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  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
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  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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Waby, E

Waddell Brothers

Waddell, Alex Laird

Waddell, John H

Waddell, John Smellie

Waddell, Robert

Waddell, Robert & Co

Waddington & Co

Waddington & Gibson

Waddington & Son

Waddington, Ben

Waddington, Cornelius

Waddington, James

Waddington, James & Son

Waddington, Joseph

Waddington, Robert

Waddington, Vernon

Waddington, William

Waddleton, Vernon Charles

Waddy, Ernest Alfred

Waddy, Harold

Wade, A E & Co

Wade, Charles R A

Wade, Edward

Wade, George

Wade, George & Co

Wade, Gurney

Wade, Harry

Wade, J

Wade, J W

Wade, William

Wade, William (Major) OBE

Wadey, Frederick

Wadge, S B

Wadham, B T

Wadsworth, Alfred

Wadsworth, Caroline

Wadsworth, Harold

Wadsworth, Harriett (Mrs)

Wadsworth, Joseph

Wagenreider, C

Wager, Alfred G

Wager, George

Waggett (Junior)(possibly Alfred Waggett)

Waggett, James

Waghorn, Alfred

Waghorn, William Alfred & Son

Waghorn, William George

Wagner, Charles

Wagstaff, Elizabeth (Betsey) (Mrs)

Wagstaff, John

Wagstaff, Thomas

Wagstaff, William

Waide, H

Wain, Mary (Mrs)

Wain, William

Waine, Phillip

Wainscott & Co

Wait, Emanuel

Waite (Whaite), Edmund

Waite, Alfred

Waite, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs)

Waite, Frederick John

Waite, Frederick John & Pettitt

Waite, Howard

Waite, Howard & A

Waite, J

Waite, J

Waite, J (Junior)

Waite, J R

Waite, James

Waite, John

Waite, Richard Howard

Waitt, Henry

Waitt, Henry (Mrs)

Wake, Joseph & Baum, Franz

Wake & Co

Wake, George

Wake, Hereward

Wake, Joseph

Wake, Joseph

Wakefield & Co

Wakefield & Kemp

Wakefield, E A

Wakefield, Francis

Wakefield, Frank

Wakefield, Frank (Senior)

Wakefield, Frank G

Wakefield, Frank G Ltd

Wakefield, George H

Wakefield, John

Wakefield, Percy

Wakefield’s Commercial & Technical Photographers

Wakefields Ltd

Wakeford, Herbert

Wakeham, John

Wakelam, W

Wakeman, Frank

Wakeman, J

Walbridge, Sidney S

Walch & Pearsons

Walde, Brown

Walden, Alfred & Co

Walden, Cecil

Walden, Josiah

Walder, James Partridge

Waldron, W C

Waldron, William J

Wale, George William

Walery Limited

Walery, Stanislas Julina (Stanislas O)

Walery, Stanislas O

Wales, Arthur

Wales, George Edward

Walford & Co Ltd

Walford, George James T

Walford, William


Walker & Boutall

Walker & Co

Walker & Cockerell

Walker & Smith

Walker & Steele

Walker (Mr)

Walker (Mr)

Walker Art Studio

Walker Brothers

Walker, A

Walker, A J

Walker, Albert

Walker, Albert E

Walker, Albert Edward

Walker, Andrew

Walker, Benjamin

Walker, Bertrice (Mrs)

Walker, C A & Co

Walker, C B

Walker, C H & Co

Walker, C H & Son

Walker, C J

Walker, Cecil

Walker, Cecil

Walker, Cecil (Junior)

Walker, Cecil John (also as Junior)

Walker, Charles

Walker, Charles Bristow

Walker, Cuthbert Archibald & Co

Walker, D

Walker, E

Walker, E & Co

Walker, E I

Walker, E I & Wakefield

Walker, Edward

Walker, Edward C

Walker, Edwin

Walker, Edwin & Son

Walker, Edwin J

Walker, Edwin J (Edwin I)

Walker, Emery

Walker, Emery Ltd

Walker, F I

Walker, Fanny H (Mrs)

Walker, G H

Walker, George

Walker, George Poole

Walker, George Wright

Walker, Glegg

Walker, Harry

Walker, Harry & Co

Walker, Harry & Son

Walker, Henry

Walker, Henry John

Walker, Henry Vaughan

Walker, Herbert

Walker, J

Walker, John (of Exeter)

Walker, J

Walker, J Lincoln

Walker, J & Son

Walker, J E

Walker, J E

Walker, J N

Walker, J W

Walker, J W & Son

Walker, James

Walker, James N

Walker, James Robert

Walker, James Robert & Co

Walker, James Stanley

Walker, James William

Walker, Job

Walker, Job & Son

Walker, John

Walker, John Edwin

Walker, John T

Walker, Joseph

Walker, Joseph Street

Walker, M (Mrs)

Walker, Reg

Walker, Reginald

Walker, S

Walker, S

Walker, Samuel

Walker, Samuel & Son

Walker, Samuel Alexander

Walker, Samuel Alexander & Co

Walker, T

Walker, Thomas

Walker, Thomas P

Walker, Tom

Walker, Tom

Walker, W

Walker, W T

Walker, Walter

Walker, William

Walker, William & Son

Walker, William & Sons

Walker, William Joseph

Walker, William Percy

Walking Pictures Ltd

Walkinton, William Marmaduke


Wall & Son

Wall (Walls?), Robert

Wall, Alfred Henry

Wall, Henry K

Wall, J

Wall, Marion (Miss)

Wall, Phillip George

Wall, S H

Wall, Sydney

Wall, Sydney & Son

Wall, T

Wall, T B


Wallace & Co

Wallace Brothers

Wallace, Charles

Wallace, G & Co

Wallace, H

Wallace, Henry

Wallace, Henry Joseph

Wallace, J

Wallace, James

Wallace, James

Wallace, Robert

Wallace, Thomas

Wallace, William

Wallace, William Frederick

Wallach, Horace

Wallage & Gilbert Ltd

Waller, A

Waller, Charles

Waller, John

Waller, John William

Waller, Morris

Waller, Richard George

Waller, Sylvia

Waller, W J

Walley, E H (A?)

Wallich (Doctor)

Walling, Edward Coleman


Wallis & Co

Wallis & Manders

Wallis & Reynolds

Wallis & Wallis

Wallis (Wallace), George

Wallis (Wallace), Henry

Wallis Brothers

Wallis, Arthur George

Wallis, C

Wallis, C

Wallis, C & M

Wallis, C & M (Messrs Wallis)

Wallis, Christopher A

Wallis, E

Wallis, E M (Mrs)

Wallis, Edmund George

Wallis, Enid (Mrs)

Wallis, Frederick P

Wallis, George

Wallis, George & Ellen

Wallis, H

Wallis, Harry

Wallis, Henry

Wallis, Henry & Brooke

Wallis, Henry James

Wallis, J

Wallis, James Henry

Wallis, L W

Wallis, M R (Miss)

Wallis, Martha

Wallis, Mary (Mrs)

Wallis, Percy T

Wallis, R

Wallis, R T

Wallis, Royal

Wallis, Sidney C

Wallis, Thomas Samuel

Wallis, W

Wallis, William

Wallis, William Edmund

Wallis, William Edmund & Barton

Walls & Co

Walls & Fraser

Walls, Robert

Walls, Rosetta Jane (Mrs)

Walls, Thomas J

Walls, Thomas J & Fraser

Walls, William

Walmsley & Lewis

Walmsley Brothers

Walmsley, Arthur

Walmsley, C E

Walmsley, J W

Walmsley, John

Walmsley, John

Walmsley, John A

Walmsley, John Walter

Walmsley, Thomas

Walnot & Co

Walpen?, G

Walpole, H

Walpole, Thomas

Walsall Picture Co

Walsh, E

Walsh, H M

Walsh, J

Walsh, Jabez

Walsh, James E

Walsh, John Caton

Walsh, William

Walsham, Alfred Ernest

Walsham’s Ltd

Waltenberg, Theodore

Walter & Shead

Walter & Vane

Walter, C

Walter, H & Jonas

Walter, H J

Walter, Harry

Walter, Jonas

Walter, R

Walters & Co

Walters, Frank

Walters, Frederick

Walters, Harry

Walters, Harry & Son

Walters, J

Walters, J C

Walters, J T

Walters, John

Walters, S

Waltham, T E

Walton & Bridges

Walton (Walton’s) Studio

Walton, Antony

Walton, C D

Walton, Clement B

Walton, E

Walton, E

Walton, Edward

Walton, Frank

Walton, G R

Walton, H

Walton, J

Walton, John

Walton, John

Walton, John Henry

Walton, John W

Walton, Joseph

Walton, Mary H (Miss)

