Photographer List

The information that we have about photographers includes

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Dates of operation
  • Biographical notes
  • Examples of their work
  • Unique ways of dating their photographs

This will be of particular interest to:

  • Family historians
  • Local historians
  • Authors, publishers and the media
  • Universities and museums
  • Graphic and interior designers
  • Fashion researchers
  • Collectors
  • And many others.



We have information about all of the photographers listed below – this could include addresses, dates of operation and actual examples of their work, biographical notes, census information, prize medals awarded etc.

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Of course, we constantly add new names and information whenever it becomes available.


Notes on searching the photographer list below

If you want to look more closely at the list below, here are some hints and tips as it is possible to miss a name you are looking for because of the level of detail that you have or because of the way that computers sort lists. If you cannot find the person or firm you are looking for consider the following:

  • the word ‘The’ has been omitted from the front of a name (e.g. The Rapid Photo Company is listed under R)
  • P Brown may be listed under ‘Brown, P’ or ‘Brown, Peter’ (if we have the full name)
  • Brown & Co may be listed under ‘Brown & Co’, ‘Brown, F & Co’ or ‘Brown, Frederick & Co’ as appropriate
  • Brown & Son – as for Brown & Co
  • Mrs Brown may be listed under Brown, Amelia (Mrs)
  • Brown & Green may be listed under ‘Brown & Green’, ‘Brown, George & Green’ or ‘Brown, George & Green, William’ as appropriate.


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A1 Photo Studio
Abba, David & Son
Abba, David & Sons
Abba, Harry
Abbey Studio
Abbey, William
Abbot, J
Abbott, Charles
Abbott, E
Abbott, Edwin
Abbott, F
Abbott, Frank Edward
Abbott, Frank J
Abbott, George H
Abbott, George Pearce
Abbott, George Pearce & Abbott, Sydney Herman
Abbott, H
Abbott, H G
Abbott, H M (H W)
Abbott, Henry
Abbott, Henry George
Abbott, Henry M
Abbott, J H
Abbott, James
Abbott, James (aka James Abbot)
Abbott, James Allison
Abbott, John
Abbott, Joseph H
Abbott, P J
Abbott, Sydney Herman
Abbott, Theodore
Abbott, William
Abbott, William E
Abderame Crescent Studio
Abel, James
Abel, Sydney
Abell, Lonsdale
Abell, Samuel
Abell, Thomas Henry (aka Thomas Henry Able & Thomas Henry Abel)
Aberdeen Photographic Association
Aberdeen Photographic Company
Abernethy, A & A J (aka A & A J Abernathy)
Abernethy, William
Abery, P B
Abery, Percie Benzie
Abezathe, Gerard
Ablett, J D
Ablett, Walter
Abney House Studio
Abney, Green & Abney
Abney, William de Wiveleslie (Sir)
Abraham & Sons
Abraham, Ashley
Abraham, D
Abraham, George Dixon
Abraham, George Perry
Abrahams & Sons
Abrahams Brothers & Co
Abrahams, David
Abrahams, Edward Charles
Abrahams, Ernest
Abrahams, H F
Abrahams, Harry
Abrahams, Harry F
Abrahams, Henry 
Abrahams, Henry E
Abrahams, Henry James
Abrahams, John
Abrahams, Moses
Abrahams, Raphael
Abrahams, S (Junior)
Abrahams, S F
Abrahams, Samuel
Abrahams, Samuel T
Abrahams, Woolf
Abrahams, Woolf 
Abrahamson, Harry (possibly Harry Abrahams)
Abram, A (Miss)
Absalom, Henry Charles
Absell, George
Absell, James
Academy Art Studio
Accrington Photographic Company
Ace, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Ace, Thomas Jenkins
Ace, William
Ace, William & Son
Ackary, Frederick
Ackhart, P
Ackland & Youngman
Acock, Charles F
Acock, Thomas William 
Acton, Henry Albert
Adair, Hugh
Adair, Isobel (Miss)
Adam & Co
Adam, Edward
Adam, R
Adam, Robert
Adam, William
Adams & Co
Adams & Cusden
Adams & Dowling
Adams & Francis
Adams & Porter
Adams & Salmon
Adams & Shelton
Adams Brothers
Adams, A
Adams, A W
Adams, Andrew
Adams, Arthur L
Adams, Arthur Walton
Adams, Arthur Walton &  Scanlan, William Robert; Stilliard, William Stilliard dec’d. (Adams & Stilliard)
Adams, Arthur Walton & Adams, Arthur Christopher & Adams, Marcus Algernon & Rose, Bernard Marlow (Walton Adams & Sons)
Adams, Arthur Walton & Scanlan, William Robert (Adams & Scanlan)
Adams, Arthur Walton & Stilliard, William (Adams & Stilliard)
Adams, C H
Adams, Charles
Adams, Edgar
Adams, E (Mrs)
Adams, E P
Adams, Edward
Adams, Edward Peter
Adams, Edward Peter & Co
Adams, Edwin
Adams, Edwin James
Adams, Ernest George
Adams, Frank
Adams, G
Adams, George
Adams, Gladstone
Adams, Gladstone Ltd
Adams, H
Adams, I
Adams, Isaac
Adams, Isabella (Miss) & Co
Adams, Isabella (Miss) (aka Isabella M’Ardle)
Adams, J
Adams, J (possibly James)
Adams, J F
Adams, James
Adams, James & Co
Adams, James Edward
Adams, James Frederick
Adams, John
Adams, John (Senior)
Adams, Josiah
Adams, Marcus
Adams, Percy Haselhurst
Adams, Thomas
Adams, Thomas J
Adams, Walton & Co
Adams, Walton Ltd
Adams, Walton & Son Ltd
Adams, William
Adams, William C
Adams, William H
Adams, William J
Adamson & Smith
Adamson Brothers
Adamson, A G
Adamson, Andrew
Adamson, David
Adamson, Henry S
Adamson, J Spencer
Adamson, Joe
Adamson, John
Adamson, John & Son
Adamson, Robert
Adamson, William
Adamson, William Peter
Adcock & Howie
Adcock, Ernest D
Adcock, Henry
Adderley Brothers
Adderley, John
Addey, W R
Addington, A
Addison, James & Co
Addy, William
Adelphi Developing Co
Adelphi Photographic Co
Adelphi School of Photography
Adelphi Studios Ltd
Adey, T
Adey-Adey, E
Adkins & Co
Adkins, A J
Adkins, E H
Adlington, George
Adolphe, Edgar
Adolphe, Lasauce
Adriatic Photographic Co
Advance Photo Co
Advance Publishing Co
Advertising Art Co
Aegena, Henri
Affleck, Alfred
Affleck, Allan Ritchie A
Affleck, Margaret (Miss)
Ager, Arthur William
Ager, Thomas
Aglio, Augustine Louis Cajetanus & Absolon (Aglio & Absolon)
Agnew & Co
Agnew & Gibb
Agnew & Son
Agnew, Alice (Mrs)
Agnew, Francis
Agnew, Frank
Ahlborn, Julius
Aiken, Henry
Aikman, George
Aikman, George Matthew
Aimer, William
Ainley, Edith
Ainley, Edith (Miss)
Ainley, F
Ainley, J H
Ainley, J H (Mr & Mrs)
Ainley, John Henry
Ainsley & Bayliss
Ainsley & Runciman
Ainsley (Aynsley), George
Ainsworth & Co
Ainsworth & Dauncey
Ainsworth, Harrison
Ainsworth, James
Ainsworth, Walter H
Ainsworth, William
Airdrie Photographic Establishment
Airey, George
Aitken, Cecil
Aitken, J M
Aitken, James
Aitken, John
Aitken, Jonathan
Ajax & Co
Akerman, I M
Akerman, James
Akers, Alfred
Akers, Frank S
Akers, John
Akers, William
Alabone, M
Aland & Co
Aland, John
Albemarle Photographic Gallery
Albermarle Photo Co
Albert Gate Photo Co
Albert Photo Co
Albert Studio
Albert, C
Albert, E
Albert, E & Co
Albert, J & Co
Albert, Richard
Alberto & Co
Alberto, Carlo
Alberto, Professor
Albin, Thomas
Albion Art Co
Albion Art Studio
Albion Photo Co
Albion Photographic Company
Albion Photographic Studio
Albion Portrait Co
Albone. Ernest
Albula studio
Album Portrait Co
Albury, Richard
Alcock, Alfred
Alcock, Alfred & Co
Alcock, Walter
Aldcroft, Thomas
Alden & Co
Alden, H
Alder & Co
Alder Brothers
Alder, George & Co
Alder, George Edward
Alder, George Edward & Co
Alder, J
Alder, Thomas
Aldercroft, Thomas
Alderman, T
Alderman, William
Alderslade, Charles
Alderslade, John Kenneth
Aldersley, Alpheus (aka Adolphus Aldersley)
Alderson, Edwin
Alderson, Geoffrey W
Alderson, William D
Aldham, Edwin Laver
Aldine Reproduction Co
Aldine, H
Aldis, E
Aldis, Edward
Aldis, Elijah
Aldous, Charles (aka Charles Aldons)
Aldous, W & P
Aldred, Henry
Aldridge, Charles
Aldridge, George
Alexander & Co
Alexander & Tatler
Alexander Brothers
Alexander, A C
Alexander, Charles
Alexander, David
Alexander, Edgar Ltd
Alexander, Edward
Alexander, Ernest Charles
Alexander, G
Alexander, George C
Alexander, Henry & Co
Alexander, Herman
Alexander, J
Alexander, Jeremiah
Alexander, Joseph Glover
Alexander, P
Alexander, Percy & Billington (Alexander & Billington)
Alexander, Percy & Co
Alexander, Scott
Alexander, Victor
Alexander, Walter F
Alexander, William
Alexandra Photographic (Photo) Co
Alexandra Portrait Co
Alexandra Studio
Alexandria Studio
Alfieri, Bernard
Alford & Holtson (aka Alford & Hotson)
Alford, E J
Alford, Thomas
Alfred, Henry
Alfred, Joseph & Son
Alfreds, Joseph
Algate, T & Co
Alger, Cleer Sewell
Alger, Cleer Sewell (Junior)
Alger, Frederick Sewell
Allan & Co
Allan & Hudson
Allan Brothers
Allan, Edwin
Allan, Gordon Thomas
Allan, James
Allan, John
Allan, R T M
Allan, Robert
Allan, Robert L
Allan, W Rodger & Co
Allan, Wallace
Allanson, Thomas Booth
Allard, Arthur William
Allard, Frederick
Allcorn, Alfred Frederick
Allcorn, T
Allcott, William (aka William Alcott)
Allday, Edward
Alldridge, John
Allee, E C
Allen & Baxter
Allen & Co
Allen & Horton
Allen & Hosking
Allen & Mitchell
Allen & Rowland
Allen & Son
Allen, A M
Allen, Alice Maude
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Charles
Allen, Charles Smith
Allen, Charles William
Allen, Dave
Allen, Edward
Allen, Eliza (Mrs)
Allen, Emily (Mrs)
Allen, Ernest
Allen, F
Allen, Fanny Downing
Allen, G & Co
Allen, G A
Allen, George
Allen, George & Son
Allen, George W
Allen, Godfrey
Allen, Godfrey W
Allen, Gordon Thomas
Allen, Harry Mortimer
Allen, Henry Mortimer
Allen, Herbert Charles
Allen, J P
Allen, James
Allen, James Maurice
Allen, Jesse
Allen, Joseph E
Allen, M & Co
Allen, Oswald
Allen, Oswald & Eliza (Mr & Mrs)
Allen, R W
Allen, Richard
Allen, Richard & Son
Allen, Richard & Son Ltd
Allen, Samuel John
Allen, Thomas
Allen, Thomas Alfred
Allen, Thomas John
Allen, Vandelow Hobman
Allen, W
Allen, W C
Allen, W J
Allen, W Rodger & Co
Allen, Walter
Allen, William
Allen, William Joseph
Allenby, William
Allerston, John Taylor
Allester, Patrick C
Alleyn, Henry
Alliance Art Co
Alliance Limited
Alliance Photographic (Photo) Company
Allingham & Co
Allinson, Henry
Allis, Edward Hagger
Allison & Allison (William & Herbert Allison)
Allison, D M
Allison, E A & W A
Allison, H & Co
Allison, W B
Allman, C A
Allman, E A
Allmutt, Roland
Allport, A & H
Allport, Austin & Co
Allport, Edward Henry
Allport, Thomas Bacon
Allsop (Alsop), C M & Co
Allsop, W
Allsopp, Henry
Allsopp, William
Allwork Brothers
Allwork, J L
Alma Studio (Co)
Almond, Albert
Almond, Thomas
Almond, V & L
Almond, William Thomas
Alston, Ezra
Alston, Ignatius
Alston, Ignatius & Son
Alston, James
Altior Royal Exchange Photographic Studios (aka Altior Studios)
Altman, Abraham
Altman, Solomon
Altrincham Photographic Co
Alty, Isabel
Alvin Studios
Alwyn, Charles G
Amateur Association
Amateur Photographic Intelligence Society
Ambidge, Harry
Ambidge, Henry
Ambidge, W
Ambler, John
Ambridge, Harry
Ambridge, Henry
Ambrose, D R
Ambrose, Frederick
Ambrose, Gordon M
Ambrose, Owen
American Aeroplane Studio
American Animated Photo Co
American Art Co
American Art Photo Co
American Art Portrait Co
American Boudoir Studios Ltd
American Card Photo Co
American Colograph Co
American Colorgraph & Ivory Types Ltd
American Daguerreotype Institute 
American Ferrotype Co
American Fine Art Association
American Fine Art Co
American Galleries
American Gem Co
American Gem Company
American Gem Photo Co
American Gem Studio
American Gem, Victoria & Ferrotype Co
American General Photographic Co
American Midget
American Midget Co
American Midget Galleries
American Midget Photographers
American Photo (Photographic) Company
American Photo Co
American Photo Studio
American Photographic Saloon
American Photographic Studio
American Portrait Art Co
American Portrait Co
American Star Co
American Star Gem & Princess Portrait Gallery
American Studio
American Studio Co
American Studios
Amery, W W (possibly William Amey)
Ames, Charles Albert
Ames, Edward Cooper
Ames, Ethel (Miss)
Ames, F & Co
Ames, Frederick George & Co
Ames, P
Ames, William
Ames, William & Son
Amey, William Vincent
Amos, F
Amos, George Thomas
Amos, William
Amy, George
Amy, George R
Ancell, Godfrey & H
Ancell, Walter
Anckorn, William John & Mrs
Anckorn, William John (aka W J Ankorn)
Ancrum, J S
Ancrum, J S & R H
Ancrum, J S & Son
Anders, Edward S
Anderson & Bain
Anderson & Hibbert
Anderson & Robson
Anderson Brothers
Anderson Brothers (John Anderson?)
Anderson, A J
Anderson, A J & Co
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Alexander G
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Charles C
Anderson, David A P
Anderson, George
Anderson, James
Anderson, James H
Anderson, James H & Son
Anderson, John & Son
Anderson, John W
Anderson, Mr
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, T? S & G
Anderson, Thomas M
Anderson, Thomas Miles
Anderson, William
Anderson, William B
Anderson, William Patrick (Willie)
Anderson, William Snowdall
Anderson’s Photographic Portrait Institution
Anderson’s Photographic Portraits
Anderson’s Saloon
Andre & Sleight Ltd
Andreae, J C
Andree, H
Andree, Harry Cust Ernest
Andrew, David
Andrew, Frank Warland
Andrew, H
Andrew, T
Andrew, William
Andrews & Parkin
Andrews & Son
Andrews, E
Andrews, George E
Andrews, H H
Andrews, H J
Andrews, Harry
Andrews, Henry
Andrews, Herbert Edward Lees
Andrews, Heskett
Andrews, J & Co
Andrews, James
Andrews, James (1)
Andrews, John Albert
Andrews, Robert
Andrews, T
Andrews, Thomas
Andrews, William
Angel, F
Angel, Owen
Angel, Samuel
Angell, Arthur Stanley
Angell, Frederick Eyrans
Angelo Photo Co
Angerers & Son
Angle & Co
Angle, Henry
Angle, Sydney Butler
Angle, Sydney Butler & Co
Anglo American Art Co
Anglo American Photo Co
Anglo American Photographic Co
Anglo American Portrait Co
Anglo American Studios
Anglo Barvarian Photographic Co
Anglo Continental Co
Anglo Engraving Co
Anglo German Studio
Angus, Robert H
Animated Photographs Ltd
Ankers, W H
Anley, Charles
Annan & Skelton
Annan & Son
Annan & Swan
Annan Brothers
Annan Engraving Co
Annan, F & R
Annan, James & Son
Annan, James Craig
Annan, John
Annan, Thomas
Annan, Thomas & Robert
Annan, Thomas & Robert & Sons (Annan & Sons)
Annesley, Hugh (Hon.)
Anonymous photographer
Anson, George
Ansonia, A A
Ansonia, James (junior)
Ansonia, James (senior)
Anstee, Sydney W
Anstey, Coleman Gibbs
Anstey, Harry
Anstice, Charles Arthur
Anstice, Charles Augustus
Anthony, F J
Anthony, Gordon
Anthony, Simon
Anticoni, M
Antill & Co
Antill & Smith
Antill & Sons
Antill, Charles
Antill, Ernest
Antill, H S
Antill, Herbert
Antill, Herbert Samuel
Antill, Thomas
Antill, William Samuel
Antoni, M
Antrobus, Dora (Miss)
Anyon, Emily (Mrs)
Apland & Co
Apollo Art Association
Appleby, C T
Appleby, C W
Appleby, Charles T
Appleby, Ernest William
Appleby, Robert
Appleby, T James
Appleby, W
Appleby, William E C
Applegarth, Samuel
Applegate, Herbert
Appleton & Co
Appleton & Spencer
Appleton, Charles
Appleton, J
Appleton, J F
Appleton, N & Co
Appleton, Richard J & Co
Appleton, Richard James
Appleton, Thomas William & Berlon, Henry
Appleton, Thomas William & Co
Appleton, Thomas William (aka Thomas William Appleton & Co AND aka Appleton & Co)
Appleton, William
Appleyard, Henry M
Appleyard, Walter
Appleyard, William
Applin, George Augustus
Applin’s Studios
Apps, A
Apps, Edward
Apted, Henry
Apthorpe, Dora (Miss)
Arbon, William
Arbus & Bernardi
Arbus, Louis
Arbus, M
Arbus, Sala
Arbuthnot, Malcolm
Arcade Photographic Co
Arcade Photographic Studios
Arcade Studio
Arcade Studio Co
Arcade Studios
Arcade Studios Ltd
Arcadia Bazzar Co
Arcadian Studios
Arch & Co
Archard, Leonard
Archbold, George & Co
Archer, A H
Archer, Argent A
Archer, Harry
Archer, John Richard
Archibald, A
Archibald, A B
Archibald, C
Archibald, Fowler & Ferrier
Archibald, John
Archibald, W
Archibald, Walt & Co
Architectural Photographic Association
Archway Photographic Studio Co
Arden & Co
Ardern, C E
Areas Photo Co
Argall, Ernest C
Argall, Frederick
Argenta Photography
Argyle Studios
Argyle, John
Arigho, J
Aris Photographic Services
Ariston C
Arkinson, W
Arkison, E
Arkless, Walter
Arlidge, A T
Arlidge, Albert
Arlidge, C W
Arlidge, P E
Arlidge, Samuel
Armagh Portrait Company
Armes, Edward William
Armitage & Co
Armitage, Edwin
Armitage, Irwin
Armitage, J J
Armitage, Lister (Mrs)
Armitage, Robert
Armitage, William
Armitage, William Clough
Armour, Ebenezer
Armour, James
Armour, James (Junior)
Armour, William A
Armstead & Maltby
Armstead, William
Armstrong, Alice (Miss)
Armstrong, F
Armstrong, Frederick
Armstrong, G
Armstrong, J
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, Percy
Armstrong, R
Armstrong, Richard
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Tom George
Armstrong, William
Army & Navy Auxiliary Co-Operative Supply Ltd.
Army & Navy Co-Operative Society Ltd
Arnall, John
Arnaud, Matthew
Arndt, Wolfgang
Arnell, Alfred
Arnett, H H
Arnett, James (aka James Arnitt)
Arnette, Martin
Arney, John
Arney, John & Son
Arnold & Co
Arnold & Sons
Arnold, Albert
Arnold, Cyril
Arnold, Edward
Arnold, Fred
Arnold, J
Arnold, James F
Arnold, John
Arnold, John (2?)
Arnold, Marshall Harry
Arnold, Richard George
Arnold, Thomas
Arnold, Thomas Douglas
Arnold, William M
Arnolds Studio
Arnold’s Studios
Arnott, Frederick James
Arnott, J G M
Arnsby, William J
Arnstein, Alex
Art & Decorative Photographic Co Ltd
Art & Humor Publishing Co Ltd
Art Beauty & Commerce Ltd
Art Gallery
Art Gallery Photo Works
Art Light Photo Co
Art Midget Photo Co
Art Miniature Studios
Art Photo Co
Art Photo Service
Art Photo Studio
Art Photograph & General Publishing Co
Art Photographic Association
Art Photographic Co
Art Photographic Studio
Art Photography Co
Art Photography Ltd
Art Photogravure Co Ltd
Art Portrait Co
Art Portrait Ltd
Art Portraits Ltd
Art Production Co
Art Publishing Co
Art Reproductions Co
Art Room Co
Art Studio Co
Art Studios Ltd
Artaud, M (Miss)
Artburne Fine Art Co
Arter, Thomas
Arthur & Arthur Ltd
Arthur & Co
Arthur & Johnson
Arthur, Alan
Arthur, Arthur
Arthur, C E
Arthur, Charles E
Arthur, F
Arthur, Francis
Arthur, Fred
Arthur, Fred Ltd
Arthur, G
Arthur, John
Arthur, Maurice
Arthur, W B
Arthur, William
Arthurlie Fine Art Co
Arthurlie Photo Enlarging Co
Artill, William & Co
Artis, F & E
Artis, Frederick
Artistic & Industrial Photographic Co
Artistic Commercial Photographers Ltd
Artistic Editions Agency
Artistic Illustrators Ltd
Artistic Photo Co
Artistic Photographic Co
Artistic Photographic Co Ltd
Artistic Photographic Company
Artistic Portrait Company
Artistic Portrait Company (aka London Artistic Portrait Co.)
Artistic Portrait Studio
Artistic Studios
Artistic Touring Photographic Company
Artists Association
Artists Co-operative Association
Artists Illustrators Ltd
Artlett, Francis
Artlett, Richard
Artograph Co
Artograph Ltd
Arundale, William
Ascoli, Abraham Augustus
Asguthorpe, Henry
Ash & Co
Ash, Charles William
Ash, Edward
Ash, Edwin
Ash, Edwin & Co
Ash, Frank
Ash, Fred (Frederick)
Ash, Frederick (Mrs)
Ash, Henry Septimus
Ash, J
Ash, J (Mrs)
Ash, J Bathbury
Ash, Maria
Ash, Moses
Ash, Thomas
Ash, William A
Ashbee, William H
Ashbolt, Augustus John
Ashbrook, Billie L
Ashburner, Thomas
Ashby, Aldhelm S
Ashby, George Frederick
Ashby, Percival Sydney
Ashcroft, William John
Ashdown, Edward Horace
Ashdown, Henry & Smith (Ashdown & Smith)
Ashdown, Henry William
Ashdown, Henry William & Co
Ashdown, Thomas Edward
Ashe, Morris S
Ashenden, Frederick
Asher & Drummond
Asher, Alexander
Asher, Arthur H
Ashford Brothers
Ashford Brothers & Co
Ashford, Frederick William
Ashford, Henry & Co
Ashford, Thomas Bristo
Ashley, A George
Ashley, Arthur Ernest
Ashley, Charles
Ashley, E M
Ashley, Hallam
Ashley, Jack
Ashley, John (Jonathan)
Ashley, Peter
Ashman & Co
Ashman, William Middleton
Ashman, William Middleton (Mrs)
Ashmore, Henry
Ashmore, J
Ashton & Son
Ashton Portrait Co
Ashton, Albert Cammock
Ashton, Albert William
Ashton, Andrew
Ashton, Benjamin
Ashton, E
Ashton, Edward
Ashton, Hanley
Ashton, Herbert
Ashton, J & Sons
Ashton, M (Mrs)
Ashton, Norman
Ashton, Robert Howe
Ashton, Thomas
Ashton, William
Ashton-under-Lyne Photographic Society
Ashurst & Meadows
Ashurst, Andrew
Ashurst, Arthur
Ashwell, William
Ashwin, Frank
Ashworth, Charles Frederick
Ashworth, Charles Henry
Ashworth, Giles
Ashworth, Giles & Son
Ashworth, Jack & Co
Ashworth, John
Ashworth, John S
Ashworth, John Spencerly & Yonwin, Charles Henry (Ashworth & Yonwin)
Ashworth, R
Ashworth, Sydney
Ashworth, Thompson
Ask, Richard
Askew & Dodd
Askew, Alice (Miss)
Askew, E
Askew, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Askew, H
Askew, H & Braund
Askew, John
Askey, George
Askwith, E B
Asmore, J
Aspden, Fred
Aspden, W
Aspin, Momfret
Aspin, T
Aspinall, Robert Peel
Aspland, C (Miss)
Asplet & Green
Asprey, Albert
Asquith, John
Asquith, Midgley
Asquith, Midgley & Son
Associated Illustration Agencies Ltd
Associated Photographers
Associated Press of Great Britain Ltd
Associated Press Service
Astbury, Robert Wilson
Astley & Peacock
Astley, N
Astley, William Henry
Aston, Albert Cammock
Aston, Albert William
Aston, John
Aston, S Clement
Aston, Thomas
Aston, W H
Aston, Walter
Aston, William
Astor & Co (aka Astor’s)
Astor Studios
Astor, James
Astor, William
Astor, William James
Astwood, Irvine
Astwood, J
At Home Portrait Co
Athenaeum Electric Studio
Athenaeum Studio
Atherly Studios
Athersych, Ralph H
Atherton, John
Atherton, R
Atherton, R & Co
Atherton, Robert
Atherton, William
Athey, M A
Athey, M O
Athey, Mark Owen
Athey, T & Co
Atkin, J E
Atkins & Lockyear
Atkins & Sons
Atkins, Alfred A
Atkins, Arthur
Atkins, George Jones
Atkins, J T
Atkins, Thomas
Atkins, William
Atkins, William Ernest
Atkinson & Son
Atkinson Brothers Ltd
Atkinson, Alfred William
Atkinson, Angelo
Atkinson, Arthur Woodcroft & Co
Atkinson, Ashworth & Co
Atkinson, B T
Atkinson, Charles
Atkinson, E
Atkinson, Edward
Atkinson, Eliza
Atkinson, Ellen
Atkinson, F
Atkinson, Frederick
Atkinson, Frederick & Sons
Atkinson, George
Atkinson, George M
Atkinson, George Thomas
Atkinson, H
Atkinson, Henry
Atkinson, Henry D
Atkinson, Herbert Dearman
Atkinson, J
Atkinson, J H
Atkinson, J S
Atkinson, James
Atkinson, James G
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, John & Edward
Atkinson, John & Son
Atkinson, John William
Atkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, M (Miss)
Atkinson, Michael
Atkinson, Montague
Atkinson, R
Atkinson, Rowland
Atkinson, S
Atkinson, Thomas
Atkinson, W
Atkinson, W A & Co
Atkinson, William
Atkinson, William John
Atkinson’s Atelier Photographique
Atkinson’s Electric Studio
Atkyns & Burton
Atlantic Art Studios
Atlantic Photographic Co (Limited)
Atley, William
Attenborough (Mr)
Attenborough, Henry J
Attenborough, William Edward
Attenbury, H J
Attewell, Ernest
Attfield, A E
Attwood, Thomas
Attwooll, William Angel
Atwood, William S & Co
Atwood, William S & Son
Atwood, William Samuel
Aubrey & Co
Aubrey, Edwin
Aubrey, H (Mrs)
Aubrey, H J
Aubrey, Henry
Audare, John (aka John Audaer)
Audas, Eleanor Ann (Mrs)
Audas, Robert
Audas, William
Audas, William & Co
Auden, James
Audoinre, N
Audoire, Henry
Audrainh, L A
Audrey, Charles
Auguste, Frederick & Co (aka T A Huggins)
Auld, Charles
Auld, James
Auld, Lockhart
Ault, F H
Ault, Henry Thomas
Aurbach, S
Ausher & Nathan
Austen, Charles
Austen, George William
Austen, W
Austen, Walters
Austen, William
Austin & Co
Austin, Albert E (aka A E Austen)
Austin, Charles
Austin, Clarence Henry
Austin, E & Co
Austin, Edward John & Son
Austin, F & Co
Austin, Frank
Austin, Frederick
Austin, G
Austin, George
Austin, H
Austin, Henry Thomas
Austin, J
Austin, J H
Austin, James
Austin, John & Co
Austin, Joseph Percy
Austin, L J
Austin, M & A (Misses)
Austin, Rodney & Co
Austin, W & Co
Austin, William
Austral Photographic Service
Australian Art Co
Australian Photographic Company
Australian Studios
Auto Electric Studios
Auto Foto Co
Auto Photo Co
Auto Photo Publishing Co
Auto Portraits Ltd
Auto Press Pictures
Auto Studios
Autochrome Co
Autograph Ltd
Automated Engraving Co
Automatic & General Photographic Co Ltd
Automatic Photograph Co (Limited)
Auton, John
Auton, Richardson
Autophoto Co
Autotype Co
Autotype Co Ltd
Auty & Heaven
Auty & Ruddock
Auty Ltd
Auty, Charles
Auty, Matthew
Ava Studios
Avenell, William & Co (aka W Avenall & Co & W Avenill & Co)
Avenue Photographic Co
Averill, Ellen (Miss)
Averill, Thomas
Avery & Marks
Avery Illustrations
Avery Ltd
Avery, Albert
Avery, Edward
Avery, Edward C
Avery, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Avery, Frederick George
Avery, George
Avery, George Frederick
Avery, Henry
Avery, Henry Alfred
Avery, J F
Avery, John
Avery, John C
Avery, John H & Co
Avery, John James
Avery, John James & Sons
Avery, Thomas J
Avery, Thomas Porter
Avery, W
Avey, E
Avey, Edward
Avey, P (Mrs)
Aveyard, T
Avezathe, Basil Vos (Von)
Avins, John
Avison, E & Co
Avison, Edwin
Avison, W
Axe & Sales
Axell, Charles Henry
Aycliffe, G W
Ayers, Harry
Ayers, Henry
Ayers, R
Ayers, Thomas
Ayers, Thomas (Junior)
Aylen, Samuel
Ayles & Bonniwell
Aylesbury, Hector Joseph
Aylesbury, Victor
Aylett, A
Ayliffe, George
Ayliffe, George William
Ayling, Charles
Ayling, Edward
Ayling, F
Ayling, Joseph
Ayling, Stephen
Ayling, Stephen & Newcombe, Charles Thomas (Ayling & Newcombe)
Aylward, Henry Augustus
Ayres, Richard
Ayres, Richard & J
Ayres, Thomas S
Ayres, William Mountford
Ayrshire Photographic Co
Ayton, Alexander
Azulay & Sons
Azulay, Albert (aka A Asulay)
Azulay, Clara (Mrs)
Azulay, Henry
Azulay, Isaac
Azulay, Isaac H
Azulay, Isaac Henry
Azulay, Isaac Henry (see Hazulay)
Azulay, Isaac Levy
B & E Portrait Co
B C C Studios
B K S Photographic Services
Babbs, Herbert
Baber, William
Bacchus, William R (aka William R Bachus)
Bachan, John
Bachrach, M
Back, Richard Joseph
Backshell, William
Bacon & Johnson
Bacon, Archibald James
Bacon, James
Bacon, James & Ismay-Taylor (Bacon & Ismay-Taylor)
Bacon, James & Sons
Bacon, James & Sons (London) Ltd
Bacon, James & Sons Ltd
Bacon, Thomas
Bacon, W H
Badams, William
Badcock & Son
Badcock, Harry Digby
Baddiel, Nathan
Baden Powell Photographic Company
Baga, Nat
Baggett, Joseph
Baggott, Charles
Bagley, B & M (Misses)
Bagnall, J J B
Bagnall, James
Bagnall, James & Walton, Payne (Bagnall & Walton)
Bagnall, John L
Bagnall, William H
Bagnelle & Small
Bagot, John
Bagshaw, John
Bagshaw, Luke
Bagshaw, Luke & Son
Bagshaw, P R
Bagshot, R C
Baigent, J & R
Baigent, Richard (Junior)
Bailes, Richard
Bailey, A H Stoll
Bailey, Alfred James
Bailey, Alfred James & Sons
Bailey, B A
Bailey, E M
Bailey, F
Bailey, Fred E
Bailey, H
Bailey, Henry
Bailey, J
Bailey, J & Co
Bailey, John
Bailey, William
Bailey, William A
Bailie, William
Baillie, James
Baillie, John
Baillie, L
Baillie, William L
Bain, Charles G
Bain, Elsie Mabel (Mrs)
Bain, Francis Stephenson
Bain, Frank
Bain, Samuel
Bain, William E
Bainbridge, J T
Bainbridge, James
Bainbridge, W
Baines, George
Baines, John James
Baines, William
Bainfier, Clarence
Baird & Sutter
Baird, R
Baird, Roger
Bakal, Mark
Bake, Robert Rankine
Bake, Robert Rankine (also see W G Chapple)
Baker & Brown
Baker & Co
Baker & Dixon
Baker & Hudson
Baker & Muggeridge
Baker & Swift
Baker Brothers
Baker Street Photographic Co
Baker, A J
Baker, A J & F W
Baker, A P (t/a London & County Photographic Company)
Baker, A V
Baker, Archie & Fred
Baker, C
Baker, C & H
Baker, Charles
Baker, Charles Henry
Baker, Charles Robert
Baker, D
Baker, D W
Baker, E
Baker, E & Son
Baker, E J (I?)
Baker, Edmund J
Baker, Edmund Smith
Baker, Edmund Smith & Son
Baker, Edwin
Baker, Edwin Isaac
Baker, Edwin Smith & Son
Baker, Egeston
Baker, Elsie D
Baker, Ernest Henry
Baker, Frank Andrew
Baker, Frederick
Baker, Gabriel Augustine
Baker, George
Baker, Gertrude (Mrs) & Flora
Baker, H
Baker, H & Co
Baker, Harold
Baker, Harold Ltd
Baker, Harry
Baker, Harry E
Baker, Henry
Baker, Henry (Senior)
Baker, Henry James
Baker, Henry Thomas
Baker, Henry Watson
Baker, J
Baker, J P (Junior)
Baker, James
Baker, John
Baker, John James
Baker, John Leslie
Baker, John Thomas
Baker, Joseph (Junior)
Baker, Joseph Perren
Baker, Joseph Perren & Son
Baker, Leslie Alex
Baker, Louisa & Walter Egerton (L & W Baker)
Baker, Misses
Baker, Paul
Baker, Percy
Baker, Percy John
Baker, Philip Henry (Junior)
Baker, T
Baker, T H
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Thomas & Son
Baker, Thomas David
Baker, Thomas Herbert
Baker, Thomas Herbert & Sons
Baker, Vera (Miss)
Baker, W
Baker, W B
Baker, Walter
Baker, Walter & Co
Baker, Walter & Co Ltd
Baker, Walter Henry
Baker, Walter Henry (?) & Co
Baker, William
Baker, William Charles
Baker, William Edward
Baker, William E
Baker, William E R
Baker, William James
Baker, William James & Son
Baker, William S
Baker-Smith, E W
Bakesmith, W
Bakewell & Lee
Bakhurst, T
Balabanian & Yuill
Balbirnie, Samuel Ray (aka S Balberni or S Balbirni or S Ray Balberni)
Balcanquhal, James
Bald, Alexander Henry
Bald, Mariane
Balding (Baldwing), Edwin R
Balding, Alfred
Baldry, Edward Hermann
Baldry, H C
Baldry, James Spencer
Baldry, William
Baldwin Art Studio
Baldwin Brothers
Baldwin Brothers & Bartlam
Baldwin Studio
Baldwin, A & J
Baldwin, Arthur William
Baldwin, Edward (Edwin) Walter
Baldwin, Edward (Edwin) Walter & Frank George
Baldwin, Edwin
Baldwin, Herbert F
Baldwin, J
Baldwin, Thomas Joseph
Baldwin, W
Bale, Arthur
Bale, Stewart
Bale, Thomas
Bale, Walter
Bales, Daniel
Bales, James
Baliol, Henry George
Balk & Brown
Balk, Leon
Ball & Coates
Ball & Goddard (probably F E Ball & J F Goddard )
Ball, Albert Edward
Ball, Albert Edward & Son
Ball, Alexander James
Ball, Arnold Samuel
Ball, C
Ball, E W
Ball, Edward Speare
Ball, Edward Speare & Co
Ball, F
Ball, F C
Ball, Fred
Ball, Frederick
Ball, Frederick Edward
Ball, Frederick J
Ball, G
Ball, James
Ball, John
Ball, John Joseph
Ball, Joseph
Ball, Lewis G
Ball, Thomas
Ball, Thomas Benjamin
Ball, Thomas W A
Ball, William
Ball, William & Co
Ballance, W
Ballantine, Dumfries
Ballantine, John
Ballantine, Robert
Ballantine, Robert D
Ballantine, Serjeant
Ballantyne, D B
Ballantyne, George
Ballantyne, John Edward
Ballard, Edmund George
Ballard, W R
Ballard, William Llanwarne
Ballenger, James
Balley & Flower, Harry (Balley & Flower)
Balley, E Ellis
Balley, Ellis
Ballingall, Frederick
Ballingall, Irene (Mrs)
Balliott, William
Balls, Frederick
Balls, Frederick Charles
Balmain, James C H
Balmain, Kenneth F
Balme, George
Balmer, J V & Co
Balmforth, H
Balmforth, James
Balmoral Studio
Balmoral Studios
Bamber, Harry
Bamber, J P
Bamber, Joshua
Bambrick, John C
Bambridge Art Studios
Bambridge, James
Bambridge, John
Bambridge, J
Bambridge, William
Bamford, Charles H
Bamford, Harry
Bamforth, Harry
Bamforth, Harry & Co
Bamforth, James
Bampton, Eugene Frederick
Bamrer, J P
Banbury & Maylott
Banbury, Arthur
Banbury, G
Bancroft & Priestley
Bancroft, Elias
Bancroft, Stephen
Bancroft, William
Bancroft, William Henry
Baneff, Joseph S
Banes, Edward
Banes, Elsie (Mrs)
Banfield, Violet (Miss)
Banford, Harry
Banger & Co
Banger, Edgar H
Banger, Edgar H & Co
Banger, Ernest A
Banger, F H
Banger, Henry
Banger, Mary D
Banger, Michael
Banger, Michael E
Banister, William
Bankes Photographic Gallery
Banks & Greaves
Banks & Son
Banks, Agnew
Banks, Cornelius
Banks, E
Banks, Edward Lawrence
Banks, Edwin
Banks, Fischer
Banks, Frederick John
Banks, Henry
Banks, J
Banks, James
Banks, John
Banks, Malcolm
Banks, P G
Banks, Robert
Banks, T R
Banks, Violet (Miss)
Banks, William
Banks, William James
Banne, Adolph
Banner, E
Bannerman, George
Bannerman, Robert Hendry
Banning, Beatrice (Mrs)
Banning, Thomas
Bannister, Frederick William
Bannister, Frederick William & Co
Bannister, George
Bannister, Mary Jane
Bantock, Roger James (aka R J Banstock)
Banton, T
Banyard, Charles
Banyard, James Charles (aka J C Banyards)
Bar Brothers
Bara, Ambrose
Bara, Lily (Madame)
Barat, G & Madame (Margaret)
Barat, George Paul
Barat, George Paul & Co (Barat & Co)
Barat, George Paul & Hall, Horatio Nelson (Barat & Hall)
Barat, George Paul & Madame
Barback, Leslie
Barber & Wood
Barber, A
Barber, Alfred
Barber, Alfred & Goddard, John (Barber & Goddard)
Barber, Alfred & Marks (Barber & Marks)
Barber, C
Barber, Charles
Barber, Charles (Taunton)
Barber, Charles C
Barber, Charles George
Barber, Frederick
Barber, Frederick William
Barber, George & Augustus (Barber & Augustus)
Barber, J
Barber, J? G?
Barber, James Henry
Barber, Oswin
Barber, Theodore U
Barber, William
Barber, William B
Barber, William H
Barber, William Harvey
Barbour, Alexander
Barbour, Robert
Barbour, Thomas Middlehurst
Barclay & Co
Barclay Brothers
Barclay, Charles
Barclay, J
Barclay, John
Barclay, Thomas Henderson
Barclay, William Bigg
Barclay, William Bigg & Co (Barclay & Co)
Barclay, William Bigg & Groom, David (Barclay & Groom)
Barcroft & Crabtree, David (Barcroft & Crabtree)
Bard, Madam
Barden, Charles H
Bardin, John
Bardon, E
Bardsley, Alice (Mrs)
Bardsley, John
Bardsley, Jonathan (Mrs)
Bardsley, Samuel
Bardwell & Co
Bardy & Co
Barfield, George
Barfoot, Henry
Barham, William
Baring-Gould, L (Miss)
Bark, Cyrus Voss (Von)
Barke, J J
Barker & Draper
Barker & Hudson
Barker & Pragnell
Barker & Smartt
Barker Motion Photography Ltd
Barker, Albert P
Barker, Alfred John
Barker, Arthur
Barker, C
Barker, C G
Barker, Charles
Barker, Charles Ives
Barker, E Vernon
Barker, E Vernon & Price, Charles H (Barker & Price)
Barker, Edward Andrew
Barker, Ethel (Miss)
Barker, George
Barker, George E
Barker, James
Barker, Joan (Miss)
Barker, John
Barker, John Thomas
Barker, Joseph
Barker, L & E
Barker, O
Barker, Samuel James
Barker, Thomas
Barker, W D
Barker, William
Barker, William Baylis
Barker, William George
Barker, William James
Barker’s Photo Works
Barklay & Sons
Barkowski, Vincent
Barkshire Brothers (Alfred James Barkshire & Oswald Wallace Barkshire)
Barkshire, Alfred James
Barkway, Frederick M
Barley, S
Barlow & Shurvell
Barlow Brothers
Barlow, David W
Barlow, Edith L (Miss)
Barlow, Horace
Barlow, James
Barlow, John H
Barlow, Thomas M
Barlow, Thomas Pratt
Barmes & Son (Messrs)
Barnaby, E Albert Ernest
Barnaby, E Albert Ernest Ltd
Barnaby, Ernest
Barnaby, F
Barnaby’s Studio Ltd
Barnard & Cantle
Barnard & Heilbronn
Barnard & Starker
Barnard Brothers
Barnard, Edwin
Barnard, George
Barnard, J
Barnard, James
Barnard, John Thomas
Barnard, Jonathan
Barnard, Leonard J
Barnard, Marcus
Barnard, Philip Augustus
Barnard, Philip Augustus & Hebe Renard (Mrs) (aka Barnard & Hebe)
Barnard, Thomas
Barnard, W
Barnartt, Mark
Barnartt, Mark & Cohen (Barnartt & Cohen)
Barndon, John William
Barnes & Co
Barnes & Craxton
Barnes & Douglas
Barnes & Dunsmuir
Barnes & Field
Barnes & Judge
Barnes & Son
Barnes, A
Barnes, Albert Henry (1)
Barnes, Albert Henry (2)
Barnes, Annie (Mrs)
Barnes, Charles
Barnes, Cornelius
Barnes, E
Barnes, Ernest Albert
Barnes, F
Barnes, Forrester Seeley
Barnes, Frederick
Barnes, G G Crawford
Barnes, George
Barnes, George William
Barnes, J H
Barnes, James
Barnes, James Alfred Sleeman
Barnes, John
Barnes, John Henry
Barnes, Joseph
Barnes, M
Barnes, Matilda Sarah (Mrs)
Barnes, Molly
Barnes, Richmond
Barnes, Robert Freeman
Barnes, Robert Geoffrey
Barnes, Robert William
Barnes, Robert William & Son
Barnes, Sidney
Barnes, Thomas
Barnes, Thomas & Son
Barnes, Thomas John
Barnes, Thomas John & Son
Barnes, W J
Barnes, William
Barnes, William (aka W A Barnes)
Barnes, William Aug
Barnes, William M
Barnett & Miller
Barnett & Rose
Barnett & Secourable
Barnett, Alexander
Barnett, G H
Barnett, Goodman & Rose
Barnett, Henry Walter
Barnett, Henry Walter & Co Ltd
Barnett, M
Barnett, Morris
Barnett, O H
Barnett, William
Barney, J
Barney, Maurice
Barns Brothers
Barns, Frank
Barns, John
Barns, Percival
Barns, Samuel West
Barns, Samuel West (Mrs)
Barns, Sydney
Barns, Thomas
Barnsley Photo Co
Barnwell, George F
Barolet, E (Mrs)
Baron & Bristow
Baron, David
Baron, Edward
Baron, H
Baron, Hartley
Baron, Henry
Baron, James
Barr Brothers
Barr, B W
Barr, James
Barr, John
Barr, Maggie
Barr, Robert
Barr, W
Barr, William B
Barrable, John George
Barraclough, Arnold
Barraclough, C
Barraclough, D
Barraclough, Emile
Barraclough, Enoch
Barraclough, Harry
Barraclough, Joseph
Barraclough, William
Barrass, Alfred
Barrass, Robert
Barratt, A
Barratt, George A
Barratt, John
Barratt, John & Stanley, John (Barratt & Stanley)
Barratt, John (aka J Barrett)
Barratt, Peter
Barratt’s Photo Press Ltd
Barraud & Robertson
Barraud, A
Barraud, F
Barraud, Herbert Rose
Barraud, Herbert Rose & Jerrard, George Milner Gibson (Barraud & Jerrard)
Barraud, Herbert Rose (Junior)
Barraud, Philip
Barraud, Philip & Co
Barraud, Philip & Co Ltd
Barrauds Limited
Barrauds Photographic Establishment 
Barrauds Photographic Establishment  Ltd
Barrett & Co
Barrett & Son
Barrett & Stanley
Barrett, Angelina & Emily (Misses)
Barrett, Angelina (Miss)
Barrett, Annie (Mrs)
Barrett, Arthur
Barrett, Augusta
Barrett, E R (Mrs)
Barrett, Eugene V (Mrs)
Barrett, H (Mrs)
Barrett, Harold Vernon
Barrett, Harold Vernon Ltd
Barrett, Harry
Barrett, Henry
Barrett, Henry & Upton (Barrett & Upton)
Barrett, Henry Arthur
Barrett, Herbert
Barrett, Howard
Barrett, Joe
Barrett, John
Barrett, John Edmund
Barrett, M
Barrett, Michael
Barrett, Michael Frederick
Barrett, Reginald Douglas
Barrett, Richard
Barrett, Richard Henry
Barrett, Richard Henry & Son
Barrett, Robert A
Barrett, Samuel J
Barrett, Samuel Joseph
Barrett, Vernon
Barrett, W
Barrett, W R
Barrett, Walter
Barrett, Walter H
Barrett, Walter H (R?)
Barrett, William
Barrett, William & Son
Barrett, William R
Barrett’s Photo Press
Barri, Stella (Miss)
Barrie & Mullins
Barrie, Frederick
Barrie, Newton
Barrington, Benedict
Barrington, Benedict & Co
Barrington, William
Barriston, Edward
Barritt, James
Barritt, James (Junior)
Barritt, Robert
Barron, Ernest Bosworth
Barron, Henry
Barron, Victor Richard
Barrow, Edward Thomas Ebenezer
Barrow, George
Barrow, Jonathan
Barrow, Joseph
Barrow, William
Barry & Co
Barry, B
Barry, Bartholomew
Barry, C Clarke
Barry, George
Barry, James
Barry, James & Gilley (Barry & Gilley)
Barry, Oliver William
Barry, W
Barry, W P
Barry, William
Barry, William J C & Co
Barsted, John W
Barter, George G
Barth, George
Bartholomew, H
Bartholomew, Q
Bartholomew, William
Barthorpe, George Henry
Bartier, William
Bartlam, Charles
Bartlam, Kathleen (Mrs)
Bartle & Reed
Bartle, Alfred
Bartle, Thomas
Bartlett & Co
Bartlett & Preston
Bartlett, C M
Bartlett, Charles
Bartlett, Charles & Son
Bartlett, E M
Bartlett, Emily (Mrs)
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, H
Bartlett, Harry W
Bartlett, J
Bartlett, Lewis William
Bartlett, P R
Bartlett, R L
Bartlett, Ruth (Mrs)
Bartlett, T
Bartlett, William A
Bartlett, William Josiah
Bartley, John W
Barton, C
Barton, E Victor
Barton, Frank
Barton, Fred(a) (Mrs)
Barton, G
Barton, Geoffrey
Barton, George
Barton, George Henry
Barton, H
Barton, Harvey & Son
Barton, Helena M (Miss)
Barton, Howard Ltd
Barton, Jabez
Barton, James
Barton, John
Barton, Lewis
Barton, S
Barton, Sidney James
Barton, Sydney
Barton, Sydney (Sidney)
Barton, T A
Barton, William
Barton, William Harvey
Barton, William Henry
Bartram, Lionel
Barugh & Swinden
Barwell, George
Barwich, John William
Barwick, Arthur J
Barwick, J W
Barwick, Walter
Barwise, J
Barwise, Joseph
Basebe & Buckman (aka Basebee & Buckman)
Basebe & Sons
Basebe (Messrs)
Basebe, Athelstane
Basebe, Bertram
Basebe, Charles
Basebe, Ethelred
Baseby, A
Basevi, Edgar A
Basevi, Edgar E
Basher, William John
Bashford, George
Bashford, George & Mercier (Bashford & Mercier)
Bashford, James
Bashford, W H
Bashford, William
Bashford, William T
Basil & Co
Basil, Angus
Baskerville, A G
Bassano (Messrs)
Bassano Limited
Bassano, Alexander
Bassano, Alexander & Browne, Thomas (Bassano & Browne)
Bassano, Alexander Ltd
Bassano, W
Bassano’s Studios Ltd
Bassett, Clara (Mrs)
Bassett, E Haydon
Bassett, Ernest
Bassett, Herbert P
Bassett, Oliver George
Bassett, William
Bassingdale, T H
Bastain, Harry (Henry Robert Bastain)
Bastain, William Robert
Bastain, William Robert & Sons
Bastick, Henry James Dawes
Basve, Bertram
Baswitz, Olga (Miss)
Batch, Wiliam
Batchan, John W
Batchan, John W & Co
Batchelder Brothers
Batchelder, S J
Batchelder, Stephen John & Son
Batchelder, Stephen John (Junior)
Batchelor, H G
Batchelor, Lilly (Miss)
Bate, Henry
Bate, John
Bate, Samuel
Bateman Brothers
Bateman, C
Bateman, George & Son
Bateman, Stephen
Bateman, Theophilus Edgar
Batemann (Bateman), John B
Bates & Co
Bates & Son
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Athur
Bates, Bernard
Bates, Charles
Bates, Charles E
Bates, Charles Edwin
Bates, David
Bates, E
Bates, Frank
Bates, G
Bates, George
Bates, H
Bates, James
Bates, James B
Bates, James Richard
Bates, John
Bates, R
Bates, R G
Bates, Richard
Bates, Richard C
Bates, Richard H
Bates, Robert
Bates, Samuel
Bates, Sidney
Bates, Thomas
Bates, Thomas W
Bates, W
Bates, W Bernard
Bates, William
Bates, William & Son
Bates, William Edgar
Bates, Y
Bateson & Rallinshaw
Bateson, George & Son
Bath & Bristol Portrait Co
Bath Photographic Co
Bath Photographic Studio (proprietor Chas Search)
Bath, F
Bath, Joseph
Bath, Maria (Mrs)
Bath, Ursel
Bath, William
Bath, William & Co
Bathe, George William
Bathe, R L
Bathe, William G
Bathgate Photo Co
Batho, Alfred (aka A Baths)
Batho, Charles
Batho, Frederick
Batholemew, John
Bathurst, F E
Batiste, Maurice
Batiste, Maurice & Co
Batiste, Maurice & Son
Batley, Ernest
Batley, J W
Batley, Walter
Batt, Richard Teast
Batt, Thomas W A
Batten, George Kevern
Batten, William Henry
Battersby, Frederick
Battersby, J & Son
Battersby, Thomas
Battersby, William
Batteson, H
Battey, Arnold
Battey, Ernest (aka E Batley)
Battey, J W & Sons
Battey, Joseph William
Battson, Thomas
Batty, Charles
Batty, Ernest
Batty, G
Batty, Henry J
Batty, J W & Son
Batty, John
Baty, Nellie (Miss)
Baudoux, E
Baudoux, E & Son
Baugh, Charles T
Baugh, Spencer
Baugh, Spencer & Bensley (Baugh & Bensley)
Bauley, H J
Baum, Edmond J
Baum, Franz (aka Frank & France & Francis)
Baume & Lancaster
Baume, Adolph (Herr)
Baume, John
Baume, John & Marchbank, John (Baume & Marchbank)
Baume, M (Madame)
Baume, Sarony & Baume (aka Buame)
Baume, Sarony, Baume & Lancaster
Baumgart, Oscar
Baumgart, Otto
Baverstock, W
Baverstock, W J
Baverstock, W J (Junior)
Bawtree, A L
Bax, George
Bax, William Charles
Baxter & Andrews
Baxter & Roberts
Baxter & Sons
Baxter & Wallace
Baxter, A
Baxter, B
Baxter, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Baxter, Florence (Miss)
Baxter, Hugh
Baxter, J H
Baxter, J J
Baxter, John
Baxter, John A
Baxter, John William
Baxter, Jonas
Baxter, Robert
Baxter, Thomas F
Bay State Photo Co
Bayes, A W
Bayfield, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Bayfield, James Slee
Bayfield, John Gordon
Bayfield, John James
Bayfield, Thomas Charles
Bayfield, W H
Bayley, F
Bayley, Fred E
Bayley, G
Bayley, G A
Bayley, George Alfred
Bayley, George Thomas
Bayley, H & Son
Bayley, John H
Bayley, T
Bayley’s Studio Ltd
Baylis, A G N
Baylis, Albert
Baylis, Alice Louise (Mrs)
Baylis, Charles J
Baylis, Edward Robert
Baylis, Thomas
Baylis, William B
Baylis, William H
Baylis, William Haile (aka William Haill Baylis)
Baylis, William Hale
Bayliss, Philip
Bayliss, William Henry
Bayne, Alexander
Bayne, Herbert
Bayne, James
Baynton, Edward Charles
Baynton, Henry
Bayswater Photographic Co
Bayzand, Herbert W
Beach Brothers
Beach, Arthur Henry
Beach, Charles Edward
Beach, Hawey
Beach, Henry Thomas
Beach, Herbert
Beach, J H
Beach, James
Beach, Jonothan P
Beach, Sidney George
Beach, Susannah (Mrs)
Beach, W T
Beach, William
Beach, William J A
Beacham & Macleod 
Beacham, F C
Beacham, Joseph
Beadel, Leapman & Beadel
Beadel, Victor
Beadell, Frederick
Beadell, S
Beagles, John & Co
Beak, A
Beal, Michael & Son
Beal, Samuel B
Beal, Samuel B & Co
Beale, Amos
Beale, J Henry
Beales & Co
Beales & Kennerell
Beales & Wray
Beales Brothers
Beales, Anthony
Beales, Anthony & Co
Beales, Bowser & Kennerell
Beales, D & Co
Beales, Frederick
Beales, Frederick & George
Beales, G (Mrs)
Beales, G Anthony
Beales, George
Beales, George & Son
Beales, George & Sons
Beales, James Henry (aka James Henry Beals)
Beales, Walter
Bealing, Augustus James & Son (aka Angus James Bealing & Son)
Bealing, Augustus James (aka Angus James Bealing)
Bean & Co
Bean & Halliday
Bean, Arthur
Bean, Edgar
Bean, George Leonard
Bean, John
Bean, Richard Lewis
Bean-Bassett Ltd
Beararni, John
Beard & Foad
Beard & Sharp
Beard, Alex & Co
Beard, Alfred Lloyd
Beard, Edward
Beard, Ernest Alfred
Beard, Ernest S
Beard, F H
Beard, H
Beard, Henry
Beard, Jane (Mrs)
Beard, John
Beard, Lessey Blackmore
Beard, Richard
Beard, Richard (Junior)
Beard, Robert Lloyd
Beard, W
Beard, W Lloyd
Beard, William
Beard, William H
Beardall, Walter
Beardell, P R
Bearden, Daniel
Beardsall, Bernard Langley
Beardsell, George W
Beardsmore, H
Beardsworth & Co
Beare, Owen Dunstan
Bearne, George W
Bearwood Photographic Studio 
Beasant, William
Beasworth, J
Beatie, E W
Beaton, James
Beaton, William
Beaton, William B
Beaton, William Leith
Beattie & Bark
Beattie & Seed
Beattie, Alfred
Beattie, Charles
Beattie, Charles John
Beattie, Hodgson
Beattie, John
Beattie, Leslie
Beattie, Mary & Co
Beattie, Robert
Beattie, William
Beatty, Francis S
Beatty, Francis S & Miller, William (Beatty & Miller)
Beau, Adolphe Paule Auguste
Beauford, H & Maguire (Beauford & Maguire)
Beauford, Henry
Beauford, Henry (aka M Beauford)
Beauford, Richard
Beauford, Robert
Beaufort, E P
Beaufort, John (Jonathan) William
Beaulah & Swaine  
Beaumont, B
Beaumont, Edward
Beaumont, James
Beaumont, Joseph
Beaumont, Joseph & John
Beaumont, Joseph (Joe) Firth
Beaumont, W
Beaumont-Calvert Studios 
Beaumont-Calvert, A
Beavan & Barnaby
Beavan & Co
Beavan & Son 
Beavan & Sons
Beavan, R H
Beaver & Co 
Beavis, Percy
Beazley, Robert
Beazley, Robert  
Bechewaise, James (aka James Bechevaise)
Beck, F
Beck, Frederick
Beck, George
Beck, H
Beck, John  
Beck, Marion (Mrs )
Beck, Maurice
Beck, William Arthur
Becker, Hugo
Becker, L
Becker, Lewis (Louis)
Becket & Johnson 
Becket, James
Becket, Samuel
Beckett Brothers 
Beckett, Charles L
Beckett, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Beckett, Ernest A
Beckett, Henry & Co
Beckett, J
Beckett, James
Beckett, James & Son
Beckett, Jarratt Rudston
Beckett, John
Beckett, John & Willis, George (Beckett & Willis)
Beckett, Lily (Miss)
Beckett, Robert
Beckett, Robert & Sons
Beckett, Samuel
Beckett, Samuel Joshua
Beckett, William
Beckford Ltd 
Beckham, Leslie Horatio
Beckley, C
Beckman Brothers 
Beckwith, Charles Foster
Bedford Studios 
Bedford, Carus C & Co
Bedford, Charles C
Bedford, F (possibly Francis)
Bedford, Francis
Bedford, J
Bedford, John William
Bedford, R
Bedford, William 
Bedlington, Jacob
Bedminister Photo Co  
Bedom & Hawley  
Bedwell, Ernest
Bedwell, Ernest & Brown, J
Bedwell, Ernest & Co
Bedwell, George
Bedwell, J
Bee, Arthur
Beeby, Alfred
Beech & Shaw 
Beech Hill Studio
Beech, Edwin
Beech, F
Beech, Henry
Beech, Richard
Beech, William
Beech, Worthington
Beechey, Clement
Beel, Lilian (Miss)
Beer & Son  
Beer & Sons 
Beer, Frederick A
Beer, John
Beer, Percy
Beer, Reginald
Beer, William
Beer, William & Sons
Beere, Henry William
Beesley, George R
Beeson, Francis Thomas
Beeston, Alfred George
Beeston, Charles & Beeston, George (Beeston & Beeston)
Beeston, F & Beeston, Leonard B (Beeston & Beeston)
Beeston, Frank
Beeston, G
Beeston, Leonard B
Beetham, J
Beethoven, Carl
Beethoven, Morris
Beeton, J W
Beeton, Robert
Begbie, Charles
Begbie, Thomas Vernon
Begdie, Isabella (Miss)
Begg, George
Begg, James
Begue, Rene le
Beguet, Frederick
Behen & Son 
Behrend, Bernard
Beilby, Frederick W
Beilby, G
Beinstein, H
Beken, Frank
Beken, Frank & Son
Bel, J B & Dixon (Bel & Dixon)
Belben, Albert H
Belben, Harry
Belbin, Charles Thomas
Belbin, T
Belchamber, Henry 
Belchamber, John T
Belcher, James
Beleno, Harry
Belford, James
Belford, John M
Belgrave Studio
Belgravia Photographic Co & Ladies School of Photo
Belk, H
Belk, H & Co
Bell & Brewer  
Bell & Co 
Bell & Dixon 
Bell & Freeman 
Bell & Hobbs 
Bell Studio 
Bell, A W
Bell, Agnes
Bell, Alfred
Bell, Alfred H
Bell, Annie (Miss)
Bell, Catherine (Miss)
Bell, Charles G
Bell, Charles S
Bell, E
Bell, Edward
Bell, Edwin
Bell, Edwin H
Bell, Fowler & Co 
Bell, G
Bell, G S
Bell, George
Bell, George & Co
Bell, George & Co Ltd
Bell, George Alexander
Bell, George Stephenson 
Bell, H J
Bell, Hamish
Bell, Henry
Bell, Herbert
Bell, Herbert C
Bell, I
Bell, Ike
Bell, J
Bell, J & Son
Bell, J (Mrs)
Bell, J B
Bell, J H
Bell, J Monro & Co
Bell, James
Bell, Jane (Mrs)
Bell, John
Bell, John & Son
Bell, John (1)
Bell, L M
Bell, M R
Bell, Marion (Miss)
Bell, Mildred (Miss)
Bell, Muriel (Miss) 
Bell, Percy
Bell, Richard
Bell, Robert
Bell, Robert Morton
Bell, Sidney & Co
Bell, Sydney W
Bell, T & Co
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Thomas & Co
Bell, Thomas William
Bell, William
Bell, William James
Bell, William W
Bell, William Watson
Bellamy (Mrs)
Bellamy, D D
Bellamy, H
Bellamy, John
Bellamy, John & Son
Bellamy, Reginald T
Bellamy, Thomas
Bellamy, Walter
Bellchamber, J T
Belle Tete Photographic Studio
Belle Vue Portrait Studio 
Belle Vue Studio 
Bellerby, William
Bellete & Co (Paris)
Belletti, Anthony E  
Bellgrove, George W & Co
Bellham, W
Bellina, George
Bellinge, Henry Stone (aka H S Belling)
Bellinger, Charles
Bellinger, Joseph A
Bellini, H
Bellis, Edward
Bellisario, Gabriele
Bellisario, Luigi
Bellman, Alfred
Bellman, Alfred J V
Bellman, James  
Bellmaris, Gabriela (Gabriel)
Bell’s City Portrait Rooms 
Bell’s Photo Co 
Bellwood, Joseph
Belmont Studio
Belshaw, R
Belshaw, Robert
Belshaw, Selby
Belton, Beatrice (Bee) (Miss)
Belton, Frederick
Belton, John Charles  
Belton, William
Belton, William John
Belton, William John & Reed (Belton & Reed)
Belvoir Studio  
Bembridge & Husseby 
Bembridge, Nicholas
Bembridge, William
Benabo, Benjamin
Bench, Conrile
Bender & Langfier 
Bender & Lewis 
Bender, Joseph & Co
Bender, Louis (Lewis)
Bendon, Prince
Benedetti & Boccalini
Benedetti & Boccalini 
Benedetti & Co
Benedetti & Co 
Benedetti & Co (aka Britannia Photographic Company)
Benedetti, Augustavas
Benedetti, Augustavas & Son
Benedetti, Gustave (Gustavo)
Benedetti, Gustave (Gustavo) & Son
Benensohn, S
Benfield, T Barker
Benfold, John
Benger, E H
Benger, Norman
Benham, Frederick
Benington, Walter
Benjamin, Albert H
Benltey, J (possibly J Bentley)
Benn & Cronin Ltd (aka Benn & Crovin Ltd)
Benner & Haigh (Misses)
Bennet, James
Bennett & Blunkell 
Bennett & Co 
Bennett & Gibbons 
Bennett & Laver
Bennett & Medd
Bennett & Sons
Bennett & Sons  
Bennett Brothers 
Bennett, A
Bennett, A W
Bennett, Abraham
Bennett, Albert
Bennett, Arnold
Bennett, Arthur & Co
Bennett, Charles W
Bennett, Charles W & Co
Bennett, D
Bennett, Edward (not Edward Elisha Bennett)
Bennett, Edward Elisha
Bennett, Elijah
Bennett, Ezedor (aka Esdor & Isador & Izidor & Isidore)
Bennett, F
Bennett, Frank
Bennett, H
Bennett, H Keighley
Bennett, Henry Watson
Bennett, Ian
Bennett, J W
Bennett, James
Bennett, James & Co
Bennett, John
Bennett, John Patterson
Bennett, John Patterson & Son
Bennett, Joseph
Bennett, Marcus
Bennett, Mark
Bennett, Percy
Bennett, Percy Francis
Bennett, R S
Bennett, Richard
Bennett, Robert
Bennett, Sterndale
Bennett, T F
Bennett, Thomas
Bennett, Thomas & Son
Bennett, Thomas & Sons
Bennett, Thomas Jewell
Bennett, W Sterndale
Bennett, William
Bennett, William Henry
Bennett, William L G
Bennetto, John Wallace
Bennetts, C
Bennetts, C & Davey (Bennetts & Davey)
Bennetts, Garfield
Bennetts, George
Bennetts, William
Bennetts, William & Co
Bennetts, William John
Bennetts, William John & Sons
Benney, James
Benney, William
Benrose, Benjamin
Benson, A
Benson, Charles
Benson, F F
Benson, Frederick George
Benson, H D
Benson, J
Benson, J F
Benson, J F & Co
Benson, Joseph
Benson, Joseph Francis
Benson, Joseph Richard Charles
Benson, Thomas Henry
Benson, William
Bent, Edward Stanley
Bent, Elizabeth (Miss)
Bentini, A
Bentley, Albert Henry
Bentley, Barrowclough Wright
Bentley, F
Bentley, George
Bentley, H
Bentley, Herbert
Bentley, J R
Bentley, John R
Bentley, John Richard
Bentley, Joseph Herbert
Bentley, Margaret (Miss)
Bentley, Percy
Bentley, Robert
Bentley, Sidney
Bentley, Thomas B
Bentley, William
Bentley, William Humphriss
Bently & Glass  
Benton, W
Benzie, John
Berchtold, Charles de
Bercovitch, Morris
Berden, H H
Beresford, George
Beresford, George Charles
Berg, A E 
Bergamasco, Charles
Berger, H
Bergman Phototype Co 
Bergman, Frederick William
Bergman, T
Bergson, Joseph
Beringer, J B & Sons
Beringer, John
Beringer, Joseph & Son
Berkeley Studios 
Berkley Studio
Berks, Charles
Berks, Henry
Berks, W
Berkswell Studio
Berlin Photo Co
Berlin Photographic Co 
Berlin Photographic Rooms  
Berlin Studio (aka Berlin Photographic Studio)
Berlin, David
Berlon, Henry
Bermingham, Peter (J) Michael 
Bermingham, Peter John
Bernard & Gorman 
Bernard, G
Bernard, J C
Bernard, J W
Bernard, John
Bernard, Robert W
Bernard, T
Bernard, Thomas
Bernard, W T & Co
Bernard-Davidson, I
Bernardi, Bernard
Bernardo, G
Bernasconi & Co
Bernasconi & Co  
Bernasconi & Langford  
Bernasconi & Williams
Bernasconi, E
Bernasconi, Edward V
Bernasconi, George
Berners Portrait Co  
Bernesconi, George
Berney, Maurice Rupert
Berney, S
Bernhardt, Charles
Bernia, Garcia John
Bernieri, Caldesi & Co
Bernisconi, Ernest V
Bernowski, Maurice
Bernstead, Sidney
Berra, James
Berrecloth, Mr
Berridge, G J
Berridge, J
Berringer, Joseph
Berry & Pickup
Berry & Sharp 
Berry & Shaw  
Berry (aka Berry Photos) 
Berry Brothers
Berry Brothers  
Berry, A J
Berry, Alfred
Berry, Charles John
Berry, E
Berry, Ernest
Berry, Frank H
Berry, Frederick William (aka Francis William Berry)
Berry, George
Berry, George & Sons
Berry, George Robert
Berry, Harry
Berry, Henry
Berry, Henry Charles
Berry, J
Berry, John
Berry, John W
Berry, Joseph Lendon (Lindon)
Berry, Lendon & Co
Berry, Luke
Berry, Luke & Co
Berry, Luke & Son
Berry, R B & Sons
Berry, Richard
Berry, Richard 
Berry, Richard Brown & Co (Berry & Co)
Berry, Richard Brown & Sons (Berry & Sons)
Berry, Richard Lewis 
Berry, Robert
Berry, S
Berry, Simon
Berry, Susanah (Susanna) (Miss)
Berry, Sydney
Berry, Sydney Joseph
Berry, T (could be F Berry)
Berry, William
Berry, William & Co
Berry, William E
Berry, William James
Berry, William Lawford
Berryman, John
Berryman, John & Co
Berryman, John W
Berryman, M (Mrs)
Berry’s (Croydon Times) Ltd 
Bersey, Carrie (Miss)
Berthold, Ada Harriett (Mrs)
Berti, A (aka Berti’s Studio)
Bertin & Collier 
Bertin, J
Bertin, Louis
Bertin, M (Miss)
Bertis Studio  
Bertolacci, C, M & I (Misses)
Bertolle, James
Bertolle, James & Son
Bertolle, James Lewis William
Bertolle, Louis (aka James Lewis William Bertolle)
Bertolle, Richard Frank (aka Richard Frederick Bertolle)
Bertram, A (Miss)
Bertram, Frank
Bertram, Harry T  
Bertram, Jessie (Miss)
Berwick & Annan 
Beryl, Madame Ltd (Madame Beryl Ltd)
Bessent, Thomas
Best, Albert E
Best, D L & Co
Best, E
Best, John Bird
Beswick, F
Beszant, Richard
Bethal, Robert (aka R Bethel)
Bethel, G E
Bethel, Robert
Betschelles, Alice H
Bettasnap Photo Service 
Betteley, George
Bettoney, Samuel
Bettoney, Samuel & Co
Betts, Alexander (Alec) Alfred
Betts, Alfred
Betts, C E ( Miss)
Betts, Caroline (Mrs)
Betts, Esther (Mrs)
Betts, Frederick
Betts, Henry
Bevan & Sons
Bevan, Henry Leonard
Bevan, Henry William
Bevan, J
Bevan, John
Bevan, John Robert
Beveridge, David
Beverley & Son
Beverley Studio
Beverley, B
Beverley, S
Beverley, Samuel
Beves, Percy A
Bevis, James
Bewes, Samuel
Bewley, Herbert
Bex Brothers  
Bex, C E
Bex, Edward
Beynon, W H
Bibbings, J H & Son
Bibbs, Herbert W
Bibbs, Valentine
Bibby, John Ray
Bibby, Robert
Bibby’s Studio
Bibo, H
Bibo, H L
Bickerstaffe, John
Bickerton, E Cecil (Cicero)
Bickmore, Albert Edmund (aka A E Beckmore)
Bicliffe, A & W
Bidden (Biden), John
Biddle, Charles George & Co
Biddle, Charles George & Dowdall (Biddle & Dowdall)
Biddle, Edward
Biddle, Fred
Biddle, John Bedworth 
Biddle, Robert
Biddle, Samuel
Biddle, Thomas Kirk
Biden, J
Bidwell & Son
Bidwell, Frederick B
Bidwill, William
Bielby, Ernest Webster (aka E W Beilby)
Bielby, George & Sons (aka Beilby & Sons)
Bienvenu, O L
Biermann, Ernest Albert
Bigg, A A
Bigg, Dilmot
Bigg, Robert V
Bigg, William
Biggins, T Victor
Biggs, George St. John
Biggs, Gordon
Biggs, J A
Biggs, R H
Bigot, William
Bijon Studio
Bijou Art Co
Bijou Photo Co
Bijou Photographic Co
Bijou Portrait Co
Bijou Portrait Studio
Bijou Studio
Bilby, Mary (Mrs)
Bilcliffe, A (aka A Billcliffe)
Bilcliffe, Arthur
Bilcliffe, Joshua
Bilcliffe, William Arthur
Bilkhorn Brothers
Bill, Alfred
Billina, George
Billing, E A
Billing, Edward Isaac
Billing, Edward Isaac (E J Billing?)
