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We have information about all of the photographers listed below – this could include addresses, dates of operation and actual examples of their work, biographical notes, census information, prize medals awarded etc.

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Of course, we constantly add new names and information whenever it becomes available.

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Notes on searching the photographer list below

If you cannot find who you are looking for we suggest you go directly to and use the powerful search engine there.

However, if you want to look more closely at the list below, here are some hints and tips as it is possible to miss a name you are looking for because of the level of detail that you have or because of the way that computers sort lists. If you cannot find the person or firm you are looking for consider the following:

  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
  • P Brown may be listed under ‘Brown, P’ or ‘Brown, Peter’ (if we have the full name)
  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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Vaissier, Maurice & Co

Vaissier, Maurice (Professor)

Val Ray Studio


Valder, James

Vale (Miss)

Vale of Clwyd Studio

Vale Studio

Vale, A E

Vale, Arthur

Vale, William Henry

Valentin, George


Valentine & Co

Valentine & Sons (Ltd)

Valentine (Valentine & Co)

Valentine, George D

Valentine, H

Valentine, J A

Valentine, James

Valentine, James & Sons

Valentine, James & Sons Ltd

Valentine, James U

Valentine, James U & Son

Valentine, James U & Sons

Valentine, John

Valentine, William

Valentine, William D


Valerie & Co

Valerie, Arthur

Valerie, Edward

Valerie, Emma (Mrs)

Valery, Frederick

Valery, Frederick L

Valette Studios Co

Vallance, A C Ltd

Vallance, Thomas

Vallis, Sidney C

Valmar Studio

Valon, Jules

Valpied, Peter

Valray Ltd

Value Studios

Van Bien, Jean

Van Bien, Tran

Van der Horst-Brooke, Faith (Miss)

Van Der Mees, E

Van Der Weyde

Van Der Weyde, Henry

Van Dyck Studio

Van Dyke

Van Esty & Co

Van Eycken, Eugenie (Mrs)

Van Feltham Co, 56 Gabriel’s Hill

Van Hier

Van Hilda, John

Van Hobman, Allan

Van Hoeke, John

Van Honri, Henry

Van Maras

Van Meegan, Hans

Van Nette Studios

Van Ralty

Van Roy, George

Van Trolga, Ernest

Van Wadenoyen, Hugo N

Van Wadenoyen, Hugo N & Son

Vanandel, Edward John

Vanburg (Vanburgh), Lionel (Arthur Lionel)

Vanburgh, Henry

Vandaleur, G R

Vandamm, Florence C (Miss)

Vandeleur & Co

Vandene, John

Vander Weyde, J J

Vanderbilt, E Thomas

Vandermees, E

Vandyck, Heiman

Vandycke, Vernon

Vandycke, Victor Emmanuel

Vandycke, Victor Emmanuel & Co

Vandyk (Vandyck)(Vandyke), Carl

Vandyk (Vandyck)(Vandyke), Carl Ltd

Vandyke & Co

Vandyke (Vandycke(, W R & Barrett

Vandyke Art Co

Vandyke Photo Co

Vandyke Photographic Company

Vandyke Studio

Vandyke, Aaron

Vandyke, Aaron & Brown, Richard

Vandyke, E John

Vandyke, S

Vandyke, W R

Vandyke, William R

Vandyke’s Studio

Vane, Walter E

Vanetti, Paul

Vanetty (Monsieur)

Vanhear, John

Vann, James W & Green, Samuel James

Vanner, S E


Vansittart, Richard

Vanston, O S

Vanston, Osmund Charles

Vanzelma Photographic Co

Varel Ltd

Varley Brothers

Varley, C W

Varley, E G

Varley, Frederick Charles

Varley, Frederick Charles

Varley, Gertrude Emma (Mrs) (Mrs F C Varley)

Varley, Gertrude Emma (Mrs) (Mrs Frederick Charles Varley)

Varley, Thomas Henry

Varley, William Allison

Varney, Arthur

Varney, F

Varney, Leonard

Varney, Leonard & Co

Varney, Leonard & Son

Varney, William

Varney, William Parker

Vart, G

Vart, George

Varty, John

Vasey, Ernest Litchfield

Vasey, George

Vasey, William James

Vauban & Co

Vauban, Henry

Vauderville Studio

Vaughan & Whitfield

Vaughan, Charles St. John

Vaughan, Chester

Vaughan, Chester & Co

Vaughan, D A

Vaughan, Frederick

Vaughan, H E

Vaughan, Henry Owen

Vaughan, John

Vaughan, Kay (Kate) & Freeman, Pearl (Misses)

Vaughan, Kay (Kate)(Miss)

Vaughan, Samuel

Vaughan, Samuel Frederick

Vaughan, Samuel Frederick & Co

Vaunter & Fischer

Vaunter (Vauter), Lucien

Vaus & Crampton Ltd

Vauter & Fisher, Brewster

Vautier, L

Vauvelle, Achille

Vdovichenko, S

Veal, Frederick W

Veal, J W

Veale, Gilchrist Ltd

Veale, H M & Co

Veale, John

Veale, Joseph

Veall, William

Veals, William George

Vearncombe Brothers

Vearncombe, Clarence

Vearncombe, John

Vearncombe, L

Vearncombe, Mullin John

Vectris Photographic Co

Veevers, Ambrose

Veevers, H

Velvin, Alice & Edith

Venables (Misses)

