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  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
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  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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S & D Portrait Co

S & N Productions (S J Marshall)

Saberton, Dora (Miss)

Sache, H

Sachs, Albert

Sachs, Alfred

Sachs, Oscar

Sachs, William

Sadler (Saddler), Evan George

Sadler, A Drake

Sadler, Charles

Sadler, Ernest

Sadler, F

Sadler, Frank

Sadler, George

Sadler, George & Son

Sadler, George (& Son 1880-81 only)

Sadler, Joseph

Sadler, Oliver

Sadler, W J

Safe, Frederick

Safe, Frederick


Sagar, A

Sagar, John

Sage, Charles

Sage, F G W

Sage, Robert

Sageman, T

Sager (Sagar), Arthur

Sager, A

Sager, Arthur

Sager, Samuel

Saidman, Mendel

Saint, George Frederick (St. George, Frederick)

Salanson, A & Co

Salanson, H & Co

Sale & Davidson

Sale, Herbert W

Sales (Miss)

Sales, H

Sales, W N

Salisbury, Hubert George

Salisbury, Hubert George Henry

Salisbury, J F

Salisbury, Richard

Salisbury, W H

Salkeld, Benjamin

Salkeld, S

Sallnow & Co

Salloway & Ward


Salmon & Batchan

Salmon & Beach (Sale & Beach)

Salmon, A H

Salmon, A H

Salmon, Henry

Salmon, Herbert H

Salmon, Herbert William

Salmon, Herbert William & Son

Salmon, J & Son

Salmon, James

Salmon, James Dyster

Salmon, Leonard

Salmon, Samuel Herbert Ryder

Salmon, Sidney

Salmon, Sidney Charles

Salmon, William (Junior)

Salmond, G

Salmond, Henry W

Salomon & Cunanan

Salomon, Edgar

Salomon, Harry

Salomon, Herman

Salsbury, Maria (Miss)

Salt & Co

Salt, F G

Salt, John

Salter & Co

Salter & Sons

Salter, Arthur Ernest

Salter, Edward

Salter, G

Salter, Henry & Frederick

Salter, Henry (Junior)

Salter, Kate

Salter, Robert G

Salter, Robert J

Salthouse, John

Salthouse, Richard

Salthouse, T

Salthouse, Thomas

Saltmarsh, Charles Prior

Saltmarsh, Mark

Samora, Thomas T

Sample & Barsted

Sampson (Samson), Alfred

Sampson, A E

Sampson, Henry

Sampson, John

Sampson, Phillip


Samuel & Co

Samuel, Doris (Mrs)

Samuel, Lewis

Samuel, S

Samuel, W B

Samuels & Vernon

Samuels, C

Samuels, Charles Alfred

Samuels, Daniel

Samuels, George

Samuels, J & Sons

Samuels, Lazarus

Samuels, Moses

Samuels, S

Sandell (Sandall), Robert J

Sandell, J T

Sandell, William

Sandeman, William

Sandeman, William & Hodgson

Sanders Brothers

Sanders, Alfred

Sanders, Alfred J

Sanders, Charles

Sanders, E

Sanders, Edward

Sanders, Edward

Sanders, Ernest Foster

Sanders, Frederick J

Sanders, George

Sanders, Henry

Sanders, J

Sanderson & Cathomoe

Sanderson & Willstead

Sanderson Brothers

Sanderson, A

Sanderson, Annett (Mrs)

Sanderson, Charles

Sanderson, F

Sanderson, Frederick

Sanderson, George William

Sanderson, Herbert & William

Sanderson, James

Sanderson, M C

Sanderson, R S

Sanderson, Robert

Sanderson, William

Sanderson, William

Sandford (Sanford), John L

Sandford, B

Sandford, Benjamin

Sandford, John

Sandhurst Studio

Sandilands, Charles

Sandler, Vincent R

Sandom, William

Sandry, William James

Sandry, William James

Sandry, William James & Burrow

Sandry, William James & E

Sands & Co

Sands & Good

Sands & Hunter

Sand’s Photographic Works

Sands, Alfred

Sands, Charles

Sands, Edward

Sands, Edward & William

Sands, Emily Marie (Miss)

Sands, Frank

Sands, George

Sands, Joseph H

Sands, M E

Sands, R & E

Sands, Robert

Sands, Robert & Son

Sands, Thomas John

Sandy, John

Sandy, M E

Sandy, T H

Sandys Photographic Service Ltd

Sanford, John L

Sang, William B

Sanger & Son

Sanger, Albert

Sanger, Edward W

Sanger, George

Sankey Brothers

Sankey, Edward

Sankey, G & I

Sankey, G N H

Sankey, George Vaughan

Sankey, George William Frank

Sankey, Herbert

Sansbury, W

Sansbury, Walter R

Sansom, Percy J

Sansome, William Charles

Santer, Arthur

Saphier (Saphter), Samuel

Sapstead, Elizabeth (Miss)

Saqui, Issac

Sard, Thomas George

Sargeant, E

Sargeant, Edward

Sargeant, Henry Edwin

Sargeant, L

Sargeant, Richard S


Sargent Brothers

Sargent, Albert W

Sargent, Charles Henry

Sargent, Edward James

Sargent, F

Sargent, F (Mrs)

Sargent, Francisco

Sargent, Fred

Sargent, J T

Sargent, Obeithio

Sargison, John T

Sargison, Percy John

Sargood & Co

Sargood, James

Sargood, Joseph

Sargood, Joseph & Son

Sarney, H J


Saronie, M

Saronie, M J

Saronie’s Electric Light Studio

Sarony & Baume

Sarony & Co

Sarony & Co Ltd

Sarony, Baume & Lancaster

Sarony, Hill & Thrupp

Sarony, Napoleon

Sarony, Nicholas & Co

Sarony, Oliver & Co

Sarony, Oliver Francois Xavier

Sarony, Thomas D

Sarre, Leonard

Sarre, Leonard & Moxon

Sartro & Co Ltd

Sasha Ltd

Satchell, Henry

Satchfield (Sutchfield), George Mackie

Satterhwaite, Birket N

Satterley, J W

Satterley, O W

Satterthwaite, Benjamin

Saul, Philip James

Saul, V

Saunders & Smith

Saunders (Sanders), Charles

Saunders (Sanders), J

Saunders, A

Saunders, Alfred Henry

Saunders, Bertram Henry

Saunders, Charles

Saunders, Clement

Saunders, Edward

Saunders, Edward Jenkins

Saunders, Frank R

Saunders, Frederick

Saunders, Frederick P

Saunders, G H

Saunders, H C

Saunders, Herbert

Saunders, J A Ltd

Saunders, James (Junior)

Saunders, John

Saunders, Joseph Rudman

Saunders, M

Saunders, Samuel

Saunders, Samuel Walwyn

Saunders, W N & Co

Saunders, Walter

Saunders, William

Saunderson, Annie (Mrs)

Saunderson, W B

Saunter, Charles Thomas

Saunter, S T

Sauvy, Adam A (Alphonse)

Savage, Albert W

Savage, George

Savage, George A (A G )

Savage, J

Savage, Robert

Savage, William

Savage, William

Saven, Victor Henry

Savery, William

Savidge, F W

Savil Studios

Savill, (Miss)


Saville & Co

Saville Portraits (London) Ltd

Saville, John Edward

Saville, Robert John

Saville, W H

Saville, W I

Savin, Alfred C

Savin, Daniel W

Savin, David William

Savin, David William & Son

Savory & Alder

Savory (Savoy), Frederick George

Savory, Frederick Mortimer

Savory, John

Savory, M

Savory, Mortimer

Savoury, T F

Savoy Studio

Savoy Studios

Sawdon, William H

Sawdy, Agness E (Mrs)

Sawkins, Albert Edward

Sawyer & Co

Sawyer & Dunn

Sawyer, Albert Reuben

Sawyer, Charles Henry

Sawyer, Edward

Sawyer, Edward & Henry

Sawyer, Edward & Co

Sawyer, Edward & Son

Sawyer, Edward & Sons

Sawyer, Henry

Sawyer, Henry & Son

Sawyer, Henry E

Sawyer, Henry Edward

Sawyer, J W

Sawyer, John Robert Mather

Sawyer, John Robert Mather & Bird, W S

Sawyer, John Robert Mather & Bird, W S & Foxlee, E W

Sawyer, Lyddell & Dunn, Ernest

Sawyer, Lyddell & Lankester, Percy S

Sawyer, Lyddell (Lyd)

Sawyer, Lyddell Ltd

Sawyer, R

Sawyer, William Arthur

Saxby, Richard

Saxby, William

Saxelby, John

Saxon, George & Co

Saxton, Aneline (Miss)

Saybourne, Frederick Robert

Sayer, Charles

Sayer, Frederick

Sayer, William

Sayer, William

Sayers, Francis H

Sayers, Frank H

Sayers, Robert

Sayers, W C (G)

Sayle, Charles

Sayle, D

Sayner, Harry

Saynor, Albert

Sayton?, Henry

Saywell, Alfred George

Scaife, W

Scaioni’s Studio

Scales, Augustus Edwin

Scales, Ernest H

Scales, John

Scamell (Schemell), Edgar

Scammell, George S

Scammell, N

Scannell, Joseph Patrick

Scarborough Photographic Company

Scarlett, F J & Co

Scarratt, Francis William

Scase, J J

Scawn, Alfred Herbert

Scheinholtz, Joseph

Schell, Anton

Schenker, Karl

Scherholz, C

Schmidt (Schmidtt), Jacob

Schmidt, (William?)

Schmidt, Carl H T

Schmidt, Frederick W

Schmidt, William

Schmiechan (Schmiechens)(Schmiechen), A Bolko

Schmiechan (Schmiechens)(Schmiechen), B (Junior)

Schmiechen, C

Schmiechen, Ch

Schnack (Schnaack), Carl Albert

Schnadhorst, Edward

Schnadhorst, Edward & Heilbronn

Schneider, Henry

Schneider, Herman


Schofield & Antill

Schofield, Ada (Mrs)

Schofield, Arthur

Schofield, G

Schofield, George

Schofield, Harold M

Schofield, Henry

Schofield, I E (Mrs)

Schofield, Isaac

Schofield, Richard

Schofield, S R

Schofield, Thomas

Schofield, Tom

Schofield, Walter

Schofield, William

Scholes, Albert Henry

Scholey & Teat

Scholey, Edward L

Scholey, Ernest

Scholey, F (Miss)

Scholey, George

Scholfield (Schofield), C

Scholl, Charles

Scholl, Emil C (Junior)

Scholls Photo Printing & Enlarging Works

Schomburg, E (Miss)

School of Photography

Schoolhammer, T V

Schoren, Charles

Schreiber & Dutton

Schreiber, William & Co

Schroder & Co

Schroder, E W

Schroeder, G

Schroeder, Gottlieb

Schroeder, Karl

Schroeder, Wilhelm

Schultz, Ludwig

Schultz, Ludwig & Herrn

Schulz, Gustav

Schumann, E ?

