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T N M Photographic Co

Tabb, John Lang

Taber Bas-Relief Photographic Syndicate Ltd (also as Co)

Tabor, Alex F W

Tadman (possibly C A)

Tadman, Charles Albert

Tadman, Henry

Taenber & Cark


Tagliabue, Angelo

Tainton (Taynton), Frederick R

Tait (Captain)

Tait, Alexander

Tait, Collin

Tait, James

Tait, John

Tait, John

Tait, John Scott

Tait, Margaret

Tait, William Alex

Taker, John


Takewhel & Pretti

Talamon, L Ltd


Talbot & Downsborough

Talbot & Son

Talbot Studio

Talbot, A

Talbot, A M

Talbot, Alec

Talbot, Charles

Talbot, Charles & Son

Talbot, Charles Ash

Talbot, Percy Douglas Charles

Talbot, Samuel W

Talbot, Stanley F

Talbot, William

Talbot, William Henry Fox

Talbot, William Henry Fox

Talboys, John

Tallis, William

Tallis, William & Woodcock

Talma, George

Tame, T

Tame, T & Ballard

Tame, Thomas

Tame, Walter Herbert

Tamesis Ltd

Tams, Alan

Tams, William

Tanchan, Julius

Tandon, Teckchand

Tandy, John Joseph

Taney & Co

Taney, G

Taney, George B

Taney, William

Tannahill, William G

Tanner & Son

Tanner, Frederick James

Tanner, Paul

Tanner, William

Tannock, William

Tanorsky, Jacob

Tanqueray, Paul

Tansill, Ernest

Tansley & Wallace

Tansley, H H

Taphouse, Henry J

Taphouse, Henry John

Tapp, Roland E

Tapp, Rowland Ernest

Tapping, Alfred

Tapsal, T A

Tarbox, William E

Tardeo Camera Co

Tardrew, E S P

Targett, Edwin John

Targett, Thomas G (also T J)

Tarlton, John

Tarr & Langtree

Tarr, W H

Tarrant (Tarrint), J

Tarrant, Elizabeth (Miss)

Tarrant, J

Tarrant, W & A

Tarry, Charles

Tart, Frank


Tasma Craft Studio

Tassell, A R

Tassell, Frederick William

Tassell, Frederick William & Son

Tassi, Lino

Tassi, Lino

Tassi, Lino

Tassi, Lino (with Luigi Cella)

Tatchell, E M

Tate & Prosser

Tate, Dingwell B

Tate, Dingwell

Tate, Francis

Tate, Thomas

Tate, Thomas

Tate, W D

Tate, William George

Tate, William Henry Gilbert

Tatham, Basil Herbert

Tatler Studio

Tattersall & Rogers

Tattersall, James Weaver

Tattersall, James Weaver & Co

Tatum & Co

Taunt, Henry William

Taunt, Henry William & Co

Tavenner, Frederick H

Taxford, J H

Tay, William Arthur

Taylder, F W

Tayler & Sainsbury

Tayler & Williams

Tayler Brothers

Tayler, Charles

Tayler, Charles & Co

Tayler, Charles Bartlett

Tayler, Henry

Tayler, Julian

Tayler, Julian & Violet (Mrs)

Tayler, Julian Athelstan

Tayler, William Henry

Tayleure, M & Son

Tayleure, Michael

Tayleure, Michael & Son


Taylor & Co

Taylor & Dodd

Taylor & Foster

Taylor & Harrison

Taylor & Icculden

Taylor & Kelf

Taylor & Phillips

Taylor & Quilter

Taylor & Rich

Taylor & Riley

Taylor & Son

Taylor & Thompson

Taylor & Thomson

Taylor & Wood

Taylor Brothers

Taylor Brothers (A & G Taylor?)

Taylor, Margaret (Mrs)

Taylor, A

Taylor, A & H Ltd

Taylor, A A H

Taylor, A F

Taylor, A G

Taylor, A H & Co (also as Taylor Ltd)

Taylor, Aaron

Taylor, Alex

Taylor, Alexander

Taylor, Alexander P

Taylor, Alfred

Taylor, Alfred Ernest

Taylor, Andrew & George (A & G Taylor)

Taylor, Ann (Miss)

Taylor, Arthur & Sons

Taylor, Arthur Henry ( Herbert)