Billinge, Mark
Billinge, Mark (Mrs)
Billinghurst & Dovey
Billinghurst & Downham, Alfred Edward (Billinghurst & Downham)
Billinghurst, Thomas Henry
Billinghurst, Thomas Henry & Downham, Alfred Edward (Billinghurst & Downham)
Billinghurst, Thomas Henry & Smith, Frederick George (Billinghurst & Smith)
Billington, Daniel (Donald 1912) F
Billington, Isidor
Billows & Smith
Billows, Albert Edward James
Billows, Frederick
Billson Ltd
Bilson, Arthur
Biltcliffe Brothers
Biltcliffe, Frederick William
Biltcliffe, J & Son
Biltcliffe, Joshua
Biltcliffe, Joshua & Sons
Bilton, Francis
Bilton, J F S
Bilton, P
Binch, John R
Bindon, G
Bindon, Herbert William
Bindon, Robert William
Bindon, Robert William & Co
Bingham, Alfred
Bingham, Breeze
Bingham, Cliff
Bingham, Cyril
Bingham, James
Bingham, Mary Ann
Bingham, Thomas
Bingham, W D
Bingley, Benjamin Brown
Bingley, Godfrey
Binnie, Alexander (Alec) Edwin
Binnington, Richard
Binns, Arthur
Binns, E
Binns, E & Co
Binns, Emily Denison (Mrs)
Binns, H
Binns, H H
Binns, J
Binns, John
Binns, Joseph
Binns, Simon Thomas (aka Thomas Binns)
Binns, Thomas
Binns, Willie
Binographic Portrait Company
Bintcliffe, John
Biofax Syndicate Ltd
Biofix Ltd
Biogram Studios
Biograph Studio
Birbeck, W R
Birch, Arthur
Birch, E P
Birch, Frank (Francis)
Birch, J J
Birch, William
Birchall & Yates
Birchall, J
Birchall, James (Junior 1891)
Birchall, John
Birchall, John Clark
Birchall, Thomas
Birchley, Esther (Mrs)
Birchley, John
Bird & Jackson
Bird, Albert James
Bird, Alfred George
Bird, B W
Bird, Benjamin
Bird, C
Bird, Edward H
Bird, Frederick Charles
Bird, H W
Bird, Helen (Miss)
Bird, Henry
Bird, Henry (Harry) Edward
Bird, Henry William
Bird, Henry William & Co
Bird, Isaac King
Bird, Joseph
Bird, Owen Graystone
Bird, Owen Graystone (aka Graystone Bird)
Bird, Thomas Matthew
Bird, Walter
Bird, Walter & Eric
Bird, William
Bird, William Henry Vernon
Birdsey, Herbert Edward
Birdsey, John Alfred
Birdsey, P H E
Birkenhead Portrait & Landscape Photographic Co
Birkenhead, Albert
Birkett, Charles William
Birkett, Frank
Birkett, Frederick N
Birkin, Frederick A
Birkott, C
Birks, C
Birks, E T
Birks, Thomas Richard
Birmingham Enlarging Photographic Portrait Co
Birmingham Photo Finishers Ltd
Birmingham Photograph Studio
Birmingham Photographic Co Ltd
Birmingham Photographic Company
Birmingham Photographic Enlarging Company
Birmingham Photographic Studio
Birnie, W
Birnstingl, Louis & Co
Birrell Brothers
Birrell, William
Birt, C
Birt, Eric Charles Hughes
Birtles & Longshaw
Birtles (Messrs)
Birtles, Frederick Harold
Birtles, John
Birtles, John Edward
Birtles, Thomas
Birtwhistle & Hennan
Birtwhistle, W (Mrs)
Birtwistle, H
Bishop & Co
Bishop, Albert Frederick
Bishop, Albert George
Bishop, Alfred
Bishop, Benjamin C
Bishop, Charles Edward
Bishop, Henry
Bishop, J & Co
Bishop, James
Bishop, John
Bishop, R O & C H
Bishop, Robert
Bishop, William
Bishop, William Henry
Bishop, William James
Biskeborn, Charles
Bisset, J
Bisset, James 
Bissett, J & J
Bissett, James
Bissicks, Francis
Bitton Studio
Bizzell, George Henry
Bjurling, Carl Edwin
Blaber & Strevens
Blaber, E & Co
Black & Bambridge
Black & White
Black & White Art Co
Black & White Crayon Co
Black & White Studios
Black Cat Studios Ltd
Black, D M
Black, David
Black, Ethel (Mrs)
Black, George B
Black, George L
Black, J G
Black, James
Black, John
Black, John & Son
Black, Joseph
Black, K
Black, Louis
Black, M
Black, Mary
Black, Stuart
Black, Thomas
Black, W S
Black, William Henry
Blackadder, William
Blackall, Walter (aka W Blackhall)
Blackbeard, Percy John
Blackbeard, R J
Blackbee, F
Blackbee, F H & Sons
Blackburn & Co
Blackburn & Hardy
Blackburn Photographic & Fine Arts Company Limited
Blackburn Photographic Company
Blackburn, A H
Blackburn, Arthur
Blackburn, Frederick Tom
Blackburn, Henry
Blackburn, Henry & Co
Blackburn, Ivy (Miss)
Blackburn, J C
Blackburn, J H
Blackburn, J W
Blackburn, James
Blackburn, John Hodgson
Blackburn, John T
Blackburn, Joseph
Blackburn, K
Blackburn, W
Blackburn, William
Blackburn, William R
Blackburne, Joseph
Blackburne, Muriel D (Miss)
Blackeley, John Robert (aka J R Blakley)
Blackeley, Samuel
Blackell, Walter
Blacker, A
Blacker, Elva (Miss)
Blacker, William Harry
Blackett, R F
Blackford, E
Blackham, Henry
Blackham, William Roderick
Blackheath Photo & Art Stores
Blacklock, J
Blacklock, Thomas
Blackman, Jane (Mrs)
Blackman, Thomas
Blackman, Thomas & Co
Blackman, Thomas & Son
Blackmore, F
Blackmore, Fanny (Mrs)
Blackmore, J F
Blackmore, Thomas Herbert
Blackmore, Thomas Norwood
Black’s Studio
Blackshaw, Joseph
Blackwell & Abbott
Blackwell, G W
Blackwell, Henry J
Blackwell, John Morris
Blackwell, Mary Rebecca (Mrs)
Blackwell, Robert
Blackwell, William (aka W Blackwill)
Blackwood, Isaac 
Blades, A (Miss)
Blades, Afred Chapman
Blades, Alfred E ( C)
Bladud Studio
Blagg, Arthur Greenwood
Blagg, William Thomas
Blagrove, Daniel
Blagrove, Daniel & Son
Blagrove, Daniel & Sons
Blain, Hugh
Blain, William
Blaine, James A H
Blair & Temple
Blair, Donald
Blair, George Laurence A
Blair, Hugh
Blair, J P & Co
Blair, Jean (Miss)
Blair, John Price (Pryce)
Blair, R J
Blair, Richard
Blair, Winfred (Miss)
Blake & Partners Ltd
Blake & Smith
Blake Brothers
Blake Brothers (aka Messrs. Blake)
Blake Studios
Blake, Alfred Walter
Blake, E J
Blake, Frank
Blake, Harry
Blake, Herbert A
Blake, J W
Blake, Jack
Blake, John
Blake, John & Son
Blake, John Henry
Blake, John Telfour
Blake, Leonard
Blake, R (Mrs)
Blake, Robert
Blake, W
Blake, William Frederick
Blake, William Frederick & Edgar (Blake & Edgar)
Blake, William N
Blakeborn, Charles
Blakeborough Brothers
Blakeborough, Dan W
Blakeborough, David W
Blakeborough, Edwin E
Blakeborough, James
Blakeborough, John
Blakeborough, John & Son
Blakeley, Harry & Co
Blakeley, John Robert
Blakeley, William
Blakeman & Saville
Blakemore & Deeley
Blaker, E B
Blakeway, T W A
Blakey, A
Blakey, Ethel Mary (Mrs)
Blakey, Harry
Blakey, James
Blampey Brothers
Blampey, Frederick
Blampey, Frederick & Son
Blampey, J
Blampey, Joseph Henry
Blampey, L (Miss)
Blanc, Numa Fils
Blanch, Madame
Blanchard, E H E
Blanchard, Smyth & Blanchard
Blanchard, Valentine
Blanchard, Valentine (1)
Blanchard, Valentine (2)
Blanchard, Valentine (2) & Lunn (Blanchard & Lunn)
Blanchard, Valentine L
Blanche, Mary (Mrs)
Blanchet, A
Bland, J F
Bland, Jack
Bland, John R
Bland, Joseph
Blanden, T
Blandford, E (Mrs)
Blandford, Leonard
Blanks, C
Blase, John Walter
Blase, Thomas
Blatchford, James H
Blayney, Charles
Blazeby, William
Bleasdale & Wright
Bleasdale, John
Bleasdale, Michael
Bleasdale, R B
Bleasdale, Reginald E M
Bleasdale, Richard H
Blease, Thomas
Bleass, George
Blenan, Thomas
Blenkinsop, Andrew (aka A Blenkinsopp & A Blenkinssopp)
Blenner-Hasset, John Frederick
Bletcher, Thomas
Blewett, William
Bligh, William & James
Blinco, B
Blinkhorn Brothers
Blinkhorn, Bernard L
Blinkhorn’s (Mr N Blinkhorn t/a)
Bliss, A (Bert) E
Bliss, A M & Co
Bliss, Bert
Bliss, Ernest Howard
Bliss, Henry James
Bliss, John E
Blizard, J
Blizard, M
Blomfield, John H
Blomfield, John Henry & Co
Blomfield, William & Blomfield, John
Blondel, George
Bloom, Alexander
Bloomer, A E
Bloomfield, A
Bloomfield, Alfred
Bloomfield, Daniel
Bloomfield, Frederick
Bloomfield, Henry
Bloomfield, John
Blooms Ltd
Bloor, Louise (Mrs)
Blount, David
Blower, J R
Blowers, H L
Blowers, John V
Blue Print Co
Blume (Professor)
Blundell, William Thomas
Blunt, Herbert F
Blyth, Frederick William
Blyth, Richard H
Blythe, Douglas
Blythe, Samuel Victor
Blythswood Studio
Boag, H Clow
Boag, Henry
Boag, St. Clair
Boak & Edwards
Boak, Johnson
Boak, Mary Jane (Miss)
Boak, Matthew
Boak, Matthew & Co
Boak, Matthew & Sons
Boaker, Cyril
Board, James Robert
Boarder, James
Boast, J W
Boath, C G
Boath, James
Boatwright, Ambrose
Boaz, Edward
Bobker, Mary (Mrs)
Bobkin, Charles (aka C Bokder)
Bobs Studio
Bockett, John
Bocock, David
Bocquet, Frank
Boddington, Edith M (Miss)
Boddy, Edward P
Boddy, H
Boden, John Berry
Boden, Joseph
Bodiam, H
Bodian, David
Bodin, G J
Bodley, Norah (Miss)
Bodom, H
Boeree, Anthony
Bogg, Charles Caisby (Caisley?)
Boggis, E R
Bogue, David
Boister, William
Bolak, George
Bolam, E
Bolam, Edward
Bolam, Edward John
Bolam, George K
Bolan, E
Bolas, C L
Bolas, S B & Co
Bold & Co
Bolitho, James
Bolko’s Electric Studio
Bolland, J S
Bolland, Thomas H
Bolland, Thomas H T (or H J)
Bollard, W
Bollington, J T
Bolt & Pike
Bolte, P C
Bolton & Hall
Bolton Art Society
Bolton Photographic Society
Bolton, Berriman
Bolton, E
Bolton, M & T
Bolton, Martha (Mrs)
Bolton, R
Bolton, Samuel
Bolton, Thomas Samuel
Bolton, William
Bolton, William John
Bolwell, Albert George
Bomont, A B (Madame)
Bomont, B
Bomont, F
Bomont, Frederick & Co
Bond & Newman
Bond Street Photographic Co (aka Bond Street Photo Co)
Bond, A
Bond, Arthur John Frederick
Bond, Dora A (Miss)
Bond, E (Miss)
Bond, Frederick
Bond, George
Bond, Harry J
Bond, Henry
Bond, Henry John
Bond, James
Bond, James H
Bond, James William
Bond, Sidney P
Bond, Thomas
Bond, W E
Bond, W J J C
Bond, William
Bond, William J C
Bondonneau, Emile
Bone, C J Merlin
Bone, Carrie (Miss)
Bone, May (Miss)
Bone, Sidney P
Bonehill, William
Boneus, George
Boniface, H
Boning, Ashford & Co
Boning, Robert
Boning, Robert & Co
Boning, Robert & Small (Boning & Small)
Bonnaud, Jean Baptiste Germeuil (aka Germeuil-Bonnaud & Jean Baptiste)
Bonnaud-Barratt, Lucy (Mrs) (aka Mrs Lucy Germeuil-Bonnaud)
Bonne, Thomas  J
Bonne, Thomas (Julia B) (Mrs)
Bonne, Thomas J
Bonne, Thomas J & Co
Bonner & Covell
Bonner, Edward H
Bonner, George
Bonner, George & Covell, William & Thompson, Robert Winter (Bonner, Covell & Thompson)
Bonner, Herbert George
Bonner, W
Bonnie, Thomas
Bontoft & Scott
Bontoft, Jesse
Bonvonni, David Evans
Boocock Brothers
Boocock, Arthur
Book & Tract Depot
Booker & Sullivan
Booker, Alfred
Booker, Clarence
Booker, Richard Young
Bool, Alfred
Bool, Alfred & John (A & J Bool)
Bool, George
Bool, John
Bool, W & Co
Boon, Herbert Frederick Kent
Boore, A S
Boorman, George
Boot, Edward
Booth & Holt
Booth (Mr) (possibly H C)
Booth Griffith & Co Ltd
Booth, Abraham
Booth, Caroline (Miss)
Booth, Fred
Booth, G
Booth, George
Booth, Griffin
Booth, Griffin & Co
Booth, Henry
Booth, Henry William
Booth, Hiram Crompton
Booth, Isaac
Booth, James
Booth, John
Booth, John Edmund
Booth, Robert
Booth, Samuel Lawson
Booth, Thomas
Booth, W F & Co
Booth, William
Booth, William Philip
Booth, William Plowright
Boothby, G
Boothby, Percy
Boothman, J
Boothroyd & Woodhouse
Bootiman & Co
Booty, Abbott & Co
Booty, Abbott (Chevalier?)
Booty, C
Booty, Charles
Border Snaps Ltd
Bordley, David
Bordley, John (Jno)
Bordley’s Castleburgh Studio
Bordon Photographic Co
Bordone, Paris
Boresoff, Lewis
Boris Studio
Borland & Edwards
Borland, Alexander
Borland, John
Borlase, Emily (Miss)
Borley, William Maule
Borne Brothers
Boro. Fine Art Co
Boro Photo & Optic Co
Borona Studios
Borrow, J
Borrow, Joseph
Borrowdale, William
Borrows (Messrs)
Borrows, G
Borthwick (Miss)
Borthwick, Alexander
Borthwick, Joseph
Bortoft, J
Borton, Henry
Borup Brothers
Borup, Charles
Borup, James
Borwell, Thomas F F
Bosanquet (Madame)
Bosanquet (Mr)
Bosanquet, G (from M Bosenquet & Son)
Bosanquet, J E
Bosanquet, M & Son
Bosanquet, M (M possibly means Monsieur)
Bosanquet, Richard
Bosco, Jefferson
Bosco, Jefferson J
Bosebe & Buckman
Bosley, William
Boss, Ernest Maycock
Boss, Sarah A (Mrs)
Bossoli, Claude
Bostock, Erasmus
Bostock, Erasmus & Carr (Bostock & Carr)
Bostock, Erasmus Foster
Boston & Parker
Boston Studios
Boswell & Barratt
Boswell, Charles H
Boswell, F
Boswell, Frank
Boswell, John W
Boswell, W & Son
Boswell, W (Junior)
Bosworth & Garlick
Bosworth, Ethel M (Miss)
Bosworth, Thomas
Botham, Benjamin William
Botham, J F
Bothamley, John T & Goodacre (Bothamley & Goodacre)
Bothomley (Miss)
Bothwell, A E
Bothwell, James
Bott, George
Bott, Percy
Bott, Richard
Botterill, John
Bottling & Blowey
Bottling, Edward
Bottom, C
Bottom, John
Bottomley, Albert
Bottomley, Alfred
Bottomley, J
Bottomley, John
Bottomley, Joseph
Bottomley, M
Bottomly, A
Boucas, Eustace
Boucas, George
Boucher, Albert (Monsieur)
Boucher, George
Boughen, Hugh
Boughen, William
Boughton, Robert
Boughton, Thomas Robert
Boughton, Thornton J
Boughton, Walter
Boughton, Walter & Sons
Boult, Fred
Boulter (Mr)
Boulton, F C
Boulton, Henry
Boulton, Herbert Charles
Bourbon Studio
Bourdon, Rosa A (Miss)
Bourgingnon, Adolphus
Bourke, Annie (Miss)
Bourke, Charles
Bourke, Thomas (aka T Burke)
Bournbrook Fine Art Depot
Bourne, A
Bourne, Frederick A
Bourne, John
Bourne, Robert
Bourne, Samuel
Bourne, W
Bourne, William
Bourne, William James
Bournemouth View Co
Bourner, Alfred R
Boursnell & Sons
Boursnell (Mr & Mrs)
Boursnell, R A & Sons
Boursnell, Robert
Boussod, Valadon & Co
Bouts, Walter James
Boveington, F & Co
Bovey, William Thomas
Bovill, William John
Bowan, Henry
Bowden & Bowden & Co
Bowden Brothers
Bowden, E L T
Bowden, W
Bowden, W R
Bowden, William Henry
Bowen & Carpenter
Bowen & Co
Bowen, Alfred Walter
Bowen, D & J
Bowen, David
Bowen, David & Son
Bowen, Francis E
Bowen, John
Bowen, T & Sons
Bowen, Thomas
Bowen, William L
Bower Studio
Bower, Alfred
Bower, G
Bower, George Henry Evarard
Bower, Henry
Bower, W A
Bowerman & Thomas
Bowerman, Charles
Bowerman, J
Bowers & Co
Bowers & Koll
Bowers, Charles Albert
Bowers, Charles K
Bowers, Charles K & Son
Bowers, Edmund
Bowers, Henry Thomas
Bowers, John
Bowes, Alice (Miss)
Bowes, E W
Bowes, Jean (Miss)
Bowes, Mary Jane (Mrs)
Bowes, W A
Bowie, David
Bowies, Edward
Bowing, T
Bowker & Son
Bowker, H
Bowker, Henry
Bowker, Robert J
Bowl, J Albany
Bowland, Charles
Bowler, E (Mrs)
Bowler, Harry
Bowler, Henry
Bowler, John (Junior)
Bowler, John Joseph Paul
Bowler, Leonard
Bowler, Thomas
Bowles, A Harry
Bowles, Alfred
Bowles, E V
Bowles, Edmund
Bowles, Edward G
Bowles, Harry
Bowles, W & Co
Bowley, D
Bowley, Gilbert
Bowley, Herbert
Bowman, Andrew
Bowman, Edwin
Bowman, F J
Bowman, Frank
Bowman, James
Bowman, Jonathan (John)
Bowman, Joseph
Bowman, T S
Bowmans Portrait Galleries
Bowmer, Benjamin
Bowmer, J
Bown, Arthur
Bown, Charles
Bown, Charles & Son
Bown, H Ltd
Bown, Henry (Junior)
Bown, Henry (Senior)
Bown, Henry William
Bown, Mabel (Mrs)
Bown, Samuel
Bown, W
Bown, William
Bowne, J C
Bowness, Moses
Bowry, Charles
Bowser & Rogers
Bowser, Henry B
Bowser, John
Bowser, Martha
Bowtell, J
Bowyer & Dimsdale
Bowyer, John Walter
Bowyer, R (Miss)
Box, Donovan E H
Box, Robert George
Boxall, George Edward 
Boxall, Thomas
Boxell & Co
Boxell & Co (H Boxell, H Boxell & T Boxell)
Boxell, Harold
Boxell, J
Boxell, Thomas
Boyac, Alexander
Boyd & Co
Boyd, B
Boyd, Harry
Boyd, James
Boydes Studios
Boyer, William Henry
Boyes, Frederick J
Boyes, J W
Boyes, L
Brabazon, George Henry
Bracewell, H
Bracewell, Harry
Bracewell, William Henry
Bracher, Edward
Braconyer, Edward Alfred
Bradburn & Freeman
Bradbury, Albert
Bradbury, C W
Bradbury, George C (Mrs)
Bradbury, Horace James
Bradbury, Merlin
Bradbury, Sampson
Braddock & Son
Braddock, Alfred
Braddock, C
Braddock, George
Bradford Fine Art Co
Bradford Photographic Company
Bradford, Edward
Bradford, Robert
Bradford, W
Brading & Cantelo
Brading & Co
Brading, James
Bradlaw, Ben
Bradley & Blowers
Bradley, Arthur 
Bradley, Charles
Bradley, Daniel
Bradley, Eliza
Bradley, Frances (Mrs)
Bradley, Frank
Bradley, Frederick
Bradley, G
Bradley, H B
Bradley, Hayden
Bradley, Henry
Bradley, I
Bradley, Isaac
Bradley, J
Bradley, J B
Bradley, J W
Bradley, John
Bradley, Leo E H
Bradley, Patrick Arthur
Bradley, Percy
Bradley, Richard
Bradley, Richard B
Bradley, T N
Bradley, T W
Bradley, Thomas (aka Thomas Bradly)
Bradley, W
Bradley, W H
Bradley, William
Bradley, William & Bolton (Bradley & Bolton)
Bradley, William & Haydon (Bradley & Haydon)
Bradley, William Robert
Bradnee, Walter
Bradnee, William
Bradshaw & Co (possibly Alfred Bradshaw)
Bradshaw & Dudley
Bradshaw Brothers (Charles Champion Bradshaw & Joseph Cecil Bradshaw)
Bradshaw Imperial Photo Co
Bradshaw, A & G (Misses)
Bradshaw, Alfred
Bradshaw, Arthur
Bradshaw, Bert Champion
Bradshaw, Charles
Bradshaw, Charles A
Bradshaw, Charles Champion
Bradshaw, Charles Champion & Co
Bradshaw, E & W
Bradshaw, Edgar
Bradshaw, Edward
Bradshaw, Emily
Bradshaw, F
Bradshaw, G B
Bradshaw, George
Bradshaw, George Bagnall
Bradshaw, George Bagnall & Co
Bradshaw, George W
Bradshaw, Henry
Bradshaw, John
Bradshaw, John Champion
Bradshaw, John E
Bradshaw, Joseph Cecil
Bradshaw, Joseph Cecil & Battersby, William (Bradshaw & Battersby)
Bradshaw, L B
Bradshaw, L P
Bradshaw, Leonard P
Bradshaw, R
Bradshaw, Thomas
Bradshaw, W E
Bradshaw, William Stephen
Bradshaw, William Stephen & Godart, Thomas (Bradshaw & Godart)
Bradshaw, William Stephen & Son
Bradshaw, William Stephen & Sons
Brady, F
Braess, Frederick
Braess, Frederick & Buchanan, W C (Braess & Buchanan)
Braess, Frederick & Steele, E (Braess & Steele)
Bragg, Edward A
Braid, James (Junior)
Brain, H J
Brain, Harry
Brain, Philip
Braine, Alfred
Braine, Robert
Braithwaite, Arthur William
Braithwaite, C Morland
Braithwaite, Charles Henry
Braithwaite, E
Braithwaite, Gordon
Braithwaite, James
Braithwaite, M
Braithwaite, M J
Braithwaite, Morland
Braithwaite, Richard William
Braithwaite, Samuel
Braithwaite, William
Braithwaite, William Chamley
Bramble, Charles
Bramham, Henry
Bramley & Jackson
Bramley, Dave
Bramley, James
Bramley, Reuben Alfred
Bramley, William
Bramley-Wilton, Herbert A
Brammer, George
Bramwell & Ferguson (Misses)
Bramwell,  L J
Bramwell, C (Miss)
Bramwell, C M & Co
Bramwell, Edmund
Bramwell, Joseph Edmund
Bramwell, Thomas
Branch, William Shelley
Brand, C & Co
Brand, Francis
Brand, Henry George
Brand, John Thomas
Brand, Robert James
Brandebourg, Frank
Brandebourg, Joseph
Brandis, Clement R
Brandish, A
Brandon, Arnold
Brandon, Jonathan
Branigan, Henry
Brann, Henry Charles
Brannan (Misses)
Brannan, Mary
Branston, Charles
Brant, Benjamin
Brant, Ernest
Brant, George E
Branthwaite, James
Brantingham, Christopher
Brass, Isabella
Brass, J
Brass, William T
Brassington, John
Bratley, James Seymour
Bratt, F H
Brauen, Alexandre & Co
Brauer, F
Braun, Ernest
Braund, George Henry
Braund, Thomas
Braund, Thomas Matthew
Bravery, S (not S Bowen Bravery)
Bravery, S Bowen
Bray & Son
Bray & Wakefield
Bray, H & Co
Bray, Henry James W
Bray, William
Braybrook Webb Studio
Braybrook Webb Studio Ltd
Braybrook, Tobias R
Braybrook, Tobias R & Co
Brayfield, John Gordon (possibly John Gordon Bayfield)
Brayley, John Cowell
Brayshaw, J
Brayshaw, John
Brayshaw, S & Co
Brayshaw, T
Brayton, Francis
Brazendall, James G
Brazil, E H
Breach, A
Breach, Archibald Mark
Breach, A M & Co
Breaks, Harry
Brealey, Victor
Brealey, William
Brealy, Henry
Brealy, Victor
Brealy, William (possibly William Brearley)
Brear, Abraham & Son
Brear, Robert
Brearley, J E
Brearley, W
Brears, E
Breckon, J R
Breedon, Charles
Breedon, Charles J
Breen, F A
Breen, William
Breese, Charles & Co
Breese, Charles S
Breeze, Jonathan E
Bregazzi & Mathews
Bregazzi, Augustus
Bregazzi, Carl
Bregazzi, Chris
Breidenbach, John Francis (changed to J F Bryden 1916)
Breitbart, I C
Bremner, Charles Louis & Rouch, George (Bremner & Rouch)
Bremner, George
Bremner, Robert Ernest
Bremridge, R C (Senior)
Bremridge, Robert Tomas
Brenchley, H & Co
Brenchley, Herbert William S
Brenner, James (aka J Brennen & J Brennan)
Brenner, W
Brent, Frederick Josiah
Brenton, W B 
Brereton, Willoughby J (Mrs)
Brett & Co
Brett, Charles A
Brett, Francis
Brett, John
Brett, John & Co
Brett, Sheridan
Brett, William
Brettell, C B
Breves, Samuel
Brew, E
Brew, Edward
Brew, Edwin
Brewer, Alfred
Brewer, Alfred John
Brewer, E & B
Brewer, Francis
Brewer, John
Brewer, Julian Cedric
Brewer, Percival
Brewerton, James George
Brewes, Samuel
Brewins, J A
Brewis (Mrs)
Brewis, Edward G
Brewis, Edward G Ltd
Brewitt, C
Brewster & Co
Brewster, Alfred
Brewster, George J
Brewster, James
Brice, Edward Henry
Brice, Henry
Brickell, John
Brickell, John & Co
Briddon Brothers
Briddon, James
Briddon, John Edward
Bridge (Mrs)
Bridge Foot Studio
Bridge Portrait Company
Bridge Studio
Bridge Studio Co
Bridge Studios
Bridge Studios Ltd
Bridge, C
Bridge, C & Co
Bridge, E
Bridge, E L & Son
Bridge, E L (Junior)
Bridge, Edward Law
Bridge, Frederick Albert
Bridge, George
Bridge, H C
Bridge, W
Bridgeman & Davies
Bridgeman, John R
Bridgeman, Joseph
Bridgen, Charles (aka C Brigden)
Bridgens & Son Ltd
Bridger, E L
Bridger, H J
Bridger, Thomas
Bridges, George
Bridges, M (possibly Monsieur)
Bridges, Thomas Charles
Bridges, Thomas Charles & Smith, Frederick George (Bridges & Smith)
Bridges, Thomas Charles & Son
Bridgman & Robbins
Bridgman, Ernest Alfred
Bridgman, Thomas Cooper
Bridle, James
Bridle, John
Brido, E
Bridson, Thomas Arthur
Brier, James
Brierley Brothers
Brierley, Frank
Brierley, Herbert C
Brierley, John N Hope
Brierley, W
Brierley, William
Brigden, William Henry
Briggs, A R
Briggs, Albert A
Briggs, Alfred E
Briggs, C
Briggs, Charles
Briggs, Charles Melrose
Briggs, Clarence
Briggs, Frank
Briggs, Frank & Son
Briggs, George St John
Briggs, H & Son
Briggs, Henry C
Briggs, Herbert G
Briggs, Horace
Briggs, J T
Briggs, James & John
Briggs, James Aston
Briggs, John
Briggs, Netterville
Briggs, R H
Briggs, Thomas (Tom)
Briggs, Thomas Henry
Briggs, Tom
Briggs, Tuke
Briggs, W & Tomlinson (Briggs & Tomlinson)
Briggs, Walter
Briggs, Walter & Watkins (Briggs & Watkins)
Briggs, William
Briggs, William Keighley
Briggs, William T
Brigham (Photographers) Limited
Brigham, A K (Mrs)
Brigham, C B
Brigham, C D
Brigham, David
Brigham, Foster Ltd
Brigham, J
Brigham, J C
Brigham, J S
Brigham, William Dobson
Brigham, William Foster
Brighouse Photographic Co
Brighouse Photographic Co Ltd
Bright, Frederick J
Bright, Frederick J & Son
Bright, George
Bright, James
Bright, Walter
Bright, William
Brightman & Rushton
Brightman, Charles Ariel
Brightman, Edward & Son
Brightman, Walter
Brightman, William
Brighton Camera Exchange
Brighton Mezzographic Co
Brighton Photographic Co
Brighton Photographic Enlarging Co
Brighton Photographic Institute
Brighton Stereoscopic Co
Bright’s Stores Ltd
Brightwell, Leonard
Brighty, John
Briginshaw, E (Mrs)
Brime, Tom (Junior)
Brimmell & Sons
Brimmell Brothers
Brindle, John
Brindley (Mrs)
Brindley, Aaron
Brindley, H H
Brindley, W H
Brine, George Harrison
Brine, Tom
Brinicombe, Arthur L
Brinkley & Stevenson
Brinkley, Robert & Son
Brinkley, William John
Brinley, John
Brinley, John & Son
Brisby, Edward
Brisell, George L
Brisley, Charles
Brison, William Henry
Bristol & South Wales Portrait Co
Bristol Club Portrait Co
Bristol Photographic Company
Bristol Photographic Stores
Bristol Portrait Company
Bristol School of Photography
Bristol Studio
Bristow, Edwin Davis
Bristow, George S
Bristow, W C
Bristow, Walter Charles
Bristow, Walter Charles (Winifred)  (Mrs)
Britannia Photographic Company
Britannia Photographic Company (aka Benedetti & Co)
Britannia Photographic Studio
Britannia Postcard Company
Britannia’s Electric Portraits Ltd
Britannia’s Electric Portraits Ltd (Studio)
Britannia’s Ltd
Britefield & Co
British & Co
British & Continental Photographic Co
British & Foreign Copying Company (aka British & Foreign Company & British & Foreign Photographic Company)
British & Foreign Photographic Copying Company
British & Foreign Photographic Copying Company (aka British & Foreign Photographic Company)
British & Foreign View Co
British American Art Co
British American Photo Co
British Art Co
British Automatic Co Ltd
British Automatic Photograph Co Ltd
British Biograph Co
British Biotype Co (Limited)
British Empire Portrait Co
British Fine Art Association
British Fine Arts Society Limited
British Illustrations Ltd
British Illustrations Press Agency
British Industrial Photo Co
British International Photos
British Novelty Co
British Novelty Photo Co
British Photo Co
British Photo Engraving Co
British Photograph Finishing Co
British Photographic Co
British Photographic Corporation
British Photomation Trading Co Ltd
British Photoprint Co
British Rapidograph Co
British Solar Printing Co
British Studio (s)
British Studio Co
British Studios Ltd
British Trade Enlarging Co
British United Studios Ltd
Brittain, P? W
Brittain, William & Samuel
Britten, W J
Brittenden, C Arthur S
Brittlebank & Co (aka Brittleneck & Co)
Brittlebank, Arthur
Britton, Frank W
Britton, Frank W (A 1918)
Britton, Frederick
Britton, George Henry
Britton, Humphrey
Britton, Humphrey & Charles, John (Britton & Charles)
Britton, Walter Raleigh
Britton, William
Britton, William & Son
Britton, William & Sons
Britton, William junior
Brixton Photographic Institute
Broad & Co
Broad, James
Broad, S & M
Broad, William Henry
Broadbelt, A L
Broadbent, A
Broadbent, A H
Broadbent, Frederick
Broadbent, James
Broadbent, James Henry
Broadbent, T
Broadbent, W
Broadgate Studio
Broadhead & Co
Broadhead & Cox
Broadhead, A
Broadhead, F
Broadhead, Frederick Dodson
Broadhead, Frederick William
Broadhead, Frederick William & Son
Broadhead, J W
Broadhead, Robert
Broadhead, William Francis
Broadley Brothers
Broadley, James
Broadley, John
Broadway Photographic Co
Broadway Snapshot Service
Brock, Benjamin George
Brock, Elvina
Brock, Herbert
Brock, Herbert & Co
Brock, S H
Brock, S H & Co
Brock, Walter Bino
Brock, Walter Bino & Evitt, T (Brock & Evitt)
Brockbank, George H
Brockbank, William Inman
Brockhurst Studios Ltd
Brocklebank, G
Brockly, Charles
Brodal, Alan
Broderick, E (Mrs)
Broderick, Frederick Nutt
Brodie & Imrie
Brodie, Geddes Mackenzie Scott
Brodie, John
Brodie, Scott
Brodie, Vere
Brokenshir, J
Brokenshire, James
Bromhall, H
Bromhead, Frederick
Bromhead, J H
Bromide Enlarging Co
Bromley, James
Bromley, Joseph E
Bromley, William
Bromo Art Company
Bromo Co
Bromo Photographic Co
Bromo Studios
Brompton Press Bureau
Brompton School of Photography
Bromwich, Thomas C
Bronte Photographic Stores
Brook & Son
Brook & Sons
Brook, Alec
Brook, Ben
Brook, Benjamin
Brook, Charles
Brook, E
Brook, Edgar
Brook, Edward
Brook, Edward & Sons
Brook, Eleanor (Miss)
Brook, Ernest
Brook, George
Brook, James Edward
Brook, L C (Miss)
Brook, Norman Leslie
Brook, Sidney
Brook, Thomas
Brook, William
Brooke, Alan
Brooke, Alfred
Brooke, Cyril
Brooke, E J
Brooke, Esther (Mrs)
Brooke, Howard (aka Howard Brook)
Brooke, Leonard
Brooke, Leonard S
Brooke, Louis V
Brooke, M
Brooke, S V
Brooke, Samuel
Brooke, Simon
Brooke, Stewart Daniel
Brooke, T E
Brooke, Thomas
Brooke, Thomas C
Brooke, W
Brooke, W A
Brooke, W A & Steggles, George Frederick (Brooke & Steggles)
Brooke, Walter
Brooke, William
Brooke-Hughes, Cecil Ltd
Brooker, A
Brooker, E J (aka E J Brookes)
Brooker, Edwin
Brooker, G
Brooker, George
Brooker, L
Brooker, Thomas Lionel
Brooker, Thomas Lionel & Co
Brookes & Co
Brookes Brothers
Brookes, A
Brookes, A & Co
Brookes, A G
Brookes, A G & Son
Brookes, Alfred
Brookes, Ann Hannah (Mrs)
Brookes, Arthur
Brookes, Brooke
Brookes, Charles
Brookes, Charles E
Brookes, Edward Arthur
Brookes, Edwin Phillip
Brookes, F
Brookes, Frederick
Brookes, Harold
Brookes, Harry
Brookes, Henry
Brookes, J S
Brookes, James
Brookes, James E T
Brookes, John
Brookes, S B
Brookes, W
Brookes, W & J
Brookes, Warwick
Brookes, Warwick (Junior)
Brookhouse, Annie E (Mrs)
Brookhouse, Charles J
Brookhouse, Charles Turing
Brooklyn Photographic Company
Brooklyn Studio
Brooks & Co
Brooks & Hawker
Brooks & Son
Brooks & Son (Messrs)
Brooks & Sons
Brooks & Taphouse
Brooks (Vincent) Day & Son Limited
Brooks Brothers
Brooks, A
Brooks, A & Co
Brooks, A H (Mrs)
Brooks, Albert
Brooks, Alfred
Brooks, Arthur F
Brooks, Arthur Freemont
Brooks, C E
Brooks, C H
Brooks, David (probably)
Brooks, David
Brooks, E
Brooks, E C
Brooks, Edward Thomas
Brooks, Edwin Phillip
Brooks, Emily (Miss)
Brooks, Ernest
Brooks, F
Brooks, F E (Mrs)
Brooks, Fred
Brooks, Frederick
Brooks, Frederick W
Brooks, G H
Brooks, H
Brooks, Hannah (Mrs)
Brooks, Harold
Brooks, Harry
Brooks, Henry
Brooks, Henry James
Brooks, Henry James & Co
Brooks, J
Brooks, J Swinderley
Brooks, James
Brooks, James J
Brooks, John
Brooks, Leonard
Brooks, Martha
Brooks, Methuselah
Brooks, Owen
Brooks, R G F
Brooks, R I
Brooks, Reece Thomas
Brooks, Robert
Brooks, S
Brooks, Sarah
Brooks, Shirley
Brooks, Sidney
Brooks, T R
Brooks, Thomas
Brooks, Thomas G
Brooks, Titus
Brooks, W
Brooks, W & Sons
Brooks, Walter B
Brooks, Wigmore
Brooks, William
Brooksbank, R
Brook-Smith, E
Brookwynne Brothers
Broom, Albert (Mrs)
Broom, Anderson
Broom, S
Broom, William Henry
Broome, M C
Broomfield, Robert William
Broomfield, Wilfred B
Broomfield, William (Wilfred) Beecher
Broomhall, F
Broomhall, Harry Oscar
Broseley Studio
Broster, Albert
Brothers, A E (Miss)
Brothers, Alfred
Brothers, Alfred & Briggs, W K (Brothers & Briggs)
Brothers, Alfred & Co
Brothers, Annie (Mrs)
Brotherton, R
Brotherton, Robert William
Brothwell, W G
Broucher, David & Co
Brough, B
Brough, Maurice
Broughton Studios
Broughton, Enoch
Broughton, Richard
Broughton, W & Son
Broughton, W & Sons
Brouncker, Mrs
Brouskievith, J
Brown & Brown
Brown & Co
Brown & Davenhill
Brown & Draycott
Brown & Dunlop
Brown & Ferguson
Brown & Green
Brown & Pruce
Brown & Ream
Brown & Shaw
Brown & Son
Brown & Sons
Brown & Webb
Brown & Wheeler
Brown & Whiting
Brown (Messrs)
Brown (Mr)
Brown Brothers
Brown Tone Art Co
Brown, A
Brown, A & Co
Brown, A Mason & Co
Brown, A Taylor
Brown, Albert I
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Alfred James
Brown, Alfred James & Son
Brown, Alfred Mavor
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Anthony Hodgson
Brown, Anthony Hodgson (Mrs)
Brown, Archibald
Brown, Archibald & Co
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur & Son
Brown, Arthur E
Brown, B
Brown, B & Brown, H R
Brown, Barnes & Bell
Brown, Bertie Norman
Brown, C (Mrs)
Brown, C E
Brown, C F
Brown, Cecil Seymour
Brown, Charles
Brown, Charles E
Brown, Charles R
Brown, Charlotte (Miss)
Brown, Cormack
Brown, Daniel
Brown, David
Brown, E
Brown, E J
Brown, E J & Co
Brown, Edgar
Brown, Edward
Brown, Emma Harriett (Mrs)
Brown, Ernest A
Brown, Esme (Mrs)
Brown, Evalina (Miss)
Brown, F
Brown, F C
Brown, Florrie (Miss)
Brown, Francis
Brown, Frank
Brown, Frederick
Brown, Frederick John James
Brown, Frederick William
Brown, G
Brown, G C & Son
Brown, George
Brown, George & Son
Brown, George A
Brown, George Frederick
Brown, George S
Brown, Graham
Brown, H
Brown, H A & Son
Brown, H D
Brown, H D & Co
Brown, H P
Brown, H R
Brown, Harry
Brown, Helen (Mrs)
Brown, Henry
Brown, Henry (senior)
Brown, Herbert
Brown, Hugh
Brown, Hugh A
Brown, Isabella (Mrs)
Brown, J
Brown, J & J
Brown, J C
Brown, J G
Brown, J L & Co
Brown, J Lawrence
Brown, J Ludford Prava
Brown, J W
Brown, Jabez C
Brown, James
Brown, James & Bell (Brown & Bell)
Brown, James & Co
Brown, James & Sons
Brown, James Livingstone
Brown, James M
Brown, Jesse & Brown, Charles
Brown, John
Brown, John & Co
Brown, John & Son
Brown, John G
Brown, John Lawrence (aka Brown & Co)
Brown, John Stephen
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, John W
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph & Greatrex, John Henry ( Brown & Greatrex)
Brown, Joseph Collier
Brown, Joseph Milman
Brown, Joseph Stephen
Brown, Joshua
Brown, K
Brown, Laurence Castleman
Brown, Louisa Rose (Mrs)
Brown, M
Brown, M H
Brown, Maddock & Co
Brown, Martin
Brown, Milman Harvey
Brown, Montague
Brown, Mr (The Popular Brown Photographer)
Brown, Norman & Co
Brown, Otto
Brown, Percival J
Brown, Pruce & King
Brown, R
Brown, R & F
Brown, R (Mrs)
Brown, R J
Brown, R M
Brown, Reginald Walter
Brown, Reginald Walter & Co
Brown, Reginald Walter & Son
Brown, Richard
Brown, Richard Gregory
Brown, Richard Stuart
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert & Son
Brown, Robert V
Brown, Samuel
Brown, T & Co
Brown, Theodore
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas Chapman & Hewitt, Joseph J (Brown & Hewitt) (aka Browne & Hewitt)
Brown, Thomas J
Brown, Thomas M
Brown, Thomas W
Brown, W & Brown, H B & Son
Brown, W (Mrs)
Brown, W D & Co
Brown, W J M
Brown, Walter
Brown, Walter Henry
Brown, Walter J
Brown, Watkin John
Brown, William
Brown, William & Bennett, Sterndale (Brown & Bennett)
Brown, William & Son
Brown, William (Junior)
Brown, William A
Brown, William Arthur & Son
Brown, William Baker
Brown, William R
Brown, Winfred (Mrs)
Browne & Gradidge Limited
Browne & Newman
Browne Brothers
Browne, Ada (Miss)
Browne, Cecil Seymour
Browne, Charles
Browne, Edward J
Browne, Edward J & Co
Browne, Esme (Mrs)
Browne, F
Browne, F J J
Browne, Frances (Miss)
Browne, George
Browne, Henry
Browne, J
Browne, J R
Browne, James Edward
Browne, John
Browne, John & Son
Browne, John R
Browne, Louisa Rose (Mrs)
Browne, Robert
Browne, Seymour
Browne, T
Browne, Thomas Chapman
Browne, W D
Browne, William B
Browne, William H
Brownell, Joseph
Brownett, M A (Mrs)
Brownett, Richard
Brownhill, Fred Strong
Brownie Studios
Browning, A W
Browning, Arthur
Browning, Arthur William
Browning, E W F
Browning, Edgar
Browning, Francis
Browning, H
Browning, Hugh
Browning, J
Browning, James
Browning, James Walter
Browning, Jonathan (John) Ross
Browning, Peter C
Browning, Theresa
Brownlee, Gladys Methven (Miss)
Brownlee, Gladys Methven (Miss) & Pearson, Audrey (Brownlee & Pearson)
Brownlee, John M (aka J m Brownlie)
Brownlee, Robert
Brown’s Photographic Studio
Brownsworth, David
Brownsworth, Sophia (Mrs)
Broydo, J
Bruce Grove Art Studio
Bruce, A C & Co
Bruce, Adele (Mrs)
Bruce, Alexander S
Bruce, Charles
Bruce, Esme
Bruce, George
Bruce, Grice R
Bruce, Isabella M (Miss)
Bruce, James
Bruce, John
Bruce, Richard
Bruce, William
Bruges, W Bramwell
Brugnoni, Mario
Brugnoni, Marius
Bruley, Samuel & Co
Brument, Alex E & Son
Brument, L E A
Brumfitt, Ellis
Brummer (Madame)
Brummitt & Andrew
Brummitt & Fawssett
Brummitt, A
Brumpton, Harold
Brumpton, W
Brumpton, William J
Brun, Samuel
Brundenell, S R
Brundett, Albert
Brundett, Frederick & Albert (aka F & A Brundrett)
Brunell, Theodore
Brunelliere, Henry Antoine
Brunner, Clementina (Madame)
Brunner, William
Brunsdon, Mrs
Brunskill, J W
Brunskill, R
Brunskill, R & J W
Brunskill, S A
Brunskill, S A & Son
Brunswick Photo Co
Brunswick, G
Brunt, Donald
Brunt, Robert
Brunton, John Robert
Brunton, John Robert & Son
Brunton, Thomas
Brunton, W
Brunton, W G
Brunton, W H
Brunton, W H & Co
Brunton, William
Bruton, J E
Bruton, John E
Bruxby, Mary (Mrs) (Miss?)
Bruxby, Tom
Bryan, Charles
Bryan, D A
Bryan, E J
Bryan, Francis John
Bryan, John
Bryan, John G
Bryan, Joseph
Bryan, Joseph S
Bryan, Vernon
Bryant & Co
Bryant, Albert
Bryant, Alfred
Bryant, C
Bryant, F
Bryant, F C
Bryant, George
Bryant, Harry
Bryant, John
Bryant, Leslie Howard
Bryant, V
Bryant, Victor
Bryar, Joseph George W
Bryce, Charles
Brydon, G
Brydon, J J
Brydon, Joseph
Brydon, Walter
Bryer, Joseph G W
Bryne, J
Buchanan & Armour
Buchanan, Alexander
Buchanan, D
Buchanan, J
Buchanan, Liddell
Buchanan, P A & Co
Buchanan, W C
Buchanan, William M
Buchanan-Wollaston & Bowden
Buck, E H
Buck, Edmund
Buck, F W & Son
Buck, Harry
Buck, John
Buck, Sidney
Buck, V
Buckingham, Frank
Buckingham, G
Buckland, A (Mrs)
Buckland, Henry James
Buckland, James
Buckland, Thomas (Junior)
Buckland’s Studio
Buckle, Agnes J (Miss)
Buckle, G Fort
Buckle, Henry C
Buckle, Henry G
Buckler, John
Buckler, W J
Buckley & Co
Buckley, & Ireland, William (Buckley & Ireland)
Buckley, Anthony
Buckley, E
Buckley, Ernest
Buckley, Frederick William
Buckley, George Fred
Buckley, Joseph
Buckley, Joseph & Sons
Buckley, M
Buckley, Robert Edward
Buckley, T
Buckley, Thomas C
Buckley, Thomas E
Buckley, William
Buckley, William R
Buckman, G H
Buckmaster, Harry Roland
Bucknell, Aldred H 
Buckrose, J T S
Budd, A
Budd, George
Budd, J
Budd, James Henry
Budding, T Newerne
Budge, Maria Palmer (Mrs)
Budin, George
Buffham, F
Bugg, Arthur
Bugg, Arthur A
Buggs, Walter C
Buggs, Walter C & Mills (Buggs & Mills)
Buist, Thomas
Bulbeck, John & Co
Bull, A G
Bull, A G & Cummings (Bull & Cummings)
Bull, Albert Sidney
Bull, Arthur E
Bull, Austin & Co Ltd
Bull, E
Bull, G
Bull, George
Bull, J T & G
Bull, John
Bull, John & Bull, Alfred
Bull, John & Son
Bull, Robert
Bull, Robert & Hawkins (Bull & Hawkins)
Bull, Robert & Robert (Bull & Robert)
Bull, William Ernest
Bullen, Joseph Samuel
Bullen, T E H
Bullen, William
Bulley, D
Bullingham, Henry
Bullingham, Joseph G
Bullingham, Ralph
Bullingham, Robert
Bullivant Photos
Bullivant, Parkinson
Bullivant, William
Bullock & Martin
Bullock & Wilson
Bullock (Mr)
Bullock Brothers
Bullock, E
Bullock, Edward
Bullock, Edward & Co
Bullock, Edward & Sons
Bullock, Edwin aka (Edward Bullock)
Bullock, Ezra
Bullock, F
Bullock, George
Bullock, Harry
Bullock, Harry & Son
Bullock, Henry
Bullock, James
Bullock, Percy Albert
Bullock, T & Bullock, W H
Bullock, Thomas
Bullock, Thomas & Son
Bullock, Thomas & Sons
Bullock, William
Bullock, William Alfred
Bullock, William H
Bullock’s Studios
Bulman, Charles Thomas
Bulmer, John
Bultz, Harry Frederick
Bultz, Harry Frederick & Son
Bultz, Henry Frederick
Bultz, Samuel Walt
Bultz, William & Weber (Bultz & Weber)
Bultz, William J
Bultz, William J W
Bumby, H
Bunce Brothers
Bunce, G & H
Bunce, George & Albert
Buncle, James
Bundock, Thomas
Bundred, J
Bunhill & Bingham
Bunhill, Henry
Bunker, Bertrand
Bunker, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Bunker, Joseph
Bunn & Co
Bunn & Coldbeck
Bunn, Edwin
Bunn, George
Bunn, John
Bunnett, William Henry
Bunney, H & Son (aka H Bunny & Son)
Bunney, H & Sons (aka H Bunny & Sons)
Bunney, H (aka H Bunny)
Bunneys Ltd
Bunting, Charles
Bunting, Charles & Son
Bunting, E T
Bunting, Enos Frederick
Bunting, Henry
Bunting, Joseph Haigh
Bunting, Norman
Bunyard, Frederick 
Burbidge, Joseph
Burbidge, William
Burbitt, W H
Burbury, F
Burch, J
Burchall, C
Burchall, Charles John & Co
Burchall, Charles John & Son
Burcham, Francis
Burchett, A
Burchfell & Freeman
Burchill, Charles & Telling (Burchill & Telling)
Burchill, Charles Britton
Burchill, Charles Thomas
Burchill, John
Burchill, T C
Burchill, Thomas
Burdekin, Harold B
Burdekin, W F
Burden, Daniel
Burden, J
Burden, Percival Edwin
Burder, John
Burdett Photographic Works
Burdett, Oliver
Burditt, Elanore (Miss)
Burford, Ebenezer Samuel
Burford, Francis (Frank) William Wansbrough
Burge, A
Burge, George Henry
Burger, Arthur
Burgess & Bowes Ltd
Burgess & Grimwood
Burgess & Jennings, Henry Constantine (Burgess & Jennings)
Burgess & Laws
Burgess Brothers
Burgess, A J
Burgess, Alfred
Burgess, Alfred & Son
Burgess, Alfred C
Burgess, Annie (Mrs)
Burgess, Arthur
Burgess, Frank Walter
Burgess, James
Burgess, James (M L P)
Burgess, John
Burgess, John Middleton
Burgess, Jos W
Burgess, Peter
Burgess, Robert
Burgess, Robert & Co
Burgess, Samuel
Burgess, T H
Burghall, George J
Burgoyne, Frederick John
Burgoyne, James
Burgoyne, James & Thompson (Burgoyne & Thompson)
Burgwitz & Co
Burke, Edward
Burke, Percy J
Burke, Richard H
Burkett, Walter E
Burkill & Co
Burkinshaw, Harold
Burkinshaw, Samuel
Burkinshaw, William
Burkitt, M C
Burkle, Percy J
Burl, John Thomas
Burland, E
Burland, Robert
Burland, Vincent
Burlington Photographic Co
Burlington Photographic Rooms
Burlington Studios
Burlington Studios Ltd
Burlington, M W
Burlinson, W
Burlinson, William
Burman, F W
Burman, J F
Burman, James
Burman, W F
Burmon, Aswinikumar
Burn Studio
Burn, William Henry
Burnand, A W
Burnand, Edwin
Burnand, W W
Burnand, William R
Burnand, William Wyatt
Burnaud, Edwin
Burnaud, R
Burnaud, William
Burnaud, William R
Burnbank Studio
Burndred, J
Burne, Charles
Burne, John (Mrs)
Burne, John C
Burne, John C & Son
Burne, Landfer
Burnell, Charles
Burness, Alexander
Burness, Alexander & J
Burnett & Pearson
Burnett, Charles C
Burnett, Edwin
Burnett, Frederick A
Burnett, G & Co
Burnett, G & Pinnington (Burnett & Pinnington)
Burnett, J M
Burnett, Joseph
Burnett, Poole
Burnette, F P
Burnette, Frederick R
Burnette, R
Burney Publicity Service
Burney Snapshot Service
Burngeave Studios
Burnham, C
Burnham, Francis Champneys
Burnham, S C
Burnicle, Robert
Burnie & Robertson
Burnie, Robert
Burnley Photographic Co
Burnley, Frederick
Burns & Ashton
Burns & Fox
Burns Photographic Co
Burns, A J
Burns, Archibald
Burns, Charles
Burns, E C
Burns, J C & Co
Burns, John
Burns, Robert 
Burns, T M
Burns, Thomas
Burns, W
Burns, William
Burns, Young
Burnside, H
Burnside, James
Burnside, Joseph (this is a lady named Joseph)
Burow, Ralph & Co
Burow, Rudolph & Co
Burr, A T
Burr, Frederick
Burr, Michael
Burras, James
Burrell & Burrell
Burrell & Flower
Burrell & Hardman
Burrell & Hardman Ltd
Burrell, E Jacques
Burrell, Edward
Burrell, Frederick William
Burrell, George
Burrell, H R
Burrell, H T (Mrs)
Burrey, Ruby (Miss)
Burridge, Ambrose Mark
Burrmann, H (aka H Buermann)
Burroughes, Frank Smith
Burrow, E J
Burrow, Henry & Burrow, John Charles
Burrow, John Charles
Burrow, R L
Burrow, Rudolph & Co
Burrows & Co
Burrows Brothers
Burrows, Alfred
Burrows, Charles & Broughton, A W (Burrows & Broughton)
Burrows, Charles Frederick Setton
Burrows, Charles Henry
Burrows, Eliza (Mrs)
Burrows, Frederick Thomas
Burrows, Frederick Thomas & Colton (Burrows & Colton)
Burrows, George
Burrows, George H James
Burrows, H
Burrows, Henry
Burrows, Herbert Edwin
Burrows, R
Burrows, R (Junior)
Burrows, S J
Burrows, Thomas Henry
Burrows, Thompson
Burrows, William
Bursill & Ladyman Ltd
Bursill, F Ltd
Burslem, Charles E
Burstein, William
Burt, A & P
Burt, Elizabeth (Miss)
Burt, Harry
Burt, John
Burt, Thomas Benjamin
Burt, William
Burt, William & Co
Burtenshaw, Albert
Burton & Co
Burton & Company
Burton & Garland Ltd
Burton Brothers
Burton Rake Illustrating Co
Burton, Alfred
Burton, Alfred R E
Burton, Arthur
Burton, Charlie
Burton, Edward
Burton, Ernest W
Burton, Frank
Burton, G R
Burton, Hilda (Miss)
Burton, J
Burton, J B
Burton, J D
Burton, J F
Burton, J H
Burton, J J
Burton, J T
Burton, James
Burton, James Davies
Burton, John
Burton, John & Sons
Burton, John Henry
Burton, John T
Burton, Richard
Burton, Richard & Company
Burton, S
Burton, S H & Co
Burton, W J
Burtonwood, Peter
Burtt, F
Burvill, Wood
Bury & Pickup
Bury, John
Bury, John & Co
Busbridge, Herbert Walter
Busby & Skinner
Busby, E H
Busby, James
Busby, William George
Bush & Gillyatt
Bush, A
Bush, E
Bush, George
Bush, J W
Bush, James Edward
Bush, Joseph W
Bushe, G Scott Ltd
Bushell & Pritchard
Bushell, George
Bushell, W H & A
Bushnell, A
Bushnell, G H S
Bushnell, George & Son
Bushnell, William
Business Photo Ltd
Business Photos Ltd
Bussell, Albert George
Bussell, Frederick E
Bussell, Frederick E & Son
Bussey, Reuben
Busst, G
Bustin (Messrs) (Miss?)
