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R & S Studio

R B Studios

R M Photo

Race, George Bates

Racine Photo-Process Company

Rackham, D

Rackham, Jack

Radbourne, Leslie H

Radcliffe & District Amateur Photographic Society

Radcliffe, John

Radcliffe, Lafayette

Radcliffe, M

Radcliffe, Samuel (Mrs)

Radcliffe, T W

Radcliffe, William

Raddar, Frank

Raddy, Albert

Raddy, Alfred E

Raddy, Alfred E

Raddy, Alfred E & Son

Raddy, John A

Radford, George C

Radford, John Cecil

Radford, Thomas Henry

Radford, W T

Radford, W T

Radford, Walter Chew

Radians Photo Co

Radio Photo Service

Radiotint Limited

Radtray, Maynard Richard

Rae & Fergus

Rae, A & Son

Rae, Alexander (of Glasgow )

Rae, Alexander (of Banff)

Rae, Alexander & Son

Rae, Don

Rae, James

Rae, James & Fergus

Rae, James F C

Rae, R


Raeburn Portrait Studio

Raeburn Studios

Raeburn, James

Raeis Portrait Co

Raggett, F F C

Raibid, H

Raile Studios

Railton, Edgar William

Railton, Edgar William & William

Railton, Hugh Atkinson

Railton, Launcelot Tuckey (Tucker)

Railton, W

Rainbird, Alfred

Rainbow, Joshua

Rainbow, Josiah

Rainbow, M

Raine, Frederick

Raine, James

Raine, Joseph

Raine, Joseph

Rainer, B & Co

Rainer, Benjamin

Rainer, Benjamin & Co

Raines & Co Ltd

Raines, Alfred & Co

Raines, Roynon

Rait, James Rhind

Raivid, Herman

Ralley, William

Ralph, Benjamin (Brennan)

Ralph, C D & Co

Ralph, Frederick

Ralph, Frederick William

Ralph, Walter

Ralph, William

Ralston, J

Ralston, Peter

Ralston, R & Sons

Ralston, W

Ralston, William

Ramage, R & Son

Ramage, W P D

Ramell, Frederick Miller

Ramell, Walter

Ramell, William Henry

Ramm, Edward

Ramon Studios

Ramsay, Colin

Ramsay, Colin C

Ramsay, Colin R

Ramsay, John S

Ramsay, Robert H

Ramsay, William D

Ramsay, William S

Ramsay, William S & Hyslop

Ramsbottom, F

Ramsbottom, George

Ramsden, A

Ramsden, Alfred Henry

Ramsden, Allan

Ramsden, Allan & Son

Ramsden, Archibald

Ramsden, Arton

Ramsden, John William

Ramsden, John William & Briggs, Thomas Henry

Ramsden, Joseph

Ramsden, Richard H

Ramsey & Muspratt

Ramsey, Mark Ramsden

Ramsey, William George

Ramshaw, John

Ramson, W

Randall & Robigent

Randall J

Randall, C

Randall, George

Randall, H A

Randall, Montague

Randall, Richard

Randall, Richard

Randall, Robert

Randall, William

Randalls, Joseph

Randford, Albert B

Randford, Albert Victor

Randle, Percy & Co

Randle, Sims

Randle, William

Randles, James

Randolph, John

Randolph, Thomas

Rands (Miss)

Rands, Arthur

Rands, Arthur J

Rands, Harry

Rands, Harry

Rands, Harry & Co

Rands, W (Miss)

Rands, Winifred (Mrs)

Raney, Richard Graves

Rangel & Taphouse

Rangel, Blas

Ranger, John Arthur


Rankin & Dunbar

Rankin, Harper & Co

Rankin, Thomas

Rankin, Walter

Ranmdall, Charles

Ransford, A H

Ransford, Albert Victor

Ransford, William

Ransom, Amelia (Mrs)

Ransom, G K

Ransom, H J

Ransom, Harry

Ransom, Henry

Ransom, James

Ransom, William

Ransome, Thomas

Ranson, Harold


Raper, Frances (Miss)


Raphael Studios Ltd

Raphael, Kitty (Miss)


Rapid Art Photography

Rapid Bromide Enlarging Co

Rapid Enlarging Co

Rapid Photo Co

Rapid Photo Co (Rapid Studio Co)

Rapid Photo News Service

Rapid Photo Printing Co

Rapid Photograph Co Ltd

Rapid Photographic Co

Rapid Process Co

Rapid Service Studio

Rapide Photographic Co

Rapinett, H P

Rapp, Adolphe

Rapson, Herbert C

Rare Bits Photographer

Ratcliffe & Co

Ratcliffe, Eric

Ratcliffe, George

Ratcliffe, John

Ratcliffe, John R

Ratcliffe, Lafayette

Ratcliffe, W

Rath, Albert Percy

Ratheram, W

Ratledge, Ernest

Ratledge, John & Son

Ratter, John David

Rattray, F? L C

Rattray, James

Rattray, John S

Rattray, Maynard R

Rattray, Richard & Co

Rattray, William

Raven, Joseph

Ravenhill, C F

Ravenscroft, Jeremiah

Ravis, Charles F

Raw, F

Rawcliffe, J Co

Rawden, Leonard Francis

Rawding, William Armes (Rowding?)