Taylor, Arthur L

Taylor, Arthur L & Williams

Taylor, Arthur T

Taylor, B & Co

Taylor, B A

Taylor, B S

Taylor, Basil Sandford

Taylor, Benjamin S

Taylor, Bert M

Taylor, Boxall & Co

Taylor, C

Taylor, C & Co

Taylor, C M

Taylor, C R

Taylor, Charles

Taylor, Charles

Taylor, Charles & Fish

Taylor, Charles & Sons

Taylor, Charles & Taylor, J & Co

Taylor, Charles Ernest

Taylor, D

Taylor, David

Taylor, David

Taylor, David S

Taylor, E

Taylor, E

Taylor, E S Johnson

Taylor, E M

Taylor, Edgar

Taylor, Edward

Taylor, Edward & Son

Taylor, Edwin

Taylor, Edwin William

Taylor, Edwin William & Son

Taylor, Ernest

Taylor, Ezra

Taylor, Ezra & Son

Taylor, F

Taylor, F

Taylor, F & Co

Taylor, F E

Taylor, Francis

Taylor, Francis John David

Taylor, Frank

Taylor, Frank & Pauline (Miss)

Taylor, Fred

Taylor, Fred R

Taylor, Frederick

Taylor, Frederick E

Taylor, Frederick J

Taylor, Frederick Lawson

Taylor, Frederick William

Taylor, G A

Taylor, G A C

Taylor, G T

Taylor, G W

Taylor, G W & Son

Taylor, G W & Sons

Taylor, George

Taylor, George & Son

Taylor, George H

Taylor, George Norman

Taylor, George Wilmot

Taylor, George Wilmot & Son

Taylor, George Wilmot (Mrs)

Taylor, H

Taylor, H

Taylor, Harry

Taylor, Hary William

Taylor, Henry

Taylor, Henry & Co

Taylor, Henry D

Taylor, Henry James

Taylor, Henry James

Taylor, Henry James & Bastain

Taylor, Hugh S P

Taylor, Ismay

Taylor, J

Taylor, J & G

Taylor, J (1)

Taylor, J H

Taylor, James

Taylor, James C

Taylor, James George

Taylor, James William

Taylor, James William

Taylor, Jesse

Taylor, John

Taylor, John & Son

Taylor, John Cruickshank & Son

Taylor, John Cruickshank & Sons

Taylor, John Robert

Taylor, John T

Taylor, John T

Taylor, Jordan & Metcalfe

Taylor, Joseph (Junior)

Taylor, Joseph Henry

Taylor, L

Taylor, Leonard

Taylor, Leonard George

Taylor, Leonard Robert

Taylor, Lewis

Taylor, Louis

Taylor, Louisa (Miss)

Taylor, M A & Co

Taylor, Mary A (Miss)

Taylor, Miriam & Percy

Taylor, N (Miss)

Taylor, Newton

Taylor, Norman

Taylor, Norman

Taylor, Olive B (Miss)

Taylor, Percy

Taylor, Percy Swan

Taylor, Richard

Taylor, Richard & Burrows

Taylor, Robert

Taylor, Robert

Taylor, Robert H

Taylor, Robert Raikes

Taylor, Roland (Rowland)

Taylor, Rose (Mrs)

Taylor, S

Taylor, Samuel

Taylor, Sydney

Taylor, Sydney E (also as Sidney)

Taylor, Sydney Randle

Taylor, T

Taylor, T F

Taylor, Thomas

Taylor, Thomas (Junior)

Taylor, Thomas & Sons

Taylor, Thomas E W

Taylor, Thomas H

Taylor, Thomas Holden

Taylor, Thomas L

Taylor, Thomas Lyon

Taylor, Thomas P

Taylor, Thornton

Taylor, W

Taylor, W F

Taylor, W F & Son

Taylor, W G

Taylor, W T

Taylor, William

Taylor, William & Smith

Taylor, William F

Taylor, William James

Taylor, William Sidney

Taylor, William T

Taylor, Wilmot Horatio


Taylors Limited

Taylor’s Photographic Studio

Taylors Press Service

Taylor’s Studio

Taylor’s Studios

Tea, S E

Teague, George

Teague, J H

Teague, James

Teal, Arthur

Teal, William E

Teall, Albert Wood

Tear & Sparrow

Tear, Archibald V

Tear, George Joshua

Tear, George Joshua & Son

Tear, Herbert

Tear, Herbert James

Tear, J (Mrs)