Bustin, Frederick
Bustin, George Britten
Bustin, Marion (Mrs) & Son
Bustin, Marion (Mrs) & Sons
Bustin, Richard Britton
Bustin, Richard Britton & Marion (Mrs)
Bustin, Richard Britton & Marion (Mrs) & Son
Bustin, William Henry
Bustin, William Henry & Son
Butcher, Arthur
Butcher, Donald J
Butcher, F
Butcher, Fred
Butcher, G A
Butcher, George William
Butcher, Harriett (Mrs)
Butcher, Henry
Butcher, Isaac
Butcher, Robert
Butcher, Robert & Son
Butcher, W & Son
Butcher, William
Butcher, William Frederick
Bute Docks (Photographic) Co
Bute Post Card Co
Buthlay, Roy W
Butler & Denton
Butler & Dyer
Butler & Reeves
Butler, Adolphus George
Butler, Alfred
Butler, Alfred Ernest
Butler, Archibald
Butler, Arthur George
Butler, E
Butler, Edward
Butler, F H
Butler, F W
Butler, Frederick Walter
Butler, George W
Butler, H C
Butler, Harold
Butler, Harry
Butler, Henry
Butler, Henry George
Butler, J & Butler, Edward
Butler, James
Butler, James Mellor
Butler, John
Butler, Thomas
Butler, William
Butson, William
Butt, Drinkwater
Butt, Fred
Butt, Robert Arthur
Butt, W
Butt, William
Butt, William James
Buttberg, F
Buttberg, F & Co
Butterfield, John T
Butterley, H D
Butters, Stephen
Butters, W G
Butterwick, G
Butterworth & Co
Butterworth, Arthur
Butterworth, F
Butterworth, Frank K
Butterworth, Frederick & Co
Butterworth, G & Co
Butterworth, George
Butterworth, J
Butterworth, Joseph
Butterworth, W T
Butterworth, William
Butterworth, William A
Buttle, H U
Button, Edward
Button, F A
Button, N
Buttrum, A (Miss)
Buttrum, Henry D
Butts, William
Buxton, M J
Buxton, M John
Buxton, Samuel
Buzzard, Doris Victoria (Mrs)
Buzzard, Leonard Ltd
Bye & Penfold
Bye, G
Byers, Richard
Byers, Richard & Sons
Byfield, C
Byfield, Edgar
Byran, Joseph
Byrne, Francis & Co
Byrne, John
Byrne, Joseph
Byrne, William Joseph & Co
Byron, J
Byron, J (James C or John)
Byron, James
Byron, James C
Byron, James C & Son
Byron, James C & Sons
Byron, Joseph
Byron, Joseph & Clayton, Walter
Bywaters, Jotham A
Byzanotype Portrait Co
C T Studio
Cable, F 
Cable, William 
Caddick Royal Art Studio 
Caddick, Benjamin
Caddick, Joseph
Caddick, Joseph 
Caddick, Joseph James 
Caddick’s Studios
Caddy, William
Cade, Alfred Henry 
Cade, Alfred Henry & White (Cade & White)
Cade, Edward 
Cade, Robert 
Cadell, Reginald Henry 
Cadett & Neall Ltd 
Cadle, John 
Cadman, J
Cadogan & Son
Cadogan, Oliver Llewellyn 
Cadwallader, William 
Cadwallender, Joseph Nathan 
Caesare, Zucchi
Caeser, Thomas 
Caffrey, E 
Caffrey, George 
Caffyn, Robert John 
Cailey, C 
Cain, William 
Caine, Arthur 
Cairncross, F H & Co 
Caisley, C B 
Calcott & Tongue
Calder (Mrs)
Calder, Adolphus R 
Calder, Charles M 
Calder, G 
Calder, John 
Calder, John (Mrs)
Calder, Peter 
Caldesi & Co
Caldesi & Montecchi
Caldesi, Blanford & Co 
Caldesi, C Bernierri & Co
Caldesi, Leonida & Co 
Caldwell & Co
Caldwell, George
Caldwell, George (Junior)
Caldwell, W 
Caledonia Photographic Rooms
Caledonian Photographic Co
Caledonian Portrait Rooms
Caley, Samuel W 
Call, J H (Miss)
Call, William A E
Callaghan, J E 
Callaghan, R H
Callaghan. T (possibly T O’Callaghan)
Callan, James 
Callaway & Co
Callaway, William 
Callenne, Henry  B
Callis, William 
Callister, William
Callister, William 
Callow, Benjamin & James 
Callow, Ernest
Caloe & Sons
Caloe, John
Caloe, John 
Caloe, John & Sons
Caloe, Thomas 
Caloe, William 
Calvert & Timms
Calvert Brothers
Calvert, Alfred B
Calvert, Beaumont 
Calvert, J W 
Calvert, James 
Calvert, John 
Calvert, R 
Calvert, Richard Isaac 
Calvert, Thomas James 
Cambage & Stables
Cambell, D 
Cambidge, Richard O (aka R O Cambridge)
Cambrian Copying Company
Cambrian Photographic Co
Cambrian Portrait Co
Cambridge & Gale
Cambridge Daily News Ltd
Cambridge Studio
Cambridge Utilities Co
Cambridge, E E
Camburn, Harold Hawtrey
Camden Studio
Came, Archie E 
Cameo & Medallion Photo Co
Cameo Miniature Co
Cameo Studio
Cameo Studios
Camera Advertising
Camera Company
Camera Craft
Camera Craft Ltd
Camera Portraits
Camera Scopes Ltd
Cameragraph Co Ltd
Camerart Studios
Cameron & Co
Cameron & Smith
Cameron Brothers
Cameron Studio Ltd
Cameron, A 
Cameron, Alexander 
Cameron, Arthur H 
Cameron, Charles 
Cameron, D 
Cameron, Henry
Cameron, Henry Herschel Hay
Cameron, John 
Cameron, John Smeaton 
Cameron, Matthew M 
Cameron, Paul 
Cameron, Thomas F
Cameron’s American Portrait Rooms
Camiller, Joseph C 
Camm, Alfred 
Camm, George Frederick 
Cammack, Robert
Camp, Sidney (Sydney)
Campbell & Cameron
Campbell & Co
Campbell & Grey
Campbell (Messrs)
Campbell, A
Campbell, A J 
Campbell, A J & Gray, C E Ltd (Campbell – Gray Ltd)
Campbell, Alfred Joseph 
Campbell, Archibald Colin
Campbell, C
Campbell, Charles 
Campbell, Collin (Colin)
Campbell, Collin J 
Campbell, D P 
Campbell, David
Campbell, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Campbell, Fanny (Mrs)
Campbell, G M 
Campbell, George
Campbell, Gray & Edwards Duncan Ltd
Campbell, J
Campbell, J M
Campbell, J T
Campbell, John 
Campbell, Luke 
Campbell, Mary (Mrs)
Campbell, Norman 
Campbell, Robert M 
Campbell, W & Co
Campbell, W H 
Campbell, Wilfred Sydney Theodore
Campbell, Wiliam 
Campbell, William 
Campbell, William Sidney 
Campbell, William Sidney & Campbell, Alfred Joseph 
Campbell’s Photographic Studio
Campbell’s Press Studio
Campbeltown Photographic Studio
Canadian Photo Co
Canadian Studios
Candid Ltd
Candland, James 
Cane, Sydney Edward 
Caney, B
Caney, William
Caney, William Laws 
Canfield & Georgeson
Canham, Anthony S 
Canham, R  William 
Canham, Thomas 
Cann & Cox
Cann, John
Cann, John (aka J Canns)
Cann, Thomas 
Cannan, Thomas 
Canning, Maurice 
Cannon, Charles
Cannon, Charles 
Cannon, J F
Cannon, John 
Cannon, Lydia (Mrs)
Cannon, Miranda (Miss)
Cannon, Ralph G 
Cannon, Thomas 
Cannons of Hollywood Ltd
Cansdale, Charles 
Cantelo, Ellen (Miss)
Canter, W  William 
Cantle & Barnard
Cantle, E
Cantrell, Charles 
Cantrell, Sarah (Miss)
Cantrill, Robert 
Cantuar Photographic Co
Canty, Charles 
Canty, Herbert F 
Capes Brothers
Capital & County Studios
Caple, J W
Capper, Joseph Walter 
Capstaff, John George 
Capstick, Thomas Edward 
Captack, John 
Carasor(v), S
Carasov, Samuel 
Caravaggi, John 
Carbonara Co
Carbonnette Co
Carbutt (Corbitt), John
Card, Leonard 
Carder, Henry
Carder, Robert 
Carder, William 
Cardwell, Edmund P 
Cardwell, Elizabeth 
Care, Ernest John
Carew, Helen (Miss)
Carey, Cecil 
Carey, Ralph Gladstone
Cargill, James 
Carl, George 
Carle, George William 
Carlebach, Alfred 
Carless, George 
Carless, Henry John
Carless, Samuel 
Carleton, James B 
Carley, Wallace Henry 
Carlile, A G 
Carlin & Woods
Carlin, Leo & Son 
Carlin, Leon 
Carling & Horlington
Carling & Topham
Carling, A H
Carling, Robert H
Carlisle, Alfred G 
Carlisle, Robert 
Carlos, Frederick 
Carlow, A 
Carl’s Studio
Carlton & Co
Carlton Art Studios (Co)
Carlton Photographic Co
Carlton Studios
Carlton, H & Sons 
Carlton, Shiders 
Carlton, William Preston
Carlton, William Preston & Sons
Carlyon, Ernest W 
Carman, G
Carmel, B 
Carmel, Benjamin 
Carmichael, Peter G 
Carmine, Jay 
Carnarvon Photographic Co
Carnegie, Ebenezer H 
Carnegie, Harry William 
Carnegie, John L?
Carnel, Edward A (aka Abraham Carnell)
Carney, Joseph 
Carno Studios
Caro, Myer 
Caroche & Sons
Carol, James 
Carpenter, Charles 
Carpenter, Edward 
Carpenter, Edward & Kitchener (Carpenter & Kitchener)
Carpenter, Edward W 
Carpenter, Harry
Carpenter, Harry (Henry) & Co
Carpenter, Henry & Co 
Carpenter, Leslie R 
Carpenter, Lewis (Louis) G 
Carpenter, W
Carpenter, William Allen 
Carr & Hopperton
Carr & Sullivan
Carr, A 
Carr, Albert Bradley 
Carr, Ashton 
Carr, Charles 
Carr, Charles James 
Carr, E & C 
Carr, Elizabeth (Miss)
Carr, Elizabeth (Mrs) & Ada (Miss)
Carr, Frank 
Carr, G (Mrs)
Carr, George 
Carr, George William
Carr, Gilbert & Co
Carr, Henry 
Carr, Henry & Samuel
Carr, John
Carr, John 
Carr, Robert 
Carr, S & Son 
Carr, Syd 
Carr, William 
Carr, William J 
Carradus, Walt 
Carrick Brothers (aka Talba Photographic Co)
Carrick, J & M (Misses)
Carrick, James W 
Carrick, Thomas Heathfield 
Carrington Studio
Carrington, Walter M 
Carrless, Harry 
Carroll, George Edward & Son 
Carroll, J E 
Carroll, Robert 
Carroll, Robert Anthony 
Carruthers, C 
Carruthers, Charles
Carruthers, Charles & Son 
Carruthers, James 
Carruthers, Simon
Carsewell, George 
Carsewell, Robert 
Carsoe (Mr)
Carson, J 
Carstairs, M (Miss)
Carstairs, Martyn 
Carswell, George 
Carswell, John Milton 
Carte de Visite Company
Carter & Co
Carter & Crosbie
Carter & Kendrick
Carter, A
Carter, A E 
Carter, Arthur 
Carter, Charles 
Carter, Charles Alfred  & Son 
Carter, Charlotte (Mrs)
Carter, Christopher 
Carter, David 
Carter, E E 
Carter, Edward 
Carter, Ernest Wait 
Carter, F F
Carter, Francis 
Carter, Francis E 
Carter, Francis Edward 
Carter, Frank 
Carter, George 
Carter, George E
Carter, J 
Carter, James 
Carter, John Edward 
Carter, John Gilroy 
Carter, Joseph
Carter, Joshua Debenham 
Carter, Major William 
Carter, O G 
Carter, Octavius 
Carter, Reginald E 
Carter, Robert 
Carter, S 
Carter, T 
Carter, Thomas 
Carter, W 
Carter, Wallace Francis 
Carter, Walter 
Carter, William 
Carter, William T 
Carthew & Kinnaird Ltd
Cartland, George Piner
Cartland, William 
Cartledge, James 
Cartlidge & May
Cartlidge, George 
Cartlidge, H 
Cartlidge, J B
Cartlidge, J B 
Cartmale, W 
Carton Photographic Co
Cartwright & Co
Cartwright, Alan & Co
Cartwright, Alex 
Cartwright, Harry 
Cartwright, Herbert 
Cartwright, J 
Cartwright, Levi
Cartwright, R 
Cartwright, Richard 
Cartwright, Richard W & M 
Cartwright, Richard W (also as & Co)
Cartwright, Robert Thompson
Cartwright, W
Cartwright, William
Carver, Edward G
Carver, Ernest
Carver, Kathlin (Miss)
Cary, C C
Cary, Florence (Miss)
Casartelli, J
Casbon, Charles & Co 
Casbon, Charles W
Casbon, Charles W & Kittle (Casbon & Kittle)
Case, (Mrs)
Case, Sidney James
Cash & Co
Cash, George 
Cash, James
Cash, James & Son
Cash, William 
Cashmore, J R 
Cashmore, Lawrance Arnold Vaughan 
Casket Portrait Co Ltd
Cason, James
Caspell, Leonard
Cass, Edmund 
Cass, J W
Casse, Kingsley 
Cassels, Amy (Miss)
Cassidy, Patrick 
Cassidy, Peter 
Cassidy, Robert 
Cassie, James  (Junior)
Cassinello, George & Co
Cassinello, George (Signor)
Cassinello, John 
Cassinello, N
Cassinello, Nicola
Casson, Albert Edward
Casson, Frank
Casson, Lucy 
Casstine, Christopher Percy 
Castell, James 
Caster, George Corbon
Castle Film Co
Castle Photographic Enlargement Co
Castle Studio
Castle Studios
Castle, Alfred 
Castle, Charles (Junior)
Castle, Eric G 
Castle, George Henry 
Castle, Ivor
Castle, Joseph Hile
Castle, Samuel James
Castleman, C F G (Frederick)
Caston, Hugh Edwin 
Castree, G (Miss)
Castudio Services Ltd
Caswall-Smith, Lizzie (Miss)
Caswell, James 
Catcheside, David Gurney
Catchpole, Stephen 
Catchside, Robert L S
Cater, William John 
Cater, William Smale & Co 
Cates, Francis  Albert
Catford Brothers
Catford, James S & Son
Catford, James Stoyle
Catford, John 
Cathedral Studio
Cathedral Studios
Catherall & Pritchard
Cathery, Frederick
Catholic Photographic Supply Co
Catlin, Mary (Mrs)
Catling, Edward
Caton, Grace (Miss) & Alice (Miss)
Cattanach, S
Cattani, Albert 
Cattell, Robert 
Cattermole, William John 
Cattle, George 
Caudwell, Kathleen M (Miss)
Caula, A
Caulkin, Levi 
Caulkin, Mary Ann 
Caunce, B (Madame)
Caunt, S
Cave & Co
Cave, Albert Ernest  (aka E A Cave)
Cave, Albert Walter 
Cave, Albert William 
Cave, E A 
Cave, Ethel (Miss)
Cave, Herbert Thomas
Cave, Joseph
Cave, Joseph Henry 
Caven, (Miss)
Cavendish Studio
Cavill, Ada M (Miss)
Cavill, C H
Cavill, Edgar (aka E Cavil)
Cawey, T W
Cawkwell & Stafford
Cawlwood, James 
Cawsey & Burtonwood
Cawsey, Fred J
Cawte, H 
Cawthra, L 
Caxton Photo Service
Cecil & Co
Cecil Studio
Cecil Studios
Cecil, Aladin 
Cecil, Hugh 
Cecil, Hugh  Portraits Ltd
Cecil, John 
Cecilie, (Madame – Mrs  Walter)
Cecille Studios Ltd
Ceileur, Adolphe Edward
Cella, Luigi (Signor)
Cellerier, Parkes & Co
Celleriers Sydicate Ltd
Celluline Photographic Co
Center, John
Central Aerophoto Co Ltd
Central Art Gallery
Central Commercial Studios
Central Mechanical Photo Copying Co
Central News Ltd
Central Philosophic Studio
Central Photo Co
Central Photo Service
Central Photographic & Art Studio
Central Photographic Co
Central Photographic Company
Central Photographic Rooms
Central Photographic Service
Central Photographic Studio
Central Photographic Works
Central Press Photos Ltd
Central Studio
Central Studios
Ceramic Stained Glass & Vitrified Photograph Co
Cerio Photo Finishing Co Limited
Cesaré, Zucchi (aka Zucchi Caesare)
Ceylon Photo Co
Chabôt, Arthur 
Chadband & Tengrove
Chadburn Brothers
Chadderton, Elizabeth (Miss)
Chadwick, Ada (Miss)
Chadwick, Arthur
Chadwick, Arthur John 
Chadwick, Cyril E 
Chadwick, Francis & Co
Chadwick, James 
Chadwick, S V 
Chadwick, Thomas S 
Chadwick, Walter 
Chadwick, William
Chadwick, William 
Chadwick, William James 
Chaffer, William Henry 
Chaffers, W 
Chaffin (Junior)
Chaffin, Arthur Reginald 
Chaffin, John & Son
Chaffin, John Tarver
Chaffin, John W
Chaffin, John W & Sons
Chaffin, W M 
Chaffin, W M & Sons
Chaffin, William Matthew
Chaffin, William Matthew & Son
Chaffin, William Matthew & Sons
Chain Studio
Chales, Henry 
Chalkin, William 
Chalkley Gould & Co
Chalklin, William 
Challacombe, J C 
Challice, Edna (Miss)
Challicom, John C 
Challicom, John C & L
Challis, Thomas Henry 
Challoner-Courtney, E J 
Chalmers & Howie
Chalmers Brothers
Chalmers, C B
Chalmers, D P
Chalmers, J & R 
Chalmers, John
Chalmers, Sarah A (Miss)
Chalmers, Stephen
Chalmers, T D 
Chaloner & Macnamara
Chamberlain Studios Ltd
Chamberlain, E
Chamberlain, E (Mrs)
Chamberlain, F W 
Chamberlain, Francis 
Chamberlain, Minnie (Miss)
Chamberlaine, John 
Chamberlaine, John William
Chamberlaine, William 
Chamberlan (Mr)
Chambers & Co
Chambers & Hodda
Chambers, Alec & Co
Chambers, Alfred Pierpoint
Chambers, Arthur 
Chambers, C
Chambers, Charles 
Chambers, Frederick
Chambers, Frederick 
Chambers, Frederick & Co
Chambers, Frederick (maybe Frederick Chambers & Co)
Chambers, James W 
Chambers, James W & Co
Chambers, John Ewart
Chambers, John Frank & Sons
Chambers, Richard
Chambers, Samuel 
Chambers, Stephen 
Chambers, Thomas 
Chambers, William 
Chambers, William & Co
Chambers, William & Sellars, Robert H (Chambers & Sellars)
Champan, Joseph F 
Champion, A 
Champion, Claude 
Champion, David 
Champion, E J 
Champion, Thomas C 
Champion, William Henry 
Champlin, J 
Chance, Thomas 
Chancellor, John
Chancellor, John & Hodgens, David G (Chancellor & Hodgens)
Chancer, Herbert 
Chancery Photo Co
Chancery Studios
Chandler & Co
Chandler Brothers
Chandler Brothers & Williams
Chandler, A V 
Chandler, Alfred 
Chandler, Francis Tom 
Chandler, Frederick 
Chandler, J E 
Chandler, John Albert 
Chandler, Myles S 
Chandler, S A
Chandler, Stephen Alfred & Co
Chandler, William James 
Chandos, Van 
Chaney, A J 
Chaney, John 
Channel Photo Works
Channel Photographic Works
Channon, W
Chanoch, Max 
Chant, Alfred William
Chant, Florence (Miss)
Chanter, Charles A
Chapel, James 
Chapelow, J
Chaplain, T C  & J (aka T C & J Chaplin)
Chaplain, T C (aka T C Chaplin)
Chaplain, William 
Chaplain, William (aka William Chaplin)
Chaplin, A L 
Chaplin, Charles Henry 
Chaplin, Charles R
Chaplin, Frederick George 
Chaplin, Isabel (Mrs)
Chaplin, J
Chaplin, John 
Chaplin, Stewart 
Chapman & Co
Chapman & Son
Chapman Brothers (aka R & H Chapman)
Chapman, A 
Chapman, A & V
Chapman, A J
Chapman, Alfred T
Chapman, Ben 
Chapman, C
Chapman, C 
Chapman, Caroline Jane
Chapman, Charles R 
Chapman, D C
Chapman, E J 
Chapman, Edith (Mrs)
Chapman, Edward
Chapman, Edward & Son
Chapman, Frank 
Chapman, Frank P 
Chapman, George 
Chapman, H J 
Chapman, Henry
Chapman, Henry A
Chapman, Henry A & Son
Chapman, Henry Alfred
Chapman, Horace 
Chapman, James
Chapman, James 
Chapman, Jesse Arthur 
Chapman, John F
Chapman, Josiah
Chapman, Josiah Thomas
Chapman, L R 
Chapman, M (Mrs)
Chapman, N
Chapman, Samuel P
Chapman, Samuel P & Son
Chapman, Samuel P & Sons
Chapman, Samuel R 
Chapman, Sidney T 
Chapman, Stanley
Chapman, Stanley Ford 
Chapman, T H 
Chapman, W 
Chapman, W D 
Chapman, W E 
Chapman, W R 
Chapman, Watson
Chapman, Watson (Mrs)
Chapman, William
Chapman, William James
Chapman, William James & Son
Chapman, William Swan 
Chappell & Hill
Chappell, Frederick 
Chappell, Harry
Chappell, James 
Chappell, John 
Chappell, R
Chappelow, Allan 
Chapple, Arthur 
Chapple, Charles Pope 
Chapple, J 
Chapple, William George (also see R R Bake)
Chappuis, Paul Emile
Chappuis, Paul Emile & Co
Charburn, Charles Henry
Charing Cross School of Photography
Charles & Co
Charles & Hicks
Charles & Holt
Charles & Russell
Charles Studio
Charles, Andrew
Charles, David
Charles, Emanuel Nicholas
Charles, Emanuel Nicholas & Morris (Charles & Morris)
Charles, G A
Charles, H
Charles, Hannah (Mrs)
Charles, Henry 
Charles, J
Charles, J & Co
Charles, John
Charles, Lallie (Madame)
Charles, Robert
Charles, Robert & Silk (Charles & Silk)
Charles, S T 
Charles, Sarah (Mrs)
Charles, William
Charleson, W
Charlesworth & Morehen
Charlesworth, George 
Charlesworth, James W
Charlesworth, James W & Co
Charleton & Son
Charleton, Ernest 
Charlish, F C
Charlton, Charles
Charlton, Ed Steele
Charlton, Ed Steele & Co
Charlton, F & W
Charlton, H Charles
Charlton, Henry
Charlton, J 
Charlton, J & Co Ltd 
Charlton, John
Charlton, John (aka Grimmitt, name change 1918)
Charlton, John G 
Charlton, W 
Charlwood, Conrad 
Charman, Harold H 
Charmbury, Theodore A
Charnock Brothers
Charpentier, William 
Charrington, Henry John 
Chart, E F 
Chart, Frank 
Chart, John R
Charters, G C W
Chase, G 
Chase, Gordon
Chase, Harry Gordon
Chase, W
Chatham Photographic Portrait Rooms
Chatham, Richard 
Chatterton, William
Chatwin, B 
Chaundy, George
Chaundy, John
Cheadle, H 
Cheal, Charles
Cheal, Charles & Son
Cheal, John Albert
Cheapside Ferrotype Gallery
Cheapside Permanent Photographic Company
Cheapside Photographic Co
Cheapside Portrait Company
Chedzoy & Farnall
Cheek, S J 
Cheesman, Harry
Cheesman, Henry
Cheesman, Henry 
Cheesman, Herbert 
Cheesmond, H 
Cheetham, George Robert
Cheetham, George Robert 
Cheetham, Robert A
Cheethams Photographic Works
Cheffin, W (aka W Cheffins)
Cheffins, William
Cheke, S J
Chell, C H 
Chell, E & C
Chell, E & L (Miss)
Chelsea Studio
Cheltenham Photographic Institution
Cheltenham Photographic Portrait Institution
Cheltenham Photographic Studio
Chelton, M & B
Chemicographic Portrait Company
Chemists Photographic Association
Cheney, James
Cheney, M 
Chenhall & Son
Chenhall, Grace (Mrs) & Son
Chenhall, Grace (Mrs) & Sons
Chenhall, J  (Junior)
Chenhall, J & Son
Chenhall, J & Sons
Chenhall, J H 
Chenhall, James
Chenhall, Joseph
Chenhall, William F 
Chenhall, William Francis 
Chenhall, William Francis G
Chennell, E
Cherrill, Nelson King
Cherrington & Hyde
Cherrington, Alice (Miss)
Cherrington, Henry 
Cherrington, Henry John
Cherry & Fleming
Cherry, Albert Edward 
Cherry, C 
Cherry, E
Cherry, Edward & Co
Cherry, Ellen (Mrs)
Cherry, Henry
Cherry, James 
Cherry, Thomas Morris 
Chesherton, William 
Cheshire & Mighell
Cheshire, A 
Cheshire, Alfred J 
Cheshire, Eric Dennant
Cheshire, Goodwin 
Cheshire, Robert W 
Chesmore, G
Chesmore, George 
Chesneys Ltd (aka Chesney Ltd)
Chessher, Herbert 
Chester Ltd
Chester, Charles 
Chester, Harry 
Chester, R
Chester, William
Chesterfield Studios
Chesterman, E J
Chesters, Stephen 
Chesterton, William 
Chesworth, Edwin 
Chettle, Leonard (aka L Chettie)
Chettle, W (Mrs)
Chettle, Walter 
Chetwynd, R W & Co
Chevalier, Bertram
Cheverton Brothers
Cheverton, S
Cheverton, W 
Chew, Arthur 
Chew, Charles (Chaster) Frederick
Chew, Edwin T
Chew, G (Mrs)
Chew, John Michael
Chew, Matthew James
Chew, Thomas 
Cheyne & Ewing
Cheynw, William
Chic Miniatures
Chic Miniatures aka Chic Miniature Photo Co
Chic Miniatures aka Chic Photo Co
Chic Miniatures aka Chic Photographic Co
Chic Studio
Chicago Ferrotype Co
Chicago Photo Co
Chichester Photographic Co
Chick, J 
Chick, John C & Co
Chick, John Henry
Chidlaw, John
Chidlaw, Theophilus 
Chidley, Derek John 
Chidley, T (S)
Chidley, Thomas
Chignell, Alfred 
Chilcott, J
Child & Wormald
Child, Burrow 
Child, H W R 
Child, R H
Child, William
Child, William & Co
Childerstone, T V 
Childs & Curry
Childs, George Ernest 
Chilie, W 
Chilsholm, William 
Chilton, Charles William 
Chinery, Daniel  Ltd 
Chinery, William 
Chinn & Gray
Chippendale, J 
Chippendale, James Charles 
Chipping, A B 
Chisholm & Co
Chisholm, A W 
Chisholm, Charles H 
Chisholm, George Thomson
Chisholm, H
Chisholm, H & H
Chisholm, Harold
Chisholm, James M
Chisholm, Robert D 
Chisholm, William Unwin
Chismore, G
Chisnall, J 
Chiswell, John 
Chittenden, Bertha (Miss)
Chittie, Samuel & Moss (Chittie & Moss) (aka Chitty & Moss)
Chittleburg, W & Co
Chitty, William 
Chivers, Frank 
Chivers, J D 
Chivers, John 
Chivers, John F 
Chivers, Kathleen (Miss)
Chivers, Kathleen (Miss) & Joll, Marion (Miss) (Chivers & Joll)
Chivers, Kathleen (Miss) (possibly Chivers & Gedge)
Chivers, Lewin H 
Chivers, William James
Chives, George
Cholerton, Francis
Chorley & Co
Chorley Studios
Chorley, Ann (Mrs)
Chorley, Harry 
Chorlton, E (Mrs)
Chorlton, Edward H
Chorlton, Edward H & Chorlton, Marjorie
Christian Times Portrait Gallery
Christian, J  Hamilton 
Christian, Jack
Christie & Adam
Christie, A & Co
Christie, Charles R
Christie, J
Christlieb, C  Peter
Christmas, Lea Latimer
Christmas, Walter H 
Christopher, Frederick George
Christopher, Frederick George 
Chromo Fine Art Association
Chromo Photographic Company
Chromography Ltd
Chrystal, F M 
Chubb, Anthony 
Chubb, Matthew Henry
Church End Studios
Church, Atlas
Church, C 
Church, Charles G 
Church, Edmund T
Church, Edmund T 
Church, Edward & Black, George B (Church & Black)
Church, Frederick William 
Church, Herbert S
Church, J 
Church, J F
Church, John 
Church, Moses
Church, William Robert
Church, William
Church, William & Brantingham (Church & Brantingham)
Church, William Edmund James
Churcher, E J H
Churcher, William
Churchfield, Charles George 
Churchill Studio
Churchill, E (Miss)
Churchill, George 
Churchill, H H 
Churchill, Henry 
Churchill, James 
Churchill, Joseph & Co
Churchill, R (Mrs)
Churchill, Robert 
Churchill, W 
Churchill, William (Junior)
Churchill-Cordrey, E L (Mrs)
Churchman, H 
Cicelian Portrait Co
Cigarini, Armand
Cine Snaps
Ciné Snaps Ltd
Cinema Portrait Studio
Cinema Portrait Studios
Cinema Portraits
Cinema Studio
Cinema Studios
Cinie Portrait Co Ltd
Cinique Ltd
Citizens Photo Art Studios
City & District Press Agency
City and County Photographic Company
City Art Studios
City Central Photographic Studio
City Commercial Studio
City Enlarging & Framing Co
City Enlarging Co
City of Bradford Co-operative Society
City of London Fine Art Association
City of London Institute of Photography
City of London Photographic Company
City of London Photographic Copying Company
City of London Photographic Rooms
City of London Portrait Company (see W D Thomson)
City Photo Co
City Photo Copying Co (aka City Co.)
City Photo Engraving Co Ltd
City Photographic Co
City Pictorial Works
City Portrait Co Ltd
City Portrait Company
City Portrait Rooms
City Press Photographic Agency
City Sale & Exchange Photographic Stores
City Stereoscopic Co
City Studio
City Studio Co
City United Photographic Co
City Wood EngravingCo
Clack, E C 
Clack, H 
Clackett, Frederick
Clacton Art Studio
Claflin, Corliss 
Clair, Lawrence 
Claire & Co
Clamp, Sidney H
Clamp, Walter 
Clandel, Gordon 
Clapham Brothers
Clapham, Edward
Clapham, H 
Clapham, Herbert
Claphams Photographic Studio
Clapperton, John
Clapperton, John & Clapperton, Robert D 
Clapperton, Robert D
Clapperton, Thomas 
Clare & Co
Clare, Elizabeth A (Miss)
Clare, Harry
Clare, John 
Clare, Joseph
Clare, Joseph & Son
Clare, Joseph (Junior)
Clare, Leslie H S 
Clare, Mabel C (Miss)
Clare, Melville Arthur
Clarenbernie, R 
Clarence Studio
Clarence Studios
Clarence, Bert 
Clarence, Hailey & Co
Clarence, James 
Clarendon & Co
Clarendon Studio
Clarendon, J N
Claringbull, Henry George Weeks
Clark & Blackmore
Clark & Co
Clark & Mann
Clark & Son
Clark & Winter
Clark Brothers
Clark Sarah
Clark, (Mrs)
Clark, A 
Clark, A Bennett 
Clark, A Y
Clark, A Y & Sons
Clark, Alexander H
Clark, Alfred
Clark, Alfred Gordon
Clark, Alfred Lancelot 
Clark, Andrew B
Clark, Bennett 
Clark, Bertram E 
Clark, C W 
Clark, Charles 
Clark, Charles (Mrs)
Clark, Charles Mayne
Clark, Charles Mayne 
Clark, Clement 
Clark, David 
Clark, Dixon & Son(s)
Clark, E
Clark, E J
Clark, Edwin J 
Clark, Edwin John
Clark, F
Clark, Frank William
Clark, Frederick
Clark, George
Clark, Gordon
Clark, H 
Clark, H H 
Clark, Henry
Clark, Henry 
Clark, Henry (Mrs)
Clark, Henry John 
Clark, I 
Clark, J 
Clark, J D
Clark, James
Clark, James 
Clark, James Luke 
Clark, James Luke (Mrs)
Clark, John
Clark, John & Brunton, William (Clark & Brunton)
Clark, John R
Clark, Mackinnon 
Clark, Margaret (Miss)
Clark, Marie Louise (Mrs)
Clark, Percy Edgar 
Clark, Peter Ltd
Clark, R 
Clark, Richard
Clark, Robert H
Clark, Robert William 
Clark, Thomas (aka Thomas Clarke)
Clark, W 
Clark, W O 
Clark, Walter 
Clark, William
Clark, William & Son
Clark, William (1)
Clark, William (aka William Clarke)
Clark, William D 
Clarke & Clarke
Clarke & Co
Clarke & Davies
Clarke & Hyde Press Agency
Clarke & Wakeford
Clarke & Winsum
Clarke (Mr)
Clarke Brothers
Clarke, A 
Clarke, A & Son
Clarke, A E B 
Clarke, A V 
Clarke, Adam
Clarke, Adam 
Clarke, Albert 
Clarke, Alfred 
Clarke, Amilius
Clarke, Amilius & Son
Clarke, Amilius (Junior)
Clarke, Archer
Clarke, Archer 
Clarke, Arthur Harold 
Clarke, Austin Hague 
Clarke, Benjamin
Clarke, C 
Clarke, C (Colonel)
Clarke, C W 
Clarke, Charles 
Clarke, Charles C (aka Charles C Clark)
Clarke, Charles Donald 
Clarke, Charles V 
Clarke, Charles Walker
Clarke, E & F
Clarke, E E
Clarke, Edward
Clarke, Edward & Co
Clarke, F E (Miss)
Clarke, F W 
Clarke, Frederick 
Clarke, G
Clarke, George
Clarke, George 
Clarke, George & Son
Clarke, George Alfred 
Clarke, George E
Clarke, George Edward 
Clarke, George John Albert 
Clarke, Gladys (Miss)
Clarke, Gordon
Clarke, Grayson
Clarke, Harry 
Clarke, Henry W 
Clarke, I 
Clarke, Isaac Toulson
Clarke, J
Clarke, J 
Clarke, J C
Clarke, J Durward
Clarke, J Durward & Co
Clarke, J E 
Clarke, J P 
Clarke, James
Clarke, John
Clarke, John B 
Clarke, John Charles & Son
Clarke, John Charles & Son (aka John Charles Clark & Son)
Clarke, John Charles (aka John Charles Clark)
Clarke, John Hewitt 
Clarke, John Joseph 
Clarke, John Palmer
Clarke, John T Farraday  & Co 
Clarke, John Toulson
Clarke, John William
Clarke, John William & Wallace (Clarke & Wallace)
Clarke, Joseph Robinson
Clarke, Margaret
Clarke, Maria (Mrs)
Clarke, P 
Clarke, P J
Clarke, R H A
Clarke, Samuel 
Clarke, T 
Clarke, Thomas 
Clarke, W D
Clarke, W T 
Clarke, Waldo 
Clarke, William
Clarke, William 
Clarke, William & Son
Clarke, William (1)
Clarke, William (of Buckie)
Clarke, William Harold 
Clarke, William R 
Clarke-Thornton, John Henry 
Clarkington & Co
Clarkington, Charles
Clarkson & Co
Clarkson (Mrs)?
Clarkson, Emma (Mrs)
Clarkson, Franklyn
Clarkson, Henry Charles
Clarkson, Herbert 
Clarkson, John Braithwaite 
Clarkson, Robert
Class, A I
Class, Jacob 
Classic Photo Co
Claudet & Houghton
Claudet, Antoine Francois Jean  ‘Anthony’
Claudet, Henri 
Claudet, Henri & Jerrard, G M G (Claudet & Jerrard)
Clay, J
Clay, John 
Clay, Samuel R 
Clayden & Fewings
Clayson & Cuthbert
Clayson & Dennis
Clayson, David
Clayson, David 
Clayson, John 
Clayson, John F
Clayton & Clayson
Clayton, Ann (Mrs ) 
Clayton, Byron
Clayton, E C 
Clayton, Ernest 
Clayton, George 
Clayton, Gillies 
Clayton, J 
Clayton, John
Clayton, John G 
Clayton, L W 
Clayton, T  Blyth 
Clayton, Thomas 
Clayton, Walter
Clayton, William
Cleare, George Ridsdale
Cleary, William 
Cleaver, Frederick 
Cleaver, John Thomas
Clee Park Studio
Cleet, J H 
Cleeves, Edward James
Cleeves, Edward James & Son
Clegg, F
Clegg, H
Clegg, Harry 
Clegg, Joseph 
Clegg, Thomas
Clegg, William J 
Cleghorn, Charles 
Cleghorn, George B 
Clement, Alfred W 
Clement, Robert 
Clement, T Henri
Clements & Co
Clements, A C
Clements, A E 
Clements, Albert Charles 
Clements, Annie (Miss)
Clements, Archibald
Clements, E J 
Clements, Edward 
Clements, Josiah (Josh)
Clements, R 
Clements, Richard 
Clements, W 
Clements, Winstanley Harold 
Cleminson, John
Cleminson, Ralph
Cleminson, William
Clempson & Hutchinson
Clennert, Ernest 
Clennett, A 
Clennett, Ernest
Clennett, Robert 
Clerke, John Brown
Clerke, John Brown & Co
Clerke, M Shadwell (Miss)(also Mrs)
Cleveland Photographic Co
Cleworth, John 
Clews, Edith (Mrs)
Clews, Joseph 
Cliff & Photas
Cliff, Guy 
Cliff, Thomas James 
Cliffe, Percy S
Clifford & Co
Clifford, Charles E 
Clifford, Harry George
Clifford, Harry P
Clifford, Richard Compton
Clifford, Richard Compton & Co
Clifford, Thomas & Co 
Clifford-Smith, Percy 
Clift & Nicholas
Clift, John S 
Clift, Phil T 
Clifton & Bristol Portrait Rooms
Clifton American Photographic Rooms
Clifton Fine Arts Photographic Co
Clifton Photographic Company
Clifton Studio
Clifton, Clara (Claire) (Mrs)
Clifton, E T
Clifton, E T 
Clifton, E T & Hart (Clifton & Hart)
Clifton, Edgar & Clara (Mrs)
Clifton, Edgar (Mrs)
Clifton, Frederick 
Clifton, J S (Mrs)
Clifton, Walter George 
Cliftonville Photographic Gallery
Climar Photo Co
Clint, William Ewart 
Clinton, G 
Clinton, Roland Burnham 
Clipsham, Arthur 
Clissold, William 
Clist, George H
Clive Studios
Clive, Alexander
Clive, Mr
Clive, Sarah
Clixby, Thomas
Cloakly, Charles (aka Charles Cloakley)
Close, George A 
Close, Ralph
Close, Ralph 
Close, Ralph & Son
Close, Richard 
Clothier, R
Cloud, Carl
Clough, H 
Clough, Thomas 
Clouston, William Ross
Clowes & Edwards
Clowes, A 
Clowes, Edward Stephen
Clowes, Edward Stephen 
Clowes, Edward Stephen & Edwards (Clowes & Edwards)
Club Photo Co
Cluett, Mark John 
Clulow & Tomlinson
Clulow, Gilbert
Cluskey, John
Clutterbuck, Arthur
Clutterbuck, Wilfred Thomas
Clutton, George John 
Cluttons Photographic Rooms
Clydesdale Photographic Co
Coates & Brady (Misses)
Coates & Co
Coates, John T & Co
Coates, Lois & Co 
Coates, Owen George
Coates, R W
Coates, Robert T T 
Coates, Thomas
Coates, William 
Coath, John Henry
Coath, John Henry & Son
Coathupe, A H 
Coats, Thomas 
Coats, W 
Cobain, John
Cobb & Bridge
Cobb, Albert Edward
Cobb, Albert Edward & Keir, Henry Wallace (Cobb & Keir)
Cobb, D P (Miss)
Cobb, Harold 
Cobb, John Edward 
Cobb, John Vinset
Cobb, Joseph Edward 
Cobb, Leslie
Cobb, William
Cobb, William & Challis, Thomas Holt (Cobb & Challis)
Cobb, William & Co
Cobb, William & Son
Cobb, William (1)
Cobb, William (2)
Cobbett, Thomas William
Cobden, C H
Cochrane, Archibald
Cochrane, George
Cochrane, John 
Cochrane, Robert Hamilton 
Cochrane, Thomas Henry (aka T H Cochran)
Cochrane, W
Cockayne, William Goodacre 
Cockbain, Charles
Cockbain, Charles 
Cockbain, Ellen 
Cockbain, G 
Cockbain, J 
Cockbain, J & C
Cockbain, Thomas 
Cockburn Photo Company
Cocke & Lewis
Cocke, Alfred John 
Cocke, Alfred John & Cocke, Archibald Lewis 
Cocke, Archibald Lewis & Co
Cocke, Archibald Lewis & Co (aka A L Coke)
Cocke, Archibald Lewis (aka A L Coke)
Cockerton, John
Cockin, Joseph Norman 
Cocking, Edwin
Cocking, Edwin & Son
Cocking, Henry Garrett
Cocking, Richard Coulston
Cockle, George L 
Cockman, Reginald Lewis
Cockrem, R O
Cockrum, William Porter 
Cocks, Edward John 
Cocks, F E 
Cocks, F Sweetland
Cocks, Francis James 
Cockson, W 
Cockwin, E 
Codman, James 
Codman, John 
Codmber, Herbert Goodwin 
Cody, Jack 
Coe & Beaumont
Coe, Albert Edward
Coe, Albert Edward & Son
Coe, Albert Edward & Sons
Coe, Albert Edward Ltd
Coe, Alfred
Coe, Charles William 
Coe, John Christmas
Coe, Paul Ernest
Coe, Thomas
Coe, W & Son
Coen & Son
Coen, Albert
Coen, Albert W (Junior)
Coffin, Edward
Coffman, M I
Cogan & Co
Cogan, Arthur
Cogan, John Daniel Dibbens
Cogan, John Daniel Dibbens & Simms, Thomas Fitzwilliam (Cogan & Simms)
Coggan (Mrs)
Coggan, George Bartlett
Coghlan, Frank
Coghlan, George 
Cohe, A F 
Cohen, Alchanan 
Cohen, Ellen (Mrs)
Cohen, H (Mrs)
Cohen, Henry
Cohen, Jack 
Cohen, Martin 
Cohen, Nolan 
Cohen, Samuel 
Cohen, Sidney 
Cohn, M T 
Cohu & Co (aka Cohn & Co)
Cohu, F A
Cohu, Frederica (Mrs) (aka Mrs F Cohn)
Cohu, George (aka G Cohn)
Cohu, M T (aka M T Cohn)
Cohu, Marines Thomas
Coin Controlled Cameras Ltd
Coin de France Studios
Cokayne, William G 
Coke, Archibald
Coke, Archibald Lewis (aka A L Cocke)
Coke, James 
Coke, James Albert Walt 
Coker & Co
Colas, Louis Ferdinand
Colbert, Henry 
Colborne, Arthur Francis
Colborne, Lawrence M E
Colbourn, S 
Colbourn, S C 
Colbrook, William 
Coldham, Herbert & Son
Cole & Land
Cole & Satterthwaite
Cole & Son
Cole, Caleb Court 
Cole, Charles 
Cole, Charles William
Cole, Ellice M (Miss)
Cole, Frederick
Cole, G
Cole, George 
Cole, George William 
Cole, J
Cole, J W 
Cole, James
Cole, James 
Cole, John 
Cole, John Edward
Cole, Martin 
Cole, Richard 
Cole, Robert
Cole, Thomas
Cole, William
Cole, William Harold Hastings
Cole, William Henry
Colebrook, Henry 
Colebrook, Hugh
Colebrooke Portrait Studio
Coleman & Nuthall
Coleman, A 
Coleman, Charles Henry
Coleman, Edmund 
Coleman, G
Coleman, George
Coleman, George 
Coleman, Henry 
Coleman, J 
Coleman, J B 
Coleman, James 
Coleman, Jesse 
Coleman, John William 
Coleman, M (Mrs)
Coleman, Morris 
Coleman, Otto 
Coleman, Samuel L
Coleman, Stanley J 
Coleman, T
Coleman, Thomas
Coleman, William Frederick
Colenso, Thomas Henry (aka T H Colenza)
Coleridge Photographic Co
Cole’s Studio
Coles, Charles
Coles, George
Coles, H E 
Coles, Harry 
Coles, Henry 
Coles, I J 
Coles, James 
Coles, Martin 
Coles, Percy J
Coles, W F 
Coles, William
Coles, William 
Coles, William George
Colgan & Clifton
Colgan & Edwards
Colgan, Edward V 
Colin, Evelyn (Mrs)
Colina Studio
Colinette, Charles 
Coliseum Camera Co
Collard, Charles Henry 
Collard, George
Collason, T
Colledge, Thomas H M
Collen, Henry
Collenette Limited
Collenette, Benjamin
Collett, A 
Collett, Arthur John 
Collett, C J 
Collett, F 
Colley, Alfred 
Colley, J 
Colley, John 
Colley, Richard M 
Collie, Charles 
Collie, George
Collie, J
Collie, William
Collier & Park
Collier Art Studios
Collier, A 
Collier, Benjamin 
Collier, Edward 
Collier, George 
Collier, Gwyn & Co (aka Gwyn Colliere & Co)
Collier, Gwyn (aka Gwyn Colliere)
Collier, J 
Collier, J J 
Collier, J T 
Collier, John
Collier, John J 
Collier, John Thomas
Collier, John Thomas 
Collier, Joseph
Collier, M
Collier, Philip O 
Collier, Robert
Collier, Walter Percy
Colliere & Perdue
Colliere, Charles & Co
Colliere, William 
Colliere’s Studio
Collin, G
Collin, Joseph 
Collingburn, John 
Collinge & Co
Collinge, James
Collinge, Luke 
Collings, Albert, Collings, James Whyte & Greene, William (Friese Greene & Collings)
Collings, Arthur Albert
Collings, Arthur Albert & Collings, A Cyril  (Collings & Collings)
Collings, Arthur Albert & Collings, Arthur Cyril (t/a Mr Keturah Collings Portrait Galleries)
Collings, Arthur Albert & Collings, James Whyte (Collings & Collings)
Collings, Arthur Cyril
Collings, Arthur Cyril (t/a Mr Keturah Collings Portrait Galleries)
Collings, Arthur Esme
Collings, Arthur Esme Limited
Collings, Catherine (Miss)
Collings, Florence (Miss)
Collings, Frank 
Collings, Frederick  (Junior)
Collings, J W & Collings, Arthur Esme
Collings, Joseph
Collings, Keturah
Collings, Margaret Robinson (Mrs)
Collings, T P 
Collings, Whyte Limited
Collings, Whyte Ltd (Whyte Collings Ltd)
Collings, William J
Collings, William Jex
Collingwood Fine Art (Photo) Co
Collins & Co
Collins (Collin), Joseph
Collins, Albert E 
Collins, Andrew 
Collins, Andrew John 
Collins, Charles
Collins, E  Norton
Collins, Elsie F R (Miss)
Collins, Ernest
Collins, Ernest 
Collins, F 
Collins, Francis 
Collins, Frank 
Collins, Frederick
Collins, Frederick  (Junior)
Collins, Frederick James
Collins, G & Morgan (Collins & Morgan)
Collins, George 
Collins, Grace (Miss)
Collins, H 
Collins, Harry 
Collins, Hubert 
Collins, Hugh 
Collins, J R
Collins, Kenneth Norton 
Collins, Norton 
Collins, Peter
Collins, Samuel
Collins, Thomas Frank 
Collins, Tom John 
Collins, W 
Collins, Walter Greenhill
Collins, Walter Greenhill & Collins, Agnes (Miss)
Collins, William
Collinson (Mr)
Collinson, Lucy A (Miss)
Collinson, Thomas
Collis, Arthur Clifford
Collis, Charles
Collis, George
Collis, George 
Collis, George Lestock
Collis, Henry Beauchamp
Collis, James
Collis, Rhoda (Miss)
Collis, W A
Collis, William 
Collister, David & Son (aka D Callister & Son)
Collister, David (aka D Callister)
Colliver, John H 
Collodion Photographic Portrait Gallery
Colloff, Robert John 
Colls, Walter L
Collyer, Bishop
Collyer, Edward Robert Bishop
Collyer, M & A B 
Collyer, Norman & Alfred B 
Colman & Clift
Colman, Arthur 
Colman, John William 
Colnaghi, Bernard 
Colnaghi, Martin Henry and Co 
Colnaghi, Oswald 
Colophoto Co
Color Photo Co
Colorado Ltd
Colour Photographic Co
Colour Photographs (British & Foreign) Ltd
Colour Photography Ltd
Colourcraft Co
Coloured Ivoryide Photo Co
Colourgraphs Ltd
Colourtone Press Service
Colpoys, H
Colpoys, Timothy
Colquhoun Ltd
Colquhoun, Aubrey
Colquhoun, John 
Colquhoun, William
Colquhoun, William 
Colson, Charles Page (aka Faed)
Coltart, James 
Coltart, James R
Coltart, James R & Son
Coltmen, George 
Colton & Estabrooke
Colville & Starr
Colville, Frank
Colville, Leonard D 
Colville, William Roy
Colvin & Co
Colvin, William 
Colwell, George
Colwell, John 
Combe & Co
Combe, J S 
Combe, Robert 
Comber, John
Comber, William
Combes, Benjamin
Combes, Charles
Combes, Charles & John
Combes, John (aka J Coombes & John Coombs)
Combs, B 
Combs, John Nelson 
Comely, James 
Comer, Dennis
Comer, Elles 
Comer, Henry 
Comerie, Reuben 
Comley & Co
Comley, Henry John
Comley, James
Commercial & General Photographic Co
Commercial Art Press
Commercial Copying Co
Commercial Enlarging Co
Commercial Graphic Co
Commercial Illustrators
Commercial Photo Co
Commercial Photo Reproductions
Commercial Photographic Co
Commercial Photographic Service
Commercial Photographic Studio
Commercial Photographic Studios
Commercial Studio
Common, Joseph
Compson Photographic Co
Compton Studios
Compton, Edwin Arthur 
Compton, Norah (Mrs)
Compton, Robert 
Compton, William Charles
Conacher, Mary
Concher, T 
Conconi, L (Miss)
Condin, A 
Coney, John Frederick 
Coningsby, W H 
Conkerton, Ernest Richard 
Connard, George Clayton 
Connaught Photographic Co
Connaught Studios
Connell & Cameron
Connell, Frederick
Connell, J
Connell, J M
Connell, James 
Connell, Lena (Miss) (aka A B Connell)
Conner, John
Connock, R A 
Connold, H 
Connold, N 
Connolly, Joseph Thomas 
Connop, Jacob 
Connop, James Moyse 
Connor, Edward 
Connor, John & Co 
Connsell, William Henry 
Conquer, Robert
Conquer, Robert 
Conrad, Hugo 
Conroy, Albert 
Consolidated Embossing Co
Consolidated Embossing Co Ltd
Constable (Miss)
Constable, W (Mrs)
Constable, William
Constable, William & Collier, F (Constable & Collier)
Constable, William & Gregory (Constable & Gregory)
Constant, Michael 
Constantin & Co
Constantin, J 
Constantine, Arthur 
Continental Artists Co of Italy
Continental Novelty Co
Continental Photo Co
Continental Studio
Conway, E & A
Conway, E & A 
Conway, Henry Maurice 
Conway, Joseph 
Conway, Thomas 
Conway, W 
Conwell, George 
Conyers, Henry James 
Cook & Co
Cook & Lyle
Cook & Mackie
Cook, A 
Cook, Albert Percy
Cook, Alfred 
Cook, Arthur 
Cook, Arthur George 
Cook, Arthur Walt 
Cook, B 
Cook, C & G
Cook, Charles
Cook, Charles Henry
Cook, Edwin 
Cook, Edwin (Mrs)
Cook, Esmond B 
Cook, F W 
Cook, Frank 
Cook, Frank C 
Cook, George
Cook, George 
Cook, George Mark
Cook, H
Cook, H 
Cook, Henry 
Cook, Henry Charles
Cook, J 
Cook, J Vincent
Cook, J W
Cook, James 
Cook, John Price 
Cook, John William 
Cook, Joseph
Cook, Joseph (Junior)
Cook, L (Mrs)
Cook, Leonard Edwin Spencer 
Cook, Mary Ann (Miss)
Cook, Mills 
Cook, S
Cook, Thomas 
Cook, Thomas I
Cook, W
Cook, William
Cook, William Thomas
Cooke & Cooke
Cooke Ltd
Cooke, A W 
Cooke, Ann (Mrs)
Cooke, Arthur Duncan (aka A D Cook)
Cooke, Cabitt 
Cooke, Charles
Cooke, Charles & Son
Cooke, David 
Cooke, Edgar D 
Cooke, Edward
Cooke, Edward & Cole, G (Cooke & Cole)
Cooke, Ernest
Cooke, Ernest 
Cooke, F
Cooke, F 
Cooke, Frederick 
Cooke, Frederick William 
Cooke, Henry
Cooke, Henry John
Cooke, Henry John & Co
Cooke, Herbert S 
Cooke, J
Cooke, J 
Cooke, James 
Cooke, James Attereia
Cooke, John
Cooke, John D 
Cooke, John Joseph 
Cooke, W
Cooke, W 
Cooke, W (Junior)
Cooke, W B  & N 
Cooke, W H
Cooke, Walter 
Cooke, William
Cooke, William H 
Cookes, C E
Cookman, James
Cookson, Edward 
Cookson, Frederick A 
Cooley, John William  (Junior)
Cooling, George
Coombe, G T
Coombe, J 
Coombe, John S 
Coombe, William 
Coombe, William Thomas 
Coomber, H G 
Coomber, Herbert Goodwin
Coomber, R 
Coomber, William 
Coombes, F 
Coombes, J 
Coombes, Joseph Samuel 
Coombes, W 
Coombes, William T 
Coombs, H (aka H Combes)
Coombs, Henry 
Coombs, Henry Emmanuel 
Coombs, Henry George 
Coombs, William John 
Coon, A D
Coop, Fred 
Coop, Robert Stanley 
Cooper & Co
Cooper & Duffus
Cooper & Durie
Cooper & Humphreys Ltd
Cooper & Porter
Cooper & Son
Cooper & Sons
Cooper & Trace
Cooper (Junior) & Ward
Cooper Brothers
Cooper, A  Clara (Miss)
Cooper, A (Mrs)
Cooper, A W 
Cooper, Aaron 
Cooper, Adam
Cooper, Adam & Co
Cooper, Adam & Son
Cooper, Adam & Sons
Cooper, Adam Johnstone
Cooper, Albert William 
Cooper, Alfred Henry 
Cooper, Alice (Mrs)
Cooper, Ashley 
Cooper, Astley 
Cooper, Augustus 
Cooper, Augustus Charles & Co
Cooper, Augustus Charles & Sons Ltd
Cooper, Bernard J Ltd
Cooper, C 
Cooper, C M
Cooper, C W 
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, Charles F 
Cooper, Charles John 
Cooper, Claude 
Cooper, Daniel
Cooper, Duncan 
Cooper, Edmonds 
Cooper, Edward 
Cooper, Edwin
Cooper, Ellen (Mrs)
Cooper, Ernest 
Cooper, Ernest Edward 
Cooper, Ernest H
Cooper, Frank
Cooper, Frank 
Cooper, Frank (Fras)  William 
Cooper, Frederick
Cooper, Frederick Arthur
Cooper, Frederick Arthur (Junior)
Cooper, Frederick C
Cooper, Frederick Charles 
Cooper, G 
Cooper, G (Mrs)
Cooper, G A 
Cooper, George
Cooper, George & Co
Cooper, George Alfred
Cooper, George Edwin
Cooper, Gerald A 
Cooper, H 
Cooper, H  Montague
Cooper, H & Son
Cooper, H & Sons
Cooper, H (Mrs)
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Henry A 
Cooper, Henry Bernard
Cooper, Henry Montague
Cooper, Henry William 
Cooper, Herbert
Cooper, Herbert Nelson
Cooper, Horace A 
Cooper, Howard 
Cooper, J 
Cooper, J & Sons 
Cooper, James & Sons 
Cooper, J (Mrs)
Cooper, J Bradney
Cooper, J W
Cooper, J W 
Cooper, James
Cooper, John
Cooper, John Debnam
Cooper, Joseph 
Cooper, Joseph Franc
Cooper, Mathew Felton 
Cooper, Mathew Felton & Co
Cooper, Montague
Cooper, N
Cooper, N (Mrs)
Cooper, Percy & Co
Cooper, R
Cooper, Smyth
Cooper, T 
Cooper, T M
Cooper, T R 
Cooper, T S
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Thomas & Son
Cooper, Thomas & Sons
Cooper, Thomas C 
Cooper, Thomas Longworth 
Cooper, Thomas M
Cooper, Thomas Stubbs
Cooper, W
Cooper, W A 
Cooper, William
Cooper, William John 
Cooper, William Smyth
Co-operative Photographers
Co-operative Photographic Company (Raivid & Gould)
Co-operative Photographic Society
Co-operative Photographic Studio
Co-operative Portrait Co
Co-operative Studio
Cooper-Nunny Studios
Coopland, W 
Coote Rowson Colour Photography Ltd
Coote, Edward (aka E Coots)
Coote, Henry F 
Cope, A E
Cope, George 
Cope, Henry Clement
Cope, John
Cope, John & Son
Cope, T (J?)
Cope, Walt & Co
Copeland, J
Copeland, W
Copeland, William
Coplall, Edward White 
Copland, B S 
Copland, Basil C 
Copland, James 
Copland, John
Coplaw-Hill Studio
Copley, E 
Copley, Frank 
Copnall, Edward White
Coppard & Kester
Coppard, W 
Coppard, William
Coppin, Henry 
Copping, Arthur George 
Copping, Lewis
Copping, Willie 
Coppinger, John N 
Copsey, Ambrose (aka A Copey)
Copsey, Archibald 
Cora Limited
Corbet, Philip 
Corbett, Alexander
Corbett, Alexander Ltd
Corbett, Harcourt Edmund
Corbett, William V 
Corby, Thomas 
Corbyn, Jonothan T
Cordall & Smith
Corden, F W
Corden, George 
Corden, Joseph 
Corder, Arthur Henry Charles 
Cordery, Herbert 
Cordery, Herbert & E
Cordner, A
Cordon, Isaac 
Cordova, Ernest 
Cordrey, P & W
Cordrey, W S 
Core, John 
Corin, Walter C
Corin, Walter E 
Corinthian Art Co
Cork, Charles Sawyer
Cork, Charles Sawyer & Co
Cork, Frank C 
Cork, George William
Cork, H 
Cork, James Auckland 
Cork, Walter Charles
Cork, Walter Charles & Scott (Cork & Scott)
Corke, Beatrice Essenhigh (Miss)
Corke, C  Essenhigh
Corke, C  Essenhigh & Co
Corke, Ernest E 
Corke, H  Essenhigh & Co Ltd
Corkett, Frederick T
Corles, F E
Corless, B (Miss)
Corlett, Thomas 
Corley-Campbell, A & H L
Corliss, Edward Joseph
Cormack, George 
Corn, C
Cornaby, James S
Cornaby, Newton John 
Cornall & Cross
Cornall & Son
Cornall, Thomas A
Corney, Charles 
Cornhill Photographic Company
Cornhill, F & M
Cornhill, M M 
Cornish Camera House
Cornish, Henry
Cornish, J
Cornish, Jacob F 
Cornish, William (Junior)
Corns, Edward 
Cornwall, Ebanezer McKay
Cornwall, James S 
Cornwill, William John 
Corona Portraits Ltd
Coronation Studio
Corr, John B 
Corran, Paul 
Corri, Patrick Anthony & Lancaster , Henry (Corri & Lancaster)
Corscaden, James Henry
Corson, Joseph
Corson, Sarah (Miss)
Cort, George
Cort, Joseph 
Cort, William Smith
Cosby, Thomas 
Coslen, G 
Cosmopolitan Fine Art Co
Cosmopolitan Penny Photo Co
Coss, Jacob 
Cosser, G Whitfield
Cosser, George W 
Cosser, Leonard G
Cosser, Louise
Cosser, W 
Cosser, Whitfield & Co
Cosser, Whitfield & Lankesheer
Costeker, C 
Costen, G 
Costen, Henry
Coster, Herbert S P
Coster, Howard Sydney Musgrave 
Cosway Gallery Ltd
Cosway Studio
Cosway Studios
Cosway, Paul 
Cosway, Richard B 
Cottam, R
Cottee, Frederick Cuthbert
Cotter, Edwin 
Cotterill, Edwin
Cotterill, Joseph 
Cottom, W J 
Cotton & Wall
Cotton, Alfred 
Cotton, Alfred John 
Cotton, Francis Lewis & Co
Cotton, George William 
Cotton, James
Cotton, John 
Cotton, John Anderson Edward & Co
Cotton, John William 
Cotton, Lynch 
Cotton, R
Cotton, Violet (Miss)
Cotton, W
Cotton, William Scott 
Cottrell, A M 
Cottrell, Cleo (Miss)
Cottrell, Henry Joseph (aka H J Cotterell)
Cottrell, Herbert Bishop
Cottrell, Herbert William (aka H W Cotterell)
Cottrell, Joseph (aka Joseph Cotterell)
Cottrell, William 
Couch, Daniel Little 
Couch, S
Couche, Jeffrey 
Couchy, Emile P 
Coughlan, Edward 
Coughlan, P T
Coulbeck, E L 
Coulder, George 
Couldery, R & Sons
Coulls, John 
Coulson, Arthur 
Coulson, G & A
Coulson, H 
Coulson, H & E
Coulson, J L
Coulson, John 
Coulson, Percy 
Coulson, R M 
Coulston & Co
Coulthurst, W H
Council Photographic Co
Counsell & Miles
Counsell, John
Counsell, Thomas
Counsell, William Henry
Count, F W
Counties Photo Company Limited
Counties Photographic Co
County of Gloucester Studio
County Photo Co
County Photo Printing Office
County Photographic Co
County Studio
Coupe & Bennett
Coupe, Abraham 
Coupe, Thomas
Coupe, Thomas & Sons
Couper & Mathews & Co
Couper, Gregg & Co
Couper, J & R
Couper, J & R Ltd
Couper, James P 
Coupland, F T 
Coupland, J H 
Coupon Photograph
Coupon Photographic & Printing Co
Coupon Photographic Co
Court Fine Art Photographic Studio
Court, Elsie (Miss)
Court, J 
Court, J A 
Court, J C 
Court, James 
Court, Joseph William
Court, Thomas 
Court-Cole, Caleb 
Courtenay, Edward
Courtenay, Lindo 
Courtenay, R H
Courtland Press Bureau
Courtnay, E 
Courtnay, Vincent 
Courtnell, William R 
Courtney, Edward
Courtney, Edward James Challinor 
Courtney, M E (Mrs)
Courtney, V
Courtoise,  Helene & Renee (Mesdames)
Cousens, A
Cousens, H W R
Cousens, Harry Seymour
Cousens, Henry S 
Cousens, Kebir S 
Cousins, G S
Cousins, George F 
Cousins, H F 
Cousins, Harry (Henry) T
Cousins, Harry Thornton
Cousins, Harry Thornton & Son
Cousins, Henry T 
Cousins, Joseph & Priest, Joseph (Cousins & Priest)
Cousins, Tom 
Cousland, Gilbert
Coutt, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Coutts & Booth
Coutts & Hay
Coutts, Charles 
Covell, John William
Covell, William & Thompson, Robert Winter (Covell & Thompson)
Cowan & Co
Cowan, A 
Cowan, Alfred 
Cowan, B J 
Cowan, Frederick Augustus
Cowan, Hugh C 
Cowan, W E
Cowan, William
Cowan’s Art Studio
Cowburn & Hartley, F (Cowburn & Hartley)
Cowburn, Fred (or Frank)
Cowdell, Henry Lovell
Cowderoy, B
Cowderoy, Thomas
Cowdrey, Thomas W (aka T W Cowdery)
Cowell, C Tintern 
Cowell, George
Cowell, John
Cowell, T
Cowen, E B 
Cowen, George B 
Cowen, Nicholas H 
Cowey, T W
Cowie, A B
Cowie, George
Cowie, James 
Cowie, Robert 
Cowie, Walter A
Cowing, W P
Cowley Brothers
Cowley, Alfred John 
Cowley, T
Cowling, H J (Mrs)
Cowling, Henry Joseph 
Cowling, Henry Joseph (Junior)
Cowlrick, E C 
Cowper & Baker
Cowper & Weber
Cowper, Alex C 
Cowper, Charles Ernest
Cowper, James 
Cowper, Leslie 
Cowper, Thomas William 
Cowper, William Nelson
Cowpertwait, William
Cowsill, John
Cox & Burnell
Cox & Co
Cox & Frier
Cox & Jones
Cox & Palmer
Cox Brothers
Cox, A 
Cox, Alfred 
Cox, Alfred & Co 
Cox, Alfred T 
Cox, Alfred W & Cox, H 
Cox, Alfred W (Mrs)
Cox, Alfred William
Cox, Alfred William & Son
Cox, Arthur
Cox, Ashford
Cox, Benjamin Franklin 
Cox, Daniel G 
Cox, E 
Cox, Edgar
Cox, Edmond F J 
Cox, Edward 
Cox, Edward Henry 
Cox, Edward Henry & Co
Cox, Edward Henry & Durrant, William (Cox & Durrant)
Cox, Ernest English
Cox, Francis (Mrs)
Cox, G J
Cox, George
Cox, George 
Cox, George H 
Cox, Gideon Austin English
Cox, H & Co
Cox, Harry 
Cox, Harry William 
Cox, Henry
Cox, Henry W 
Cox, Isaac 
Cox, J 
Cox, J  Crowther 
Cox, J T
Cox, James 
Cox, James Mitchell
Cox, John
Cox, Joseph Richard
Cox, Leslie 
Cox, M W
Cox, P (Mrs)
Cox, R G 
Cox, Richard 
Cox, Robert 
Cox, Robert William
Cox, S  Busby
Cox, S E 
Cox, S H 
Cox, Samuel John 
Cox, Thomas
Cox, Thomas James 
Cox, Tom E 
Cox, W  Grenfell (H)
Cox, W & Larkworthy, H
Cox, W H
Cox, W J 
Cox, Walter
Cox, Walter Edward 
Cox, Walter Galpin
Cox, Walter H 
Cox, Walter Harrie & Co
Cox, William
Cox, William George
Cox, William H 
Cox, William Harold
Cox, William James 
Coxell, Edwin
Cox-Walker, Edward (aka Edward Cox Walker)
Coyne, Stirling
Coze, Francis
Coze, L (Miss)
Cozens, Charles
Cozens, Charles & Son
Cozens, J W
Crabb, Henry 
Crabham, Joseph 
Crabtree, Abraham 
Crabtree, David
Crabtree, Edgar 
Crabtree, James
Crace, George Henry
Cracknell, J 
Cracknell, M P 
Craddock, F
Craddock, J
Craddock, Thomas 
Craely, Harry
Craely, Henry
Craely, R
Craggs, George
Craig, B H & Co
Craig, Charles
Craig, Colin C 
Craig, Constance (Miss)
Craig, Don
Craig, George
Craig, John
Craig, Judith (Miss)
Craig, Norman L
Craig, W E
Craig, William
Craig, William Erwin 
Craigen, John
Craigie, Robert T 
Craigie-Halkett, Maud A (Miss)
Craik, George W 
Craik, J  McDonald 
Craik, J G 
Craik, James
Craik, Louise (Mrs)
Craine, T 
Craker, Ernest 
Cramb Brothers
Cramb, James 
Cramb, John 
Cramb, Peter
Cramond, James Henry 
Crampton & Fitch
Crampton & Petty
Crampton, George 
Crampton, Gilbert R 
Cranbourne Photo Co
Cranbourne Photo Co Ltd
Cranbourne Studios Ltd
Cranch, Archie Lovell
Crane, Alfred Edwin
Crane, Arthur 
Crane, C
Crane, Charles
Crane, Frederick William
Crane, Henry 
Crane, John 
Crane, John W 
Crane, Patrick
Crane, Patrick & Co
Crane, R W 
Cranfield, Thomas
Cranfield, Thomas & Co
Cranmer, J & Co
Crapper, Ernest George (aka E G Grapper) 
Crapper, H J 
Craske, Alfred & Co
Craske, Alfred & Co Ltd
Craske, W
Craston & Sharpe
Craven, Henry (Harry)
Craven, J
Craven, Joan (Miss)
Craven, Thomas P
Crawford & Hamilton
Crawford Maltby & Co
Crawford, Charles C 
Crawford, Charles E 
Crawford, D
Crawford, Ernest Thomas C H
Crawford, Hamilton 
Crawford, John
Crawford, John Knox Home
Crawford, W J
Crawford, William Henry 
Crawford’s Moray Studios
Crawley & Walker
Crawley, Charles R 
Crawley, Charles St Clair 
Crawshaw, J
Crawshaw, John E
Crawshay, Robert F
Craydon Photographic Co
Crayon Art Co
Crayon Ltd
Crayona Studio
Creak, Reginald B
Crecraft, James 
Credy, W
Creed, Archie 
Creed, George & Sophia (Mrs)
Creek, Charles D 
Creeke, W C
Creer, John 
Cregan, Patrick 
Creighton, Abraham W
Creighton, W
Crellin, Philip  (Junior)
Crerar, J
Crerar, M
Crerar, William 
Crescendo, A 
Crescent Studio
Crescent Studios
Crescent’s Studio
Cresswall, D & Son
Cresswell, Herbert Edward
Cresswell, Sidney Charles
Crew, J M
Crewdson, Samuel Shaw
Crewe Photo Co
Crews, W J
Crews, William 
Cribb, Joseph Stephen
Cribb-Wallis, H
Crichton, Thomas B 
Crickmer, W 
Crighton, F 
Crighton’s Studio
Crime Studio
Crimp, Charles Russell
Crinks, W H
Crippen, Francis George D
Crippin, Edward Robert
Crippin, Edward Robert & Co
Crippin, Robert R
Cripps, G 
Crisp, A W & Co
Crisp, Charles 
Crisp, J & W
Crisp, W
Crispin, G C 
Critchard, G R
Critchley, Thomas
Criterion Photographic Co
Croal, John Templeton
Croasdale, William 
Crocker, Francis Hubert
Crocker, G D
Crocker, James 
Crockett, Archibald A 
Crockett, William 
Crockett, William A
Crockett, William Alfred
Crockett, William Maxwell
Crockwell, Sarah (Mrs)
Croft, George William 
Croft, Jabez H 
Croft, John Henry 
Croft, W & Co
Croft, William 
Croft’s Photographic Rooms
Croker, G D
Cromack, Arthur May
Crompton & Smith
Crompton, Bert 
Crompton, James
Crompton, James & Son
Cromwell Studios
Cronch(l)ey, Thomas Geoffrey 
Cronchey, W F 
Crook, George W
Crook, Henry
Crook, Henry Charles 
Crook, J E
Crook, John F
Crook, John P 
Crook, John Price 
Crook, Joseph Moses Wilson 
Crooke, Charles D
Crooke, Reginald 
Crooke, Reginald H 
Crooke, William
Crookes, W Douglas
Crooks, E I (Mrs) & Saunders, J H (Crooks & Saunders)
Crooks, R E
Croom, J 
Croot-Tucker, Agnes (Mrs)
Croot-Tucker, J 
Cropper, John 
Crosbie Brothers
Crosbie, Arthur
Crosby, A A 
Crosby, Jonathan (John)
Crosby, Joseph 
Crosby, Robert John
Crosby, Robert John (?)