Schuth, William

Schwartz, W H

Schwarz, E

Schwerdtfeger, E A & Co

Schwerdtfeger, E A & Co

Schwilden, Peter Edward

Science & Art Photo Co

Scientific & Art Photo Co (Science & Art Photo Co)

Scientific Art Photo Co

Scientific Art Photographic Co (Scientific & Art Photographic Co)


Scions, Alfred Edward

Sclater, John

Sclatin, William

Scollick, J

Scopes & Co Ltd

Score, Edward

Scorer, William

Scot, John Blain


Scotford (Setford) Ltd

Scotford Ltd

Scotford, Baron

Scotsman Galleries

Scotson, John

Scotson, William



Scott & Co

Scott & Frisby

Scott & Smith

Scott & Sons

Scott & Wilkinson

Scott & Williamson

Scott (Miss)

Scott Brothers

Scott, A

Scott, A B (Mrs)

Scott, A F

Scott, Albert

Scott, Albert W

Scott, Alfred H

Scott, Arthur

Scott, Augustus

Scott, Benjamin

Scott, Benjamin & Son

Scott, Bennett

Scott, C A & L S

Scott, Charles

Scott, Charles

Scott, Charles Stuart

Scott, David

Scott, David

Scott, Donald M

Scott, Douglas

Scott, Edwin Augustine

Scott, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Scott, Eric

Scott, Evan S

Scott, F

Scott, Francis

Scott, Frank

Scott, Frank & Co

Scott, Frank & Holland (Scott, Holland & Co)

Scott, Frank, Holland & Co

Scott, Frederick George

Scott, G

Scott, Gardiner & Co

Scott, Gardiner & Son

Scott, George

Scott, H Y

Scott, Herbert William

Scott, Hugh

Scott, I

Scott, J

Scott, J & Co

Scott, J D & Co

Scott, Jackson & Co

Scott, James

Scott, James Thomas

Scott, James W

Scott, Janet (Miss) (changed to Scott-Laidlaw)

Scott, John

Scott, John

Scott, John & Co

Scott, John Harold

Scott, Joseph

Scott, M & T

Scott, M & Thomas

Scott, N B (Miss)

Scott, Paul E H

Scott, Quinton

Scott, R D

Scott, Robert

Scott, Robert G

Scott, Robert James

Scott, Robert James (Mrs)

Scott, Robert M

Scott, Robert T C

Scott, T

Scott, Thomas

Scott, W

Scott, W H

Scott, W J

Scott, W W & Co Ltd

Scott, Wallace

Scott, Wallace & Ferranti, Ceasar

Scott, Walter

Scott, Walter Denis

Scott, Walter John

Scott, Walter Samuel

Scott, Walter William

Scott, William

Scott, William & Oman

Scott, William Carlyle

Scott, William Hewson

Scott, William T

Scott-Galloway, G

Scott-Hallas, Ernest Theodore

Scottish Art Co

Scottish Artists Guild

Scottish Elite Photo Co

Scottish Engraving Co

Scottish Galleries Studio & Group Photo Service

Scottish Newspaper Agency & Photograph Depot

Scottish Photographic Institute

Scottish Photographic Studio

Scottish Photographic Touring Co & Pictorial Postcard Co

Scottish Pictorial Press

Scottish Portrait Co

Scottish Press Agency

Scottish Studios & Engravers Ltd

Scottish Union Photographic Company

Scott-Laidlaw, Janet (Miss)

Scotton, A

Scotton, Thomas

Scotton, Thomas Alfred


Scott’s Studios Ltd

Scott’s Studios Ltd (Scott’s Studios)

Scovell, Frederick

Screen Photos

Scrimshaw, Francis (Frank)

Scrimshaw, Francis Ltd

Scriven, Alfred M

Scriven, F

Scriven, William J

Scrivener (Scrievener), Frederick

Scrivener, Fred

Scrivens, Edgar Leonard

Scrivens, Frederick

Scrivens, Henry Morton

Scrivner, Frederick

Scudamore Brothers

Scudamore, S

Scullion, Peter

Sculpto Art Ltd

Seaborne, H G

Seafield Photo Studios

Seagent Brothers

Seagle, David

Seago, W J

Seagrave, Henry

Sealey & Co

Sealey, Charles

Sealey, Leonard L

Sealey, Susan


Seaman & Sons

Seaman (Seeman), Edward

Seaman, A

Seaman, A

Seaman, A E

Seaman, Alfred

Seaman, Alfred & Son

Seaman, Alfred & Sons

Seaman, Alfred William

Seaman, Arthur

Seaman, Dennis B

Seaman, Dennis B & Co

Seaman, Edward

Seaman, Edward & Son

Seaman, Frank

Seaman, Frederick Joseph

Seaman, Frederick Joseph & Sons

Seaman, George Alfred & Sons

Seaman, H

Seaman, H J

Seaman, Harold

Seaman, Harold John

Seaman, Harry Saunter (Seaman’s Studio)

Seaman, Henry O

Seaman, Herbert

Seaman, Maud (Mrs)

Seaman, William


Seamans Studio

Seaman’s Studio

Seamans, Charles Thomas

Searby, Charles Neville

Searl, H W

Searle & Sutton

Searle Brothers

Searle, Albert Edward

Searle, J I

Searle, Sargeant

Searle, Thomas

Searle, William Arthur

Searle’s Studio, Market Place

Seary, J & S

Seary, Sidney

Seath, Ethelbert

Seaton, William Alexander

Seaton, William E

Seavy, Charles

Sebright (Seabright), George

Secourable, Francis Hans

Secourable, Henry Frank (also as F H Secourable)

Secourable, Victor

Secretan, George William

Secretan, George William Oscar

Sedgewick, John

Sedgfield, Russell

Sedgfield, William Russell

Sedgfield, William Russell & Eliot

Sedgmond, W

Sedgwick, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Sedgwick, J

Sedgwick, W F

Sedgwick, William

Sedgwick, William Henry

Sedley, Richard

See, Joseph Thurston

See, Joseph Thurston & Son

See, M J (Mrs)

Seed Brothers

Seed, Frederick Stewart

Seed, S

Seed, Thomas Edward

Seeking, James

Seekings, John

Seeley, Alfred

Seeley, Alfred

Seeley, Alfred & Edward

Seeley, Alfred & Edward

Seeley, Edward

Seeley, George H

Seels, W J

Sefoy, Christopher

Segal, Nathan

Seggons, Robert

Selby, Charles William

Selby, William

Select Studio

Self, John

Self, John & Armstrong

Selfe, Robert

Selfe, W & Page


Sellars, Robert H

Sellars, Robert H

Sellen, Joseph

Sellers, Frederick

Selley, J R

Sellick, Philip

Sellick, Philip

Sellman & Co

Sellman, Edith Alice (Miss)

Sellman, M A & Co

Sellman, W

Sellman, William

Sellman, William & Co

Sellwood, Sidney James

Selsby, George

Selsby, W

Selville, George Wilfred

Selwyn-Ridge, Walter H

Semes, Arthur

Semple, Charles

Semple, J W

Senior, C

Senior, Edgar

Senior, F L

Senior, James

Senior, Mary I

Senn (Senns), Tom

Sentence, Reginald H

Sepac & Co

Sepia Art Enlarging Co,

Sepia Tint Studio,

Septimus, August

Septimus, Schulthess

Seraphim, Joseph

Sercombe, Edward J H

Sergeant & Ward

Sergeant, George Herbert

Sergeiff, George

Serne, Leonard

Serpell, Alfred R

Service Photographic Society

Service Studios

Setchell, Edward

Settle, Charles

Settle, Charles & Co

Seul, Jean

Sevack, Lewis

Severn, Merlyn

Severs, Charles

Seville & Co

Seville, F W

Seville, Frederick William

Seville, Frederick William & Son

Seville, G W

Seville, Oswald W

Seville, Oswald William

Seville, William

Seville, William George & Co

Seward, Edwin Henry

Seward, William

Seward, William

Sewell, Edward George

Sewell, John

Sewell, Muriel (Miss)

Sewell, Rowland

Sexton, B & M

Sexton, Basil

Sexton, Harry

Sexton, Kate Barnett (Mrs)

Sexton, Mabel (Mrs)

Sexton, William

Seymour Cooper & Co

Seymour, Berney

Seymour, C & Co

Seymour, Clement

Seymour, Edward

Seymour, James B

Seymour, Jonas D

Seymour, Lincoln

Seymour, W

Seymour, William

Seymour-Browne, Cecil

Seymour-Cousins, H

Seyton, John C


Shackelton, J

Shackleton, Basil

Shackleton, Harry

Shackleton, J D

Shackleton, Thomas

Shackleton, William

Shacklewell Photo Co

Shackley, Frank D

Shackley, Franklin D

Shacklock, Christopher

Shadlock, J A

Shaftesbury Photographic Studio

Shais, James

Shakespear Studio

Shakespeare, Arthur Charles

Shakespeare, Charles

Shakespeare, Charles & Son

Shanachie, John

Shand, John

Shankland, R

Shankland, Robert

Shankland, S & R

Shankland, William

Shankster, Edward

Shapcott, Harold Albert

Shapland, Robert

Shardlow, George Edward

Sharland, R W


Sharp & Beard

Sharp & Co

Sharp & Melville

Sharp & Pritcher

Sharp (Sharpe), William E

Sharp, Alfred

Sharp, Benjamin

Sharp, Burt

Sharp, Charles H

Sharp, Clarence Jack (Clarence G )

Sharp, Cornelius

Sharp, Duncan

Sharp, E

Sharp, E M & Robert W

Sharp, Edward

Sharp, Edward (Junior)

Sharp, Emma (Miss)

Sharp, Frank (Junior)

Sharp, Fred

Sharp, Frederick

Sharp, Frederick Charles

Sharp, J

Sharp, J A & R G

Sharp, James

Sharp, James & Mary (Miss)

Sharp, Photographic Institution

Sharp, Richard

Sharp, Robert

Sharp, Robert W

Sharp, S

Sharp, Samuel

Sharp, Sidney

Sharp, Thomas

Sharp, Thompson

Sharp, Valentine

Sharp, W L

Sharp, William Holmes

Sharp, William L

Sharpe (Sharp), Herbert & Son

Sharpe (Sharp), William Edward

Sharpe Brothers

Sharpe, Charles William

Sharpe, Herbert

Sharpe, J

Sharpe, James

Sharpe, Joseph F

Sharpe, M

Sharpe, Percy

Sharpe, Walter

Sharples, Carrie (Mrs)