Tear, Robert H

Tear, Robert H & Son

Tear, Walter Adolphus

Teasdale, Percy M

Tebbs, Edward Mathew

Tecart Studios

Tedrake, Thomas

Tee & Powell

Tee, Archibald H & Charles B

Tee, Charles B

Teece, H E

Teece, Harry C

Teed, Charles

Teffer, Eleanor (Mrs)

Teide, Charles Henry

Teiler, Rudolph H

Telfer, William

Telford, G

Telford, W

Tella Camera Co (also as Tella Co Ltd)

Telling, James W

Temby, John H

Tempany & Company

Temple Photographic Company

Temple, F W

Temple, Frederick

Temple, James

Templeman, John

Tenbosh, John M (Junior)

Tenby Picture Framing Co

Tennant, Henry

Tennant, M (Mrs)

Tennant, V S (Miss)

Teper, Hyman

Teper, Marks

Tepley, E L

Tepper, Henry

Terras, John

Terras, John

Terras, Mary Jane (Mrs)

Terras, P T

Terras, Peter & James

Terras, Robert

Terry & Fryer

Terry & Johnson

Terry Brothers

Terry Stoneman & Co

Terry, Albert

Terry, C A & Co

Terry, Charles

Terry, H H

Terry, Harry

Terry, Hyman

Terry, Samuel

Terry, William Henry

Terry, Walter & Co

Tesch, Henry

Test Vale Studio

Tester Brothers

Tester, Thomas

Testo, Henry

Tetley, Louis Lloyd

Tetley, Walsh

Tetlow, William

Tewn, W E

Tewson, Harry

Texan Photo Co

Texas Photo Co

Textophote Co

Thacker, Frederick George

Thackery, William

Thackrah (Thockrah), James (John)

Thackrah, John

Thain, George H

Thaine, Frank A

Thame, Manistre H

Thames Photographic Co

Thames Valley Photographic Service

Thatcher, James

Thatcher, James & Son

Thawley, Arthur

Thawley, Edward

The Still Firm

The Studio

Theaker, W H

Themans, Herbert

Theobald, Edward Miall

Theobald, Edward Miall

Theobalds, James & Co

Theweneti, E L & M (also as Theweneti Brothers)

Theweneti, Edward

Thexton (Taexton), Thomas

Thexton, Ernest

Thickett, Vernon

Thiele, Reinhold & Co

Thirlwall, John

Thirlwell & Co

Thirlwell & Co Ltd

Thistle Photos

Thoday, Horace

Thom, James

Thomas & Co

Thomas & Foster (probably Joseph Thomas)

Thomas & Pollard

Thomas & Thomas

Thomas & Weston

Thomas (Mr)

Thomas, A

Thomas, A

Thomas, Abraham

Thomas, Alfred G

Thomas, Arthur

Thomas, B C & Co

Thomas, Benjamin

Thomas, Cecil

Thomas, Charles Frederick

Thomas, David

Thomas, David G

Thomas, E

Thomas, E A

Thomas, Edmund Percy

Thomas, Edmund W

Thomas, Edward

Thomas, Edward A

Thomas, Edward A & Pope

Thomas, Ellen (Mrs)

Thomas, F G

Thomas, Frederick

Thomas, George

Thomas, George A

Thomas, George William

Thomas, H

Thomas, H G

Thomas, Harry

Thomas, Harvey

Thomas, Henry

Thomas, Isaac

Thomas, J

Thomas, J & B

Thomas, J W

Thomas, J W

Thomas, Jack

Thomas, Jacob

Thomas, James

Thomas, James

Thomas, James & Co

Thomas, James Edward

Thomas, James Ernest

Thomas, John

Thomas, John

Thomas, John Charles

Thomas, John Wesley

Thomas, Joseph

Thomas, Josiah C

Thomas, Lewis J

Thomas, Lewis James

Thomas, Lewis James & John

Thomas, Louis

Thomas, Louisa (Miss)

Thomas, P G

Thomas, Percy

Thomas, R

Thomas, Richard

Thomas, Richard W

Thomas, Richard Williams

Thomas, Rodger

Thomas, Thomas

Thomas, Thomas Henry

Thomas, W

Thomas, W D

Thomas, W H

Thomas, W H (possibly William Henry Thomas)

Thomas, W P

Thomas, Walter

Thomas, Walter

Thomas, William

Thomas, William (1)

Thomas, William (2)

Thomas, William & Featherston

Thomas, William (probably William Henry Thomas)

