd

Paul Brothers

Paul, A A

Paul, Aubrey (Sir)

Paul, Charles Arthur

Paul, David

Paul, Edward

Paul, George Strickland

Paul, Vaughan Thornton

Paul, Vincent

Paule, G

Pauline Portraits Ltd

Paull, Hilda (Miss)

Paulson, John

Paulson, Paul

Pauting, Anthony V

Paviere, Leslie

Pavilion Art Studio

Pavilion Studios Ltd

Paviour (Pavioux), Thomas Lamb

Pawson & Brailsford

Pawson, Harold

Pawson, William John (Junior)

Pay, J G & Co

Payer, Anthony

Payer, C

Payer, Mary A (Mrs)

Payn & Co

Payn, Essex & Son

Payn, L


Payne, A O

Payne, Albert

Payne, Bert

Payne, Charles

Payne, Charles M

Payne, Cornellius Mitchell

Payne, Cuddy & North

Payne, Dorothy M (Miss)

Payne, Dorothy S (Miss)

Payne, E

Payne, E N

Payne, Ernest W J

Payne, George

Payne, Henry

Payne, J

Payne, J J

Payne, John Henry

Payne, John James

Payne, Samuel Glendening

Payne, Samuel Glendening (Mr & Mrs)

Payne, Samuel Glendening (Mr & Mrs) & Son

Payne, W & Co

Payne, William

Payne, William Henry

Payne-Jennings, John

Payne’s Photographic Works

Paynter, Edward John

Paynter, T S

Peach, Charles

Peach, J A

Peach, John E

Peach, Joseph

Peacock & Bently

Peacock, A J

Peacock, Charles Ernest

Peacock, Edward James

Peacock, G W

Peacock, Laurence Frederick

Peacock, Percy Thomas

Peacock, Robert K

Peacock, Thomas

Pead, Walter

Pead, Walter (Mrs)

Peagam, A F

Peagam, Arthur

Peagam, Frederick

Peagam, Frederick C

Peake, A

Peake, Alexander (Arthur) J

Peake, Aston

Peake, Oliver B

Peake, P L

Peake, William

Peakman, Joseph

Peakome, Edward W

Peakome, Harry

Peapes, W

Pearce & Co Limited

Pearce & Hall

Pearce & Miller

Pearce (Pearse), Frederick

Pearce Plan Service

Pearce, Arthur

Pearce, Arthur

Pearce, Arthur T

Pearce, Arthur William

Pearce, Benjamin

Pearce, Benjamin Maitland E

Pearce, Charles Edward

Pearce, David

Pearce, Edward

Pearce, Ernest

Pearce, Ernest & Co

Pearce, Ernest & Smith, Harold P

Pearce, Ernest Henry

Pearce, Frank Lane

Pearce, G & Son

Pearce, George

Pearce, Harry Morton

Pearce, Henry

Pearce, James

Pearce, John Robert

Pearce, Joseph Dixon

Pearce, Morton

Pearce, Robert

Pearce, Semi & Son

Pearce, T E

Pearce, Thomas

Pearce, Thomas

Pearce, W

Pearce, William

Pearce, William C

Pearcy, J

Pearey, Edward

Pearhouse, William

Pearl Camera Co

Pearlmann (Pearlman), M & Co

Pearlmann, M (Herr)

Pearman, Robert Horne

Pearman, W T

Pearmine, Reginald W

Pears, A

Pearse, Frederick

Pearse, George S

Pearse, Harold E

Pearse, James

Pearshouse, William


Pearson & Applegarth

Pearson & Lamb

Pearson & Nutley

Pearson, A

Pearson, Adam

Pearson, Alfred

Pearson, Alfred Arthur M

Pearson, Ann

Pearson, Arthur

Pearson, Arthur & Rimoh, Rosa (Miss)

Pearson, Arthur H (Mrs)

Pearson, Audrey (Miss)

Pearson, B (Mrs)

Pearson, Berne Lancelot

Pearson, Brentnall

Pearson, C S

Pearson, Charles D

Pearson, D

Pearson, Daphne (Miss)

Pearson, Edwin H

Pearson, Edwin Holmes

Pearson, F

Pearson, F R

Pearson, F R & Browning, H

Pearson, Frederick R

Pearson, G

Pearson, G D

Pearson, George

Pearson, George Frederick

Pearson, H

Pearson, Herbert

Pearson, James (Junior)

Pearson, John

Pearson, John F

Pearson, F M

Pearson, Monticiella

Pearson, Tom Fisher (Pearson & Fisher ?)