Crosby, William W
Croshaw, F E
Crosland, Percy 
Crosland, Walt 
Croslands, T H 
Cross & Thornton
Cross Brothers
Cross, Amy (Miss)
Cross, C
Cross, Charles Joseph
Cross, Charles Owen 
Cross, George
Cross, George & Co
Cross, H 
Cross, Harry 
Cross, Henry 
Cross, Hugh & Co
Cross, Hugh Wesley & Co
Cross, J H M (John Henry Martin?)
Cross, John H
Cross, John Henry Martin 
Cross, Joseph
Cross, Josiah R 
Cross, Mark
Crosse, Archibald Alexander Josiah
Crosse, J A
Crosse, John Rowland & Son
Crosse, Joshia Rowland
Crossi, Stellina (Miss)
Crossland, Frank 
Crossland, George
Crossland, John 
Crossland, John & J
Crossland, Walter
Crossley & Co
Crossley & Co (F Crossley t/a)
Crossley & Evans
Crossley, A (Mrs)
Crossley, H 
Crosthwaite, Jesse
Crosthwaite, Jesse & Heaps, J L (Crosthwaite & Heaps)
Croston, Edward John 
Crouch & Snowden
Crouch, Pearce Henry
Crouch, Richard 
Crouch, William Morris
Croucher & Co
Croucher, John Honor & Co 
Croucher, W H
Crouchley, W & Son
Crouchley, William 
Croudson, George A
Croughton, George
Crow, George & Co
Crow, Henry 
Crow, Percy 
Crow, Richard W 
Crow, William (is this William Crow Gordon?)
Crowden, Ambrose 
Crowden, Joseph William
Crowder, A
Crowder, Ambrose (aka A Crowther)
Crowder, E
Crowder, G F
Crowder, George F
Crowder, J 
Crowder, John 
Crowe & Bell
Crowe, Alexander 
Crowe, Alexander & Rodgers, William MacIntosh (Crowe & Rodgers)
Crowe, Henry 
Crowe, Marion (Mrs)
Crowe, Percy P 
Crowe, W 
Crowe, William
Crowe, William (aka William Crowe in 1874)
Crowfoot, George 
Crowhurst, James
Crown Art Society Ltd
Crown Photo Company
Crown Photo Enlarging Co
Crown Photographic Co
Crown Point Studio
Crown Studio
Crown Studios
Crown Studios Co
Crown, C 
Crownson, J 
Crowther & Neale
Crowther, Alfred G 
Crowther, Charles Pollard
Crowther, Frederick
Crowther, Grace (Ms)
Crowther, J A 
Crowther, J E
Crowther, John & Co
Crowther, Martha (Ms)
Crowther, Samuel 
Crowther, Thomas 
Crowther, Wilfred Edward 
Crowus, E (Miss)
Croxen, William
Croydon Art Co
Croydon Drawing & Tracing Office
Croydon Film Co Ltd
Croydon, James 
Croydon, James & Sons 
Croydon, Walter H
Croyle, Angus N
Crozier, James
Crudge, William John
Cruickshank, Alexander 
Cruickshank, George
Cruickshank, J T 
Cruickshank, Mr
Crump, Herbert
Crump, W J
Cruse & Co Ltd
Crute, James 
Cruttenden, J
Cruwys, Henry 
Crystal Palace
Crystal Portrait Company
Crystaltype Company
Crystoleum Company
Cubberley, John S
Cubbin, William Cottier
Cubbitt, Charles 
Cubbitt, Charles E 
Cubitt, Charles
Cubitt, Charles Edward
Cubitt, Ernest Holmes
Cuching, Henry 
Cuckney & Co
Culbard, Harry J 
Cull, Harry 
Cull, J J 
Cull, William
Cullabine, George
Cullenford, Benjamin 
Culliford & Knipe
Culliford, Frank 
Culliford, Henry 
Cullingworth, B B
Cullum, J T 
Cullum, Thomas 
Culpan Brothers
Culpin, Herbert 
Culshaw, W A
Culshaw, William 
Culshaw, William Alfred
Culverhouse, Alfred 
Culverhouse, John William
Culverwell, Arthur John 
Cumber, Sarah Louisa (Miss)
Cumby, William Adolphus
Cumine, J T
Cumine, James A
Cumming & Co
Cumming Brothers
Cumming, D 
Cumming, George Edward 
Cumming, Gilbert
Cumming, Grace (Miss) [see Mrs G Cummings]
Cumming, Henry Ormson
Cumming, J (Mrs)
Cumming, J D
Cumming, James
Cumming, John 
Cumming, John Thomas
Cumming, John Thomas Gordon
Cumming, Jonathan
Cumming, Thomas P 
Cumming, W
Cumming, Wilfred Henry
Cummings & Co
Cumming’s Patents Ltd
Cummings, George Thomas
Cummings, Grace (Mrs) [see Mss G Cumming]
Cummings, Michael
Cummings, Samuel
Cummings, T
Cummings, Thomas
Cummings, Thomas P 
Cummins & Co
Cummins, C & Co
Cundall & Co
Cundall & Fleming
Cundall & Howlett
Cundall, Downes & Co
Cundall, Downes, Benham & Co
Cundall, Fleming 
Cundall, Howlett & Downes
Cundell, Joseph & Co
Cundy, Alfred Syson 
Cundy, Beatrice (Mrs)
Cunliffe, W B 
Cunliffe, William B
Cunliffe, William Benjamin
Cunliffe, William Bently 
Cunliffe, William Burrows
Cunningham & Webster
Cunningham & Wilson
Cunningham, Andrew 
Cunningham, E T
Cunningham, Edwin
Cunningham, G
Cunningham, George
Cunningham, George Ltd
Cunningham, Horace Arthur 
Cunningham, James 
Cunningham, John 
Cunningham, William
Cunningham, William John 
Cupar Studios Ltd
Cupon Printing & Photographic Co
Curd, John James 
Curdie, John
Curling Studio Ltd
Curling, Arthur I 
Curling, George John
Curphey, J  Harold 
Curran, James Corls
Curran, Jane (Mrs)
Currant, Margaret 
Currey & Borland
Currey, J
Currey, William
Currie & Cliffe Ltd
Currie, Archibald
Currie, George
Currie, John Barton & Bridges (Currie & Bridges)
Currie, John Barton (aka John Burton Currie)
Currie, M (Mrs)
Currie, Mark
Currie, Ralph William 
Currie, Thomas 
Curry & Son
Curry, John 
Curry, Theophilus
Curtis & Co
Curtis, Annie (Mrs)
Curtis, E G 
Curtis, Fred
Curtis, G & A
Curtis, Harry J 
Curtis, J P
Curtis, John
Curtis, John & Sons
Curtis, John Henry
Curtis, John Henry & Co
Curtis, W E 
Curtis, William 
Curzon & Co
Curzon Studio
Curzon, A 
Curzon, Eustace & Co 
Curzon, Herbert 
Curzon, Herbert H
Curzon, John 
Curzon, John & Crowther, Wilfred Edward (Curzon & Crowther)
Curzon, Robey & Co Ltd
Cushing, Stephen S 
Cushworth, William 
Cussons, George
Cusworth, R
Cutchey, Christopher George
Cuthbert & Co
Cuthbert & Walsh
Cuthbert Brothers
Cuthbert, Alfred 
Cuthbert, Arthur 
Cuthbert, Cecil 
Cuthbert, E 
Cuthbert, J Stewart
Cuthbert, Joseph
Cuthbert, Matthew
Cuthbert, Matthew & Son
Cuthbert, Richard
Cuthbert, Robert Henry 
Cuthill, Archibald 
Cuthill, Archie 
Cuthouse, J 
Cutler, Thomas
Cuttenburg, Marcus 
Cutter Brothers
Cutting, Fenwick
Cuttriss, James (aka James Cutriss)
Cutts, Herbert 
Cutts, Oliver 
Cuzner, E 
Cuzner, Everard
Cynille Studio
Cyril, Frederick
D’ Anter, James William & Thomas, Allan Ferris  (D’ Anter & Thomas)
D’ Arcis, Frederick Hilaire
D’ Arcis, Frederick Hilaire & Co Ltd 
D’ Arcis, Frederick Hilaire & Whyman, Leonard Frederick (D’ Arcis & Whyman)
D’ Arcy, Grace (Miss)
D’ Lacey, M 
D P C Studios 
Dabbs, Ernest G 
Dabbs, Walter 
Dace, J 
Dack, Edward 
Dack, F 
Dacre, Lionel 
Dadd, John
Dade, Frederick
Dadley, Luther A 
Daevers, George 
Dages, Henry
Dages, Henry & Harman (Dages & Harman)
Daily D & P Service
Daily Event Photo Co 
Daily Mail Official Photographs
Daily Mirror Studios 
Daily Press Photographic Agency
Daines Brothers
Daines, Barry 
Daines, Ross 
Daines, Vernon R 
Dais, Juan 
Dakers, Robert A 
Dakeyne, R
Dakin, Thomas 
Dakin, Walter
Dakin, Walter & Dear (Dakin & Dear)
Dalby & Son 
Dalby Art Gallery
Dalby Brothers
Dalby, Frederick George 
Dalby, H J
Dalby, H J & Rixon, Conrad (Dalby & Rixon)
Dalby, Maud (Mrs)
Dalby-Smith, Samuel
Dale (Mr)
Dale, A 
Dale, Andrew A 
Dale, Antonio (Antonia) John
Dale, Augustus 
Dale, E G 
Dale, Herbert 
Dale, John William
Dale, Shallett 
Dale, Thomas & Son
Dales, Charles
Dalgarno, James
Dalgetty, Alex 
Dalgitty, Robert & Clara (Miss)
Dalgleish & Wilkinson 
Dalgleish, J R 
Dalgleish, William N & Co 
Dalgliesh, W E
Dallas, E W
Dallimore, E W
Dallinger, W
Dallmeyer, Thomas
Dallow & Lewis 
Dalmayne & Co 
Dalmuir Photographic Stores
Dalrose Photographic Co 
Dalry Photo Co 
Dalrymple & Kay
Dalrymple, J H
Dalrymple, T R H 
Dalton, Charles F
Dalton, E
Dalton, Francis 
Dalton, George Ernest
Dalton, H 
Dalton, James
Dalton, John James
Dalton, W E
Dalton, Walter Edwin
Dalton, Walter Henry
Daly, J
Daly, John
Daly, John & Son
Dalziel, John Sanderson
Damant, A W 
Damant, P & Co
Damant, Philip
Damant, Thomas
Damer, W J
Damer, William James
Danby, Frederick
Danby, William 
Dance & Birtwhistle (aka Dance & Birtwistle)
Dance, Euphemia (Mrs)
Dance, Herbert Charles A
Dancer, John B
Dando, Arthur James
Dando, James T Isaac Terry
Dando, James T Isaac Terry & Sons
Daner, William James 
Dangey, Arthur 
Daniel, John Fielding
Daniell Brothers  Ltd 
Daniell Brothers (aka Darnell Brothers)
Danielli, Charles William Lorenzo
Daniels, Arthur Joseph 
Daniels, Arthur Joseph & Blaber, Edward (Daniels & Blaber)
Daniels, Charles
Daniels, D
Daniels, David 
Daniels, Ernest 
Daniels, Frank
Daniels, Freda (Mrs)
Daniels, George Phillip 
Daniels, Moses
Daniels, W
Danish Studio
Dann & Co
Dann, C
Dann, Charles 
Dann, Douglas M 
Dann, Edwin
Dann, Edwin & Son
Dann, Edwin & Sons
Dann, Francis Hayes
Dann, Francis Henry
Dann, Frank H
Dann, H F 
Dann, J T 
Dannah, Samuel John
Dannatt, Keith (aka K Dunnatt)
Dannhauser, John K 
Dant & Deakin 
Danter & Elmer 
Danter, James W
Danter, James W & Co
Danter, William 
Danzigar, Izzy 
Darbey, Marie (Miss)
Darby, Alfred 
Darby, Alfred (Junior)
Darby, Arthur
Darby, Frederick & Darby, Walter 
Darby, S 
Darby, Sidney
Darby, Sidney & Mrs
Darbyshire & Foxon 
Darbyshire, Edward 
Dare, James
Dargavel, William
Darien Photographic Co
Dark, C J 
Dark, P M 
Darke & Rodmell (aka Darke & Rodmill)
Darke, Thomas 
Darken, Thomas Eugene 
Darker, C 
Darley, W 
Darling, Charles 
Darling, E & T
Darling, Edward 
Darlington & Miller 
Darlington, Edwin 
Darlington, Gertrude Mary (Miss)
Darnell, John
Darnell, William
Darnell, William & Co
Darnell, William & Morgan (Darnell & Morgan)
Darnell, William D
Darnley, James 
Darnton, Henry
Darrah, Albert Arthur 
Dartmouth Amateur Photographic Association
Darvill, G
Dashwood, Christian 
Date, Alan 
Date, James 
Daubray, Henry
Dauchaffour & McIntyre (aka Dauchffour & McIntyre)
Dauncey, Frederick
Davenport, Margaret (Maggie) (Miss)
Davenport, Wilfred O
Daverson, Henry 
Davey & Brown 
Davey & Hackney 
Davey, Charles
Davey, E G 
Davey, Frederick Ashford S
Davey, H W 
Davey, Henry
Davey, Hubert
Davey, J
Davey, John 
Davey, John (aka John Davy)
Davey, John Lane (aka J L Davy)
Davey, S A 
Davey, Sydney
Davey, W
Davey, Walter
Davey, Walter & Sons
Davey, Walter & Sons 
Davey, Walter Seymour
Davey, William 
Davey, William (aka W Dewey)
Davey, William T
David, C 
David, William 
Davidson & Austin (Davidson, Austin ?)
Davidson Brothers
Davidson, Adam
Davidson, Adam & Son
Davidson, Annie L (Miss)
Davidson, Duncan
Davidson, Duncan & Son
Davidson, Ernest G 
Davidson, George
Davidson, George & Co
Davidson, J
Davidson, J (Miss)
Davidson, James
Davidson, Jane & Margaret 
Davidson, John
Davidson, John G
Davidson, Morris (aka Morris Davis)
Davidson, P & Co
Davidson, Rea H (Mrs) & William B 
Davidson, Reginald 
Davidson, Robert
Davidson, S 
Davidson, Thomas
Davidson, W B
Davidson, W L 
Davidson, William 
Davidson, William T 
Davidson, William Thomas
Davie, Charles 
Davies & Chambers 
Davies & Lysley
Davies & Pickles 
Davies & Thornton
Davies Brothers
Davies’ Studio 
Davies, A
Davies, A (Mrs)
Davies, A J
Davies, A R
Davies, Abraham 
Davies, Albert 
Davies, Alex 
Davies, Arthur Randall 
Davies, B
Davies, C A 
Davies, C H 
Davies, Charles Herbert 
Davies, Charles J 
Davies, D P 
Davies, David
Davies, David Jones
Davies, E
Davies, E & Co
Davies, Edward George 
Davies, Ellen 
Davies, F & M
Davies, F A
Davies, F Granville
Davies, Frederick
Davies, Frederick P
Davies, George 
Davies, George Boyer
Davies, George Boyer & Son
Davies, George William
Davies, H (Miss)
Davies, H C 
Davies, H J
Davies, H W 
Davies, Harry
Davies, Henry Hicks
Davies, Henry Hicks & Son
Davies, J Benson
Davies, J H 
Davies, J M 
Davies, John
Davies, John & Sons
Davies, Jonathan George
Davies, Joseph
Davies, Joseph & Co
Davies, Joseph Bennett
Davies, Jourdain T 
Davies, K 
Davies, Martin Henry
Davies, Maurice 
Davies, Newton 
Davies, Oliver 
Davies, Oliver Augustus 
Davies, P 
Davies, Peter Hughes 
Davies, R C & Co
Davies, Richard E
Davies, Samuel Thomas 
Davies, Sarah
Davies, Sidney T
Davies, Stephen E
Davies, T 
Davies, Thomas
Davies, Thomas John
Davies, Thomas Jones
Davies, W
Davies, W Brevitt
Davies, Walter
Davies, William
Davies, William & Co
Davies, William George
Davis & Co
Davis & Compton (aka Davis & Crompton)
Davis & Lloyd, Thomas Richard (Davis & Lloyd)
Davis & McDonald 
Davis & Son
Davis & Stedman 
Davis & Willing 
Davis Brothers 
Davis, A J
Davis, Alfred John
Davis, Annie (Miss) & Co 
Davis, Archibald J 
Davis, Arthur 
Davis, Arthur D & Davis, Ernest J 
Davis, Arthur Simmons
Davis, Arthur William
Davis, B 
Davis, B (Mrs)
Davis, Ben & Co
Davis, Benjamin 
Davis, Bernard 
Davis, Bertha (Mrs) 
Davis, C 
Davis, C H & Son
Davis, Charles
Davis, Charles & Davis, Harry
Davis, Christopher J A
Davis, D 
Davis, Daniel 
Davis, David 
Davis, Dora (Miss)
Davis, E 
Davis, E & Sons
Davis, Edwin 
Davis, Edwin (aka E Davies)
Davis, F 
Davis, F A 
Davis, Francis 
Davis, Frank 
Davis, Frederick Knight 
Davis, G
Davis, Gordon
Davis, Henry
Davis, Henry & Son
Davis, Henry Benjamin
Davis, Henry Benjamin & Son
Davis, Herbert Noble 
Davis, Hyman
Davis, J
Davis, J & Cruedon (Davis & Cruedon)
Davis, J (C J A)
Davis, James
Davis, John (Jno)
Davis, John (Jno) & Son
Davis, John (Jno) & Sons
Davis, John Frederick
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Joseph William (aka J W Davies)
Davis, Leonard Sidney 
Davis, Lewis
Davis, Oliver A 
Davis, Ovinious (aka Ovinius Davis)
Davis, R H
Davis, Robert
Davis, S
Davis, S H
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Samuel & Durrad, Joseph (Davis & Durrad)
Davis, Samuel Thomas 
Davis, Sydney & Johnson (Davis & Johnson)
Davis, Thomas
Davis, W
Davis, W W
Davis, Walter Ralph 
Davis, William
Davis, William & Son 
Davis, William Frederick
Davis, William Hellis
Davison, Edward James (aka E J Davidson)
Davison, Jane & Margaret (Misses)
Davy, C
Daw, Joseph
Dawe, Arthur (aka A Daw)
Dawes, E Gadsby
Dawes, E Gadsby & Co
Dawes, Edward 
Dawes, Frank Bernard
Dawes, H 
Dawes, R
Dawes, Victor
Dawes, W J
Dawes, William Henry
Dawkes, Frank
Dawkes, Frank & Partridge, Harry (Dawkes & Partridge)
Dawkes, V
Dawkins, A 
Dawkins, James Francis 
Daws, Charles Percival
Dawson & Co
Dawson & Edis 
Dawson & Gent
Dawson & Wray
Dawson, A E 
Dawson, Alexander 
Dawson, Alfred & Dawson, Charles
Dawson, Alfred & Dawson, William
Dawson, Charles
Dawson, Duke 
Dawson, Frederick
Dawson, Frederick & Dutton, John (Dawson & Dutton)
Dawson, G 
Dawson, George
Dawson, Harold C 
Dawson, Herbert 
Dawson, J
Dawson, J P 
Dawson, James 
Dawson, James (Junior) 
Dawson, John
Dawson, John Edward
Dawson, John H
Dawson, John Harrison
Dawson, Joseph
Dawson, Joseph & Benjamin
Dawson, M 
Dawson, W 
Dawson, Walter
Dawson, William
Dawson, William & Co
Day & Clark 
Day & Electric Light Studios 
Day & Electric Studio 
Day & Haghe
Day & Heeley
Day & Son Limited
Day & Wright 
Day (Messrs)
Day Brothers 
Day Hamilton Smith & Co 
Day Hamilton Smith & Son 
Day, A 
Day, A E
Day, Albert
Day, Alexander 
Day, Alfred V 
Day, Arthur
Day, Arthur Stephen 
Day, Charles William 
Day, Charlotte Ada (Mrs)
Day, Daisy (Miss) 
Day, E & Son
Day, E (Mrs)
Day, E A
Day, E A & Co
Day, E? & Co
Day, Edwin 
Day, Edwin George 
Day, Emily
Day, Ernest A
Day, Ernest A & Co
Day, Francis Thomas
Day, Frank
Day, G R
Day, George
Day, George P
Day, George Thomas
Day, George Thomas & Son
Day, H 
Day, H & Co
Day, Henry Valentine 
Day, John B
Day, John B & Son
Day, John Henry & Sons
Day, Joseph 
Day, Kate (Miss) 
Day, M
Day, M J 
Day, Mary (Mrs)
Day, Morton R 
Day, Norman 
Day, R 
Day, Reginald A 
Day, Robert
Day, W Cave
Day, W G
Day, W P 
Day, William 
Day, William James
Day, William James (Junior) 
Day, William John 
Daydy, William Hutchinson
Daykin, W J
Daykin, William Henry 
Daynes, Thomas
Daynes, William
Dazeley, H 
De Ath & Condon
De Ath & Dunk
De Ath, Alaric Hawkins
De Ath, Alfred W
De Ath, H M 
De Bach, Frederick
de Barron, Louie
De Caville, Charles 
De Fontaine, Eugene 
De Freyne, Frederick
De Georgy, Constantin
De Gleichen & Brown
De Gleichen (Monsieur)
de Grunchy, Frank Leopold 
De La Matte, Philip Henry
De La Rue & Co
De La Tour, Adrien
De Lacy, R 
De Lacy, R & J
De Lan, Mary & Julia (Misses)
De Lan, Mary (Miss) 
De Lan, W H
De Lavadre, Claude (aka C De Levadre)
De Lessert, Robert Kellegrew 
De Mauny, Louis
De Mauny, Louis (Monsier)
De Maus, James
De Monfor, B
De Mouxy, John Marie (Marie John)
De Mouxy, Joseph 
De Mullett, Alexander L 
De Niceville, Augustus
De Niceville, J 
De Poitiers, Gustave W
De Poitiers, Louis
De Poittiers, Alfred Eugene Lambretchs
De Poittiers, Gustave W
De Quichy, Andrew
De Redder, Mary (Mrs)
De Redder, Matthew
De Rome, W 
De Rozier, A J
De Ruffo, Edward Charles Richards
De Sa, Paul Royz (aka P R Desa)
De Saulles, William
De Serraville, J & Co
De Simony, E
De Vipan, Charles
De Witt, Alfred Paul
De Witt, H
De Witt, Harry 
De Wyrall 
Dea, F (Miss)
Dea, Michael J
Deacon & Davies
Deacon, Rodger (aka Roger Deacon)
Deakin, Charles Henry
Deakin, Frederick
Deakin, Herbert A 
Deakin, William Henry 
Deal, Harry C 
Dean & Son 
Dean (Mrs)
Dean (Mrs) 
Dean Studios 
Dean, A 
Dean, A E & Co
Dean, A T
Dean, Arthur
Dean, Arthur Douglas 
Dean, Arthur Thomas
Dean, Celine (Mrs) 
Dean, F E (Junior) 
Dean, Frederick
Dean, Frederick James
Dean, Frederick M
Dean, George A 
Dean, George Augustus
Dean, George Augustus (Junior) 
Dean, H
Dean, Harry 
Dean, James (Junior) 
Dean, James S 
Dean, Leo S 
Deana, Charles
Deana, Charles J (aka C J Deane)
Deane & Harwood 
Deane & Martin 
Deane, C T
Deane, Clare 
Deane, Frederick 
Deane, Hilton
Deane, J A
Deane, Margaret (Miss)
Deane, Martin & Wiles (Deane & Wiles)
Deane, W T
Deane, Wiles & Millar
Deanes, G W 
Dear, George
Dear, J
Dear, James
Dear, James C
Dearden, Arthur
Dearden, J
Dearlove, Thomas B
Dearnley, J
Deas, Jessie 
Death, Henry
Deayton, J (Junior)
Deayton, John
Deazeley, John
Debenham & Co
Debenham & Gabell
Debenham & Gould
Debenham & Read
Debenham & Smith, Walter A (Debenham & Smith)
Debenham & Son
Debenham, A & Co
Debenham, A & Sons
Debenham, A J 
Debenham, A J (Mrs)
Debenham, Arthur
Debenham, Arthur & Son
Debenham, Arthur & Sons
Debenham, Arthur William
Debenham, C 
Debenham, Charles
Debenham, E
Debenham, E & A
Debenham, E & Co
Debenham, E & Stewart (Debenham & Stewart)
Debenham, E H (possibly Edwin)
Debenham, Edwin
Debenham, Edwin & Co
Debenham, Edwin (E A) (E H)
Debenham, Edwin H
Debenham, Edwin Holfred
Debenham, J
Debenham, John William
Debenham, John Worley
Debenham, Longman & Co Ltd
Debenham, Philip
Debenham, Philip E
Debenham, S
Debenham, S & Co
Debenham, William Elliott
Debierre, Camille 
Debron Studios 
Decking, Sidney 
Decorative Art Studio
Decours & Hovey 
Decours, E & Co
Dee Portrait Co
Dee, Alice Maud (Mrs) 
Dee, T 
Dee, William Henry
Deenery, H 
Degroote, George 
Deighton & Dunthorne 
Deighton & Son
Deighton, Frank 
Deighton, R
Deighton, Thomas William 
Deighton, William Robert
Delacrois, Emile (aka E Delacroise)
Delamotte, Freeman 
Delamotte, Phillip (aka Phillip De La Matte)
Delany & Co
Delany, Ernest
Delf, Charles 
Dell, G E 
Dell, Henry
Dell, William 
Della Bella, John
Dellburn Studio 
Deller, Henry Asher
Deller, Lawrence 
Delmen Art Co Ltd 
Delmen Art Studios Co Limited
Delves, Arthur Thomas
Delves, J 
Delves, T F 
Delves, W H 
Dembrey, F H
Demezy & Co
Demezy & Hemery, Thomas George (Demezy & Hemery)
Dempsey, J 
Dempsey, John
Dempster, F G 
Dench, E
Dench, Edward
Dene, Clare (aka Clare Dean)
Denes, G
Deneulain, Albert
Deneulain, Albert & Blake (Deneulain & Blake)
Deneulain, Albert (1st occupation)
Deneulain, Albert (2nd occupation)
Denham & Baldwin
Denham, Arthur 
Denham, J R 
Denholm, D
Denison, Edwin Henry 
Denison-Binns, Emily (Mrs) 
Denman, John Flaxman & Son
Denmark Hill (Photographic) Studio 
Denner, E A
Denness, A S 
Denness, K (Miss)
Dennett, A 
Denney, E
Denney, E & Co
Denney, George
Denney, George & Co
Denney, Henry 
Denning, Claude
Denning, Richard
Dennis, Alonzo Henry
Dennis, E T W
Dennis, E T W & Holloway (Dennis & Holloway)
Dennis, H
Dennis, J S
Dennis, James S?
Dennis, John
Dennis, John & Co
Dennis, John Bayley
Dennis, Moss & Peckham
Dennis, Smith & Co
Dennis, W & Son
Dennis, William 
Dennis, William & Co 
Dennis, William A
Dennison , James & Dennison, John
Dennison , S B
Dennison, James
Dennistoun Photo Co 
Denny, Alex 
Denny, Charles George
Denny, John Love 
Denston, Armond R 
Dent, Alfred Frederick 
Dent, B 
Dent, C 
Dent, F 
Dent, John Thomas 
Dent, Reuben 
Dent, Thomas
Dent, W 
Dentith, Henry 
Denton & Co
Denton & Sharp
Denton, A G 
Denton, G H
Denton, James
Denton’s Photographic Studio 
Denvir, R
Denyer, Edmund
Deplidge, Mary Ann 
Deposit Photographic Studio
Depot for Photographic Views
Derby & District Photographic Co 
Derby Photo Co
Derby Photo Works Ltd 
Derby Stereoscopic Co 
Derby, Lizzie (Miss)
Derbyshire, James Alfred
Derbyshire, William
Dereske Studios
Dereske Studios (Miss Florence Price & Miss Phyllis Bush t/a)
Dereske Studios (Miss Florence Price t/a)
Dereske, Charles & Frank 
Dereske, Charles F 
Derricutt, Francis 
Derry, Walter 
Desa & Pullen
Desabris, B 
Desmond, Joseph 
Desmond, Thom 
Desssurne, Mark B A
Dessurne (Miss) 
Dessurne, Louis Alfred
Detheridge, J
Developrint Services 
Devenport, J
Dever, Robert 
Devereux & Rutter 
Devereux, Edward 
Devereux, Frederick Oakes
Deverill, Charles 
Devey, George
Devey, George Albert 
Deville, Joseph Vickers 
Devine, K 
Devine, Peter
Devon & Cornwall Photographic & Stereoscopic Co
Devon Commercial Photos
Devon Photo Co
Devonald, O (Mrs)
Devonshire Studio Co 
Dew, Frederick W
Dew, Frederick W & Dew, H M
Dew, George Frederick
Dew, Thomas 
Dew, W & Dew, H M F 
Dewar, Allan 
Dewar, George 
Dewar, James
Dewar, John 
Dewey, Alfred 
Dewhirst, Issac & Dobson, Anthony (Dewhirst & Dobson)
Dewhirst, James Robert
Dewhurst, J
Dewhurst, John 
Dewhurst, Joseph 
Dewhurst, Thomas 
Dewing, Kirtley 
Dewsnap, Alfred 
Dewsnap, W T 
Dexter & Dexter 
Dexter & Son
Dexter & Sons
Dexter (Mr & Mrs) (Messrs)
Dexter, John 
Dexter, Joseph 
Dexter, Mrs
Dexter, W
Dexter, Walter Sothern
Dexter, Walter Sothern & Son
Dexter, William
Dexter, William John
Dexter, William Sothern & Sons
Di Villa, Felix H 
Di Villa, Manso
Dial House Studio 
Diamond, J 
Diana Studios 
Diaz, A & M
Dibben, Frederick Henry
Dick, J & Sons
Dick, John
Dick, Matthew
Dick, William R 
Dicken, Arthur 
Dickens, Charles 
Dickens, Robert M 
Dickenson, A
Dickenson, Betts A 
Dickenson, J 
Dickenson, Thomas 
Dicker, David
Dickie, James S
Dickie, John
Dickins, Frank 
Dickins, Frank & Glasse, T Allan (Dickins & Glasse)
Dickinson & Foster
Dickinson & Gilbert 
Dickinson Bothers (Messrs Dickinson)
Dickinson Brothers
Dickinson Brothers & Foster
Dickinson, Charles B
Dickinson, Charles Frederick 
Dickinson, George 
Dickinson, George M 
Dickinson, George Thomas Youdan 
Dickinson, James
Dickinson, James (Junior) 
Dickinson, James (Photographer) Ltd
Dickinson, Joseph 
Dickinson, T H (aka T H Dickenson)
Dickinson, Thomas
Dickinson, W
Dickinson, W C
Dickinson, William R (aka W R Dickenson)
Dickinson’s Studio 
Dickman, W B 
Dicks, Elam
Dicks, Frank
Dickson, Andrew M 
Dickson, D 
Dickson, G
Dickson, George (aka George Dixon)
Dickson, James C 
Dickson, John
Dickson, Robina
Dickson, William
Dickson, William (Willie) B
Dierks, Charles H 
Dierks, Charles H & Brooks, Shirley (Dierks & Brooks)
Dietrichson & Co 
Digby, Bernhardt 
Digby, Dighton 
Diggens, Charles
Diggle, W
Diggle, William
Dight, David Lewis 
Dighton, F 
Dighton, Frederick 
Dighton, Joshua
Dighton, Richard (Junior)
Dighton, Walter David
Dighton, William 
Dighton, William D
Dighy, H C 
Digweed, Bernard George Stanley & Co
Digweed, J & Son
Digweed, J & Sons
Digweed, Walt 
Diko Trading 
Dilke, H F
Dilke, M B
Dilkes, John Edward
Dillon, A T
Dillon, George W
Dimberline, Richard
Dimbleby (Mrs)
Dimmer, Richard 
Dimmock, W
Dingley & Miller 
Dinham, James Charles
Dinham, James Charles & Sons
Dinnick Brothers
Dinnie Studio
Dinnie, Alexander
Dinnie, William Davidson
Dinsdale & Laxon
Dinsdale, A E 
Dinsdale, Albert 
Dinsdale, Bertie Charles 
Dinsdale, J
Dinsdale, James 
Dipple, C C
Dipple, Clara C (Mrs)
Dipple, James
Dipple, James (aka J H Dipple?)
Direct Film Service 
Direct Photo Engraving Co
Direct Photogravure Co 
Discombe, Thomas Frederic Pessell
Disderi, Adolphe & Co
Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene
Disley, John
Dismorr, James Stewart 
Diston, Adam
Diston, Adam & Son
Diston, Adam (Junior)
Diston, Mary (Mrs)
District Photographic Portrait Rooms 
Ditchfield, J
Ditchfield, James 
Diviani, Gaudenzio
Diviani, Gaudenzio & Co
Diviani, Gaudenzio & Monte, Jacob (Diviani & Monte)
Dix & Smedley 
Dixey & Smith 
Dixey, Lewis
Dixey, Lewis & Co
Dixon (Mr & Mrs)
Dixon Studio (Dixon-Scott , J)
Dixon, Andrew M 
Dixon, C D 
Dixon, Charles 
Dixon, Charles Edward
Dixon, Dixon
Dixon, Dorothea (Mrs)
Dixon, E 
Dixon, E (Mrs)
Dixon, Ellen (Mrs)
Dixon, Frederick Henry
Dixon, Harry
Dixon, Henry
Dixon, Henry & Son
Dixon, Henry & Son Ltd
Dixon, I 
Dixon, J
Dixon, John
Dixon, Lot
Dixon, Montague & Co
Dixon, Percy Goodchild 
Dixon, Percy Goodchild & Co
Dixon, Richard H
Dixon, Richard Harper 
Dixon, Robert
Dixon, Roy 
Dixon, S 
Dixon, S (Mrs)
Dixon, S J
Dixon, Theophilus 
Dixon, Thomas
Dixon, Thomas Harbin 
Dixon, W 
Dixon, W E 
Dixon, W Edgar (Henry)
Dixon, W H
Dixon, Walter 
Dixon, William
Dixon, William Henry 
Dixon’s Studio 
Dobay, Victor
Dobbie, John 
Dobbie, Richard Lascelles
Dobbie, Richard Lizars
Dobbings, William (Junior)
Dobbs & Fry
Dobbs, C J & Co
Dobbs, Sydney P
Dobbs, W R A
Dobbs, William 
Dobbs, William P 
Dobie, Richard 
Dobson & Paterson 
Dobson & Son 
Dobson Studios Ltd 
Dobson, Antony 
Dobson, Edmund
Dobson, Edward
Dobson, Edward L
Dobson, Edwin (aka E Dodson)
Dobson, Frank
Dobson, George 
Dobson, Henry
Dobson, J L 
Dobson, M (Mrs)
Dobson, Sylvester Graham (aka S G Dodson)
Dobson, Thomas 
Dobson, W 
Dobson, William Louden
Docking, L Sidney
Dockrill, J 
Document Photographing Co Ltd
Dodd, Charles Robert
Dodd, Ernest George 
Dodd, Henry 
Dodd, John 
Dodd, John C 
Dodd, Robert T
Dodd, T E
Dodd, Thomas E
Dodds, D
Dodds, Edward J 
Dodds, William Harvey
Dodds, William Harvey & Co
Dodge, Joseph W 
Dodge, Thomas S 
Dodge, Walter Parker
Dodge, William 
Dodgshon, J & Dodgshon, William
Dodgshon, William 
Dodgson, G
Dodington, J S
Dodman, A H 
Dodman, J H 
Dodridge & Gibbs
Dodson, Anthony (Antony) (aka A Dobson)
Dodson, Ellis 
Dodson, Zephaniah
Dodwell, Frank Charles
Doe, Charles 
Doemer, Auguste
Doff, Igantius 
Doggett, J 
Doherty, A
Doherty, A J 
Doherty, Augustus (Augustin)
Doidge, Thomas & Co (aka Doidge & Co)
Doidge, Young & Co
Doig, John
Dolamore, T W 
Dolamore, William 
Dolamore, William & Bullock, H B (Dolamore & Bullock)
Dolan, P
Dolan, Patrick 
Dolan, W H 
Dolibo, L (aka L Dolebo)
Dolland, William A
Dollar Photographic Establishment
Dollman, Philip 
Dolman, W H
Dolphin Studio
Dolphin, George 
Dolphin, William F 
Dome, L
Dominion Photo Co 
Don Lion Production
Don Photo Co
Don Studios 
Donahey, William (aka W Donahay & W Donahoy)
Donald & Bibbs 
Donald, Alexander
Donald, Ernest
Donaldson, Andrew
Donaldson, Charles
Donaldson, David A 
Donaldson, Winifred (Miss)
Doncaster Rotophoto Co (aka Roto Photo Co)
Doncaster, Edmund
Doncaster, Frederick
Doncaster, Henry 
Done & Ball
Done & Ball & Craig
Done, J 
Done, John
Done, John & Co
Done, John & Co (aka John Donne & Co)
Donkin, J 
Donking, Gerard J 
Don-Levie & Cheetham 
Don-Levie, Lillie 
Donn, Samuel 
Donning, Henry 
Donovan, Charles 
Donovan, Donald J Ltd
Donovan, G & Son
Donovan, Thomas
Donovan, Thomas & Co
Donovan, Thomas & Son
Doo, E A
Doo, Edward A
Doran Brothers 
Doran, D C 
Doran, Frank
Doran, George
Doran, Thomas 
Doran, William 
Doran, William E 
Dore & Co
Dore Studio
Dore, Frank
Dore, James
Dore, M
Dorey, Lester & Co 
Doris Studio 
Dorlen, Leigh Ltd
Dorman & Stocks
Dorman, George 
Dorman, Mark
Dorning, Henry 
Dorothea Studios 
Dorotich, E A
Dorotich, Emily Ann (Mrs) 
Dorotich, Joseph 
Dorrell, Edgar 
Dorrell, Edgar Thomas
Dorrett, Harry Gordon 
Dorrett, Harry Gordon & Martin, Paul (Dorrett & Martin)
Dorton & Co
Dossetter, Edward
Doubell, Harold Percy
Doubell, V 
Doubleday, Matthew 
Douce, W H E (W H F?)
Douch, Thomas 
Dougdale, Thomas
Dougharty, J E 
Doughm, Thomas 
Doughty, Berney S
Doughty, E 
Doughty, W
Doughty, Walt 
Doughtys Ltd 
Douglas & Co
Douglas & Cullingworth
Douglas Ltd 
Douglas Studio
Douglas, A
Douglas, Agnes 
Douglas, Albert Rudolph 
Douglas, Alfred
Douglas, Arthur
Douglas, C 
Douglas, Gordon 
Douglas, J 
Douglas, J & R
Douglas, J D 
Douglas, John
Douglas, John & Son
Douglas, John David
Douglas, Priscilla (Prissie)(Miss)
Douglas, Robert
Douglas, Thomas 
Douglas, Thomas H
Douglas, Walter
Douglas, William
Douglas, William Alexander 
Doull, David 
Douse, C H 
Douston, M H 
Douval & Co
Dovaston, Freeman 
Dove (David?)
Dove, A 
Dove, David
Dove, E
Dover Street Studios 
Dover Street Studios & Adart Ltd
Dover, William
Dovey, Walter J
Dow, David 
Dowa, Edward George 
Dowdall, James R (aka James R Dowdell)
Dowdall, Lancelot F
Dowdall, William 
Dowden, Harry
Dowden, Henry
Dowding, S Murray
Dowe, T
Dowell, William 
Dowle, F 
Dowle, Frederick William
Dowle, Richard S 
Dowley, Edward 
Dowling, B (Miss)
Dowling, William Paul
Down & Son
Down, Edward George
Down, F G
Down, J & Co
Down, J & Son
Down, J (Senior)
Downe, Alfred L 
Downe, David Clephene (aka D C Downie)
Downer, Arthur
Downer, Frederick
Downer, Frederick & Sons
Downer, Frederick (Junior) 
Downes & Beecroft
Downes, George
Downes, George H 
Downes, Henry Graham & Co
Downes, Henry Graham (George)
Downes, William 
Downes, William Starkey
Downey, Arthur James Hope
Downey, Cornelius
Downey, James
Downey, James & Sons
Downey, John
Downey, John & Carver, Edward (Downey & Carver)
Downey, John & Herriott, James (Downey & Herriott)
Downey, John & Mendelssohn, Hayman Selig (Downey & Mendelssohn)
Downey, Vincent J 
Downey, W & D  Ltd
Downey, William & Daniel (Downey Brothers)
Downham, Alfred Edward
Downham, John S
Downie, Archibald 
Downie, Archibald (Junior)
Downie, David C
Downie, William
Downing, F 
Downing, Frederick
Downing, M (Miss)
Downs, Charles
Downs, G (Mrs)
Downs, Henry G
Downs, Samuel 
Downs, William J 
Downsworth, Harry 
Dowsing, Channing Fairhead 
Dowson, E & H
Dowty, E F Ltd
Dowty, Robert
Dowty, W W
Dowty, William
Dowty, William & Sons
Dowty, William W
Dowty, William Ward
Doyle, James 
Doyle, Thomas 
Doyle, William
Drabble, George 
Drabble, W
Draffin, Frederick 
Draffin, John Larden
Drage, J 
Drake & Foster 
Drake, Cecil
Drake, Charles
Drake, Charles & Son
Drake, Charles (Mrs) 
Drake, George Henry A
Drake, George Henry A Ltd
Drake, Harry 
Drake, J
Drake, James William 
Drake, John 
Drake, Joseph 
Drake, Joseph V
Drake, M 
Drake, M & Son
Drake, W H 
Drake, William 
Drake, William H
Drakeley, Lillian I (Miss)
Drake’s Picture Agency Ltd 
Drane, Robert
Draper, Charles
Draper, Charles Allen
Draper, Henry J 
Draper, J
Draper, John (Dr)
Draper, William P
Drapiez & Wigton 
Drawater, W 
Drawbridge Photographic Studio
Dray & Cooke (aka Dray & Corke)
Dray, John H 
Draycott Limited
Draycott, George A 
Draycott, John Arthur
Draycott, John Arthur Ltd
Draycott, Lena (Madam)
Draycott, Lena (Madam) (Draycott’s Galleries)
Drayson, Charles Millington
Drayton, Charles 
Drayton, F 
Drayton, W L 
Dredge, George 
Dresser, William
Dreux, Eugene 
Drew & Whittaker 
Drew, Cicely & Co
Drew, Frederick 
Drew, Frederick William G
Drew, H W
Drew, Henry
Drew, John Ltd
Drewery, Harry 
Drewett & Ramage
Drewett, Edgar
Drewett, Edgar (Junior)
Drewett, F K 
Drewett, W J 
Drewett, Walter 
Drewett’s Photographic Studio
Drewit, E 
Drewitt, W J 
Dring, Robert 
Dring, Robert & Co
Drinkwater & Co
Drinkwater, C
Drinkwater, J 
Drinkwater, S 
Drinkwater, W
Drinkwater, William Edwin A
Driver, Albert Edward
Driver, Francis
Driver, James (Junior)
Driver, Sidney (Sydney) Amos
Driver, T 
Drobig, M 
Droege & Co
Droege & Wirth 
Droege, Frederick 
Dron, Andrew William
Dru?er, William 
Druce, George Claridge 
Drummond & Herriott 
Drummond & Low 
Drummond, Charles
Drummond, John
Drummond, John & Co
Drummond, John M
Drummond, S 
Drummond, William
Drummond-Young, W & E
Drury Photo Service 
Drury, E J 
Drury, Hal 
Dryburgh & Gibson 
Dryburgh, John
Dryden, John
Dryden, John Elliott 
Drysdale, Alexander
Drysdale, Alfred 
Drysdale, George J
Drysdale, H
Drysdale, John 
Du Barrie’s Princess Portrait Studios Ltd 
Du Barry Studio
Du Faur, Charles H
Du Faur, Charles Harry (proprietor)
Du Heaume, Emil Henry
Dubarry Studios
Dubbin, Robert James 
Dubbin, Robert James (aka R J Dublin)
Dubisson, Walter
Dublin & Belfast Photographic Company
Dublin & Melbourne Portrait Rooms
Dubois-Kolme, Marolius 
Dubourg & Veluti 
Dubourg, William 
Dubreuil, P
Duce, George
Duce, Joseph 
Ducell & Betts 
Duck & Sons
Duck, F 
Duck, Frederick E 
Duck, George F 
Ducker, Daniel
Ducker, Johnson 
Duckmanton, Benjamin 
Duckworth, Henry 
Duckworth, Thomas E 
Dudgeon, George 
Dudkin, Abraham H
Dudkin, Alfred H
Dudkin, Mordan M 
Dudkin, Mordecai
Dudkin, William Henry 
Dudley, B 
Dudley, Gerard 
Dudley, H
Dudley, Horace D
Dudley, Horace Henry
Dudley, Horace Henry & Dudley, Alfred Joseph Cole (H & A Dudley)
Dudley, Philip 
Dudley, William Ewart 
Dudman, James
Dudman, L 
Dudman, Leslie & Co
Duerden, John 
Duesbury, Samuel
Dufaur, Charles Harry
Dufaur, Charles Harry & Alder, George Edward (Dufaur & Alder)
Dufaur, C & Co
Duffie, J B 
Dufford, George
Duffus, William (1)
Duffus, William (2)
Dufton, Alex
Dufty, Francis H
Dufty, Martha (Mrs)
Dugdale (Dougdale), Thomas 
Dugdale, John
Dugdale, John & Co
Dugdale, John (1)
Dugdale, John (2)
Dugdale, Mary A (Mrs)
Dugdale, S 
Dugdale, T G
Dugdale, W
Duggins, James E 
Dugmore, Arthur Radclyffe
Dugmore, Hannah (Mrs)
Dugmore, W 
Duguey, Ernest 
Duguid, David W
Duguid, David W & Sons
Duke, Henry 
Duke, William
Dukes, William
Dulake, William
Dullehan, John 
Duly, H J
Duly, James
Dumain & Orchard (Misses) 
Dumaresq, Robert
Dumaresq, Robert & Co
Dumble, Thomas 
Dumbleton Studios 
Dumbleton, James Thomas 
Dumont, William 
Dumsday, Albert 
Dunbar, A & Co
Dunbar, G
Dunbar, Henry
Dunbar, Henry Michael 
Dunbar, Thomas
Duncan & Hamilton 
Duncan (Misses)
Duncan, A G (Mrs)
Duncan, Alex G
Duncan, Alexander
Duncan, Charles William Halley 
Duncan, D R
Duncan, David
Duncan, David M
Duncan, Geoffrey
Duncan, George
Duncan, J
Duncan, James
Duncan, James A
Duncan, James L 
Duncan, Jessie (Mrs)
Duncan, John
Duncan, John H 
Duncan, John L 
Duncan, John T 
Duncan, Joseph
Duncan, Joseph & Lewin (Duncan & Lewin)
Duncan, Robert 
Duncan, Thomas
Duncan, W 
Duncan, William
Duncan, William Arthur
Duncan, William Harper (Hooper)
Duncan, William Mitchell
Duncanson, James
Duncombe & Son
Duncumb, J 
Dundas, Eleanor (Miss)
Dundee Photographic Co 
Dungan, G 
Dungey, Arthur 
Dungey, Arthur  & Son 
Dunham, Percival R
Duningham, Thomas 
Dunk, William 
Dunkerley, James 
Dunkerton, Thomas
Dunkerton, Thomas & Son
Dunkirk Studio 
Dunley, H H 
Dunlop & Collett
Dunlop, Charles
Dunlop, Daniel (Dan)
Dunlop, James
Dunlop, Janet
Dunmore, A & G
Dunmore, Alfred
Dunmore, Alfred T
Dunmore, Alfred Thomas
Dunmore, E
Dunmore, Edward
Dunmore, George H
Dunmore, George Henry
Dunn & Co 
Dunn, Alfred 
Dunn, Arthur
Dunn, Charles Edward
Dunn, Clinton & Co 
Dunn, E M 
Dunn, Eliza Pascoe (Miss)
Dunn, G
Dunn, George William
Dunn, H
Dunn, Julianna (Miss & Mrs)
Dunn, Latimer
Dunn, Thomas William 
Dunn, Venice
Dunn, W H 
Dunn, William 
Dunn, William H 
Dunn, William Henry
Dunn, William L & Co
Dunn, William L & Son
Dunn, William L (Junior) 
Dunneham, Michael Joseph 
Dunning, Henry
Dunning, Robert 
Dunningham, F
Dunn’s Art Studio 
Dunscombe, M W Ltd (Dunscombe Photographic Stores)
Dunsire, Peter
Dunstan, William Henry
Dunstan, William Henry & Co
Dunton, Joseph 
Dunwell, Arthur 
Dunwell, James
Dupe, W H 
Duplex Photo Co 
Dupont, Henri 
Dupre, F
Dupres, Louis
Duprez, John Louis Phillippe
Duprez, John Louis Phillippe & Co
Dupton, Alexander 
Dura (aka Dura Ltd & Dura’s Photos Ltd)
Durand, Francois 
Durand, William
Durant, William (aka W Durrant)
Durban, Lang (Mrs)
Durban, William Lang
Durell, Joseph 
Durelle, Molly (Miss)
Durgham, J (possibly James Durham)
Durham & Co 
Durham (Dustan), H J 
Durham, J
Durham, James 
Durham, John R 
Durhams Limited
Durie, Brown & Co
Durkin, Oswald
Durn, Albert
Duros, Leon 
Durrant, Christopher J 
Durrant, Peter 
Durrant, Rose K (Mrs) & Son
Durrant, Seymour Jonas
Durrant, W (Junior)
Durrant, William
Durrant, William & Co
Durrell, Arthur 
Durrell, Arthur William 
Durrell, Arthur William (Durrell Press Studios)
Dursward, F 
Durward, Alexander
Durward, Eliza (Mrs) 
Dust, G
Dustin, Edward 
Dustin, Edwin Lane
Dustin, Henry 
Dutch, Francis William 
Dutch, Frank 
Duthie, Andrew
Duthie, J F 
Dutnall, Thomas 
Duton, C Photographic Company
Dutton & Schreiber
Dutton, George 
Dutton, James
Dutton, Jane (Miss) 
Dutton, John
Dutton, John & Dutton, James Joseph (aka Dutton Brothers)
Dutton, Philip C 
Dutton, William 
Duval, Alexander (aka Du Val)
Duval, Charles
Duval, Charles & Wharton
Duval, Charles Allen & Co
Duval, Edward J (aka E J Du Val)
Duval, Elsie 
Duval, G & Co 
Duxbury, William Henry
Duyshart, Maria Mona
Duyshart, Maria Mona & Co
Duyshart, Peter John (aka Pieter Joannes Duyshart)
Duyshart, Pieter Henry Joannes  & Co (aka Peter Henry John by 1892)
Dyas, Henry G 
Dyat, D
Dyball, Robert H 
Dyche, Ernest (aka E Dycke)
Dyche, Sarah 
Dye (Mr)
Dye, A W
Dye, Charles 
Dye, Mary Frances (Mrs)
Dyer Photographic Portrait Co
Dyer, A 
Dyer, Edward C
Dyer, Edwin
Dyer, Frank
Dyer, Frederick William 
Dyer, John 
Dyer, Thomas B 
Dyer, Thomas John 
Dyer, William
Dyer, William (Willie)
Dyers, Thomas 
Dyett, John
Dyke & Co
Dyke, C
Dyke, Charles 
Dyke, Colville
Dyke, E 
Dykes, T 
Dyson, Arthur 
Dyson, Caroline (Miss)
Dyson, Caroline (Mrs)
Dyson, Frank E (Dyson’s Studio )
Dyson, John 
Dyson, Joseph
Dyson, T 
E & A Studios
E & G Photographic Studios
Eade, Dorothy (Mrs)
Eade, Reginald Arthur
Eades, E E
Eades, H S
Eades, Richard E & Co
Eades, Southwell
Eadie (Miss)
Eadie, B & R
Eadie, David
Eadie, Guthrie & Co
Eadie, James
Eadie, P M
Eadie, W & B
Eadie, W P
Eadie, William
Eadington, Mary (Miss)
Eadle, David
Eadon, Ethel M (Miss)
Eager, Robert
Eagle (Miss) aka Eagles Studio
Eagle Co
Eagle Monster Travelling Studio (aka Eagles Studio aka Miss Eagle)
Eagle Photographic Co
Eagle, A
Eagle, Thomas Frederick
Eagle, W H
Eagle, William
Eales, Frederick
Eales, Frederick Henry
Ealey, H
Ealing Photographic Co (aka Ealing Portrait Co)
Eames, A
Eames, Benjamin
Eames, F
Eames, J G
Eardley, Wilmot Ltd
Earl & Co
Earl, Francis Charles
Earl, Joseph Percival
Earl, Sidney
Earl, Sydney
Earland, W H
Earle & Earle
Earle, George
Earle, Karee
Earley, James
Earnshaw, Harvey
Easden, John
Easden, John & Son
Eason, Arthur
Eason, Arthur & Co
Eason, Arthur E
Eason, G & Co
Eason, Henry Robert
Eason, John
Easson, John
East Anglian Photographic Co
East Anglian Photographic Company
East Anglian Portrait Co
East Grinstead Photographic Co
East Ham Studio
East Hill Studio
East Kent Photographic Co
East Kent Studio
East London Artistic Portrait Company
East, Lizzie M (Mrs)
East, Warren
Eastbourne Photographic & Fine Arts Co Limited
Eastbourne Photographic Company
Eastbourne Stereoscopic Co
Easter, Thomas
Easterbrook, S
Eastern Counties Photographic Co
Eastern Developing & Printing Co
Eastern Photographic Co
Eastern Press Agency
Eastham & Bassano
Eastham Brothers (aka Eastham’s)
Eastham, E
Eastham, Enos
Eastham, Ernest
Eastham, J
Eastham, John
Eastham, John T
Eastham, Richard
Eastham, Silas
Eastlake, Charles Lloyd
Eastman, P M
Eastman, P M & Sons
Eastman, Philip S
Eastmans (aka Eastmans Photo Service Ltd)
Eastmead, Arthur F
Eastmead, James John
Eastment & Co
Eastment, C & Son
Eastment, C & Sons
Eastment, Charles
Eastment, Charles & Co
Eastment, Charles & Son
Eastment, Charles & Sons
Eastment, J
Eastmid & Co
Eastmid & Co (aka Eastmid Studios)
Eastmid Photography Studio
Eastmid Studio (Studios)
Eastoe, Charles W
Easton Brothers
Easton, Henry John
Easton, John Henry
Easton, Joseph
Easton, Robert
Easton, S
Easton, William
Eastwood & Howson
Eastwood, David
Eastwood, James
Eastwood, John Thomas
Eastwood, Walter
Eaton, G
Eaton, George
Eaton, J H
Eaton, R F
Ebley, W
Ebley, W & Co
Ebly, William
Ebor Portrait Co
Ebury, G
Ebury, H
Ebury, Harry & Ebury, Winifred (Miss)
Eccles, Edmund
Eccles, Edmund & Sons
Eccostat Ltd
Echart, Henry
Echte, L H
Eckersley, A V
Eckersley, Thomas
Eckford, N
Eckhardt, Henry
Eckley & Sons
Eckley, M
Eckley, T
Eclipse & Star Photographic Company
Eclipse Photo Co
Eclipse Photo Company
Eclipse Photographic Co
Economic Portrait Association
Eddington, Charles
Eddington, James
Eddison & Inger
Eddison Limited
Eddison, A
Eddison, Inger & Simpson
Eddison, John Edward
Eddison, S (Mrs)
Eddy, David J (aka D J Eddie)
Eddy, David John
Eddy, H
Edelman, Joshua
Edelman, S
Edelson, Marks
Edelstein, William (Willy)
Eden, Charles
Eden, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Eden, Humphrey
Eden, Sarah
Edgar & Co
Edgar, Cecil H
Edgar, George
Edgar, James & Co
Edgar, Margaret (Miss)
Edgar, Walter
Edgbaston Photographic Company
Edgcomb, F W
Edge Ltd
Edge, Albert
Edge, Arthur Ernest
Edge, John
Edge, Joseph
Edge, Thomas
Edhouse, George H
Edhouse, George H & Co
Edinburgh & Leith Photographic Copying Co
Edinburgh Panoramic Photographic Co
Edinburgh Photographic Co (aka Edinburgh Photographic Gallery)
Edinburgh Picture News
Edinburgh Professional D & P Service
Edinburgh Royal Photographic Establishment
Edinburgh School of Photography
Edinburgh Society For Promoting Employment of Women
Edis, Charles
Edis, Daisy E (Miss)
Edis, John R
Edis, Olive & Edis, Katherine
Edis, Olive (Miss)
Edis, Walter
Edish, John
Edisonograph Co
Edkins, Herbert & Co
Edleson, Mark
Edmeads & Co
Edmond, Alfred George
Edmonds & Simonton
Edmonds, Caroline (Miss)
Edmonds, Catherine (Miss)
Edmonds, E
Edmonds, George
Edmonds, Horace R
Edmonds, Horace R & Co
Edmonds, J (aka J Edmunds)
Edmonds, John
Edmonds, W Cooper
Edmonds, William John
Edmonds, William Mortimer
Edmondson & Co
Edmunds, John
Edmunds, W
Edmundson, T J
Edney, John T
Ednie, Samuel Campbell
Edson & Demaine
Educational and Industrial Film Supply Co
Educational Supply Co
Edward & Spearing
Edward, Andrew D Lim
Edward, Counsell & Miles
Edwarde, Edward Charles
Edwardes-Gower, James
Edwards & Badcock
Edwards & Co
Edwards & Co (Messrs)
Edwards & Jordan
Edwards & Simonton
Edwards & Smith
Edwards Brothers (William Henry & Thomas T Edwards)
Edwards’ Studio
Edwards, A
Edwards, Alex J
Edwards, Alfred
Edwards, Andrew Robert
Edwards, Andrew Robert & Son
Edwards, Austin
Edwards, B J
Edwards, Benjamin Joseph
Edwards, Benjamin Richard
Edwards, Bertie H
Edwards, C
Edwards, C M
Edwards, Charles
Edwards, Clifton
Edwards, Clifton & Co
Edwards, Daniel
Edwards, E J
Edwards, Edward
Edwards, Edward & Son
Edwards, Edward George
Edwards, Edward John
Edwards, Edward Joseph
Edwards, Edward Joseph(s)
Edwards, Edwin
Edwards, Edwin John
Edwards, Ernest
Edwards, Ernest & Bult (Edwards & Bult)
Edwards, Fanny 
Edwards, Francis William
Edwards, Fred
Edwards, G
Edwards, H
Edwards, H J
Edwards, Harold Stanley
Edwards, Harry
Edwards, Harry Gordon
Edwards, Henry
Edwards, Henry Thomas
Edwards, Herbert
Edwards, Herbert Henry
Edwards, Isabella
Edwards, J
Edwards, J A
Edwards, J E
Edwards, James
Edwards, John
Edwards, John D (aka J D Edward)
Edwards, John Meurig
Edwards, Joseph
Edwards, K (Mrs)
Edwards, Lewis
Edwards, Llewellyn
Edwards, Lloyd G
Edwards, Margaret (Miss)
Edwards, Michael
Edwards, Osborne
Edwards, P A
Edwards, P S
Edwards, Percie T & Co (aka Edwards Illiustrating Co)
Edwards, R
Edwards, R J
Edwards, Reuben & Co
Edwards, Reuben Henry & Co
Edwards, S
Edwards, Stanley
Edwards, Stanley Edward
Edwards, T J
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Thomas James
Edwards, Thomas James & Son
Edwards, Thomas P
Edwards, V M (Miss)
Edwards, Vincent
Edwards, W & Co
Edwards, W L G
Edwards, Walter
Edwards, William
Edwards, William Albert
Edwards, William B
Edwards, William Henry
Edwin & Kelley
Edwin, E
Edwin, S
Edwunds, J
Edwyn, Maurice
Edyvane, Edward C
Effra Photographic Co
Egerton (Mr)
Egerton Brothers
Egerton Limited
Egerton, Frank
Egerton, Jeremiah
Egerton, Jeremiah & Egerton, John Wharry
Egerton-Jones, Harold
Eggar, William Joseph
Eggett, E
Eggett, Edward
Egginton, B
Egginton, Harold
Egginton, W
Egglestone, Benjamin
Egleton, F E
Eglinton Studio
Egrot, Lucian George
Ehn, Henry
Eidman (Mr)
Eiffel Tower Photographic Co
Einsley, George
Einsohn, David
Eisenhofer, Claude Augustus
Elbourne, Ernest Gilbert
Elbyn & Co
Elbyn Studios
Elder Brothers
Elderfield, Francis
Elding, Joseph
Eldred, F J
Eldridge, A
Eldridge, Charles (aka Charles Eldredge)
Eldridge, Eustace Bernard
Eldridge, Jonathan James
Electric Art Studio
Electric Light Enlarged Photographic Co Ltd
Electric Light Studio
Electric Photo Co
Electric Photo Company
Electric Photo Copying Co
Electric Photo Transfer Co Ltd
Electric Photographic Company
Electric Photographic Printing Co
Electric Portrait Co
Electric Studio
Electric Studio Co
Electric Studio Co Ltd
Electric Studios
Elementary Schools Photographing Co.