Rawe, Frank

Rawes, Ernest

Rawles, William

Rawles, William

Rawling, W

Rawlings (Rawlins), Edward

Rawlings (Rawlins), George

Rawlings, Guy

Rawlings, James

Rawlings, Reginald

Rawlings, William

Rawlins & Dawson

Rawlins, Edward

Rawlins, George

Rawlinson, Christopher

Rawlinson, George

Rawnsley, Arthur

Rawnsley, Frederick

Rawood Ltd

Rawsterne, J


Ray Studios Ltd

Ray, A B

Ray, George

Ray, George & Malthouse

Ray, George William

Ray, Harry

Ray, Olive & Isabel

Ray, W

Ray, W & D


Rayment, E P

Raymond & Co

Raymond, Benjamin

Raymond, Benjamin & Son

Raymond, W

Rayne, John


Rayner (Mr)

Rayner (Raynor), Peter Ascough

Rayner, George

Rayner, George (Junior)

Rayner, J

Rayner, J

Rayner, John

Rayner, John W

Rayner, L S

Rayner, Philip

Rayner, Wilson

Rayner-Green, W


Raynor & Co

Raynor, A

Raynor, F

Raynor, James

Raynor, William Henry

Rayon Photographic Co


Rea, Frederick William

Rea, H & Sons

Read, A

Read, Alfred Ernest

Read, Alfred Ernest (Reads’ Studios)

Read, Frank H

Read, Fras William

Read, Fred

Read, George

Read, Henry Giles

Read, John

Read, John B & Co

Read, Merret

Read, P R

Read, Sarah M (Mrs)

Read, Scott Studios Ltd

Read, T S (T B?)

Reade (Read), George

Reade, John

Readhead, F J

Readhead, Frederick G

Reading, Emily & Fanny (Misses)

Reading, G E

Reading, George

Readiograph (Readograph) Co

Readiograph Co

Readshaw, J

Readwin, George Francis

Real Photographs Co

Realiffe Photo Co

Realistic Travels

Ream, Lilian (Mrs)

Reardon, M (Mrs)

Rearsley, R

Reason, William

Reate, E G

Reavy, Daniel

Reavy, David

Reay, John

Reay, John & Company

Reay, John & Dyson

Reay, John & Son

Reburn, Alfred

Rec Photo Co

Reckham, J & Sayers, F

Record Press

Recordograph Studios


Redding & Gyles

Redding, G

Redding, George E

Reddy, Edward

Redfern & Sons & Co

Redfern, A

Redfern, H Jasper

Redfern, H Jasper & Co Ltd


Redgate, Sylvanus

Redgell, J

Redhead, F J

Redhill Photographic & Frame Making Co

Redhill Photographic Co

Redman, Ada (Mrs)

Redman, Archibald George

Redman, Percy Rowland

Redman, Sydney

Redman, Theodore Smith

Redman, Theodore Smith & Alexander

Redmond, H R

Redshaw, Florence Gertrude (Miss)

Redshaw, Joseph

Redshaw, William Henry

Redshaw, William Henry & Son

Redstone & Talbot

Redwood, Henry T

Ree & Moss, Bagshot Rd

Ree, Henry Edward

Reece, James

Reece, Raymond

Reece-Brooks, Thomas

Reed, Edward

Reed, F F

Reed, Frederick

Reed, G H

Reed, George

Reed, Henry Thomas

Reed, Henry Thomas

Reed, Henry Thomas & Co

Reed, Henry Thomas & John

Reed, Henry Thomas (Mrs)

Reed, John & Son

Reed, M H

Reed, Marguerite (Miss)

Reed, Walter

Reed, William

Reed, William James

Reed, Z

Reeks, Gambier

Reeks, Gambier

Reeks, Robert Arthur

Rees & Co

Rees & Julien

Rees & Pitcher

Rees Brothers & Sons

Rees, Charles H

Rees, D & Son

Rees, David

Rees, David

Rees, David & Co

Rees, David & Co

Rees, Evan

Rees, Hugh

Rees, J

Rees, J L

Rees, James

Rees, James

Rees, John Griffths

Rees, M

Rees, Pitcher & Co

Rees, Rees

Rees, Thomas

Rees, W

Rees, Walter (Warner)


Reeve, F

Reeve, G R

Reeve, George (Mrs)

Reeve, George Riches

Reeve, Harry

Reeve, James

Reeve, Lovell

Reeve, Thomas

Reeve, Thomas

Reeve, Thomas & Brothers

Reeve, W

Reeve, William Hastings


Reeves, Alfred

Reeves, Alfred Henry

Reeves, Clifford

Reeves, Edward

Reeves, F

Reeves, Frank

Reeves, Frank Leonard

Reeves, Harry

Reeves, Henry William

Reeves, J (Mrs)

Reeves, John Edward

Reeves, Mildred (Miss)