Sharples, Frederick W E

Sharples, George Herbert

Sharples, Herbert Roze

Sharples, Joseph

Sharples, Peter

Sharples, William

Sharpley, James

Sharp’s Studio

Shattock & Co

Shattock & Wolsey

Shaw & Farrow

Shaw & Reid

Shaw & Sons

Shaw, A

Shaw, Alfred

Shaw, Allen

Shaw, Arthur

Shaw, Arthur

Shaw, Arthur E

Shaw, Bernard

Shaw, C Raven

Shaw, C A

Shaw, C R

Shaw, Charles E

Shaw, Charles Frederick

Shaw, Charles R

Shaw, Christopher Irving

Shaw, E J & Son

Shaw, Edmund

Shaw, Edward

Shaw, Edwin

Shaw, Feaster

Shaw, Fred

Shaw, Frederick

Shaw, George

Shaw, George & Co

Shaw, Harry

Shaw, Henry

Shaw, J

Shaw, J E & Son

Shaw, J G (Mrs)

Shaw, J W

Shaw, James

Shaw, James

Shaw, James Jesse

Shaw, John

Shaw, John Sutcliffe

Shaw, John William

Shaw, John William Smith

Shaw, Jonathan

Shaw, Jonathan (John) Edward

Shaw, Jonathan (John) Edward & Son

Shaw, L

Shaw, M & S G

Shaw, Robert

Shaw, S H & Co

Shaw, Thomas

Shaw, Thomas Samuel

Shaw, Vernon Dale

Shaw, W

Shaw, W G

Shaw, Walter

Shaw, Walter Germanius

Shaw, William

Shaw, William H

Shaw, William James

Shawcross, C

Shawcross, Edwin

Shawcross, Leslie

Shawcross, William

Shayler & Salter

Shayler & Son

Shayler, Albert

Shayler, Edward

Shayler, Henry

Shaylor, E (Miss)

Shea, Francis J

Sheaf, E T

Sheaff & Shield

Sheaff, F C

Sheaff, Frederick Charles

Shear & Aaron,

Sheard, Percy

Shearer, Johnston

Shearer, W Ross

Shearman (Sherman), Henry

Shearman, Henry

Shearman, Henry & Son

Shears (Shear), George Henry

Shearsmith, John

Shearsmith, Sydney Edgar

Sheehan & Garbanati

Sheepwash, Henry E

Sheet & Co

Sheffield Photo Co

Sheffield Photographic Company

Sheffield Studios Limited

Sheffield, A

Sheffield, Charles

Sheffield, F J

Sheffield, Thomas

Sheils, G

Sheldon & Davis

Sheldon, G

Sheldon, Herbert

Sheldon, S A

Sheldrick, L R & Co

Shelley, Isaac

Shelley, J H

Shelley, Maud (Miss)

Shelley, P B

Shelton, Arthur

Shelton, Edwin T

Shelton, M Graham

Shenken, Louis

Shenton, W H

Shenton, William

Shepard, W

Shepard, William

Shephard Studios

Shephard, Annie (Mrs)

Shephard, Claude

Shephard, Frederick W

Shephard, Joseph

Shephard, Timothy James

Shephard, William

Shepherd & Robertson

Shepherd (Shepard), William

Shepherd (Shephard), Timothy James

Shepherd Brothers

Shepherd, A

Shepherd, A W

Shepherd, Alfred J

Shepherd, Alfred Laister

Shepherd, Anne

Shepherd, Arthur

Shepherd, Cyril Owen

Shepherd, Edwin S

Shepherd, Ernest

Shepherd, Frederick Brickel

Shepherd, George

Shepherd, George Bruce

Shepherd, J

Shepherd, J B

Shepherd, James

Shepherd, John Alfred

Shepherd, Jos

Shepherd, Joseph

Shepherd, Richard

Shepherd, Thomas N

Shepherd, W

Shepherd, William

Sheppard & Co

Sheppard, Brickel

Sheppard, J

Sheppard, Phillip A

Sheppard, Phillip A

Sheppard, W

Sheppard, W

Sheppard, Walter

Sheppy, A W

Sheran, William


Sheraton, Thomas

Sherborn, Henry Robert

Sheridan, James

Sheriff, John

Sheriff, John W

Sherland (Shirland), Ann (Miss)

Sherley, James Thomas

Sherley, William

Sherlock, Aileen (Miss)

Sherlock, W E

Sherlock, William

Sherman, A

Sherman, George

Sherman, George & Sons

Sherman, George W

Sherman, Henry

Sherman, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs)

Sherrell, W

Sherrell, William

Sherriff & Ward

Sherriff, J W

Sherriffs, Alexander

Sherry, Lee

Sherwen & Addison

Sherwen, Eldred Noble

Sherwin & Bell


Sherwood Photographic Co

Sherwood, Dorothy M (Miss)

Sherwood, G

Sherwood, George

Sherwood, George

Sherwood, Henry

Sherwood, J

Sherwood, James

Sherwood, James

Sherwood, Joseph Edwin

Sherwood, William

Shettle, Alfred George & Sons

Shettle, Frederick

Shettle, George

Shettle, George & Sons

Shew, James F

Shield, John

Shields Photographic Co

Shields, Arthur

Shiels & Fraser

Shiels, James Drummond (Junior)

Shillabeer, F & L

Shillabeer, Paul

Shillibeer, James

Shilton, Montague William

Shilton, Montague William & Drummond

Shilton, William

Shimmin, J H

Shimwell, Henry

Shingler, William

Shinkman, L E

Shinn, Abraham

Shipley, Thomas R

Shipman, J J

Shipperbottom, W

Shippobotham, Alfred Ernest

Shipside, J H

Shipsides, Thomas

Shira, Indre Ltd

Shirra, J & J

Shirras, William S

Shirtcliff, W J

Shirvingham, J

Shirvington, H

Shirvington, J

Shirvington, J & Son

Shivas, James

Shivas, James & Son

Shivas, Robert

Shivens, Edwin

Shlange, Emanuel Henry

Shoosmith, Decimus

Shoosmith, Decimus

Shoosmith, F C

Shoosmith, Frank D

Shooter, G E

Shore, E J

Shore, E J & Co

Shore, Stephen & Macnamara

Shore, Stephen W

Shore, William R & Co

Shores, John Waite

Short & Millard

Short, A

Short, Abraham

Short, Ephraim Pope

Short, Ephraim Pope & Son

Short, Frederick

Short, Harry

Short, Harry

Short, Henry

Short, J

Short, James

Short, John

Short, John Golden

Short, John Golden & E G

Short, Marwood

Short, R

Short, Reginald Joseph

Short, William

Shorte (Short), Samuel F

Shorte, E

Shortell, Frank

Shotter, George L

Shotton, J

Shoulder, Frank

Shreeve, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Shreeve, J H

Shreeve, S M

Shrewsbury, William

Shrimpton, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Shrimpton, Florence Mary (Miss)

Shrimpton, George

Shrimpton, George & Thomas

Shrimpton, Henry

Shrimpton, Thomas & Son

Shrimpton, W H

Shrivington, H

Shrubb, Harry

Shrubsole, William

Shrubsole, William Lewis

Shuff, T

Shufflebotham, A (possibly A E Shippobotham)

Shunt, Edgar

Shuter, Alfred C

Shuter, Walter James

Shuttleworth, F

Shuttleworth, Florry

Shuttleworth, John

Sibbald, Frederick

Sibla (Sillu), William Ernest

Sibley & Co

Sibley & Hoar

Sibley, Henry John

Sibley, Henry John & Son

Sibson, Ernest O D

Sicard, Alfred A & Blair, John Price (Sicard & Blair)

Sicard, Alfred A

Sidaway, Miss S


Sidebottom, Joel

Sidery, Ernest A

Sidey, Thomas

Sidley & Pownall

Sidney & Co

Sidney, J

Sidney, J H M

Sidney, J Newcombe (Junior)

Sidney, James (Senior)

Sidney, James Newcombe

Sidney, John

Sidney, Jonathon (John)

Siedle Brothers

Siedle, A J

Siedle, Charles Frederick

Sievers, J W

Sievewright & Moore

Sievewright, James Southey

Siggers, Frank

Siggers, G W

Sigurdson, Oddur Charles

Silborn, James

Silby, E

Silcock & Son

Silcock, John

Silcock, Joseph

Silcox, Henry William

Silcox, W

Silitsky, Reuben

Silk, Charles

Silk, Reginald A

Sillence & Standage

Sillence, Charles William

Sillitoe, W

Sills, G H

Sills, Joseph Frederick

Silver, James

Silverman, Louis

Silverstein, Moses

Silverston (Silverton), Marina (Marian) (Miss)


Silvester (Miss)

Silvester, A

Silvester, Albert G

Silvester, Alfred

Silvester, Alfred & Thomas, Richard

Silvester, Henry

Silvester’s Studio

Silvester’s Studio

Silveston, Harold


Silvy, Camille

Silvy, Camille & Co

Sim, John

Sim, Thomas

Simco & Holme

Simco, F

Simco, George

Simcoe, J & Son

Simkins, William


Simm, Alfred

Simm, Peter

Simm, Peter & Forrester

Simm, Peter & Son

Simm, Richard

Simm, Richard

Simmett, Frederick

Simmonds Brothers

Simmonds, A

Simmonds, J

Simmonds, J

Simmonds, Rex


Simmons & Riches

Simmons (Simons), Arthur

Simmons (Simons), Henry

Simmons, Arthur

Simmons, E

Simmons, Edward Thomas

Simmons, Edward Walter

Simmons, Ernest John

Simmons, Ernest W

Simmons, Ethel (Miss)

Simmons, F

Simmons, Frederick

Simmons, George

Simmons, George Victor

Simmons, Joseph Henry

Simmons, Joseph Henry & Son

Simmons, K (Miss)

Simmons, Leonard John

Simmons, Marcus

Simmons, Robert William

Simmons, Saul Morris

Simmons, William

Simmons, William Frederick

Simmons, William Henry (Harry)

Simmons, William Walter

Simms, H P

Simms, John

Simms, Percy

Simms, Percy H

Simms, Percy H (also H P)

Simms, Richard

Simms, W E

Simnett, John

Simnett, John (Mrs)

Simnett, John Spencer (Junior)

Simnett’s Photo Service

Simon, Alphonse L

Simon, Richard

Simonds, Henry Parrish

Simonds, T C

Simons & Co

Simons, Arthur

Simons, Caroline (Mrs)

Simons, J T

Simons, John Thomas

Simons, Maurice

Simons, Morris

Simons, P

Simons, P T

Simons, Samuel

Simons, T H

Simons, Victor

Simons, Victor

Simons, Walter H

Simonton & Allen

Simonton & Millard

Simonton, James

Simonton, James & Sons

Simpkin, Samuel


Simpson & Co

Simpson & Lovi

Simpson & Rastall

Simpson & Sons

Simpson & Strachan

Simpson Brothers

Simpson, Alexander (R?)