Pearson, W

Pearson, William

Pearson, William Colton

Pease & Hughes

Pease, R

Peasland, Henry

Peasland, S & Son

Peasland, Samuel

Peat, Edwin

Peat, Reginald Walter

Peat, Walter

Peate, R W

Pebworth, T H

Pebworth, William

Peck & Rendall

Peck, Alfred

Peck, E

Peck, Samuel B

Peckett, W

Peckett, Wilfred Barraclough

Peckham, Edwin C

Pedder, Edward D

Pedder, Edward James

Pedrotti, Ludwig

Pedrotti, Ludwig & E

Peebles, David Bruce

Peeks, Frederick

Peel, Edith (Miss)

Peel, F S

Peel, S

Peele, John Thomas

Peele, Thomas

Peepall, Frank

Peerless Art Co

Peers, E

Peers, Joseph

Peers, Joseph

Peers, Leonard

Peers, Matthias

Peet, Frederick

Pegler, Annie (Miss)

Pegram, Thomas

Peirce Brothers

Peirce, Walter

Pelham, James

Pell, J

Pellatt & Eydmann

Pellatt, F

Pemberton Photographic Co

Pemberton, Thomas H

Pembroke Studios Ltd

Pembury, Joseph

Penati, John

Penbra Studios

Pender, John

Pendle (Pendley), Henry

Pendridge, John C

Pendry, George

Penfold, Edwin & Co

Penfold, H E

Penfold, Hugh

Penge Photograph Co

Penkett, Alex

Penly, Charles Meredith

Penly, William Dee

Penlington, George

Penman, J G

Penman, S

Penman, Surtees

Penn, Arthur Kempson

Penn, Henry

Pennell, Alfred

Pennell, William Croker

Penney, Isabella M

Penney, John William

Penney, Walter H

Pennington, Oliver S

Penny Photo Co

Penny, Alan

Penny, Ann

Penny, George

Penny, George

Penny, H

Penny, John

Penny, Robert M

Penny, William

Penny, William S

Penrose & Palmer

Penrose, Edward

Penstone, Henry

Pentelow, Arthur

Pentland, R J & Co

Pentney (Pontney), John Thomas

Penton Studio

People’s Fine Art Association

People’s Popular Studio

People’s Studio

Peplow, Alfred

Pepper, Alf M

Pepper, C

Pepper, Nelthorpe

Pepperall, James G

Pepperdine, John J

Pepperdine, Martha Maria (Mrs)

Percie, T Edwards

Percie, T Edwards & Co

Percival, Alfred & Co

Percival, Anthony

Percival, Edward D

Percival, Harry N

Percival, Spencer

Percival, T & C

Percival, William

Percival, William Thomas

Percivall & Ryle

Percox, George Amos

Percy & Co (Perry & Co)

Percy, H M

Percy, Henry

Percy, P

Pereyer Brothers

Perfect Enlarging & Photographic Co

Perfect Photo Reproduction Co

Perfect Portrait Enlarging Co

Perfect Studio

Perigo, J & E

Perkin, John

Perkin, John William

Perkin, Joseph

Perkins & Co

Perkins, Albert

Perkins, Edward

Perkins, F

Perkins, Frederick G

Perkins, G J

Perkins, Horace Gibson

Perkins, Joseph

Perkins, M

Perkins, R

Perkins, R

Perkins, Robert

Perkins, Victor

Perkins, Walter

Perkins, William & Son

Perkins, William J

Perkins, William Wood

Perkins, William, Son & Venimore, Andrew

Perkins, Woolfe

Perkoff, Isaac (J)

Perkoff, J P

Perkoff, Marks

Perkoff, Marks & Son

Perks & Co

Perks, John

Perks, Joseph

Perks, Joseph N

Permain, A E

Permain, Josiah

Permain, Josiah & Son

Permanent Photograph Co (Permanent Photography Co)

Permanent Portrait Co

Permanent Printing Co

Peroni, Adelina (Miss)

Peroni, Luigi

Perren, Augustus Frederick

Perrett, Bertrand C

Perrett, S

Perriman, James

Perrin, Arthur Edward

Perrin, Joseph

Perring, A G

Perring, Henry John

Perris, James

Perron, J

Perrott & Lacey

Perry & Lloyd

Perry FW

Perry, A & Co

Perry, Arthur Robert

Perry, Charles

Perry, Charles Frederick

Perry, H C

Perry, Hubert

Perry, J

Perry, John

Perry, Joseph

Perry, Marcus

Perry, Robert C

Perry, Stephen

Perry, Thomas Alfred

Perry, William

Perryer, William Herbert

Pershouse, Johnson & Morris

Personality Photo Press Ltd

Pertiaux, Alexis

Pestel, A (Madame)(Mrs)

Pestel, Arthur H

Pesteur, George

Peter, William

Peterkin, John

Peters, Brit C

Peters, Edward Andrew George

Peters, Eliza

Peters, George

Peters, George

Peters, J

Peters, P

Peters, Peter

Peters, William

Peters, William & Co

Peters, William H

Petersen, Carl

Petersen, Fred

Petherick, Albert George

Petherick, Horace William

Petherick, Walter Kingston

Petiaux (Pertiaux), Alexis

Petiaux, Alexis

Petit, John

Petite Photo Co

Petrie, George

Petschler, Alice

Petschler, Harold & Co

Petschler, Helmuth (& Co )