Reeves, Percy

Reeves, Thomas

Reeves, Thomas Saunders

Reeves, Walter Waters

Reevie, William

Reflex Photo

Reflex Photo Works Ltd

Reflex Studios

Regal Portrait Co

Regal Studios

Regent Art Studio

Regent Gallery

Regent Photographic Co Ltd

Regent Photographic Company

Regent Photographs

Regent Portrait Company

Regent Portraits Ltd

Regent Sepia Art Studios

Regent Studios

Regina Photo Co

Registered Series

Rego, Joseph

Reichert, Max

Reid & Grant

Reid Brothers

Reid, Albert

Reid, Archibald Frederick

Reid, C

Reid, Charles

Reid, David

Reid, Drysdale F

Reid, Ernest William Innes

Reid, F

Reid, Frederick

Reid, Gilmore & Co

Reid, J

Reid, J & W

Reid, James

Reid, James

Reid, John

Reid, Joseph

Reid, Martin

Reid, P

Reid, Robert

Reid, Simon

Reid, William

Reid, William H


Reilly, G

Reilly, G S

Reilly, George

Reilly, James

Reilly, Thomas H

Reimann School and Studios

Reindell, Albert

Reis, Harry Brook

Reissert, M

Reitz, Ernest

Rejlander, Oscar Gustaf

Reldas & Co

Relf, G P

Relf, Thomas J

Relham, Harold C

Reliable Photo Enlarging Co

Reliance Copying & Coloring Establishment

Reliance Photographic Co

Relph & Co

Relph, F

Rembrandt & Co

Rembrandt Art Co

Rembrandt Brothers

Rembrandt Cinema Studios

Rembrandt Enlarging Co

Rembrandt Photo Co

Rembrandt Photo Studio

Rembrandt Photographic Studio

Rembrandt Photogravure Ltd

Rembrandt Portrait Co (Rembrandt Studio)

Rembrandt Portrait Studio

Rembrandt Studio

Rembrandt Studio (Scarborough) Ltd

Remington, Arthur

Remington, R H A

Remington’s Photo Service

Remmington, H

Remo Ltd

Renard, Ambrose

Renaud & Co

Rendall, Henry

Rendell, Walter Sl

Rendell, Walter Sl & Son

Rendle, Richard


Rene (Madame)

Renfrew, James

Renhart, Charles (Carl)

Renkin, John

Renney, William

Rennie, Alexander

Rennie, Henry James

Rennie, James

Rennie, Thomas

Rennison, Charles

Renny, William Nicol

Reno Ltd

Renschling, L

Renshaw, Robert

Renwick, George

Repo-Photo Ltd

Reprograph Studios

Resta & Co

Resta, Enrico

Restall, Frederick G

Restall, Frederick James

Restall, George

Restate, G

Reston, Arthur

Reta, Samuel Stanley

Retlaw (Retlaws)

Rettie, Robert Gibson

Reuschling, Louisa (Mrs)(Madame)

Reveley, Tom

Revell, C W

Revell, E A

Revill, Joseph


Rewes (Rewse), Harry Marlow

Rewes (Rewse), Marlow

Rewman (Miss)

Rexford, Bessie (Mrs)

Reynolds & Co

Reynolds & Newlyn

Reynolds Studio

Reynolds, Albert

Reynolds, Alfred

Reynolds, Arthur

Reynolds, Arthur George

Reynolds, Benjamin

Reynolds, Charles S

Reynolds, E C

Reynolds, E G

Reynolds, E G (Mrs)

Reynolds, E O

Reynolds, F

Reynolds, F J

Reynolds, Frank W

Reynolds, Fred

Reynolds, Frederick James

Reynolds, George S (F)

Reynolds, J T

Reynolds, John

Reynolds, John

Reynolds, Joshua

Reynolds, Louis (Lewis) B

Reynolds, Peter

Reynolds, Russell

Reynolds, S

Reynolds, S B

Reynolds, St Claire

Reynolds, William

Reynolds, William A

Reynolds, William Henry

Reynols, Harry

Rheinlander & Day

Rhem, John James

Rhodes & Hart

Rhodes & Lyth

Rhodes, Benjamin

Rhodes, Benjamin & Stone

Rhodes, C G J

Rhodes, Edwin H

Rhodes, George Booth

Rhodes, Henry C

Rhodes, J (Mrs)

Rhodes, James

Rhodes, P

Rhodes, T

Rhodes, Thomas

Rhondda Art Co

Rhondda Photo Co (Rhondda Photographic Company)

Ribble, Richard Edward


Ricardo Studio

Ricards, Charles

Ricards, Daniel William

Rice & Co

Rice, A

Rice, Edmund A

Rice, Edward A

Rice, J A

Rice, John

Rice, Robert H

Rich, Albert

Rich, Albert & Mrs

Rich, Edward & Willie

Rich, Elizabeth

Rich, F

Rich, Francis

Rich, Frank

Rich, Frederick

Rich, N

Richard, Arthur L

Richard, William


Richards & Ludlam

Richards (Rochard), William

Richards, A

Richards, A J

Richards, Anthony

Richards, Augustus A

Richards, Benjamin

Richards, Benjamin T

Richards, C

Richards, Catherine M

Richards, Charles

Richards, Charles G

Richards, Charles P

Richards, Charles P

Richards, E Fowler

Richards, Edward

Richards, Ellis Edmund

Richards, Evan

Richards, Frank Albert Wreford

Richards, Frank W

Richards, Frederick E Washington

Richards, G E

Richards, George

Richards, George Herbert

Richards, George N

Richards, Gwilym

Richards, H

Richards, H V

Richards, Harold Frederick

Richards, Horace

Richards, Isaac

Richards, J

Richards, J W

Richards, James

Richards, John

Richards, John Lewis

Richards, Leslie Theodore

Richards, Morris

Richards, O S

Richards, Philip Henry

Richards, T

Richards, Thomas

Richards, Thomas O

Richards, Thomas Percival

Richards, Vera (Miss)

Richards, Walter

Richards, William

Richards, William

Richards, William

Richards, William & Son


Richardson & Scott

Richardson Brothers

Richardson, Lucy (Miss)