Simpson, Arthur

Simpson, David Cumming

Simpson, Duncan R

Simpson, Edgar

Simpson, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Simpson, Frank (Professor)

Simpson, Frederick George

Simpson, Frederick George & Co

Simpson, Frederick George & Son

Simpson, George

Simpson, George Wharton

Simpson, Horace Wilfred

Simpson, J

Simpson, James

Simpson, John

Simpson, John & M

Simpson, John (Junior)

Simpson, John George

Simpson, Joseph

Simpson, Joseph

Simpson, M E (Mrs)

Simpson, Richard

Simpson, Robert Lionel

Simpson, Thomas

Simpson, W Henry

Simpson, W J

Simpson, Walter


Simpsons Portrait Gallery

Sims & Co

Sims & Rousham

Sims (Photographers) Ltd

Sims Brothers (Thomas & Edward)

Sims, E

Sims, Edward

Sims, Edward

Sims, Edward & Bertin

Sims, F & Co

Sims, Harvard

Sims, L E

Sims, R Lang

Sims, R Lang & Co

Sims, Randle

Sims, Richard Lang

Sims, Richard Lang & Co

Sims, Samuel

Sims, T Bond

Sims, Thomas

Sims, Thomas & Co

Sims, William

Sims, William A

Sims, William Edward

Simson, Annette

Simson, Duncan R

Simson, George W

Simson, George W & McCraw

Simson, Hubert

Sinan, Charles

Sinclair & Co

Sinclair, Annie (Miss)

Sinclair, Charles George

Sinclair, Charles W

Sinclair, Claire (Miss)

Sinclair, David

Sinclair, H A

Sinclair, Harry

Sinclair, James G

Sinclair, James J

Sinclair, Jane (Jemima) (Miss)

Sinclair, R & Sons

Sinclair, Robert T A

Sinclair, William

Sinclair, William G

Sinclair, William Henry

Sinclair, William Henry & Co

Sinder (Slader), Ernest & William

Singer, John R

Singer, William

Singerman, P

Singleton, Arthur Henry

Singleton, J

Singleton, J

Singleton, James

Singleton, Thomas

Singleton, W J

Singleton, William

Sinkinson, B

Sinkinson, Bertram

Sinton, James

Sisley, J B

Sisley, J B & Silvester

Sisson (Sissons), Frederick


Sittence, C W

Siviour, (Miss)

Skaife, Thomas

Skaife, William

Skeels, Ernest E

Skeet, John

Skelding, John Thomas

Skellet (Skellett)

Skellet, Albert

Skellett, J (Mrs)

Skellett, Robert

Skelton, Charles Ratcliffe

Skelton, George Henry

Skene, Alexander

Skene, Cecil

Skeolan, Peter Paul

Skerritt, Francis

Skerry, John

Sketch Photo Co Ltd

Sketch Studios (City Pictorial)


Skevington, John & Charles S

Skewes, William

Skewes-Verdaque, W

Skiel, John

Skilbeck & Glockler

Skill, William Arthur

Skill, William Arthur & Martin

Skillman, Charles Henry

Skillman, Charles Henry

Skillman, Charles Henry & Son

Skillman, Frederick

Skillman, Henry C

Skillman, Henry Ewart

Skingle, Jabez

Skingle, Jabez

Skinner, A M

Skinner, Charles

Skinner, Edwin

Skinner, Edwin Mark

Skinner, Emily (Mrs)

Skinner, Frederick

Skinner, James

Skinner, John N

Skinner, Joseph & Son

Skinner, Joseph Charles

Skinner, Russell

Skinner, William

Skipper & Darnton

Skipper, John Henry

Skipper, Mary Ada (Mrs)

Skipper’s Speedy Service

Skipsey, Roland Fras

Skitten, Joseph

Skivington, J

Slack, Constance (Miss)

Slack, Henry

Slack, John Frederick

Slack’s Photographic Stores (Slack’s Photographic & Drug Stores)

Slade Brothers & Lacey

Slade, Benjamin

Slade, Charles

Slade, Charles Raby

Slade, J T

Slade, Lionel

Slade, Sarah (Mrs)

Slade, Thomas J

Slade, W H

Slade, William

Sladen & Healstern

Sladen (Sladden), John

Sladen, Marshall Ernest

Slader, Ernest

Slaney & Grocott

Slaney, William Charles

Slaney, William Charles & Grocott

Slate Art Studios

Slate Studios Co

Slater & Mason

Slater & Sons

Slater, A (Mrs)

Slater, Albert Edward

Slater, Alfred

Slater, E W

Slater, E W

Slater, Edward

Slater, Edward & Co

Slater, Edward (Edwin )

Slater, Edwin

Slater, Edwin Henry

Slater, Ernest Rowland

Slater, George

Slater, Isaac

Slater, James

Slater, John

Slater, John W

Slater, Percy H

Slater, Percy John

Slater, R (Mrs)

Slater, Victor

Slater, W H

Slater, Walter

Slater, William

Slater, William E

Slater, William Ebenezer

Slater’s Art Studio

Slater-Wood Brothers

Slatford, C

Slator, John W

Slatter, W J

Slaughter, Edward Hilton

Slaughter, John

Slaughter, John

Slay, Walt George


Sleator, E R

Sleath, E S

Sleath, Frank

Sleath, Percy

Sleddon, Frederick L

Sledmore, Cyril

Sledmore, Cyril & Starkey

Sleigh, Horatio B

Slights, Frank

Slimming, James

Slingsby, A & L (Misses)

Slingsby, Robert (Junior)

Slingsby, Robert (Junior)

Slinn, A

Slinn, Abraham

Slinn, Abraham

Slinn, James

Slinn’s West End Royal Studio

Sloan, James

Sloan, James F

Sloan, Jane (Mrs)

Sloan, John

Slocombe, Charles

Slocombe, H L

Slocombe, Job & Son

Slonims (Slonius), Julius

Slonims, Joseph

Sluman, L

Slynn (Slinn), Samuel

Smale, John

Smale, John & Son

Smale, S

Smale, Spurgeon

Smales, Harriett

Smales, Mabel (Mrs)

Small (Smalls), John William

Small, Albert

Small, Andrew F

Small, Charles Percival

Small, J Nicol

Small, James E

Small, Joe Charles

Small, Spurgeon

Small, W J

Small, William

Smallcombe, James Charles

Smalley Brothers

Smalley, Claude

Smalley, S

Smallridge, W H

Smallwood, John

Smart, E N

Smart, George

Smart, Joseph

Smart, William G

Smartt, Charles William

Smartt, Charles William & Son

Smeakinich, E (Miss)

Smee & Co

Smee, Sidney C

Smeeton, James

Smeeton, John

Smellie (Smillie), D Hermiston

Smellie (Smillie), James & Charles

Smellie, George T

Smellie, R & Sons

Smellie, R Cameron

Smellie, William

Smelt, Thomas Henry

Smerdon, Ernest Edward

Smerdon, H L

Smerkinich, E (Miss)

Smethurst, Thomas

Smiles, John W

Smiles, Stephen Pascal Finch

Smirnoff, Nicholas E


Smith & Ashman

Smith & Billinghurst

Smith & Brown

Smith & Bunn

Smith & Co

Smith & Edwards

Smith & Garland

Smith & Hall

Smith & Herbert

Smith & Hitchcock

Smith & Lovewll

Smith & M’Whinnie

Smith & Robson

Smith & See

Smith & Sibley, Henry John

Smith & Son

Smith & Swift

Smith & Taylor

Smith & Tilley

Smith & Vernon

Smith & Wheeley (Wheeler)

Smith & Whittaker

Smith & Wilson

Smith Brothers

Smith, E (Miss)

Smith, (Smyth), Henry R

Smith, A

Smith, A

Smith, A Leopold

Smith, A (Mrs)

Smith, A C (Mrs)

Smith, A F

Smith, A G

Smith, A L

Smith, Ada (Miss)

Smith, Ada E (Miss)

Smith, Alan

Smith, Albert

Smith, Albert E

Smith, Albert Edward

Smith, Albert Richard

Smith, Alexander John

Smith, Alfred

Smith, Alfred Ford

Smith, Alfred Ford

Smith, Algernon W

Smith, Allen

Smith, Amy (Miss)

Smith, Ann (Mrs)

Smith, Annie Evelyn (Mrs)

Smith, Archer

Smith, Arthur

Smith, Arthur E

Smith, Arthur E & Co

Smith, Arthur E & Hilton

Smith, Arthur Edgar

Smith, Arthur Edgar & E W

Smith, Arthur John

Smith, Arthur Moreton

Smith, Augusta (Mrs)

Smith, Augustus

Smith, Bell

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, Benjamin James

Smith, Billinghurst

Smith, Buchanan

Smith, C

Smith, C

Smith, C Friend

Smith, C Louis

Smith, C (Miss)

Smith, C E

Smith, C W

Smith, Caleb Chapman

Smith, Capel

Smith, Caswell

Smith, Catherine Wilhelmina (Miss)

Smith, Charles

Smith, Charles James

Smith, Charles Mader

Smith, Charles S

Smith, Charles William

Smith, Charley

Smith, Christopher James

Smith, D S

Smith, David

Smith, David

Smith, David & Co

Smith, David B

Smith, David L

Smith, David O

Smith, Duncan & McLaren

Smith, Dunsmore Frank

Smith, E

Smith, E

Smith, E G

Smith, E H

Smith, E T

Smith, Edgar Arthur

Smith, Edith Maud(Miss)

Smith, Edward

Smith, Edwin

Smith, Edwin Dalton

Smith, Egbert E

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, Elizabeth B (Mrs)

Smith, Ernest

Smith, Ernest M

Smith, F

Smith, F G & W

Smith, F R

Smith, Forshaw & Co

Smith, Francis

Smith, Frank

Smith, Frank Charles

Smith, Frank Dunmow

Smith, Frank W

Smith, Frederick

Smith, Frederick Arthur

Smith, Frederick Arthur (Mr & Mrs)

Smith, Frederick George

Smith, Frederick H

Smith, Frederick Herbert

Smith, Frederick Hickling

Smith, Frederick John

Smith, Frederick Joseph

Smith, Frederick P

Smith, Frederick William

Smith, G

Smith, G

Smith, G Marshall (Marshall G)

Smith, G B

Smith, G E

Smith, G H

Smith, G M

Smith, George

Smith, George

Smith, George & Co

Smith, George Albert

Smith, George Andrew

Smith, George Bradforde

Smith, George C

Smith, George Comrie

Smith, George Comrie

Smith, George E

Smith, George Henry

Smith, George Henry

Smith, George L

Smith, George T

Smith, Gordon M

Smith, H

Smith, H

Smith, H Lane

Smith, H J

Smith, H L

Smith, H W A

Smith, Hall & Mathews

Smith, Hallen

Smith, Hammilton

Smith, Hannah (Mrs)