Walton, Thomas

Walton, W

Walton, W & H

Walton, W H

Walton, W H & Son

Walton, William

Walton, Young

Walton, Young

Walturdraw Co Ltd

Wandsworth Photographic D & P Sevice

Wandyke & Barrett

Wane & Nunn

Wane & Rothwell

Wane, Charles Marshall

Wane, H P

Wane, Jos

Wane, Marshall

Wane, Marshall & Allan, John

Wane, Marshall Ltd

Wane, R & Dunn

Wang, Hans P

Wanless, Andrew

Wanless, John S

Wansborough, Ernest John

Waples, Herbert

Warburton, W H

Warchawski Studios Ltd


Ward & Co

Ward, A

Ward, A

Ward, Albert Studios

Ward, Alfred

Ward, Alfred Henry

Ward, Alfred Thomas

Ward, Auberon Cyril T

Ward, C

Ward, Charles James B

Ward, Edgar

Ward, Edgar (Edward)

Ward, Ellen (Mrs)

Ward, Ermyn

Ward, Ernest Alfred

Ward, F W

Ward, Francis

Ward, Fred

Ward, Frederick William

Ward, G

Ward, G

Ward, George

Ward, George (also Ellen Ward (Mrs))

Ward, George (Junior)

Ward, George Ernest

Ward, George William Thomas

Ward, H

Ward, H J

Ward, H J & Co

Ward, Harrison

Ward, Henry

Ward, Henry (Mr & Mrs)

Ward, Henry Marsh

Ward, Hilda (Miss)

Ward, J

Ward, J B

Ward, J H

Ward, James

Ward, James Albert

Ward, John

Ward, John Frederick

Ward, John J

Ward, Joseph

Ward, L

Ward, Lorraine

Ward, Lorraine

Ward, Marcus & Co

Ward, Percy

Ward, R

Ward, Robert

Ward, Robert Henry

Ward, S

Ward, Samuel Bernard

Ward, Secundus

Ward, Sidney

Ward, Stacey

Ward, Sydney

Ward, T F

Ward, Thomas

Ward, Thomas & Co

Ward, W

Ward, W

Ward, William Sydney

Wardall Brothers

Warde, George

Warden, Edward

Warden, Sinclair

Wardhurst, Stephen

Wardill Brothers

Wardill, Thomas

Wardle, Charles

Wardle, Henry

Wardle, Thomas Kirkby

Wardle, William

Wardley, George

Wardley, Joshua

Ward’s Studio

Ware & Co

Ware & Son

Ware, Albert

Ware, H Y

Ware, John Samuel

Wareham, George

Wareham, W

Waren (Warren), Frederick

Warham, Thomas

Warhurst, H & T

Warhurst, Thomas K

Wariner, Luke

Waring, Arthur

Waring, Frank W

Warlich, Ferdinand Henry

Warlich, Ferdinand Henry & Hyne

Warner, Bernard

Warner, Edward T

Warner, Gothard

Warner, Hannah (Mrs)

Warner, John

Warner, Richard

Warner, William Harding

Warnerke & Co

Warnerke & Co Ltd

Warneuke, William M

Warr, John

Warren & Green

Warren, A

Warren, Albert

Warren, Cyrus A

Warren, Edward

Warren, Eleanor (Miss)

Warren, Ernest

Warren, Ernest G

Warren, G

Warren, George C

Warren, George Christopher

Warren, Grant

Warren, H

Warren, H A

Warren, Henry

Warren, Julia (Miss)

Warren, Stanley John

Warren, T E

Warren, Violet (Miss)

Warren, W

Warren, W & Wray

Warren, William E

Warren, William Henry

Warren, William R

Warrener, W Mikado

Warrington, B

Warrington, William

Warrington, William (Mrs)

Warschawski Studios Ltd

Warschawski, Hermann

Warters, W

Wartnall Ltd


Warwick Art Co

Warwick Studio

Warwick Trading Co

Warwick, A Findlow

Warwick, C

Warwick, Charles

Warwick, E T

Warwick, Harry

Warwick, John

Warwick, John & Co

Warwick, John Alfred

Warwick, Mary (Mrs)

Warwick, Thomas

Warwick, W

Warwick, W B

Warwick, William

Warwick, William & Co

Warwick, William Henry

Warwick, William Henry G

Washbourne, Thomas

Washington & Kell

Washington’s Studios

Wasse, J A

Wasser, Leonard

Waterall, J

Waterfield, Charles Holman

Waterfield, William H

Waterfield, William Henry

Waterhouse, J

Waterhouse, J

Waterhouse, J (Mrs)

Waterhouse, John Henry

Waterhouse, May (Mrs)

Waterhouse, William Percy

Waterloo Studio

Waterlow & Sons Ltd

Waterman, Thomas Lambert

Waters, F

Waters, George

Waters, Joseph

Waters, Thomas Mawson

Waters, W R

Waterson, Walter S


Waterworth & Warburton

Waterworth, Edward

Waterworth, Edward D

Waterworth, Joseph H

Watford Photographic Co

Watford Portrait Studios

Watford Studios

Watkin & Rees

Watkin, C

Watkin, Charles

Watkin, Herbert E

Watkins & Johns

Watkins Brothers

Watkins, Alfred

Watkins, Alfred R

Watkins, Cecil F

Watkins, Charles

Watkins, E Evelyn

Watkins, George Herbert

Watkins, George Herbert & Haigh, Edward M

Watkins, Graham

Watkins, Henry

Watkins, Herbert

Watkins, James W

Watkins, John

Watkins, John & Charles

Watkins, Sydney

Watkinson Brothers

Watkinson, Alex

Watkyn, Roy

Watling, Edward Coleman

Watling, Edward Coleman & Son

Watling, H V

Watling, William F

Watmough, Arthur Tom Cavill

Watmuff, John Wilfred


Watson & Co

Watson & Duncan, William Harper

Watson & Lockley

Watson & Senior

Watson & Wilson

Watson Brothers

Watson, A

Watson, A (Watson Studio)

Watson, A M

Watson, A P

Watson, Alfred Stacey

Watson, Andrew Swan

Watson, Annabella (Miss)

Watson, Arthur

Watson, Arthur F

Watson, C R

Watson, Charles

Watson, Charles R

Watson, Christian

Watson, Christopher

Watson, David C

Watson, Douglas Home

Watson, Ebenezer

Watson, Edwin Tindall

Watson, Ernest A

Watson, F

Watson, F

Watson, F (Mrs)

Watson, Felix

Watson, Frank

Watson, Fred

Watson, Frederick

Watson, George

Watson, George

Watson, George Felix

Watson, H

Watson, H W

Watson, H W

Watson, Harry John

Watson, Henry

Watson, Henry William

Watson, Howard

Watson, Hugh

Watson, J

Watson, J & D

Watson, J (Junior)

Watson, James & Co

Watson, James & Senior

Watson, Jesse

Watson, John

Watson, John & Co

Watson, John William

Watson, Joseph

Watson, Leon J

Watson, Leonard John

Watson, Lionel

Watson, M

Watson, Malcolm

Watson, Mathew

Watson, Michael

Watson, Montague Ltd

Watson, Oni & Co

Watson, R James

Watson, Robert

Watson, Robert Thomas

Watson, S E

Watson, S F & Co

Watson, Sagar

Watson, Samuel

Watson, Samuel & Harris, H M

Watson, T C

Watson, Thomas

Watson, W

Watson, W

Watson, W & Co

Watson, W & E T

Watson, W & E T

Watson, William

Watson, William Tindill

Watson, William Tindill & Duncan, William Harper

Watsonia Studio

Watson’s Photographic Studio (Joseph or William ?)