Richardson, A

Richardson, A E

Richardson, A S

Richardson, Alan W

Richardson, Alan W

Richardson, Alvin M

Richardson, Benjamin

Richardson, David

Richardson, Edward M

Richardson, Emily (Mrs)

Richardson, F H

Richardson, Frank

Richardson, Frank H

Richardson, Frederick

Richardson, J

Richardson, J (possibly Joshua)

Richardson, John

Richardson, Joseph

Richardson, Joshua

Richardson, Percy John

Richardson, Robert

Richardson, Robert Leonard

Richardson, Samuel

Richardson, Thomas

Richardson, Thomas

Richardson, Thomas William

Richardson, W

Richardson, W E E

Richardson, William

Richardson, William & Kershaw

Richardson, William Samuel (Willie)


Richeliou, Bernard

Riches, Arthur W

Riches, Arthur W & Co

Richey & Foskey

Richey, Owen

Richmond Art Co

Richmond Studio

Richmond Studios

Richmond, John

Richmond, John Sillars

Richmond, John Sillars (Mrs)

Richmond, Samuel

Richmond, William

Ricketts, Benjamin James

Ricketts, H

Ricketts, Henry

Ricketts, William

Riddel (Riddell), John

Riddel, Alexander M

Riddel, John

Riddell & Minns

Riddell (Riddel), John

Riddell, J

Riddell, James

Riddick, G B

Riddick, J

Riddick, William

Ridding, Charles

Ridding, Charles (Junior)

Riddington, Thomas F

Riddiough, John Hartley

Riddle (Riddel), Alexander M

Riddle, A

Riden, Horace

Riden, Horace Dale

Rideout, Arthur William

Rider & Stanislaus

Rider, Archibald Griffin

Rider, Archibald Griffin & Barrett, Herbert

Rider, James

Rider, W J

Rider’s Studio

Ridge, Selwyn

Ridgeway Brothers

Ridgway & Co

Ridgway, Thomas J

Ridington & Booth (Ridlington & Booth)

Ridington, Thomas Fisher & Co

Ridley, Alexander

Ridley, James Joseph

Ridley, T

Ridley, Thomas

Ridley, Thomas & Son

Ridley, W

Ridley, W & Son

Ridley, William

Ridley, William Dobson

Ridlinton, Henry John

Ridlinton, Piercy

Ridout, Walter Nelson


Rieusset, J

Riffkin, Leah (Mrs)


Rigby, Ben Alfred

Rigby, John A

Rigby, Jonathan

Rigby, Jonathan M

Rigby, P

Rigby, Thomas

Rigby, Thomas R

Rigby, William

Rigden & Hodge Ltd

Rigden, Herbert & James

Rigden, J S

Rigden, James

Rigg, Arthur

Rigg, J William

Rigg, John

Rigg, Thomas

Rigg, William

Rigge, Henry

Righton, John W

Rigley, Charles

Rignall, James W

Rignall, John William

Rigoletti, Fernando H


Riley & Houseman

Riley & Mallinson

Riley Brothers

Riley, Edward Thomas

Riley, Ernest

Riley, George Morton

Riley, Henry

Riley, Ingham

Riley, Ingham

Riley, James

Riley, John

Riley, John L

Riley, John William

Riley, M

Riley, T R

Riley, Thomas

Riley, William E

Rimmer, John

Rimmer, William Edward

Rimmer, William Edward & B A

Rimmington & Co

Ringham, William A

Ringham-Curry, John

Ringrose, H B

Rintila & Holmes

Ripley, Joseph Gurney

Ripley, R

Rippin, John

Rippon, Alfred R

Risbey, William

Risbrook, R

Riseley, Thomas W

Rishton, John James

Rishton, Samuel

Rising, Henry

Risley, Alexander

Risley, D

Risley, John

Rismet Photographics

Ritchie & Co

Ritchie, Hugh H

Ritchie, Hugh H

Ritchie, James

Ritchie, John (Junior)

Ritchie, John Douglas

Ritchie, William & Sons Ltd

Rittman, Reuben

Rivers, Bertin, (Madame) (Miss pre 1890)

Rivers, L

Rivers, Leah Florence (Miss)

Riviere, J

Rivington, Alex

Rivolta, Fras James

Rix, Dudley Gerald

Rix, Leonard

Rixon, Conrad

Roads, William

Roath Park Studios

Rob Roy Studio

Robb, Herbert Percy

Robb, James (Senior)

Robbins, Alfred Henry

Robbins, Henry

Robbins, R & H Ltd

Robbins, Sharman & Tom Emett

Robbins, T W

Robbins, Thomas Henry

Robbins, W E A

Robert & Bertrand

Roberton, William


Roberts & Co

Roberts & England

Roberts & Son

Roberts Art Emporium

Roberts Studio

Roberts, A E

Roberts, A F & Co

Roberts, A J

Roberts, Albert

Roberts, Alexander

Roberts, Alfred

Roberts, Benjamin Cawood

Roberts, Bernard

Roberts, C A

Roberts, C L

Roberts, Charles Albin Jones

Roberts, Charles J

Roberts, Cyril

Roberts, David D

Roberts, E

Roberts, E & P

Roberts, E H

Roberts, E T

Roberts, E W

Roberts, Edward

Roberts, Edward & John

Roberts, Edward H

Roberts, Edwin Thomas

Roberts, Edwin V

Roberts, Ellis

Roberts, Emily Grosvenor (Miss)

Roberts, Ernest

Roberts, F J

Roberts, Frederick George

Roberts, G H

Roberts, George

Roberts, George

Roberts, George & Son

Roberts, George William

Roberts, George William

Roberts, Henry Rousham (also as Henry Rousham-Roberts)

Roberts, Henry V

Roberts, Hugh R

Roberts, J

Roberts, J & Co

Roberts, J (John?)