Thomas, William A

Thomas, William F

Thomas, William Henry

Thomas, William Mackenzie

Thomason, A & D

Thomason, John

Thomason, W

Thomkins & Barrett


Thompson & Audas

Thompson & Batley, Joseph W

Thompson & Capper Ltd

Thompson & Carter

Thompson & Co

Thompson & Fowler

Thompson & Friday

Thompson & Gordon

Thompson & Lee

Thompson & Shackell

Thompson & Son

Thompson & Stangbye

Thompson & Wagstaff

Thompson (Thomson), Frank M

Thompson (Thomson), William

Thompson Brothers

Thompson, C

Thompson, C

Thompson, Charles James

Thompson, D

Thompson, Daniel Edward

Thompson, Denis R

Thompson, Denis Richard

Thompson, Denis Richard

Thompson, Denis Richard Ltd

Thompson, Dennis

Thompson, Dennis M

Thompson, Dennis Richard

Thompson, E

Thompson, Edward

Thompson, F

Thompson, F Tuffnell

Thompson, Frederick C

Thompson, G

Thompson, G H

Thompson, G R

Thompson, George

Thompson, George

Thompson, George

Thompson, George & Menzies

Thompson, George & Thompson, Eric

Thompson, George A

Thompson, George B

Thompson, George B & Thompson, Eric

Thompson, George Edward

Thompson, George Roberts

Thompson, George Roberts & Co

Thompson, George Roberts & Menzies

Thompson, H

Thompson, Harry Ord

Thompson, Henry

Thompson, Henry George

Thompson, Henry H

Thompson, Henry H & Son

Thompson, Henry Walter

Thompson, J

Thompson, J

Thompson, J Albert

Thompson, J J

Thompson, J R

Thompson, J W

Thompson, James

Thompson, John

Thompson, John

Thompson, John & Son

Thompson, John Edward

Thompson, John Grimshaw

Thompson, John H

Thompson, John J

Thompson, John Newlands

Thompson, Joseph

Thompson, Joseph Edwin

Thompson, Oliver H P

Thompson, P W & L

Thompson, Percy C

Thompson, Percy J

Thompson, R

Thompson, R & Son

Thompson, R D

Thompson, Ralph

Thompson, Robert

Thompson, Robert Winter

Thompson, Robertson (Robert)

Thompson, Roderick J

Thompson, Ronald

Thompson, S

Thompson, Stanley & Co

Thompson, Stephen

Thompson, T Tufnell

Thompson, T C

Thompson, T W

Thompson, Thomas

Thompson, Thomas F

Thompson, W

Thompson, William

Thompson, William C R

Thompson, William Grant

Thompson, William Henry

Thompson, William W

Thompson, Winter

Thompson, Winter

Thomson & Co

Thomson (Messrs)

Thomson (Thomas), George

Thomson (Thompson) (Messrs)

Thomson (Thompson), Hugh

Thomson (Thompson), James

Thomson (Thompson), William

Thomson Brothers

Thomson, Albert V B

Thomson, David

Thomson, Dorothy Archer (Miss)

Thomson, Frank Marshall Emmons

Thomson, G

Thomson, G

Thomson, George

Thomson, Hugh

Thomson, Hugh (Mrs)

Thomson, J

Thomson, J

Thomson, J & A (Messrs)

Thomson, J (also as Messrs Thomson)

Thomson, James

Thomson, James & Co

Thomson, Jessie (Miss)

Thomson, John

Thomson, John & Newlands, John

Thomson, John F

Thomson, L S

Thomson, Laurence Swan

Thomson, Lawrence S

Thomson, Mary (Miss)

Thomson, Peter

Thomson, R Bryce

Thomson, Robert C

Thomson, Robert Kemp

Thomson, Robert Kemp & Co

Thomson, Thomas

Thomson, W M & Co

Thomson, William

Thomson, William Dalrymple

Thomson, William Dalrymple & Tate, William Henry Gilbert

Thomson, William M & Co

Thomson’s Photographic Rooms (probably William Thomson)

Thorey, Frederick

Thorley, Albert

Thorley, Ann (Mrs)

Thorn, Albert

Thorn, Henry (Harry)