Watson’s Pictorial Press

Watson’s Studios

Watt Brothers

Watt, Alexander

Watt, Alexander & Son

Watt, Alexander & Sons

Watt, Gavin

Watt, J & J

Watt, James

Watt, John

Watt, Peter Cheyne

Watterson, George

Watton, Thomas Henry

Watts & Co

Watts, A C

Watts, A T

Watts, E A

Watts, Edward

Watts, Ernest

Watts, Henry Cyril

Watts, Herbert

Watts, J H Vernon

Watts, Joseph William

Watts, L

Watts, L & L A

Watts, M & Co

Watts, Mary (Mrs)

Watts, W

Watts, W W

Watts, William

Watts, William Frederick

Watzek, Hans

Waugh, Thomas

Waverley Art Enlarging Co

Waverley Photo Studio

Waverley Photographic Saloon

Waverley Photographic Studios

Waverley Studio

Waverley Supply Stores Ltd


Way & Co

Way & Sons

Way, Albert

Way, Albert John

Way, Alfred John

Way, Charles (Senior)

Way, Oscar

Way, Oscar & Stenlake, F

Way, Thomas

Waye, Frank Lang

Wayland & Co

Wayland, Douglas (David)

Wayland, Henry

Wayland, Henry (1) & Co

Wayland, Henry (2)

Wayland, W

Wayling, George

Wayman, A

Waymont, W

Waymouth, J

Waymouth, J D

Wayne, E & G (Misses)

Wayne, John William

Weaks, George

Weale, Albert Henry

Weale, Charles E

Weale, Charles E (not Charles Edward)

Weale, Charles Edward

Weale, M (Mrs)

Weale, Marie (Miss)

Weatherall & Horsfield

Weatherall, Richard

Weatherby & Son

Weatherby, John

Weatherley & Co

Weatherley & Singleton, Walter A

Weatherley (Watherley)(Wetherley), Richard

Weatherley Brothers & Co

Weatherley, Arthur & Co

Weatherley, J & Co

Weatherley, R & Sons

Weatherley, R & Sons

Weatherley, Richard

Weatherley, Richard (also as Watherley; Wetherley)

Weatherley, Roger

Weatherley, William

Weaver, Charles

Weaver, Frederick

Weaver, G C

Weaver, George

Weaver, H

Weaver, Henry

Weaver, Sarah

Weaver, William


Webb & Co

Webb & Son

Webb, A G

Webb, Alfred

Webb, Allan H

Webb, Arthur G

Webb, Charles

Webb, E C

Webb, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Webb, Ernest Edwin

Webb, Evelyn (Miss)

Webb, Francis

Webb, Frederick T

Webb, George S

Webb, H J & Son

Webb, Henry Arthur

Webb, James

Webb, James Henry

Webb, James John

Webb, John

Webb, John & James

Webb, Joseph

Webb, Leonard Francis

Webb, Leonard Fras

Webb, Lilian (Mrs)

Webb, N

Webb, Paul

Webb, Robert W

Webb, Rodney H

Webb, S C

Webb, S M (Miss)

Webb, Sarah (Miss)

Webb, Sidney (Sydney)

Webb, W

Webb, W

Webb, Walter

Webb, William Charles

Webbe & Leaver

Webber (Weber), L M

Webber (Weber), L M (Mrs)

Webber, Alfred J

Webber, Alfred Joseph

Webber, Ambrose

Webber, Charles Edward

Webber, Frank

Webber, G

Webber, George A

Webber, H

Webber, Henry

Webber, Henry P

Webber, John & Blizard

Webber, John (Jonathan)

Webber, R

Webber, Richard

Webber, Stanley

Webber, W

Webber, Walter G

Webber, William


Webel, Max Franz W

Weber & Sederstrom

Weber & Son

Weber Brothers

Weber, Andrew

Weber, Andrew (& Co )

Weber, Harry

Weber, L M

Weber, Louisa M (Mrs)

Weber, M (Mrs)

Webley, Carl


Webster & Co

Webster & Helmer

Webster & Son

Webster Brothers

Webster, Alex A

Webster, Alfred

Webster, Annie Jane (Miss)(also as Mrs)

Webster, Ben Adam William

Webster, C

Webster, Charles

Webster, Emily (Mrs)

Webster, Frank Henry

Webster, G Watmough

Webster, George Watmough & Son

Webster, Henry

Webster, Henry & Son

Webster, Irene (Mrs)

Webster, J

Webster, James

Webster, James J

Webster, John

Webster, Joseph & Son

Webster, L J

Webster, L W

Webster, Peter

Webster, R J

Webster, Robert

Webster, Robert S

Webster, Ronald

Webster, Samuel Mather

Webster, Sirrell Mather

Webster, T H

Webster, T M

Webster, Thomas

Webster, William

Wechster, Nathaniel & Son

Weddell, Andrew

Weddell, William

Weddige, Raphael

Wedding Illustrations

Wedding Press Photo Agency

Weddy, William S

Wedlake, William Henry Orme

Weedon, C

Weekes (Weeks), John Henry

Weeks & Gimblett

Weeks Brothers

Weeks, George

Weeks, James William

Weeks, Thomas

Wehrley, G & Co

Weidhoff’s Day & Electric Light Studio

Weighell, Robert Ernest

Weighill, Edgar

Weir Brothers

Weir, A

Weir, Henry Norman

Weir, James

Weir, John

Weir, Robert

Weir, W & Son

Weir, W A

Weir, Wallis

Weisker Brothers

Weiss & Fowkes

Weiss (Wise), Paul

Weiss, Paul

Welbeck Studios Ltd

Welch (Welsh), Charles Amos

Welch (Welsh), Josiah T

Welch Brothers

Welch, Charles Amos

Welch, D

Welch, Henry William

Welch, J

Welch, Joseph

Welch, Joseph & Son

Welch, Joseph S

Welch, Josiah T

Welch, William Haynes

Welchman Brothers

Welchman, Edgar

Welchman, Howard

Welchman, Howard & Ida

Welchman, W Leslie

Welchman, William Edgar

Welchman, William Edgar & Son

Weldon, Ernest

Welfare, Maurice

Welford (Madame)

Welford, Jennie A (Mrs)(Mrs Alston Welford)

Welford, Walter D

Welford, Walter D (Mrs)

Wellastead, Ray (Miss)

Weller & Gorton

Weller Brothers

Weller, Edward (T Edward)

Weller, James

Weller, James Mills

Weller, T

Wellings, J

Wellings, Samson

Wellings, Samuel

Wellington & Ward

Wellington, Frank

Wellington, Mary (Miss)

Wells & Co

Wells & Grey, S

Wells (Mr & Miss)

Wells, Arthur

Wells, C

Wells, Charles

Wells, Charles & Co

Wells, Chris

Wells, Edward F

Wells, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs)

Wells, Emma (Mrs)

Wells, Ernest

Wells, F

Wells, Francis

Wells, Francis Ross

Wells, Francis Ross & Co

Wells, Francis Ross & Hodges

Wells, Francis Ross & Modoes

Wells, Frank

Wells, Frederick William

Wells, G

Wells, H

Wells, J E

Wells, M Frederick

Wells, Margaret Victoria Grace (Miss)

Wells, P

Wells, Robert W

Wells, Robert W & Daughters

Wells, Robert W & Miss

Wells, S E

Wells, Seth Ellis

Wells, Seth G

Wells, Thomas

Wells, W

Wells, W H

Wells, William & Co

Wells, William & Hancock

Wells, William H

Wellsbury, Ernest Herbert

Wellsley, Roy Adkins

Wellstead (Wellsted), Frederick

Wellstead, Arthur

Wellsted (Wellstead), William James & Son

Wellsted, William James

Wellsted, William James & Son

Welman, James

Welsford, William

Welsh Art Studio

Welsh Pictorial Co

Welsh Press Photo Agency

Welsh Topical Press

Welsh, J

Welsh, William

Welshman, Frank H

Welstead, Arthur Joseph

Welsted, M

Welton, Henry

Welton, Joseph E

Wembley Portraits

Wemyss (Weymyss), Charles

Wenborn, W

Wenborn, William

Weniger, Adolphe

Wenmoth, J T

Wensel, Johannes (John) Louis

Went, Douglas N

Went, J

Went, Robert

Werge, John

Werner (Mme)

Werner, A

Werner, L

Werner, L & Son

Werner, M (Herr)

Werner, Minnie (Miss)

Wesgrove Studios

Wesseldine, E

Wesson, Ernest & Co

Wesson, Frederick George

Wesson, Gear & Co


West & Son

West (Mrs)

West Brompton Photographic Company

West End Art Photographic Co

West End Photo Studio

West End Photographic Company

West End Photographic Portrait Saloon

West End Photographic Stores

West End Photographic Supply Co

West End School of Photography

West End Studio

West Kensington Studio

West London Photo Co

West London Photo Press Agency

West London Photo Studio

West London Photographic Company

West London Photographic Society

West London School of Photography

West Midland Photo Service Ltd

West of England Photographic Company

West of England Photographic Copying Co

West Park Studio (Hull) Ltd

West Park Studio Ltd

West Riding Enlarging & Photographic Co

West Riding Photographic Service

West Street Studio

West Street Studios

West Surrey Photo Co

West, A (Miss) & Partners

West, A L & Co

West, Alfred

West, Alfred James

West, Caroline (Mrs)

West, Dorothy

West, E & H

West, E F

West, Eugene & Co

West, Francis & Co

West, Fred

West, George

West, George & Dawson

West, George & Smith (West & Smith)

West, George & Son

West, George William

West, H (Herbert?)