Venables, Kate (Miss)

Veness (Mrs)

Venmore, William

Venn, Arthur

Venn, Arthur & Payne

Venn, William E

Venning, Cyril D

Venour, G F

Ventham, Charles

Ventham, James

Venus Studio

Vercier, Lewis

Verden, H

Vermeylen, E


Vernon & Co

Vernon, Alfred Henry

Vernon, Alfred Henry

Vernon, Alfred Henry & Co

Vernon, Charles

Vernon, Clement

Vernon, Frank

Vernon, Frederick (Fred)

Vernon, Lydia Elizabeth (Mrs)

Vernon, Percival C

Vernon, Val

Vero, Clifford S


Verrall, Flora (Mrs)

Verrall, Henry

Verrall, W B (Mrs) (possibly Flora)

Verran, W

Verre & Co

Verryck, Louis A

Verschoyle, H W

Vert & Co

Vervega, Riccardo (Richard)

Vesey & Briggs

Vesey Photographic Services

Vesey, John Alfred

Vesey, John Alfred

Veuvell, H H

Vevers, Charles Cheetham

Vial, H

Vicars, Arthur V

Vicat, Anthony

Vice, James

Vice, James & Moon

Vick, William

Vick, William

Vicker, T H


Vickers & Sutherland

Vickers, Charles

Vickers, George

Vickers, H

Vickers, James

Vickers, John

Vickers, Thomas Henry

Vickers, William Wilkinson

Vickery Brothers

Vickery, A

Vickery, C

Vickery, J D

Vickery, James

Vickery, James D

Vickery, James D & Sons

Vickery, T

Vickery, William

Victor Developing & Printing Service

Victor V Studio

Victor, S F

Victoria Art Studio

Victoria Fine Art Co

Victoria Gem Co

Victoria Photographic Art Company

Victoria Photographic Co

Victoria Portrait Co

Victoria Studio

Victoria Studio Co

Victoria Studios

Vidler, Albert

Vidler, Frederick William

Vieler, Emil

Vieler, Emil

Vieler, Herbert

Vieler, P

Vieler, Rudolph William

Vienna Photo Art Co

Vienna Photo Co

Vienna Photo-Art Co

Vienna Photographic Company

Viewpark Studio

Views Limited

Vige, Ernest

Vigoureux-Childerstone, Fredrick

Vilenkin, L


Villiers & Dewlly

Villiers & Langtry

Villiers & Quick

Villiers & Son

Villiers & Sons

Villiers Brothers

Villiers Photo Co

Villiers, C A F

Villiers, Charles

Villiers, Edmund

Villiers, Edward

Villiers, F P

Villiers, G F

Villiers, George

Villiers, George & Andrews

Villiers, Peter Abacrombie F

Vinall, Douglas L

Vinall, Frederick C

Vince, W


Vincent & Co

Vincent, Benjamin Vincent

Vincent, Clifford Ltd

Vincent, George G

Vincent, Gertrude (Mrs)

Vincent, Harry

Vincent, Henry

Vincent, Isaac

Vincent, John Charles

Vincent, L

Vincent, Lawrence

Vincent, Talbot

Vincent, Valentine & Co

Vincer (Vinger)(Vineger), James L

Vine & Co

Vine, Alice (Miss)

Vine, C

Viner, Fred

Viner, Frederick

Viner, Frederick

Viner, Frederick & Carpenter

Viner, William Robert

Vines, Henry

Viney, T

Vinicombe, Joseph Emanuel

Vinnall Brothers

Vipond Brothers

Vipond, F E & Co

Vipond, James

Vipond, John Collier

Vipond, Thomas

Virgo, Ernest

Virtue & Co (Harry Cox F Z S)

Visick, H

Visick, P Frederick

Vitali, Emmanuele

Vitty & Seabourne Ltd

Vivian of Hereford

Vivian, Arthur

Vivian, Claude

Vivian, Jack (I)

Vivian, M (Miss)

Vivian, Mark

Voake & Lowe

Voake & Orson

Voake, Alfred

Voake, Ernest

Voake, Mary Annie (Mrs)

Vogel, August Frederick

Vogel, Frederick Augustus

Vogt, Alfred Henry

Voigtlander & Evans

Voisey, John

Vokes & Lowe

Vokes, Edward

Vokes, Thomas Smith

Volckman, F E

Volga Ltd

Volkart, Arthur

Volpe, Lewis (Louis)(Signor)

Volpe, Luigi

Volz, Peter Anthony

Von Der Loo

Von Dix, George William

Von Dix, George William & Richard

Von Dix, Richard

Von Dollhopff, J

Von Friese, Miss

Von Roon studio

Vorley, Charles W

Vowles (Mr)

Vowles, Alfred

Vowles, Edward

Voy, A

Voy, Harold

Voy, Harold

Vulman (Valman), Edwin

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