Old Negatives and Records … updated with images

The FAQ: Old Negatives and Records at Photographers 1840 – 1940 has been updated with three images to illustrate the deplorable state of long forgotten glass negatives.

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About Ron Cosens

A keen researcher of cameras and images, Ron was the founder member of the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain in 1977. Ron currently spends all of his retirement time managing the Victorian Image Collection and researching into Victorian cartes de visite and cabinet cards. The collection currently holds nearly 100,000 Victorian/Edwardian photographs, over 9,000 of which were dated at the time that they were taken. Ron has written many articles on cartes de visite and on dating photographs and has had them published in specialist magazines. Some are available on this website at Free Downloads. Additionally, projects have involved providing Victorian photographs and related information for many published books, magazine articles, TV programmes and company advertisements including images for the BBC series ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’