Smith, Harold Aubrey

Smith, Harold Frederick

Smith, Harry

Smith, Harry E

Smith, Harry Edward

Smith, Harry Lundie

Smith, Hedley M

Smith, Helen

Smith, Henry

Smith, Henry & Co

Smith, Henry Daniel

Smith, Henry James

Smith, Henry Richard

Smith, Herbert

Smith, Hilda May (Miss)

Smith, Horace Stanley Arthur

Smith, Horace William

Smith, Horace William (Junior)

Smith, Hugh

Smith, Hugh C

Smith, Ian

Smith, Imrie

Smith, J

Smith, J

Smith, J Fowler

Smith, J B & Sons

Smith, J C

Smith, J C

Smith, J D

Smith, J Duncan

Smith, J H

Smith, J H

Smith, J H & Bordley

Smith, J L

Smith, J R

Smith, J R D

Smith, J T

Smith, J W

Smith, James

Smith, James Arthur

Smith, James C

Smith, Janet

Smith, Jesse

Smith, Jessie

Smith, Jim

Smith, Joel

Smith, John

Smith, John & Son

Smith, John B

Smith, John B & Son

Smith, John B & Sons

Smith, John Buchanan

Smith, John Caswall

Smith, John D

Smith, John Duncan

Smith, John Henry

Smith, John Henry & Co

Smith, John J

Smith, John Kirby

Smith, John Kirby (K J)

Smith, John N

Smith, John Rees D

Smith, John T

Smith, John Thomas

Smith, John Wilby

Smith, John William

Smith, John William

Smith, Jonathan

Smith, Joseph

Smith, Joshua

Smith, Josiah (1)

Smith, Josiah (2)

Smith, L

Smith, L William

Smith, L C

Smith, L M

Smith, Lane

Smith, Lardelli & Co

Smith, Lewis

Smith, Lizzie Caswall (Miss)

Smith, Louis

Smith, Lovell

Smith, M

Smith, Mabel & Florence (Misses)

Smith, Mary Ann Harriet (Mrs)

Smith, Maud (Miss)

Smith, Mercy (Mrs)

Smith, Misses

Smith, Mr

Smith, N

Smith, Nellie G (Miss)

Smith, Nellie M

Smith, Oliver

Smith, Oliver Claude

Smith, Oliver Claude (Mrs) (Elizabeth)

Smith, P

Smith, Paul

Smith, Percy S

Smith, R

Smith, R

Smith, R (Mrs)

Smith, Ralph (Mrs)

Smith, Randolph E

Smith, Rawling

Smith, Reginald Saxon

Smith, Reuben Edward

Smith, Rex

Smith, Rex & Waite, Norman

Smith, Richard

Smith, Richard

Smith, Richard Fleming

Smith, Robert

Smith, Robert

Smith, Robert Charles

Smith, Robert J

Smith, Robert Truan

Smith, Ross

Smith, S

Smith, S

Smith, S & D

Smith, S Dalby

Smith, S H

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Samuel (Sam)

Smith, Samuel G

Smith, Sidney

Smith, Sidney

Smith, Sidney (Sydney)

Smith, Stanley Albert

Smith, Stanley O

Smith, Stephen John

Smith, Susan (Mrs)

Smith, Susan (Mrs) & V (Miss)

Smith, Susannah (Mrs)

Smith, Sutton

Smith, Sydney

Smith, Sydney

Smith, T

Smith, T

Smith, T F

Smith, T K

Smith, Theophilus

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Thomas A & Sons

Smith, Thomas A

Smith, Thomas A & Sons

Smith, Thomas A & Son

Smith, Thomas Capel

Smith, Thomas Frederick

Smith, Thomas Henry

Smith, Thomas J

Smith, Thomas James

Smith, Thomas James & Sons

Smith, Thomas James (Joe)

Smith, Thomas Nay

Smith, Thomas Smart

Smith, Thomas T

Smith, Tilley

Smith, V Siviter & Co

Smith, W

Smith, W & Co

Smith, W Nicol

Smith, W A

Smith, W G

Smith, W H

Smith, W H

Smith, W H

Smith, Walter

Smith, Walter Azembey

Smith, Walter William

Smith, Wilfred

Smith, William (of Leominster)

Smith, William

Smith, William

Smith, William & Co

Smith, William & Son

Smith, William & Son

Smith, William A

Smith, William Albert

Smith, William Edward

Smith, William Frederick

Smith, William G

Smith, William G

Smith, William George

Smith, William Henry

Smith, William John

Smith, William Thomas

Smith, William Thomas & Co

Smith, William Wood & Brothers

Smith, William Wood & Son

Smitheman, Rowland Percy

Smithen, Charles

Smithers, A

Smith-Massingham & Co

Smith’s Studio

Smithson, C

Smithson, C

Smithson, Charles

Smithson, Christopher

Smithson, George W

Smithson, J H K

Smithson, John Arthur K

Smithson, John Blenkiron

Smithson, John Brown

Smithurst Brothers

Smorthwaite, Emma (Mrs)

Smorthwaite, Emma (Mrs)

Smorthwaite, William

Smoult, E (Miss)

Smuin, Stephen

Smurthwaite (Smirthwaite), John

Smurthwaite, John

Smy, Charles

Smye, Frederick & Co

Smye, George & Co


Smyth, Sydney (Sidney)

Smyth, Austin

Smyth, Charles Shepherd

Smyth, Charles Shepherd & Sons

Smyth, Ephraim B

Smyth, Henry R

Smyth, Sydney & Blanchard, Valentine

Smyth, W E

Smythe & Southee

Smythe, Adrian

Smythe, Frank B

Smythe, J R

Smythe, James

Smythe, W G

Snaith, Thomas

Snaps & Co

Snap’s Studios


Snargate Street Studio

Snary (Mrs)

Snary, Frederick

Snary, Issac

Snary, T

Snashall, G

Snazel, William

Sneath, Robert

Sneddon, Alma L

Sneesby, J (Mrs)

Sneesby, J M & C W

Snell, R

Snell, Robert (Junior)

Snell, Robert (Junior)

Snelling, E F

Snelling, Henry

Snelling, L

Snelling, Leonard Leslie

Snelson, Thomas

Sneyd, Thomas

Sneyd, Thomas & Sneyd, William?

Sneyd, W S

Sneyd, William

Snook, Harry J

Snook, Harry J & Son

Snow, J

Snow, Villers St. Clair

Snowball, J

Snowden (Snowdon), Robert

Snowden (Snowdon), Robert

Snowden (Snowdon), Robert & Co

Snowden (Snowdon), Robert & Son

Snowdon, Charles James

Snowdon, George

Snowdon, Thomas G

Soame, James (Junior)

Soame, James (Junior) & Son

Soar, Frederick John

Soar, Henry

Society du Photocrome

Society for Photographing Relics

Society of Photo Etchers

Society of Photographers

Society Studios

Society Wedding Press

Sodey, James R

Softley, William

Sohn & Bowers

Soho Bazaar School of Photography

Sokhatchevsky, Samuel Borris

Sokhatchevsky, Simon Bernard

Sola, F

Soldbloom, D

Soley, Sampson Samuel

Solmes, H F

Solomon, Myer

Solomons, Charles A

Solotype Co

Somers, Thomas

Somerset Studios

Somerset, Charles W


Somerville, John

Somerville, M & G (Misses)

Songhurst, R E


Soper (Saper) & Steadman (Stedman) Limited

Soper, Thomas H

Sopp, H (Junior)

Sore, John

Sorrell, William Edwin

Soter & Doull

Sotor, Drehnriews

South Coast Photographic Co

South Devon Photo Works

South Eastern Photographic Co

South Kensington Photographic Company

South Kensington Studio

South London Photographic Company

South London Photographic Studio

South of England Photographic Institution

South Shields Photographic Society

South Wales Electric Light Photo Co

South Wales Photographic Co

South Wales Portrait Enlargement Co

South West London Photographic Co

South, Arthur

South, Frederick William

Southall (Southwell), William

Southall, J C

Southall, John Thomas

Southam, George

Southdown Photographic Works

Southern Commercial Studio

Southern Counties Photographic & Art Co (Southern Counties Photographic Co)

Southern Photographic Co

Southern, H J & Co

Southern-Laws (Southorn-Laws), Herbert

Southey, G H

Southey, George Alfred

Southgate Brothers Ltd

Southgate Studio

Southgate, George

Southgate, H

Southgate, H J

Southgate, Henry Oscar

Southgate, O

Southgate, William Edwin

Southin, Charles

Southin, Charles Stewart

Southport Photographic Association

Southport Photographic Company

Southsea Photographic Co

Southsea Snapshot Service

Southville Photographic Institute

Southwell Brothers (Messrs Southwell)

Southwell, Alfred J

Southwell, Charles B

Southwell, Frederick

Southwell, L G

Southwell, S

Southwell, William

Southwood, J J

Southwood, William F


Southworth, E & Son

Souvenir Miniature Co

Sowter, J W

Spa Studio

Spackman, H

Spagliardi, L

Spain, S

Spalding, Charles Hunter

Spalding, E

Spalding, Frederick

Spalding, Frederick & Son

Spalding, Ida (Ira) (Miss)

Spanton, Frederick

Spanton, William Silas

Spark Brothers

Spark, John

Spark, William

Sparkes (Sparks), Robert

Sparkes, E

Sparkes, Veale & Iles

Sparkes, William

Sparks, Ann (Mrs)

Sparks, F

Sparks, F & Co

Sparrow, E

Sparrow, Horace

Sparrow, Rose E (Mrs)

Sparrow, W

Sparrow, Walter James

Spavin, Joseph

Spavin, Joseph (Junior)

Speaight Limited

Speaight, Frederick William & Richard Neville

Speaight, Richard Neville Ltd

Speakman, Arthur

Speakman, D H

Speakman, N

Spear, John Mitchelmore

Spearman, George

Spearman, J

Spearman, John William

Speat, William T

Special Press (Ltd)

Spedding, Frederick

Spedding, J & D


Speed Photo Co (Speedy Photo Co)

Speed, Herbert

Speed, James

Speed, W

Speed, William


Speedway Photographic Service

Speedy Service Co

Speight, Charles

Speight, Clare

Speight, E A

Speight, Edward Hall (Hull)

Speight, G W C

Speight, Gulliver

Speight, Harrison

Speight, Harry Harrison

Speight, Helen M (Miss)