Petsky Cunningham Lawrence & Co

Pett, Edward Pattison

Pettet, Florence (Mrs)

Pettican, Leslie Howard

Pettigrew, John

Pettigrew, John & Amos

Pettingall, Joseph

Pettingell, Charles

Pettingell, Charles

Pettingell, Edmund

Pettingell, Ernest

Pettingell, F E

Pettit, Charles William

Pettit, E J

Pettitt Brothers

Pettitt, Alfred

Pettitt, Alfred

Pettitt, Charles E

Pettitt, Harry Collis

Pettitt, K C (Miss)

Petts, Thomas

Petty & Crampton

Petty, Walter

Peverelle, L & Co

Peverelli, Guiseppe

Peverelli, J

Peveril Studio

Peyton, Nina (Miss)

Pfenningham, Otto


Pheasant, J

Pheasant, T

Phelps, W

Philbrew, George John

Philbrew, George John (Philbrow from 1911)

Philburn, Anthony

Philby, Mathew

Philco Publishing Co

Philemon & Smith

Philip, Alexander & Co

Philip, Arthur

Philippe, Philip

Philipson & Son

Philipson, Cecil L

Phillimore, James

Phillip & Wright

Phillip, Alex

Phillip, Alexander

Phillip, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Phillip, R W

Phillip, W

Phillipe Ltd

Phillips & Co

Phillips & Freckleton

Phillips & Hicks

Phillips & Peace

Phillips, Abraham

Phillips, Albert

Phillips, Albert & Co

Phillips, Alfred

Phillips, Arthur

Phillips, Arthur F

Phillips, Arthur S

Phillips, C & Co

Phillips, C & Co

Phillips, Charles

Phillips, Charles James

Phillips, David

Phillips, E

Phillips, Edmund

Phillips, Ernest Edward

Phillips, Frank

Phillips, Frederick Samuel David

Phillips, H (Miss)

Phillips, Harry F

Phillips, Henry

Phillips, Henry

Phillips, Henry (Mrs)

Phillips, Herbert Charles

Phillips, J

Phillips, Joseph & Co

Phillips, J & Peace

Phillips, J C

Phillips, J H

Phillips, James

Phillips, James & Sons

Phillips, John

Phillips, John

Phillips, Joseph

Phillips, M

Phillips, M Hassall

Phillips, M J (Mrs)

Phillips, Miles & Co (Phillips, Joseph & Miles, J)

Phillips, N H

Phillips, Percy E

Phillips, R H

Phillips, Richard

Phillips, Robert

Phillips, Samuel

Phillips, Samuel Philip Lowe

Phillips, Squire

Phillips, Thomas William

Phillips, W B & Keld, J

Phillips, W F J

Phillips, W M

Phillipse, E Grattan

Phillipse, E Grattan & Lees, Ernest H

Phillipson, Alexander

Phillipson, Henry

Phillipson, Horace

Phillipson, R H

Philpot Photo Service

Philpot, Herbert Cotty

Philpott, Alfred J

Philpott, Edmund John

Philpotts, J R

Philson & Co

Philson & Ellis

Philson, James

Phimister, John G

Phipps, R

Phoenix Photo Co

Phoenix Photographic & Fine Art Studio

Phoenix Photos

Phoenix, G

Phoenix, Harry

Phonap Ltd



Photo Album Company

Photo Art Co

Photo Co

Photo Company

Photo Development Syndicate Ltd

Photo Enlargement Co

Photo Enlargement Co Ltd

Photo Enlarging Co

Photo Finishers (Sheffield) Ltd

Photo Finishing & Enlarging Co

Photo Illustrations (Scotland)

Photo Limited

Photo Lithographic Institute

Photo Press

Photo Printing & Enlarging Co

Photo Printing & Publishing Co

Photo Printing Co

Photo Prints

Photo Process Engravers

Photo Reproduction Ltd

Photo Stamp Syndicate Ltd

Photo Studio Ltd

Photo Supplies Ltd

Photo Supply Co

Photo Trading Co

Photo Trading Co Ltd

Photo Transfer Company

Photo-Cameo Portrait Company Limited

Photochrom Co Ltd


Photocraft Co

Photocrafts Ltd


Photoglyptic Co

Photoglyptic Co Ltd

Photogrammic Co

Photographia Ltd (Photographia Studios )

Photographic & Enlargement Co Ltd

Photographic & Enlarging Co

Photographic & Fine Art Co

Photographic & Fine Art Co Ltd

Photographic & Studio Service

Photographic Academy

Photographic Advertising Ltd

Photographic Art Co

Photographic Art Development Co

Photographic Art Gallery

Photographic Art Studio

Photographic Art Union (Oxford Portrait Club)