Roberts, J H

Roberts, Jack

Roberts, Jack & Co

Roberts, Jacob

Roberts, James

Roberts, John

Roberts, John

Roberts, John & Son

Roberts, John H G

Roberts, John R

Roberts, John R (H?)

Roberts, John T

Roberts, John W

Roberts, Joseph

Roberts, L (Mrs)

Roberts, Laz

Roberts, Laz

Roberts, Lilian (Mrs)

Roberts, Lionel William

Roberts, Mary (Miss)

Roberts, P & E

Roberts, Peter Edward

Roberts, R D

Roberts, R D

Roberts, Rebecca (Mrs)

Roberts, Samuel

Roberts, Samuel & Co

Roberts, Sydney

Roberts, T

Roberts, T & Forrest

Roberts, T (Thomas?)

Roberts, T S

Roberts, Thomas

Roberts, Tinsler (Tinslay) & Co

Roberts, W

Roberts, W

Roberts, W & P

Roberts, W & Co

Roberts, W C

Roberts, W H

Roberts, W J

Roberts, W J

Roberts, Walter C

Roberts, Walter William

Roberts, Weston

Roberts, Wilfred

Roberts, Wilfred (Winifrid ?)

Roberts, William

Roberts, William E

Roberts, William J

Roberts, William James

Roberts, William Joseph

Roberts, Wilson

Roberts, Winifred (Miss)

Robertshaw, James H

Robertson & Co

Robertson & Darton

Robertson & Delamore

Robertson & Roy

Robertson & Watson

Robertson (Robinson), Robert J

Robertson Brothers

Robertson, A

Robertson, Alex W

Robertson, Alexander Longmuir

Robertson, Andrew

Robertson, Archibald

Robertson, Archibald

Robertson, Archibald & Co

Robertson, Edward

Robertson, Eric

Robertson, F (Miss)

Robertson, H

Robertson, Hilda (Miss)

Robertson, Hugh

Robertson, James

Robertson, James

Robertson, John

Robertson, John H

Robertson, Louisa (Mrs)

Robertson, P & A Ltd

Robertson, Thomas

Robertson, Thomas

Robertson, W & Co

Robertson, William

Robertson, William (Junior)

Robertson, William James

Robertson, William M

Robey, George

Robey, Mabel (Miss)

Robey, T F & Co

Robin, H

Robins (Robbins), Edward W

Robins (Robbins), Edward W & Wheeler

Robins, (Mrs)

Robins, E W

Robins, Henry

Robins, Reginald J

Robins, William

Robinshaw, Joseph


Robinson & Co

Robinson & Sons (George & George Junior)

Robinson & Storey

Robinson & Thompson, George Edward

Robinson (Robinshaw), Joseph

Robinson Brothers , Alfred Willian & George Henry

Robinson Thomas

Robinson, Mary (Mrs)

Robinson, A

Robinson, A (Mrs)

Robinson, Alfred John

Robinson, Alfred William

Robinson, Arthur

Robinson, Bruder & Co

Robinson, Charles

Robinson, Charles Fras

Robinson, Doris

Robinson, Edward

Robinson, Edwin L

Robinson, Eric

Robinson, Ettie (Miss)

Robinson, F

Robinson, F J

Robinson, Federick J

Robinson, Francis

Robinson, Frank

Robinson, Frederick

Robinson, Frederick Henry

Robinson, Frederick J

Robinson, Frederick William

Robinson, Friend (Fred)

Robinson, G A

Robinson, George Allen

Robinson, George Fredrerick

Robinson, George H

Robinson, George L

Robinson, H

Robinson, Harry

Robinson, Harry S

Robinson, Henry

Robinson, Henry & Son

Robinson, Henry Elliot

Robinson, Henry John (Junior)

Robinson, Henry Peach

Robinson, Henry Peach

Robinson, Henry Peach & Son

Robinson, Henry Peach & Cherrill, Nelson K

Robinson, Isabella Esther (Mrs) & Co

Robinson, J

Robinson, J

Robinson, James

Robinson, James

Robinson, James & Sons

Robinson, James & Sons

Robinson, John

Robinson, John Bagnall

Robinson, John T

Robinson, John William

Robinson, Joseph

Robinson, Joshua (Joseph)

Robinson, Julia Emma (Miss)

Robinson, K (Mrs)

Robinson, L

Robinson, L (Mrs)

Robinson, Little E & Co

Robinson, M & Co

Robinson, Margaret (Mrs)

Robinson, Matthew Plowright

Robinson, Maude (Miss)

Robinson, R

Robinson, R

Robinson, R J

Robinson, Ralph Winwood

Robinson, Ralph Winwood

Robinson, Robert

Robinson, Rupert

Robinson, S E (Mrs)

Robinson, S W

Robinson, S W

Robinson, Samuel

Robinson, Sidney G

Robinson, Sidney Walter

Robinson, Stephen

Robinson, Stephen

Robinson, Susannah Elizabeth (Mrs)