Speight, J

Speight, J

Speight, James

Speight, Robert

Speight, Squire

Speilman, Hyman

Speirs, Alexander

Spell, J

Spell, Joseph & Son

Speller, Arthur E

Spells, George Frederick

Spelman, H

Spence, Charles

Spence, Helen (Miss)

Spence, J

Spence, James

Spence, John

Spence, M & E (Misses)

Spencely, David Robert

Spencely, L E


Spencer & Mandler

Spencer & Perkins

Spencer & Wilson

Spencer Brothers

Spencer Enterprises Ltd

Spencer Higson & Co

Spencer Portrait Enlarging Co

Spencer, A

Spencer, A H

Spencer, A T

Spencer, Annie (Mrs)

Spencer, Arthur

Spencer, Arthur Thomas

Spencer, C

Spencer, Carol Edwin

Spencer, Charles Edward

Spencer, Edmund

Spencer, Edward Donald

Spencer, Ellis

Spencer, Ernest

Spencer, F D

Spencer, Frank

Spencer, Frank

Spencer, Frank (Francis)

Spencer, Frederick

Spencer, Frederick & Rankin

Spencer, G O

Spencer, George William

Spencer, H

Spencer, H N

Spencer, Henry

Spencer, Higson & Co

Spencer, James

Spencer, James Graham

Spencer, John

Spencer, John & Thomas

Spencer, John A M

Spencer, John Alexander

Spencer, John Alexander

Spencer, Joseph M

Spencer, Josiah

Spencer, Newton

Spencer, R

Spencer, Read & Co

Spencer, S

Spencer, T

Spencer, Talbot

Spencer, Talbot

Spencer, Thomas

Spencer, Thomas & Son

Spencer, Thomas E

Spencer, Tom

Spencer, Vernon

Spencer, W

Spencer, Walter

Spencer, William

Spencer, William & Co

Spencer, William & Son

Spencer’s Studio

Spengler & Townshend

Spenlove-Spenlove, F

Sperryn & Leviton Ltd

Sperryn, F (Miss)

Sperryns Ltd

Spetch, Thomas

Sphere Snapshot Service

Spice, Arthur Windsor

Spice, William G

Spice, Windsor

Spicer, Charles

Spicer, D & Co

Spicer, Douglas

Spicer, Henry

Spicer, William Isaac

Spicer, William Isaac

Spier, Kaufman C

Spiers Studio

Spiers, Edith (Miss)

Spiers, Edward J

Spiers, Issac

Spiller, Edward

Spiller, Edward

Spiller, Frank

Spiller, Lillian (Miss)

Spilman’s Photographic Service Ltd

Spilsbury, William

Spindlbauer, Henry

Spink, Henry

Spink, Henry C (Junior)

Spink, Henry Joseph

Spink, Henry Joseph & Son

Spink, J James

Spink, Samuel George

Spink, Sarah (Mrs)

Spink, W J

Spires, B

Spires, F W

Spittle, Bertram

Spittle, Edith Elizabeth (Mrs)

Spittle, Robert William & Co

Spivey, Fred

Spool Co

Spooner & Co

Spooner, W M & Co

Spooner, William & Sons

Sport & General Press Agency Ltd


Sportograph Co

Spotlight Photos Ltd

Spowart, James D

Spraggon, Frederick

Sprague & Co

Spratley, Charles

Spratley, John Edward

Spratt, James W

Spratt, John

Spratt, William

Sprawson, Edward

Spray, William & George Henry

Spreat, William

Spreckley, William

Spree, John

Spree, John Henry

Sprigge, H

Spriggs, A W

Spriggs, M

Spring, F & Co

Spring, Richard

Springate, A (Mrs)

Springfield Studio

Springthorpe, George

Springthorpe, George

Springthorpe, George & John

Springthorpe, George & Co

Springthorpe, H

Sprinz, Philip

Sprittlehouse, John Thomas

Sproat, Richard James

Sproston, Frank


Spry, F W

Spry, George

Spurge, A (Mrs)

Spurge, Algernon

Spurge, Ida Marion (Miss)

Spurgeon, George

Spurr & Co

Spurr & Son

Spurr, Ernest J

Spurr, Reginald

Spurr, Reginald & Co

Spurr, Reginald & Son

Squibbs & Carey

Squibbs, Abraham

Squibbs, Arthur

Squibbs, H

Squibbs, H E

Squibbs, Harold

Squier, Egbert Alfred

Squier’s Photography

Squire, Albert Edward

Squire, Caleb

Squire, Carl E

Squire, Edwin

Squires (Squiers?), H

Squires (Squiers?), Thomas

Squires, Arthur

Squires, Frederick

Squires, Isaac A

Squires, Thomas

Squires, W

St. Clair, William

St. George & Huskisson

St. George & Rooker

St. George, Sydney

St. George, W

St. George, William

St. George, William Gregory

St. James Art Photographic Co

St. James Photographic Co

St. James Photographic Institution

St. James Studio (Ltd)

St. John, A & D

St. John-Briggs, George (George B St . John)

St. Mary Cray Photographic Studio

St. Marys Photographic Rooms

St. Paul’s Photographic Gallery

St. Pauls Portrait Co (Thomas Ordish & Co)

St. Paul’s Portrait Co (Thomas Ordish & Co)

St. Prix & Tassi

Stabey, Samuel

Stabler, Charles Paul William

Stabler, Charles Paul William & Fries

Stables, Walter

Stables, William


Stacey, Albert

Stacey, Albert Alfred

Stacey, Alexander

Stacey, Charles

Stacey, Elizabeth

Stacey, Reginald

Stacey, Simeon

Stacey, W Ltd

Stacey, William

Stackemann & Tyler

Stackemann, Carl

Stackemann, Carl

Stackemann, W & Co

Stacy, Daniel Sargeant

Staff, William Arthur

Stafford & Co

Stafford, A

Stafford, Bernard R

Stafford, Cecil

Stafford, Francis

Stafford, Harold & Co

Stafford, John

Stafford, William

Stafford-Johns, Frank A

Staffordshire Permanent Portrait Company

Staffordshire Portrait Company

Staffordshire Press Bureau

Stage Photo Co

Stagg, Robert

Stagg, Thomas E

Staghall, William Hayes

Stainer, Henry

Stainer, Maurice

Stainer, Morris (possibly Maurice)

Staines, Benjamin

Stainsby, W

Stainthorpe, William Walters

Stainton, M

Stalker, William

Stallan, William James

Stallard, Charles

Stallard, E H

Stamford, W H

Stamier, A & B & Rosevitch

Stamler, Benjamin

Stanborough, E Cyril

Stanborough, J E

Stancliffe, Paul Holliday

Standard Fine Art Co

Standard Photo & Engineering Co

Standard Photo Co

Standard Photographc Co

Standard Photographic Studio

Standard Portrait Studio

Standen, Thomas Reginald

Standish & Preece

Standish, Francis

Stanesby, Alexander

Stanesby, Joshua

Stanesby, Joshua

Stanesby, Joshua S & Alex

Stanford, George Henry

Stanford, Howard L

Stanger (Stauger), James

Stanger (Stauger), James & Son

Stangroom, James

Stanhope, Francis S

Stanier, Henry

Staniforth, Frederick George

Staniforth, John Frederick

Staniland, T H

Stanks (Stranks), Joseph

Stanlee, J

Stanlee, J & Rainforth


Stanley & Co

Stanley & Co

Stanley & Robinson

Stanley Brothers

Stanley, A & Son

Stanley, A G

Stanley, Albert

Stanley, Albert E

Stanley, Albert Edward

Stanley, Alfred

Stanley, Charles H

Stanley, Clement B

Stanley, E

Stanley, F

Stanley, Fred H

Stanley, Frederick

Stanley, George William

Stanley, Gerald

Stanley, H

Stanley, Herbert & Co

Stanley, Horatio Charles Percy

Stanley, J E Ltd

Stanley, J H

Stanley, Jacob

Stanley, James

Stanley, John

Stanley, Joseph

Stanley, Norman

Stanley, Richard & Co

Stanley, Sydney W

Stanley, Thompson & Co

Stanley, William

Stanley, William Francis

Stanley, William(?)


Stanley’s Studios

Stanmore Studio Co

Stannard, H

Stannard, Thomas

Stanner, John

Stannette, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Stannington, Harold

Stansbury, D

Stansfield, H

Stansfield, Samuel

Stansfield, Samuel

Stansfield, Stephen (Squire)

Stansfield, William Henry

Stant (Staut), John T

Stant, John T

Stantham, F J M

Stantin, A

Stanton, George

Stanton, Harry Hands

Stanton, Horace

Stanton, James

Stanton, Richard


Staples, American

Staples, Frederick James (Joe)

Staples, W H

Staples, William Henry

Stapleton & Co

Stapleton McLean & Co

Stapleton, Herbert

Stapleton, R E & Sons

Stapleton, Richard England

Stapley, Sydney

Stapoffski (Slapoffski), J

Star Art Enlarging Co

Star Photographic Company

Star Photographic Galleries (Star Studios)

Star Photos

Star Portrait Company

Star Portrait Company (Imperial Portrait Company)

Star Process Engraving Co Ltd

Star Studio

Star, John & Co

Starbuck, James

Starbuck, John

Starbuck, John Bissell

Starbuck, Sam S & Nainby, Edwin

Starbuck, Samuel S

Starfield & Co

Starie, William

Stark Brothers

Stark, E (Miss)

Starker, Edward

Starkey, Edward

Starkey, Francis D

Starkey, Frank

Starkey, James William

Starkey, Leonard J

Starkey’s Photographic Portrait Rooms

Starkie, Horace

Starlight Photo Co

Starlight Studio

Starling & Booty

Starling, Josiah Pring & Co

Starling, Josiah Pring & Sweetland

Starling, Josiah Pring Campbell & Bergman

Starmer, Thomas

Starmer, Thomas & Son

Starr & Rignall

Starr, Ralph

Starr, William Draper

State Art Studio

Statham Studios

Statham, C

Statham, G

Statham, William Nathan

Statham, William Nathan & Sons

Station Master

Station Studio

Staughton, Thomas

Staunton, Thomas

Steacie, Frank

Stead & Co

Stead, Edith (Miss)

Stead, Edwin

Stead, Fred Owen

Stead, Harry

Stead, Joseph

Stead, R

Stead, Richard

Steadman, Wiliam

Stealey, Harold

Stealey, James

Stealey, L

Stealey, Lena (Mrs)

Stean, Joseph Henry

Stearn, Eliza

Stearn, Frank

Stearn, Henry C

Stearn, Rupert

Stearn, Rupert

Stearn, Thomas

Stearn, Thomas & Sons

Stearn, Thomas & Sons (Messrs)

Stearne, George E

Stedman, Frederick William

Stedman, Jennie (Miss)