Photographic Artists Association Ltd

Photographic Artists Co-operative Supply Co

Photographic Association

Photographic Association Ltd

Photographic Co Limited

Photographic Co Limited (Photo Company Limited)

Photographic Company

Photographic Company (Photo Company)

Photographic Co-operative Society Limited

Photographic Copying Company

Photographic Copying Offices

Photographic Developing Co

Photographic Editorial Service Ltd

Photographic Enlarging Co

Photographic House Agency & Investment Co Ltd

Photographic Institute

Photographic Institution

Photographic Murals Ltd

Photographic Portrait Rooms

Photographic Portraiture Co (Photographic Portrait Co)

Photographic Printing & Publishing Co

Photographic Publications Ltd

Photographic Publishing Co

Photographic Rooms

Photographic School

Photographic Service & Supply Co Ltd

Photographic Society

Photographic Stores

Photographic Studio

Photographic Studio & Fine Arts Gallery

Photographic Touring Co

Photographic Tourist Co

Photographic Tourists Association

Photographic Trading Co


Photographs (Birmingham) Ltd

Photographs (London)


Photo-Matik Portraits Ltd

Photomaton Ltd

Photomaton Parent Corporation Ltd

Photophane Co

Photopress Ltd

Photoprint Studios



Photosculpture Ltd

Photospeed Ltd

Phototype Co

Photo-Visit Co

Photoweigh Ltd

Photo-Work Ltd

Photox Co

Photox Studio Co

Pibworth, Alfred

Picard, Mark Anthony

Piccadilly Arcade Studio

Piccadilly Photographic Gallery

Piccadilly Photographic Studio

Piccadilly Studio

Piccione, F A & Co

Pickard, Cecil S

Pickard, Charles Richard Hattersley

Pickard, Charles Richard Hattersley & Son

Pickard, E E

Pickard, R

Picken (Pickin), John

Picken, John

Picken, John & Son

Pickens & Wilcox

Pickering & Vitali

Pickering, Aaron

Pickering, Alfred

Pickering, Alfred & Son

Pickering, Annie (Miss)

Pickering, Charles

Pickering, E

Pickering, E & E (Misses)

Pickering, Edward John

Pickering, H

Pickering, Henry

Pickering, Henry P

Pickering, John

Pickering, Joseph

Pickering, Joseph William

Pickering, Joseph William & Stern

Pickering, Wade

Pickernell, Francis Ridley

Pickett (Peckett), Wilfred Barraclough

Pickett, Albert R

Pickett, E George

Pickett, George

Pickett, H

Pickford, Frederick William

Pickford, Hubert George

Pickford, J

Pickford, Lizzie Jane (Miss)

Pickford, R J

Pickin, Charles C

Pickles, Lawrence A

Pickles, Leonard A

Pickles, Zachariah

Pickney, J J

Pickover, Benjamin

Pickrell & Amphlett

Pickrell (Pickerill), W J

Pickrell, W G

Pickthall, J H

Pickup, Edward

Pickup, G E

Pickup, Joseph E

Pickup, P

Pickup, Victor E

Picot, Joshua

Pictorial Newspaper Co Ltd

Pictorial Photo Publishing Co

Pictorial Printing Co

Pictorial Records

Pictorial Stationery Co Ltd

Pictorial Studio

Pictorial Studios

Pierce Brothers

Pierce, A E

Pierce, Albert Edward

Pierce, Arthur William

Pierce, Charles

Pierce, Edwin

Pierce, Thomas

Piercy, Charles Herbert

Pierre, L C

Pierre, Louis

Pierre, P

Piershill Studio

Pigg, Esther (Miss)

Piggott, Donald C

Piggott, Percy R S

Piggott, Theophilus J

Piggott, William & John

Piggott, William Frederick

Pightling, William

Pike, Alfred

Pike, Charles

Pike, E D F (Mrs)

Pike, Edward Dordon

Pike, Edward N

Pike, Frederick William

Pike, Horace Greaves

Pike, J

Pike, Margaret A (Mrs)

Pike, Margaret A (Mrs) & Son

Pike, William


Pilbeam, E

Pilbeam, S E C

Pilborough, George C

Pilcher & Smith

Pilcher, H G

Pilcher, Louis William

Pilcher, Percy

Pilgrim, Thomas William

Pilkington, George William

Pilkington, H C

Pilkington, J

Pilkington, James

Pilkington, Peter

Pilkington, William

Pillans & Crawford

Pilling, Alfred P

Pilling, Benjamin Dyson

Pilling, James

Pilworth, Alfred

Pim, W H D

Pimble, Charles Joseph

Pimlico Copying Company

Pimlico Photo Copying Co

Pimlico Photographic Co

Pimm & Raymond

Pimm, William

Pimms, William

Pinchbeck, Charles Robert

Pinckney, John

Pincock, Harry

Pincott, Charles

Pinder, Arthur

Pinder, Joe

Pinder, Joe

Pinder, Thomas

Pine, George

Pine, William James

Ping Pong’s Studios

Pink, Edward

Pink, Edwin

Pinkey (Pinkney), Elizabeth Catherine (Mrs)