Eley, J H
Elezara, A (Mrs)
Elforde, C & Co
Elgar & Barnard
Elgar, Benjamin
Elgar, Cecil H
Elger, F C
Elgy, Frederick
Eliot, Francis
Elite Photo Co
Elite Photo Company
Elite Photo Repro Co
Elite Photo Studio
Elite Photographic Co
Elite Portrait Co Ltd
Elite Stamp Photo Co
Elite Studio
Elite Studios
Elite Studios Co
Elkan, Vera (Miss)
Elkin, F J & Co
Elkington, Amos Charles
Elkington, E C
Elkington, F
Elkington, G
Elkington, George
Elkington, H
Elkington, H & Son
Elkington, O J
Elkington, W
Elkins, Henry
Ellam, E
Ellam, Edward
Elland, William
Ellcock, William
Ellenbogen, Isaac
Elleray & Co
Ellerbeck, Henry S
Ellerby & Co
Ellerby, John William
Ellerthorpe, Frederick R
Ellery, Edwin Iddol
Elliff, C
Elliff, Charles
Elliff, Reginald
Ellingworth, Harry
Ellingworth, W
Elliott & Co
Elliott & Green, William (Elliott & Green)
Elliott & Kane
Elliott & Son
Elliott & Thomas
Elliott (Mr)
Elliott Brothers
Elliott Studios
Elliott, Albert
Elliott, Alfred J
Elliott, Charles Earp
Elliott, E
Elliott, F
Elliott, Francis
Elliott, Frank
Elliott, Frederick
Elliott, G
Elliott, H A
Elliott, Henry J
Elliott, J
Elliott, J C
Elliott, J H
Elliott, James
Elliott, John Henry
Elliott, John Henry (H J)
Elliott, Jos. R
Elliott, Joseph
Elliott, Joseph John & Fry, Clarence Edmund (Elliott & Fry)
Elliott, Joseph John & Fry, Clarence Edmund Ltd (Elliott & Fry Ltd)
Elliott, Joseph R
Elliott, R
Elliott, Ralph Liddle
Elliott, Robert William
Elliott, Rollo
Elliott, Rollo & Co
Elliott, Rosalind (Mrs)
Elliott, Samuel
Elliott, Sarah (Mrs)
Elliott, W & A
Elliott, W (aka W Elliot)
Elliott, William
Elliott, William Henry
Ellis & Burvill
Ellis & Co
Ellis (Mrs)
Ellis Brothers
Ellis, A D
Ellis, A W
Ellis, Alfred
Ellis, Alfred & Walery
Ellis, Arthur
Ellis, Arthur W
Ellis, Charles
Ellis, E
Ellis, Emily
Ellis, Ernest
Ellis, Frank Bernard
Ellis, Frederick
Ellis, G A
Ellis, Gavin
Ellis, George Sydney
Ellis, Harry Amos
Ellis, J
Ellis, Joseph
Ellis, Joseph & Co
Ellis, L & Ellis, F B
Ellis, M
Ellis, Mary (Mrs)
Ellis, Paul Ashton
Ellis, Samuel
Ellis, Samuel J H
Ellis, Thomas Anthony
Ellis, W T
Ellis, William
Ellis, William (aka William Elliss)
Ellison Brothers
Ellison, Edward
Ellison, J
Ellison, Thomas
Ellison, William
Ellis’s (Bridlington) Ltd
Ellmers, A
Ellsmoor & Driver
Ellsmoor, Margaret (Miss)
Ellwood, Richard
Elly, George
Elma Studio
Elmes, Eliza & Co (aka Madame Eliza Elmes & Co)
Elmes, Sidney Walter
Elmes, Sidney Walter & Elmes, Eliza
Elmont, Samuel
Elott & Saunders
Elsden, Arthur
Elsden, Arthur & Son
Elsmore Studio
Elsmore, W
Elsmore, William
Elstob, Audrey & Leslie
Elstree & Co
Elswick Photographic Co
Elsworth, A
Elsworth, Samuel Heaton
Elton, H
Eltringham (Ettringham), James Thomas
Eltringham, Alfred
Eltringham, James Thomas
Eltringham, John
Elwell, Francis Richard
Elwood, Vincent I
Ely, T H
Elysee Studios Ltd
Emary, Alfred M
Emberson & Sons
Emberson, A & Sons
Emberson, Ellen (Mrs)
Emberson, George
Emberson, George & Son
Emberson, George & Sons
Emberson, George (Junior)
Emberson, John
Emberson, John & Sons
Emberson, John (brother of George)
Emberson, Thomas Robert
Emberson, William
Embley, Richard
Emblin, Amos
Emeny & Son
Emeny & Sons
Emeny, Charles F
Emeny, Charles John
Emeny, Clement James
Emeny, William George & Emeny, Clement James
Emerson, Peter Henry
Emerson, R
Emery & Macgillivray
Emery, C & E
Emery, Charles
Emery, E
Emery, Ernest
Emery, John (Senior)
Emery, Joseph
Emery, M L
Emery, Mary (Mrs)
Emery, Robert William
Emery, W
Emery, W (Randy)
Emery, Wilfred
Emmens, Harry J
Emmens, James
Emmerson, C
Emmerson, L R (Mrs)
Emmerson, Samuel
Emmett & Co
Emmett, H (aka H Emmitt)
Emmett, M E (Mrs)
Emmett, R H
Emmett, Thomas
Emmett, William
Emmett, William (Junior)
Emmine, Louise (Signor)
Emmott, Thomas
Emms, James
Empire Art Co
Empire Art Studio
Empire Enlargement Co
Empire Fine Art Co
Empire Manufacturing Co
Empire Photo Co
Empire Photographic Arts Service
Empire Photographic Co
Empire Studio
Empire Studios
Empress Enlarging Co
Empson, Ellis
Empson, Ellis Vernon
Emsley, John
Emsley, John & Walter
Emsley, W
Emsley, Walter
Emslie, Peter (aka Peter Elmslie)
Emues, Frederick William
Enamel Photo Company
End, Fred John
End, Richard William
End, William
End, William (Mrs)
Endacott & Florkofski
Endacott, Alex
Endacott, Alick M
Enderley Studio
Endsman, Felix (aka Felix Endsmen)
Engert, H C & Co
England Brothers
England, Albert Edward
England, Joan
England, Louis William
England, Tom
England, William
English Art Studios
English Photo Co
English Studios
Enlargements Studio
Ennel & Chapple
Ennel, N
Ennis, William Edward
Ensign Process Company
Enston, J
Entwistle, H
Entwistle, Thorpe & Co
Epston, Sydney
Erard, Edouard
Erby, Maria (Mrs)
Erdington Studio
Erdmann & Schanz (aka Erdman & Schang)
Erdmann, H
Erik & Haigh
Erith, John
Ernest & Co
Ernest & White
Ernest, A
Erneste, A
Ernst, Fred & Co
Ernst, Hermann
Errington, I (Miss)
Erwin, Thomas
Erwin-Craig, William
Esam, George B
Esam, George B (Mrs)
Esau, John
Escome, William
Eskdale Brothers
Eskdale, James Porteous
Eskett, William
Esler, Howard
Esme & Co
Esme Collings Ltd
Esplanade Studio
Espley & Co
Espley, Richard
Essen & Pessara (aka Essen & Pessarra)
Essenhigh, Corke & Co
Essex Photographic Saloon
Essex Photographic Stores
Essex Studios
Esslemont, David
Esslemont, James C
Esson, John F
Estabrook, C
Estabrooke, Richard Parker
Estabrooke, Thomas Sherman
Estelle (aka Estelle Studio)
Estelle, George
Eswell, A
Etchells, Alan Herbert
Etches, Joseph
Etching & Photogravure Co Ltd
Etheridge, Thomas
Etherington, John
Ettery, William George
Ettle, Joseph
Eugene & Henry
Eureka Photographic Co
Eureka Post card Co
Eustace (Mrs)
Eustace Photographic Co
Eustace, Alfred J
Eustace, Brownlow
Eustace, George Henry
Eustace, M & Eustace, Alfred J
Eustace, William H
Euston Enlarging Co
Euston Studio
Euston’s Studio
Evani, Alice (Mrs)
Evani, David Bretherton
Evanoff & Goddard
Evans & Co
Evans & Crabtree
Evans (of Surbiton Hill)
Evans Brothers
Evans, A (Mrs)
Evans, A T
Evans, Alex
Evans, Alfred Montville
Evans, Arthur
Evans, B
Evans, C
Evans, C H
Evans, Charles
Evans, Charles (Mrs)
Evans, Charles Henry
Evans, Clarence
Evans, Daniel
Evans, David Brotherton
Evans, David William
Evans, David William & Co
Evans, Dorothy (Miss)
Evans, E Ceredig
Evans, E W
Evans, Edmund
Evans, Edward Juson
Evans, Edwin J & Evans, Joseph C
Evans, Emily (Mrs)
Evans, Emily (Mrs) & Co
Evans, Emlyn
Evans, Eustace Ltd
Evans, Frank
Evans, Frederick William
Evans, Frederick William & Caley (Evans & Caley)
Evans, G
Evans, George
Evans, George E
Evans, George Edward
Evans, George Herbert
Evans, Harvey
Evans, Henry
Evans, Herbert
Evans, I
Evans, Isaiah P
Evans, J & Sons
Evans, J (aka John Evans)
Evans, J E
Evans, J J
Evans, J P
Evans, J W Saville
Evans, J Will
Evans, James George
Evans, Jeremiah
Evans, John
Evans, John & Co
Evans, Joseph
Evans, Joshua
Evans, Llew
Evans, M E & Co
Evans, Matilda M (Mrs)
Evans, Montville
Evans, Morgan
Evans, N
Evans, N P (Miss)
Evans, Nathaniel
Evans, Owen
Evans, Percy F
Evans, R M
Evans, Richard
Evans, Robert
Evans, Robert & Co
Evans, Robert & Shelton (Evans & Shelton)
Evans, S
Evans, T
Evans, Thomas
Evans, Thomas Aubrey
Evans, Thomas Aubrey & Son
Evans, Thomas John
Evans, W
Evans, W E
Evans, William
Evans, William Charles
Evans, William James
Evans, William Morgan
Evans, William Tyler
Evans-Harris, William
Eve, Charles
Eve, S (Mrs)
Evelyn & James
Evelyn, Edward
Evens, John
Everard & Co
Everard, Henri
Everard, John
Everard, John Ltd
Everatt & Co
Everatt, Cuthbert
Everest, D
Everest, D R & Co
Everest, David Robert
Everest, Robert
Everett & Ashdown
Everett, C G
Everett, C J
Everett, Charles
Everett, Sydney T
Everett, Thomas
Everett, Victor C
Everex, Henry
Everitt, Charles F
Everitt, Tom Howard (& Son)
Everitt, William Henry
Everleigh, Annie (Mrs) & Leslie
Eversden, George
Eversleigh, F
Everson, George
Eves, George L
Eves, P H
Eves, William Frederick
Eves-Down, Albert Edward
Eves-Down, Margaret Ann
Evitt, F & K
Evitt, Thomas
Evkyn, Charles Hicks
Ewan, John
Ewan, T J
Ewart, Frank
Ewart, J
Ewbank, T J (aka T J Ellbank)
Ewell, John George
Ewewn, John
Ewing & Pollock
Ewing, E W
Ewing, James
Ewing, N (but thought to be Robert Ewing)
Ewing, Peter
Ewing, Robert
Ewings & James
Ewings, William
Exactis Photo Printing Services
Excel D & P Service
Excel Photographic Co
Excel Studios
Excelsior Photo Co
Excelsior Photo Studio (aka Excelsior Photographic Company)
Excelsior Photographic Co Ltd
Excelsior Photographic Company
Excelsior Portrait Co
Excelsior Studio
Exchange Studio
Exclusive News Agency
Exe Bridge Studio
Exhibition, Crystal Palace,1851
Exley & Stubbins
Exley, Charles E
Exley, Emma (Mrs)
Exley, James
Exley, John W
Exley, Timothy
Exon, E H
Exonia Photo Studio
Expert Enlarging Co
Express Art Studios
Express Photo Service
Express Photographic Co
Express Photographic Company
Express Photographic Service
Express Photos Ltd
Express Still Ltd
Express Still Service Co (aka Talbot & Webbey)
Eycken, Eugenie Van (Mrs)
Eyeley, Charles
Eyers & Co
Eyers & Hurley
Eyers, Albert Benjamin
Eyers, Alfred Benjamin
Eyers, Edmund J
Eyers, Horace P
Eyers, J F
Eyles, T F
Eyles, Thomas Frederick
Eymer, John
Eynon, J
Eyre & Spottlewood
Eyre, Arthur Stanlope
Eyre, John
Eyre, Norman
Eyres & Co
Eyres, Alfred
Eyres, Edmund J
Eyres, Henry
Eyres, T
Ezard, W E
Faber, J & H 
Fabric Photos Ltd
Facts Electric Studios 
Facts Ltd 
Fage, John D 
Faiers, Henry
Fair, W J 
Fairbain & Phimister
Fairbain, Archibald
Fairbain, H 
Fairbain, Henry 
Fairbairn Ltd 
Fairbairn, A 
Fairbairn, A & Bennett (Fairbairn & Bennett)
Fairbairn, J
Fairbairn, James
Fairbairn, James 
Fairbairn, William
Fairbairn, William 
Fairbourn, W A 
Fairburn & Craven
Fairburn, William 
Fairburn, William Alfred 
Faircloth, Annie E (Miss) 
Fairclough, Glasby & Rowe 
Fairclough, James 
Fairclough, Philip 
Fairclough, Robert Edgbert 
Fairclough, S
Fairey, Frederick 
Fairey, Frederick John
Fairey, George Frederick 
Fairey, W R
Fairey, William Richard Harold 
Fairhurst, Barton 
Fairhurst, James 
Fairlie, A  & Partners (Fairlie & Partners)
Fairweather & Co 
Fairweather, A E 
Fairweather, Andrew 
Fairweather, James 
Fairweather, John  (Junior)
Faith, Angus 
Faithfull, (Miss) 
Faithfull, Albert Edmund 
Falcon Photographic Services 
Falconer & Co
Falconer, Alice (Mrs) 
Falconer, Craig & George
Falconer, David Claude 
Falk Studios
Falk, James A 
Falk, Michael 
Falkner, George 
Fall,  Rebecca (Mrs) 
Fall, John Wareham 
Fall, Thomas
Falla, Ernest James 
Faller, Frederick 
Fallowfield, Albert C 
Fallows-Timperley, William 
Fane, Harrington & Co
Fanner & Bayliff 
Fantini, Pasquale V
Farbrother & Richards 
Fardel Studios 
Fardon Howell & Co 
Farey, George 
Farey, William 
Fargher, John James 
Faris, C H
Farley, Charles T
Farley, George 
Farley, Herbert A
Farlie, Charles James
Farlie, Charles James 
Farmer & Sons
Farmer, Albert 
Farmer, Charles H 
Farmer, Edward 
Farmer, Edwin Charles 
Farmer, George 
Farmer, Henry 
Farmer, James 
Farmer, Richard 
Farmer, Robert
Farmer, Robert 
Farmer, Thomas 
Farmer, William John 
Farnworth, S P 
Farquhar & Moloney 
Farquhar, James J 
Farr, Harry 
Farr, Henry 
Farr, Richard Levi 
Farr, W J 
Farrant, Hugh Cutler 
Farrant, Judith (Miss)
Farrar, S
Farrell, C
Farrell, D O 
Farren Brothers
Farren Brothers 
Farren, Ernest William
Farren, William
Farren’s Studio 
Farrer, James Thomas 
Farrer, Joseph S 
Farringdon Process Studio 
Farringdon, John Irving 
Farrington, Albert Vanner 
Farrow & Wickenden
Farrow, E E
Farrow, James 
Farthing, Edward Thomas
Farthing, Edward Thomas & Son
Farthing, Thomas F 
Fastowsky, Will 
Faulds Brothers 
Faulkes, W 
Faulkner & Beeby 
Faulkner, A J 
Faulkner, Arthur 
Faulkner, Charles 
Faulkner, Charles George 
Faulkner, Edwin Trapell
Faulkner, Edwin Trapell & Dalby (aka Faulkner & D’Alby)
Faulkner, Ephraim John 
Faulkner, J A 
Faulkner, Robert
Faulkner, Robert 
Faulkner, Robert & Co
Faulkner, William 
Faulkner, William Benjamin 
Faust, Alfred 
Fawcett & Sons 
Fawcett, George 
Fawcett, J
Fawcett, J (T? F?)
Fawcett, S
Fawcett, W
Fawley, Leslie Spencer 
Fawn, J
Fawn, William Henry
Fawn, William Henry & Co
Fay, R 
Fayer of Vienna 
Fazackerley, Frank 
Fazackerley, R
Fazakerley & Jones
Feakes, Frederick P 
Feaks & Hiscott
Fear, George
Fearey, Charles 
Fearn, David & Co 
Fearn, T J 
Fearnley, George T (aka George T Ferley & George T Farnley)
Fearnsides, Charles 
Feather, E
Featherstone, Edward P 
Featherstone, Robert 
Fedarb, J 
Fehrenbach & Bernieri 
Fehrenbach, Edwin 
Fehrenbach, Emilian 
Fehrenbach, German
Fehrenbach, Isabel (Madame)
Fehrmann, W
Feldman, B 
Feldman, L
Feldsted Studio 
Feldwicke, William
Felix, Ellen (Eileen) A (Miss)
Fell, Edward T 
Fell, F & Fell, J Oliver
Fell, Francis (Frank)
Fell, J C
Fell, John 
Fell, W G Halford
Felling, M H 
Fellows, W H
Fellows, W H 
Fellows, W J
Fellows, William H 
Fellows, William Holloway 
Felmingham, Ernest 
Feltham, Charles K 
Felton, Frank Ernest 
Feneley, W L 
Fenn, Gladys (Miss) 
Fenner, Ida T (Miss) 
Fenner, J
Fenner, John 
Fenner, S C 
Fenton, Arthur F
Fenton, Charles 
Fenton, Charles Frederick 
Fenton, Charles Henry 
Fenton, George
Fenton, Henry (aka Harry?)
Fenton, Henry John 
Fenton, Herbert 
Fenton, J
Fenwick, A 
Fenwick, C 
Ferdinand Kehrhaan & Co 
Fereday, John William 
Fergus & McKim 
Fergus & Son
Fergus & Sons
Fergus Brothers
Fergus Brothers 
Fergus, Bertie 
Fergus, Charles 
Fergus, James 
Fergus, John
Fergus, John 
Fergus, Thomas 
Fergus, William 
Fergus, William Reid 
Ferguson, Andrew 
Ferguson, Ben 
Ferguson, Henry 
Ferguson, John 
Ferguson, John R 
Ferguson, Mark 
Ferguson, Peter 
Ferguson, R B 
Ferguson, R B N 
Ferguson, Robert 
Ferguson, Robert B 
Ferguson, Robert G 
Ferguson, William
Ferguson, William 
Ferguson, William Fraser
Ferman Ltd 
Fermor, Henry 
Fermor, John 
Ferneley, Charles Allan 
Fernley, David H
Fernley, Frederick George 
Fernley, James 
Fernley, John 
Fernley, S
Fernley, Sarah 
Fernley, Thomas
Fernley, William R 
Ferranti, Ceasar 
Ferrari, Alfred Alonzo 
Ferres, J G
Ferrier, William 
Ferris, Albert Ernest 
Ferris, Gerald 
Ferris, Herbert Walter 
Ferris, T & Co
Ferris, T D
Ferris, W R
Ferris, William R
Ferry, William 
Fetter Productions 
Fewster, Dora (Miss) 
Fewster, F & F F
Fewtrell, John
Fey, John
Fiddes, Richard George 
Fiddler, Beatrice A (Mrs) 
Fidler, Frank
Fidler, Frank 
Fidler, Frederick 
Fidler, James
Fidler, Wallace 
Fido, George 
Fido, R B
Fieke, A 
Field & Co
Field, A
Field, Arthur G 
Field, Charles Edwin
Field, David T 
Field, David Taylor 
Field, Dudley (aka Dudley Fielde)
Field, E
Field, E F (Miss)
Field, Edwin 
Field, George
Field, George Albert 
Field, George Dudley 
Field, H  Lockhart 
Field, Herbert J K 
Field, James 
Field, John M 
Field, John Mortimer 
Field, Mortimer 
Field, Mortimer & Co
Field, Mortimer & Son
Field, Priscilla (Mrs)  
Field, Robert  & Son
Field, William
Field, William & Co
Fielden, Ernest
Fielden, John L 
Fielder & Co
Fielder, E 
Fielder, F W 
Fieldhouse & Lamb 
Fieldhouse, Christopher Thomas
Fieldhouse, John 
Fielding & Jepson
Fielding & Willis
Fielding, Abraham 
Fielding, Francis 
Fielding, H 
Fielding, H (Miss)
Fielding, Henry Edward 
Fielding, Henry Edward  & Co (Mrs)  
Fielding, Henry Edward & Co 
Fielding, Isabella (Mrs) 
Fielding, Joe H
Fielding, Jonothan 
Fielding, Joseph 
Fielding, Thomas Henry 
Fieldings (Leeds) Limited
Fields, Arthur
Fields, Peter
Fieldsend, Alfred
Fieldsend, R
Fife Photographic Studio (aka Fife Photo Co)
Fife Studios 
Fildes, Edwin (aka Edward Fildes)
Filewood, Charles 
Fill, James Golding
Fillan, Andrew 
Fillingham, George T 
Film Snap Studio 
Filmart Photo Co 
Filmer, Arthur N 
Films Ltd 
Finburgh, Alec 
Finch, Arthur 
Finch, Barnard 
Finch, C A 
Finch, Charles 
Finch, Charles & Finch, Henry Thomas (Finch Brothers)
Finch, Charles P 
Finch, Frank 
Finch, Frederick Alfred 
Finch, George Henry 
Finch, George William 
Finch, Harry John 
Finch, Henry 
Finch, J  Lurlev 
Finch, Leo
Finch, Leonard 
Finch, Thomas 
Finch, Walter Juan
Finch, William Henry (aka Eugenia Fynch & Aegena Fynch)
Fincham, Phillip Henry 
Finding, Clark 
Findlater, H
Findlater, Harry & Co
Findlay, A & G
Findlay, Frank 
Findlay, Frederick 
Findlay, Hugh 
Findlay, Laurence 
Findlay, William 
Findley, John
Findley, W 
Findlow, Abraham 
Findlow, F J
Findlow, F J & Co
Findlow, I W & Miss
Findlow, I W & Nephew (Findlow & Nephew)
Findlow, Isaac Wood
Findlow, J F 
Findlow, Noah 
Findlow, Walter 
Fine & Smart Ltd
Fine Art Association 
Fine Art Co
Fine Art Company
Fine Art Painting Photographic Co 
Fine Art Photographic Co
Fine Art Photographic Co 
Fine Art Photographic Publishing Co (aka Fine Art Photographers Publishing Co) 
Fine Art Portrait Co 
Fine Art Publishing Co Ltd
Fine Art Studio
Fine Art Studio 
Fine Art Syndicate
Finestone, A 
Finey (Mrs) 
Finey, Charles 
Fink, Harriet (Mrs)
Fink, Isaac (aka Isaac Finks)
Fink, Philip 
Finlay Colour Ltd 
Finlay Photographic Processes Ltd 
Finlayson, Alexander
Finlayson, Jacob 
Finlayson, John 
Finn, Edwin Bartley 
Finnecy, Clarence 
Finnerty, M P 
Finney, K 
Finney, Kate (Mrs) 
Finney, S 
Finnie, John 
Finsbury Studio 
Firmin, Benjamin 
Firth, Amos
Firth, Arthur 
Firth, Charles Frederick 
Firth, Edwin A 
Firth, John 
Firth, Joseph 
Firth, Joseph William 
Firth, S 
Firth, Thomas C 
Fischer & Vine 
Fischer, Max 
Fischer, William Henry (aka Wilhelm Heinrich Fischer)
Fish & Co 
Fish (Mrs) 
Fish, Robert Russell 
Fish, Robert Russell & Fish (Mrs)
Fish, William 
Fishburn, S
Fishel, Paul (aka Paul Fiszel)
Fisher & Potter Ltd
Fisher & Vine (Misses)
Fisher, A D
Fisher, A E 
Fisher, Ada Elizabeth
Fisher, Adolph (aka Adolph Fleischer)
Fisher, Alfred J (Mrs)
Fisher, Alfred James 
Fisher, C 
Fisher, Cecilia (Mrs)  
Fisher, Charles
Fisher, Charles 
Fisher, E (Miss)
Fisher, E J
Fisher, Emma (Mrs) 
Fisher, Fred 
Fisher, Frederick
Fisher, Frederick (Mrs) 
Fisher, G 
Fisher, G W 
Fisher, H
Fisher, Henry 
Fisher, Henry G 
Fisher, James
Fisher, James 
Fisher, John 
Fisher, John George (Giles)
Fisher, Kate (Mrs) 
Fisher, M
Fisher, M C 
Fisher, Margaret (Mrs)  
Fisher, Max 
Fisher, Paul 
Fisher, Reginald Stanley 
Fisher, Robert
Fisher, Robert 
Fisher, S H (Mrs) 
Fisher, Sydney H 
Fisher, Thompson & Co
Fisher, Tom George 
Fisher, W
Fisher, W T
Fisher, Walter
Fisher, Walter & Sons
Fisher, William 
Fisher, William Henry
Fisher, William Henry (aka W H Fischer)
Fisher, William T 
Fisher, William Thomas 
Fisher-Pearson, T & Co
Fishwick Brothers
Fishwick, Alfred 
Fishwick, John 
Fisk, Alfred Samuel 
Fisk, Reginald William 
Fiske, George G 
Fisk-Moore, Beaufort & Fisk-Moore, William 
Fisk-Moore, James (aka James Moore from 1919)
Fitch, Frederick 
Fitelson, George 
Fitelson, S 
Fitt, Abraham Thomas 
Fitt, G R
Fitton, Edmond 
Fitzconroy, Ambrose 
Fitzhugh, Frederick 
Fitzjohn, Frank 
Fitzosborn, Theo J
Fitz-Patrick, J
Fitzroy Studios
Fitzroy, Henry 
Flamanak & Son (aka Flamank & Son)
Flamank & Townsend
Flamank, E (Mrs)
Flamank, R Kingsley
Flamank, Robert (Junior) 
Flanagan, James A 
Flanders, W H
Flannagan, James 
Flashette Co 
Flather, Henry
Flather, Henry 
Flather, Thomas Henry 
Flatman, J B 
Flatt, Harold W 
Flatters Photos Ltd 
Flatters, Joseph Tye 
Flatters, Milborne & McKechnie Ltd
Flavell, William 
Fleck, Walter 
Fleet & Wade 
Fleet Illustrating Service 
Fleet Illustrating Service Ltd
Fleet Studio
Fleet, Charles 
Fleetcraft Ltd 
Fleetway Press Ltd  (Press)
Fleetwood, Eliza 
Fleetwood, George 
Fleischer, Ambrose (aka Ambrose Fleicher)
Fleischmann, L 
Fleischmann, Shadwell 
Fleisher, Adolph 
Fleisher, Charles 
Fleming & Son
Fleming, C G 
Fleming, Chas (Cass?)
Fleming, Edmond (Junior)
Fleming, Edmund 
Fleming, Edmund L 
Fleming, Edmund L (Junior) 
Fleming, Edmund Lionel
Fleming, Frederick & Co
Fleming, J C 
Fleming, J L 
Fleming, James 
Fleming, John 
Fleming, P Craigie
Fleming, Peter 
Fleming, Richard Baldwin
Fleming, Richard Baldwin & Co
Fleming, T L 
Fleming, W V
Flemons, Bertie Cecil
Flemons, Thomas A 
Fletcher & Co 
Fletcher & Son 
Fletcher & Sons 
Fletcher & Stanley 
Fletcher & Storer, Herbert (Fletcher & Storer)
Fletcher Brothers
Fletcher, A
Fletcher, Alfred 
Fletcher, Arthur 
Fletcher, Arthur George 
Fletcher, C W
Fletcher, Charles J
Fletcher, E
Fletcher, E H E 
Fletcher, Edward T
Fletcher, Edwin B 
Fletcher, Emily (Miss)
Fletcher, Ernest Henry 
Fletcher, Ernest Henry  & H E 
Fletcher, Ethel (Miss)
Fletcher, Francis J & Son
Fletcher, Francis James
Fletcher, Frank J 
Fletcher, George
Fletcher, Gertrude (Miss)
Fletcher, J 
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, James 
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, John 
Fletcher, Joseph 
Fletcher, M & Son
Fletcher, Moses 
Fletcher, R J 
Fletcher, Samuel 
Fletcher, Thomas 
Fletcher, William 
Flett, Henry
Flett, William
Flint, Ada (Mrs)  
Flint, Albert
Flint, Albert 
Flint, Albert & Flint, John M
Flint, E 
Flint, Harold 
Flint, Horace 
Flint, John M 
Flint, Nicholas 
Flitcroft, Arthur S 
Floate, Henry Thomas 
Floate, Horace Henry & Floate, Albert Edward
Flockhart, James 
Flood, John Alexander 
Flood, Sidney G
Flood, Sylvester John 
Flook, Charles William
Flooks, W H
Florence Studios Ltd 
Florence, J G
Florence, John George
Florence, John George & Co
Floretta (Madame) 
Flounders, John 
Flower, Eric Albert 
Flower, George Adams 
Flower, Harry 
Flower, John 
Flower, Joseph George
Flower, Samuel F 
Floyd, John 
Floyd, William 
Floyd, William Wordsworth 
Flukes, Edwin
Flukes, Edwin & Co
Flynn, C (Mrs) (possibly Katherine)
Flynn, Edith (Miss)
Flynn, W A
Foad, James Thomas
Foad, James Thomas (aka James T Foan in 1853)
Foakes, Edward 
Foakes, George 
Foard, James 
Foat & Lattimer 
Fogg, J 
Fogg, John 
Foggo, James 
Fogwill, A
Foladori & Aris 
Folardi, Edward  (Eduardo)
Foley, Cyril 
Foley, H J
Folk, Emil 
Folker, A 
Folker, John Herbert 
Folkes, Daniel 
Folkes, Oswald O
Folkestone Imperial Photographic Company
Follitt, S A
Fontain, E
Fontain, E & Co
Fontauella, Victor 
Food, William 
Fooks, F 
Foord, A C
Foord, A C 
Foot, Francis
Foote, Henry (aka Henry Foot)
Foote, James & Foote, Henry
Foote, James (aka James Foot)
Foote, William 
Footit, C H
Footring, Harry
Footring, Pearl (Mrs)
Footring, S (aka S Footering)
Forbes & Co 
Forbes & Franks
Forbes, Arthur J 
Forbes, Beatrice Mary (Mrs)  
Forbes, D 
Forbes, Fred 
Forbes, George 
Forbes, John  (Junior) 
Forbes, Joseph 
Forbes, L 
Forbes, L & J 
Forbes, Maggie
Forbes, Monteith
Forbes, Norman 
Forbes, R
Forbes, Richard 
Forbes, Robert 
Forbes, W T 
Forbest Ltd 
Force, James William
Force, James William & Son
Forcow, R & Co
Ford & Son
Ford & Sons
Ford & Wall 
Ford, Alfred Jack 
Ford, Alfred James 
Ford, Charles
Ford, Clara & Ford, Jessie (Mrs)
Ford, Frank 
Ford, J 
Ford, James Pearce 
Ford, Kathleen (Mrs)
Ford, Ken 
Ford, Peter 
Ford, Peter & Son
Ford, Philip T 
Ford, R 
Ford, Robert Thomas 
Ford, Silas (Mrs)  
Ford, T 
Ford, Thomas Merrick
Forde, T (Y) Fitzgibbon
Fordham, Frank 
Fordsmith, Alfred 
Fordsmith, Jemima 
Foreman, Alex D 
Foreman, H J 
Foreman, S G 
Foresight (Mr) 
Forest Gate School of Photography 
Forest Gate Studio
Forest Photo Co
Forester, L 
Forester, Robert (aka Robert Forster)
Forfar, Elizabeth
Forgan, Molly R (Miss)  
Forget Me Not Studios
Forget-Me-Not Portrait Painting Co 
Forhead, Edwin 
Forrest & Son 
Forrest, Albert Owen
Forrest, Frederick 
Forrest, George 
Forrest, George M 
Forrest, John
Forrest, John & Son
Forrest, Joseph
Forrest, Maria (Mrs) 
Forrest, R S & W 
Forrest, Robert Smith 
Forrest, Thomas
Forrest, Thomas & Sons
Forrest, William 
Forrest, Wilson G 
Forrester, John 
Forrow, Richard 
Forscutt, Charles 
Forscutt, W H 
Forsey, George Wilson 
Forsey, J & R
Forshaw, William 
Forshaw, William & Coles (Forshaw & Coles)
Forster, E
Forster, G 
Forster, J  Frank 
Forster, Joseph B
Forster, Matthew
Forster, Robert 
Forster, William Charles
Forster, William Charles & Haskoll (Forster & Haskoll)
Forster, William Charles & Scott, J A (Forster & Scott)
Forsyth, Alexander 
Forsyth, F
Forsyth, G 
Forsyth, George 
Forsyth, James 
Forsyth, James J 
Forsyth, John 
Fort-Buckle Camera Studies 
Fortescue, A & Co
Fortescue, F & Co
Fortex Four-Hour Photo Service 
Forth, Abraham (Junior) 
Fortman, George W 
Fortman, Henry 
Fortt & Fortesque
Forum Publicity Services Ltd 
Forward Photos 
Fosdike, Edward A 
Fosey, G Wilson
Foss, Henry
Fossett, John
Fossey, T 
Fossick, Samuel 
Foster & Harwood 
Foster, A
Foster, A Keswick
Foster, Aaron 
Foster, Alfred 
Foster, Allen (Allan)
Foster, B 
Foster, Charles Hill 
Foster, Edward G 
Foster, Enoch 
Foster, F 
Foster, F L 
Foster, Frederick
Foster, George 
Foster, Gustav 
Foster, Gwen (Mrs)
Foster, H G
Foster, Helen (Miss) 
Foster, Herbert Henry
Foster, J 
Foster, J F 
Foster, J W
Foster, John
Foster, John 
Foster, Joseph
Foster, Joseph 
Foster, L J 
Foster, Nancie (Miss) 
Foster, R & J
Foster, Randolph 
Foster, Rose Jeanette (Mrs)  
Foster, Samuel Barnes 
Foster, Stanley 
Foster, T Scott
Foster, Thomas 
Foster, Thomas G 
Foster, W
Foster, W  Gilbert 
Foster, W H 
Foster, Walter 
Foster, William 
Foster, William Edwin 
Foster, William Frederick
Foster, William Gilbert 
Foster, William Lewis
Fothergill, Walter Edward 
Fotoco Ltd 
Fotoset Ltd 
Fotosnaps (aka Remingtons Photo Service)
Foubister, Thomas 
Fould, J
Foulds & Briggs 
Foulds & Gleaves
Foulds & Hibberd
Foulds, Annie Elizabeth (Mrs) 
Foulds, F & A
Foulds, George Henry 
Foulds, James 
Foulkes, Alethea (Alecia) Ann (Mrs)   
Foulkes, S F 
Foulkes, Thomas Frederick
Foulkes-Winks, Benjamin 
Foulsham & Banfield Ltd 
Foulsham, Francis William 
Foulsham, Frank 
Fountain Photo Co
Fountain Photographic Co 
Fountain, Charles Linley 
Fountain, G W
Fountain, George A
Fountain, Reginald J 
Fountain, William H 
Fowden, Albert 
Fowe, Thomas 
Fowke, Charles S E 
Fowler, Albert
Fowler, Albert 
Fowler, F
Fowler, Francis Edwin 
Fowler, Frank 
Fowler, Frederick Joseph 
Fowler, G H 
Fowler, Henry 
Fowler, Henry Edwin 
Fowler, J 
Fowler, J & A
Fowler, James
Fowler, John
Fowles, J W
Fox & Co 
Fox & Harcourt 
Fox & Hill 
Fox Brothers
Fox Photos 
Fox Photos Ltd 
Fox Studios 
Fox,  Annette & Fox, Blanche (Misses)
Fox, Alfred Edward & Fox, Christopher (A E & C Fox)
Fox, Bush & Fox
Fox, Charles
Fox, Charles James
Fox, Edward
Fox, Edward (Junior)
Fox, Edwin 
Fox, Edwin F 
Fox, Ernest D 
Fox, Frederick 
Fox, G A 
Fox, G W 
Fox, George 
Fox, Greenhough & Co
Fox, Henry K 
Fox, Herbert & Glover, Frederic (t/a Maull & Fox)
Fox, Herbert (t/a Maull & Fox)
Fox, J
Fox, J  Parkes 
Fox, James E 
Fox, John Edward 
Fox, John Fr.
Fox, John Henry
Fox, John Henry & Co
Fox, Levi 
Fox, Philip J 
Fox, R 
Fox, R W
Fox, Richard
Fox, Richard Smith Lawrence 
Fox, Samuel 
Fox, Sydney William 
Fox, Thomas 
Fox, Tim (Tom)
Fox, Tom 
Fox, W 
Fox, W H
Fox, William
Fox, William 
Fox, William & Sons (Sheffield) Ltd
Fox, William Edward 
Fox, William H
Fox, William H 
Fox, William Henry 
Fox, William Henry (1)
Foxall, George 
Foxall, William 
Foxe, W
Foxhall, G 
Foxlee, Annie E (Miss)
Foxlee, Edward William 
Foxon, Samuel 
Fox’s Studio 
Foxton, Fred 
Foxton, George 
Foxton, Percy 
Foy, Frank W
Foy, Frank W & Son
Foy, J  Parkes 
Foy, Thomas 
Foy, W 
Foy, William 
Foyle, Henry 
Foyn, Hamilton 
Foyn, Mathias William 
Foyn, William Mathias 
Fradelle, Albert Eugene 
Fradelle, Albert Eugene & Leach, Eugenia Caroline (Fradelle & Leach)
Fradelle, Albert Eugene & Marshall, William Shury (Fradelle & Marshall)
Fradelle, Albert Eugene & Young, Albert Antonio (Fradelle & Young)
Frain, Robert 
Frame & Co 
Frame, Andrew T 
Frameless Colourgraph Co 
Frampton, George D 
Franc, Morris (Moritz) & Sons 
France, George J 
France, Morris 
France, Thomas Andrew
France, Thomas Andrew 
Francis & Co 
Francis, A
Francis, A 
Francis, Arthur 
Francis, Byrne & Co 
Francis, C E 
Francis, Charles William Lester 
Francis, Clifford 
Francis, Doris 
Francis, Elizabeth (Mrs) 
Francis, George 
Francis, Henry 
Francis, Henry Disney
Francis, J 
Francis, James Bowen 
Francis, James Ray
Francis, John 
Francis, John Richard 
Francis, Joseph 
Francis, Joseph Henry 
Francis, Leonard 
Francis, R John
Francis, Robert Charles
Francis, Sidney 
Francis, Walter 
Francis, Walter John
Franck (Dr)
Franco American Photographic Atelier
Franco British Photo Co
Franco-British Studios
Frank & Hamilton 
Frank & Sons 
Frank, Arthur 
Frank, C 
Frank, George
Frank, George & Son
Frank, Hyman 
Frank, Reginald
Frankel, Albert 
Franken, Magy (Miss)
Frankland, Benjamin 
Frankland, Henry B 
Frankland, John
Franklin, G 
Franklin, G E
Franklin, George 
Franklin, H
Franklin, H & Son
Franklin, L A 
Franklin, William Alfred Charles 
Franklin, William Henry
Franklin, William Henry & Son
Franklyn Photographic Studio 
Franks & Rogers 
Franks & Sons 
Franks, A 
Franks, Arthur 
Franks, Charles
Franks, F
Franks, Francis 
Franks, Frank J 
Franks, Fred 
Franks, John 
Franks, Lewis (Louis) Edward
Franks, Louis 
Frary, John 
Fraser & Anderson
Fraser & Anderson 
Fraser & Elrick
Fraser & Elrick Ltd
Fraser, A & E
Fraser, Alexander 
Fraser, Alexander William 
Fraser, Angus R 
Fraser, D Wilson
Fraser, David 
Fraser, Donald 
Fraser, E 
Fraser, E Donald
Fraser, Edwin 
Fraser, Ethel (Mrs) 
Fraser, Flora (Mrs) 
Fraser, Flora (Mrs) & Jennings, Agnes (Miss) (Fraser & Jennings)
Fraser, Gavin 
Fraser, H J 
Fraser, James
Fraser, John 
Fraser, John S 
Fraser, Margaret
Fraser, Margaret B (Miss)
Fraser, Sidney 
Fraser, Thomas 
Fraser, Thomson 
Fraser, Tyler 
Fraser, William 
Fraser, Wilson 
Fraser’s Studio
Frater, J P 
Frawley, James M
Frawley, John
Fray’s Artistic Reproductions 
Frazer, A R
Frazer, Hugh G 
Frazer, W 
Frazier, Edwin Lewis 
Freakes, William 
Freckleton Brothers 
Freckleton, Harry Walton 
Freckleton, Joseph Walter (aka Freckleton & Co)
Freda Noel Studio (aka Noelfreda Studio)
Frederick, Godfrey (Herr)
Fredericks, Charles 
Free, Charles H 
Freeborn, Edith (Miss)
Freed, B & S
Freedberg, Dan 
Freeder, Abraham 
Freedman, M 
Freeland & Son
Freeland, H W
Freeman & Ayton 
Freeman & Brown Co Ltd
Freeman & Co
Freeman & Whitehead 
Freeman, Alfred 
Freeman, Arthur 
Freeman, Arthur John 
Freeman, B 
Freeman, Charles H 
Freeman, E 
Freeman, Ernest Alfred 
Freeman, F 
Freeman, Francis 
Freeman, Frank 
Freeman, Frederick 
Freeman, G 
Freeman, H
Freeman, Henry 
Freeman, Herbert E
Freeman, J
Freeman, James
Freeman, James 
Freeman, James (1)
Freeman, James William 
Freeman, John 
Freeman, John T 
Freeman, L A 
Freeman, L B 
Freeman, Lacey & Co
Freeman, Louis 
Freeman, P 
Freeman, Pearl Ltd
Freeman, R
Freeman, Richard Stanley 
Freeman, Samuel Alker 
Freeman, Stanley  (name changed 1918)
Freeman, Thomas
Freeman, W (Junior)
Freeman, W B 
Freeman, William
Freeman, William (1)
Freemantle & Co
Freeston & Whitehead 
Freeston, Henry 
Freestone, Albert 
Freestone, Henry 
Freestone, Hubert 
Freeth, J 
Freke, Alfred
Freke, Kate (Miss)
Fremlett, Reuben 
French & Co 
French Fine Art Co 
French Photo Co 
French Photo Gallery 
French Photographic Institution
French, Albert Edward
French, Albert Edward & Son
French, Amelia Mary (Mrs)
French, Ethel (Mrs)  
French, Frank John 
French, George William 
French, Gilbert J
French, H 
French, H J
French, Hedley
French, I J 
French, J J
French, John William 
French, Leonard Hill 
French, William J 
Frere, Charles 
Frere, Edwin
Fresco, Elias 
Freshwater Photographic Co 
Frew, John
Frewer, J W
Frewing, E 
Frewing, Edward
Frewing, Edward 
Frewing, Edward & Co
Frezzel, Charles 
Friar, Robert
Fricker, Arthur
Fricker, Frederick William James (aka F W J Frickers)
Fricker, George R 
Friday & Thompson 
Frieder, Abraham 
Friederich, Walter Ulrich 
Friedl, George 
Friedman, Henry 
Friedmann, Alexander Julius
Friedmann, Henry
Friend, W H 
Friend-Smith, Charles 
Frier, Robert 
Frier, Robert & Paris (Frier & Paris)
Fries & Penney
Fries, Martin
Fries, P
Fries, Paul 
Fries, William P 
Fripp, George 
Frisby, John 
Frisby, Leslie D 
Frisby, William G 
Friston, Frederick Edwin 
Friston, Son & Co
Friswold, Paul Christian 
Frith & Wilkinson
Frith, Francis
Frith, Francis & Co (Francis Frith & Co)
Fritton, Edmond 
Frizell, William 
Frogatt, B 
Frogley, Alfred Joseph 
Frohnhaeuser, Alice (Madame) 
Fromont, William Henry 
Froom, W
Froom, William (aka William Froome)
Froom, William George 
Froome, William 
Frost & Sons
Frost, D & E
Frost, Frederick 
Frost, George 
Frost, Hazeltine 
Frost, Henry
Frost, Henry 
Frost, Henry H
Frost, Henry H & Sons
Frost, James 
Frost, John 
Frost, May (Miss) 
Frost, Paul 
Frost, Percival Howard 
Frost, Richard 
Frost, Robert Harry 
Frost, Samuel
Frost, Thomas
Frost, W J
Frost, William 
Frost, William Hazeltine 
Frost, William Henry 
Frost, William Row
Frost, William Row 
Frost, William Row & Co
Frost, William Row & Thomas
Froud, W 
Fruwirth, Daniel
Fry Brothers 
Fry, Alfred 
Fry, Allen Hastings
Fry, Arthur 
Fry, Arthur & Fry, Mary (Mr & Mrs Fry)
Fry, C E & Son 
Fry, Frederick G 
Fry, G E
Fry, George
Fry, George 
Fry, George & Co
Fry, J 
Fry, J W 
Fry, Leonard 
Fry, Mary (Mrs)  
Fry, Richard 
Fry, Robert 
Fry, Samuel
Fry, Samuel 
Fry, Samuel & Co
Fry, Samuel & Co (t/a Globe Photographic Company)
Fry, Samuel & Hamilton (Fry & Hamilton)
Fry, Samuel Herbert 
Fry, Walter  & Fry, Allen Hastings (W & A H Fry)
Fry, Walter & Fry, Allen Hastings Ltd (W & A H Fry Ltd)
Fry, Wesley W 
Fryer Brothers 
Fryer, G 
Fryer, Gilbert 
Fryer, Joseph B 
Fryer, Montague Joseph (aka Montague)
Fudger, William George 
Fuerst Brothers
Fugill, Robert
Fugill, Robert 
Fuidge, Louis Varley 
Fulford, William A 
Fulford’s Photographic Enlarging Co
Fullagar, E & G 
Fullarton, Thomas 
Fullaway, J & Son
Fullaway, John 
Fuller & Clayton 
Fuller & Osborne 
Fuller, Charles 
Fuller, E (Miss)
Fuller, Ernest Harry 
Fuller, Eugene 
Fuller, Frederick 
Fuller, John 
Fuller, T L (Thomas Lionel?)
Fuller, Thomas 
Fuller, Thomas Lionel 
Fuller, William 
Fullerton & Edgar 
Fullerton, Ada (Mrs)
Fullerton, W 
Fullerton, William 
Fulton Brothers 
Fulton, Thomas 
Funnell, Arthur Edmond 
Funnell, W B
Furber, W 
Furby, John
Furnass, J
Furness, Alphonso 
Furness, Thomas 
Furney, J K 
Furnhill, Gordon 
Furniss, William Thomas (Junior)
Furse, Reuben Tremlett 
Fussey, William 
Fuston, Frederick E 
Futcher, Colin G 
Futcher, Frederick
Futcher, Frederick & Son
Futcher, Gilbert Newton 
Futorian, David Hirsch 
Fyfe, Fred A 
Fyfe, James W 
Fyfe, S H 
Fynch, Eugenia (aka William Henry Finch & Aegena Fynch)
Fyne, Harold 
Gabbott, Robert 
Gabell, A G & Co
Gabell, Horace Victor & Co
Gabriel, T 
Gabrielli, Enrico (aka Enrico Gabriello & Enrico Gabbriellis)
Gabrielli, Rodolfo 
Gabrielli, William & Gabrielli, Rodolfo
Gadd, Alfred 
Gadd, B
Gadd, Thomas (E) Leonard 
Gadsby, Ernest 
Gadsby, Frank 
Gadsby, James
Gadsby, W Frank Ltd
Gael & Seels
Gael, Edgar
Gael, Edgar & Co
Gael, Edgar & Son
Gaelic Studio
Gaffron, J D 
Gage, Horace Leonard 
Gager, Thomas 
Gain & Son
Gain, W R
Gains, William 
Gainsboro Photo Co
Gainsborough (Photographic) Studios
Gainsborough Photo Co
Gainsborough Photo Co (Mason & Foster t/a)
Gainsborough Portrait & Enlargement Co
Gainsborough Press
Gainsborough Studio
Gainsborough Studio (Caswall-Smith, Lizzie (Miss) t/a)
Gair, James A 
Gaisford, John 
Gaisford, Martha (Mademoiselle)
Galagher, William 
Galbraith & Co
Galbraith, J
Galbraith, Jennings & Co
Gale & Co
Gale & Jerome
Gale & Polden
Gale, Alf Frederick 
Gale, Alfred W 
Gale, B H 
Gale, Bertram Archibald 
Gale, Bertran Archibald 
Gale, F R 
Gale, George 
Gale, James 
Gale, William 
Galea, Daniel 
Galea, David
Galer & Banks
Galeries Howe Limited
Gale’s Studio Ltd
Gale’s Studios Ltd
Gales, D 
Gall, A & Co
Gall, Thomas Charles 
Gallagher, James 
Gallais, F
Gallenne, Henry 
Galleries, R A P 
Gallery of Fine Arts and Photography
Galley, J E 
Gallimore, A G
Gallo, Henry l 
Gallon, W J 
Galloway, George Scott 
Galloway, Scott 
Galloway, Scott Ltd
Galloway, Thomas
Gally, John 
Galvin, Price V
Galway, J
Gamble & Godwin
Gamble, Charles W 
Gamble, Henry 
Gamble, John 
Gamble, R
Games, Ernest 
Games, F 
Games, Joseph 
Gameson, Edward 
Gamlen, T G 
Gamleys Ltd
Gammell, George (aka George Gamwell)
Gammie, William 
Gammond, Albert Read 
Gandon, Frederick
Gandy, A 
Gandy, Charles Alfred
Gandy, Charles Alfred 
Gandy, Frederick Holland 
Gandy, G H 
Ganly, Edmund G
Gant, E J
Garage Studios
Garbanati, H 
Garbutt, Ernest 
Garbutt, James William 
Garbutt, John
Garcia, David 
Garcia, J 
Gardener, Christopher 
Gardener, Joseph 
Gardener, S 
Gardener, S (Mrs) 
Gardiner (Mr & Mrs) 
Gardiner, Alex 
Gardiner, Alexander B 
Gardiner, Charles 
Gardiner, Edward 
Gardiner, Frank Barrett
Gardiner, Frederick Thomas Henry
Gardiner, George 
Gardiner, J & E
Gardiner, James Cristopher 
Gardiner, Joan (Miss)
Gardiner, John 
Gardiner, W H 
Gardiner, Walter 
Gardiner, Walter & Anne (Mrs)
Gardiner, Willam George
Gardner & Allen
Gardner & Co
Gardner, Almond G 
Gardner, Artford G 
Gardner, B
Gardner, Frederick Norton
Gardner, George 
Gardner, H 
Gardner, James
Gardner, James William 
Gardner, Joe 
Gardner, L 
Gardner, Louis
Gardner, M
Gardner, R & Co 
Gardner, Rodway 
Gardner, W 
Gardner, W H
Gardner, Walter
Gardner, Walter 
Gardner, Walter Blink
Gardner, William 
Garey, William 
Garford, Robert 
Garland & Co
Garland & Wakefield
Garland, Albert T 
Garland, Alfred E 
Garland, C E 
Garland, Cyril 
Garland, E 
Garland, E W 
Garland, Edward 
Garland, Eliza (Mrs)
Garland, G P 
Garland, George G 
Garland, George W 
Garland, Matthew Pope 
Garland, W J 
Garland, William 
Garland’s Studio
Garlick & Wells
Garlick, Edward A
Garlick, Henry
Garlick, Walter 
Garner & Lonnergan
Garner Brothers
Garner, Daniel
Garner, Daniel G 
Garner, George 
Garner, William Myles
Garner, William V 
Garner, William Victor 
Garner’s Studio
Garness, George W 
Garnett, Frederick 
Garnett, Harold C 
Garnett, J 
Garnham Studios
Garnham, H J 
Garnier, Arsene
Garratt, Charles E 
Garratt, F Grank A 
Garratt, James 
Garratt, James & Son 
Garratt, James John Reed & Atkinson, Edward Hall (Garratt & Atkinson)
Garratt, John 
Garratt, John (aka John Garrett)
Garratt, John William 
Garratt, M & A (Misses)  
Garrett & Lockyear
Garrett Studios
Garrett, George 
Garrett, George Samuel 
Garrett, John 
Garrett, John (aka John Garratt)
Garrick Photo Co
Garrington, A W 
Garrison & Camp Photographic Studio
Garrison & Deakin (aka Garrison & Deakins)
Garrison, Francis John
Garrison, Francis John & Harrison, George William (Garrison & Harrison)
Garrison, Mitchell 
Garrod, Albert 
Garrod, C
Garrod, Jesse 
Garrood, John C 
Garrow, M 
Garside & Harrison
Garside & Laird
Garside & Son
Garside & Stevenson
Garside, Harrison & Co
Garside, J
Garside, James 
Garside, Oliver 
Garside, Richard C 
Garside, Richard Chorley 
Garstin, Alice (Miss) & Antrobus Dora (Miss) (Garstin & Antrobus)
Garters, George 
Garth, Thomas 
Garthwaite, William
Garton Photographic Co
Garton, A C 
Gartside, James 
Gartside, James & Risley (Gartside & Risley)
Garwood, Alfred
Gascoigne, J
Gascoigne, Percy D 
Gascon, Henri
Gascon, Henri  Limited
Gascoyne, John Joseph 
Gash & Co
Gash, Ivor John 
Gaskell, Frank (Mrs)
Gaskin (Mrs)
Gass, Frederick & Co 
Gasson, Edwin Thomas 
Gasson, J J
Gasson, James Henry
Gasson, Robert 
Gates & Starr
Gates Brothers
Gates, Alfred 
Gates, Henry 
Gates, Henry & Co 
Gates, Thomas George
Gatley, John O 
Gaubert, Arthur W 
Gaubert, Eduard (Edward)
Gaudin, Alexis 
Gaudin, Charles 
Gaul, John 
Gauld, W 
Gaulton, Thomas 
Gaumont Co Ltd
Gaunt, George & Son
Gaunt, John Henry
Gaunt, Samuel 
Gaunt, Sarah 
Gauntlett Brothers
Gauntlett, Alfred
Gautrey, Harry 
Gavin, John W 
Gavin, John W & Banger (Gavin & Banger)
Gavin, William John
Gay, David 
Gay, Frank A 
Gay, J 
Gay, James 
Gay, Lydia (Miss)
Gay, Percy H 
Gay, Stephen 
Gay, Titus 
Gay, Victor 
Gay, William Henry 
Gay, William R 
Gayger, J J 
Gayton, Henry H
Gaze, W 
Gaze, W W 
Geake, Thomas
Gean, W H 
Gear, Chidley & Co 
Gear, John H  & Co 
Gearey, G 
Gearing, C P
Gearing, C P 
Gearing, Charles J
Gearing, Charles J  & Sons 
Gearing, Charles James
Gearing, Charles James & Co
Gearing, Emma Francis (Mrs) & Son
Gearing, Emma Francis (Mrs) & Sons
Gearing, H & Co
Geary Brothers (George & William S Geary)
Geary, William S
Geddes & Son
Geddes, Charles D 
Geddes, Ewan 
Geddes, John 
Geddes, William 
Geddes, William Hendry & Son
Geddies, John Russell 
Geden, G H
Gee, C 
Gee, Charles E
Gee, C E
Gee, C E P
Gee, C H 
Gee, Charles P
Gee, Charles Palmer 
Gee, Charles R  (died 1917)
Gee, E 
Gee, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Gee, Frank D 
Gee, John 
Gee, Louisa (Mrs)
Gee, Palmer
Gee, William Burmain Palmer
Gee, W Burmain
Geer, Ernest 
Geering, Edmund 
Gegg, Fred G
Geiser, G?
Gellie, William C  
Gem Minature Photo Co
Gem Photo Co
Gem Portraits
Gem Studio
Gem Studios
Gemmell, Samuel
Gemmell, William 
Gemmill, J F
Gendall, E (Mrs) 
Gendall, Edwin 
General Photographic Agency
General Photographic Agency Ltd
General Photographic Company
General Picture News
Genlain, Adolphus Frnes 
Genn, Percy J 
Gent, Charles 
Gent, Henry J 
Gent, Henry Johnson
Gent, Henry Johnson 
Gent, J & R
Gent, William T 
Gentar, Raymond 
Gentry, Claude 
Gentry, Henry 
Geo, Frank 
Geobelhoff, William 
Geoffreys (aka Geoffreys Studio & Geoffreys Modern Studio)
Geoffreys Modern Studios Ltd
George & Co
George & Lee
George & Rawlins
George, Arthur J 
George, Charles 
George, David 
George, E 
George, Edgar Ramm
George, Frederick 
George, Frederick William 
George, H 
George, H  Bruce 
George, H A
George, Henry J F
George, Joseph  (Monsieur)
George, Morton 
George, T L
George’s Studio
Georges, W F
Georges, S
Georges, S Limited
Georgiadies, Sotires (aka S Georgiades)
Gerban, Henry (aka Henry Gerbar)
Gerlach, T 
German, Frederick E 
German, James 
German, John Hill
German, John Hill & Sons
German, Percy Walter 
German, Thomas
Gerrard, James 
Gerrard’s Photographic Studio
Gerrards Studios
Gerson, Isador
Gerson, Isador 
Gerson, Mark aIBP ARPS
Gerson, T 
Gerston Studio
Gething, Edgar T 
Gettings, A E
Gianno, John 
Gibb & Gibb
Gibb, Annie R (Miss)
Gibb, James 
Gibb, James & Co
Gibbon, G H
Gibbon, Ralph
Gibbon, Ralph & Son (aka Ralph Gibbons & Son)
Gibbon, Richard 
Gibbons, Arthur 
Gibbons, George Henry 
Gibbons, Joe (James) Harper 
Gibbons, Patrick 
Gibbons, W 
Gibbs & Barry
Gibbs & Betts
Gibbs & Huller
Gibbs, A M (Mrs)
Gibbs, D (Miss)
Gibbs, Edmund T 
Gibbs, Edward S 
Gibbs, Edward Thomas 
Gibbs, Ernest Stanmore 
Gibbs, Frederick G
Gibbs, George 
Gibbs, H R  Gwyer 
Gibbs, Henry Richard 
Gibbs, Henry Richard & Co
Gibbs, James 
Gibbs, James C 
Gibbs, John 
Gibbs, John Thomas 
Gibbs, Joseph & Son Ltd
Gibbs, R H & Co
Gibbs, Richard George 
Gibbs, Robert Henry 
Gibbs, Robert William
Gibbs, Robert William & Co
Gibbs, Stanmore
Gibbs, W
Gibson & Son
Gibson & Sons
Gibson (Messrs)
Gibson (Mrs)
Gibson (Mrs) 
Gibson Brothers
Gibson, A 
Gibson, A & M
Gibson, Albert
Gibson, Albert & Son
Gibson, Albert Claude 
Gibson, Alexander
Gibson, Alfred 
Gibson, Alfred Henry & Co 
Gibson, Alice Maud (Miss)
Gibson, Andrew 
Gibson, Arthur Reynolds 
Gibson, F R (Miss)
Gibson, Fred W 
Gibson, Frederick William
Gibson, George W
Gibson, George William 
Gibson, Gervase & Son (aka George Gibson & Son)
Gibson, Gervase & Son (aka George Gibson & Sons)
Gibson, Gervase (aka George Gibson)
Gibson, J J
Gibson, James
Gibson, James 
Gibson, James Robert
Gibson, James Robert & Co
Gibson, John
Gibson, John & Sons
Gibson, John H 
Gibson, John Pattison 
Gibson, John Pattison & Son
Gibson, Jonah (Jonas)
Gibson, Joseph J 
Gibson, Kathleen (Miss) 
Gibson, Lucrecia (Mrs)
Gibson, Newton
Gibson, Peter Paul 
Gibson, Richard 
Gibson, S M & Co
Gibson, Samuel 
Gibson, Stephen M 
Gibson, Stephen M & Co
Gibson, Stephen M & Co Ltd
Gibson, Thomas
Gibson, W B 
Gibson, William
Gibson, William Brown
Gibson, William George
Gibsons Studio
Gidden, Theo J
Giddings, Eustace John William 
Gidney, Bernard Henry
Gidney, Charles M 
Gieves Ltd
Giffard, Katherine (Miss)
Giffen, Arthur James 
Gigney, E (Miss) 
Gilbert & Co
Gilbert, Albert & Sons
Gilbert, C L & Sons
Gilbert, E G 
Gilbert, Fred 
Gilbert, Geoffrey 
Gilbert, J B 
Gilbert, John Hugh 
Gilbert, Louis
Gilbert, Thomas 
Gilbert, W H
Gilbert, W H & Co
Gilbert, William 
Gilbert, William Henry 
Gilbertson, G
Gilbertson, Thomas 
Gilbey, Herbert 
Gilchrist & Fyfe
Gilchrist Brothers
Gilchrist, Alexander 
Gilchrist, James 
Gilchrist, Jessie (Miss)
Gilchrist, Napoleon Arthur 
Gilchrist, W 
Gilchrist, William
Gilchrist, William 
Gilchrist, William H 
Gilchrist, William H & Kinloch (Gilchrist & Kinloch)
Gildawie (Mr)
Giles & Tattersall
Giles, D?