Stedmans, W

Steel & Co

Steel Gibson & Co Ltd

Steel, Arthur B

Steel, Henry

Steel, Tom Harland

Steele (Steel), Charles Benjamin

Steele, Adam Wardrope

Steele, David Llewelyn

Steele, E

Steele, Edward

Steele, Edward, Charlton & Co

Steele, Enoch

Steele, G

Steele, George

Steele, Hubert & Co

Steele, Jennie (Miss)

Steele, John

Steele, S (Mrs)

Steele, Willam John

Steer, A J

Steer, Albert P

Steer, Arthur P

Steer, Edwin

Steer, Harry J

Steere & Co

Steere, William Henry

Steevens, C Maurice

Stefanie Ltd

Steggall, Charles Robert & Co

Steggles, Frederick George

Steggles, William

Stein, Louis

Stelfox, Clifford

Stell & Greenwood

Stella Muir Productions Ltd

Stelling, John Adolphus

Stembridge, Ernest

Stemler, Albert

Stemler, Albert & Rosevitch

Stengel & Co

Stenhouse, William

Stening, Archie H

Stennett (Stannette), Elizabeth (Mrs)

Stennett, John Archibald & Co

Stennett, Thomas

Stenning, Jessie (Miss)

Stenning, William Herbert

Stent, F A

Stent, G

Stent, William Henry

Stenton, F

Stephanie, Maud (Madame)


Stephen Commercial Photography

Stephen, Charles

Stephen, James

Stephen, W

Stephens Green Exhibition & Photographic Gallery

Stephens Royal Studio

Stephens, Arthur J

Stephens, H P

Stephens, Harry

Stephens, J R

Stephens, John Counsell

Stephens, John Counsell & Co

Stephens, John Counsell & Siddons

Stephens, Maurice

Stephens, Maurice F

Stephens, T

Stephens, Thomas

Stephens, Thomas (Junior)

Stephens, Thomas Harold

Stephens, Walter Jones

Stephens, William

Stephens, William H

Stephenson & Hartridge

Stephenson (Stevenson), J Mortimer

Stephenson (Stevenson), Vincent

Stephenson, Charles H

Stephenson, Charles William

Stephenson, Ernest

Stephenson, F

Stephenson, G

Stephenson, George F

Stephenson, Harold

Stephenson, J Mortimer

Stephenson, J W

Stephenson, James

Stephenson, Joseph

Stephenson, R

Stephenson, Thomas Arthur

Stephenson, Thomas William

Stephenson, Volney

Stephenson, William

Stephenson-Spiers, A

Stepney Studio

Steptoe, R C

Stereoscopic Co

Stereoscopic Company

Stereoscopic Processes Ltd

Stereoscopic Studios

Sterling Studios

Stern, Susie (Miss)

Sternberg & Co

Sternberg, E & Co

Sternstein, Jechiel S

Steven, Andrew

Steven, Thomas W

Steven, Thomas W & Co

Stevens & Co

Stevens & Harlow

Stevens, Ada (Mrs)

Stevens, Alfred

Stevens, E & R

Stevens, Edward C

Stevens, Edward Percy

Stevens, Edward Percy (Mrs) (Jessie)

Stevens, Frederick William

Stevens, George F

Stevens, J C

Stevens, James

Stevens, James

Stevens, Richard

Stevens, Richard Henry

Stevens, Robert H

Stevens, W G

Stevens, William J

Stevenson & Co

Stevenson, Archibald Douglas

Stevenson, Charles

Stevenson, Charles E

Stevenson, David

Stevenson, David

Stevenson, David & Ogilvie

Stevenson, David, Cooper & Co

Stevenson, George J

Stevenson, H

Stevenson, H & Co

Stevenson, Henry

Stevenson, Henry

Stevenson, Henry & Co

Stevenson, James

Stevenson, James C

Stevenson, Martha M & Louie (Misses)

Stevenson, Peter M

Stevenson, S Roberts (S R S Private Studio)

Stevenson, Thomas J

Stevenson, William

Steward & Co, South St

Steward, T & Co

Steward Brothers

Steward, Henry James

Steward, John

Stewart & Oman, George

Stewart & Shankland

Stewart & Sons

Stewart (Stuart) & Gunn

Stewart Brothers

Stewart, A

Stewart, Alexander

Stewart, Alfred

Stewart, Charles

Stewart, David

Stewart, Edward R

Stewart, Emily & Mary (Misses)

Stewart, Emily (Miss)

Stewart, Ernest

Stewart, George

Stewart, George & Fowlis

Stewart, Harold

Stewart, J Russell

Stewart, J Russell & Co

Stewart, James

Stewart, James & David

Stewart, James (Junior)

Stewart, James Hunter

Stewart, John

Stewart, John A

Stewart, John A

Stewart, John R

Stewart, John Thomas

Stewart, Neil

Stewart, O

Stewart, Peter

Stewart, R & Son

Stewart, Reginald

Stewart, Richard

Stewart, Robert

Stewart, Robert

Stewart, William

Stewart, William

Stewart, William F

Stewart, William M

Stewart’s City Portrait Gallery

Stiby, Brenda

Stiby, Henry

Stickback, M

Stickells, A E

Stickells, A E & Son

Stickells, A H B

Stickells, Ambrose Henry

Stickells, David A

Stickells, David A & Son

Stickells, David A & Sons

Stickells, L R

Stickells, Percy R

Stickley, Lloyd

Sticky Backs (Sticky Backs Photo Syndicate Ltd)

Stickyback (Mr)

Stiell, Sarah & Jane (Misses)

Stiff, H S

Stiles, Edward

Stiles, Henry

Stiles, Henry

Stiles, Henry & Co

Stiles, Henry & Richard

Stiles, Henry & Son

Stiles, J F

Stiles, Richard

Still Firm

Stilliard & Banbury

Stilliard & Co

Stilliard & Co (Stillward & Co)

Stilliard, Edward

Stilliard, Edward & Co

Stilliard, Horace & Co

Stilliard, William

Stills (Stills Commercial Photography)

Stillwell, Archibald Henry

Stimpson, A J

Stimpson, George

Stimpson, M C & George

Stimpson, Walter H


Stirling, Benjamin

Stirling, Edward

Stirlings Ltd

Stirrat, R & Co

Stoate, Frederick C

Stoate, Frederick Charles

Stoate, Maud (Miss)

Stoatt, C N

Stoatt, C N & Co

Stobie, Charles Robert

Stock & Weetman

Stock, Charles Henry

Stock, E

Stock, Edwin

Stock, Henry Stephen

Stockdale & Co

Stockdale, John N

Stockdale, John N

Stockman, J

Stocks, Arthur & Co

Stocks, Benjamin

Stocks, Frederick

Stocks, George

Stocks, Norman S

Stocks, William

Stocks, William Joseph White

Stockwell Brothers

Stockwell, George

Stockwell, George Allen

Stockwell, Harry

Stockwin (Stockwell), Alfred

Stockwin, Edward George

Stockwin, Edwin G

Stockwin, Samuel

Stodart & Notley

Stodart, Adam

Stodart, J (Junior)

Stodart, James

Stodart, James

Stodart, John Chapman

Stoddard, James (Junior)

Stoddard, James (Senior)

Stoddart, John

Stoddart, John

Stodden, Frederick William

Stoke, Joseph Brown

Stokeld, J

Stokes & Bradley

Stokes & Glover

Stokes, Frederick B

Stokes, Harold T

Stokes, James

Stokes, Joseph (Josiah)

Stokes, Joseph B

Stokes, Joseph Brown

Stokes, S M

Stokes, S W

Stokoe, James

Stokoe, Thomas

Stoll Picture Productions Limited

Stoll, Ernest H

Stoll-Bailey, Alfred Herbert

Stoll-Bailey, Arthur

Stoll-Bailey, John William

Stoller, Israel

Stone & Wilkinson

Stone (Stones), Clemans (Clemens)

Stone(Stott), Margaret (Maggie) (Mrs)

Stone, Margaret (Maggie) (Mrs)

Stone, Ada (Mrs)

Stone, Adele (Mrs)

Stone, Andrew

Stone, Arthur H

Stone, C

Stone, C & Co

Stone, Clement

Stone, Edward

Stone, Frederick

Stone, G E

Stone, George

Stone, George & Co

Stone, George E

Stone, Harry (of Somerset)

Stone, Harry

Stone, Herbert George

Stone, Isaac C M

Stone, James Aldred

Stone, John

Stone, John R

Stone, John Rodney

Stone, Malcolm

Stone, Philip

Stone, Robert

Stone, S

Stone, Theresa

Stone, William George

Stoneham (Stoneman), Walter

Stoneham, Edmund John

Stoneham, Edmund John

Stoneham, Frank & Edmund John

Stoneham, Phil

Stonehouse, F

Stonehouse, William

Stonelake, C

Stoneman, Arthur Sergeant

Stoneman, Nathaniel

Stoneman, Nathaniel & Son

Stoneman, Walt

Stones, David

Stones, John

Stones, Sam

Stop Press Agency

Storer, Bert

Storer, C R

Storer, C R

Storer, R

Storey & Co

Storey & Hall

Storey, A C

Storey, Cecil

Storey, Cecil & Scott, Hugh

Storey, E A (A E)

Storey, Samuel

Storr, J E

Stortz, Camile Roman & Son

Stortz, Camile Roman (also listed as Charles)

Stortz, Philip Christian

Story, W D

Story, William G

Stott (Scott), Alfred

Stott, (possibly Thomas)

Stott, A

Stott, Alice

Stott, Alice (Mrs)

Stott, George O

Stott, Harold

Stott, J W

Stott, James

Stott, James William

Stott, Joseph

Stott, Samuel

Stott, Thomas

Stott, Thomas & Co

Stott, Thomas & Co

Stott, Thomas & Co

Stovell, E

Stovin & Thorp

Stovin (Stobin), Charles

Stovin, J

Stowe, Drury

Stowe, E Drury

Stowe, Edmund

Stowe, Edmund & Ladmore

Stowe, Edwin D

Stowe, Edwin D

Stower, John

Stowers, William

Strachan, A J B

Strachan, Edward

Strachan, F M

Strachan, George

Strachan, George Thomas

Strachan, George Thomas & Collyer

Strachan, George Thomas & Knapp

Straiton, David

Straker, Thomas

Strand Portrait Co

Strand Studios

Strang, W

Strange, E

Strange, H

Strangman, Walter Herbert

Strangroom, James

Strangroom, James

Strangroom, W

Stratford, W

Stratton, Thomas

Straub, Anton (Antoni)(Antony) Christian Philip Joseph

Straw, F W

Street & Co

Street, Percy R

Street, William

Stretcher, P & F

Stretford Photographic Co

Stretton (Streeton), Hubert A

Stretton, Hubert A

Strevens, B

Strevens, B (Mrs)