West, Henry

West, Herbert

West, Hugh

West, J H

West, James

West, John

West, Jonas

West, Joseph H

West, Karise

West, Samuel

West, Sarah (Mrs)

West, Stephen Douglas

West, Stephen Douglas & Son

West, W

West, W

West, Walter

West, William

West, William & Alfred

Westborough Photographic Company

Westbourne Grove Photo Co

Westbourne Photographic Studio

Westbourne Studios Ltd

Westbrook, Arthur F

Westbrook, C

Westbrook, G (Mrs)

Westbrook, George

Westbury, James F

Westcombe, H

Westerbourne Studio

Westerman, Crossley

Western Counties Photo Co

Western Photographic Co

Western Press Agency

Western Studio

Western, John Richard

Westgrove Studios

Westhead, T

Westhorpe, W J (Junior)

Westhorpe, William T

Westlake, E M

Westley, F

Westminster Studios

Westmoreland, George W

Westmoreland, John


Westness, H

Westness, J

Westness, Thomas

Westness, Thomas D

Westness, Thomas D

Westnutt, C

Westoby, Charles

Westoby, Frederick

Westoby, John

Westoby, Ono

Westoby, William

Weston & Co

Weston (Westons) Studios Ltd

Weston Brothers

Weston, Alfred William Henry

Weston, Arthur V

Weston, E H

Weston, Fanny (Miss)

Weston, Frank John

Weston, J Lambert & Son

Weston, James

Weston, Jasper & Son

Weston, Jasper & Sons

Weston, Lambert

Weston, Lambert & Son

Weston, Lambert Ltd

Weston, Thomas

Weston, Walter

Weston, William

Westrop, John

West’s Cabin

Westwand, John

Westwood, Edward

Westwood, Ethel (Mrs)

Westwood, Thomas Edward

Westwood, William

Wetherall, W (Junior)

Wetherby, S

Wetherill, John

Wetherley, J

Wettel, W J

Wetton, Fred

Wetton, J E

Wetton, J G


Wexelstein, James

Wey, Reginald John

Weymouth Photographic Co

Weymouth, John Davis

Whaite, Edward Gay

Whaite, F

Whaite, H (Henry?) (NOT Harry)

Whaite, Harry

Whaite, Thomas G

Whaite, William

Whaite, William (Mrs)(Mrs H Whaite)

Whale, George William

Whaley, Frederick

Whalley Natural Photos

Whalley, D M & W

Whalley, John

Whalley, Violet (Mrs)

Whalley, Wilfred

Whalley, William

Wharmby & Thompson

Wharton & Co

Wharton, Edgar Arthur

Wharton, George S

Wharton, Herbert

Wharton, Herbert Charles & Co

Wharton, John Warwick

Wharton, Robert Herbert

Wharton, Thomas

Whatley, A

Whatley, David

Whatley, Fanny (Miss)

Whatley, Frederick

Whatley, Samuel

Whatmough, Robert

Whatteller, Edward

Whatteller, Edwin

Whayman, James

Whayman, Lawrence

Whayman, Sarah

Whayman, William H

Wheatcroft & Co

Wheatcroft, George

Wheatcroft, George H


Wheatley, Cyril James

Wheatley, Harold

Wheatley, Harry

Wheatley, Henry

Wheatley, J L

Wheatley, Lester Read

Wheatley, W B

Wheatley, William George

Wheaton, George L

Wheedler, Harry

Wheeldon, Frederick Spencer


Wheeler & Co

Wheeler & Edmund

Wheeler & Fisk-Moore Ltd

Wheeler & Haddock

Wheeler & Hind

Wheeler Ltd

Wheeler, A

Wheeler, A W

Wheeler, Albert James

Wheeler, Arthur W

Wheeler, Cecil

Wheeler, Charles

Wheeler, Charles H

Wheeler, Charles N

Wheeler, Edmund (Junior)

Wheeler, G W

Wheeler, George

Wheeler, Halksworth

Wheeler, Harry

Wheeler, James

Wheeler, James

Wheeler, John

Wheeler, John G

Wheeler, Nehemiah

Wheeler, Nehemiah & Son

Wheeler, Percival

Wheeler, Reginald

Wheeler, Thomas

Wheeler, Thomas & Co

Wheeler, Thomas & Son

Wheeler, W

Wheeler, William Francis

Wheeler, William Frederick

Wheeler, William Henry

Wheeler, William Henry & Day

Wheeler’s Developing & Printing Services

Wheelwright, Bernard

Wheelwright, Frederick

Wheildon, J

Wheldon, A M

Wheldon, Ernest

Wheller (Wheeler), James

Wheller, James

Whelpdale, Andrew

Whelpton, George

Whelpton, J

Whenmouth, E

Wherrett, Charles

Whetley Studio

Whetter, William Thomas

Whetton, A

Whetton, Charles

Whetton, Dennis William

Whetton, Dennis William & Sons

Whetton, Edward

Wheway, Henry

Whicher, Henry Edwin

Whicher, Henry Edwin & Co

Whiffin, Ernest

Whiffin, William

While U Wait Studios

Whiles, George F

Whiles, Tom

Whiley, W N

Whillans, Sydney

Whillock, Benjamin


Whinfield Ltd

Whinfield, Arthur H

Whinfield, R A

Whistance, Gordon

Whistler, John

Whiston, A

Whiston, Charles

Whiston, Charles & Brine

Whitaker & Co

Whitaker, G F

Whitaker, John T

Whitaker, John T

Whitaker, Joseph

Whitaker, R & Co

Whitaker, Stephen Benson

Whitaker, Thomas

Whitbread, Samuel

Whitbread, Samuel

Whitburn, Augustus

Whitby & Son

Whitchelo, Augustus George

Whitcher, John

Whitcher, John & Co

Whitcomb & Chignell


White & Brewster

White & Co

White & Crook

White & Early

White & George

White & Spencer

White Brothers

White, A B

White, A C

White, A E

White, A J

White, A N

White, A S

White, Alice (Mrs)

White, Arthur

White, Arthur L

White, Arthur Leslie

White, Bruce Lionel (Lionel Bruce)

White, C (Junior)

White, C R

White, C R

White, Charles John

White, D (Mrs)

White, David

White, Dennis J

White, Dennis S J

White, Dora A (Miss)

White, E A

White, E A (A E)

White, E E

White, Edward

White, Ernest Alfred

White, Ernest Edwin

White, F H (Mrs)

White, F W

White, F W & Co

White, Frederick

White, Frederick John

White, G

White, G H

White, George

White, Harold

White, Harry

White, Henry

White, Henry Faulkner

White, Henry Roland

White, Herbert

White, Herbert & Son

White, Hugh Studios Ltd

White, J

White, J

White, J & P & Co (White’s)

White, J B Ltd

White, J H

White, J Oliver

White, James

White, James H

White, Job Henry

White, John

White, John & Son

White, John F

White, Robert

White, Roy

White, Samuel

White, Sarah Ann (Miss)

White, Sydney

White, Sydney Victor

White, Sydney Victor & White, Ernest E

White, T

White, T & G

White, T P

White, Theodore Densham

White, Thomas

White, V

White, W

White, W (Mrs)

White, W B

White, W E

White, W J

White, Walter

White, William

White, William & Alfred (Messrs White)

White, William & Co

White, William & Sons

White, William H

White, William Henry

White, William James

Whitechapel Studio

Whitefield, Cosser & Lankesheer (Whitefield, Cosser & Co)

Whiteford, John H

Whiteford, Robert

Whitehead, E A (Miss)

Whitehead, Edmund G

Whitehead, George

Whitehead, Gordon

Whitehead, Harry

Whitehead, Henry

Whitehead, James

Whitehead, John M

Whitehead, Joseph D

Whitehead, Richard

Whitehead, Richard W

Whitehead, Sarah E & Ann E (Misses)

Whitehead, W

Whitehead, Wainwright

Whitehouse, Charles

Whitehouse, Frances

Whitehouse, George Henry

Whitehouse, J J G

Whitehouse, John F

Whitehouse, R C & Co

Whitehouse, Robert

Whitehouse, Sidney C

Whitehouse, William Latham

Whitehurst, Reginald Blake

Whitehurst, T

Whiteladies Studio

Whiteley, A W

Whiteley, Allan

Whiteley, Arthur

Whiteley, Ernest

Whiteley, J E

Whiteley, N

Whiteley, Thomas

Whiteley, William

Whiteley, William (Ltd)

Whiteley, William Ltd

Whitelight Studio

Whitely, J

Whiteman (Mrs)