Robinson, T R

Robinson, Thomas

Robinson, Thomas Simpson

Robinson, Thomas Stimpson

Robinson, Timothy

Robinson, W

Robinson, W J

Robinson, W S

Robinson, Walton & Co

Robinson, William

Robinson, William F

Robinson, William Henry

Robinson, William Holding

Robinson, William James

Robinson, Williams & Scott

Robison, John

Robottom, George


Robson & Marsden

Robson (Mrs)

Robson, Austin

Robson, E

Robson, Edward T

Robson, Eric

Robson, Frederick Edwin

Robson, George

Robson, George

Robson, Gladys M (Miss)

Robson, J

Robson, J & Walker

Robson, J W

Robson, James

Robson, John

Robson, Mark

Robson, Olive (Miss)

Robson, Phenyl Brickwell

Robson, R


Roby, Harry

Roby, John

Robzart, C H

Rochard, William

Rochdale District Photographic Society

Roche, A D

Roche, William

Rochester, Emily M

Rochester, T L

Rochester, Thomas L

Rock Photograph Co

Rock Photographic Co

Rock, Henry

Rock, R

Rockfeller, John

Rodbard & Co

Rodd, Claude Edward Hogarth

Roddec k, Frank

Roddinson, Thomas Clifford

Rodes (Rode), W H

Rodese, Charles

Rodger & Baird

Rodger (Rodgers), Arthur

Rodger Brothers

Rodger, C

Rodger, David (also as Rodgers)

Rodger, F (Miss)

Rodger, George Berwick

Rodger, John A

Rodger, Thomas

Rodger, Thomas R

Rodger, Thomas R

Rodger, Thomas R & Sons

Rodger, Thomas Rodger

Rodgers, Thomas

Rodgers, Thomas R

Rodgers, William

Rodgers, William MacIntosh

Rodinson, Jesse Richard

Rodinson, T E (T C?)

Rodinson, Thomas

Rodney Studio

Rodolfo & Co

Rodwell, G H

Roe, C (Miss)

Roe, Charles

Roe, Charles & E Ltd

Roe, Charles & Florence K (Mrs)

Roe, Francis William

Roe, Joseph

Roe, W B

Roe, William Benjamin

Roelich, Walter (William) Allan

Roemer, R T Henry

Roff, B Charles & Co

Roff, E & H N

Roff, E Neame

Roff, Edward

Roffey & Lansdowne Ltd

Roffey, Alfred

Roger (Rogers), George F

Roger, A & E

Roger, Alexander

Roger, C & J

Roger, Charles

Roger, Edward

Roger, George F

Roger, George F (Junior)

Roger, John

Roger, John

Roger, Sinclair & Co

Rogers & Chapman

Rogers & Co

Rogers & Havers

Rogers, A

Rogers, A (Mrs)

Rogers, Alfred

Rogers, Alfred John

Rogers, Alfred Thomas

Rogers, Archibald

Rogers, Archibald & Co

Rogers, Charles

Rogers, Charles E

Rogers, Clements

Rogers, Cornelius

Rogers, E G

Rogers, E G

Rogers, Edmund

Rogers, Edward

Rogers, Edwin

Rogers, Ernest & Robert

Rogers, F

Rogers, Frank

Rogers, Fred

Rogers, George

Rogers, George Cattle

Rogers, George L

Rogers, Gertrude (Miss)

Rogers, Gladys May (Mrs)

Rogers, Henry

Rogers, Henry J

Rogers, Houston

Rogers, J W

Rogers, John

Rogers, John

Rogers, John & Locke, William

Rogers, John & Nelson, Alfred H

Rogers, K E

Rogers, Mary Ann (Mrs)

Rogers, Thomas

Rogers, W & Co

Rogers, W G

Rogers, William

Rogers, William & A

Rogers, William R

Rogerson & Co

Rogerson, H Jones

Rogerson, Hannah (Miss) (Jones Rogerson (Mrs))

Rogerson, J Jones

Rogerson, J P

Rogerson, John

Rogerson, M

Rogerson, Samuel

Rogg, H H


Rolan, Frederick Albert

Rolf, E H

Rolf, H M

Rolfe, Edward W

Rolfe, F H

Rolfe, Frederick A

Rolfe, Frederick A Frank?)

Rolfe, H L

Rolfe, John

Rolfe’s Portrait Studio

Rolland, A

Rollason (Rollinson), S

Rollason (Rollinson), Sarah (Mrs)

Rollason, Alexander

Rollason, Andrew

Rollett, H

Rollin, Arthur


Rollings, William

Rollo & Munro, Ferrier St

Rolls, William Barnard

Roloc, Baron’s Court Station

Rolph & Salsbury

Rolph, Frank Sidney

Rolph, Joseph Sidney

Rolph, Joseph Sidney & Sons

Rolph, Thomas Owen

Rolph, Thomas Owen

Rolyat, Beta


Roma Studios

Roman, Bernard

Roman, Samuel

Romans, Bernard

Romelo Brothers

Rommler & Jonas


Romney Photo Studio

Romney Studio

Romney Studio (Romney Studios Ltd)

Romney Studio Ltd

Romney, Alec

Romney, George

Romney, James

Romoff (Rumoff) (Roman), Bernard

Romoff (Rumoff), Bernard

Romoff, B (Romoff Studios)


Ronald, Jack

Ronaldi (Ronaldi’s Studio)

Ronca, James

Rooke, William

Rooker, James E

Rooker, Joe E

Rooks, Edwin & Son

Rooks, Thomas

Room, Henry

Roome, William

Roos, Peter

Roose, Philip

Rooum, Edwin George

Roper, Frederick

Rorke, M T?