Strevens, E J

Strevens, Edmund

Strevens, G

Strevens, Harry

Strickland, William

Stride, H

Stridgen & Co

Striffler, Frederick Lewis

Stringa, Alewyn R

Stringer (Stringa), Richard

Stringer (Stringler), L

Stringer, George

Stringer, Gilbert & Co

Stringer, John

Stringer, John Ridley

Stringer, Olivia (Miss)

Stringer, Oswald

Stringer, Thomas Samuel

Stringer, William

Stringer, William H


Stringfellow, Elizabeth

Stringfellow, F J

Stringfellow, J

Stringfellow, John

Stringfellow, Sidney Harold

Strivens, Arthur Edwin

Strivens, Charles

Stromburg, John & Co

Strothard, B

Stroud, Harry

Stroud, J R G

Stroud, Will

Stroudwater Photographic Rooms

Strudwick, William

Strugnell, George Charles

Strutt, A

Stuart & Co

Stuart Brothers (William & John)

Stuart, A

Stuart, A A

Stuart, Alexander

Stuart, Archibald (Stuart’s)

Stuart, C

Stuart, Charles & Archibald

Stuart, Daniel R

Stuart, Francis Godolphin Osbourne

Stuart, Francis Godolphin Osbourne

Stuart, G

Stuart, G P

Stuart, Geoffrey

Stuart, George

Stuart, J

Stuart, James R

Stuart, Jessie (Miss)

Stuart, John B

Stuart, John B (Stewart 1856-61)

Stuart, John Limited

Stuart, John Limited

Stuart, Joseph

Stuart, Mary Ltd

Stuart, Patrick

Stuart, Richard

Stuart, Richard

Stuart, Robert

Stuart, Roland

Stuart, S & Whinfield

Stuart, Stanley Anderson

Stuart, T H

Stuart, Thomas

Stuart, W J

Stuart, W M

Stuart, William & John

Stuart, William M

Stuart, William M D

Stuart, William McDonald

Stuart, William Slade

Stuart’s Art Studio (Stuart’s Photo Studio)

Stuart-Villiers, H


Stubbington, Clay

Stubbs, J

Stubbs, John B

Stubbs, John H

Stubbs, Richard

Stubbs, T

Stubbs, W H

Studio Biggs Ltd

Studio Camera Craft (Brighton) Ltd

Studio Cecil

Studio Hubert

Studio Jorik

Studio Lapin

Studio Leeds Burton Ltd

Studio Masque

Studio Philippe (London) Ltd

Studio Renel

Studio Sefton

Studio St. Ives Ltd

Studio St. James

Studio Sun

Studio W Nurnberg

Studio Wayne

Studio, The

Studios Ltd

Studios Royal

Studios, R A

Sturdee, Thankfull

Sturge, Thomas Marshall

Sturgeon, H C

Sturges, Richard Yates

Sturton, Arthur

Stutter, John E

Styles (possibly Jesse)

Styles, A H

Styles, A H

Styles, G F

Styles, Jesse

Styles, M J (M J )

Styles, Robert

Styles, T W H

Styles, Thomas

Suarez, Joaquin

Suckling & Son

Suckling, Arthur H

Suckling, Edgar John

Suckling, Samuel

Suddaby, Arthur Wright

Sudell, Frederick

Sudgeon, Corneilius

Suffield, Mark Oliver (Junior)

Suffield, Percy

Suffolk Studio

Sugden, E & J

Sugden, George

Sugden, James

Sugden, John Henry

Sugden, William Singer

Sugg, James S

Sugg, William Thomas

Suisse, Otto Pfeninger

Suker, John

Suker, John (Junior)

Suker, John & Son

Suker, W

Sulivan, W

Sullivan, Arthur Louis

Sullivan, Barry

Sullivan, George Stephen (G L)

Sullivan, H A

Sullivan, John

Sullivan, W

Sullivan, W & Co

Sulman & Co

Sulman, A

Sulman, Frederick Edward

Sulman, John K

Sulman, John K & Co

Summer, George W

Summerfield & Young

Summerfield, Cornelius James

Summerford, J B & Walley, A S

Summers, A

Summers, A

Summers, C

Summers, Charles

Summers, Francis H

Summers, Frank

Summers, G

Summers, Henry G

Summers, Henry George

Summers, M E

Summers, T G

Sumner & Moore

Sumner (Summer), William

Sumner, Henry

Sumner, J

Sumner, Jabez

Sumner, Jabez

Sun Animated Photo Co

Sun Animated Photos Limited

Sun Films Ltd

Sun Photo Co

Sun Photographic Co

Sun Photographic Company

Sunbeam Photos Ltd

Sunbeam Tours

Sunderland Photographic Company

Sunderland, Alfred

Sunderland, James

Sunderland, James

Sunderland, James & Hudson

Sunderland, Percy

Sunley & Toogood

Sunley, C

Sunlight Studios

Sunman & Son

Sunman, T G

Sunman’s Studios

Sunonton & Allen

Sunray Studio

Supergraph Co

Surbey, P E

Surl, Alice & Co (Miss)

Surrey Photographic Co

Suss, Louis

Suss, Louis & Joseph

Sussex Photo Company

Sussex Photographic Co

Sussex Photographic Company

Sussex Photographic Company Limited

Sussex School of Photography

Sussman, Madeline L

Sutch Brothers

Sutch, George Holton

Sutclife, Alfred

Sutcliffe & Ridgway

Sutcliffe (Mrs)

Sutcliffe, Edward

Sutcliffe, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Sutcliffe, Elizabeth E (Mrs)

Sutcliffe, F W

Sutcliffe, Frank Meadow

Sutcliffe, Frederick C

Sutcliffe, John Edwin

Sutcliffe, John Francis

Sutcliffe, Percival

Sutcliffe, Thomas

Sutcliffe, William

Sutcliffe, William & Holmes

Suter, R F

Suter, Walter

Suter, William James

Suter, William James

Sutherland & Bennett

Sutherland, A

Sutherland, Alexander

Sutherland, D C

Sutherland, Frank

Sutherland, J

Sutherland, John

Sutherland, M Duncan

Sutherland, W

Sutherland, William

Sutter, A

Sutton, A

Sutton, A B & Co

Sutton, A J

Sutton, A V

Sutton, A V & Co

Sutton, B

Sutton, Benjamin

Sutton, Charles A

Sutton, E

Sutton, Edward

Sutton, Edwarde

Sutton, Edwin (Edward)

Sutton, Ellis

Sutton, Francis Henry

Sutton, Frederick R (Junior)

Sutton, Henry

Sutton, Percy

Sutton, Stanley

Sutton, William H

Swadkins, S

Swaebe, A V

Swain, C

Swain, Charles

Swain, Ernest E

Swain, Frank Arthur

Swain, George E

Swain, George E Ltd

Swain, H

Swain, Herbert

Swain, Herbert

Swain, Herbert Stanley

Swain, John

Swain, John & Son

Swain, John & Son Ltd

Swain, John William

Swain, K (Mrs)

Swain, M (Mrs)

Swain, Percy

Swain, Percy John

Swain, Peter & L E

Swaine (Swain), Frank Arthur

Swaine, Arthur

Swaine, Ernest H

Swaine, Frank Arthur

Swaine, Frank Arthur Ltd

Swaine, George

Swaine, George E

Swaine, Thomas P

Swaine, Thomas P & Co


Swainson, William

Swales, J

Swales, Laurence V

Swallow, Alfred & Co

Swallow, J C

Swallow, John Frank

Swan & Clive

Swan Electric Engraving Co

Swan Studio

Swan, Samuel

Swan, Thomas

Swanlund (Swanland), Alfred (Junior)

Swann & Wakeman

Swann, C

Swann, Charles

Swann, Geo

Swann, J

Swanson, Peter

Swanston, W & Sons

Swanston, William

Swan-Taylor, Percy J

Swanwick, Francis

Swarbrick, James

Swastika Photo Stores

Swatridge, Thomas Sydenham

Swatridge, Thomas Sydenham (Swatbridge pre 1864)

Swayne, Bruce Elliot

Sweby, J

Sweeny, Desmond

Sweet & Jennings

Sweet & Kinlock (Kinloch)

Sweet, Charles

Sweet, Charles & Co

Sweet, Charles & Son

Sweet, E A

Sweeten, Stanley Arnold

Sweeting, W

Sweetland, Edward

Sweetland, Frank

Sweetman, A F & Son

Sweetman, C T

Sweetman, E A & Son Ltd

Sweetman, Samuel

Swift & Heugh

Swift Art Reproduction Co

Swift Brothers

Swift Studios

Swift, Albert

Swift, Ashby

Swift, Charles

Swift, Charles Samuel

Swift, Edmund & Son

Swift, H

Swift, J W (Mrs)

Swift, James

Swift, Lionel D

Swift, Philemon

Swift, W J (Mrs)

Swift, Walter

Swift, Walter J

Swift, Walter J & Son

Swift, William

Swift, William Edward

Swift, William Edward

Swift, William Edward

Swiftsure Photographic Works

Swigg, Fred

Swinburne & Sons

Swinden (Swindon), Francis William

Swindlehurst, A

Swindon, Samuel

Swinn, John

Swithenbank, Alice Josephine (Miss)

Sword, James

Sydenham Photographic Art Co

Sydney, C

Sydney, E

Syers & Price

Sykes, A W

Sykes, Charles

Sykes, John Allen

Sykes, John Allen

Sykes, John H

Sykes, John Henry

Sykes, John William

Sykes, Lewis

Sykes, P

Sykes, R

Sykes, Thomas

Sykes, William H

Sylverena Art Co


Sylvester & Doran

Sylvester (Silvester), C & Co

Sylvester, C & Co

Sylvester, H J

Sylvester, J W

Sylvester, Jacob

Symes, E F

Symes, Herbert

Symes, Samuel

Symmonds, James

Symmonds, William


Symmons & Co

Symmons, A

Symmons, Thomas & Co

Symmons, Thomas & Co (Simmonds & Co)

Symmons, Winifred

Symonds (but see Symmonds)

Symonds & Co

Symonds & Wheeler

Symonds & Wheeler (possibly John Symonds)

Symonds (Symons), John

Symonds, George

Symonds, George Barnabas

Symonds, H & Co

Symonds, William

Symons (Simmonds), Robert

Symons, John Damerell

Symons, Lillian D & Nellie (Misses)

Symons, Robert

Symons, Robert

Symons, Robert Canning

Symons, Robert Canning (C R)

Symons, T? (J?)

Syms, Thomas Lee

Syndicate of Pictorial Portraiture Ltd

Syrett, Robert James

Syrus, Napoleon R

Szabo, Ivan

Szarkowski (Monsieur & Madame)

Szarkowski, Alex

Szarkowski, Alex

Szarkowski, M

Szarkowski, M

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