Whiteman, E

Whiteman, Edwin H

Whiteman, William

Whiteoak, Andew


White’s Artistsic Enlargers to the Trade

White’s Photo Co Ltd

Whiteside, Joseph

Whiteside, Thomas

Whiteway, Samuel

Whiteway, Silvia (Mrs)

Whitfield, G

Whitfield, George Carpe

Whitfield, William

Whitham (Whitam), Archibald

Whitham, Adam

Whitham, John T

Whitham, L

Whitham, Pauline Beatrix (Mrs)

Whiting, A & Charles

Whiting, Charles

Whiting, Charles & Sons

Whiting, Mina (Miss)

Whiting, Samuel

Whitla, Alexander

Whitlaw, A


Whitlock (Whittock), R

Whitlock Brothers

Whitlock, Frederick

Whitlock, G (Miss)

Whitlock, Henry Joseph

Whitlock, Henry Joseph & Sons

Whitlock, Henry Joseph & Sons Ltd

Whitlock, Henry Joseph Ltd

Whitlock, Herbert Mason

Whitlock, Joseph

Whitlock, L C

Whitlock, M

Whitlock, Sarah (Mrs)

Whitlock, W

Whitmore Photographic Co (Whitmore Studio)

Whitney, Ernest

Whitney, Ernest S

Whittaker & Co

Whittaker & Heaton

Whittaker (Whitaker), George

Whittaker (Whitaker), William

Whittaker Brothers

Whittaker, A

Whittaker, Annie

Whittaker, Charles Jones

Whittaker, G H

Whittaker, George

Whittaker, George F

Whittaker, J

Whittaker, James

Whittaker, James

Whittaker, John T

Whittaker, Jonathan

Whittaker, Joseph

Whittaker, Robert

Whittaker, T

Whittaker, William

Whittaker, William W

Whittaker’s Exhibition Studios

Whittingham, Harold

Whittingham, John

Whittingham, John & Son

Whittington, Albert Edward

Whittle, D

Whittle, David

Whittle, G F

Whittle, J & Co

Whittle, T

Whittle, William

Whittlesey, Harry

Whittlesey, Henry

Whittome, D Knights

Whitton, Stephen

Whitworth, Alfred

Whitworth, Alfred Henry

Whitworth, William Henry

Whorlow, Mary Jane (Mrs)

Whorwell, John George

Whorwell, John George & Son

Why, Lewis

Why, S & Sons


Whyman, Edward (Junior)

Whyman, W J

Whyte & Co

Whyte, David

Whyte, James

Whyte, James & Sons

Whyte, John

Whyte, John Henry

Whyte, Thomas R

Whytehead, R Y

Whyton, George

Wichall, William Harold

Wichel, George

Wickenden & Son

Wickenden, P H

Wickens, Albert Robert

Wickens, John

Wickes, C

Wickes, Valentine

Wickmer, Charles

Wickmer, Charles & E (Messrs)

Wicks & Malthouse

Wicks, E Watkin

Wicks, George Henry

Wicks, J

Wicks, John Leigh

Wicks, Jonathan L

Wicks, Richard

Wicks, Richard (Junior)

Wicks, Robert

Wicks, T

Wicks, W J

Wicksteed & Palmer Ltd

Widdas, R D

Widdas, R D

Widdas, R D & Co

Widdas, R D & Norris

Widdicombe, P L

Widdop, F

Wide World Photos

Widger, William

Widle, Isaac

Widle, Milton George

Wiedhofft, Frederick

Wiekens, John

Wieler, Carl

Wieler, W

Wier, Alfred

Wier, James

Wier, William

Wigan Photo Studio

Wigand, Louis

Wigg, Millicent (Miss)

Wiggell, E W

Wiggin & Gray

Wiggins, Albert

Wiggins, B

Wiggins, B R & Sons

Wiggins, Charles F

Wiggins, Herbert

Wiggins, Robert

Wiggins, William

Wigglesworth (Mr)

Wigglesworth, George Wood

Wigg’s Studio

Wight, Hampson & Co

Wightman, Frederick

Wigley, Charles R

Wigley, Jane Nina (Miss)

Wigney, James T

Wigram, Enid (Miss)

Wilbert’s Studios (Wilbert & Co)

Wilburn, Richard

Wilby, W H

Wilcock, James

Wilcockson, Alfred

Wilcockson, Charles H

Wilcockson, John

Wilcockson, Sarah (Mrs)

Wilcockson, William

Wilcockson, William Richard

Wilcox, Alfred

Wilcox, George

Wilcox, Henry

Wilcox, R

Wilcox, S C

Wilcox, William

Wild (Wyld), Alfred

Wild, Arthur Vincent

Wild, C

Wild, David

Wild, E

Wild, Emma J (Miss)

Wild, Isaac

Wild, John

Wild, Joseph

Wild, Thomas

Wild, Thomas J

Wild, William

Wilde, David

Wilde, Frederick

Wilde, Herbert

Wilde, Isaac

Wilde, J

Wilde, John

Wilde, Milton Gough

Wilden, Alfred

Wilden, James Thomas

Wilden, William

Wilding, Dorothy (Miss)

Wildman, Alfred

Wildman, Alfred & Co

Wildman, Ernest

Wildman, Frederick

Wildman, Shaw

Wildon, Frank

Wileman, Joseph Henry

Wiles, Thomas Walter

Wiles, Thomas Walter Stephen

Wiles, W G

Wiliamson & Carnie

Wilken, William

Wilkes (Wilks), Thomas

Wilkes, A

Wilkes, A & Son

Wilkes, E A

Wilkes, H

Wilkie, Alexander

Wilkie, J Howden

Wilkie, Thomas A

Wilkin (Wilken), Bertram

Wilkin, Alexander

Wilkin, Alfred

Wilkin, Ernest

Wilkin, Frank

Wilkins & Co

Wilkins & Holyoake

Wilkins, Arthur J

Wilkins, F J

Wilkins, Frank

Wilkins, Fred

Wilkins, Harry

Wilkins, Henry

Wilkins, Herbert E

Wilkins, J

Wilkins, Jeffery

Wilkins, Louis

Wilkins, Richard

Wilkins, W & Co

Wilkins, Wallace

Wilkins, Walter

Wilkins, William

Wilkins, William & Co


Wilkinson & Bean

Wilkinson & Beaumont

Wilkinson, Joseph & Co

Wilkinson & Co

Wilkinson & Co Ltd

Wilkinson & Cox

Wilkinson & Horner

Wilkinson & Siddall

Wilkinson & Smalley

Wilkinson & Taylor

Wilkinson & Thornton

Wilkinson Brothers

Wilkinson, A

Wilkinson, Alfred

Wilkinson, Alice (Mrs)

Wilkinson, B Whiteley

Wilkinson, Benjamin Gay

Wilkinson, C R

Wilkinson, Charles Singleton

Wilkinson, Cyril & Maud (Mrs)

Wilkinson, Daniel George

Wilkinson, David

Wilkinson, E

Wilkinson, E Eyre

Wilkinson, Edmund Joseph F

Wilkinson, Edward John F

Wilkinson, Esau

Wilkinson, Francis

Wilkinson, Francis Adorn

Wilkinson, Fred (Mrs)

Wilkinson, Geoff

Wilkinson, George

Wilkinson, George Albert

Wilkinson, H

Wilkinson, H (Mr & Mrs)

Wilkinson, Harold

Wilkinson, Henry

Wilkinson, Henry & Co

Wilkinson, Henry John

Wilkinson, I

Wilkinson, J

Wilkinson, J & Co

Wilkinson, J & Sons

Wilkinson, J Arthur

Wilkinson, J Nelson

Wilkinson, J W

Wilkinson, James

Wilkinson, Jane (Mrs)

Wilkinson, John

Wilkinson, John A

Wilkinson, John Thomas

Wilkinson, Jonas

Wilkinson, Joseph

Wilkinson, Joseph & Robert

Wilkinson, Joseph (John)

Wilkinson, Joshua

Wilkinson, M & J M (Misses)

Wilkinson, Mark

Wilkinson, Mark Anthony

Wilkinson, Martha Jane (Miss)

Wilkinson, Mary (Mrs)