Pinn, William

Pinnick, C A

Pinnington, Daisy M (Miss)

Pinnington, Bernard

Pinnington, James

Pinnington, Louis

Pinnock, Charles Arthur

Pinnock, Charles Arthur (Mr & Mrs)

Pinnock, Frederick

Pinock (Pincock ) Brothers

Pioneer Art Co

Pioneer Portrait Co

Pipe, Edgar A

Piper, Arthur

Piper, Elizabeth M (Mrs)

Piper, Ethel (Miss)

Piper, Frederick

Piper, H

Piper, Henry

Piper, Henry

Piper, Hess (Rees) William

Piper, James John S

Piper, John Dixon

Piper, M

Piper, M

Piper, Mr

Piper, Oliver

Piper, Thomas

Piper, William

Piper, Winifred (Mrs)

Pipere, Ann (Mrs)

Pipere, Frederick

Piquet, Harry

Piquet, Henri

Pirie, Alexander & Co

Pirie, John & Sons

Pirie, Leonard Henry

Pirie, Margaret (Miss)

Pitcher, A S

Pitcher, Arthur H

Pitcher, C T

Pitcher, F E (Miss)

Pitcher, George

Pitcher, Sydney

Pitcher, W T

Pitcher, Walter Broadwood

Pitcher, William

Pitchford (Pitchforth), John William

Pitchforth, Thomas H

Pithie, Alexander

Pithie, James T

Pitingale, Edward

Pitkin & Smith

Pitney, Benjamin

Pitt, Charles Mitchell

Pitt, Charles William

Pitt, Henry J & Co

Pitt, J

Pitt, James

Pitt, James & Son

Pitt, Jane (Mrs) & Sons

Pittman, Francis Charles

Pitts, Jonathan

Pitts, William Stewven

Pittuck (Pithick), John

Pixton, John Barton

Pizey, Eugene

Place, Robert

Planck, T G

Plank, E G M

Plant, George

Plant, Harold W

Plant, John

Plant, Samuel

Plass, Arthur Frederick

Platino Type Co

Platinos Studios

Platt Brothers

Platt, Edmund George

Platt, Frank

Platt, Harry

Platt, J

Platt, J Samuel

Platt, James

Platt, James Bradshaw

Platt, James Henry

Platt, Robert C

Platt, S W

Platt, Thomas R

Platt, W

Platt, William P

Player, Edward

Playle, William

Pleasance, Frank

Pleasdale, Reginald

Plees, W G

Plenderleith, James A

Plews Brothers (Plews, D & C)

Plews, Christopher

Plews, Christopher

Plews, William Gordon

Plews, William Gordon & Cox, John

Plimmer, T

Plimmer, T & Son

Plomer, Edwin

Ploughman, Lawrance

Plowman, William

Plowman, William & Johnston

Plowright, Edward

Plowright, John T

Plowright, W G

Plowright, Walt C

Pluck, Frederick H

Plucknett, William George

Plumbe, N

Plumbe, William

Plume & Allen

Plumer, Charles J

Plummer & Morris

Plummer, Albert

Plummer, D John

Plummer, D J

Plummer, Edith (Mrs)

Plummer, H S (Mrs)

Plummer, Hortense S (Madame)

Plummer, W D

Plummer, William Frederick

Plumridge, William Henry & Co

Plumridge, William Henry & Barnes, G G C

Plumtree Studio

Plumtree, J G

Plumtree, Thomas

Plumtree, William

Plumtree, William & Smith

Plumtree, William (Executors of)

Plumtree, William (Trustees of)

Poate & Co

Poate, R

Poate, William

Pochon, H W

Pocket Movies

Podesta, Stephen Ferdinand

Podger, Charles K

Podmore Brothers

Podmore, Marie (Mrs)

Podmore, Silas

Pogson, (Mellen) Melling

Pogson, Matthew

Pogson, Mitchell

Pointer, Henry

Polard, Graham & Co

Polden & Hogden

Polden, W A

Pole, Jane (Miss)

Pole, Thomas L

Polhill, George J

Polkinhorn, T W

Poll Brothers

Pollak (Pollok), Hermann

Pollard, S E & Co

Pollard, A T

Pollard, F

Pollard, Francis Edward

Pollard, G

Pollard, G & Son

Pollard, Graham

Pollard, Graham & Co

Pollard, Graham & Son

Pollard, John

Pollard, John Henry

Pollard, Joshua

Pollard, Rupert

Pollard, Walter

Pollard, William

Pollentine, F

Pollett, Thomas

Pollitt, John S

Pollitt, Thomas

Pollock, Charles

Pollock, John

Polmont, J E

Polsky Brothers (Polskey Brothers)

Polsky, Benjamin

Polsky, Hermer Hyman

Polybank & Co (Polyblank & Co?)