Giles, H A 
Giles, Henry
Giles, Herbert 
Giles, James 
Giles, Joseph R 
Giles, R A 
Giles, W S
Giles, William John 
Gilfillan, Arthur 
Gilfillan, Thomas 
Gilford, A (aka A Guilford)
Gilford, George 
Gilham, William 
Gilhen, W F
Gilhespie, David R 
Gilkes, Frederick (aka Frederick Gilkies)
Gilkes, W 
Gill & Donald
Gill, Charles 
Gill, Cyril H
Gill, Cyril H Ltd
Gill, Edward Cope 
Gill, Ellis 
Gill, Frederick James 
Gill, George Reynolds
Gill, John B 
Gill, John H 
Gill, Louis M 
Gill, M (Mrs)
Gill, W 
Gill, William & Son
Gill, William (of Colchester)
Gill, William (of Exeter)
Gill, William Henry 
Gill, William Henry & Drinkwater (Gill & Drinkwater)
Gill, William Rey 
Gillam (Miss) 
Gillam, G
Gillam, J
Gillam, Joseph 
Gillam, William 
Gillan, Thomas 
Gillard, James
Gillard, John F 
Gillard, John T 
Gillard, William 
Gillard, William M 
Gillen, J 
Gillet, F
Gillett, T
Gillett, W
Gillham, W 
Gillies, Clayton 
Gillies, Francis Nicoll 
Gilling & Co
Gilling, Francis 
Gilling, J 
Gilling, M E (Miss)
Gillison, Norman 
Gillman & Co Ltd
Gillman & Masslin
Gillman & Soame Ltd
Gillman, Charles
Gillman, Charles 
Gillman, Charles & Co
Gillman, Charles & Co Ltd
Gillman, William 
Gillmore & Son
Gillo, Robert
Gillson, Frederick W 
Gillson, Frederick Walter 
Gillyatt, James 
Gillyett, G T F
Gilman, G 
Gilmor, John Wright 
Gilmore, Reid & Co
Gilmour & Carswell
Gilmour, E F  
Gilmour, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Gilmour, J T 
Gilmour, James & Co
Gilmour, Robert 
Gilmour, W H 
Gilpin, Robert Bernard 
Gilson, Henry Turner 
Gilvray, A 
Gimblett & Williams
Gimblett Brothers
Gimblett, Hubert 
Gimblett, Reginald Henry George 
Gimblett, Samuel S 
Ginesi, S
Gird, William Thomas 
Girdlestone, Daisy (Miss) (aka Miss Daisy Girleston)
Girling, Arthur Amos 
Girling, G 
Girling, Lois 
Girling, R
Girling, W
Gissing, John G 
Gisz, Phyllis E (Miss)
Gisz, Stanley M G 
Gittings, E A 
Gittleson (Miss)
Giuseppi (Monsieur) 
Givens, John William 
Glacier, Harold 
Gladwell, Harry William 
Gladwin, Walter Wren 
Glaisby, William Punderson
Glaister, A
Glaister, Ernest T 
Glanfield, Dudley 
Glanville & Skinner
Glanville, Arthur 
Glanville, George
Glanville, George 
Glanville, L 
Glanville, William Russell 
Glasby, W R 
Glasgow & West of Scotland Amateur Association
Glasgow Artistic Photographic Co
Glasgow Photo Co
Glasgow Photo Engraving Co
Glasgow Photographic Company
Glasgow Portrait Co
Glasgow, Lillias 
Glass & Son
Glass, Alexander
Glass, C C
Glass, Fred 
Glass, James
Glass, James 
Glass, M 
Glass, Robert 
Glass,Sydney & Innerdale,Gilbert  (Glass & Innerdale)
Glassey, W H
Glassey, William Henry 
Glasson, George Henry 
Glaves, J W
Gleave, Peter 
Gledhill & Co
Gledhill, E 
Gledhill, Herbert E (aka Herbert E Gledehill)
Gledhill, Roland 
Gledhill, S
Gledstone & Barnard
Gledstone, A (aka A Gledson)
Glen, Andrew B 
Glen, H  Graham 
Glen, Henry C 
Glen, Henry G
Glen, Henry Graham
Glen, Henry Graham 
Glen, James 
Glen, Thomas 
Glendening Brothers
Glendening, Emma Sarah (Mrs)
Glendening, M
Glenester, William W 
Glennie, John 
Glennie, William 
Glenny, N 
Glindon, Harry 
Glindon, Thomas J 
Glindon, Thomas J (aka Thomas J Lindon)
Glindoni, Edward 
Gloag, John J (Mrs)
Gloag, John James 
Gloag, M (Mrs)
Globe Enlarging Co
Globe Photo Co
Globe Photographic Company
Globe Portrait Co
Glossop Dale Photographic Society
Glossop, Edwin
Glossop, Vincent Albert 
Glover & Co
Glover Brothers
Glover, A C 
Glover, Andrew C 
Glover, Bowers & Miles
Glover, Charles F 
Glover, Donald 
Glover, Edward 
Glover, H A
Glover, Harold G 
Glover, Henry 
Glover, Herbet Albert 
Glover, Horace 
Glover, J J 
Glover, Jack 
Glover, Joseph 
Glover, M
Glover, R S  & Glover, G J 
Glover, Wallace 
Gloyns, P 
Glukman (Professor)
Glynn, Edward & Co 
Glyptograph Co
Goalson, J
Gobbett, G
Gobbett, W H 
Gobbett, W J 
Gobbett, William H 
Gobbi, Bernardo
Gobbi, Bernardo (aka Bernado Goddard)
Gobbi, Edmundo
Goble, Harvey 
Godard & Co
Godard, Charles Philip 
Godart & Hay
Godart Brothers
Godart Brothers (Limited)
Godart, Thomas & Co
Godart, Thomas Peter 
Godber, Bryan 
Godber, Robert William 
Godber, William 
Godber, William & Howes, Emma (Godber & Howes)
Godbold, A 
Godbold, Douglas 
Godbold, Henry James
Godbold, Henry James & Co
Godbold, Henry James & Son
Goddard (Mr)
Goddard, C 
Goddard, Charles 
Goddard, Ernest Henry 
Goddard, Frederick 
Goddard, Goldie 
Goddard, H 
Goddard, John F (aka Jonathan F Goddard)
Goddard, John Frederick
Goddard, W D 
Goddard, W S 
Goddard, Walter William 
Goddard, William Ewart
Goddard, William Henry 
Godden, Harry F (aka Harry F Goodden)
Godden, John 
Godden, John Harvey 
Godding, Alfred 
Godding, G
Godding, George J 
Godding, J
Godfray, Horace S 
Godfray, Philip 
Godfree, Charles
Godfrey, Arthur 
Godfrey, Charles (aka Charles  Gidney)
Godfrey, Frank 
Godfrey, H C 
Godfrey, Henry 
Godfrey, Herbert A 
Godfrey, John 
Godfrey, Louis
Godfrey, Oliver
Godfrey, Thomas Joseph
Godiva Photopress Ltd
Godiva Studio
Godon, Louis Nelson 
Godsell, Thomas William 
Godsell, William J 
Godson, W
Godson, Walter  (occasional listed as William)
Godwin & Shuttleworth
Godwin, Dudley
Godwin, Dudley Ltd (aka Dudley Goodwin Ltd)
Godwin, J 
Godwin, J G
Godwin, Thomas Edward (Edwin)
Godwin, William Henry 
Goebelhoff, Bertha (Mrs)
Goebelhoff, Wilhelm 
Goff, Athur G H 
Golbe, William David 
Golby, William 
Gold & Saunders
Gold, Alfred 
Goldbloom, Abraham 
Goldbloom, Daniel 
Golder, Walter 
Goldesmann, Nachson 
Goldie & Goddard
Goldie Brothers
Goldie, Archibald W 
Goldie, John Harrison 
Goldie, Llewellyn 
Goldin, Shasa D & Co
Golding, Richard 
Golding, Thomas Edwd
Golding, William 
Goldman, Isaac 
Goldman, Jean G (Herr)
Goldman, Montague
Goldman, Montague 
Goldman, Philip 
Goldsack, Arthur Henry 
Goldschmidt, M 
Goldsmid, Sidney 
Goldsmith, David Reuben 
Goldsmith, Harold
Goldsmith, R 
Goldstein, D 
Goldstein, Solomon 
Goldstone, Harry 
Goldsworthy, James 
Goldsworthy, James B 
Goldsworthy, James T 
Goldsworthy, John Birch
Goldsworthy, Walter 
Golightly, John 
Golledge, E A 
Gomez, Henry C 
Gompson, G A 
Gonnelly, Thomas Bernard 
Gooch & Foyn
Gooch, Edward 
Gooch, Edward J 
Gooch, Robert 
Good, Alexander
Good, E D 
Good, Frank 
Good, Frank Mason
Good, Frederick 
Good, J 
Good, J & A
Good, J & A 
Good, Jabez 
Good, Richard 
Good, Robert C E 
Good, Samuel 
Good, William 
Good, William Thomas 
Goodacre, John William 
Goodair, Samuel 
Goodall & Ferguson
Goodall & Steven
Goodall, R C 
Goodall, Walter F 
Goodbridge, A 
Goodchild & Co
Goodchild, Alfred
Goodchild, Edward 
Goodchild, James 
Goodchild, Percival 
Goodchild, Percival Macdonald 
Goodchild, Rupert
Goodchild, Selena (Mrs)
Goodden, Harry F
Goodden, Robert W
Goode, Charles William 
Goode, Henry
Goode, John Thomas 
Goode, Nellie (Miss)
Goodenough, J
Gooderham, Grayson W 
Gooderham, J & Son
Gooderham, John 
Goodfellow (Mrs)
Goodfellow, A E
Goodfellow, Alfred Edward
Goodfellow, Arthur James 
Goodfellow, Arthur James (Junior)
Goodfellow, Edward 
Goodfellow, Henry
Goodfellow, Henry 
Goodfellow, William 
Goodge, John (aka John Goode)
Goodger, F P 
Gooding, Harry 
Gooding, Lennard 
Goodlad, John 
Goodlad, John William 
Goodlad, Sarah (Mrs) 
Goodliffe, Harry 
Goodliffe, L & H 
Goodliffe, W H 
Goodliffe, William Harry 
Goodman & Schmidt
Goodman (Messrs) 
Goodman, Barnett 
Goodman, Barnett (Mrs) 
Goodman, Claudius E
Goodman, Claudius E 
Goodman, Denis Cecil & Co
Goodman, F & D
Goodman, George 
Goodman, Henry Thomas 
Goodman, L R
Goodman, W
Goodrich & Sanderson
Goodwin & Keet 
Goodwin & Lefley
Goodwin, Arthur D 
Goodwin, Arthur Douglas 
Goodwin, Edward Thomas Frederick
Goodwin, Frederick 
Goodwin, Frederick W
Goodwin, G 
Goodwin, H 
Goodwin, James 
Goodwin, John 
Goodwin, Patrick 
Goodwin, Sidney 
Goodwin, Thomas 
Goodworth, H? F?
Goody, Frederick William 
Goodyer, Lionel R 
Goold, Edgar
Goom, Frank 
Gordon & Co
Gordon & Macfarlane
Gordon & Moir
Gordon & Trail
Gordon, Agnes & Gordon, Margaret (Misses)
Gordon, Aird 
Gordon, Albert 
Gordon, Alex 
Gordon, Anthony 
Gordon, David
Gordon, David 
Gordon, Douglas 
Gordon, Duncan W 
Gordon, E
Gordon, Edward & Co
Gordon, F E
Gordon, Francis 
Gordon, Frederick 
Gordon, H
Gordon, Henry 
Gordon, Henry S 
Gordon, J T
Gordon, James
Gordon, James 
Gordon, James A 
Gordon, James T 
Gordon, John
Gordon, John 
Gordon, John R 
Gordon, John S 
Gordon, Joseph 
Gordon, Joseph Thomas 
Gordon, K 
Gordon, L T & Co
Gordon, Margaret
Gordon, Robert 
Gordon, Thomas 
Gordon, William 
Gordon, William Crow
Gordon, William Crow (see also William Crow)
Gore, A & Gore, B (Misses)
Gorer, Herbert J 
Gorer, Sidney Lewis 
Gorham, Charles
Gorin, W G 
Goringe, Thomas
Gorman, William & Co Ltd
Gornall, Robert (aka Robert Garnall)
Gorrad, Barnabas A 
Gorsuch, John William 
Gorsuch, John William & Ewen, Albert Edward (Gorsuch & Ewen)
Gorton, Albert 
Gorton, J W  & Co 
Gorton, Thomas Arthur 
Gorvin, Henry
Gorvin, Henry & Son
Gosby, Thomas Clement
Goscombe, E H 
Gosden, Alfred James 
Gosharp (Mr) (aka Mr Goshawk)
Goshawk, A
Goshawk, A 
Goshawk, Alfred 
Goshawk, Edmund 
Goshawk, Frederick
Goshawk, W 
Goshawk, Walter 
Gosling, A
Gosling, Hartley 
Gosling, J & Son
Gosling, John
Gosling, Walter 
Gosney, Adam
Gosport Minature Photo Co
Goss, R W
Gostick, Jesse 
Gothard, A F 
Gothard, Joe
Gothard, Joe 
Gothard, John J C 
Gothard, Joseph 
Gothard, Mary Ann 
Gothard, Warner
Gothard, Warner  (died 1909)
Gothard, William 
Gottheil, Elias 
Gotthiemer, Aaron
Gotthiemer, Jacob
Gottschalk, Dreyfus & Davis 
Gough & Son
Gough, Charles 
Gough, T
Gough, Thomas Wood 
Gough, W H
Gough, William Henry 
Gough, William Hillyer 
Gould & Partridge (aka Golden Partridge)
Gould, Cecil 
Gould, Chalkey & Co
Gould, David 
Gould, Fred G  H 
Gould, Frederick 
Gould, Fred
Gould, Frederick Charles
Gould, Frederick Charles & Son
Gould, Frederick Samuel
Gould, George 
Gould, James Edgar 
Gould, John Cecil
Gould, T 
Gouldbourn, W
Gouldbourn, W & Son
Goulder, Charles 
Goulding & Mayall
Goulding & Robinson
Goulding & Son
Goulding, J & Co
Goulding, Thomas 
Gouldsmith, G 
Goulson, Elsie Mary (Miss)
Goulson, John
Goulter, Charles Ezra
Goupil & Co
Goupil & Son
Gourlay & Love
Gourlay, David 
Gourlay, J & Co
Gourlay, W C 
Gover, Edward Thomas 
Gover, Herbert James & Co
Gover, Herbert James Ltd
Govett, William James 
Govier, S & J
Govier, Samuel John
Govier, Samuel John 
Gower, J E
Gower, Walter T
Gowie, George Cromer & Co
Gowing, Charles E 
Gowland, F & W
Gowland, Frederick 
Gowland, J G
Gowland, Robert 
Gowland, Thomas Stafford 
Gowland, Walter 
Gowland, William 
Gowland, William Thomas
Gowland, William Thomas & Gowland, Frederick 
Gowland, William Thomas & Gowland, Robert Junior
Gowler, Edward H 
Grabman, Joseph 
Grace, Edgar 
Grace, Frank
Grace, Joseph 
Gradwell, Mathew S G 
Graffson, F C 
Grafton Photo Studio
Grafton Studio
Grafton, Rollo Edward 
Graham & Co
Graham & Coates
Graham & Suter
Graham, A & Co
Graham, Albert Edward 
Graham, Alfred Edward 
Graham, Annie Ruth (Miss)
Graham, B
Graham, Benjamin 
Graham, Burton 
Graham, Charles E 
Graham, Edwin 
Graham, F & Co
Graham, G C & Co
Graham, George
Graham, Glen H 
Graham, Harold 
Graham, Henry 
Graham, Isaac 
Graham, Isaac?
Graham, J
Graham, J 
Graham, James
Graham, James Charnock
Graham, John 
Graham, John N
Graham, P 
Graham, Percy
Graham, Percy 
Graham, Pollard
Graham, Pollard & Co
Graham, Pollard & Son
Graham, Robert 
Graham, Robert & Anderson (Graham & Anderson)
Graham, Robert L
Graham, T P 
Graham, T Percy
Graham, William 
Grahame, Ellerby & Co
Grahame, James Kenneth 
Graham-Turnbull, James 
Grainger, A G 
Grainger, Abner 
Grainger, Albert 
Grainger, George William Henry Pugh
Grainger, John 
Granby Electric Studio
Grand Art Studio 
Grand Studio
Grange Photo Service
Grange Photographic Works
Grange Studio
Grant & Morton
Grant & Pickeman
Grant & Tulloch
Grant (Miss)
Grant Enlargement Co
Grant, A G 
Grant, Alex
Grant, Alexander Ness
Grant, Alonzo G & Alcock, J (Grant & Alcock)
Grant, Alonzo Galard (Galord )
Grant, Arthur 
Grant, C 
Grant, D
Grant, D 
Grant, David Allen 
Grant, Duncan Joseph
Grant, E J
Grant, Edwin
Grant, Edwin 
Grant, Ernest Joseph 
Grant, G E 
Grant, G F 
Grant, George 
Grant, Graham 
Grant, Granville 
Grant, Henry E 
Grant, Herbert & Eros 
Grant, J 
Grant, J  Duncan 
Grant, J G 
Grant, James 
Grant, James Duncan 
Grant, James Duncan (Mrs)
Grant, Jane 
Grant, John Alexander 
Grant, L E 
Grant, T W 
Grant, W 
Grant, William
Grant, William 
Grantham, Charles 
Granville, Davies 
Granville, George 
Granville, William R 
Granvills Studio
Graphic Press Agency
Graphic Studio
Graphic Studios
Graphoscopic Company
Graphotone Co
Graphotyping Co Limited
Grass, A 
Grassby, George F 
Grasse, Louis Alfred Ernest (aka Ernest Grasse or M Grass)
Gratispool Co
Grattan, Jabez Benjamin
Grattan, Jabez Benjamin 
Grattan, James 
Grattidge, Alfred J
Gratton, B & Son
Gratton, David Emery 
Grave (Miss)
Graver, F W 
Graves, Charles 
Graves, Clement 
Graves, Thomas 
Gravure Co Ltd
Gray & Bulman
Gray & Davies
Gray & Davis
Gray & Jones
Gray & Noble
Gray & Sherman
Gray (Grey), Thomas 
Gray (Mr)
Gray Brothers
Gray, A
Gray, A & T
Gray, A G
Gray, A J
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Andrew 
Gray, Charles 
Gray, Charles S 
Gray, Doreen (Miss)
Gray, Doreen (Miss) & Lewis, Marian (Miss) (Gray & Lewis)
Gray, Eric 
Gray, Ernest 
Gray, G 
Gray, George
Gray, George C 
Gray, H
Gray, Henry 
Gray, Hugh
Gray, J C 
Gray, James
Gray, James & Co
Gray, James (possibly ta James Gray & Co)
Gray, Jeuel Jabez 
Gray, John 
Gray, John Charles 
Gray, John William 
Gray, Lizzie & Gray, Kate (Misses) 
Gray, Lizzie (Miss)
Gray, M & Co 
Gray, Margaret Jane (Mrs) 
Gray, N J 
Gray, Robert 
Gray, S L 
Gray, Stephen 
Gray, T H
Gray, Thomas 
Gray, W
Gray, W & E (aka Gray Brothers)
Gray, Walter
Gray, William
Gray, William 
Gray, William A 
Gray, William Edward 
Graydon, H W 
Grayland, Henry George 
Grayson, Harry
Grayson-Foster (Madame)
Great Britain Art Co
Great Britain Art Co of Manchester
Great Northern Art Co
Great Northern Studio
Great Western Photographic Art Co 
Great Western Photographic Company
Greatheed, William 
Greatorex, John
Greatrex, George William 
Greatrex, George William (aka George Great Rex)
Greatrex, John Henry
Greatrex, John Henry 
Greatrix, George 
Greaves, Arthur & Co
Greaves, Arthur Edward 
Greaves, Clement
Greaves, Clement William & Co
Greaves, Edgar 
Greaves, Ezra
Greaves, Ezra & Co
Greaves, H 
Greaves, Hugh & Co
Greaves, J 
Greaves, William 
Gredy, John 
Gredy, William 
Greed, Walter Wolfe
Green & Gilchrist
Green & Moulding (Misses) 
Green & Son
Green & Sons
Green & Sutcliffe
Green (Mr & Mrs)
Green Brothers
Green Brothers 
Green Mount Studio
Green, A E 
Green, A W 
Green, Adam Vallance 
Green, Alfred 
Green, Alfred Richard & Son
Green, Arthur 
Green, Arthur & Green, Ethel (Mrs)
Green, Bernard
Green, C 
Green, C  & J C 
Green, C E 
Green, C W 
Green, Charles 
Green, Clifford 
Green, David William 
Green, Dorothy (Miss)
Green, Ethel (Mrs)
Green, Evan T
Green, Frederick William 
Green, G
Green, G & J C
Green, G A
Green, G S 
Green, George
Green, George 
Green, George Adam 
Green, George J 
Green, Harold Bennett 
Green, Henry 
Green, Herbert 
Green, J
Green, J (with Henry Coley)
Green, J P 
Green, John Robert
Green, J W 
Green, James
Green, James 
Green, James P 
Green, James Peter 
Green, James S 
Green, John
Green, John Edward 
Green, John Joseph 
Green, John S 
Green, Joseph
Green, Joseph & Son
Green, Louis William 
Green, Martin 
Green, Nathan 
Green, Oliver 
Green, Oliver N
Green, Oliver N & Co
Green, P H
Green, Phil
Green, Richard Vallance 
Green, Robert
Green, Robert 
Green, Robert Percy 
Green, Samuel James 
Green, Sidney Murray 
Green, Stanley M 
Green, T 
Green, Thomas 
Green, Thomas Oliver 
Green, Thomas W
Green, W
Green, W 
Green, William
Green, William  (died 1918)
Green, William & Co
Green, William Alfred
Green, William J 
Greenacre, John S 
Greenall, W A 
Greenbank, Richard 
Greenberg, Alexander
Greenberg, Alexander & Philip
Greenberg, Alexander & Philip Greene 
Greenbury, E H 
Greene & Co
Greene, Claude Friese
Greene, Frew, Simpson & Co Ltd
Greene, Friese & Simpson (Greene & Simpson)
Greene, Friese & Simpson Ltd (Greene & Simpson Ltd)
Greene, Friese, Simpson & Co Ltd (Greene & Simpson Co Ltd)
Greene, Friese (Mrs) 
Greene, Helena (Mrs)
Greene, S
Greene, William Friese
Greene, William Friese & Collings, Arthur Esme (Greene & Collings)
Greene, William Friese & Easton (Greene & Easton)
Greener & Co
Greener, J H 
Greener, James H 
Greener, James Henry 
Greener, James Henry & Burghall, George J (Greener & Burghall)
Greenfield Brothers
Greenfield, George Frederick 
Greenfield, J 
Greenfield, James 
Greenfield, James Edward 
Greenfield, John 
Greenhalgh Brothers
Greenhalgh, Edward 
Greenhalgh, George
Greenhalgh, L G 
Greenhalgh, Percy 
Greenhalgh, Peter
Greenhalgh, Peter & Son
Greenhalgh, Peter & Sons
Greenhalgh, Thomas
Greenham, F 
Greenham, James M 
Greenham, M 
Greenhaugh, Arthur 
Greening, A T 
Greening, Charles 
Greening, William B 
Greenish, Thomas
Greenless, James 
Greenless, William 
Greenock Photo Co
Greenock Photographic Company
Greenotype Studio
Greenslade, Albert 
Greenslade, F & Greenslade, Albert
Greenway Brothers (aka Greenaway Brothers)
Greenway, Henry Heber
Greenway, Samuel H 
Greenway, William 
Greenwich Fine Art Academy
Greenwich Photo Co
Greenwich Photographic & Optical Stores
Greenwich Studio & Photo Exchange
Greenwood (Burnley) Ltd
Greenwood, A 
Greenwood, Alfred
Greenwood, Alfred & Greenwood, Martha
Greenwood, Alfred & Hartley, Thomas (Greenwood & Hartley)
Greenwood, Arthur 
Greenwood, E A 
Greenwood, G H 
Greenwood, George 
Greenwood, Gregory (C?)
Greenwood, H (Mrs) 
Greenwood, Haigh
Greenwood, Hiram 
Greenwood, J
Greenwood, J T
Greenwood, J W
Greenwood, James 
Greenwood, James & Son
Greenwood, John Haigh
Greenwood, Mary (Mrs)
Greenwood, Mary (Mrs) 
Greenwood, Mary (Mrs) & Son
Greenwood, Norman
Greenwood, Pickles 
Greenwood, R & S
Greenwood, S
Greenwood, S & Co
Greenwood, Samuel 
Greenwood, W
Greenwood, W J 
Greenwood, Watson 
Greenwood, William 
Greer, Annie (Ann) (Mrs) 
Greer, John 
Greeston, Henry 
Greet, J A 
Greet, Joseph 
Greetham Brothers
Greetham, Edwin W
Greetham, Edwin W & Co
Greetham, F
Greetham, F 
Greetham, W 
Gregg, E G
Gregg, Fred G (aka Fred G Gegg)
Gregg, James 
Gregg-Couper & Co (aka Couper, Gregg & Co)
Grego & Fraser
Grego, Donald 
Gregoire, J
Gregoire, Jonathan
Gregor, Margaret (Mrs) 
Gregor, William 
Gregorie, Jonathan
Gregory & Eddy
Gregory, C
Gregory, C & Son
Gregory, Charles 
Gregory, Charles Joseph 
Gregory, Edward & Son (Edward Gregson & Son?)
Gregory, G E 
Gregory, George 
Gregory, H
Gregory, Henry R 
Gregory, J B
Gregory, James 
Gregory, John 
Gregory, Thomas 
Gregory, W Walker
Gregory, William & Co
Gregory, William & Co Ltd
Gregory, William Walker 
Gregson & Bates
Gregson, Edgar J 
Gregson, Edward
Gregson, Edward & Co
Gregson, Edward & Son
Gregson, Edward J 
Gregson, Frederick (Fred)
Gregson, Henry 
Gregson, J 
Gregson, James 
Gregson, Richard Philip 
Gregson, W J
Gregson, William J & Co
Gregson, William J & Tansey, B (Gregson & Tansey)
Greiffield, Francis
Greig, Thomas 
Greig, W C 
Grenet, A
Grenville Studio
Gresham Photo Co
Gresswell, R H 
Gresty, John 
Gresty, Ralph 
Gretton Photo Ltd
Gretton Photographs
Greville, Cecil H
Greville, Norman 
Greville, R 
Greville, T H 
Grew, John 
Grey & Hall
Grey & Sons
Grey, Alfred 
Grey, B 
Grey, Charles S 
Grey, George 
Grey, George Henry 
Grey, J 
Grey, James
Grey, James William 
Grey, John 
Grey, Sidney W 
Grey, Stephen
Grey, Stephen & Son
Grey, Stephen & Sons
Grey, William 
Grffiths & Marley
Gribble, J H
Grice, J
Grice, Joseph 
Grice, Thomas T 
Grice, William (Junior)
Grierson, Edgar & Co
Gries, E M & Plate (Gries & Plate)
Griffield, Ferdino 
Griffin, A
Griffin, Arthur 
Griffin, Bernard 
Griffin, Booth & Co
Griffin, Cecil 
Griffin, Elgin 
Griffin, George 
Griffin, George William
Griffin, George William & Son
Griffin, George William (aka G W Griffiths)
Griffin, George William (Junior) 
Griffin, H S & Co
Griffin, H W
Griffin, Henry Samuel 
Griffin, Isaac 
Griffin, J J & Son
Griffin, J Stokes
Griffin, John (Jonathan) Taylor 
Griffin, Joseph 
Griffin, Thomas 
Griffin, W
Griffin’s Ltd
Griffith, David Knox 
Griffith, R
Griffiths & Butler
Griffiths & Molley
Griffiths & Young
Griffiths Brothers
Griffiths, A E 
Griffiths, Alfred E 
Griffiths, Alfred John 
Griffiths, Arthur
Griffiths, Arthur & Son
Griffiths, Arthur & Sons
Griffiths, Arthur Percy
Griffiths, Arthur Percy & Son
Griffiths, Arthur Percy & Sons
Griffiths, C E 
Griffiths, C R
Griffiths, Daniel 
Griffiths, E 
Griffiths, Edward 
Griffiths, Ernest H 
Griffiths, Frank 
Griffiths, George 
Griffiths, Ifor 
Griffiths, J 
Griffiths, J R
Griffiths, Jack 
Griffiths, James Robert 
Griffiths, Jeremiah 
Griffiths, John
Griffiths, John 
Griffiths, John C 
Griffiths, Joseph 
Griffiths, L P 
Griffiths, R
Griffiths, R 
Griffiths, Richard (aka Richard Griffith)
Griffiths, Richard Price 
Griffiths, Robert 
Griffiths, Robert B 
Griffiths, Seth George 
Griffiths, W P 
Griffiths, William
Griffiths, William 
Griffiths, William Henry 
Grigg, George L 
Grigg, J L 
Grigg, James 
Grigg, T 
Grigg, Thomas (aka Thomas Griggs)
Griggs & Son
Griggs, Charles & Walter
Griggs, Frank 
Griggs, Harry 
Griggs, J 
Griggs, S 
Griggs, William 
Griggs, William J 
Grime, William 
Grimmett, Albert Tibbetts
Grimmett, Frank 
Grimmett, Laura Elizabeth (Mrs)
Grimmond, William (Junior)
Grimshaw & Co
Grimshaw Brothers (aka Grimshawe Brothers)
Grimshaw, H Alex
Grimshaw, J
Grimshaw, Miles 
Grimshaw, R E 
Grimshaw, Walton (Walter)
Grimston, Edward 
Grimwell, Joseph 
Grimwood, W 
Grindley (Mrs)
Grisdale & Fillan
Grocock, E C 
Grocott, H S 
Grocott, S 
Grocott, T
Grocott, Thomas O 
Gromann & Gobeli
Gromm, Henry (aka Henry Gomm)
Groocock, Myles Hugh
Groom, Alfred 
Groom, Alfred Lionel Henry 
Groom, D 
Groom, David & Co (Groom & Co)
Groom, Josiah
Groom, T 
Groome, Frank 
Groost, S 
Grose, F W
Grose, Harry 
Gross, Edgar 
Gross, George 
Gross, Harold R 
Grossi, Antonio 
Grossi, John B 
Grossi, Spiridious (aka Spiridione Grossi)
Grossi, Stella (Miss)
Grossman, Alexander James
Grossman, Louis 
Grosvenor Photo Co
Grosvenor Photocraft
Grosvenor Photographic Studios
Grosvenor Photos
Grosvenor Studio
Grosvenor, Christopher J 
Grosvenor, Christopher J & Grosvenor, Edward
Groundsell, William D 
Groundwater, William 
Group Photo Service
Grout, Henry 
Grove Electric Light Studio
Grove Portrait Co
Grove Studio
Grove, Son & Boulton
Grove, William Henry
Grove, William Henry & Boulton (Grove & Boulton)
Grove, William Henry & Son 
Grover, T E
Groves & Little
Groves & Miller
Groves, Charles 
Groves, Ernest Arthur 
Groves, F 
Groves, Fred
Groves, L  & M 
Groves, T 
Groves, Thomas
Groves, Thomas 
Groves, Thomas Tompset
Grubb, George
Grubb, George (aka George Grabb)
Grubb, John Richard 
Grubb, Mary (Mrs) 
Grubb, Richard 
Grubl, Ernest 
Grugeon, M E & C L
Grundy & Co
Grundy, F (Miss) 
Grundy, G
Grundy, George 
Grundy, George & Sons
Grundy, Horatio (Harry)
Grundy, Vera (Miss)
Grunebaum, Joseph 
Gruograph Co
Grut, Norman 
Grut, Thomas Alfred 
Guardbom, A 
Gubb, John Richard 
Gubbins, William G
Gubbins, William G 
Gude, George (H ?)
Gudgeon, H  & I 
Guenee, William Warrender 
Guest & Cooper
Guest & North
Guest, Edward Archer 
Guest, T 
Guest, William Henry 
Guggenheim & Co
Guggenheim & Major
Guggenheim, Gustave
Guggenheim, H 
Guggenheim, J H
Guggenheim, J S & Co 
Guggenheim, J Sigismund 
Guggenheim, Jules M 
Guggenheim, Julius (Jules) N
Guggenheim, Sigismund 
Guibal, Sussan J F (Miss)
Guilden, Pax 
Guildford Photographic Works
Guildhall Art Studio
Guildhall Studio
Guildon, P (Pax?) (aka P Guilden)
Guilford, William
Guilford, William & Maybury (Guilford & Maybury)
Guilliver, Thomas 
Guillon, Leopold Alexandre Valentin (Valentine)
Guillon, Maximilian
Guillon, Valentine
Guiness, George 
Gulliver, Harry George 
Gulliver, Osmond 
Gulliver, Thomas
Gumbinski, Lewin 
Gummery & Bischam
Gummery, A H
Gummery, H & Son
Gumprecht, Louis 
Gumprecht, Louis & Co
Gunbie, John William 
Gundle & Co
Gundry, Arthur Charles John 
Gundry, Arthur E 
Gungler, Albert 
Gunn & Co
Gunn & Co Ltd
Gunn & Nowell
Gunn, Alfred & Juggins (Gunn & Juggins)
Gunn, Charles & Stuart, William Slade (Gunn & Stuart)
Gunn, Horace 
Gunn, Horace & Co
Gunnell, L J 
Gunnington, Horace Arthur 
Gunston & Co
Gunston, J & J 
Gunston, J S 
Gunston, James
Gunston, James  Limited
Gunston, John 
Gunstone, Arthur Frederick 
Gunstone, Joseph A 
Gunther, Benjamin 
Guppy, William Henry 
Gurney, Algernon 
Gurney, Harold Albert 
Gurney, William Alfred
Gurr, B 
Gurr, H 
Gurr, Thomas A
Gurton, E
Gurton, H 
Gurton, Harry & Gurton, Agnes (Mrs)
Gush, Frederick Aaron
Gush, Frederick Aaron & Co
Gush, Frederick Aaron & Ferguson, W (Gush & Ferguson)
Gustave, William R 
Guthrie Brothers
Guthrie, Alfred
Guthrie, Alfred & Son
Guthrie, James Strachan 
Guthrie, William 
Gutman, D W E 
Gutmann, Francis J 
Guttenberg & Hoggard
Guttenberg, George Gerson
Guttenberg, Marcus
Guttenberg, Marcus & Co
Guttenberg, Marcus Limited
Guttenberg, Percy
Guttenberg, Percy Ltd
Guttenberg, William 
Guttenberg, William & Co
Guttiss, James 
Guttridge, James 
Guy & Co
Guy & Co Ltd
Guy & Collier
Guy, Albert John (Junior)
Guy, Allen 
Guy, Cliff 
Guy, Eric 
Guy, F E
Guy, Francis
Guy, Hughes 
Guy, Leonard John 
Guyot & Wood
Guyot, Theodore 
Gwyn, J
Gwynn (Monsieur & Madam)
Gwynn, Edward M 
Gwynn, Edwin 
Gwynn, Edwin M 
Gwynn, M
Gwynn, M 
Gwynn, Mabbett 
Gwynne Brothers
Gwynne, C N 
Gwynne, Clement Woolley
Gwynne, David 
Gwynne, David Sarony
Gwynne, Ida (Miss) 
Gyde & Gyde
Gyde, Alfred S 
Gyde, E & Pickford (Gyde & Pickford)
Gyde, Edward Richard
Gyde, Edward Richard  & Gyde, Alfred S 
Gyde, Edward Richard & Clarke (Gyde & Clarke)
Gyles, George 
Gyngell, G
Gyngell, G & Co
Gyngell, Lionel V 
H B Ltd
H, W
Haberer, G
Habgood, G
Habgood, James 
Hack, Edward & Hack, Henry 
Hack, Henry 
Hack, Maurice Harry 
Hackelton Brothers 
Hackelton, James Hermann 
Hacker, Frederick 
Hacker, George Frederick 
Hacker, William B 
Hackett & Co 
Hackett, Arthur 
Hackett, J 
Hackett, James L 
Hackett, James T 
Hackett, Joseph 
Hackett, Joshua 
Hackett, S 
Hackett, W 
Hackford, Edward Chapman
Hackford, George Edward
Hackford, John & Hackford, Edward Chapman 
Hacking, George Henry 
Hackleton Brothers 
Hackleton, James Hermann
Hackman, C 
Hackney, George Henry (aka G H Hacking)
Hackston, Robert B 
Hacton, M 
Hadden, Hubert 
Hadden, William 
Haddenham, William 
Haddock, B V
Haddock, B W 
Haddock, W Fred
Haddon, Cecil 
Haddon, Edgar 
Haddon, George 
Haddon, J 
Haddow & Armour 
Haddow, Thomas (Junior)
Haddy, William 
Haden (Mr)
Haden, Henry Hughes 
Haden, James Thomas
Haden, T P
Hadley, Arthur
Hadley, Edwin
Hadley, George
Hadley, George & Son
Hadley, Hopton 
Hadley, Phyllis (Miss)
Hadlow, Alice (Mrs)  
Hadlow, Frederick 
Hadlow, Thomas 
Haes, Frank 
Haes, Frank & Vandyk, Carl (Haes & Vandyk)
Haffner, Carl 
Hagan, Thomas 
Hagerty, Parker 
Haggard, Samuel 
Haggarty, A 
Hagger, Sydney 
Haggitt, John Henry (aka J H Huggitt & J H Hoggitt)
Hague, Anne Elizabeth (Miss) 
Hague, William Alfred 
Hagyard, H (Miss) 
Hagyard, Robert 
Haigh & Co 
Haigh, A 
Haigh, A L 
Haigh, Arthur 
Haigh, Charles 
Haigh, Edward Makinson 
Haigh, Edward Makinson & Harty, Edward James (Haigh & Harty)
Haigh, Edward Makinson & Hemery, Thomas George (Haigh & Hemery)
Haigh, George Simpson
Haigh, Harold L 
Haigh, J
Haigh, Joe 
Haigh, Robert 
Haigh, William 
Haile, Richard N 
Hailes, J S
Hailey, Arthur 
Hailey, C 
Hailey, Clarence 
Hailey, Clarence & Co
Hailey, E M 
Hailey, Henry John (aka H J Holley)
Hailstone & Knight
Hailstone, Harold & Co
Haine, William 
Haines, Arthur 
Haines, Edward
Haines, F W
Haines, F W Ltd
Haines, Frederick & Co 
Haines, Harold 
Haines, Reginald James William
Hains, David 
Hains, David & S
Hainsworth, Hilda (Miss)  
Haith, Henry 
Haith, Henry & C
Halcro, Lettice (Miss)
Halden & Co
Halden, J & Co
Haldenby, John
Halder, C 
Hale, Charles 
Hale, Edwin 
Hale, F Stanley
Hale, G W
Hale, George Arthur
Hale, George Arthur Ltd
Hale, H W 
Hale, Herbert 
Hale, James Guthrie
Hale, Marjorie (Miss)
Hale, William F S 
Hale, William F S (Mrs)
Halepenny, Samuel
Hales, G 
Hales, G  Henry 
Hales, Robert
Hales, Robert 
Hales, William Thomas 
Haley, A
Haley, A 
Haley, Alexander & Haley, Gerald 
Haley, James Alex 
Halford, Joel 
Halford, William 
Halftones Ltd 
Halifax Photographic Co
Halket & Co (aka Halket’s Photographic Galleries 1886)
Halkett, William 
Halksworth, Jane (Miss)
Hall & Co
Hall & Edwards 
Hall & Gardner 
Hall & Hudson Ltd
Hall & Nightingale 
Hall & Siggers 
Hall Electric Studio 
Hall, A 
Hall, Albert 
Hall, Albert E 
Hall, Alexander Thomas 
Hall, Arthur 
Hall, Arthur Thomas 
Hall, Arundel 
Hall, B 
Hall, B J & Co Ltd
Hall, C F 
Hall, C F & Co
Hall, Campbell 
Hall, Charles 
Hall, Clarence R 
Hall, Edward 
Hall, Edwin
Hall, Ernest Charles 
Hall, Frank 
Hall, Fred 
Hall, Fred (Mrs)
Hall, Frederick (aka Frederick Hill)
Hall, Frederick William 
Hall, Frederick William (Mrs Mary E Hall)
Hall, G 
Hall, G F
Hall, George 
Hall, George & Hall, John (G & J Hall)
Hall, H E 
Hall, Harold 
Hall, Harry
Hall, Harry 
Hall, Harry & Co
Hall, Henry Edgar 
Hall, Henry James 
Hall, Isaac 
Hall, J 
Hall, J A 
Hall, J W 
Hall, James
Hall, James 
Hall, James Henry 
Hall, James Herbert 
Hall, John 
Hall, John H
Hall, John (Jonathan) Henry 
Hall, John W
Hall, Joseph 
Hall, Joseph A 
Hall, Joseph Ronson 
Hall, Joseph William 
Hall, L (Mrs)
Hall, Mary Jane (Mrs)
Hall, Minnie (Miss) 
Hall, R
Hall, Richard 
Hall, Richard & Co  
Hall, Sydney 
Hall, T & Co
Hall, Thomas
Hall, Thomas 
Hall, Thomas Hopkins 
Hall, W H
Hall, W H 
Hall, William 
Hall, William & Son
Hall, William (2)
Hall, William George 
Hall, William W 
Halladjian, Moses H (aka Moses H Halladjin)
Hallam, J W 
Hallamshire Studio
Hallas, Arthur 
Hallas, J 
Hallas, William
Hallas, William & Son
Halle, James 
Halle, Samuel Baruch 
Hallen-Smith & Co 
Halles (Madame)
Hallett, Arthur Robert 
Hallewell, S A
Halliday & Co 
Hallier, Frank Parkes 
Hallier, Harry 
Halliwell, ‘Joe’ Joseph Albert Edward
Halliwell, W
Hallon, R 
Hallowes, R M 
Halls, Harry T 
Hallsworth, W S
Hallworth, William & Co
Halpap, William 
Halpen, Charles
Halpen, Charles 
Halpin, Charles (possibly Charles Halpen)
Halse, John 
Halson & Boult 
Halstead, Albert 
Halstead, H 
Halstead, Harry D
Halstead, Harry D & Co
Halstead, James 
Halstead, James & Brooks (Halstead & Brooks)
Halstead, John 
Halstead, Robert
Halvey, J H
Hamblen, Frederick & Son (aka Frederick Hamlen & Son)
Hamblen, Frederick (aka Frederick Hamlen)
Hambleton, Joseph 
Hamblett, T (aka T Hamblet)
Hambley, Frederick (aka Frederick Hambly & Frederick Hamby)
Hambley, John 
Hambley, William (aka W Hamly & F Humbly & F Hambly)
Hamblin, H G 
Hambling, William 
Hambly, Alice (Miss)
Hambly, Richard
Hambridge, Henry 
Hambrook, Arthur 
Hamel, E & Co
Hamel, Henry J M (Monsieur)
Hamer, Joseph 
Hamerton, George 
Hames, Arthur L 
Hames, Roberts & Co
Hamilton & Co 
Hamilton (Miss)
Hamilton Photographic Co (Works)
Hamilton Studios Ltd
Hamilton, Allan
Hamilton, Allan & Son
Hamilton, Allan & Sons
Hamilton, Benjamin 
Hamilton, Charles 
Hamilton, Clara (Mrs)
Hamilton, Claud 
Hamilton, Crawford 
Hamilton, David Charles 
Hamilton, George
Hamilton, George 
Hamilton, George V 
Hamilton, H 
Hamilton, H & Co
Hamilton, H G 
Hamilton, Herdman 
Hamilton, Howard 
Hamilton, Hugh 
Hamilton, J 
Hamilton, J & W
Hamilton, James 
Hamilton, James Allison 
Hamilton, Janet 
Hamilton, Jessie (Janet) (Mrs)
Hamilton, John 
Hamilton, John M
Hamilton, John M & Co
Hamilton, John M & W
Hamilton, Louis A 
Hamilton, Madge Alcott (Miss) 
Hamilton, Matilda (Miss)
Hamilton, Stuart 
Hamilton, T 
Hamilton, W & Co
Hamlet, William 
Hamlin, William John 
Hamm, Charles Harry 
Hammer, William Henry 
Hammersley, James 
Hammersley, Thomas 
Hammersmith & Chiswick Photo Company
Hammersmith Photographic Co 
Hammerton, John Draycot 
Hammond & Starling (Misses)
Hammond (Messrs)
Hammond (Mr)
Hammond, E (Mrs) 
Hammond, F E 
Hammond, Fred 
Hammond, Frederick Henry Arthur 
Hammond, G
Hammond, George 
Hammond, Heloise (Mrs)  
Hammond, Henry 
Hammond, John Henry 
Hammond, John William
Hammond, Mary (Miss) 
Hammond, May (Miss) 
Hammond, Robert
Hammond, Robert & Son
Hammond, S
Hammond, T R
Hammond, Thomas
Hammond, W 
Hammond, Walden 
Hammond, Walter 
Hammond, William 
Hamnet & Co (aka Hammet & Co)
Hamnet, John 
Hamnet’s Studio (aka Hamnet Studio)
Hamnett Ltd 
Hamon, Horace John
Hamp & Godwin
Hampel, Gerald 
Hampson, Richard 
Hampstead Studio
Hampton & Co
Hampton Brothers 
Hampton, E W 
Hampton, Francis George 
Hampton, James 
Hampton, William Coutts
Hampton, William Coutts (aka W C Hamilton)
Hamson, John Alfred 
Hana Studios Ltd (aka Hana Ltd)
Hana, George Henry 
Hance, Pelham
Hancock Brothers 
Hancock, Alfred
Hancock, Charles
Hancock, E & Co
Hancock, Edward 
Hancock, Edward & Co
Hancock, Edward & Williams (Hancock & Williams)
Hancock, F
Hancock, George 
Hancock, Hattie (Mrs) 
Hancock, Henry
Hancock, J E
Hancock, R 
Hancock, Reginald Walter 
Hancock, W 
Hancock, William
Hand, G M 
Handcroft Drug & Photographic Stores 
Handford, Archie 
Handley, Edward 
Handley, Ernest 
Handley, James W
Handley, Thomas 
Hands & Widger 
Hands, Arthur 
Hands, H 
Hands, Henry 
Hands, J 
Hands, Moses
Hands, Ruth E (Miss)
Hands, Thomas James 
Handside Studio
Handu & Hardie 
Handu, Hardie & Ferderwitz 
Handyside, O?
Hanery, John James 
Hanes, J 
Hanff, C R
Hanff, Charles 
Hanfstaengl, Franz  
Hankin, Harold William 
Hankins, C
Hankins, Charles 
Hanks, Frank 
Hanks, William 
Hanlon, Albert Astley 
Hanlon, R (Mrs) 
Hanman, Herbert 
Hanman, Lulu (Miss)
Hanmer, Charles 
Hann, E 
Hann, James 
Hanna, George (H Levy & Co)
Hannaford, Amy (Mrs)  
Hannaford, Frederick E 
Hannah, Charles
Hannah, James D 
Hannah, John 
Hannah, Mary Isabella
Hannah, William 
Hannant, S William
Hanogate Portrait Studios 
Hanover Studio 
Hanreck, George 
Hanreck, Sydney 
Hansen & Sons 
Hansen, H
Hansen, H & J
Hansen, Hans Peter
Hansen, Henry P 
Hansen, J 
Hansen, L 
Hansen, Lars Peter & Co
Hansen, S
Hanson, Ainslie 
Hanson, Frederick 
Hanson, George 
Hanson, J
Hanson, James
Hanson, James 
Hanson, John 
Hanson, John Henry 
Hanson, L
Hanson, Robert
Hanson, Rufus 
Hanson, William 
Hanstock, James Thomas Joseph 
Hantler, Charles & Co
Hanwell, Thomas
Happy Snaps 
Happy Snaps Ltd
Happy Snaps Studio 
Hapted, Leslie 
Harben, Philip 
Harberes, George
Harbour, David 
Harbut, Henry (aka Henry Emilius or Amelious Harbut)
Harcourt, Fox & Co (aka Fox & Harcourt)
Harcourt, Herbert H (aka H H Hancourt)
Harcus, H 
Hardacre, James 
Hardcastle & Co 
Hardcastle, Fred 
Hardcastle, J 
Hardcastle, Joe
Harde, Douglas 
Hardee, Oscar 
Harden, J 
Harden, Olive (Mrs)
Hardey, Richard (aka Richard Hardy)
Hardie, Douglas 
Hardie, Frederick W 
Hardie, J
Hardie, James
Hardie, James 
Hardie, John
Hardie, John & Co
Harding & Lawson 
Harding & Thornton 
Harding Service 
Harding, Adrian 
Harding, Albert Ernest 
Harding, Alex E 
Harding, Edward J
Harding, Edward J & Co
Harding, Edward J & Son
Harding, F
Harding, H 
Harding, Hannah (Mrs)  
Harding, Henry J 
Harding, Herbert Harry 
Harding, J A
Harding, John 
Harding, Reginald 
Harding, Reginald W
Harding, S
Harding, Sidney W 
Harding, W
Harding, W 
Harding, W J
Harding, WIlliam 
Hardman, J
Hardman, Joseph A 
Hardman, William 
Hardware, Thomas 
Hardwick & Co (aka Hawick & Co)
Hardwick, Alfred (Frederick) Edward
Hardwick, Alfred (Frederick) Edward & Son
Hardwick, Frederick James 
Hardwick, R T 
Hardy & Co
Hardy & Donald 
Hardy & Measures 
Hardy & Naismith 
Hardy & Rusling
Hardy & Shaw 
Hardy, Arthur
Hardy, C G 
Hardy, Charles 
Hardy, Frank 
Hardy, Frederick
Hardy, G
Hardy, George 
Hardy, J 
Hardy, James D 
Hardy, James William Fisk
Hardy, John W 
Hardy, John William 
Hardy, Joseph 
Hardy, Joseph & Moreland, Charles (Hardy & Moreland)
Hardy, R (Mrs) 
Hardy, Richard 
Hardy, William 
Hare & Co Ltd
Hare & Whitley 
Hare, Ernest Charles 
Hare, George 
Hare, Haydon 
Hare, J 
Hare, James
Hare, Thomas 
Hare, William 
Hare, William John 
Harford, Frank 
Hargrave, William 
Hargreaves & Boucher 
Hargreaves, C 
Hargreaves, Carey 
Hargreaves, Edwin
Hargreaves, Edwin 
Hargreaves, Fred 
Hargreaves, G
Hargreaves, G H
Hargreaves, George 
Hargreaves, George & Francis 
Hargreaves, H & Son
Hargreaves, Isaac 
Hargreaves, J D 
Hargreaves, James
Hargreaves, James H 
Hargreaves, Jean (Mrs)  
Hargreaves, John 
Hargreaves, Kate 
Hargreaves, Mendelssohn 
Hargreaves, Minnie (Miss)
Hargreaves, Percy 
Hargreaves, Thomas S 
Hargreaves, William 
Hargreve, Maria (Marie) (Miss)  
Harker, George W 
Harker, J & P
Harker, John 
Harker, S  Wilson 
Harkins, William M 
Harkness, Joseph 
Harkness, William 
Harlesden Photographic Studio (aka Harlesden Studio)
Harley, David 
Harley, Henry 
Harley, James 
Harley, W
Harlip Ltd 
Harman (Mr) maybe Alfred or Robert
Harman, A
Harman, Ada (Mrs)
Harman, Alfred
Harman, Alfred & Co
Harman, Alfred Hugh 
Harman, Herbert P 
Harman, Joseph 
Harman, Robert 
Harman, Robert Vine 
Harman, Thomas Richard 
Harman, W 
Harmer, G A 
Harmer, R N (Junior) 
Harness, George Henry 
Harney, John 
Harold, Harold William 
Harold, Harry William 
Harper & Davies
Harper & Smellie 
Harper & Son
Harper & Taylor 
Harper F? W
Harper, G
Harper, George Joseph 
Harper, Henry
Harper, Henry 
Harper, J
Harper, James
Harper, John 
Harper, John Campbell 
Harper, Thomas 
Harper, Walter E 
Harper, William 
Harridge, W H
Harries & Sons 
Harries, D C
Harries, Daniel 
Harries, David C
Harrington, E 
Harrington, Edmund 
Harrington, Edward 
Harrington, Frank & Co
Harrington, Frank & Co 
Harrington, John 
Harriott, Joseph 
Harriott, W T
Harris & Co
Harris & Co 
Harris & Lee 
Harris & Price 
Harris & Rose 
Harris & Son
Harris & Son 
Harris & Woods 
Harris Picture Agency 
Harris, A 
Harris, A (Miss)
Harris, Albert Edward
Harris, Albert Thomas 
Harris, Alfred 
Harris, Arthur John 
Harris, C
Harris, C 
Harris, C J
Harris, Charles 
Harris, Charles Arthur 
Harris, Charles S 
Harris, Claude Ltd
Harris, Cleopas
Harris, Daniel 
Harris, David 
Harris, David T 
Harris, Edward 
Harris, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs)  
Harris, Emily (Mrs)  
Harris, Ernest 
Harris, Evans 
Harris, F 
Harris, F W 
Harris, Frank 
Harris, G T
Harris, Gaythorne D
Harris, George
Harris, George & Son
Harris, George F 
Harris, George Frederick
Harris, George Robinson 
Harris, H
Harris, Henry 
Harris, Herbert 
Harris, Herbert Charles 
Harris, Herbert M  
Harris, Honor (Mrs)  
Harris, J 
Harris, J E
Harris, James
Harris, James 
Harris, Jessie
Harris, John Robert 
Harris, John William 
Harris, Jones & Co
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Joseph Henry 
Harris, Lewis T 
Harris, Louis Thomas (Tudor)
Harris, Louise (Mrs)  
Harris, M 
Harris, Morris 
Harris, Percival
Harris, Percy 
Harris, Robert
Harris, Robinson 
Harris, S M 
Harris, Samuel 
Harris, Son & Co
Harris, Stephen 
Harris, Tudor & Son 
Harris, W E
Harris, W J
Harris, W J 
Harris, Walter 
Harris, Walter H 
Harris, Walter William 
Harris, William 
Harris, William P (H)
Harris, William Thomas 
Harrison & Co 
Harrison & Evans
Harrison & Murch
Harrison & Murch 
Harrison (aka Harrison Photographer)
Harrison (of Cambridge)
Harrison (of Doncaster)
Harrison Brothers (A J Harrison & Walter Harrison)
Harrison Studio 
Harrison, A 
Harrison, A W 
Harrison, Alfred 
Harrison, Annie (Mrs)  
Harrison, Arthur 
Harrison, Arthur Henry 
Harrison, C 
Harrison, C F
Harrison, Cecil 
Harrison, Cecil D
Harrison, Charles Frederick 
Harrison, Dorrie (Miss)
Harrison, E 
Harrison, E (Miss) 
Harrison, E J 
Harrison, Edward 
Harrison, Edwin
Harrison, Edwin & Son
Harrison, Edwin (Mrs)
Harrison, Edwin (Mrs)  
Harrison, Edwin (Mrs) & Harrison, W (Miss)
Harrison, F
Harrison, F & Harrison, W
Harrison, F Jewell 
Harrison, Fred 
Harrison, Frederick (Fred) Stone
Harrison, G
Harrison, G 
Harrison, G & Co
Harrison, G H 
Harrison, General (Gerald)
Harrison, George
Harrison, George William 
Harrison, H
Harrison, Hannah (Mrs)  
Harrison, Harold 
Harrison, Harris 
Harrison, Harry 
Harrison, Henry
Harrison, Henry 
Harrison, Henry & Shipsides, Edwardina T (Harrison & Shipsides)
Harrison, Henry William (aka William Henry Harrison)
Harrison, J
Harrison, J 
Harrison, J C
Harrison, J H 
Harrison, James
Harrison, James & Sons
Harrison, James A 
Harrison, James R 
Harrison, James Willoughby 
Harrison, John 
Harrison, John Ashworth 
Harrison, John B
Harrison, John H
Harrison, John H & Son
Harrison, John Henry 
Harrison, Joseph
Harrison, Joseph Crozier
Harrison, L
Harrison, My (Mrs)
Harrison, Norman K 
Harrison, R 
Harrison, R D
Harrison, Richard 
Harrison, Robert
Harrison, Robert 
Harrison, S Seymour
Harrison, Sharon W 
Harrison, Sidney 
Harrison, Stanley S 
Harrison, T
Harrison, T 
Harrison, T & Harrison, W 
Harrison, Thomas George 
Harrison, Thomas H 
Harrison, Thomas James 
Harrison, Thomas Samuel 
Harrison, Tom (of Harrison Brothers)
Harrison, W
Harrison, W H (William Herbert?)
Harrison, Walter George 
Harrison, Walter H 
Harrison, Walter Henry 
Harrison, William
Harrison, William & Lawrence
Harrison, William Herbert
Harrison, William Marsden
Harrison, William Marsden & Co
Harrison’s Studio 
Harriss, Henry 
Harrod’s Stores (aka Harrod’s Ltd )
Harrop & Howard 
Harrop & Swinden
Harrop, Edward 
Harrop, Horatio Nelson (aka H N Harrap)
Harrow & Sons (possibly Thomas Harrow)
Harrow Camera Exchange 
Harrow, Alfred Hart 
Harrow, Thomas
Harrow, Thomas 
Harry, G & Brother
Harrys, Henry 
Harsion, Leonard J
Harston, Leon J 
Hart & Co
Hart & Co 
Hart, A 
Hart, Albert B (Junior)
Hart, Alfred I 
Hart, Allen 
Hart, B & Co
Hart, C
Hart, C 
Hart, Charles
Hart, Clement 
Hart, Francis 
Hart, George 
Hart, Herbert Thomas
Hart, Herbert Thomas & Ames, Charles Albert (Hart & Ames)
Hart, Hyman
Hart, J & Co
Hart, John 
Hart, John (Mrs)
Hart, John Lovell
Hart, Joseph 
Hart, Mary (Mrs)  
Hart, Sidney 
Hart, Thomas
Hart, Thomas 
Hart, Thomas J 
Hart, William
Hart, William 
Harter, Oswald Birley (Lt. Colonel)
Hartford, R
Harthot, P & Elliott, R W (Harthot & Elliott)
Hartland & Donovan
Hartland, William 
Hartley Brothers 
Hartley Brothers (Isaac Hartley & Benjamin Hartley)
Hartley Studio 
Hartley, Alfred 
Hartley, Bath
Hartley, C H 
Hartley, Frank 
Hartley, Frederick 
Hartley, Frederick Isaac
Hartley, G 
Hartley, H
Hartley, John 
Hartley, Joseph 
Hartley, Sarah (Mrs)
Hartley, Stephen 
Hartley, Thomas 
Hartley, William 
Hartleys Studio (aka Frank Hartley)
Hartman, Garrick 
Hartnall, Isabell (Miss) 
Hartnell, Herbert 
Hartshorn & Co (aka Hartshorne & Co)
Hartshorn & Son (aka Hartshorne & Son)
Hartshorne, James E 
Hartwell, H 
Hartwell, Herbert
Hartwell, Herbert Frederick
Hartwell, T
Hartwell, T 
Hartwell, T (J )
Hartwell, Thomas 
Harvard Sims & Co (aka Havard Sims & Co)
Harvey & Co
Harvey & Knapton
Harvey & Neuland
Harvey Brothers
Harvey, Alfred 
Harvey, Barton & Son
Harvey, Benjamin 
Harvey, C
Harvey, Charles P 
Harvey, D 
Harvey, Douglas
Harvey, E (Mrs)
Harvey, George 
Harvey, J 
Harvey, Kenelm Ltd
Harvey, Oliver G 
Harvey, Percy 
Harvey, Reynolds & Fowler
Harvey, Richard 
Harvey, Sampson 
Harvey, Samson
Harvey, Samuel 
Harvey, Stephen 
Harvey, T 
Harvey, Thomas 
Harvey, Thomas & Reynolds, Richard  (Harvey & Reynolds)
Harvey, Thomas & Reynolds, Richard & Co (Harvey & Reynolds Co)
Harvey, William 
Harvey, William & Walter 
Harvey, William Charles
Harvey, William Charles & Son
Harwood, A
Harwood, Ainslie 
Harwood, G 
Harwood, George 
Harwood, Henry 
Harwood, William 
Hasan, G 
Haseler, Charles & Son
Haseler, Edwin (aka Edwin Hasler)
Haskins, Frank 
Haskoll, T F
Haslam, E
Haslam, James Alfred 
Haslam, James Alfred & Fletcher (Haslam & Fletcher)
Hasler, Ulrich
Haslett, Charles O 
Hasney, Joseph
Hassall, C W 
Hassall, Charles N 
Hassall, Elijah 
Hassall, William Henry 
Hassan, Golam 
Hassard, W J 
Hassell, A J M 
Hassell, Augustus John Marks 
Hasset, John Frederick Blenner 
Hastings Brothers
Hastings Photographic Company
Hastings School of Photography
Hastings, Edward 
Hastings, George W
Hastings, George W 
Hastings, Godfrey
Hastings, Godfrey 
Hastings, John 
Hastings, Joseph 
Hastings, Martha 
Hatch & Son 
Hatch, Charles H 
Hatch, D’Aubigney (aka Aubigny Hatch)
Hatch, Henry 
Hatch, James 
Hatch, James & Millea, David Henry (Hatch & Millea)
Hatch, John Vincent (aka Vincent Hatch)
Hatch, Mercer 
Hateley, Daniel 
Hatfield, V J
Hatherill, John 
Hatt, Frederick Lindon 
Hatt, Lindon
Hatt, Lindon & Son
Hatt, Robert 
Hatt, Robert (aka Robert Hart)
Hatt, W (aka W Hart)
Hattersley, Annie & Hattersley, Ada (Misses)  
Hattersley, Annie (Miss)  
Hattersley, F 
Hattersley, Simpson
Hatto, Douglas 
Hatton, D & Co
Hatton, Harry
Hatton, John 
Hatton, R 
Hatty House Studio 
Haughan, T J
Haughton, Brandon 
Haughton, J E
Haughton, Walter I 
Havell, Edmund
Havell, Edmund 
Havelock Art Co 
Haves & Whiting 
Haviland, Heath John 
Havill, Frederick 
Havill, M W 
Havinden, J 
Haweirs, Hugolin (Miss) 
Hawes, Arthur 
Hawes, Percy 
Hawhes, William Thomas 
Hawick Photographic Saloon
Hawke & George 
Hawke, Alfred Herbert 
Hawke, Frederick 
Hawke, James Bolton
Hawke, John
Hawke, John D 
Hawken & Sons 
Hawken, Thomas Edward 
Hawken, William Edward 
Hawker & Son
Hawker Brothers 
Hawker, Charles
Hawker, Charles & Son
Hawker, G E 
Hawker, William John
Hawkes, Charles John (aka Charles John Hawes)
Hawkes, John 
Hawkes, Samuel 
Hawkes, William 
Hawkey, John
Hawking, John
Hawkings, H 
Hawkings, W H 
Hawkins & Emerson 
Hawkins (Mr) 
Hawkins Equestrian Studio 
Hawkins, A 
Hawkins, Abdiel 
Hawkins, Charles
Hawkins, Charles & Co 
Hawkins, Charles (Mrs) 
Hawkins, Eliza & Co
Hawkins, F
Hawkins, F 
Hawkins, Freeman 
Hawkins, Henry
Hawkins, John L 
Hawkins, Richard 
Hawkins, Samuel 
Hawkins, T G
Hawkins, T G 
Hawkins, Thomas 
Hawkins, Walter 
Hawkins, William Henry 
Hawkins, William John 
Hawksley, William Fletcher 
Hawkswell, G & N
Hawley Photo Co
Hawley, Alfred S (P)
Hawley, Ben 
Hawley, Frank 
Hawley, Frederick 
Hawley, Martin 
Hawley, William 
Haworth, E N 
Haworth, George 
Haworth, Herbert 
Haworth, John 
Hay, Cameron H H 
Hay, David 
Hay, David Syme 
Hay, David Syme & Hay, George Heron (Hay & Hay)
Hay, George Heron 
Hay, George Heron & Hay, David Syme (Hay & Hay)
Hay, John 
Hay, John & Son
Hay, Lillie
Hay, R 
Hay, Samuel 
Hay, W J 
Hay, William 
Hay, Wrightson 
Hayball, Arthur
Haycroft, Alan M 
Hayden Studio 
Hayden, Allan F
Hayden, Charles Edward 
Hayden, T P
Haydock, Ben 
Haydon, James 
Haydon, Jane 
Hayes & Lowther 
Hayes, Albert 
Hayes, Charles 
Hayes, Francis 
Hayes, George 
Hayes, J M 
Hayes, James
Hayes, John 
Hayes, Raymond H
Hayes, William
Hayes, William Edward 
Hayesbirch, William 
Hayler, Walter
Hayles, John H 
Hayles, William Henry 
Hayman & Way 
Hayman, Henry
Hayman, Henry & Son
Hayman, Henry & Sons
Haymarket Studio
Hayne & Son
Hayne, A 
Hayne, A & J
Hayne, James Henry 
Haynes, A
Haynes, E (Mrs)
Haynes, F & Co
Haynes, Frederick 
Haynes, Frederick & Green, William (Haynes & Green)
Haynes, Henry William
Haynes, J
Haynes, J W 
Haynes, James 
Haynes, John
Haynes, Joseph 
Haynes, Sarah M (Mrs)   
Haynes, T
Hays, Charles 
Hays, F T 
Hays, Herbert
Hays, R (J?)
Hayter, Samuel
Hayter, Tom 
Hayward & Co
Hayward, Alfred & Wilkinson, George (Hayward & Wilkinson)
Hayward, Alfred Thomas 
Hayward, Alfred Thomas & Cooper, M F (Hayward & Cooper)
Hayward, Arthur 
Hayward, E
Hayward, Edward 
Hayward, Ernest 
Hayward, Frederick 
Hayward, G 
Hayward, George E (A?)
Hayward, Henry 
Hayward, Jasper (Casper) Gilbert
Hayward, John 
Hayward, L 
Hayward, Louis
Hayward, Louis 
Hayward, Robert 
Hayward, Sydney 
Hayward, Thomas (Tom)
Hayward, W 
Hayward, William G 
Hayward, William H (aka William H Haywood)
Haywood, Harry 
Hazard, John S 
Hazeldine, C H B 
Hazeldine, Charles H 
Hazell & Applegarth 
Hazell, Edwin Henry
Hazell, Robert William 
Hazell, Walter (aka Walter Hazel)
Hazell, Watson & Viney Ltd 
Hazell, William Robert 
Hazelton, William Dennis 
Hazleir, F (aka Frederick John Hasler)
Hazlett, James 
Hazlewood, J E
Hazulay, I 
Hazulay, I (see Azulay)
Head, Dora (Miss)
Head, T
Head, T 
Head, Thomas 
Head, Thomas & Son
Head, Thomas H & Co
Headon, H G
Headridge, William 
Heal, William T 
Heald, Samuel 
Healey, Arthur F 
Healey, Arthur Frank 
Healey, H T 
Healey, Henry T 
Healey, Thomas 
Healy, A F 
Healy, James A 
Healy, Timothy Joseph 
Heap, A 
Heap, Arthur
Heap, George
Heap, Grimshaw
Heap, Mary (Miss)  
Heap, Thomas 
Heape, John (aka John Heap)
Heaps, F L
Heaps, Joseph Lofthouse 
Heapy, A 
Heard, J F 
Hearn, Frederick 
Hearn, John 
Hearn, John & Foxe (Fox), W (Hearn & Foxe)
Hearn, Roger 
Hearne, Charles 
Heath & Bradnee, William (Heath & Bradnee)
Heath & Bradnee, William Ltd (Heath & Bradnee Ltd)
Heath & Bullingham 
Heath & Co
Heath & Co 
Heath & Stoneman, Arthur Sargeant (Heath & Stoneman)
Heath (Mr)
Heath Studio
Heath, (Miss)
Heath, A 
Heath, A (Mrs)
Heath, Adolphe & Beau (Heath & Beau)
Heath, Albert 
Heath, Alfred Theodosius
Heath, Charles  
Heath, Edgar 
Heath, F J 
Heath, H T 
Heath, Henry Charles 
Heath, J H (possibly John Haviland Heath?) 
Heath, James 
Heath, John 
Heath, Thomas 
Heath, Vernon
Heath, Vernon & Co
Heath, W H
Heath, William
Heath, William Edwin
Heathcote, Arthur Henry Yvery  Ltd 
Heathcote, Frank H 
Heathcote, George Frederick 
Heathcote, P 
Heather Company
Heather, Alice (Miss) 
Heather, John W 
Heather, Maud (Miss) 
Heather, Richard Harry 
Heatherstone, Cleghorn & Co (aka Hetherstone, Cleghorn & Co)
Heathman, William 
Heathwood, Robert
Heatley, Evan 
Heaton Brothers
Heaton, Alfred E
Heaton, Charles W 
Heaton, Frank 
Heaton, George (Junior) 
Heaton, George Gordon 
Heaton, James
Heaton, Richard 
Heaton, Thomas 
Heaton, W B 
Heaton, Wallace Ltd
Heaven, R  Archibald 
Heaviside & Roelich 
Heaviside, Edward 
Heaviside, Frederick 
Heaviside, George 
Heaviside, Thomas 
Heawood & Co (aka Heywood & Co)
Heawood & Hargrave
Heawood, John William
Heaword, Thomas
Hebblewhite, F 
Hebden, George 
Hebdon, Horace Edwin 
Heber, Ebenezer 
Hebert, Frederick 
Heckler, A 
Heckley, T 
Hector, Jane (Mrs) 
Hector, R L
Hector, William 
Hedderly, James 
Hedge, William 
Hedgeland, Sweetman 
Hedgeland, Sweetman & Dunk 
Hedger, A (Mrs)
Hedger, Mary Ann (Mrs)  
Hedger, Mathew & Hedger, Ann
Hedges, David
Hedges, David & Sons
Hedges, David Marshall
Hedges, Frank 
Hedges, Frederick 
Hedges, Harry Ltd
Hedges, Robert Thomas 
Hedges, Robert Thomas & Hedges, Mrs
Hedley, R H & Co
Heel, E 
Heeley, Harry H 
Hefft & Co 
Heggie, Robert
Heilbrom & Allerton 
Heilbronn, Arthur C
Heilbronn, Arthur C & Co
Heilbronn, E 
Heilbronn, E & W C
Heilbronn, W C 
Heiman, Vandyck 
Hele, William 
Helene (Madame) 
Helene Photographic Studio 
Helene Western Studio 
Heliogravure Printing Co 
Helios Photographic Works
Heliotype Co  Ltd 
Hellary, James Spencer (aka J S Hellery)
Hellawell, William
Hellawell, William & Son
Hellier, A D & Co
Hellis, Gertrude (Mrs) (aka Mrs Robert Hellis)
Hellis, R
Hellis, Reginald J
Hellis, Robert
Hellis, Robert 
Hellis, Robert & Sons (Hellis & Sons)
Hellis, William 
Helliwell, Thomas
Helliwell, Thomas 
Hellstern, Arthur
Hellstern, Arthur 
Hellwell, J W
Hellyer, Marion (Miss)
Helm, Edwin 
Helman, Max 
Helmer, C & Son (could be G Helmer & Son)
Helmer, Thomas Frederick 
Helmer, William Henry 
Helms & Sons
Helms, William 
Helmsley, Thomas 
Helsby, & Co 
Helsby, Frederick Charles
Helsby, William George (Junior)
Helsby, William George (Senior)
Helsdon Brothers
Helsey, F 
Helton, G & Co 
Hembry, H R
Hemchliffe, Arthur 
Hemery & Co
Hemery, Frank Victor 
Hemery, G 
Hemery, T  Lindsay 
Hemery, Thomas George 
Hemery, Thomas George & Harty, Edward James (Hemery & Harty) 
Heming, William H
Hemingway, W 
Hemingway, William Henry (aka W H Hemmingway)
Hemming Brothers
Hemming, Alfred 
Hemming, Henry Charles 
Hemming, William 
Hemmings, E H 
Hemmings, G H 
Hemmingway, W M
Hemmins, Henry 
Hemmins, Henry & Howell (Hemmins & Howell)
Hempsall, Albert Edward 
Hempsall, Albert Edward & Turner (Hempsall & Turner)
Hemsley, W 
Hemstock, Thomas 
Henderson & Co
Henderson & Co 
Henderson & Ellis 
Henderson & Maule 
Henderson & Wall 
Henderson, A Murray
Henderson, Adam 
Henderson, Alex D 
Henderson, Alexander
Henderson, Alexander Lamont 
Henderson, Andrew 
Henderson, Archibald 
Henderson, Frank 
Henderson, George Robert 
Henderson, J 
Henderson, J & S (Misses)
Henderson, J (James?)