Wilkinson, R

Wilkinson, R & Co

Wilkinson, R E

Wilkinson, Richard

Wilkinson, Robert

Wilkinson, S

Wilkinson, Samuel

Wilkinson, Sl

Wilkinson, Smeeton & Co

Wilkinson, T

Wilkinson, Thomas

Wilkinson, Thomas T

Wilkinson, W

Wilkinson, W

Wilkinson, W Marmaduke

Wilkinson, W J

Wilkinson, W T

Wilkinson, Walt

Wilkinson, William

Wilkinson, William & Henry

Wilkinson, William F

Wilkinson, William James

Wilkinson, William John

Wilkinson, William T

Wilkinson, William Thompson

Wilks Brothers

Wilks, Thomas

Willan, J A

Willan, J A & Garnett

Willan, James Arthur

Willats, Thomas & Richard

Willatt, Charles Henry

Willcock, Ronald

Willcox, Alfred

Willder & Co

Willder & Westley

Willder, Charles R

Willes & Adamson

Willes, Thomas Ralph

Willett & Corles

Willett (Willitt), Edwin Arthur

Willett Brothers

Willett, Frederick W

Willett, Frederick W & Co

Willett, Henry

Willett, Henry Robert

Willett, Henry Robert & Co

Willett, Henry Robert & Son

Willett, Richard H

Willettbabs, William & Sons

Willetts, Alfred Thomas

Willey Brothers

Willey, Joseph

Willey, Joseph & Bontoft, Jesse

Williames, J C

Williames, John Charles & Co


Williams, Thomas & Co

Williams & Co

Williams & Coble

Williams & Curnuck

Williams & Garfield

Williams & Marshall

Williams & Sadler

Williams & Scott

Williams & Trenouth

Williams & Wilkinson

Williams & Williams

Williams (Monsieur)

Williams (Mr & Mrs)

Williams Brothers

Williams Brothers & Co

Williams’ Electric Studio

Williams Pioneer Studios Ltd

Williams Studio

Williams, A

Williams, A W

Williams, Albert

Williams, Albert (Bert) James

Williams, Alfred

Williams, Alfred & Hallifax

Williams, Alfred James

Williams, Ann

Williams, Arthur

Williams, Arthur William

Williams, B

Williams, B J

Williams, Benjamin

Williams, Bert

Williams, C

Williams, Catherine

Williams, Charles

Williams, D

Williams, D W

Williams, Daniel

Williams, E (Mrs)

Williams, E V

Williams, Ebenezer

Williams, Edward

Williams, Edward & Sugden

Williams, Edward V

Williams, Edwin

Williams, Ernest

Williams, Ernest & Co

Williams, Ernest Thomas

Williams, Ernestdorff V

Williams, Evan

Williams, F

Williams, Francis

Williams, Francis Beech

Williams, Francis George

Williams, Frank

Williams, Frederick

Williams, G M

Williams, George

Williams, George & Co

Williams, George A

Williams, H & Son

Williams, H A

Williams, Hamilton Charles

Williams, Harry

Williams, Henry

Williams, Henry (Harry)

Williams, Henry Austin

Williams, Henry Richard (Mrs) & Roper

Williams, Henry Richard (Mrs)(Mrs Lucy M Williams)

Williams, Herbert E

Williams, Hermes

Williams, Isaac

Williams, Isaac A

Williams, Isaac A & Goodridge

Williams, J

Williams, J H

Williams, J Ltd

Williams, J R

Williams, Jacob

Williams, James

Williams, James Russell

Williams, Jane

Williams, Jesse

Williams, John

Williams, John A

Williams, John Charles

Williams, John George

Williams, John Gough

Williams, John Llewellyn

Williams, John T

Williams, John Thomas

Williams, Lewis

Williams, Llewellyn (J L)

Williams, M G

Williams, Mary

Williams, Mary (Mrs)

Williams, Owen (Junior)

Williams, R G

Williams, R M Ltd

Williams, Randall

Williams, Reginald

Williams, Richard Tudor

Williams, Robert

Williams, Robert A

Williams, Robert Grove

Williams, Roger

Williams, S

Williams, S A C

Williams, Samuel

Williams, Samuel Anthony Cox

Williams, Sarah (Mrs)

Williams, T (of Weston super Mare)

Williams, T (of Pontypridd)

Williams, T O

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Thomas Edward

Williams, Thomas Oliver

Williams, Thomas Owen

Williams, Thomas Richard

Williams, Thomas Richard & Mayland, W

Williams, Tom

Williams, W

Williams, W & Son

Williams, W H

Williams, Walter

Williams, William

Williams, William Charles

Williams, William Henry

Williams, William M

Williamson (Williams), John

Williamson, A P

Williamson, Albert

Williamson, Charles

Williamson, Ernest T

Williamson, George

Williamson, James

Williamson, James Lenville

Williamson, John

Williamson, John Davidson

Williamson, John William

Williamson, M R M

Williamson, Percy

Williamson, R

Williamson, R & Co

Williamson, Robert

Williamson, William

Willingale, Edith (Miss)

Willis & Co

Willis Brothers

Willis, A A

Willis, A G (Mrs)

Willis, Cecil

Willis, Charles E

Willis, Charles E Ltd

Willis, Edith L (Miss)

Willis, F

Willis, George

Willis, J

Willis, James

Willis, John

Willis, John (Willis & Co)

Willis, John Nathaniel

Willis, M E C (Miss)

Willis, N

Willis, Richard Francis

Willis, S E

Willis, Samuel

Willis, T S

Willis, William


Willman (Willmer), John

Willman, John

Willman, Peter

Willmer, Harry W

Willmett & Meek

Willmington, P

Willmot, George E

Willmott, Joseph D

Willock & Co

Willoton, George

Willott, Arthur

Willott, Arthur Henry

Willoughby, Arthur J

Wills & Jones

Wills Art Emporium Ltd

Wills, Alfred William

Wills, B E

Wills, Charles

Wills, Georgina (Miss)

Wills, Harold

Wills, Harriett (Mrs)

Wills, Harry

Wills, Henry (Harry) James Bord

Wills, Henry (Harry) James Bord & Co

Wills, Henry (Harry) James Bord & Co (executors)

Wills, J

Wills, James

Wills, John

Wills, John A

Wills, John Henry

Wills, Reginald Frank

Wills, William

Willson, A

Willson, Fellows

Willson, R H

Willson, Reginald Fellows

Willson, Richard Roberts

Willway, Theophilus Charles

Wilman, C

Wilmett, W J

Wilmore, Clarence

Wilmore, Joseph

Wilmore, Joseph & Sons

Wilmore, William

Wilmot & Co

Wilmot, Arthur

Wilmot, Octavius Cameron

Wilmot, Olive

Wilmot, William

Wilmott & Payne

Wilmott, J

Wilmott, J H

Wilmott, Joseph

Wilmslow Studio

Wilmut, Edward Isaac

Wilsford, William T

Wilshere, William J

Wilshire (Wilshaw), Thomas


Wilson & Beadell

Wilson & Bullock

Wilson & Clarkson (Clarkson & Wilson)

Wilson & Co

Wilson & Davies

Wilson & Huff

Wilson & Rees

Wilson & Sons

Wilson (Mrs)

Wilson (Willson), Fellows E

Wilson (Willson), Reginald Fellows

Wilson Art Studio

Wilson, A

Wilson, A C

Wilson, A W

Wilson, Albert H

Wilson, Alex

Wilson, Alexander

Wilson, Alfred

Wilson, Annie Elizabeth (Mrs)

Wilson, Arthur

Wilson, Augustus William (& Co 1890s)

Wilson, Augustus William, Harding & Co

Wilson, B & Son

Wilson, C

Wilson, C (Mrs)

Wilson, C H

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Charles & Co

Wilson, Christopher

Wilson, D

Wilson, D R W

Wilson, Douglas

Wilson, E & Clarkson, Franklyn (Clarkson & Wilson)

Wilson, E A

Wilson, Elizabeth (Miss)

Wilson, Ella G (Madame)

Wilson, Ellen (Mrs)

Wilson, Ernest

Wilson, Ernest John

Wilson, Fellows E

Wilson, Frank E

Wilson, Fred

Wilson, Frederick

Wilson, G Forrest

Wilson, George

Wilson, George Washington

Wilson, George Washington & Co (Ltd)

Wilson, George William

Wilson, Gilbert

Wilson, Gould

Wilson, H

Wilson, H M

Wilson, Harrington Burton

Wilson, Harry P

Wilson, Henry

Wilson, Henry & Co

Wilson, Henry J

Wilson, Herbert

Wilson, Howard

Wilson, J

Wilson, J & E (Misses)

Wilson, J A

Wilson, J D

Wilson, J E

Wilson, J H

Wilson, J Herbert

Wilson, J J

Wilson, J L & Co

Wilson, J S

Wilson, J W

Wilson, James

Wilson, James & Co

Wilson, James C

Wilson, James Charles

Wilson, James Herbert

Wilson, Jane & Elizabeth (Misses)

Wilson, John

Wilson, John & Son

Wilson, John E

Wilson, John James

Wilson, John James & Co

Wilson, John William

Wilson, Joseph

Wilson, Julia Marianne (Mrs)

Wilson, Julian M

Wilson, Mathew

Wilson, Muriel (Miss)