Polyfoto Ltd

Polytechnic School of Photography

Pomeroy & Raymond

Pompey Ltd

Poncia, Mary (Mrs)

Pond & Son

Pond, Harry W

Ponder & Stone

Ponder, Joseph

Pontin, E G

Pook, Charles H

Pool, Alfred James

Pool, Henry


Poole & Barton

Poole & Co

Poole & Son

Poole & Sons

Poole, A H

Poole, Albert Edward

Poole, Alfred

Poole, Alfred

Poole, Bernard J

Poole, Edward

Poole, F C

Poole, Franis Henry

Poole, Frank Cullimore

Poole, H J (J H)

Poole, Harry

Poole, Harry & Sons

Poole, Henry

Poole, John

Poole, John

Poole, Joseph

Poole, Kate (Miss)

Poole, Samuel

Poole, Samuel J

Poole, Samuel J & Co

Poole, W

Poole, William

Poore, Charles William

Pootinger, Charles

Pope & Co

Pope, George H

Pope, Henry W

Pope, James

Pope, James John H

Pope, T W

Pope, Thomas

Popham, Matthew

Pople, William

Popowitz, George

Popper, J L & Son

Poppleton, Albert Hirst

Popplewell & Cummings

Popplewell, David

Popplewell, Joseph

Popular Photo Co

Popular Photo Co (Popular Studio)

Popular Studio

Porcher, Fred & Co

Porri, Augustine

Porri, Austin

Porritt, Joseph

Port Arthur Studio

Port, John

Portass, F W

Portbury, W Q

Portbury, W & Co

Portbury, William

Portbury, William & Co

Portbury, William & Perry

Porter Brothers

Porter, A

Porter, A Norman

Porter, A S

Porter, Arthur

Porter, Charles

Porter, Edward Charles (Cecil )

Porter, Edward Charles (Cecil)

Porter, Ernest

Porter, George

Porter, Harold H

Porter, Harold H

Porter, J

Porter, J S & Co

Porter, James

Porter, James

Porter, James (John)

Porter, John

Porter, John P

Porter, John William

Porter, Joseph

Porter, Margaret (Mrs)

Porter, Samuel James

Porter, Sidney

Porter, Sydney

Porter, Sydney

Porter, Thomas

Porter, Walter John

Porter, William

Porter, William

Porter, William & Sons

Porthouse, Martha (Mrs)

Porthouse, Robert Davidson

Porthouse, Robert Davidson & Co

Portland Electric Studio

Portland Photographic Co

Portland Studio

Portman Press Bureau

Portman Studio

Portrait Artists Association

Portrait Club

Portrait Co

Portrait House Electric Studio

Portrait Rooms

Portrait Studio Co

Portrait Textile Co Ltd

Portraits-La Mode Ltd

Portsmouth Art Studio

Portsmouth Photo Co Ltd

Portsmouth Postcard Publishers

Portsmouth Studios, The

Portsmouth, William Henry

Poso-Graph (Gt Britain) Distributing Co

Postcard Bureau

Postcard King

Postgate, J W

Postle, Henry

Postlethwaite, John James

Pothecardy, D J

Pottage, J C

Potter & Burton

Potter Brothers

Potter Ltd

Potter, Bertha (Miss)

Potter, E

Potter, E T

Potter, Frederick J

Potter, G

Potter, George

Potter, H T

Potter, J

Potter, J W

Potter, James

Potter, Joseph

Potter, L G

Potter, Richard

Potter, Robert

Potter, W

Potter, W C

Potter, William

Potter, William Thomas

Pottinger, Charles Richmond

Pottle, Job

Potts, Eva May (Mrs)

Potts, George

Potts, Hartley & Nicholson

Potts, Henry

Potts, Robert

Potts, S H (Mrs)

Poulter, Frederick & Co

Poulter, Frederick & Son

Poulton & Son

Poulton & Sons

Poulton, F E

Poulton, Samuel

Poulton, Samuel

Poulton, Samuel & Sons


Pouncy, John

Pouncy, Walter

Pouncy, Walter & Co

Pound, John S

Pound, Marion (Mrs)

Pound, Peter

Pountney, Charles Edwin

Pousty, William

Povah, J A

Pover, W

Povey, John

Povey, John

Povey, William Thomas


Powell & Jennings

Powell, A W

Powell, Arthur

Powell, B & Son

Powell, C

Powell, David

Powell, Eva (Miss)