Henderson, J W 
Henderson, James
Henderson, James & Son
Henderson, James (1)
Henderson, James W E
Henderson, John
Henderson, John  (Junior) 
Henderson, John William 
Henderson, Joseph 
Henderson, Justus 
Henderson, Matthew 
Henderson, P 
Henderson, Percy 
Henderson, Percy E 
Henderson, Peter 
Henderson, Peter S
Henderson, Robert 
Henderson, Robert Sheild 
Henderson, T 
Henderson, Thomas 
Henderson, Thomas & C
Henderson, Thomas A
Henderson, W C & Sons 
Henderson, Wilkin S 
Henderson, William 
Henderson, William Boyd 
Hendley, E (Miss)
Hendley, William Henry 
Hendrey, A & Co
Hendrey, A (Mrs)
Hendrey, A G
Hendrey, Alfred (aka Alfred Hendreys & Alfred Hendry)
Hendry, Albert Henry 
Hendry, James (aka James Henry)
Hendry, Matthew 
Hendry, Percy 
Hendry, V 
Henfrey, Claude 
Hengham, Charles T
Henkel & Symons
Henkel, R 
Hennah & Kent
Hennah & Mason
Hennah, Thomas Henry
Hennan, L (Miss)
Henneman (Hennemann), Nicolas & Malone, Thoma Augustine (Henneman & Malone)
Henneman, Nicholas & Co (aka Hennemann, Nikolaas & Co)
Henneman, Nicolas
Hennigan, Edward Bernard 
Hennigan, Edwin
Hennigan, Edwin Bernard
Hennis, G
Henrad, George J
Henrad, George J & Co Ltd
Henri, M & Co
Henri, Robert 
Henry & Co 
Henry & Henry
Henry Brothers
Henry Studios
Henry, H 
Henry, Harry Hamilton 
Henry, Hubert (aka Henry Hubert)
Henry, Hubert (aka Hubert Henery)
Henry, J 
Henry, John H 
Henry, John W 
Henry, Louise Maud (Mrs)
Henry, Louise Maud (Mrs) & Co Ltd
Henry, Louise Maud (Mrs) & Freeman, Ernest Alfred (Henry & Freeman)
Henry, Robert
Henry, Robert & Son
Henry, W Ethelbert
Henry, William 
Henshall & Bradbury 
Henshall, A (Miss)
Henshall, A (Miss) & Henshall, F (Miss?)
Henshall, C 
Henshall, George
Henshall, George  (Junior) 
Henshall, George H
Henshall, James
Henshall, Thomas Meredith 
Henshaw, James 
Henshaw, John 
Henshaw, William Barlow 
Hensley, H M 
Hensman & Co
Hensman, John 
Hensman, John James 
Henson & Co 
Henson, Ernest
Henson, W S & Co
Henstchel, Carl (aka Carl Henschel)
Hentschel, August 
Henty, Fred 
Henwick, M A (Miss)
Henwood, Charles 
Henzell, Joshua George 
Henzell, S D 
Heppell & Collier 
Hepworth & Co (aka Hepworth Manufacturing Co Ltd)
Hepworth, F
Hepworth, George 
Hepworth, Henry 
Hepworth, Walter 
Herapath, Thomas J 
Herbert & Co 
Herbert & Hays
Herbert & Reece 
Herbert & Son 
Herbert Brothers
Herbert Brothers & Co
Herbert, Alfred 
Herbert, C 
Herbert, Frank 
Herbert, G 
Herbert, G W 
Herbert, George & Son
Herbert, George (1)
Herbert, George (2)
Herbert, George (3?)
Herbert, H R
Herbert, Henry
Herbert, Henry & Sons
Herbert, Henry Arthur (Major)
Herbert, J Forbes
Herbert, J W 
Herbert, Jean (Mrs)
Herbert, L & Co
Herbert, Parker 
Herbert, Robert 
Herbert, S J
Herbert, S J & Sons
Herbert, Thomas Arthur 
Herbert, W 
Herbert, William
Herbert, William John
Herbert, William Wallace
Herbert’s Studio 
Herbertson, Thomas & Co
Herdman, Walter George 
Hereford Photographic Company
Hering, Frank 
Hering, Henry 
Heritage, Charles George 
Heritage, Thomas 
Herivel, P T
Herman Studio
Herman Studio 
Herman, Herman 
Herman, M 
Herman, Raivid 
Herman, Raivid & Co
Hermann, Carl (aka Charles Herman)
Hermann, W 
Hermer, Herman 
Hermer, Hyman 
Herne Hill Studio 
Herner, Alvard 
Herne, Moss & Co aka Moss Herne & Co
Herold, W 
Heron, Hogarth 
Herrett & Prous 
Herrett, George 
Herridge, E 
Herridge, Ernest
Herridge, Ernest & Co
Herridge, J M 
Herring, Claude 
Herriot, Aubrey 
Herriott, F W 
Herriott, James
Herriott, Martha Elizabeth Henrietta (Mrs)
Herriott, W F 
Herrman, L 
Herron, R H 
Herscoviney, Harry 
Herts Press 
Herts Press Bureau 
Hertz, Annie (Mrs)  
Hertz, Henry
Hertz, James
Hertz, James & Co
Herve, Alfred 
Herve, C H 
Herve, Charles
Herve, Charles Stanley
Herve, Charles Stanley (C H)
Herve, Edwin
Hesketh, Eva (Miss) 
Hesketh, Frank S 
Hesketh, James 
Heskett, Joseph James
Hesling, Arthur 
Hess & Dexter 
Hess, Julius 
Hess, Wilhelm (aka William B Hess)
Hesse, E A & Co
Hester, Albert (aka Albert Hector & Albert Hestor)
Hetherington, Henry 
Hetherington, Thomas 
Heugh, E J 
Heughan, Charles T
Heughan, Charles T & Wilkinson (Heughan & Wilkinson)
Heughan, James
Heughan, James & Son
Hever, Ernest 
Hewend, Thomas 
Hewes, Charles Henry 
Hewett, Edward (possibly Edward Hewitt)
Hewett, H W 
Hewitson, James Redvers 
Hewitt & Co
Hewitt, A & Co
Hewitt, Charles Frederick 
Hewitt, Charles Henry 
Hewitt, Edward A 
Hewitt, Ernest A 
Hewitt, Harvey 
Hewitt, Henry 
Hewitt, J V 
Hewitt, James 
Hewitt, Joseph 
Hewitt, R 
Hewitt, Thomas & Son
Hewitt, Walter Harry 
Hewland, Richard Henry 
Hewlett, Muriel (Mrs)  
Hewson, William 
Hey, Samuel (aka Samuel Hay)
Hey, Victor 
Heyden, Henry 
Heydens Studio
Heyes, Cyril James 
Heyes, George 
Heyes, Victor 
Heyes, William
Heyes, William & Son
Heymann, Marie (Madame) 
Heys & Co 
Heys & Silverwood 
Heys, John 
Heys, William Henry 
Heywood, Charles W 
Heywood, E W 
Heywood, Thomas (aka Thomas Heaword)
Heyworth, F 
Heyworth, Robert N 
Hibberd, J 
Hibbert, Leslie Robert 
Hibbins, W 
Hibbs, Edward 
Hibling, Everett Edward 
Hick & Heerman’s 
Hick, Arthur Charles 
Hick, Vivian M 
Hicken, E 
Hicken, Henry 
Hickey, C Campbell & Co
Hickey, Michael (aka Michael Hickie)
Hickey, Robert John Fayrer  (Major)
Hickey, William 
Hickin & Slater 
Hickin, Edwin James 
Hickin, Thomas 
Hicking, S & Co
Hickings, H 
Hickling, Dorothy (Miss)
Hickling, J 
Hickling, W
Hickman, John (aka John Hickham)
Hickman, Samuel 
Hickox, Herbert Edward 
Hicks & Co 
Hicks Brothers 
Hicks, Cecil Arthur 
Hicks, E D
Hicks, Edwin Thomas 
Hicks, J
Hicks, James 
Hicks, James & Hicks, William 
Hicks, John 
Hicks, John Arthur 
Hicks, S G 
Hicks, T S
Hicks, Thomas 
Hicks, Thomas & Co (Hicks & Co)
Hicks, Thomas Spurzheim
Hicks, Thomas Spurzheim (Mr & Mrs)
Hicks, V M 
Hicks, William 
Hicks, William & Co
Hide & Co 
Hide, Edmund (aka Edmund Hides)
Hide, William 
Hider, Bertram Laurence 
Hider, Claud Robert 
Hider, Harry Percival 
Hider, Robert
Hider, Robert 
Hides, Arthur 
Higby, Joseph 
Higdon, Frank
Higdon, Thomas 
Higginbotham, Henry 
Higginbottom, F 
Higginbottom, H 
Higginbottom, William 
Higgins & Sons
Higgins Royal Studio
Higgins, A P 
Higgins, Albert 
Higgins, Daniel Francis 
Higgins, Edward James 
Higgins, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Higgins, Frederick G
Higgins, Frederick G & Son
Higgins, George 
Higgins, Henry 
Higgins, J
Higgins, J A
Higgins, John William 
Higgins, Mary J (Miss) 
Higgins, Michael J 
Higgins, Montague 
Higgins, P
Higgins, Peter
Higgins, Peter 
Higgins, R 
Higgins, Reginald 
Higgins, Reginald Arthur 
Higgins, T 
Higgins, Thomas 
Higginson, George 
Higginson, Thomas Walt 
Higginson, William R 
Higgs & Sayer 
Higgs, A K 
Higgs, C C (Madame)
Higgs, Charles Edward 
Higgs, James J 
Higgs, Samuel
Higgs, W H
High Art Studio 
High Street Photographic Co 
High Street Studio 
Higham, Charles T 
Higham, George G
Higham, Sydney 
Higham, William 
Highbury Studio
Highlight Studios Ltd 
Highschool (Professor) (aka Mayall, John Jabez Edwin)
Hignell, Henry 
Hignett, John A 
Higson, C H & Co
Higson, James 
Hikely, John 
Hil, G l & Co
Hilbert, J & Co
Hilder, Alfred John
Hilder, Alfred John & Ward (Hilder & Ward)
Hilder, Charles John
Hilder, H  & C 
Hilder, Harry 
Hilder, John William 
Hilder, John William  (Junior) 
Hilder, William 
Hildesheimer, Albert
Hildick, Benjamin Herbert 
Hildyard, Walter 
Hildyard, Walter & Molyneux (Hildyard & Molyneux)
Hiles, P V 
Hiley, Henry W 
Hill & Kellock Ltd 
Hill & McCowan 
Hill & Pentlow 
Hill & Scott
Hill & Scott 
Hill & Wakeling 
Hill & Williams 
Hill Brothers
Hill Brothers 
Hill, Amos 
Hill, Arthur 
Hill, Arthur Harrison 
Hill, Athelstan 
Hill, Bert 
Hill, C 
Hill, Charles Gwatkin
Hill, Clarissa (Miss)  
Hill, Claude & E
Hill, David Octavius 
Hill, E 
Hill, Edmund Ernest
Hill, Edward
Hill, Edward 
Hill, Edward & Hill, Mrs
Hill, Edwin
Hill, Eliza 
Hill, Ernest 
Hill, F
Hill, F H
Hill, Francis 
Hill, Frank J 
Hill, Frank T 
Hill, Fras 
Hill, Frederick 
Hill, Frederick James P 
Hill, George 
Hill, George  & Sons 
Hill, H
Hill, H 
Hill, H E 
Hill, Harold 
Hill, Henry 
Hill, Henry Hutchinson
Hill, Henry R 
Hill, Herbert 
Hill.J E
Hill, James
Hill, James 
Hill, Jane 
Hill, John
Hill, John 
Hill, Joseph
Hill, Joseph & Son
Hill, Joseph & Sons
Hill, Joseph James 
Hill, L (Miss)
Hill, Leigh 
Hill, Lillian (Miss) 
Hill, Margaret 
Hill, Mary Jane
Hill, Medora 
Hill, Percy 
Hill, R 
Hill, R S 
Hill, R S & Son
Hill, Reginald S 
Hill, Richard 
Hill, Richard Claude & Hill, Eleanor D (aka Richard Cloud Hill)
Hill, Richard Stephen 
Hill, Robert 
Hill, Robert Stenton  & Son 
Hill, S E 
Hill, Samuel
Hill, Samuel 
Hill, Samuel Joseph 
Hill, Samuel Joseph (aka S J Hills)
Hill, W
Hill, W & Hartley (Hill & Hartley)
Hill, W White 
Hill, Walter G 
Hill, William
Hill, William Henry
Hillen, James T 
Hillerby, Harry 
Hillier & Co 
Hillier, E
Hillier, Joseph 
Hillman, Walter & Co 
Hillmer, W & Co
Hillmer, William 
Hill-Muchamore, Adeline Helena
Hill-Muchamore, Walter Henry (aka Walter Henry Hill Muchamore)
Hills & Co
Hills, Arthur Reginald 
Hills, H J 
Hills, Henry James 
Hills, Robert
Hills, Robert 
Hills, Robert & Saunders, John Henry (Hills & Saunders)
Hills, Samuel Joseph 
Hillside Studios
Hilsbach, Edward 
Hilson, Percy H 
Hilton Brothers 
Hilton, Alfred William George 
Hilton, Edward 
Hilton, Edwin H
Hilton, Fred 
Hilton, Harry 
Hilton, Henry
Hilton, Henry 
Hilton, Henry & Risley (Hilton & Risley)
Hilton, James 
Hilton, John Deane 
Hilton, Joseph
Hilton, S  Gordon 
Hilton, W H
Hilton, Walter M 
Hilton, William H
Hilton, William Henry
Hilton, William Henry 
Hilwood, Clarke  Studios 
Hinchcliffe & Co 
Hinchcliffe & Son
Hinchcliffe, Alice (Ms)  
Hinchcliffe, Charles 
Hinchcliffe, David 
Hinchcliffe, Ellen (Mrs)  
Hinchcliffe, Eugene 
Hinchcliffe, Fred (aka Fred Hinchliffe)
Hinchcliffe, Grace (Mrs) 
Hinchcliffe, H 
Hinchcliffe, Henry 
Hinchcliffe, Herbert (aka Herbert Hinchliffe)
Hinchcliffe, John 
Hinchcliffe, Ramsden
Hinchcliffe, Thomas 
Hinchliffe, James Wilson 
Hinchliffe, John (not related to John Hinchcliffe)
Hind, Alfred & Haley (Hind & Haley)
Hind, Arthur Richard 
Hind, Elizabeth (Miss)
Hind, Harold 
Hind, J 
Hind, Joseph & Haley (Hind & Haley)
Hind, Richard Arthur 
Hind, T & R
Hind, W L 
Hinde & Carpenter
Hindle & Gibson 
Hindle, Eugene 
Hindle, George 
Hindle, Joseph 
Hindle, T 
Hindley, Edward Ernest 
Hindley, Ivy (Miss) 
Hindley, J 
Hindley, Thomas J 
Hine, Alfred  
Hine, Alfred H 
Hine, J 
Hinge, Henry 
Hingie, G
Hingley, Oswin F 
Hinkins, Arthur
Hinkins, Arthur & Son
Hinkins, F R & Sons
Hinkins, Frank R 
Hinks, Henry James 
Hinley, John 
Hinson, George Frederick 
Hinson, H 
Hinton, Alfred Horsley
Hinton, Charles 
Hinton, E W 
Hinton, Elizabeth & Hinton, Henry 
Hinton, H N 
Hinton, Herbert James 
Hinton, More 
Hinton, Richard 
Hinton, William & Co
Hinton, William Ernest & Co (aka E W Hinton & Co)
Hipp, A & C
Hipp, Christie Ahier 
Hipperson, William A 
Hird, James 
Hird, John 
Hiron, Russell 
Hirst & Co 
Hirst & Sons 
Hirst, Arthur
Hirst, Guy L 
Hirst, S R
Hirst, William 
Hiscock, William Lionel 
Hiscocks, Phillip 
Hiscox, W S 
Hisgen Brothers
Hislop & Day
Hislop & Day Ltd
Hislop, John
Histed, Ernest Walter
Histed, Ernest Walter & Co
Hitchcock, George 
Hitchcock, H 
Hitchcock, Henry Jonothan 
Hitchcock, James 
Hitchcock, William 
Hitchen, James 
Hitchin, Thomas (aka Thomas Hitchen)
Hitchings, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs) 
Hitchings, John Rouse 
Hitchin-Kemp, F 
Hitchman & Son 
Hix, Jean 
Hoad, Charles 
Hoadley, James 
Hoar, Charles Edward t/a Continental Bazaar Portrait Company
Hoare & Cole Ltd
Hoare Brothers
Hoare Brothers 
Hoare, C F 
Hoare, Charles Edward
Hoare, George Phillip 
Hoare, John 
Hoare, William Henry
Hoather, William Henry 
Hoban, J T
Hobart & Co 
Hobart, A W 
Hobart, J W
Hobart, Robert 
Hobbes, Henry Arthur Mark 
Hobbige, John James
Hobbis, Frederick
Hobbis, John (Senior)
Hobbis, Richard 
Hobbis, W B
Hobbiss, Henry 
Hobbiss, J & G
Hobbiss, John James (aka John James Hobbis)
Hobbs & Barratt 
Hobbs & Co 
Hobbs, Alfred 
Hobbs, Alfred W 
Hobbs, Charlotte (Mrs)
Hobbs, Frank 
Hobbs, Henry 
Hobbs, Hesse (?)
Hobbs, J (Mrs) 
Hobbs, James (Professor)
Hobbs, Offen & Co 
Hobbs, Pauline (Miss)
Hobbs, William (1)
Hobbs, William (2)
Hobbs, William (2?)
Hobbs, William (3)
Hobcraft, Edward 
Hobcraft, William 
Hobday, H E 
Hobday, Walter William 
Hobday, William Walter 
Hobkirk, Robert 
Hobley, G H 
Hobson Brothers
Hobson, E 
Hobson, Harry
Hobson, Paul 
Hobson, Thomas 
Hockenhull, Philip Hall 
Hockett, Samuel W & Co
Hockett, Samuel W & White (Hockett & White)
Hockey, Bertie  Pardoe
Hockey, John 
Hockey, William 
Hockin, Ernest Hopekirk 
Hocking, Henry
Hocking, Henry & Co
Hocking, Sydney 
Hockley, George 
Hockley, George & Hockley, Mrs
Hodda, John
Hodda, John 
Hodder, Edmund 
Hoddle, Charles 
Hodge, Andrew 
Hodge, Henrietta (Mrs)
Hodge, John 
Hodge, R
Hodge, Samuel 
Hodgens, David G
Hodges & Son 
Hodges (Mr) 
Hodges, Albert Ernest 
Hodges, Alfred Stanhope
Hodges, Ann (Mrs)  
Hodges, Frank
Hodges, James 
Hodges, John William 
Hodges, Richard 
Hodges, W
Hodges, William
Hodges, William 
Hodges, William & Son
Hodges, William & Son 
Hodges, William F
Hodges, William Merrett (aka Merrett Hodges)
Hodgetts, John William 
Hodgetts, Thomas (aka Thomas Hoggetts)
Hodgetts, Thomas Corderoy 
Hodgkinson, Alfred 
Hodgkinson, H 
Hodgkinson, James 
Hodgkinson, T 
Hodgkinson, W Ltd
Hodgkinson, William 
Hodgson & Co 
Hodgson & Walburn 
Hodgson Brothers 
Hodgson Brothers (aka W & E Hodgson)
Hodgson, Chris H
Hodgson, Edward 
Hodgson, G C 
Hodgson, George 
Hodgson, Henry 
Hodgson, J
Hodgson, Joseph
Hodgson, Margaret Alice (Miss)
Hodgson, R 
Hodgson, R & Carter (Hodgson & Carter)
Hodgson, R (aka R Hodson)
Hodgson, Ralph 
Hodgson, William 
Hodgson, William (Mrs)  
Hodgson, William Henry & Co
Hodgson, William J 
Hodgson-Brown, Anthony
Hodkinson, H
Hodnett, T
Hodsoll, Frederick G 
Hodson, E M 
Hodson, Edward 
Hodson, George
Hoe, Tom 
Hoeck, Hermann 
Hoedt, W H Incorporated
Hoepfner, Franz 
Hoffman, George  
Hoffman, George Cameo 
Hoffman, George Laurence
Hoffman, Johnston
Hoffman, Meyer 
Hoffman, Otto 
Hogan & Davies 
Hogarth & Eidmans
Hogben, H R 
Hogben, Henry David 
Hogben, Henry F (David )
Hogg, Alexander Robert
Hogg, Browning 
Hogg, Edward Albert 
Hogg, Edward Alfred 
Hogg, Gilbert T 
Hogg, Henry Browning 
Hogg, J H
Hogg, Jabez
Hogg, James Henry 
Hogg, Robert 
Hogg, Thomas 
Hogg, William J 
Hogg, William Robert 
Hoggard, John (Jonathan) E 
Hoggard, S
Hoggard, Samuel 
Hoggard, Samuel & Co (Hoggard & Co)
Hogge, Albert Edward 
Hoinville, Frederick 
Hoit & Co 
Holam Ltd 
Holaway, James Frederick 
Holborn & Turner
Holborn Banquet Photographic Co 
Holborn Brothers
Holborn Photographic Co 
Holborn, Arthur
Holborn, Arthur 
Holborn, Arthur Samuel Henry 
Holborn, Henry
Holborn, Henry (aka Henry Holbourne)
Holborn, Henry N
Holbrook, Albert Henry 
Holbrook, Arthur (possibly Albert Henry Holbrook)
Holbrook, F 
Holbrook, Frank 
Holbrook, Frederick 
Holbrook, Mary (Mrs) 
Holdaway, T 
Holdaway, T & A
Holden & Stockham
Holden, Albert 
Holden, Albert George (son of George Holden (2)
Holden, Charles 
Holden, E 
Holden, Eliza (Mrs)  
Holden, Frederick (Mrs)
Holden, Frederick James 
Holden, George (1)
Holden, George (2)
Holden, George Watkins
Holden, George Watkins & Co
Holden, George Watkins (Mrs)
Holden, H 
Holden, H & Son
Holden, Henry 
Holden, J 
Holden, Joseph 
Holden, Nathaniel 
Holden, R 
Holden, R & Son
Holden, Rebecca 
Holden, Richard 
Holden, Thomas F
Holden, Watkins (possibly George Watkins Holden)
Holden-Tooley & Kelf 
Holder, Henry Wharry
Holder, John Percy (aka Percy J Holder)
Holder, Joseph
Holderness, F J
Holderness, J & Higginson (Holderness & Higginson)
Holderness, J & J 
Holdich, Alfred 
Holding, E
Holding, Ezbon 
Holding, J 
Holditch, P 
Holdstock, W S 
Holdsworth, E 
Holdsworth, George 
Holdsworth, George & Co 
Holdsworth, George & Son
Holdsworth, Harold 
Holdsworth, Herbert 
Holdsworth, Israel
Holdsworth’s Free Film Co 
Holdsworth’s Studio 
Hole, Herbert Henry 
Hole, Herbert John (aka Bert Hole)
Holey, George
Holey, Thomas 
Holgate, James
Holgate, James & Co
Holgate, John 
Holgate, John & Co
Holgate, Richard 
Holiday Snaps 
Holifield, Edmund 
Holker, J
Hollamby, Arthur  
Hollamby, Charles
Holland & Hampton
Holland, Andrew
Holland, Andrew 
Holland, B
Holland, Charles 
Holland, E
Holland, Edward
Holland, Frederick Walter
Holland, Joseph A (aka Joseph H Holland)
Holland, Joshua 
Holland, Richard Arthur 
Holland, Richard Arthur & Holland, A E
Holland, Walter 
Hollander, Jacob 
Hollands, Arthur 
Hollick, C
Hollick, William 
Holliday & Co 
Holliday & Son 
Holliday, Alfred William 
Holliday, Herbert 
Holliday, W H 
Holliday, Willaim 
Holliday, William & Major (Holliday & Major)
Holliday, William Henry
Holliday, William Henry & Son
Hollinghurst, Charles Herbert 
Hollingshead, L 
Hollingworth, E 
Hollingworth, H
Hollingworth, Halboyne Arthur 
Hollins, B 
Hollis, Arthur 
Hollis, George James 
Hollis, James G 
Holliwell, Richard  
Hollow, D (Miss)
Hollow, Harry 
Holloway & Beard (possibly Jesse Holloway)
Holloway, B  Vere 
Holloway, Charles Wykeham
Holloway, Charles Wykeham 
Holloway, Edgar 
Holloway, Frederick 
Holloway, G C 
Holloway, George 
Holloway, H 
Holloway, Hector Reynold 
Holloway, Jesse
Holloway, Miller 
Holloway, Roland 
Holloway, W H J 
Holly House Studios
Hollyer, Frederick
Hollyer, Frederick 
Hollyer, Reginald Federick 
Hollywood Photography Ltd 
Hollywood Studio 
Hollywood Studios Ltd 
Holman & Paget (Misses)
Holman, Henry 
Holman, William 
Holme, Harry 
Holme, Horace 
Holme, M A 
Holme, William T
Holmes & Co 
Holmes & Morris
Holmes & Morris 
Holmes (Miss) 
Holmes, Alfred 
Holmes, Arthur 
Holmes, Burvill 
Holmes, Charles 
Holmes, E 
Holmes, Edward 
Holmes, Edward James 
Holmes, Eleanor (Mrs)  
Holmes, Ernest 
Holmes, Frank 
Holmes, Frank & Turl, Victor H (Holmes & Turl)
Holmes, Frank Edward 
Holmes, Frederick 
Holmes, George 
Holmes, H W 
Holmes, Harold 
Holmes, J T
Holmes, J W 
Holmes, James 
Holmes, James C 
Holmes, John 
Holmes, John E
Holmes, John E & Co
Holmes, John Hugh 
Holmes, Joseph 
Holmes, R 
Holmes, Richard 
Holmes, Sidney 
Holmes, Verna (Mrs)  
Holmes, W 
Holmes, William 
Holmes, William Robinson 
Holmwood, Thomas 
Holroyd & Asquith
Holroyd, James 
Holroyd, Thomas & Holroyd, James (T & J Holroyd)
Holst – I have a cdv to be databased
Holt & Co 
Holt & Leonard 
Holt & Marsden
Holt & Robinson 
Holt, Alfred  
Holt, Carl 
Holt, Edmund 
Holt, Edward 
Holt, George Frederick
Holt, George Frederick & Son 
Holt, Harry 
Holt, Horace Parr 
Holt, J
Holt, James
Holt, John 
Holt, Joseph 
Holt, Joseph Oliver 
Holt, M 
Holt, R 
Holt, Richard 
Holt, Robert 
Holt, W 
Holt, William 
Holtby, Lance 
Holte, Thomas Frank 
Holwill, Fred Cyril 
Holy Croft Photographic Studio
Holyoak & Son
Holyoak, William H 
Holyoak, William H & Son (Henry)
Holyoake & Coates 
Holyoake, George S 
Holyoake, Walter Rowland
Holyoake, Walter Rowland 
Holywood Portraits 
Holzheimer & Sayer
Holzheimer, Louis (aka Louie Holzeimer)
Home & Co 
Home Photographic Co
Home Portrait Co 
Homer, Alfred 
Homer, Elijah James 
Homer, James Edward 
Homer, John 
Homes for Orphans
Homes, Henry 
Homolka, Jaroslav 
Hone, William 
Honey, Alfred
Honey, Alfred & Brandenburg (Honey & Brandenburg)
Honey, Alfred Theodore
Honey, Alfred Theodore & Co
Honey, William Griffiths Earle
Honey, William Henry 
Honeyman & Co 
Honeywell, Frank 
Hood & Co  Ltd 
Hood, Alex 
Hood, Arthur 
Hood, C 
Hood, David 
Hood, Eliza (Lisa) (Miss)
Hood, Elizabeth (Miss)
Hood, Emilie (Miss)
Hood, Emilie (Mrs)  
Hood, G 
Hood, Harold 
Hood, J A 
Hood, J C 
Hood, James 
Hood, John 
Hood, John & Hood, R 
Hood, John Dawson 
Hood, John Roy 
Hood, Oliver (aka Oliver Hodd)
Hood, Robert G D 
Hood, Thomas
Hood, Thomas 
Hook, W E 
Hooke, J
Hooke, William Henry 
Hooker, T
Hoole, Charles 
Hoole, Edward 
Hoole, Henry Frederick & Co 
Hoole, J 
Hooley, Charles 
Hooley, Harold 
Hooper & Moffatt
Hooper & Wyeth 
Hooper, Barry 
Hooper, Charles E 
Hooper, Douglas 
Hooper, E F
Hooper, George
Hooper, Gladys (Mrs)  
Hooper, James C
Hooper, John 
Hooper, Joseph
Hooper, Samuel 
Hooper, Turner & Co 
Hooper, William 
Hooper, William & Atherton (Hooper & Atherton)
Hooton, Albert WIlliam 
Hooton, James
Hooton, R E
Hope & Co 
Hope, Charles A 
Hope, Frederick 
Hope, Morten 
Hopgood, Ann & Mary (The Misses Hopgood)
Hopgood, E 
Hopgood, Edward 
Hopgood, Edwin James
Hopgood, J 
Hopkin & Williams 
Hopkin, L E 
Hopkins & Ainsworth
Hopkins Brothers (John Hopkins & Alfred G Hopkins)
Hopkins Frank L
Hopkins, Cuthbert John 
Hopkins, E & C
Hopkins, E W C 
Hopkins, Ernest
Hopkins, Ernest (aka Ernest Hopkin)
Hopkins, Frank 
Hopkins, Frederick 
Hopkins, Richard 
Hopkins, Richard & Hicks (Hopkins & Hicks)
Hopkins, T F 
Hopkins, T F & Ainsworth (Hopkins & Ainsworth)
Hopkins, W
Hopkins, Walter
Hopkins, William 
Hopkinson, Frederick 
Hoppe, Emil Otto 
Hopper & Spry 
Hopper, Edwin 
Hopper, Henry 
Hopper, James 
Hopper, Joseph L 
Hopper, T
Hopper, W
Hopperton, Herbert 
Hopperton, Herbert Joseph 
Hopperton, Hubert Joseph 
Hopperton, S H 
Hopps, Frank 
Hopson, Alfred 
Hopson, Charles 
Hopson, George 
Hopson, J 
Hopwood & Co 
Hopwood (Mr)
Hopwood Brothers
Hopwood, Ethel (Miss)  
Hopwood, F 
Hopwood, Frank 
Hopwood, Frederick 
Hopwood, J
Hopwood, J 
Hopwood, John
Hopwood, Peter
Hopwood, Peter & Co
Hopwood, Robert
Hopwood, W & Co
Horbury, Charles 
Hore, P P 
Hore, W 
Horfield, Charles 
Horgan Brothers
Horlington, William 
Horlington, William Harry
Horlock, Henry Dutton 
Horlor, H
Horn, Benjamin
Horn, Edward Daniel 
Horn, James 
Horn, R S
Horn, R S & H S Williams (Horn & Williams)
Horn, Richard Sabin
Horn, S 
Horn, Salim N
Hornalah, Y 
Hornalha, J 
Hornby, Arnold 
Hornby, Cyril A
Horne, A (Mrs) (aka Mrs L Horne)
Horne, Adam G 
Horne, Arthur 
Horne, David 
Horne, Fallon & Thornthwaite, William Henry Emilien (Horne & Thornthwaite)
Horne, Grant 
Horne, Israel 
Horne, R
Horne, R 
Horne, Russell 
Horne, William Henry 
Horne, William Robert 
Horner, Anthony
Horner, Anthony & Son
Horner, Arthur 
Horner, B 
Horner, Betty M (Mrs)  
Horner, Elizabeth (Mrs)  
Horner, James
Horner, James 
Horner, Michael 
Horner, R 
Horner, W 
Horner, William 
Hornett, John Francis 
Hornsby, George
Hornsby, J (Mrs)
Hornsell, W C (aka W C Horsnell)
Hornsey, C
Horobin, George 
Horrex & Bird 
Horrick, John & Co
Horrobine, Elizabeth (Mrs)  
Horrobine, William 
Horrocks, J E
Horrocks, Joseph R 
Horsburgh, John
Horsburgh, John & Son
Horsburgh, John Alfred
Horsburgh, John Alfred & Son
Horse Shoe Photographic Co 
Horsey, Alfred 
Horsfall, E
Horsfall, E 
Horsfall, J G (Joseph Greenwood?)
Horsfall, M M
Horsfield, Ernest Lockwood 
Horsler, S S 
Horsley, Jessie (Mrs)
Horsnaille, Florence 
Horswill & Palmer
Horswill, Edward
Horton & Jennings 
Horton, A 
Horton, Alfred E 
Horton, Alfred E & Co
Horton, Charles H 
Horton, H 
Horton, Henry
Horton, L M (Miss)
Horton, Smith & Willis 
Horton, W 
Horwich, Maurice 
Hosford, F F 
Hosford, Frederick 
Hosier, James Charles
Hosier, James Charles 
Hoskins, Alfred Charles 
Hoskins, Edward 
Hoskins, Paul 
Hosler, Edward E 
Hosler, W T
Hosler, William Charles 
Hosmer & Arthur
Hosmer, Archibald William 
Hotham, William R 
Hothersall Brothers
Hotson & Alford 
Hough, Ernest 
Hough, William 
Houghton & Payne
Houghton Limited 
Houghton, Arthur Bale
Houghton, C J 
Houghton, Ernest C 
Houghton, G 
Houghton, George Edwin
Houghton, George Edwin Ltd
Houghton, James & Co
Houghton, John
Houghton, Mary (Miss)
Houghton, Thomas Richard
Houlding, T H 
Houldsworth, G 
Houlson, R
Houlson, Robert Isaac
Hoult, Charles
Hoult, Charles 
Houlton Brothers 
Houlton, Ernest 
Hounsell, J 
Hourston, John 
House, H
Houseman & Williams 
Housley, William (aka William Houseley)
Houtson, Margaret 
Hove, Percy P 
How, Irene Emmie (Miss) 
Howard & Alan Ltd 
Howard & Jones Ltd
Howard & Regina 
Howard & Saunders 
Howard & Tansley 
Howard Jones Roberts & Leete Ltd
Howard, Brereton Dwarris
Howard, Charles & Son 
Howard, Charlie (Charles)
Howard, E S (Miss)
Howard, Ernest 
Howard, Evelyn (Miss)  
Howard, F (Mrs)  
Howard, G H 
Howard, George A 
Howard, Gwyneth & Howard, Evelyn (Misses)  
Howard, H H 
Howard, Henry 
Howard, Herbert 
Howard, James William 
Howard, John 
Howard, Mary (Mrs)  
Howard, Maurice
Howard, Orlando
Howard, Percy 
Howard, S
Howard, S & Sons
Howard, Thomas Cecil 
Howard, Thomas William
Howard, W B
Howard, William 
Howard, William  
Howard, William Parkes 
Howards, Herbert 
Howarth, Albert Ernest 
Howarth, Charles 
Howarth, George 
Howarth, John
Howarth, John & Co
Howarth, R E
Howarth, William
Howden, F 
Howe, Cyril 
Howe, George D 
Howe, John (Jonathan) (aka John Howie)
Howe, L T 
Howe, Richard 
Howe, T (not Thomas Howe from Somerset)
Howe, Thomas (not T B Howe)
Howe, Thomas Brownrigg
Howe, Thomas E 
Howe, Thomas Edward 
Howe, Thomas Leuthwaite (aka T L How)
Howell & Adams 
Howell Brothers 
Howell, A S
Howell, Albert 
Howell, Alfred 
Howell, Charles
Howell, Charles & Son
Howell, Francis 
Howell, Henry 
Howell, J 
Howell, James & Co 
Howell, John 
Howell, T
Howell, Thomas 
Howell, W Martin
Howell, William 
Howells, E 
Howells, F H 
Howells, Frederick
Howells, G
Howells, John 
Howells, John (aka John Howell)
Howells, T C 
Hower, E  James 
Howers, George 
Howes & Lowther 
Howes & Rollin
Howes, Arthur John 
Howes, Ethel Gertrude (Miss) & Co 
Howes, H 
Howes, Hubert C
Howes, James
Howes, Michael James 
Howes, Robert William 
Howett, William
Howett, William & Co 
Howiantz, Lucas 
Howie & Bonne, T J (Howie & Bonne)
Howie, Ann 
Howie, D 
Howie, David Lamont 
Howie, David Lamont & Co 
Howie, H 
Howie, J 
Howie, James 
Howie, James (Junior)
Howie, James (Senior)
Howie, John 
Howie, John Bruce & Findlay (Howie & Findlay)
Howie, Lindsay G 
Howie, Mary 
Howie, Thomas 
Howie, William 
Howitt, C A
Howland, Edward H 
Howle, F 
Howle, H
Howle, Henry 
Howle, Henry (Mrs)
Howle, William 
Howlett, Charles Henry 
Howlett, Herbert
Howlett, James 
Howlett, James Edward 
Howlett, Joseph
Howlett, Robert 
Howley, Charles 
Howlier, H 
Howorth, Harold Edwin
Howorth, Harold Edwin Ltd (aka Harold Edwin Howarth Ltd)
Howsley, Fred R 
Howson, W
Howson, William George 
Howton, John 
Hoy, E C 
Hoyland, George 
Hoyle, Arthur Edward 
Hoyle, Campbell Ltd 
Hoyle, Henry 
Hoyle, John 
Hoyle, John W 
Hoyle, W 
Hoyle, William T 
Hoyles, Arthur Edward 
Hoyles, Arthur Edward & Co
Hubbard, Arthur 
Hubbard, F H
Hubbard, George Vincent 
Hubbard, J W
Hubbard, John & Co
Hubbard, John H 
Hubbard, Vincent 
Hubbard, William John (aka John Hubbard)
Hubble, Henry James 
Huber (Madame) 
Huber, Augustus Charles (aka A C Hubert)
Hubere, Hubert 
Hubert, Eugene 
Hubert, Henry 
Hubert, Joseph 
Hubert, V
Hubert, Victor
Huck, Richard
Huck, Robert 
Huckbody, Ann 
Huddart, J J 
Huddersfield Photo Co
Hudgell, Henry 
Hudsmith, W H
Hudson & Baker 
Hudson & Co
Hudson & Co (aka Hudson Studios Ltd)
Hudson & Co (Hudson, R H & Co)
Hudson & Keans Ltd 
Hudson & Makepeace 
Hudson & Sons
Hudson Brothers 
Hudson Photo Service 
Hudson Studio Ltd
Hudson Studios Ltd 
Hudson, A (Miss)
Hudson, Arthur
Hudson, Arthur 
Hudson, Benjamin 
Hudson, Charles 
Hudson, Charles  George 
Hudson, Charles Augustus 
Hudson, Charles G 
Hudson, Edward 
Hudson, Edwin 
Hudson, F 
Hudson, Frank T 
Hudson, Frederick
Hudson, Frederick & Purnell, Joseph (Hudson & Purnell)
Hudson, Frederick Augustus
Hudson, Frederick Augustus & Son
Hudson, G H 
Hudson, George Bradfield 
Hudson, George Henry Ernest 
Hudson, Harry (aka G H E Hudson?)
Hudson, Isaac 
Hudson, J 
Hudson, John 
Hudson, M (W?)
Hudson, Peter 
Hudson, R 
Hudson, Richard
Hudson, Samuel Greenwood 
Hudson, Walter 
Hudson, William 
Hudson, William Arthur  
Huey, Harold Frank 
Huff, James
Huff, James & Son
Huff, John William 
Huff, William John 
Huffell, H 
Huggins, F A 
Huggins, John 
Huggins, Thomas A (aka F Auguste)
Huggon & Co 
Huggon, William & Briggs, Thomas Henry (Huggon & Briggs)
Huggon, William (aka William Huggor)
Hugh White Studio Ltd 
Hugh, Cecil Portraits Ltd
Hugh, D J 
Hugh, Marr & Garnham Studios 
Hugh, William 
Hughes & Calcott
Hughes & Co 
Hughes & Davies 
Hughes & Sons
Hughes Brothers
Hughes Studio 
Hughes, A
Hughes, A 
Hughes, Alfred 
Hughes, Alfred T 
Hughes, Alice (Miss) 
Hughes, Arthur 
Hughes, Brooke 
Hughes, Charles 
Hughes, Cornelius Jabez
Hughes, Cornelius Jabez & Mullins, Gustav (Hughes & Mullins)
Hughes, D
Hughes, D & A 
Hughes, D H
Hughes, David 
Hughes, De Bosco 
Hughes, E D 
Hughes, Edward 
Hughes, Edward F 
Hughes, Edward James 
Hughes, Edward S 
Hughes, Edward W 
Hughes, Ernest 
Hughes, F
Hughes, F 
Hughes, Frank 
Hughes, Frederick
Hughes, Frederick & Co
Hughes, Frederick (Fred)
Hughes, Frederick Henry 
Hughes, G 
Hughes, G (Miss)  
Hughes, George (1)
Hughes, George (2)
Hughes, George (3)
Hughes, George J 
Hughes, Guy & Co
Hughes, H 
Hughes, H Claude
Hughes, Henry
Hughes, Henry & Son
Hughes, Herbert C 
Hughes, Hugh J
Hughes, Hugh J 
Hughes, Isaac
Hughes, Isaac 
Hughes, J
Hughes, J 
Hughes, John 
Hughes, John Cartwright 
Hughes, John R 
Hughes, John W 
Hughes, Joseph 
Hughes, M 
Hughes, Marc
Hughes, Mark Thomas 
Hughes, Morris 
Hughes, N A (Mrs) 
Hughes, O & D 
Hughes, Oswald
Hughes, Owen 
Hughes, R 
Hughes, R & W
Hughes, Richard 
Hughes, Richard R 
Hughes, Robert 
Hughes, Robert R 
Hughes, Rowland 
Hughes, S H 
Hughes, Scarman & Hughes 
Hughes, T 
Hughes, T H 
Hughes, Thomas 
Hughes, Thomas Christopher 
Hughes, Thomas G 
Hughes, Thomas H
Hughes, Thomas L 
Hughes, W E 
Hughes, W W & Edmonds (Hughes & Edmonds)
Hughes, Walt 
Hughes, Walter 
Hughes, Walter L 
Hughes, William
Hughes, William 
Hughes, William Griffith 
Hughes, William Walter 
Hugo (aka Hugo Studios)
Huish, Alexander 
Huish, William 
Hull Press Agency (aka Hull Press Photo Agency)
Hull, A
Hull, Arthur 
Hull, Charles 
Hull, Ernest Charles 
Hull, F 
Hull, Henry Edmonds 
Hull, William
Hull, William 
Hulland, William T 
Hullen, Arthur (aka Arthur Huelin)
Hulman & Co 
Hulme, Arthur 
Hulme, John 
Hulme, Joshua K 
Hulme, T
Hulme, Thomas 
Hulme, William & Co  
Hulse & Co 
Hulse, Fred 
Hulse, Jesse Gray 
Hulse, T 
Hulse, Thomas 
Hulton, James 
Hum, David
Hum, David & Bishopp (Hum & Bishopp)
Hum, David & Co
Hum, David & Roberts (Hum & Roberts)
Hum, Frederick W 
Hum, Robert 
Hum, Thomas Edward 
Humby, John Moore 
Hume, Robert 
Hume, T O 
Humfrey, Harold 
Humphrey & Finch
Humphrey, Arthur James 
Humphrey, C
Humphrey, Charles Leonard 
Humphrey, Charles Thomas 
Humphrey, Dorothy (Miss)  
Humphrey, Edgar E 
Humphrey, Elsie Margaret (Miss)
Humphrey, Frederick 
Humphrey, Henry 
Humphrey, James 
Humphrey, John 
Humphrey, John Gemmel
Humphrey, Lillie (Miss) 
Humphrey, Matthew Henry 
Humphrey, W H & Son
Humphrey, William 
Humphreys & Finch (aka Humphrey & Finch)
Humphreys, Amphlett & Co
Humphreys, Clement
Humphreys, G 
Humphreys, G & Helliwell (Humphreys & Helliwell)
Humphreys, G & Whaite (Humphreys & Whaite)
Humphreys, Henry V
Humphreys, Hugh
Humphreys, Hugh – executors of the late
Humphreys, James William 
Humphreys, John
Humphreys, Joseph
Humphreys, Joshua William 
Humphries & Baker 
Humphries, Charles 
Humphries, Frank Robert 
Humphries, J 
Humphries, Thomas 
Humphries, William H B 
Humphry, W F
Humphry, W F & Co
Hunn, H 
Hunn, William Thomas
Hunneman, C
Hunnings, W J & Hunnings, H
Hunt & Co
Hunt & Son 
Hunt & Thornton 
Hunt (Mr)
Hunt, A J 
Hunt, Albert 
Hunt, Albert Edward 
Hunt, Alfred W & Co
Hunt, Arthur Hill 
Hunt, Ashley Octavius 
Hunt, Benjamin F 
Hunt, Bert 
Hunt, Bertram 
Hunt, Cecil F 
Hunt, Charles 
Hunt, Claude 
Hunt, Davis & Hunt 
Hunt, E 
Hunt, Edgar Surridge 
Hunt, Edward 
Hunt, Ernest
Hunt, Frederick William
Hunt, G I 
Hunt, George
Hunt, George Hill 
Hunt, George Hill & Co
Hunt, H H 
Hunt, Harry George Basham 
Hunt, Henry
Hunt, Henry Doddridge 
Hunt, Henry William 
Hunt, Horace E
Hunt, J  (possibly James Hunt)
Hunt, James Ernest 
Hunt, James Ernest & Son
Hunt, John
Hunt, John & Co
Hunt, John & Fryer, Charles (Hunt & Fryer)
Hunt, John & Son
Hunt, Joseph James 
Hunt, Maud (Mrs)
Hunt, Philip G 
Hunt, Robert 
Hunt, S  Wallace 
Hunt, Sarah (Mrs)
Hunt, T
Hunt, Terry 
Hunt, Thomas 
Hunt, Thomas B (Junior)
Hunter & Sons 
Hunter (Messrs)
Hunter, Alexander & Sons 
Hunter, Andrew 
Hunter, Charles 
Hunter, Dorothy Isabelle (Mrs)
Hunter, E (Mrs)
Hunter, F
Hunter, Frederick W 
Hunter, Frederick William 
Hunter, G R 
Hunter, G Stenhouse
Hunter, H
Hunter, Henry
Hunter, Hugh
Hunter, J 
Hunter, J (possibly James E Hunter)
Hunter, J W 
Hunter, James 
Hunter, James E
Hunter, John S
Hunter, John S 
Hunter, John Y 
Hunter, Kate (Miss)
Hunter, Norman 
Hunter, R F Limited
Hunter, Thomas 
Hunter, W & W 
Hunter, W J & Co
Hunter, William
Hunter, William & Son
Hunter, William A (aka William A Hunters)
Hunter, William B 
Hunters Border Photographic Saloon
Huntingford, Rodney H 
Huntington, Robert William 
Huntley, James 
Huntley, William Alfred 
Huntley’s Studio 
Huntly, John Lysnar (aka J L Huntley)
Hunton & Carling 
Hunton, George 
Huntroyd, Joseph 
Hunt’s Studio 
Hunwick, John 
Hurd, Fred Charles Durbin
Hurley, Hetty (Mrs)
Hurn, David 
Hurrell, Frederick G 
Hurst & Lane 
Hurst & Sons 
Hurst, H B 
Hurst, H B & Wallis (Hurst & Wallis)
Hurst, Henry 
Hurst, Marrin & Mason 
Hurst, S 
Hurst, Stanley 
Hurst, William 
Hurst, William Henry 
Hurt & Sibbald Ltd
Hurton, F 
Hurwich, Morris 
Husbands & Sons 
Huskinson, George 
Huson, Thomas 
Huston, W C
Hutcheon, William 
Hutcheson, Alexander & Son 
Hutcheson, R C 
Hutcheson, William J 
Hutchin, Richard
Hutchin, William
Hutchings, Samuel 
Hutchings, Thomas 
Hutchings, Thomas & Orchard (Hutchings & Orchard)
Hutchins & Moore 
Hutchins, H C
Hutchins, Henry 
Hutchinson & Moore 
Hutchinson & Rowlandson 
Hutchinson & Russell 
Hutchinson & Svendsen 
Hutchinson, Albert 
Hutchinson, Alex C 
Hutchinson, Alfred James 
Hutchinson, Cyril C 
Hutchinson, Florence Amelia (Mrs)
Hutchinson, George Thomas 
Hutchinson, H E 
Hutchinson, Hugh William 
Hutchinson, J R
Hutchinson, James
Hutchinson, James Herbert 
Hutchinson, Madeline R (Miss) 
Hutchinson, May (Miss)  
Hutchinson, Percy 
Hutchinson, Robert Bell 
Hutchinson, Simon 
Hutchinson, Thomas (aka Thomas Hutchison)
Hutchinson, Thomas Cecil Lumley 
Hutchinson, Thomas James 
Hutchinson, Victor  Jubilee (aka Victor King)
Hutchinson, W 
Hutchinson, William 
Hutchison, Agnes 
Hutchison, Alexander 
Hutchison, Alexander C (aka Hutchison’s Studio)
Hutchison, Henry 
Hutchison, John P
Hutchison, William 
Huth, William 
Huther, Edmund
Huther, Mary (Mrs)
Hutley, Sidney Arthur 
Hutt, J 
Hutt, William 
Hutton & Nesbitt 
Hutton, John M 
Hutton, T B
Hutton, T B 
Hutton, William (Junior)
Hutton-Preston, George Henry 
Huxley, Henry 
Huxley, Walter 
Hyam, Charles Vickris 
Hyam, Frederick 
Hyam, Frederick (aka Frederick Hyman)
Hyam, Henry 
Hyams, R 
Hyams, Reuben
Hyams, Soloman 
Hyatt & Hyatt
Hyatt, H H 
Hyatt, Hallett 
Hyatt, James H L 
Hyatt, W J
Hyatt, W J 
Hyde Photographic Co 
Hyde, Arthur Leopold 
Hyde, Henry 
Hyde, James 
Hyde, James Edwin
Hyde, Joseph C 
Hyde, Joseph Challoner & Co
Hyde, William Dennis
Hyett, A 
Hyland, W F 
Hylton, Claude 
Hyman, Alfred 
Hyman, Louis 
Hynd, George 
Hyne & Co 
Hyne, Elsie K (Miss) 
Hyson Green Studio
Hysum, G E
Hysum, G E 
I D L Ltd 
Ibbetson, William
Ibbister, James P
Ibbitson, John
Ibbotson, David
Ibbs, Robert Carol
Ickringill & Cox
Iddon, Kathleen (Miss) 
Ideal Art Studios 
Ideal London Studios Ltd  (aka Ideal Studios )
Ideal Photo Co 
Ideal Studio
Ideal Studios
Iffland, George & Co
Ilissie, Henry
Ilissie, Henry (aka Henry Iliffe 1912-16)
Illidge, John David & Sheppard, Samuel (Illidge & Sheppard)
Illingworth, Hobson
Illingworth, James
Illingworth, Thomas & Co
Illingworth, Thomas (1)
Illingworth, Thomas (2)
Illingworth, William
Illingworth, William & Co
Illustrated Photos 
Imai, Kinye
Imboden, Walter
Imperial Aerial Photo Co 
Imperial Art Co
Imperial Art Portrait Co 
Imperial Art Studios 
Imperial Arts Guild 
Imperial Cafe Studio
Imperial Enlarging Co 
Imperial French Photographic Company
Imperial Photo Co
Imperial Photo Portrait Company
Imperial Photographic Co 
Imperial Portrait Co 
Imperial Press Agency 
Imperial Press Photo Co 
Imperial School of Photography
Imperial Studio
Imperial Studios
Imperial Studios & Photoworks 
Impett, W S
Ince, Joseph
Inchbold, Edward Stanley
Ind, Constance Jerrom
Indelible Process Co Ltd
Industrial Photographers Ltd 
Ineson, Edward
Ingamells, Charles
Inge, John C
Inger, Albert E
Inggs, E (Mrs) & Inggs, George (E & G Inggs)
Inggs, George
Ingham & Aspinall
Ingham, Arthur
Ingham, F
Ingham, Frank
Ingham, H
Ingham, James W
Ingham, John
Ingham, John & Sons
Ingham, R
Ingham, Robert
Ingle, Walter
Ingleby, Benjamin
Ingles & Capstaff 
Inglis, Alexander Adam
Inglis, Bernard
Inglis, Byng
Inglis, David
Inglis, David (Mrs) 
Inglis, Fernie
Inglis, Francis Caird
Inglis, Frederick Byng
Inglis, George
Inglis, James
Inglis, Robert
Inglose-Grahame Studio 
Ingmire, W F
Ingram Brothers 
Ingram Photographic Service 
Ingram, A G
Ingram, Alexander
Ingram, Andrew
Ingram, George Augustus (Junior)
Ingram, Gordon & Co
Ingram, Richard
Ingram, William
Ingram, William W
Inkster, James
Inman & Holt 
Inman, David
Inman, Dot (Miss) 
Inman, E
Inman, E R
Innerdale, Gilbert
Innes, Alexander
Innes, Andrew
Innes, J E
Innes, John Weaver
Innes, John Weaver & Bates (Innes & Bates)
Innes, Samuel Donald
Innes, Thomas Everitt
Inns, James Griffiths (aka J G Innes)
Inograph Co Ltd
Inshaw, John
Inskip, G
Inskip, George
Inskip, James
Inskip, John
Inskip, Richard
Inskipp, Henry Guy (aka Henry Guy Inskip)
Instantaneous Photographic Studio 
Instantaneous Portrait Company
Instead, Howard
Institute of Photography 
International Art Co 
International Art Studio
International Fine Art Co 
International Fine Art Co Ltd
International Graphic Press 
International Photo Co
International Photo Gravure Service Ltd 
International Still Studio Ltd 
Inverness Photo Co 
Inverness Stereoscopic & Portrait Company 
Invicta Photographic Co
Ionides, Basil
Ions, David
Ireland, C S
Ireland, Charles
Ireland, Charles & James
Ireland, Charles S
Ireland, David
Ireland, Edward
Ireland, Frank
Ireland, Fred
Ireland, J
Ireland, J & D
Ireland, J & Son
Ireland, James
Ireland, James E & Co
Ireland, James S
Ireland, Joseph
Ireland, Thomas & Co
Ireson, O
Ireson, William A
Iris, Henry
Ironmongar, Henry
Irons, David
Irons, James
Irons, John
Irons, John C M
Irons, W
Ironside, A J
Irvin & Co 
Irvin, Kate
Irvine & Co 
Irvine, B
Irvine, J R
Irvine, Robert
Irvine, Robert & Son
Irvine, T M
Irvine, T M & W
Irving, George Washington
Irving, Henry
Irving, Thomas
Irving, Thomas W
Irving, William Elliot
Irwell, Jethro
Irwin, James
Irwin, John
Isaac, William A
Isaacs, Albert Henry & Isaacs, Edwin Alfred
Isaacs, David
Isaacs, Eleazer
Isaacs, Eleazer & Isaacs, Henry
Isaacs, Hymon
Isaacs, James
Isaacs, John
Isaacs, Joseph Bennett
Isard, Alfred John
Isard’s Studio
Isherwood, Abraham
Isherwood, Alfred
Isherwood, I
Isherwood, John
Islington Photo Printing Co 
Islip, Ernest
Ismay, Olive W & Taylor (Misses) (Ismay & Taylor)
Ismay, Olive W (Miss) 
Isograph Co 
Ison, Samuel
Issacs, J
Issott, George & Issot, Charles
Issott, Thomas
Istana Studio
Ival, William
Ives, Dorothea & Bullingham (Ives & Bullingham)
Ives, J
Ives, Leslie T
Ivimey & Ward 
Ivimey, Elizabeth (Mrs) 
Ivor Photographic Works 
Ivorine Photo Works 
Ivy Photo Co 
Ivy Photo Studio 
Ivy Series 
Izant, H
Izard, Edwin
Izon, William
Izzard, William
J & J Studios
Jack, Andrew
Jack, M H
Jack, Robert
Jack, Samuel & David
Jack, Samuel Wilson Bird
Jacklett, Ellen (Mrs) (aka Mrs Helen Jacklett)
Jacklett, Ellen (Mrs) (aka Mrs Helen Jacklett) t/a J W Jacklett
Jacklett, J (Senior)
Jacklett, Joseph
Jacklett, Joseph William
Jacklett, Joseph William (Mrs)
Jackman, S & H
Jackolett & Co (Messrs)
Jackolett (Mons)
Jackolett (Mr)
Jackolett, J
Jackolett, J (aka Mr Jackolett)
Jacks Brothers
Jacks, J & Co
Jacks, John
Jacks, William
Jackson & Briggs
Jackson & Co
Jackson & Jury
Jackson & Williams
Jackson Brothers
Jackson, A
Jackson, A & F
Jackson, A (Miss)
Jackson, A J
Jackson, Albert
Jackson, Alex D
Jackson, Alexander
Jackson, Arthur
Jackson, Arthur T
Jackson, B
Jackson, C
Jackson, C A
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Charles Arthur
Jackson, Charles J
Jackson, F
Jackson, F E (F C)
Jackson, F S
Jackson, Francis E
Jackson, Frank
Jackson, Frank Marsland
Jackson, G
Jackson, George
Jackson, George B
Jackson, George H
Jackson, George Julian
Jackson, H J & Son
Jackson, Harry
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Henry T
Jackson, Herbert
Jackson, Herbert J
Jackson, Herbert J & Son
Jackson, J
Jackson, J (Junior)
Jackson, J H
Jackson, J T
Jackson, Jacob
Jackson, James
Jackson, James T
Jackson, John
Jackson, John Herbert
Jackson, John Robert
Jackson, John Stanhope & Co
Jackson, John William
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Joseph William
Jackson, Josiah
Jackson, Junia S
Jackson, Lambert
Jackson, Magnus
Jackson, N (Mrs)
Jackson, Oswald
Jackson, Percy B
Jackson, Philip F
Jackson, R
Jackson, R A
Jackson, R W & Co
Jackson, Raymond L
Jackson, Richard
Jackson, Richard Charles
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, S (Mrs)
Jackson, Samuel
Jackson, Solomon
Jackson, T & M
Jackson, T C
Jackson, T W
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, Thomas C
Jackson, Thomas Henry
Jackson, W G
Jackson, William
Jackson, William (Junior)
Jacksons Faces Ltd
Jacky, A H
Jacob, Arthur Lewis (Louis)
Jacob, William Henry
Jacobs, A & D
Jacobs, Dave W (aka Dave W Jacubs)
Jacobs, Francis Walter
Jacobs, Montague
Jacobs, Samuel
Jacobsberg, Alfred
Jacolette, Martin
Jacomb, Charles Edwin
Jacomelli, G
Jacques, Arthur
Jacques, J
Jacques, John (Junior)
Jacquier & Peroni
Jacquier, Joseph
Jacubs, Arthur L (aka Arthur L Jacobs)
Jagger, Moses
Jaggs, E J
Jago & Jago
Jago & Robson
Jagoe, Henry
Jajneey, Joseph
Jakeman & Carver
Jakeway & Terrington
Jakeway, Joseph Frederick
Jamblin, Edit S
Jamblin, John
James & Co
James & James
James & Nesbitt
James (Mr)
James, A
James, Alfred
James, Alfred John
James, Arthur
James, Arthur & Son
James, Arthur John
James, B
James, Benjamin
James, Bennett
James, Bennett & Co (B James & Co)
James, Charles
James, Clarence
James, D Brook & Co
James, David O
James, Douglas
James, Edgar & Co
James, Edward
James, Eric
James, Frank
James, Frederick
James, G
James, George
James, Hannah (Mrs)
James, Harry J
James, Henry
James, J
James, Jean (Miss)
James, John
James, John Albert
James, Joseph Richard
James, Oliver & Co Ltd
James, Richard
James, R
James, T C
James, T D
James, W
James, W J
James, Walter
James, William
James, William & Co
James, William B
James, William Smith
Jameson, Claude William (Jamson?)
Jameson, J W (Jamson?)