Wilson, Ned

Wilson, Neil

Wilson, P

Wilson, Reginald Fellows

Wilson, Richard

Wilson, Richard Oliver

Wilson, Robert

Wilson, S R (Miss)

Wilson, Samuel

Wilson, Squire

Wilson, T

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, Thomas & Bullock

Wilson, Tom Smith

Wilson, W

Wilson, W & Sons

Wilson, W Forster

Wilson, W Frost

Wilson, Walter

Wilson, Walter (Mrs)

Wilson, William

Wilson, William & Sons

Wilson, William F

Wilson, William Frost

Wilson, William H

Wilson, William R


Wilson’s Snaps


Wilton & Co

Wilton & Co (of South Shields)

Wilton, George

Wilton, H

Wilton, H & Co

Wilton, Harry

Wilton, Henry George

Wilton, William Arthur

Wilton, William Henry

Wiltons Limited

Wilton’s Studios

Winch Brothers

Winch, John Minnett

Winchester, George

Winchester, William Albert

Windeatt, Charles Allan

Windeatt, James Samuel

Windeatt, John (Junior)

Windibank, E T

Windley, S

Windmill Studios Ltd

Window, Adolphus

Window, Frederick Richard

Window, Frederick Richard & Bridge, Henry Gawler

Window, Frederick Richard & Grove, William

Windser, C

Windser, Douglas F

Windson, C


Windsor (Mrs)

Windsor Studios

Windsor, Dorothy (Miss)

Windsor, Douglas

Windsor, John

Windsor, John William

Windsor, R

Windsor, Samuel

Windsor, William

Windsor-Spice, Arthur

Windsor-Spice, Arthur & Beeny, A G

Windt & Kray

Wine Street Studios

Winetroub (Wintroub)

Wing (Mr)

Wing, A J

Wing, Adolphus

Wing, Adolphus Henry

Wing, Charles F

Wing, George

Wing, Thomas

Wingett, G

Wingfield, F

Wingfield, George Thomas

Wingfield, Richard

Wingrave, Joseph

Winkfield, A F

Winkfield, George T

Winkfield, George T & A F

Winkle & Brown

Winn, Benjamin

Winn, Benjamin & Co

Winn, C H

Winnett, Thomas

Winningale, William

Winser, Douglas Fitz P

Winsley, Joseph

Winsor, T

Winstanley, D (Junior)

Winstanley, F

Winstanley, Francis

Winstanley, Harold Frederick (H & F Winstanley)

Winstanley, Harold W

Winstanley, Myers & Thompson

Winston, A W

Winstone, Henry

Winter & Son

Winter, A J

Winter, Arthur

Winter, Augustus

Winter, C & E

Winter, Christopher T

Winter, Christopher T P

Winter, Cornelius

Winter, Cornelius J W

Winter, E S

Winter, H Everard

Winter, H Everard & Parsons

Winter, H W

Winter, Joseph Smithson

Winter, Leah (Mrs) (Mrs Augustus)

Winter, Leonard

Winter, T

Winter, Thomas Henry

Winter, W A

Winter, W W

Winter, William Ridd

Winter, William Walter

Winterbon Brothers

Winterbon, Charles

Winterbon, Henry E

Winterbon, Henry E & Salmon

Winterbourn, T Henry

Winterbourne, Charles

Winterbourne, Charles & Son

Winterhalter, Hubert

Winterhatter (Winterhalter?)

Wintersett, A & W

Wintersett, Frederick

Wintersett, Louis

Winter-Wilson, E M (Mrs)

Wintour, John B

Winzar, T W

Wisbach, C

Wise & Co

Wise (Wyse), Edward

Wise, Cyril C

Wise, Edward

Wise, J

Wise, James

Wise, Percy Edwin

Wise, W G

Wiseman, Annie (Miss)

Wiseman, F

Wiseman, Joseph

Wiseman, Samuel James

Wiseman, Samuel James & Co

Witchell, Archibald

Witcomb & Parker

Witcomb & Son

Witcomb, Charles John

Witcomb, Charles John & Co

Witcomb, Charles John & Son

Witcomb, Frank S

Witcomb, S George

Witcomb, S George & Son

Witcombe, E Lawrence Ltd

Witham (Mrs)

Witham Embossing Co Ltd

Witham, Alfred E

Witherington & Rissen

Witherington Studio

Withers & Cooper

Withers, William C

Withers, William C & Co

Withers-Lee, Robert William

Witherstone, Edwin C

Witton & Warton

Wivill, Abraham

Woglynn, K

Wohlgemuth & Co

Wohlgemuth, Benjamin

Wolf, C

Wolfe, W M

Wolfenden, Bland


Wolstenholme Brothers

Wolstenholme, Ellis

Wolstenholme, Frederick William

Wolstenholme, John

Wolstenholme, Richard

Wolstenholme, Samuel

Wolverhampton Photographic Society

Wombell, I

Wombwell, George E

Womersley, John

Womersley, W H

Wompra, F (Junior)

Wompra, Forrest

Wones, S B

Wones, S J

Wonfor, George H


Wood & Barker

Wood & Co

Wood & Day

Wood & Henry

Wood & Lee

Wood & Son

Wood & Waldie

Wood & Weal & Co

Wood (Woods), Thomas

Wood Brothers

Wood, A

Wood, A

Wood, A T

Wood, Alexander & Son

Wood, Alfred

Wood, Alfred M

Wood, Arthur Page

Wood, Austin

Wood, B

Wood, C E & Co

Wood, C H

Wood, C T

Wood, Cecil William

Wood, Cecil William & Co

Wood, Charles

Wood, Charles & Brushfield

Wood, Charles F

Wood, Charles Henry

Wood, Clifford

Wood, Cyril Stuart

Wood, E

Wood, E G

Wood, E S

Wood, Edward

Wood, Edward Archibald

Wood, Edwin

Wood, Ernest

Wood, F

Wood, Frank

Wood, Frank Hindley

Wood, Frederick

Wood, Frederick (Junior)

Wood, Frederick William

Wood, Frederick William Ltd

Wood, G

Wood, George

Wood, George N

Wood, George W

Wood, H

Wood, Harry

Wood, Henry M

Wood, Hilda (Mrs)

Wood, J

Wood, J & Alfred M

Wood, J L

Wood, James

Wood, James Marsh

Wood, James William

Wood, Jesse (Miss) & M A

Wood, Joe

Wood, John

Wood, John & Henry

Wood, John A

Wood, John E

Wood, John H

Wood, John S

Wood, John W

Wood, Joseph

Wood, Lionel

Wood, M Audin

Wood, M W (Miss)

Wood, Matthew

Wood, O (Mrs)

Wood, Richard

Wood, Robert James

Wood, S P

Wood, Samuel

Wood, Sidney

Wood, Smith

Wood, Sydney H

Wood, T

Wood, Thomas

Wood, Thomas R

Wood, Thomas Robert

Wood, W

Wood, W H

Wood, W H & Co

Wood, Walter S

Wood, Weale & Co

Wood, William

Wood, William B

Wood, William Henry

Wood, William John

Wood, William John & John

Woodall, A D

Woodall, G

Woodall, Thomas Henry

Woodard, George

Woodbine Studio

Woodbridge, Arthur

Woodbury Permanent Photographic Printing Co

Woodbury, E

Woodbury, E & Howe

Woodbury, Treadaway & Co

Woodbury, Walter

Woodbury, Walter Bentley

Woodcliffe, Frederick

Woodcock & Garside

Woodcock, Aaron

Woodcock, Ebenezer

Woodcock, Francis

Woodcock, Francis Albert

Woodcock, Francis Alfred

Woodcock, James

Woodcock, John William

Woodcock, John William

Woodcock, Jonathan

Woodcock, Joseph

Woodcock, Margaret (Miss)

Woodcock, Obadiah

Woodcock, Simeon Carter

Woodcock, Simeon Carter & Son

Woodcock, Thomas A

Woodcock, William Francis

Woodcock, William Trinder


Woodfield, G A

Woodfield, George

Woodfield, George A

Woodfield, George Alfred

Woodfield, Harry Reece

Woodford Road Studio

Woodhall, J

Woodhall, Joseph

Woodhead, Herbert

Woodhead, Norman G

Woodhouse, William J

Woodley Brothers

Woodley, John

Woodlrige, William Phillip

Woodman, W

Woodmansee, Alfred William

Woodrow, Catherine

Woodrow, Daniel

Woodrow, John S

Woodrow, Sidney

Woodruffe, J S


Woods & Co

Woods & Singleton

Woods (Miss)

Woods, A T

Woods, Ann (Miss)