Rosa & Bradbury

Rosamond Photographic Works

Rosbon, G W

Rose & Co

Rose & Sons

Rose Photo Service

Rose, Alfred

Rose, Alfred & Coop, Alfred

Rose, Benjamin (aka Rosenthall, name changed 1918)

Rose, Bernard

Rose, E S

Rose, Edward

Rose, Ellen (Mrs)

Rose, George Albert

Rose, Harry

Rose, Henry N

Rose, Herbert

Rose, Herman

Rose, J M

Rose, James

Rose, John

Rose, Robert

Rose, Samuel Henry

Rose, T

Rose, Thomas

Rose, Thomas Henry

Rose, Thomas S

Rose, W & Son

Rose, Walter

Rose, Walter John

Rose, Will R

Rose, William A

Roseman, Jessie F (Miss)

Rosemont, Josef

Rosemont, Joseph M Ltd

Rosenschein, Daniel

Rosenstone, A

Rosenthal (Miss)

Rosenthal, Maximillian

Rosenthal, S

Rosenthal, Ted

Rose’s Studio

Rosevitch, Leon

Rosher, Cyril

Rosiere, John

Rosling, Harry

Rosling, J W

Rosner, Alfred

Rosney, Leon

Rosney, Leon & Durand

Rosney,Leon, Durand & Bequet


Ross & Bishop

Ross & Co

Ross & Pringle

Ross, A

Ross, Alexander

Ross, Alexander A

Ross, Andrew

Ross, C

Ross, C P & A E

Ross, Charles

Ross, Charles E

Ross, D

Ross, Daniel Paterson

Ross, David

Ross, David F

Ross, Donald

Ross, George

Ross, Horatio

Ross, J & A (Misses)

Ross, James

Ross, James & Thomson, John

Ross, Jeannie

Ross, John

Ross, John

Ross, John Thomas

Ross, John Thomas

Ross, Leah A (Miss)

Ross, Max

Ross, Paul David

Ross, Peter

Ross, Philip

Ross, R C

Ross, Thomas

Ross, Thomas (Junior)

Ross, W

Ross, Walter William

Ross, William

Ross, William (Mrs)

Ross, William Alexander Mitchelson

Ross, William Downe

Ross, Willie

Rossen & Dale

Rossi, Albert

Rossi, Harold

Rossie, Charles

Rossiter, Frederick Joseph

Ross-Kyrle, D

Rosslyn, Thomas

Rotary Photo Co

Rotary Photographic Co

Rotblat, Lewis

Roth, Theo

Rothesay Collotype Co

Rothesay Photographic Co

Rothery, George Frederick

Rothery, Percy

Rothwell, John James

Rothwell, Oswald

Rothwell, Robert R

Rothwell, Robert R & Rothwell

Rothwell, Samuel

Rottman, Guy

Rouch, George

Rouch, W W (& Co Ltd)

Rougemont Vienna Studio

Rouke, John O

Rounce, T

Round, James

Rourke, Charles

Rourke, James Michael

Rous, Henry & Co

Rouse, Hubert J

Rouse, Rowland

Rouse, William

Rouselle, Arthur

Rousham-Roberts, Henry

Rousseau, B

Rousseau, C

Rousseau, G & Dendy

Rousseau, Gustave Jean

Routledge, Charles

Routley, Albert

Roux, Maurice D

Row, Frederic

Row, Joseph

Row, Matthew

Row, Matthew

Rowan, E John

Rowbotham, Charles

Rowbotham, Charles

Rowbotham, H

Rowbottom, D W

Rowbottom, George

Rowbottom, John Henry

Rowbotton, Percy

Rowden, (Miss)

Rowding, A W (Rawding?)

Rowe & Wilson, J

Rowe, Arthur P

Rowe, Doyle

Rowe, Frank

Rowe, Richard F

Rowe, Richard F W

Rowe, Thomas

Rowe, Thomas

Rowe, Thomas B

Rowe, W

Rowe, William

Rowe, William & Co

Rowe, William B

Rowland & Son

Rowland, C W

Rowland, E

Rowland, Ernest

Rowland, Frederick

Rowland, George E

Rowland, James

Rowland, John

Rowland, John C

Rowland, Joseph

Rowland, R H

Rowland, W H & Co

Rowland, Walter & Co

Rowland, William

Rowlands, Annie Margaret

Rowlands, J (G)

Rowlands, Nathaniel

Rowlands, Thomas


Rowley & Co

Rowley, F

Rowley, George

Rowley, J

Rowley, J

Rowley, John

Rowley, Joseph

Rowley, Joseph & Son

Rowley, Peter

Rowley, Reuben (Junior)

Rowley, William

Rowley-Smart, Edgar

Rowling, W & Co

Rowling, William

Rowlinson, J

Rowson, Lester

Roxburgh, A

Roxburgh, Andrew

Roxby, William C

Roy Hudson Photos Ltd

Roy Studios

Roy, John Frederick

Royal & Britannic Photographic Association

Royal Arcade

Royal Arcade Photographic Co

Royal Art Association

Royal Central Photographic Co

Royal Chain Pier Studio

Royal Dublin School of Photography

Royal Engineers

Royal Enlarging Co

Royal Exchange Photographic Company

Royal Exchange Portrait Company

Royal Fine Art Co

Royal Grosvenor Photographic Co

Royal Library

Royal Masonic Photograph Studio

Royal Park Photographic Studio

Royal Photo Co

Royal Photographic Company

Royal Photographic Copying Company

Royal Photographic Establishment

Royal Photographic Institution

Royal Photographic Portrait Printing & Copying Co

Royal Photographic Society

Royal Photographic Studio

Royal Portrait Co

Royal School of Photography

Royal Scotch Studio

Royal Standard Photo Co

Royal Studio

Royal Studios

Royal Victoria Studio

Royal, John

Royal, Wallis

Royall, Harry

Royall, Walter James

Roye Ltd

Royle, James

Royle, William

Rozee, Edward

Rubba, Frederick

Rubbra (Rubra) & Co

Rubbra, Edmund & Co

Rubbra, Frederick William

Ruben, Israel

Ruben, Israel & Yanovosky

Ruben, Israel (Ruben’s Studio)