Thorn, J

Thorn, Samuel

Thorn, V

Thornborrow (Thornbarrow), Robert

Thornbury, John

Thorncroft (Thornicroft), William

Thorne, Herbert J

Thorne, Herbert James

Thorne, Herbert James & Saunders

Thorne, Herbert James & Waterson

Thorne, John

Thorne, Sidney Leslie

Thorne, William W

Thorneycroft, George Walter

Thorneycroft, George Walter & Tooth

Thornhill, H

Thornhill, Henry

Thornhill, John

Thornhill, William

Thornley, E A

Thornley, James Small

Thorns, T


Thornton & Co

Thornton & Symons

Thornton, C

Thornton, Charles

Thornton, Charles J

Thornton, David

Thornton, Edwin

Thornton, Fred

Thornton, George

Thornton, Henry & Thornton, Charles

Thornton, J

Thornton, James

Thornton, John Edward

Thornton, John Henry C

Thornton, William


Thorp (Thorpe), Sarah (Miss) & Beatrice (Miss)

Thorp, George St Maur

Thorp, James S

Thorp, John

Thorp, John W

Thorp, Thomas

Thorpe & Friederich

Thorpe & Watson

Thorpe (Mr)

Thorpe, Barbara (Miss)

Thorpe, Ernest

Thorpe, H C

Thorpe, Horace

Thorpe, Joseph Alfred

Thorpe, Robert Baggallay

Thorpe, Samuel

Thorpe, Thomas

Thorpe, William Edward

Thorpe, William H

Thorrold, S E

Thorrold, S E & Gibbs

Thospann, August Ernst Gottleib

Thowless, Leslie Myers

Threadwell (Treadwell), George

Threadwell, George

Threadwell, J

Thredder, William

Thredder, William J

Thrippleton, Sam

Throp & Friederich

Thrower, William D

Thrupp, Robert White

Thurlow, Henry

Thurston, Frederick

Thurston, Frederick & Hubert

Thurston, Frederick & Son

Thurston, Gerald

Thurston, Hubert

Thurston’s Central Photographic Establishment

Thurtle, William

Thwaites, Archibald

Thwaites, George

Thwaites, George Henry

Thwaites, Henry

Thwaites, William H

Tibbenham, Arthur

Tibbett, J

Tibbetts, Bert

Tibbetts, William

Tibbins, George

Tibbitts, Richard

Ticehurst & Biggs

Ticehurst, Eugene V

Ticehurst, F G

Tickle, John

Tickner, William

Tidball, W T

Tidd, Frank

Tidd, Harry

Tiddeman (Miss)

Tiddy, William

Tidy, Charles

Tierney, Henry (itinerant)

Tierney, James

Tierney, William Charles

Tilbury, Henry

Tildesley, J P

Tiley & Robinson

Till, H E

Till, Henry E

Till, Henry E & Son

Till, Howard

Till, William

Till, William & Son

Tillett, G H

Tillett, George

Tillett, John George

Tilley & Son

Tilley Brothers

Tilley, Arthur A

Tilley, Arthur William

Tilley, Ernest M

Tilley, H H

Tilley, J & O G

Tilley, J & Sons

Tilley, James

Tilley, Luke

Tilley, William

Tilling & Co

Tillman, Thomas E

Tillotson, Leonard

Tilly (Tilley), Henry Lindsay (Lindsey)

Tilman, Thomas


Times Artists Association

Times Photo Co

Timmins Brothers

Timmins, A

Timmins, Joseph

Timmins, Samuel Edwin

Timms (Mr & Mrs)

Timms, Charles Alfred

Timms, J T

Timms, John Frederick

Timms, John Frederick & Son

Timms, John Frederick & Sons

Timms, John Thomas

Timothy, Stephen

Timperley, Henry Thomas

Timperley, R

Timperley, R & H T

Timperley, Richard

Timperley, William Fallows

Timpson (Timson), Mortimer Adolphus

Timpson, Thomas

Tims, C

Tims, F

Tindal, Andrew

Tindale, R Y

Tindell & Mannin

Tinkler, Charles F

Tinsley, E A & Co

Tinsley, John

Tinsley, Joseph

Tinsley, Joshua

Tippetts, Richard

Tipping, William

Tippins (Tippin), Albert

Tippleston, Edgar

Titchner, Harry


Titmuss, Daniel

Titshall (Titchall), Leonard Albert

Titshall (Titchall), Leonard Albert & Brown

Titshall, L A & R W

Titterington, John Varley

Titterton, H

Titterton, John

Titterton, John

Tizzard, Lionel

Tobin, Edgar P (Edgar F )

Tocchil, Michael

Tod, Alexander George (Captain)