Powell, Francis

Powell, Frank

Powell, H

Powell, Henry

Powell, J

Powell, J

Powell, J W

Powell, James

Powell, John

Powell, John

Powell, John James

Powell, John Martin

Powell, John S

Powell, John W

Powell, John W

Powell, M A

Powell, Mervyn

Powell, Neil

Powell, R H & E E

Powell, R L

Powell, Richard A

Powell, S

Powell, Samuel

Powell, Sidney

Powell, T

Powell, Thomas

Powell, Thomas (Powell’s)

Powell, Timothy

Powell, W

Powell, William

Power, Alec

Power, Frederick

Power, George William

Power, Henry

Power, J

Power, J & Son

Power, W E

Powers, A

Powis, W

Powles & Briggs

Powles & Hill

Powles, James George

Powley, William J

Powls & Hill

Powls & May

Powls, Blyton

Powls, Claude Byton

Pownall, Albert

Pownall, J

Pownall, Samuel

Poyn, H & Co

Poynter Brothers

Poynter, John James

Poyser, J

Pozzi, C

Pradeus (Pradeu), C (Miss)

Praetorius, Charles

Pragnell, Edward

Pragnell, Ernest Edward

Pragnell, Kate (Miss)

Pragnell, Kate (Miss) (also & Co)

Pratchett, Robert

Pratchett, Robert & Bennett

Pratchett, Robert & Co


Pratt, A

Pratt, A (Mrs)(Madame)

Pratt, Alfred Thomas

Pratt, George

Pratt, Henry E

Pratt, J

Pratt, John & Co

Pratt, John Edward

Pratt, John G

Pratt, Mrs Chrissie (also as Mrs William R Pratt)

Pratt, W G

Prebble, William

Preece, Francis

Preece, J H

Preece, J L

Preece, John Henry

Preen, Charles

Premier Animated Photo Co Ltd

Premier Art Co Ltd

Premier Art Studio

Premier Artistic Studio (Premier Artistic Photo Co)

Premier Film Studios

Premier Photo Co

Premier Photographic Co

Premier Photographic Co Ltd

Premier Photographic Services Ltd

Premier Studio

Premium Portrait Enlargement Co

Prendergast, Thomas (Senior)

Prentice, D L (Miss)

Prentice, Neil

Prescott, A

Prescott, F H (Mrs)

Prescott, S B

Presently, B C & N

Preslavasky, Colman

Press & Publicity Photographic Co

Press Art Studio

Press Photo News Agency

Press Photos

Press Picture Agency

Press Pictures Ltd

Prestbury, A?

Preston, Anthony John

Preston, Chamberlain

Preston, Clara & Jane

Preston, George H

Preston, George Henry

Preston, Harold

Preston, Herbert

Preston, Isaac

Preston, Isaac

Preston, J Howard

Preston, John

Preston, John & Joy, Thomas

Preston, John H

Preston, M

Preston, Robert H

Preston, Robert H P

Preston, Robert H P & Sons

Preston, S & Poole

Preston, Thomas & Co

Preston, Thomas J & Co

Preston, Thomas P

Preston, Walter

Preston, William

Prestophoto Ltd

Prestwich Brothers

Prestwich, Martin

Prestwich, William

Prestwich, William Henry

Prewett, Thomas Ramley

Prewett, Thomas Ramley & Co

Price & Co

Price & Galvin

Price (Puce), Charles Harrison

Price, Frances (Mrs)

Price, A

Price, A Cyrus

Price, A Gordon

Price, Alfred

Price, Alfred George

Price, Ambrose

Price, Ambrose & Sons

Price, Charles

Price, Charles Harrison

Price, David

Price, David & Co

Price, E R

Price, Ethel (Miss)

Price, F K

Price, Frank

Price, G

Price, G

Price, George

Price, George Cameron

Price, H T

Price, J

Price, J

Price, J H

Price, Jesse

Price, John

Price, John

Price, Joseph Wheeldon

Price, Joseph Wheeldon & Galvin

Price, Lake

Price, Meeson & Morden

Price, Oswald J

Price, Paul Henry

Price, Paul Horatio

Price, T

Price, T & Son

Price, T H (H T )

Price, Thomas

Price, Thomas

Price, Thomas E

Price, Thomas H

Price, Wilfred Ewart

Price, William

Prichard, Hugh

Priddy, Alfred M

Pridgeon, W R

Pridham (Charles E?)