Ruben, Myer

Rubens, A

Rubenstein, Jack

Rubra & Harrison

Rubra & Vanburgh

Ruby Photographic Co

Ruck, William

Ruckman, John

Rudd, Edwin

Rudd, Francis C

Rudd, Francis C & Co

Rudd, Frederick

Rudd, Frederick E

Rudd, George

Rudd, Leonard Clifford

Rudd, Robert

Rudd, Robert Park

Ruddington, H J

Ruddock Limited, Late Able Lewis & Son

Ruddock, Candlish

Ruddock, J Candlish

Ruddock, R E

Ruddock, R E Ltd

Ruddocks Limited


Rudge, Thomas

Rudland, A S

Rudland, W

Rudland, William Samuel & Son

Rudman, J T

Rudman, J T

Rudny, G B

Rudowsky, Carl Albin

Ruff, George

Ruff, George

Ruffell (Ruffle), John

Ruffell (Ruffle), John Ernest

Rufford Studios

Rufford, Allan (Alan)

Ruge, Agnes (Madame)

Rugg, James John

Rule, Gerrard K

Rumble, Alfred Ernest

Rumble, Frederick

Rumbold, H

Rumbold, Hubert William

Rumgay, Annie (Miss)

Rump, Arthur Richardson

Rumsey, Alfred C & Grace (Miss)

Rumsey, Grace (Miss)

Runacles, William

Runciman, J F

Runciman, Richard

Rundell, Kathleen (Miss)

Rundle & Codd

Rundle, C? H

Runham Portraits

Runicles Brothers

Runicles, William Manley

Runicles, William Manley & Son

Runicles, William Manley & Sons

Rupert Photos

Rupert Studio

Rusby, William

Ruscoe, John

Ruse, Hanry

Rushbrook, Alfred Henry

Rushbrook, Alfred Henry

Rusher, George

Rushforth, George

Rushforth, George

Rushforth, S

Rushton, Alfred Thomas

Rushton, J

Rushton, John & Co

Rushton, Samuel

Rushton, Shepherd

Rushton, Wilfred

Ruskin Studios

Ruskin, Louis

Ruskin, Walt

Rusling, E


Russell & Campbell

Russell & Co

Russell & Farrell

Russell & Stevens

Russell (Mrs)

Russell Brothers

Russell, A & F

Russell, Albert

Russell, Alfred

Russell, Alice G (Miss)

Russell, Arthur

Russell, B (Mrs)

Russell, Brook

Russell, C B

Russell, C H

Russell, Charles

Russell, Charles John

Russell, Edward Christopher

Russell, Edward G

Russell, Edward G & Co

Russell, Edward G & Taylor

Russell, Edward John

Russell, Edward John

Russell, Edward John & Son

Russell, Elizabeth Cameron (Mrs) & Co

Russell, Ephraim J

Russell, F E

Russell, Frank

Russell, Fred

Russell, Frederick

Russell, George

Russell, George & Son

Russell, H

Russell, H & Co

Russell, Henry

Russell, Henry Frederick

Russell, Herbert Charles

Russell, Hezekiah

Russell, J

Russell, J G

Russell, J W & Co

Russell, James (Junior)

Russell, James L

Russell, James L & Sons

Russell, James L & Sons Ltd

Russell, John

Russell, John B

Russell, John G

Russell, John Lemmon

Russell, John R

Russell, Josiah

Russell, M H (Mrs)

Russell, Patricia (Miss)

Russell, Peter

Russell, R

Russell, R Ramsay

Russell, Reginald C

Russell, S (Mrs)

Russell, S T

Russell, T

Russell, Thomas

Russell, W

Russell, W

Russell, William

Russell, William Henry

Russell’s Studio

Russell-Skinner Studio

Rust, Thomas A

Ruth Brothers, North St

Ruth, James S

Rutherford Brothers (James & R)

Rutherford, Albert

Rutherford, Andrew

Rutherford, James

Rutherford, John

Rutledge, W

Rutley, Edward W H

Rutley, T

Rutter, Charles

Rutter, Charles William

Ruxton & Co

Ryall, Henry Steven

Ryan & Co

Ryan, David John

Ryan, James

Ryan, Richard Barry

Ryan, T

Ryan, W H G

Rycroft, J

Ryder, W

Ryecroft (Rycraft)(Rycroft), John E

Rylands, J

Rylee Ltd

Ryles, Frederick Richard

Ryles, Frederick Richard & Blackshaw, T

Ryles, Frederick Richard & Thomas

Ryles, Thomas

Ryley, John Willis

Rylls & Co

Ryman, James

Ryman, James & Co

Rynd, Gerald (Captain)

Rysdael & Co

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