Woods, Charles

Woods, E

Woods, Edward C

Woods, F

Woods, Frank

Woods, Frederick

Woods, G

Woods, George

Woods, Heslop

Woods, Isaac

Woods, John

Woods, Walter O

Wood-Smith, Frank

Woodward & Co

Woodward, B

Woodward, Frederick

Woodward, G P

Woodward, John

Woodward, Robert

Woodward, Thomas Henry

Woodward, W

Woodward, W & Co

Woodward, William

Woodwards, William John

Wooler, Robert

Wooley & Done

Wooley, J

Woolf (Woolfe), Karl (Kresovsky)

Woolf, Joseph

Woolf, Morris B

Woolf, Sarah (Mrs)

Woolfe & Son

Woolfe, F

Woolfe, Fanny (Mrs)

Woolfe, Harry

Woolfe, Henry

Woolfe, J H

Woolfe, James Henry

Woolfe, John Henry

Woolfenden, J W

Wooliscroft (Woolliscroft), William Henry

Wooliscroft, E

Woolison, P H

Woollaston, William

Woollett, Henry

Woolley & Pratt

Woolley, J

Woolley, J Bloomfield

Woolley, P A

Woolliscroft, W H

Woolnoth, Charles N

Woolnough, John

Woolsey, Herbert

Woolston Picture Framing & Photographic Studio

Woolston, Daniel James

Woolston, Samuel

Woolston, Solomon

Wootten, Hugh Ltd

Wootton, Charles Darlow

Wootton, Charles Nathaniel

Wootton, Charles Nathaniel & Son

Wootton, H (Horatio?)

Wootton, Henry

Wootton, Herbert Darlow

Wootton, Horatio

Wootton, Horatius (Horatio)

Wootton, Walter

Worcester Portrait Co

Worcester, F

Worden, B (Mrs)

Worden, T

Worden, T & Co

Worden, Thomas

Worden, Thomas & Co

Worfold, Frank

Worger, Frederick

Worger, Thomas (Junior)

Worger, Thomas E

Work, G O

Workman, Charles Ray

Workman, Roy

World, Marion (Miss)

World’s Graphic Press Limited

Worley, Wilfred


Wormald Brothers

Wormald, Charles

Wormald, Edmund

Wormald, Fred

Wormald, John

Wormald, John & T

Wormald, Joseph

Wormald, Philip

Worman, Doris P (Mrs)

Wornald, Joe

Worrall (Worgall), Philip

Worrall, Clifford W A

Worrall, Henry

Worrall, Jane (Mrs)

Worrall, M

Worrall, Thomas H

Worrall, W A

Worrall, W A & M

Worrell, Stanley A

Worsley, Molly & Cranston, Rose (Misses)

Worsley-Benison, Eric

Worsnip, Emma (Mrs)

Worsnip, S T

Worsnop, John

Worsnop, John Mitchel Downing

Worsnop, Wright

Worswick, Joseph

Wort, William

Worte (Worth?), John T

Worth & Rose

Worth, George

Worth, Haynes

Worth, John

Worth, John T

Worth, Robert

Worth, Thomas Burnet

Worth, Walter

Worth, William

Worthing Amusements Ltd

Worthing Portrait Company

Worthing Sunny Snaps

Worthington, Alfred

Worthington, Frank

Worthington, John

Worthington, Robert

Worts, Henry A

Wouters, M M & Co

Woy, J


Wragg & Sons

Wragg, Alfred

Wragg, Caroline, Hetty & Elsie (Misses)

Wragg, G F

Wragg, Herbert

Wragg, Herbert & Son

Wragg, Herbert Houghton

Wragg, Herbert Houghton & Co

Wragg, W C

Wragg, W C & Son

Wrate, Alfred

Wrate, Alfred E

Wrate, Amelia Elizabeth (Mrs)

Wrate, Clarice (Miss)

Wrate, George

Wrather & Buys

Wray Park Studio

Wray, Charles

Wray, Cyril

Wray, H T W & Heaton, R B

Wray, Harold

Wray, William J

Wray’s Studio

Wreathall & Wright

Wreford, W H

Wreghitt, Herbert

Wren, E (Mrs)

Wren, Edward

Wren, Frederick

Wren, G E

Wren, George

Wren, T W

Wrench, E

Wrench, J T

Wrigglesworth, Alfred

Wrigglesworth, Joseph


Wright & Co

Wright & Heaney

Wright & Jeffery

Wright & Layton

Wright & Logan

Wright & Shackleton

Wright & Son

Wright & Woodell

Wright (Mr)

Wright Brothers

Wright, A

Wright, A C & M P

Wright, A E & Co

Wright, Alan

Wright, Albert Henry

Wright, Albert Henry & Burchill (Burchall)

Wright, Albert Henry & Co

Wright, Alex G

Wright, Alfred

Wright, Alfred J C

Wright, Arthur

Wright, Burchell & Co

Wright, C & Co

Wright, C J

Wright, C R

Wright, Charles

Wright, Charles Joseph

Wright, Christopher James

Wright, David

Wright, E

Wright, Edgar

Wright, Edward

Wright, Eric H

Wright, F

Wright, Francis John

Wright, Fred Barrington

Wright, Frederick

Wright, G

Wright, G F

Wright, G T V

Wright, G W

Wright, George

Wright, George (Senior), George (Junior) & Ann (Mrs)

Wright, George F

Wright, George P

Wright, George Victor

Wright, George W

Wright, H

Wright, Hannah

Wright, Harry

Wright, Henry

Wright, I & Son

Wright, Isaac

Wright, Isaac (Junior)

Wright, J

Wright, J & J

Wright, J (I?) & Son

Wright, J H

Wright, J J

Wright, J S

Wright, J T

Wright, J W

Wright, James

Wright, James W

Wright, Jasper James

Wright, Jasper James & Son

Wright, John

Wright, John Causton

Wright, John Edward & Co

Wright, John Henry

Wright, John J

Wright, John Thomas

Wright, John W

Wright, Jonas (James?) Fidgett

Wright, Jonas Fidgett

Wright, Joshua May

Wright, Joshua May (Macer)

Wright, M E

Wright, Margaret (Miss)

Wright, Marie Elizabeth (Miss)

Wright, Matthew E

Wright, Moss

Wright, N (Mrs)

Wright, P

Wright, Percival Frederick

Wright, Percy

Wright, Peter

Wright, Ralph

Wright, Richard

Wright, Richard Edward

Wright, Robert

Wright, S

Wright, Sam Richardson

Wright, Thomas

Wright, Thomas E

Wright, W

Wright, W G

Wright, W S

Wright, Walter

Wright, William

Wright, William Edward

Wright, William Edward & Sons

Wright, William James

Wright, William Samuel

Wright, Willoughby

Wrightam, Ernest

Wrighton Brothers

Wrightson, Hay


Wrigley & Hollingworth

Wrigley, A & F

Wrigley, Arnold

Wrigley, Charles

Wrigley, Charles Augustus

Wrigley, Colin

Wrigley, James

Wrigley, W

WSA Studios

Wulfruna Studio

Wurr, J

Wyatt & Phillips

Wyatt (Wyat), William

Wyatt, Arthur

Wyatt, Charles Christopher

Wyatt, George A

Wyatt, George W

Wyatt, James

Wyatt, Lionel

Wyatt, Samuel

Wyatt, William

Wybrants, Patrick

Wycherley, Frank

Wycherley, Josephine (Mrs)

Wycliffe, Edwin

Wykeham & Pollard

Wykeham (Wyekam), M & F

Wykeham Studios Ltd

Wykeham, M & F

Wykes, Henry

Wykes, Henry & Heath & Brandee

Wykes, James

Wyld, Alfred

Wyles (Wiles), Frank Beaumont

Wyles, Benjamin

Wyles, Benjamin & Co

Wyles, Flora (Mrs)

Wyles, Frank Beaumont

Wyles, Joseph

Wyles, Percy

Wyles, Walter S

Wyles, Walter S (Mrs)

Wylie & Lamont

Wylie, George C

Wylie, George M

Wylie, James

Wymer (Wyver), A & J

Wyndham, C & E

Wynick & Youres

Wynn, E (Mrs)

Wynn, James

Wynne, Courtenay

Wynne, George

Wynne, Margaret (Mrs)

Wynne, P

Wynne, Percy

Wynne, R M

Wynne, Theodore

Wynne, Thomas J

Wynne-Harley Ltd

Wynspeare, Herbert

Wynter, M

Wynter, Walter Robert

Wyrall, Charles Edward

Wyrall, Charles Edward & Son

Wyse, Edward

Wyton (Whyton), George

Wyton (Whyton), Gilbert

Wyver, Arthur

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