Tod, James

Todd & Benson

Todd, Charles

Todd, Elijah

Todd, H W

Todd, Israel

Todd, Robert

Todd, Thomas

Todd, William

Toddie, William

Todd-White, A

Toft, Frederick

Toft, James

Tole, Henry

Tole, John

Tole, John & Sons

Toll, Fredrick G

Tollcross Studio

Tollerton, William Nicholson

Tollerton, William Nicholson

Tolley, H Ltd

Tolley, Hubert William

Tolmie, G G

Tominaga, Mitsuhei

Tomkin, Samuel

Tomkinson, W H

Tomks, Frederick


Tomlin, R

Tomlinson & Hall

Tomlinson, Aubrey

Tomlinson, John Willie

Tomlinson, S

Tomlinson, Thomas

Tomlinson, Thomas

Tomlinson, Thomas & W

Tomlinson, Thomas Willis Brown

Tomlinson, William

Tomlinson, William C

Tomlinson, William E

Tompsett, Samuel

Tompson, Edward

Tomsett, G W

Tonge, Henry E

Tongue, Herbert Edward

Tongue, Thomas Skelding

Tonkin, Henry

Tonkin, John Carvoose (Carvosso)

Tony, J

Toogood, Edward

Toogood, F

Toogood, Henry

Toole, George

Tooley, George A

Toon, E A (Miss)

Toope, Mark

Tootell, A V

Tooth & Co

Tooth, Alfred G

Tooth, Charles William

Tooth, Charles William & A

Tooth, Charles William & Daughters

Toovey, C G

Toovey, E Hamilton

Toovey, Edwin

Tooze & Sirett

Topham, Arthur Oswald

Topham, Samuel

Topham, Samuel & Co

Topham, Samuel & Prichard, Hugh

Topham, Samuel & Son

Topham, William Harold

Topical Colour Process Syndicate Ltd

Topical Postcard Co

Topical Press Agency Ltd

Topical Press Agency Ltd (Incorp. Commercial & Educational Film Co)

Topical Press Photos

Topical Productions

Torlowsky, H

Torpey, H A

Torr, Alfred G

Torr, E

Torrance, Alexander

Torry, Alexander

Totherick, Edwin

Totherick, R

Totherick, R

Tottle, Albert William

Tough, James L

Toulmin & Gale

Tourist’s Photo Studio

Tourtel (Toutel), Ethel M (Miss)

Tourtel (Toutel), John William

Tovey, H

Tovey, William James

Tovllec, Jules

Tower Bridge Photographic Co

Tower Enlarging Co

Tower Hamlets Portrait Saloon

Tower Studio

Tower, Albert

Towers, Albert

Towers, Albert Edward

Towers, Dudley

Towers, Ernest H

Towers, Frank (Francis)

Towers, Joseph R

Towers, Rowland John

Towert, William

Towert, William & Son

Towle, Marshall A

Towler, John Thomas

Town, W & A

Town, William A

Town, William Edward

Townend, Walter

Towner, Edward Charles

Towner, Francis J

Towner, G B

Townley, Henry

Towns, J

Townsend (Townend), Arthur

Townsend, A

Townsend, A L

Townsend, Albert

Townsend, Alfred George

Townsend, Charles

Townsend, Cotnam

Townsend, Cotnam

Townsend, Ernest

Townsend, Florence (Mrs)

Townsend, J

Townsend, James

Townsend, James & Son

Townsend, John

Townsend, John

Townsend, John Knight

Townsend, John R

Townsend, Robert Cecil

Townsend, Rowland

Townsend, Thomas

Townsend, Thomas H

Townshend (Townsend), John Charles

Townshend, C (G?)

Townshend, John Charles

Townson, George

Townson, George

Townson, John

Townson, Thomas

Townson, Thomas & George

Toye, F C

Toylor, Jesse

Tozer, Martin

Tracey & Banham

Tracey, Henry

Trade Developing & Printing Co

Trade Enlarging Co

Trade Photographers Ltd

Tradeau, Hanri

Trafalgar Photographic Co

Trafalgar Studio

Trail, Thomas


Train & Ritchie

Train, Albert (Bert) Edward

Train, Ronald

Train, Ronald & Ritchie

Train, Sarah Jane (Mrs)

