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We have information about all of the photographers listed below – this could include addresses, dates of operation and actual examples of their work, biographical notes, census information, prize medals awarded etc.

Addresses and dates of operation can be bought immediately on-line at The powerful search facility there will identify the type of information available for each photographer.

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Of course, we constantly add new names and information whenever it becomes available.

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Notes on searching the photographer list below

If you cannot find who you are looking for we suggest you go directly to and use the powerful search engine there.

However, if you want to look more closely at the list below, here are some hints and tips as it is possible to miss a name you are looking for because of the level of detail that you have or because of the way that computers sort lists. If you cannot find the person or firm you are looking for consider the following:

  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
  • P Brown may be listed under ‘Brown, P’ or ‘Brown, Peter’ (if we have the full name)
  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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Yabsley, Andrew Woollacott

Yaffie, Leon

Yagors, Nathaniel

Yallop, Alfred William

Yallop, Alfred William & S

Yanovsky, Jacob

Yanovsky, Jacob & Rubin

Yardley, Alice (Miss)

Yardley, Alice Olivia (Miss)

Yardley, Arthur

Yardley, Charles

Yardley, David Horace

Yardley, George

Yardley, Stewart J

Yardley, T (Miss)

Yarrow, Percival James

Yate & Co

Yate, Benjamin

Yate, Butcher & Co


Yates & Co

Yates & Oliver, G

Yates, A Henry

Yates, A E

Yates, Albert

Yates, Albert Edward

Yates, Ballantyne

Yates, Benjamin John

Yates, E

Yates, George Vernon

Yates, George

Yates, George Vernon & Henderson (Yates & Henderson)

Yates, J

Yates, James

Yates, James E

Yates, Joseph

Yates, Lonsdale

Yates, Percy B

Yates, Robert H

Yates, Ronald E

Yates, Sidney Charles

Yates, W T (W J?)

Yates, William

Yates, William James

Yates, William James & Son

Yeates, Sidney Charles

Yendall, Joseph

Yeo & Co

Yeo, Henry Robert

Yeo, R G

Yeo, Richard

Yeo, Richard P

Yeo, Richard Piper

Yeo, S E

Yeoman & Co

Yeoman Brothers

Yeoman, Elijah

Yeoman, Elijah & Co

Yeoman, John

Yeoman, John & Co

Yeoman, John & Co

Yeoman, John & E

Yeoman, L

Yerbury, Edward Reuben & Stewart

Yerbury, Edward Reuben (1)

Yerbury, Edward Reuben (1) & Son

Yerbury, Edward Reuben (2 )

Yerbury, Edward Roper

Yerbury, John

Yeulett, Victor C

Yeulett, Victor C & Co

Yevonde Ltd

Yevonde, Menie (Madame)

Yidduck, Thomas

Yoe, Samuel

Yolker, H

York & Son Ltd

York House Studio

York Photograph Co

York School of Photography

York Studios

York, Frederick

York, John

York, Oswold

York, William

Yorkdale Studio

Yorke, Sydney E

Yorkshire Art Co

Yosefoon, Morris

Youds, John

Youds, William Henry

Youel, Austin

Youens, Charles

Youens, E C


Young & Co

Young & Cooper

Young & Glass

Young & Griffiths

Young & Irving (W Drummond Young?)

Young & Manders

Young & Protheroe

Young & Son

Young & Sons

Young Brothers

Young, A W

Young, Albert Antonio

Young, Alexander

Young, Alexander & Sons

Young, Andrew

Young, Arthur

Young, Augustus

Young, Bertram J Ltd

Young, Charles H

Young, Drummond & Watson

Young, Drummond Ltd

Young, E

Young, E (possibly Edward)

Young, E & M

Young, E W & Co

Young, Edward

Young, Edward Drummond

Young, Edward Maplesden

Young, Edwin

Young, Elizabeth (Mrs)

Young, Ernest

Young, F H

Young, Frank D

Young, Fred

Young, Frederick

Young, G

Young, G F

Young, G H R

Young, George

Young, George W

Young, George William

Young, Harry L

Young, Henry

Young, Hilliery

Young, J

Young, J J (Junior)

Young, James & John

Young, James Wilson

Young, John

Young, John C

Young, John Cooks

Young, John M

Young, John Mackenzie

Young, John N

Young, John Ogden

Young, Joseph

Young, Kathleen (Mrs)

Young, Leyland

Young, Mackenzie

Young, Mary (Miss)

Young, Maurice

Young, Reginald James

Young, Richard

Young, Richard Charles

Young, Robert

Young, Stephen

Young, Stephen A

Young, Stephen A McL

Young, Terrance W

Young, Thomas

Young, Thomas C

Young, W

Young, W & D Drummond

Young, W & Edward Drummond

Young, W A

Young, W Drummond & Co

Young, W Drummond & Son

Young, Wilfred

Young, William

Young, William Drummond

Young, Winifred

Younghusband, John

Yoxall, James

Yuile Brothers

Yuile, Andrew

Yungblut, Fritz

Yuyle, Marion (Mrs)


Yvonne Studio

Yvonne, Princess


Yvonne’s Portrait Studio

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