Pridham, Charles E

Priest, Alfred Ernest

Priest, H

Priest, Herbert C

Priest, Joseph

Priest, Sutcliffe (Shirtliffe)(Shurcluffe) John

Priestley, A

Priestley, Arthur

Priestley, C Stanley

Priestley, S P & Son

Priestley, S P & Sons

Priestley, S P & Sons Ltd

Priestley, Samuel Stansfield

Priestley, Samuel Stansfield

Priestley, W

Priestly, Conrad

Priestman, John William

Prime Photo

Prime, John

Primrose Photo Service

Primrose, Andrew

Primrose, Andrew & Son

Primrose, Daniel Parker

Primrose, Edwin

Primrose, Evelyn

Primus Studio


Prince, Arthur

Prince, Charles Henry

Prince, F

Prince, G F F

Prince, J

Prince, William Banks

Prince, William Morden (Modern)

Princess Studio

Princess Yevonne’s Studio (also Ltd)

Principality Photographic Studio

Pring, Alfred Ross

Pringle, Alex W

Pringle, James

Pringle, Joshua A

Pringle, Thomas

Pringle, Thomas & Co

Printing Arts Co Ltd

Prior, Alfred

Prior, David

Prior, Edwin Sidney

Prior, Elizabeth

Prior, Frederick Charles

Priory, George B

Pritchard Photographic Co

Pritchard, Edward Henry

Pritchard, G E W

Pritchard, Henry Baden

Pritchard, J

Pritchard, John K

Pritchard, S & Son

Pritchard, Samuel

Pritchard, Stephen William

Pritchett & Co

Pritchett, E H

Pritchett, Edward H (Pritchetts)

Pritchett, Edward J

Pritchett, Henry

Privett, Ernest J

Probert, John

Probert, John A

Prochnow, H D

Procknow, John D

Prockter, J

Procktor (Proctor), Edwin William

Procktor (Proctor), Elizabeth (Mrs) (also Mrs Edwin Procktor)

Procktor, Edwin W

Procktor, Edwin William

Procter, I

Proctor & Co

Proctor & Redshaw

Proctor & Roots

Proctor (Procter), John Prince

Proctor, B S

Proctor, David

Proctor, Edward William

Proctor, Frederick

Proctor, George

Proctor, Henry

Proctor, Jack Walter

Proctor, John

Proctor, John H

Proctor, S H & Co

Proctor, S H & Son

Proctor, William

Proctor, William B

Producers Studios

Proe, W S

Professional Photographic Co

Professional Photographic Studio

Proffitt, James

Proffitt, James & Gillyatt

Proffitt, Thomas Charles

Progress Art Studio (Progress Ltd)

Progress Studios

Prophet, David & Sons

Prophet, David & William

Prophet, John R

Prophet, William

Prosser, Richard

Prossor, G F (Junior)

Protectors Studio

Prothero, William

Protheroe & Simons

Protheroe & Son

Protheroe & Young

Protheroe, James Smith

Protheroe, Lewis Raphael

Protheroe, P J

Protheroe, Thomas

Proud, L Whitfield

Prout & Mills

Prout Brothers

Prout Brothers & Tims

Prout, E H

Prout, Edgar

Prout, Edgar & Co

Prout, J

Prout, Victor Albert

Provan, C & Co

Provincial Fine Art Association

Provost & Co

Prudden, William


Pryce, Thomas Henry

Pryce-Jones, Ernest

Pryer, Charles

Pryer, J T

Pryke, Herbert Thomas

Psaila, Cyril

Psaila, Florence Irene (Mrs)

Publicity Photograph Ltd

Publicity Pictures

Puce, Charles H

Puckett, Braithwaite

Puckle, Geoffrey Montague

Puddicombe, William Alexander

Puddicombe, William Henry

Pugh & Hale

Pugh (Mr)

Pugh, A E & Co

Pugh, A H

Pugh, E

Pugh, Ephraim

Pugh, William

Pugh, William Henry

Pugsley, Albert E

Pullan, Jonas

Pullen, William

Pulley & Weatherley

Pullmun (Pullum), W A

Pulman, Charles Octavius

Pulman, E

Pulman, Edwin John

Pumelle, Henry

Pumpford, Thomas

Pumphrey Brothers (Josiah & Alfred J)

Pumphrey, Alfred J

Pumphrey, Robert W

Pumphrey, William

Purcell & Betts

Purcell, Harold S

Purcey (Percy)(Pursey), R & A

Purchon, James

Purday, George

Purday, J

Purdie & Phillips

Purdie, F?

Purdie, W C

Purdon (Purden), James


Purdy, Amy Elizabeth (Miss)

Purkiss (Purkis), C (Miss)

Purnell, J

Purnell, J

Purnell, Joseph

Pursey, Thomas

Purssell, John Roger

Purssord, F

Purton, George

Purves & Pinkey

Purves, John Elliot

Purvis, J B

Purvis, T G

Purvis, W

Purvis, William

Pusey, James Henry

Putman, William Francis

Putnam, George & Co

Puyo, C

Puzzi, P

Pybus, Charles

Pycock, E E

Pycock, G H

Pye, Edward

Pye, George

Pye, Petre

Pye, Richard

Pyefinch & Swaine

Pyemont, Charles

Pyer, Austin (Augustine)

Pyke, C T

Pyke, Montague Alexander

Pym, Douglas

Pym, Pamela (Miss)

Pym, W H Douglas

Pymm, S W

Pyne, Charles & John

Pyne, Charles O

Pyne, James Baker (Junior)

Pyrah, Thomas S

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