Trainor, H

Transfield, Thomas

Travell, Charles

Travers & Co

Travers, Cecil Vivian

Travers, Sydney

Trawin, F W

Treadway, J

Treadwell, John

Treasurer, Charles

Treasurer, Donald

Treble & Son

Treble, Charles Frederick

Treble, Charles Frederick

Treble, Charles Frederick & Co

Treble, Edward Montague

Treble, Frederick

Treble, Frederick & Co

Treble, Frederick & Son

Tredray, John

Treeby, William

Treeby, William

Treeby, William James

Treffrey, Hugh

Treganowan, Henry

Trelford, S

Treloar, Thomas Henry & Son

Trembath, Edwin

Trembath, H & Edwin

Trembath, Hetty (Miss)

Tremlett, J & Son

Tremlett, E A

Tremlett, James

Tremlett, Reuben

Trenery & Cope

Trengove, J D

Trengrove, John Dillon

Tresco, Elie

Tress Ltd

Tressino, William

Trevana, Thomas (also as Trevens)

Trevaskis, Mary (Mrs)

Trevaskis, Polly (Miss)

Trevaskis, William John

Trevethick & Parkin

Trevethick, Henry Barron

Trevor (Trevors), Henry

Trevor (Trevors), Henry (Harry)

Trevor, David

Trevor, David

Trevor, David

Trevor, Frank A

Trevor, John

Trevorrow, William

Trevorrow, William & Son

Trew, Harold Tracey

Trew, Harold Tracey

Trew, Harold Tracey & Co

Treweeks, F H

Trezona, Richard

Trigg, C H A

Triggs, James

Triggs, James

Trimble, W J & Sons

Trimlett (Tremlett), J

Trimmingham, E

Trimnell, W H

Trindall & Co

Trindall, Hugh Fredrick

Trindall, John

Trindall, Richard

Trindall, Sarah Ann (Mrs)

Trindall, William

Trinder, H J

Trinder, Hugh I

Trinder, Hugh Taylor

Triptree, Charles

Triptree, Charles & Son

Triptree, Charles & Sons

Triptree, Charles & Sons

Triptree, Charles (Junior)

Triptree, Charles (Senior)

Triptree, G & C

Trodd, J W

Trolga, Ernest Van

Tron Studio

Trood, C & J

Tropical Press Agency

Tropman, Ernest Jospeh

Trotman, T A

Trotter, John

Trotter, John

Trotter, John (Junior)

Trotter, W T

Troughton & Grey

Trout, Augustus C

Tru-Art Ltd

Truckle, Blanche (Miss)

Truckle, George

Truckle, George & Brisco

Truckle, George & Sons

Trudgeon, Norman

Truefitt Brothers

Truefitt, Joseph Ernest

Truefitt, Peter

Truefitt, William Peter

Trueman (Truman), Clement R

Trueman, Henry P

Trull, Frederick

Trull, James Frederick

Truman, W B

Truman, W R

Truman, William


Truscott & Co

Truscott Brothers

Truscott, B (Miss)

Truscott, C

Truscott, Charles

Truscott, Charles J W

Trussler, R

Truswell, William

Tryor, William

Tubb, Henry W

Tuck & Pollitt

Tuck, Florrie (Mrs)

Tuck, Harry

Tuck, Raphael

Tuck, Raphael & Sons

Tuck, William Henry & Co

Tuck, William Henry & Co

Tuck, William James

Tucker & Austin

Tucker, Agnes (Mrs)

Tucker, Colin

Tucker, George Henry

Tucker, J

Tucker, J Croot

Tucker, Robert

Tucker, Thomas S

Tucker, Thomas S

Tucker, William H

Tucker, William Henry

Tuckett, James

Tuckwell, W

Tudor-Hart, Edith (Mrs)

Tudsbury, Marmaduke W

Tudsbury, Walter A

Tudsbury, William Henry

Tuffnell (Tufnell), Josiah Burdall

Tuft, G W

Tugwell, Bertram

Tuhten, Augustus

Tullett, E H

Tullett, Henry

Tulley, James

Tulley, James Syrus & Co

Tulloch, Isabella (Miss)

Tully, C G (Miss)

Tully, Walter

Tunbridge Wells Photo Company

Tune, C

Tune, C & Co

Tungate, Thomas John

Tunny & Asher

Tunny, James Good

Tunny, James Good & Co

Tuohy, George

Tuohy, George & Co

Tuplin, James W

Tupper, Gustavus

Turgill, Louis

Turl, Victor H

Turley, Abigail (Mrs)

Turley, J R

Turley, Joseph

Turnball, William

Turnbull & Mainds, James G

Turnbull, Charles

Turnbull, Charles & Son

Turnbull, Charles & Sons

Turnbull, H

Turnbull, John

Turnbull, John Henry

Turnbull, John M

Turnbull, Richard

Turnbull, Robert

Turnbull, Thomas

Turnbull, Walter


Turner & Anderson

Turner & Bruce

Turner, Thomas Charles & Everitt, William Henry

Turner, Thomas Charles & Killick, John Henry

Turner & Sons (Cambridge) Ltd

Turner Brothers

Turner Brothers & Raymond

Turner Dawson & Howard

Turner, A

Turner, A & A

Turner, A Wellesley

Turner, Aaron S

Turner, Alexander

Turner, Alfred

Turner, Alfred William

Turner, Andrew

Turner, Arthur

Turner, C F & Co

Turner, Charles

Turner, Charles E

Turner, E

Turner, E F

Turner, E M

Turner, Edith (Miss)

Turner, Edward

Turner, Edward Ernest

Turner, F

Turner, F

Turner, Francis

Turner, Frank

Turner, Frederick R

Turner, G

Turner, G & Co

Turner, G H

Turner, George

Turner, George Hogarth

Turner, George John

Turner, H

Turner, Harry Cecil

Turner, Henry

Turner, Henry Francis

Turner, Henry George

Turner, Henry James

Turner, Hettie (Mrs)

Turner, J

Turner, J & G

Turner, J C & Co

Turner, J M

Turner, J W

Turner, James

Turner, James & Bruce

Turner, James W

Turner, John

Turner, John

Turner, Jonathan

Turner, Nellie (Miss)

Turner, Paul

Turner, Percy Vlako

Turner, Philip

Turner, R

Turner, R & Co

Turner, Sidney Harold

Turner, Sydney A

Turner, T

Turner, Thomas Charles (junior)

Turner, Thomas

Turner, Thomas

Turner, Thomas Charles (senior)

Turner, Thomas Charles (senior) & Co

Turner, Thomas Charles (senior) & Co Ltd

Turner, Thomas Charles (senior) & Drinkwater

Turner, Victor

Turner, Vlako

Turner, W

Turner, W

Turner, W H

Turner, W T

Turner, W T

Turner, Walter

Turner, Walter

Turner, William

Turner, William & Co

Turner, William Pitman

Turner, William Thomson

Turner-Keevil (Mrs)

Turney (Mr & Mrs)

Turney (Turner), Henry

Turney, Barnett

Turnham (Turner), John Henry

Turnham, Harry

Turnill, Gordon

Turple, J M

Turrell, George

Turton, N

Turton, Walter E

Turvey & Sons

Tuson, J

Tutt, W G & Co

Tutt, W G (not William George James Tutt)

Tutt, William George James

Tuttell (Miss)

Tuttell, James

Tuttell, Sarah

Tuttell, Sarah & Emma

Tuttell, Thomas J

Tweedale, John T

Tweedale, Robert Colin

Tweedale, Samuel

Tweedle, A (Miss)

Tweedle, T

Tweer, Thomas

Twencent Photo Co

Twentieth Century Studios

Twigg, Arthur

Twigg, F

Twil, V

Twine, Thomas

Twining & Co

Twittey, Charles Edward

Twort, Mark Anthony

Twyman, John Crow

Twyman, John Crow & Son

Twynham, Joseph

Tyler & Co

Tyler, A

Tyler, A E

Tyler, Albert C

Tyler, Charles

Tyler, Charles

Tyler, Charles & Son

Tyler, Charles Ralls

Tyler, Charles Sketton

Tyler, Edward Anthony

Tyler, Eliza

Tyler, Flora (Mrs)

Tyler, H C

Tyler, Harry

Tyler, Herbert

Tyler, James

Tyler, James Eli

Tyler, Mary (Miss)

Tyler, Robert

Tyler, Walter Clement

Tyler, William

Tyler’s A1 Photographic Studio

Tynan Brothers

Tynan, J W

Tynan, Joseph D

Tyndall, Harold H

Typographic Etching Co

Tyrell, George

Tyrrell & Markey

Tyrrell, George M

Tyrrell, James J

Tyrrell, James J & Markey

Tyson, John D

Tyson, John D (executors of)

Tyson, S

Tyson, William Henry

Tyssen, Alice (Miss)

Tytler, F

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