Jameson, James
James’s Press Agency
Jamieson & Cowsill
Jamieson Brothers
Jamieson, J
Jamieson, James
Jamieson, James H
Jamieson, James Henry
Jamieson, Robert
Jamieson, W & Co
Jamieson, William
Jamieson, William (aka William Jameson)
Jamiesons Studio
Jamouneau, A J
Jamson Brothers & Co
Jamson, Charles
Jamson, Claude & Jamson, Norman (also Photo Postcard Publishers)
Jamson, Claude William
Jamson, George R
Jamson, J & C
Jamson, J W C
Jamson, J William
Jamson, John William
Jancowski, H
Jancowski, Harry Ltd
Jane, Alfred Arthur
Janeck, Rudolph A
Janeck, William
Jaques, J
Jaques, J & Gay (Jaques & Gay)
Jaques, John (Jno)
Jaques, William
Jaques, William Henry
Jaques, William Henry (aka William Henry Jacques)
Jaquiery, Joseph
Jarche, Freres
Jarchy, Amelia (Mrs)
Jarchy, Arnold L
Jardine, David A
Jardine, Thomas
Jarman, A
Jarman, A H
Jarman, Alfred James
Jarman, H I
Jarman, H J
Jarman, Henry
Jarman, Winifred Mary (Mrs)
Jarratt, T
Jarrett, Abraham
Jarrett, George H
Jarrett, J
Jarrett, J W
Jarrett, James
Jarrett, James (aka James Jarrott)
Jarrett, James W
Jarrett, M (Mrs)
Jarrold & Sons Ltd
Jarvis & Brealey
Jarvis H
Jarvis, A W
Jarvis, B
Jarvis, Caroline
Jarvis, Florence (Miss)
Jarvis, George
Jarvis, Henry
Jarvis, Henry J
Jarvis, J
Jarvis, James E (proprietor)
Jarvis, John
Jarvis, Robert 
Jarvis, Robert & Son
Jarvis, Sarah
Jarvis, Vivian Porritt
Jarvis, W
Jarvis, William
Jarvis, William Edward
Jasper, George Henry
Javelot, Auguste
Javelot, Rebecca
Jay, Albert Edward
Jay, Hubert
Jaycock, E & Son
Jaye & King
Jaye, Ruby (Miss) 
Jayes, G
Jay’s Photo Publishing Co
Jay’s Pictorial Post Card Co
Jeakins, Albert E (aka Albert E Jenkins)
Jeanes, Sidney J
Jeanes, Sidney J & Cooke (Jeanes & Cooke)
Jeary’s Photographic Rooms
Jeboult, Edward
Jedwabnitsky, Stanislas
Jee, Thomas
Jefferies & Co
Jefferson, Beatrice (Miss)
Jefferson, E T
Jefferson, H
Jefferson, J
Jeffery & Ward
Jeffery, Albert
Jeffery, Andrew Edgar
Jeffery, Benjamin
Jeffery, Benjemin
Jeffery, Charles (aka Charles Jeffrey)
Jeffery, Francis H
Jeffery, George
Jeffery, Percy
Jeffery, R E
Jeffery, R E & Boarder (Jeffery & Boarder)
Jeffery, R E & McLeod (Jeffery& McLeod)
Jeffery, William
Jefferys, Mary Ann (Mrs)
Jefferys, William
Jeffray Brothers
Jeffray, Andrew Edgar
Jeffray, Edward (aka Edward Jeffrey)
Jeffray, Richard
Jeffray, William
Jeffray, William George
Jeffrey, Benjamin
Jeffrey, Lewis
Jeffrey, William
Jeffreys, T
Jeffries & Co Ltd
Jeffries, Alfred Frederick
Jeffries, George Edward
Jeffries, William
Jelf, William
Jelfs, Fras G
Jellicoe, E P
Jelly, Henry
Jenkins & Payne
Jenkins, Albert
Jenkins, Albert Edward
Jenkins, C
Jenkins, Charles
Jenkins, Christopher William
Jenkins, Cyril
Jenkins, D
Jenkins, E M
Jenkins, Edward Thomas
Jenkins, Edward Thomas & Remy, Auguste (Jenkins & Remy)
Jenkins, Ernest
Jenkins, F
Jenkins, Frederick
Jenkins, George
Jenkins, Harry
Jenkins, Henry
Jenkins, J
Jenkins, S
Jenkins, S B
Jenkins, S Philip
Jenkins, Samuel Payne
Jenkins, T
Jenkins, T & Son
Jenkins, Thomas J
Jenkins, W J (aka J W Jenkins)
Jenkins, Wilfrid Lawrence
Jenkinson Brothers
Jenkinson, E (Miss)
Jenkinson, Edward B
Jenkinson, J W
Jenkinson, John N
Jenkinson, Joseph
Jenkinson, Norman
Jenkinson, Samuel John
Jenkinson, T & Jenkinson, Joseph
Jenkinson, William
Jenks, George Dewsbury
Jenks, George Dewsbury (Mrs)
Jenkyns, W
Jenner & Co
Jenner, Phoebe & Jenner, Olivia (Misses)
Jenner, Wilfred T
Jennings & Hunton
Jennings & Hutchinson, Harold Percy (Jennings & Hutchinson)
Jennings (Mrs)
Jennings, A (Miss)
Jennings, Agnes (Miss)
Jennings, Albert E
Jennings, Alexander
Jennings, Alphonso & Co
Jennings, Charles
Jennings, Constantine
Jennings, Frank
Jennings, George
Jennings, Henry Benjamin
Jennings, Henry Constantine
Jennings, J & Co
Jennings, James
Jennings, John Payne
Jennings, Joseph
Jennings, Nelson
Jennings, Nelson (Mrs)
Jennings, R V (aka V R Jennings)
Jennings, Susan (Mrs)
Jennings, William
Jennings, Wilson W
Jenson, John Bennett
Jepson, Alfred
Jepson, Arthur
Jepson, Joseph
Jepson, W A
Jepson, William Warren
Jepson, William Warren & Co
Jeremy, H
Jerome Ltd (aka Jerome Studio Ltd & Jerome’s Studio)
Jerome, Alice (Mrs)
Jerome, V & A
Jerrard, George Milner Gibson (aka G M G Jerrad)
Jerrard, J T
Jerrard, John
Jerrems, William
Jerrome, J (Mr & Mrs)
Jerrome, Jenner
Jervis, A C
Jervis, Albert Charles
Jervons, J
Jessamine Photographic Studio (Lady Photographers)
Jesset, E M
Jessop, Frederick & Co
Jessop, Harry Trevor
Jessop, T & Co
Jessop, Turner
Jessop, W
Jessop, William J
Jessup, W
Jetta’s Studios
Jeuffrain, Paul
Jevons, Janet (Miss) (aka Janet Jevonde)
Jevons, Janet Ltd
Jewell, J
Jewell, John
Jewell, Jethro
Jewell, Joseph Henry
Jewell, Joshua
Jewers, A F
Jewes, John
Jewry, Frank Russell
Jewson, A E
Jewson, Alfred
Job Brothers
Job, Charles
Job, James
Joberns, Leveson
Jobling, E
Jobling, Edward
Jobling, Joseph
Jobson, C
Jobson, G
Jobson, George
Jocelyn, Fanny
Jockel, Norman Marshall & Co
Jod, A G
Joel, Myer
Joergans, F
Joergens, Ferdinand
Joesbury, W & Sons
Johansen, George (aka George Johanson)
John Bull Studios (Ltd)
John Street Studio
John, Henry
John, James
John, Thomas Lonser
Johnny Studio
Johns & Co
Johns Studios
Johns, Andrew J
Johns, E (Miss)
Johns, George
Johns, George & Son
Johns, Stafford
Johnson & Blackburn
Johnson & Logan
Johnson (of Litcham)
Johnson (possibly William)
Johnson Brothers
Johnson Brothers (Charles Edmund Johnson & Frederick Johnson )
Johnson, A
Johnson, A G
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Albert Edward
Johnson, Alexander
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Alice (Miss)
Johnson, Annie
Johnson, Anthony Mowbray
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, B T
Johnson, Bird & Co
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Charles (aka C J Farrow)
Johnson, Charles W
Johnson, Charlotte (Miss)
Johnson, David
Johnson, David Seymour
Johnson, Edith (Miss)
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Elizabeth (Miss)
Johnson, F J W
Johnson, Frederick
Johnson, Frederick Edward
Johnson, Frederick Henry
Johnson, G H
Johnson, George James
Johnson, H P
Johnson, Harry Laird
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry & Co
Johnson, J
Johnson, J (Mrs)
Johnson, J A
Johnson, J R
Johnson, James
Johnson, James Ambrose
Johnson, James S
Johnson, John
Johnson, John S
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Joseph (Joshua) James & Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, M (Miss)
Johnson, M A & Son
Johnson, Mary (Miss)
Johnson, Maud (Miss)
Johnson, Percival F
Johnson, R
Johnson, Reynold
Johnson, Richard James
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, S
Johnson, S l
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Simeon
Johnson, T & J M
Johnson, T T
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, W H
Johnson, W J
Johnson, W J B
Johnson, Ward
Johnson, William
Johnson, William & Farnsworth, Arthur (Johnson & Farnsworth)
Johnson, William & Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, William (Senior)
Johnson, William Alfred
Johnson, William Frederick
Johnson-Browne, E F
Johnston & Hoffmann
Johnston & Kay
Johnston & Mason
Johnston & Muse
Johnston, A R & Sons
Johnston, Alex
Johnston, Alexander
Johnston, Alfred
Johnston, Bertha (Mrs)
Johnston, D
Johnston, David (aka David Johnstone)
Johnston, Eva (Miss)
Johnston, G
Johnston, George
Johnston, George James
Johnston, Harry
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, Henry (aka Henry Johnson)
Johnston, Henry Carson
Johnston, Henry Eugene
Johnston, Henry Eugene & Co
Johnston, James
Johnston, John
Johnston, John A
Johnston, John Dudley
Johnston, R
Johnston, W C (aka H C Johnston?)
Johnston, W H
Johnston, Walter
Johnston, William
Johnston, William Bruce
Johnstone, Arthur
Johnstone, Arthur W
Johnstone, David
Johnstone, George
Johnstone, Herbert
Johnstone, J & T
Johnstone, J Henry
Johnstone, J L
Johnstone, John
Johnstone, M
Johnstone, M E
Johnstone, Mortimer & Co
Johnstone, Roderick
Johnstone, Roderick & Hind, Arthur Richard (Johnstone & Hind)
Johnstone, Thomas
Johnstone, William
Joiner, Albert
Joll, Marion (Miss)
Jolliffe & Co
Jolliffe, Henry
Jolly, James
Jonas & Co
Jonas Brothers
Jonas Ltd
Jonas, Alexander
Jones & Brenchley
Jones & Co
Jones & Doughty
Jones & Edwards (possibly Thomas A Jones)
Jones & Isaacs
Jones & James
Jones & Son
Jones & Sons
Jones (Miss)
Jones Brothers
Jones, A
Jones, A (Mrs)
Jones, A C
Jones, Ada (Mrs)
Jones, Agnes (Mrs)
Jones, Albert E
Jones, Alex
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Alfred Percy
Jones, Alice Lawton (Miss)
Jones, Allan E
Jones, Allen & Co
Jones, Archibald
Jones, Arthur Frederick
Jones, Arthur George
Jones, B
Jones, B A
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, C
Jones, C Chaplin
Jones, C H
Jones, C V
Jones, Calvert Richard
Jones, Charles
Jones, Charles (Mrs)
Jones, Charles E
Jones, Charles Henry
Jones, Charles Joseph
Jones, Charles Lawton
Jones, D R
Jones, Daniel & Co
Jones, Daniel D
Jones, Daniel Owen
Jones, David
Jones, David G
Jones, David Owen
Jones, David Richard
Jones, David Sherwood
Jones, E
Jones, E C
Jones, E O
Jones, Ernest
Jones, Ernest Henry
Jones, Ernest S
Jones, Ernest Selkirk
Jones, F N
Jones, F N & Co
Jones, Fenning Ebenezer
Jones, Frederick
Jones, Frederick (Frederic)
Jones, Frederick E
Jones, Frederick Edward
Jones, Frederick Nathanniel
Jones, G
Jones, G J
Jones, George
Jones, George Frederick
Jones, George Henry Pyne
Jones, George Thomas & Co
Jones, George Thomas & Son
Jones, Gilbert
Jones, H
Jones, H B
Jones, H B & Sister
Jones, H J
Jones, H W
Jones, Hannah (Miss)
Jones, Harold
Jones, Harold Stewart
Jones, Harry
Jones, Harry H
Jones, Henry
Jones, Henry B
Jones, Henry Charles
Jones, Henry Gurney
Jones, Henry Joseph
Jones, Henry W
Jones, Henry Webb
Jones, Herbert Edward
Jones, Herbert Edward & Son
Jones, Herbert H
Jones, Herbert Hedley
Jones, Irving (Mrs)
Jones, J
Jones, J & R
Jones, J A
Jones, J Edward
Jones, J P
Jones, J Reese & Co
Jones, J W
Jones, J W (2)
Jones, James
Jones, James & Son
Jones, James G
Jones, Jane
Jones, John
Jones, John & Sons
Jones, John Ashworth
Jones, John Atkins
Jones, John Emrys
Jones, John Henry
Jones, John James
Jones, John Reese
Jones, John Reese & Co (Jones & Co)
Jones, John Rogerson
Jones, John W
Jones, Joseph Vincent
Jones, L E
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Llewellyn
Jones, M
Jones, M Gordon
Jones, M H (Mrs)
Jones, Mary (Mrs)
Jones, Nelson H
Jones, O William
Jones, Owen
Jones, P
Jones, P (possibly Philip R Jones)
Jones, P C
Jones, Percy
Jones, Philip
Jones, Philip R
Jones, Pryce
Jones, R Bryan
Jones, R G
Jones, R Keeble
Jones, Ralph
Jones, Ralph Jackson
Jones, Richard
Jones, Richard G
Jones, Richard William
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert Edward
Jones, S
Jones, S E
Jones, S W
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Samuel D
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah Ann (Mrs)
Jones, T
Jones, T W
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas & Son
Jones, Thomas & Son & Harper (Jones & Son & Harper)
Jones, Thomas A
Jones, Thomas A & Co
Jones, Thomas F
Jones, Thomas Henry
Jones, Thomas William
Jones, Thomas Wills
Jones, Tom
Jones, Valentine
Jones, W
Jones, W B
Jones, W E
Jones, W F
Jones, W G
Jones, W H
Jones, W M
Jones, W Rhys
Jones, W S
Jones, W Wallace
Jones, Walter Henry
Jones, William
Jones, William Bonner
Jones, William E
Jones, William Edward
Jones, William H
Jones, William John
Jones, Wills
Jordan & Metcalfe
Jordan, E & Son
Jordan, E (Mrs)
Jordan, H
Jordan, John B
Jordan, Joseph
Jordan, R & Co
Jordan, Ralph Harold
Jordan, W
Jordison (Mrs)
Jordison, Walter Elliott
Joscelyn, Alfred (aka Alfred Joycelyn)
Joseph (Mr)
Joseph, Henry
Joseph, Jack
Joseph, Jacob
Joseph, Walton & Co
Joslin Photographic Works
Joslin, A & E
Joslin, Alfred
Joslin, Alfred & Plowman (Joslin & Plowman)
Josty, D & Co
Joubert, Ferdinand
Jouens, E C
Joughin, Hannah (Mrs)
Jowell, R Keeble (aka R Keeble Jowett)
Jowett, John
Jowett, S Herbert
Jowett, Sydney H
Jowett, Walter
Joy Brothers
Joy, F W
Joy, John
Joy, John & Son
Joy, Lionel
Joy, Thomas
Joyce, Barrett
Joyce, H F
Joyce, H H
Joyce, Helen & Son
Joyner, John
Juba, Edmund
Jubilee Photo Company
Judd, A H & Co
Judd, William
Judd, William Alfred
Judge, Fred
Judge, Frederick
Judge, George
Judge, Joseph
Judge, T
Judkin, T R
Juggins, Alfred
Juggins, Harold
Juggs, E & G
Jukes, John A
Jukes, John Edwin
Jules, Albert
Julian, A E
Julian, Edward W
Julian, Kate (Mrs)
Julian, Walter
Juliane, Louis
Julius, P
Julyan & Ahlfred
Julyan, Benjamin
Julyan, Frederick
Julyan, G L
Junior Army & Navy Stores Limited
Jury, John
Just, Katie R
K & S Photos
Kadelbach, Ralph A
Kahn, Isaac
Kahn, Rose (Miss) 
Kaim & Golder
Kaim, E
Kaim, E & Golder (aka Kaim & Gouldier)
Kaim, Edward
Kaim, Edward & Co
Kain, William
Kaines, Henry Johnson
Kaltenbach, Gordon
Kaltenbrunn, Edward 
Kamra Press Studios Ltd
Kane, T
Kaphan, Louis
Kar, Ida
Karnac Photograph Co
Karoly & Co
Karoly, Frederick (Herr)
Karoly, J (Madam)
Karpin, H
Katcher, A
Katcher, Arthur William
Katterns, James
Katterns, Thomas Charles
Katterns, William
Katz, David
Katzman, Jacob
Kavanagh, A E
Kavanagh, P
Kay & Son
Kay Brothers
Kay, A
Kay, Arthur
Kay, C D
Kay, Ellen (Mrs)
Kay, Ellen (Mrs) & Son
Kay, Ernest
Kay, Harry Forbes
Kay, Herbert
Kay, John
Kay, John H
Kay, Julius A
Kay, N S
Kay, Nathan Smedley & Foley Ltd (Kay & Foley Ltd)
Kay, Nathan Smedley Ltd
Kay, T J
Kay, Thomas
Kay, Thomas Ashton
Kay, William
Kaye, Enoch
Kaye, Vernon
Keable Brothers
Keable, Edward Harvey
Keable, J (Mrs)
Keable, William Thomas
Kealey’s Ltd
Kearns, H
Kearns, Henry
Kearsley, Richard
Keates, E
Keates, F
Keay, William
Kebble, F
Keddie, William Strathern
Kee, D W
Keeble-Jowett, R
Keeley & Jenking
Keeley, George
Keeley, James
Keeling Brothers
Keeling, A & H F
Keely, F
Keen, Charles Job
Keen, Edwin
Keen, Henry L
Keen, James Herbert
Keen, Maurice William
Keen, Thomas
Keenan, Anthony R B
Keenan, Thomas E G
Keene, Charles Barrow
Keene, Eleanor (Mrs) 
Keene, Richard
Keene, Richard & Sons
Keene, Richard & Sons Ltd
Keene, Richard (Junior)
Keene, Richard (Keenes are a mess)
Keene, W C
Keenes, J A (Mrs) 
Keenes, James A & Co
Keens, John
Keeping & Co
Keeping, A
Keeping, Alfred
Keeping, C
Keeping, Charles
Keeping, Charles & Kerslake, Thomas John (Keeping & Kerslake)
Keeping, George
Keeping, James C
Keet, George James
Keet, Henry
Keeton, James C
Kefalas, George
Keham, Ivy
Keherman & Co
Kehrahahn, Ferdinand
Keig & Callister
Keig, T S
Keig, Thomas
Keighley Photographic Company
Keigwin, Frederick Sydney (aka F S Keighwin)
Keily, G H
Keir, H & W
Keir, Henry Wallace
Keirman, Ernest
Keisling, L (Herr)
Keith, Archibald
Keith, Charles
Keith, Thomas
Keith, William
Kelf & Son
Kelf, Frederick
Kelf, J
Kelf, Walter
Kellaway, Aubrey
Kellaway, James
Kelles, Joseph
Kellet & Ellis
Kellett & Bines
Kellett, William
Kellett, William & Co
Kelley, B
Kelley, Edwin (aka Edwin Kelly)
Kelley, T
Kelley, Walter
Kellie, G J & Co
Kellock, George
Kelly & Harvey
Kelly, A T
Kelly, Benjamin
Kelly, Charles E
Kelly, Edward
Kelly, Elizabeth (Mrs) 
Kelly, Francis
Kelly, J
Kelly, J W
Kelly, James
Kelly, John
Kelly, John T
Kelly, Joseph
Kelly, Morris
Kelly, R J
Kelly, Robert J
Kelly, Samuel
Kelly, T
Kelly, T S (is this T KELLEY?)
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Thomas Johnstone (aka T J Kelley)
Kelly, William
Kelsey & Berry
Kelsey, Benjamin W
Kelson, J J
Kember, Albert B (aka Albert B Kemper)
Kemp, C J (aka Kemp’s Belgrave Studio)
Kemp, H
Kemp, Henry
Kemp, Henry Humphreys
Kemp, J
Kemp, John Richard
Kemp, Sidney
Kemp, Thomas
Kemp, W
Kemp, William John
Kemp’s Studio
Kempsell, William H
Kempton & Wallace
Ken, Alexandre
Ken, Hugh
Kendall & Brereton
Kendall, B
Kendall, Bert
Kendall, George
Kendall, Matthew T
Kendall, Thomas
Kenderdine, A F
Kenderdine, Gus
Kendrew, John
Kendrick, Edwin W
Kendrick, S
Kennaugh, C H
Kennedy & Co
Kennedy, Alexander
Kennedy, Donald
Kennedy, J
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, L
Kennedy, O (Miss)
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennedy, Peter
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennerell, John
Kennerley (Miss)
Kennerley, Alice
Kennerley, H S
Kennerley, Herber
Kennet, H A (probably Harry A Kennett)
Kenneth & Co
Kenneth, James
Kennett Brothers
Kennett, F
Kennett, Harry
Kennett, Harry A
Kennewell, Frederick
Kenngott, W
Kenny, J
Kenny, John Alban
Kenny, Robert
Kensington Press Agency
Kensington Studio
Kent & Fenton
Kent & Lacey Ltd (William Hardy Kent & Seymour Lacey)
Kent Photographic Art Company
Kent,  Edward Louis & Jones (Kent & Jones)
Kent, A (N?)
Kent, C
Kent, C E
Kent, Catherine (Mrs) 
Kent, E L & Sons
Kent, Edward Louis
Kent, Harry
Kent, Henry
Kent, Henry H
Kent, Sarah (Mrs) 
Kent, Thomas
Kent, W (Junior)
Kent, Walter Harry
Kent, William Hardy
Kent, William Hardy & Nelson, Horatio (Kent & Nelson)
Kentish Photographic Company
Kentish Portrait Company
Kent-Lacey Studios Ltd
Kent’s Photographic Studio
Kenworthy, A
Kenworthy, F
Kenworthy, Frederick (aka Kenworthy & Co)
Kenworthy, Peter A
Kenyon, Alice (Miss) 
Kenyon, Charles Henry
Kenyon, Harry (aka Harry Kenynon)
Kenyon, Nicholas R
Kenyon, Stanley Walter
Keohan, Edmond
Keppie, G & Co
Keppie, George (aka George Kippie)
Kerby, J R
Kerby, J R & Co
Kerby, Joseph
Kerby, Joseph & Son
Kerch, Robert
Kerfoot, Henry
Kergwin, Frederick S
Kerly, Joseph
Kermode, William
Kerotype Ltd
Kerr, Alexander C
Kerr, Andrew
Kerr, Andrew & Co
Kerr, F G L
Kerr, Frederick G
Kerr, H
Kerr, Hugh
Kerr, John
Kerr, R
Kerry Brothers
Ker-Seymer, Barbara (Miss) 
Kershaw Brothers (Herbert Kershaw & John Kershaw)
Kershaw, Abraham
Kershaw, J
Kershaw, John
Kershaw, Joseph
Kershaw, Ted
Kershaw, William
Kerslake, Thomas J (aka Thomas J Kirslake)
Kerslake, Thomas John
Kerton, Henry & Son
Kessell, A G
Kessler, L
Kessler, William Henry
Kesterton, C A
Kestin, C
Keston, C & S
Ketcher, Ralph
Ketelbey, Frederick
Keton, James
Kettenus, Carl
Kettering School of Art Photography
Kettle, H C
Kettle, Herbert Lionel
Kettle, Thomas
Ketton & Hollister
Ketton, George
Kevan, J
Kevan, James
Kevil-Turner, Stanley
Kevin, Samuel John
Kevis, Walter John
Kewley, Walter E
Key, Harry
Key, Henry
Keys, Thomas & Son
Keystone Press Agency
Keystone View Co
Kibble, William
Kidd & Baker
Kidd & Eadie
Kidd, Emma Annie (Miss) 
Kidd, George
Kidd, James Henry
Kidd, John
Kidner, H
Kiek, J D
Kier, Isabella (Mrs) 
Kiernan (Mr)
Kiesling Brothers
Kilbey, Fras
Kilburn, Thomas
Kilburn, William Edward
Kilby, Jos
Kilgannon, T
Kilgour, A (Mrs)
Kilgour, George
Kilgour, James
Killick & Abbott, Charles R (Killick & Abbott)
Killick, Frederick
Killick, Frederick Lewis
Killick, John Henry
Killick, John Henry & Co
Killman, Charles Henry
Kilmarnock Photographic Co
Kilner, F G (aka E G Kilner))
Kilner, Francis
Kilpatrick, William J
Kilpin, E B & Son
Kimberley, Edmund
Kimberley, Edmund (Mrs)
Kimberley, Edward
Kimberley, Florence (Miss) 
Kimberley, J
Kimberley, M
Kimberley, Mark
Kimberley, W F
Kimble, George William John
Kime, Ernest Alfred
Kimmings, Richard  & Knowles (Kimmings & Knowles)
Kimmings, Richard & Co
Kinbeena & Co
Kinder, G
Kindler, William & Co
Kindler, William & Co (aka William Kinder & Co)
Kines, S
King & Co
King & Wilson
King Brothers
King Edward Art Enlarging Co
King Henry’s Studio (see T J Hands)
King, A
King, Alf
King, Alfred
King, Amos
King, Arthur
King, Arthur (Mrs) 
King, Arthur T
King, B G
King, C
King, C L
King, Charles
King, Charles E
King, Charles E & King (Abbott & King)
King, Charles J
King, Clara (Mrs) 
King, Edward
King, F
King, F & Co Ltd
King, Frederick
King, Frederick William
King, G
King, G P
King, George
King, George T
King, H
King, Harry
King, Harry E
King, Harry R
King, Henry (Harry)
King, Horatio Nelson
King, Howard
King, Howard M
King, James
King, John
King, Jonathan M
King, Joseph
King, M
King, Mary (Mrs) – previously Mrs Mary Pead
King, Nellie
King, Nellie (Mrs) 
King, Richard Oakes
King, Rowland
King, S A
King, Samuel
King, Sidney
King, Solomon
King, Stanley A
King, Thomas
King, Victor John (aka Victor Jubilee Hutchinson)
King, W
King, W & Co 
King, William
King, William 
King, William Edward
King, William Edwin
King, William Frederick
King, William Robert
Kingdon, Ellen E (Mrs) 
Kingdon, William Peel
Kingdon, William T
Kingham, Emily Kate (Mrs) 
Kingham, Henry James
Kingham, W C
Kinghton & Carr
King’s Cross Studios
King’s Cross Studios (aka Knightsbridge Studios)
King’s Lynn Photographic Co
King’s Studio
Kingsbury & Notcutt
Kingsbury, Edward R
Kingsbury, Frederick
Kingsford, A E
Kingsley, Alec Paul
Kingsley, Tayler R
Kingsley, William
Kingsley, William (aka William Kingley)
Kingsmill, Thomas
Kingston Photographic Co
Kingston Photographic Company
Kingston, F
Kingston, Francis Henry
Kingston, R
Kinloch, Charles Rae
Kinnersley, Henry
Kinninmont, Kenneth
Kinninmont, Kenneth & Taylor (Kinninmont & Taylor)
Kins & Co
Kinsey, A H
Kinsey, B C
Kinsey, Edgar
Kinsley, F
Kinsley, Joseph
Kinsley, Joseph (aka Joseph Kingsley)
Kinsley, Mary (Miss) 
Kinsman, Johns Henry
Kinsman, William
Kintoch, Charles Rae (aka C R Kinloch)
Kipling, Charles Waistell
Kipling, Thomas
Kipling, Tobias
Kipling, W B
Kipping, Albert Edward
Kirbeena, H
Kirbeena, H & Co
Kirby, Albert
Kirby, David
Kirby, E J
Kirby, G W
Kirby, H W
Kirby, J G
Kirby, James George
Kirby, John C
Kirby, Noreen (Mrs) 
Kirby, T W
Kirby, Theophilius Claudius
Kirby, Thomas & Sons Ltd
Kird, Charles Stuart
Kirk & Sons
Kirk, Arthur H
Kirk, Arthur H & Son
Kirk, Charles J
Kirk, George William
Kirk, H
Kirk, Isaac
Kirk, James
Kirk, Samuel (Junior)
Kirk, Samuel (Senior)
Kirk, Saville
Kirk, William Umpleby
Kirk, William Umpleby & Sons
Kirk, William Umpleby (Junior)
Kirkbride, Thomas
Kirkby (Mr)
Kirkby, Samuel
Kirkby, T
Kirkham, Alexander
Kirkham, F D
Kirkham, Margaret (Mrs) 
Kirkhope, James A
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkley, J
Kirkman (Mr)
Kirkman, William
Kirkness, T R
Kirkness, W
Kirkpatrick, J
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Suthers
Kirkpatrick, William
Kirkup, J
Kirkup, William
Kirkwood & Hider
Kirkwood, James
Kirkwood, James Taylor
Kirman, Charles S
Kirton, M (Miss)
Kisby, William
Kiss, Perkins & Co
Kissack, Alfred D
Kitch, George
Kitchen, Clare (Miss) 
Kitchen, John Marsh
Kitchen, Robert
Kitchen, W
Kitchener & Salmon
Kitchener Portrait Co
Kitchener, Maurice Thomas
Kitcher, J
Kitcher, Joseph
Kitchiaghun, Walter
Kitchin, C
Kitchin, E J (Mrs)
Kitchin, Ernest Edward
Kitchin, Esther Olive (Miss) 
Kitchin, W
Kitchingmar, Isaiah
Kite, Edward
Kitson, A
Kitson, Samuel
Kitto, Frederick
Kitto, Frederick & Son
Kitto, P
Kitto, Thomas
Klaftenberger, E H
Klahn, E
Klamer, Jacob
Klar, Charles
Kleboe & Franklin Ltd
Klein, Henry Oscar
Klein, Henry Oscar & Wilensky (Klein & Wilensky)
Klepper, Jack (aka Jack Klapper)
Klepper, John
Klic, Karel
Klose, Detlef
Knaggs, C James
Knaggs, C James & Foulkes-Winks (Knaggs & Foulkes-Winks)
Knaggs, John
Knapp, Henrietta (Miss) 
Knapp, S (Mrs)
Knapton Brothers
Knapton, George W
Knapton, George W & Co
Knapton, William
Knecht, Charles
Knibb, Charles
Knight & Co
Knight & Jackson
Knight Brothers
Knight, A
Knight, Benjamin
Knight, Bertram James
Knight, C & Co
Knight, C H
Knight, Charles
Knight, Charles & Von der Heyde (Knight & Von der Heyde)
Knight, David W
Knight, Edgar
Knight, F
Knight, F & F
Knight, Frank
Knight, Frank William
Knight, Frederick
Knight, Frederick William
Knight, G
Knight, G A & Son
Knight, George
Knight, H S
Knight, Harry U
Knight, Henry
Knight, Henry U
Knight, James
Knight, Leslie
Knight, M A
Knight, Ralph Lethbridge
Knight, Ralph Lethridge
Knight, Richard
Knight, T S
Knight, Walter S
Knight, William
Knight, William Frederick
Knight, Wilton
Knighten, A F
Knighten, Arthur L
Knighten, Clara Matilda (Mrs) 
Knighton & Cutts Ltd
Knighton, A
Knighton, Alfred
Knighton, Fred
Knight’s Manufacturing Co
Knights Photographic Works
Knights, J F
Knights, James Francis
Knightsbridge Photographic Bureau
Knights-Whittome, David
Knipe & Culliford (aka Knape & Pulliford)
Knipe, H H
Knott Brothers
Knott, Alfred
Knott, Annie L (Miss) 
Knott, George Francis
Knott, James
Knott, James Brown
Knott, Robert
Knott, Squire
Knott, W L
Knowles, Edgar
Knowles, Edith (Madame)
Knowles, F N
Knowles, Francis James
Knowles, H
Knowles, J
Knowles, James
Knowles, John Ward
Knowles, Joseph
Knowles, W
Knowles, William Henry
Knowles, William J
Knox & Son
Knox, Herbert J
Koenig & Lloyd
Koenig, Charles
Koenig, Charles (Senior)
Koenig, Gasper
Koenig, Gasper & Son
Koenig, Lloyd & Hiron
Koenig, Siegmund
Koester, Herbert
Koffler, Jack
Kohler, Richard
Kohn, Rose (Miss) & Co
Kosky, David
Kostrovitzki, Henri
Kotch, Francis
Kotch, Frederick
Kough, Lionel
Krall, Karl
Kranshaar, Alfred
Kraushaar, Pincus
Krauss, Edward
Kreiger, Hyman
Kreutler, Gustav
Kreutz, J (Herr)
Krever, Mark
Krevosky, S (aka S Kresovski)
Krevosky, Woolf (aka Woolf Kresovski)
Krone, Herman
Kroneck, F
Kruger, E
Kruger, Henry
Kruger, Henry & Son
Kruger, Henry & Sons
Kruger, Henry & Sons Ltd
Kruger, Matilda (Mrs) 
Kruger, Simon David
Krumer, Max & Krumer, Joseph
Kulerogsky, R
Kushner, Lewis
Kutner, J
Kutner, Myer
Kyd & (unreadable name)
Kyle Photo Co
Kyle, David W
Kyle, David W & Cameron (Kyle & Cameron)
Kyle, Edward
Kyles & Law
Kyles & Moir
Kyles, William
Kyles, William Elizabeth (Mrs)
Kyrle Enlarging Co
Kyrle, D R
L’ Alouette, Frank
L’ Art Photogenique Ltd
L’ Estrange, Val (Madame)
La Dell, C
La Porte & Thompson (aka Laporte & Thompson)
La Porte Brothers
La Porte, Charles
La Porte, M John
La Porte, M John & Co
La Roche, J (possibly J Laroche)
La Rose, Isidore
Lable, D
Lable, William
Lacey & Son
Lacey, A J
Lacey, C
Lacey, Charles
Lacey, J M (Junior)
Lacey, James
Lacey, John
Lacey, John & Co
Lacey, Marjory (Mrs) 
Lacey, William
Lacey’s (aka Lacey’s Studios)
Lack & Grantham
Lacolley, J
Lacy, Edward Crowther
Lacy, William
Lacy, William George
Ladbrooke, Clarke, J W & Wallace (Ladbrooke & Wallace)
Ladd, H S
Ladd, Levi
Ladd, Levi & Co
Ladmore, C J
Ladmore, Thomas & Son
Ladmore, Thomas (Junior?)
Ladmore, Thomas (Senior?)
Lafaye Ltd
Lafayette (aka J Lafayette & Jaques Lafayette)
Lafayette Limited
Laffeir, Gilbert
Laffey, Thomas
Laffutte (aka B Laffutte)
Lafont, B (Miss)
Lafosse, Augustus Frederick (Chevalier)
Laib, Paul
Laidlaw, Andrew
Laidlaw, Andrew Elliot
Laidlaw, G T & Co
Laidlaw, George
Laidlaw, R
Laidler, Thomas Smailes
Laidman, George
Lain, Edwin (aka Edwin Lane)
Lain, Ernest
Laing, Alexander
Laing, D Mitchell
Laing, J & Co
Laing, J M
Laing, James
Laing, John
Laing, L
Laing, Thomas
Laing, Wilson
Lainson, G
Lainson, George
Laird, Arthur John Phillip
Laird, John
Laird, John W
Laird, W (Mrs)
Lake & Co
Lake, Frederick
Lake, John Augustine
Lake, Thomas
Lake, W
Lake, William
Lakeland Studio
Laker, Mildred Norris (Mrs) 
Lakewood Studio
Lakin, James
Lally & Co
Lama, D
Lamb & Co
Lamb & Lucas
Lamb Humphrys & Co
Lamb, Charles T
Lamb, E (possible E Lumb)
Lamb, Edmund Thomas
Lamb, Edward
Lamb, George Henry
Lamb, J
Lamb, J E
Lamb, J F
Lamb, James
Lamb, John
Lamb, Louisa (Mrs) 
Lamb, Persis A (Miss) 
Lamb, Samuel George
Lamb, Thomas
Lamb, Thomas Bradley & Co
Lamb, Vernon
Lamb, William A
Lambe, Thomas F
Lambert & Co
Lambert & Jackson
Lambert & Lambert
Lambert Brothers
Lambert of Bath
Lambert, Amos
Lambert, Charles
Lambert, Edward James
Lambert, Edward James & Okey (Lambert & Okey)
Lambert, Ernest James
Lambert, Fred T
Lambert, G F
Lambert, Henry
Lambert, Henry & Co
Lambert, Herbert
Lambert, J
Lambert, J S
Lambert, J S & Co
Lambert, Jackson
Lambert, John
Lambert, John B
Lambert, John N
Lambert, Leon
Lambert, Lewis
Lambert, Mary (Mrs) 
Lambert, Robert
Lambert, Samuel
Lambert, Sarah (Mrs) 
Lambert, Thomas
Lambert, William C
Lambkin, William Thomas
Lambourne, Albert Frederick
Lambourne, Frederick
Lambourne, G
Lamercier, Louis
Lamming, Blanche (Miss) 
Lamming, John
Lamont & Ross
Lamont (formerly Ernest)
Lamont, George
Lamont, J
Lamonte, A
Lamotte, Claude
Lamp, E
Lampard, Harry E
Lamplough, Henry
Lanc & Hamson
Lancashire & Yorkshire School of Photography
Lancaster & Co
Lancaster & Sons
Lancaster Brothers (aka Messrs Lancaster)
Lancaster Enlarging Studios
Lancaster, Adrian
Lancaster, Ann E
Lancaster, Christopher
Lancaster, E
Lancaster, Edward
Lancaster, G
Lancaster, J
Lancaster, James
Lancaster, James 
Lancaster, James (Mrs) 
Lancaster, John
Lancaster, Moses
Lancaster, Richard
Lancaster, Richard Stuart
Lancaster, Samuel
Lancaster, Stanley
Lancaster, Stuart
Lancaster, Stuart & Son
Lancaster, William
Lance, Frank
Land, C
Land, Charles Henry
Lander & Jolliffe, William Edward (Lander & Jolliffe)
Lander & Smith
Lander, Arthur
Lander, F E
Lander, F E (Mrs)
Lander, Frederick William
Lander, Henry (aka Henry Lauder)
Lander, John
Lander, Walter Elliott
Lander, William
Lander’s Studio
Landfer-Burne, J
Landon, Jesse
Landon, Percy
Landor Studios
Landor, E (Walter Ferris Biggs & Reginald Wellbye E Landor ta)
Landor, Edmund
Landor, Edmund (aka Ernest Landon 1902)
Landsdell, George (aka Geogre Lansdell)
Landsfield, Harry
Landsfield, Henry
Landstein, J
Lane & Son
Lane, A
Lane, Albert 
Lane, Albert E
Lane, Albert Edward
Lane, Alfred
Lane, C
Lane, Charles
Lane, Edgar
Lane, Edmund
Lane, F
Lane, F O
Lane, F W
Lane, Frederick W
Lane, H W
Lane, J Talbot
Lane, John
Lane, Mabel (Mrs) 
Lane, Percy
Lane, Ralph
Lane, Thomas William W
Lane, W W
Lane, William
Lane, William Orwell
Lane, William S
Lane-Smith, Henry
Lang, George
Lang, J M
Langdale Studio
Langdon, Albert Edward
Langdon, Albert Edward & Son
Langdon, Herbert
Lang-Durban, W
Langfiar, Adolph
Langfiar, Pearl
Langfiar, Saul
Langfield & Kyle
Langfier & Co
Langfier (Finchley) Ltd
Langfier Ltd (aka Langfiar Ltd)
Langfier, A
Langfier, Louis
Langfier, Louis Saul
Langfier, Louis Saul Ltd
Langfier, Maurice
Langfier, Sam
Langford & Co
Langford Bros
Langford, Alfred H W
Langford, Edith (Mrs) 
Langford, F
Langford, George
Langford, J
Langford, John Arthur
Langham Photographic Laboratory
Langham Studio
Langham’s Electric Studio
Langley, Frederick
Langley, Frederick Parkin
Langlois (Louglois), Arthur
Langlois (Messrs)
Langlois (Monsieur)
Langlois, Camile
Langman, Johanna (Mrs) 
Langridge, A
Langridge, Joseph
Langrish, William G
Lang-Sims, R
Langton Studios
Langton, Arthur James
Langton, Edwin (Edward) Simmons
Langton, Joe Arthur
Langton, Thomas Nelson
Langtree, Edward
Lanham, William George
Laniado & Bell (aka Laniads & Bell)
Lankaster & Warren
Lankester, Percy S
Lanksford (Mr & Mrs)
Lannigan, John
Lansdell, George
Lansdowne & Hucklebridge
Lansdowne, Harold George William
Lansfield, Henry
Lapidaire, Burnard & Co
Laporte & Stanley
Lapparini, Attilio (aka Attilio Lipparini)
Lappuhn, Richard
Lapworth, William John
Lara, D L
Larbalestier, Philippe
Larcombe, A E
Lardelli & Co
Lardelli, Smith & Co
Large, W H
Largent, J T
Largs Photographic Co
Largs Photographic Studio
Larkin Brothers
Larkin, George
Larkins, G W
Larmer, Henry
Larmuth, Tomas Henry
Laroche & Co (aka William Henry Silvester)
Laroche, Charles
Laroche, Louisa Silvester (Mrs) & Sons
Laroche, Martin (aka William Henry Silvester)
Laroche, Silvester
Laroche, Thomas
Laroche, Thomas & Co
Laroche, William
Laroche, William Silvester (aka Silvester Laroche & William Henry Silvester)
Larratt, Arthur & Co
Larribau, A
Larritt, John James
Lascelles & Co Ltd
Lascelles, Henry
Lascelles, M J
Lasham, H F
Lashbrook, Billie L
Lassalle Photographers Ltd
Last, Alfred
Last, Alfred R G
Last, Charles
Latchmore, B
Latchmore, Thomas Benwell
Latchmore, Thomas Benwell & Son
Latham & Bott
Latham, Charles
Latham, David C
Latham, Henry
Latham, Herbert Whitaker
Latham, James W
Latham, John
Latham, Marion (Miss) 
Latham, Mary (Mrs)
Latham, R M
Latham, Richard
Latham, William
Latham, William James
Latimer, George
Latimer, William Keay
Latter, George W M
Latter, George William
Latter, James A
Latter, James A & Son
Latter, Nora K (Mrs) 
Latter, W J
Lattimer, John Freeman Latham
Laubach, C William (aka  C William Lauback)
Laubach, Philip
Laubach, Wilhelm
Lauchin, Hetty (Miss) 
Lauder (possibly Henry Lauder)
Lauder Brothers
Lauder, Charles
Lauder, Claude R M
Lauder, Edmond Stanley (Junior) & Lauder, James Stack (E & J Lauder)
Lauder, Edmund Stanley (Senior)
Lauder, George Marsh (aka George Lafayette)
Lauder, Henry
Lauder, Sarah H
Lauder, William
Lauder, William Harding
Lauer, Joseph
Lauraine, Herbert (Bert) (aka Herbert Lawrance)
Laurel Photographic Co (aka Laurel Studios)
Laurel Studio
Laurence & Co (aka Lawrence & Co)
Laurence Ltd
Laurence Photos Ltd (aka Laurence Studios)
Laurence Portraits Ltd (aka Laurence Studios)
Laurence Studios
Laurence, Isaac
Laurence, Walter J
Laurens, A (Junior)
Laurens, Glanville
Laurenson, J & Co
Laurie, James
Lautenberg, M (aka M Laudenberg & M Lantenberg)
Lavedra, De Claude
Lavender & Co
Lavender, Edgar Davey
Lavender, P J
Lavender, Thomas
Laver, George Arthur
Laverne Studios Ltd
Laverne, F
Laverne, H (aka Laverne & Co)
Lavington, Charles
Lavis, A
Lavis, George & Lavis, Rebecca (Mrs) (G & R Lavis)
Lavis, Walter Clement
Law & Kerr
Law (Miss)
Law, A
Law, A G
Law, Alice & Law, Florence (Misses) 
Law, Charles
Law, F W 
Law, Florence (Miss)
Law, Florence (Miss) 
Law, James
Law, James Bogie
Law, James Bogie & Co
Law, James L
Law, Norman E
Law, R
Law, W W
Law, W W & Son
Law, William A
Lawcock, Fred
Lawes, Henry S
Lawes, Henry S (manager)
Lawes, Henry Stephen
Lawless, A (Mrs)
Lawley Brothers
Lawlor, W H
Lawrence & Son
Lawrence & Stuckey
Lawrence & Wenbron
Lawrence (Mr)
Lawrence Brothers
Lawrence Portraits Ltd
Lawrence Studios
Lawrence, Alexander
Lawrence, Benjamin
Lawrence, C & Co
Lawrence, C E
Lawrence, C K
Lawrence, Colin Gibb
Lawrence, F
Lawrence, Fred
Lawrence, Frederick
Lawrence, G H
Lawrence, George Henry
Lawrence, Hal
Lawrence, Henri L
Lawrence, Henri L & Co
Lawrence, Henry
Lawrence, Hyman
Lawrence, J
Lawrence, J & Co
Lawrence, J & Son
Lawrence, J C
Lawrence, J C & Sons
Lawrence, J F
Lawrence, J G
Lawrence, Jabez
Lawrence, James
Lawrence, James Henry
Lawrence, John & Co
Lawrence, John (of Cardiff)
Lawrence, John (of Dublin)
Lawrence, John (of London)
Lawrence, John (of Southampton)
Lawrence, John George
Lawrence, John Henry
Lawrence, Joshua
Lawrence, William
Lawrenson & Co
Lawrie & Mitchell
Lawrie, Alexander
Lawrie, G W
Lawrie, G W & Co
Lawrie, James
Lawrie, Thomas Adam
Laws, Albert Heath
Laws, Alex (see E Alexander Laws)
Laws, Charles Hardy
Laws, E Alexander
Laws, H
Laws, James (aka James Law)
Laws, P M
Laws, Percy S
Laws, Peter Maitland
Laws, Peter Maitland & Son
Laws, T M
Laws, Thomas & Co
Laws, Thomas Maitland (aka Thomas Maitland Law)
Lawson & Co
Lawson & Redpath
Lawson & Ross
Lawson, A
Lawson, Alex
Lawson, Alexander
Lawson, Charles
Lawson, George R
Lawson, H T (possibly H Y Lawson)
Lawson, Herbert T
Lawson, J
Lawson, J O
Lawson, James
Lawson, James M
Lawson, John
Lawson, R
Lawson, T F
Lawson, W J
Lawson, William
Lawton, Ephraim
Lawton, Henry
Lawton, Robert
Lawton, Walter G
Laxon, H
Laxton, Stephen
Lay, A F 
Laycock & Ricketts
Laycock Brothers
Laycock, E C
Laycock, Ernest
Laycock, H
Laycock, Joseph & Sons
Laycock, Samuel
Layland, William
Layton & Lamb
Lazenby, Charles
Lazenby, J
Lazer, George
Le Beau & Rust
Le Beau, Timothy
Le Bon Studio
Le Caron, A
Le Cheminant, Wilfred
Le Cheminaut, Wilfred
Le Cocq, Charles R
Le Conte, Jessie R 
Le Conte, John
Le Courtois, Thomas
Le Couteur, William John
Le Croix, W
Le Dernier Court Studios
Le Estrange, Val
Le Maitre
Le May, Arthur (aka Arthur Lemay)
Le Mesurier & Marshall (Misses)
Le Moeur, Alfred George
Le Resche, Samuel
Le Roi Photo Co
Le Roi Studio
Le Roi, Claude & Company
Le Rose Studio
Le Roy Studios
Le Studio Pour Enfants
Le Tourneaux, Alphonse (aka Alphonse Letourneux)
Le Tourneaux, Annie (Miss) 
Le Tourneaux, E
Le Tourneaux, Margaret (Mrs) 
Lea, H N
Leach, A
Leach, A & Andrew
Leach, A H & Co Ltd
Leach, Arthur H
Leach, Arthur H & Co
Leach, Arthur H & Gelder (Leach & Gelder)
Leach, Arthur H (& Co, after 1904)
Leach, Charles
Leach, Edward L
Leach, Edwin
Leach, George
Leach, Harold
Leach, Harry W
Leach, Henry Thomas
Leach, Henry Thomas de B
Leach, Henry Walter
Leach, Herbert W
Leach, J
Leach, James
Leach, John B
Leach, John Richard
Leach, Joseph
Leach, M
Leach, R
Leach, Robert
Leach, Robert & Son
Leach, S
Leach, Samuel
Leach, William
Leadbitter, John L
Leaf, Eliza E (Mrs) (aka Mrs L Leaf)
Leaf, Robert
Leah, Dougald W
Leahy, Harry
Leak, R & Co
Leak, Robert
Leake, Herbert
Leake, James Cotton
Leake, James Cotton & Co
Leakey, Alfred Henry
Leakey, R
Leal, W
Leaman, Tom Carlyle
Leamside Studio
Lean, Charles
Lean, W
Leaney, Walter
Leaney, William W
Lear, M
Leatherbarrow & Co
Leathley-Mack, S G
Leathwick & Nix
Leathwood, William Henry
Leaver, Annie
Leaver, Benjamin
Leaver, Thomas B
Leavesey, Harold
Leavy (Monsieur)
Lebert, Frank
Lebon, J L
Leck, John
Leck, Robert
Ledbetter, R B & Co
Ledgard, Samuel
Ledgard, William Henry
Ledger, E
Ledingham, Alex (Junior)
Ledsham, G S
Lee & Co
Lee & Dust
Lee & Edwards
Lee & Walter
Lee & Wilton
Lee (Mr)
Lee Photographic Exchange
Lee, A
Lee, A H
Lee, Abner
Lee, Alexander
Lee, Alfred James
Lee, Alfred P
Lee, Arthur (1)
Lee, Arthur (2)
Lee, Arthur William
Lee, Burt
Lee, C B
Lee, Charles
Lee, Charles R
Lee, Charles William
Lee, E & H
Lee, Edward
Lee, Edwin Philip
Lee, Edwin Philip & Co
Lee, Evelyn A
Lee, Frank
Lee, Fred R
Lee, George Albert
Lee, George J
Lee, George S
Lee, George T
Lee, H
Lee, Harry
Lee, Harry & Co
Lee, Harry C & Joseph H (Lee Brothers)
Lee, Harry C (aka Henry C Lee)
Lee, Henry Boswell
Lee, Herbert
Lee, J & Co
Lee, J & J
Lee, J H & Son
Lee, J William
Lee, James
Lee, James Henry
Lee, John
Lee, John Henry
Lee, John W
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Joseph H 
Lee, Lewis
Lee, M (Mrs)
Lee, Percival M
Lee, Richard
Lee, Robert & Son
Lee, Robert (1)
Lee, Robert (2)
Lee, S G
Lee, Thomas
Lee, Walter
Lee, Walter A
Lee, William
Lee, William John
Lee, William Pollard
Lee, William Richard
Leech, A H
Leech, Benjamin Richard
Leech, Elizabeth
Leech, George J
Leech, George Walter
Leech, John
Leech, John B
Leech, Joseph
Leech, M
Leech, Percy
Leech, William J
Leedham, John
Leeds and District Reproduction Co
Leeds Photographic Institution
Leeds Press Agency
Leeford, J
Leer, William A
Lees & Hopper
Lees, A
Lees, Arthur
Lees, Ernest H
Lees, Evelyn (Miss) 
Lees, Harry
Lees, Henry
Lees, J
Lees, James A
Lees, John
Lees, Joseph
Lees, Nancy (Miss) 
Lees, Noah Spence (aka Spence Lees)
Lees, S S
Lees, T
Lees, W J & Co
Lees, William
Leese, John Henry
Leeson, H Laurence
Leeson, Henry J
Leete, W
Lefort, H
Legg & Co
Legg, Adolphus Henry
Legg, Harry F
Legg, John Henry
Legge, Leo & Co
Legge, R B
Legge, St. Clair
Legge, Thomas
Leggett, Arthur
Leggett, D M (Miss) 
Legood, Jeremiah
Legood, Richard
Lehmann, P M
Lehrman, Odilon
Leicester & Derby Photographic Co
Leicester & London Landscape & Portrait Photograph
Leicester & London Photographic Company
Leicester Photo Co
Leicester Portraits Ltd
Leicester, J
Leichardt, Herbert
Leigh, H
Leigh, Harry
Leigh, Herbert & Co
Leigh, John
Leigh, Richard
Leigh, Thomas
Leigh, Thomas Henry
Leighton Studio Ltd
Leighton, Arthur
Leighton, Crosby
Leighton, Cyril
Leighton, H R
Leighton, John Alfred
Leighton, Marian (Mrs) 
Leighton, Rupert
Leith & Co
Leith, D
Leith, Robert
Leithead, Robert
Lejeune, Leotine 
Lello, Arthur J
Lely, Peter
Lemaire, Henry
Leman, E
Leman, Edward
Leman, Herbert Thomas
Leman, J E (Miss) 
Leman, Robert Sumner
Leman, William Edward
Lemenager, Henri V (aka H V Lemanager)
Lemere, Bedford & Co
Lemmon & Co
Lempriere, Thomas Charles Leaver
Lena, Edith
Lenard, W
Lenardi’s Photographs
Lenare Ltd (aka Lenare)
Lendon, Berry & Co
Lennard, Charles
Lennard, Reuben
Lennie & Thompson
Lennie, E
Lennotype Co
Lennotype Photo Co
Leno, Arthur
Lenox (Mr & Mrs)
Lenox, Isaac Shaw (aka Isaac Shaw Lennox)
Lenthall, Charles Robertson
Lenthall, Henry
Lenton Brothers
Lenton, A
Lenton, Frederick
Lenton, Henry
Lenville & Co
Leo, S
Leo, Victor
Leon (Madame)
Leon, John
Leon, Leonard C
Leon, Marie (Miss)
Leon, P A (aka Leon Photo Publishing Co)
Leon, Victor
Leonard Agency
Leonard, F
Leonard, G
Leonard, T A
Leonard, William Miles
Leonardt, Rudolph
Leonette, John
Leonhardt, Lewis
Leonhardt, Rudolph
Leonhardts Studio
Lepard, M
Lepri, D & Co 
Leroi Ltd
Leroux, Pierre
Lesage, Auguste Eugene
Lesaire, Albert
Lesley, M
Leslie Brothers Ltd
Leslie Studios
Leslie, A
Leslie, Colin & Co
Leslie, E & J
Leslie, George
Leslie, James C
Leslie, John Chalmers
Leslie, John W
Leslie, R
Leslie, Ralph
Leslie, William George
Leslie’s Studios
Lessels, John Fraser
Lesser, H E
Lester, A
Lester, Clare
Lester, Edward
Lester, Edwin Joseph
Lester, George
Leston Studio
Lesty, Doroth (Miss) 
Letalle, Auguste E
Letalle, Auguste E & Co
Letchford & Stephens, William H (Letchford & Stephens)
Letchford, Henry Clayton
Letheren, William John
Letters, Frederick
Letti, P Paul
Letts, A & Son
Letts, Alfred
Letts, D W
Lettsome, Edward
Lettsome, Edward & Sons
Lettsome, John
Leuchars, William
Le-Vein, Fred
Lever Brothers Ltd
Leveridge, Charles
Leverington, Thomas
Levermore & Brooker
Levermore, Charles Randolph
Leverton, Horace Walter
Levett, Harry John
Levey, George G (aka George G Levy)
Levick, Gertrude (Miss) 
Levie, Don & Cheetham, Richard (Levie & Cheetham)(aka Don-Levi & Cheetham)
Levie, Don (Miss) (aka Lillie Don-Levi)
Levinne, William
Leviton, A
Levitt, Alice E (Miss) 
Levitt, C
Levy Brothers
Levy, F E (Miss) 
Levy, Frank
Levy, H
Levy, Henry
Levy, Michael
Levy, S
Levy, Thomas William
Lewes, C & Co
Lewes, William
Lewie, T J (possibly T J Lewis)
Lewin, David
Lewis & Co
Lewis & Edwards
Lewis & Owen
Lewis & Randall Ltd
Lewis & Taylor
Lewis & Turnbull
Lewis (Brighton) Ltd
Lewis Brothers
Lewis Portraits
Lewis, A
Lewis, Abel
Lewis, Abel & Sons
Lewis, Albert
Lewis, Albert George
Lewis, Alexander Denhholm
Lewis, Alfred (Alf)
Lewis, Alfred J
Lewis, Arthur
Lewis, Arthur D
Lewis, Arthur J C
Lewis, B C
Lewis, Benjamin
Lewis, C
Lewis, C & A G 
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Charles Hethton
Lewis, Claud B
Lewis, Clifford Norman Frank
Lewis, D J
Lewis, D L
Lewis, David
Lewis, E
Lewis, E W
Lewis, Ernest Richard
Lewis, F & Co
Lewis, Frederick Crompton
Lewis, Frederick George
Lewis, Frederick William & Co
Lewis, G & A G Ltd 
Lewis, G B
Lewis, G C
Lewis, G P
Lewis, G P & M
Lewis, Gorell
Lewis, H Mostyn
Lewis, H Roberts
Lewis, Harold
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Henry G
Lewis, J
Lewis, J H
Lewis, J H J
Lewis, Jack
Lewis, Robert
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Thomas & Co
Lewis, Thomas & Co Ltd
Lewis, Thomas (Junior)
Lewis, Vincent G
Lewis, W
Lewis, W H
Lewis, W Newark
Lewis, Walter George
Lewis, Whymper
Lewis, William
Lewis, William Henry
Lewislee, M (Mrs)
Lewthwaite, Thomas
Ley, Edward George (possibly Edward George Lee)
Leyland Studios
Leyland, Edith (Miss)
Leyland, Edward
Leyland, F & L
Leyland, Herbert
Leyland, James
Leyneek, H Andrew
Libbotte, F
Libby, Ralph
Liberson & Appleby
Libley, Henry J
Lickfold American Photo Co
Lickfold, George
Lickley, C
Liddard & Cave
Liddel, J
Liddell & Williams
Liddell, Arthur G
Liddell, Henry
Liddiard, William
Liddicoat, Samp
Liddle, Thomas W
Liddle, Thomas William
Lidington, H A
Lidington, Herbert A
Lidsey, William (aka William Lindsey)
Life Size Photographic Company
Liffen, James
Ligat, William
Light, Frank
Light, Henry
Light, Henry (aka Herbert Light)
Light, William V
Lightfoot, Fred
Lightning Photographic Co (Western) Ltd
Lightowler, William
Lightwood, Percival
Li-Jones & Co
Likeman, John
Lile, John Henry & Co
Lile, John Henry & Lacey (Lile & Lacey)
Lilley, G
Lilley, George
Lilley, Lambert
Lilley, W Eaden
Lillie, James (aka James Lilliel)
Lillywhite, Edmund
Lily Studios
Lily, H
Lily, R W
Lilywhite Ltd
Lima, J C C ?
Limmer, E
Limney, James
Lincoln Studio Ltd
Lincoln, Edgar 
Lincolnshire Enlargement Co
Linde, E
Lindell, E (Mrs)
Lindemann, Edward
Linden Road Studios
Linden, Cyril
Linden, Hal
Lindley, Charles
Lindley, Donald
Lindley, Donald & Son
Lindley, George A
Lindon, C
Lindon, William ( possibly William Lynden)
Lindsay, David
Lindsay, Frank
Lindsay, Henry K
Lindsay, J
Lindsay, Thomas
Lindsay’s Photo Service
Lindsey, Crawford
Lindsey, Frederick K
Lindsey, Thomas
Lindsey, William
Lindsley, Ann (Mrs)
Lindsley, Ann (Mrs) & Lindsley, William
Lindsley, Forester
Lindsley, Forester (Mrs)
Lindsley, J (Mrs) (possibly Mrs Ann Lindsley)
Line, Samuel J
Lineham, George Edmund Alfred
Lineham, George Henry
Lineham, Harry E R
Lines, S E
Linford, John Samuel
Linforth, Florence (Miss) 
Ling, Frederick John
Lingford, Edward
Lingwood, Edgar
Link, B G
Linklater, James
Linklater, T & J
Linley, David M
Linley, James
Linn, Henry
Linn, Lord
Linnell & Co
Linnell, Joseph
Linnenlauf, J
Linnitt, Edgar
Linsdell, Harry Cowland
Linsell & Saven
Linton, E G
Lintott, Anna (Madame) 
Lintott, Arthur
Lintott, S
Lionel & Co
Lionel, Jerome
Lipparini, Attilio
Lippiatt, E E
Lippiatt, Edwin
Lippiatt, Edwin (Junior)
Lippiatt, Ernest
Lipschitz, Abraham
Lipschitz, Adolph
Lisco, Joseph
Lisle, Arthur William
Lissant, Alfred
Lissant, Alfred W
List, Joseph
Lister, Arthur
Lister, Harry (Henry)
Lister, James
Lister, James Horobin
Lister, John
Lister, Joseph
Lister, Joshua
Lister, Leonard
Lister, Norman
Lister, Richard Neal
Lister, Thomas
Lita Studios
Litchfield, Charles Henry
Litherland, Thomas
Litherland,Thomas & Hudson, Isaac (Litherland & Hudson)
Litho-Photographic Institute
Little & Co
Little, Frederick George
Little, Howard John
Little, James
Little, R
Little, Robert
Little, Robert & Co
Little, Robert (aka Robert Littleton)
Little, Thomas
Little, Violet Evelyn (Mrs) 
Little, Walter Park
Little, William Archibould
Littlejohn, Robert J
Littlejohn, W
Littlewood, E
Littlewood, G Henson
Littlewood, George
Littlewood, George Samuel
Littlewood, Ramsden
Littlewood, V
Littlewood, Walter
Liver Photographic Company
Livermore, H
Liverpool & Lancashire Photographic Co
Liverpool & London Photographic Co
Liverpool & London Photographic Co Ltd
Liverpool & Wrexham Photo Company
Liverpool Amateur Photographic Association
Liverpool Artists Ltd
Liverpool Developing & Printing Co
Liverpool Dry Plate & Photographic Printing Co 
Liverpool Dry Plate Co, (W B Bolton & B J Sayce)
Liverpool Palace Photo Co
Liverpool Photo Co
Liverpool Photographic Co (aka Liver Photographic Co)
Liverpool Photographic Institute
Liverpool Photographic Supply Co
Liverpool Portrait Co
Liverpool Stereoscopic & Photographic Company
Liversidge, Alfred
Livesey Brothers
Livesey, John
Livesey, Samuel James
Livingstone, John
Livsey, Joseph
Livsey, Maitland
Lizars Popular Photo Co
Lizars, J
Lizars, J R
Lizars, John 
Llewellin, Gilbert Hall
Llewellyn, James
Llewellyn, Lewis Herbert
Lloyd & Company
Lloyd & Huggins
Lloyd & Shaw
Lloyd & Son
Lloyd, Alfred
Lloyd, Alfred H
Lloyd, Annie (Miss) 
Lloyd, Arthur
Lloyd, C W
Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, Charles L I 
Lloyd, E
Lloyd, Edgar
Lloyd, Edward
Lloyd, F E
Lloyd, F V A
Lloyd, Frederick V
Lloyd, G A
Lloyd, George
Lloyd, H
Lloyd, H L
Lloyd, H L (Mr Stickyback)
Lloyd, Harry
Lloyd, Harry S
Lloyd, Henry J
Lloyd, Henry L
Lloyd, J
Lloyd, J H
Lloyd, J H 
Lloyd, James
Lloyd, James & Son
Lloyd, James H
Lloyd, James Henry
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, Joseph H & Jefferson
Lloyd, Joseph Henry
Lloyd, Percy
Lloyd, Sarah (Mrs) 
Lloyd, Sidney
Lloyd, Thomas
Lloyd, Thomas Frederick
Lloyd, Thomas Joseph D
Lloyd, Vaughan W
Lloyd, Vivian
Lloyd, Walter J
Lloyd, William
Lloyd, William Henry
Loader & Sons
Loader, Walter T W
Lobb, Winnifred (Mrs) 
Loch & Co
Lock, A Lindley
Lock, Arthur
Lock, G B
Lock, George Belsham
Lock, Gilbert Oliver
Lock, Henry (aka Henry Locke)
Lock, Horace
Lock, L
Lock, Samuel Robert
Lock, William
Lock,Samuel Robert & Whitfield, George Carpe, (Lock & Whitfield)
Locke (Mr)
Locke, Charles William
Locke, Frederick A
Locke, William
Locken, Thomas
Lockett, J
Lockett, J & Co 
Lockhardt, Tuhten (aka Tuhtew Lockhart)
Lockhart, Field H
Lockie, John
Lockley, Harry James
Lockwood Brothers
Lockwood, Enoch
Lockwood, H A
Lockyer, E
Lockyer, Edward
Lockyer, George John
Lockyer, Lawrence
Locomotive Publishing Co
Loder, C
Loder, Francis (Frank)
Lodge, Cyril H
Lodge, Lister
Lodge, Mary E (Mrs)
Lodge, Reginald Badham
Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co
Lofthouse, Thomas William
Lofting, A & G
Lofting, P
Lofting, Samuel G
Lofts, Lionel
Loftus, W R
Logan & Anderson
Logan & Co
Logan (London) Ltd
Logan Limited
Logan, A J
Logan, Albert Watson
Logan, Alfred Watson
Logan, F
Logan, Frank R
Logan, James
Logan, John
Logan, Samuel
Logan, William
Logsdon, Walter Haskin & Sons
Lollinson, Sarah
Lomas, James
Lomax & Son
Lomax, B
Lomax, Ben
Lomax, J
Lomax, John
Lomax, William
Lombardi & Co
Lombardi & Fox
Lombardi & Fry
Lombardi, Caldesi & Co
Lombardi, Weston & Son
Lombardi, William
Lomnitz, Elizabeth Mabel (Miss) (aka Miss E M Lomnity)
London & Birmingham Photographic Co
London & Brighton Photo Engraving Co
London & Bristol Photographic Company
London & Chester Photographic Company
London & Counties Studio
London & Counties Studios
London & County Photographic Company
London & County Photographic Company (A P Baker t/a)
London & County Photographic Copying Co
London & County Portrait Company
London & Coventry Photographic Co
London & Liverpool Photographic Co
London & Manchester Photographic Company
London & Midland Photographic Survey Co
London & New York Photograph Co
London & Northern Studios
London & Paris Photograph & Portrait Co
London & Paris Photographic Company
London & Paris Portrait Co
London & Paris Studios
London & Paris Universal Photographic Company
London & Provincial Photo Enlargement Co
London & Provincial Photographic Co (aka London & Provincial Photographing Co)
London & Provincial Photographic Copying Co
London & Provincial Studios Ltd
London & Suburban Photographic Co
London Art Association
London Art Portrait Co
London Artist
London Artistic Portrait Co
London Artistic Portrait Co (aka Artistic  Portrait Co)
London Branch Photographic Co
London Commercial Photographic Co Ltd
London Company (The), L Phillips manager
London Co-operative Artistic Portrait Co
London Court Studio
London Crystal Palace Photographic Company
London Electrotype Agency Ltd
London Embossing Co
London Ferrotype Compaany
London Fine Art Co
London General Photo Co
London Glasgow Art Enamels
London Institute of Photography
London Lynchnographic & Photographic Co (aka London Lychnographic & Photographic Co)
London Metropolitan Photographic Co
London Mutual Photographic Association
London Mutual Photographic Association Limited
London News Agency Photos Ltd
London Panoramic Co
London Photo Printing Co
London Photo Service (aka London Photographic Service)
London Photocraft Limited
London Photographic Association
London Photographic Co (aka London Photo Co )
London Photographic Co Ltd
London Photographic Copying Co (aka London Photo Copying Co)
London Photographic Institution
London Photographic Portrait Co
London Photographic Portrait Company
London Photographic Society
London Photographic Studio
London Photogravure Syndicate Ltd
London Portrait Club & General Photographic Association
London Portrait Company
London Portrait Company Ltd
London Portrait Studios
London Press Photos
London Provincial Studios Ltd
London Regal Portrait Co
London Rembrandt Company
London Scholastic Photographic Co
London School of Photography
London Semi-Emaille & Portrait Co
London Stamp Co
London Stereoscope Company
London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co & Carte de Visite Institute
London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co (Ltd) (aka London Stereoscopic Co & aka Carte de Visite Institute)
London Stereoscopic Co (aka London Stereoscopic Co Ltd)
London Studio
London Studio Co
London, Arthur
London, H L P
London, Thomas
Long & Co
Long & Faulkner
Long, Albert Edward
Long, Albert Ernest
Long, Arthur E
Long, Arthur Spencer
Long, Charles
Long, Charles Edmund
Long, Edwin
Long, Emma & Long, Elizabeth (Misses)
Long, Emma (Miss) 
Long, Ernest Walt
Long, Frederick
Long, G
Long, George & Long, John
Long, George F
Long, George W
Long, Henry
Long, J F (2)
Long, James Frederick (1) (died 1864)
Long, James Frederick (3)
Long, John & Son
Long, John & Sons
Long, John (1)
Long, John (2)
Long, John Osborne
Long, Lena (Mrs) 
Long, Reginald
Long, Robert Weaver Rogers
Long, Saddler
Long, Thomas E
Long, Victor W
Long, W G & Long, L
Long, William
Longbottom, Dorothy (Miss) 
Longbottom, E
Longbottom, John
Longcroft, Ernest
Longden, James
Longford, Wren & Co
Longhorn, P
Longley, C L
Longley, F E
Longman, Frederick Wallace & Sidney
Longman, J
Longmate, Ernest
Longmire, William Henry
Longmore, Robert Joseph
Longney, Edgar
Longney, Edgar H
Longshaw, John
Longshaw, John (Junior)
Longsight Enlarging Studios
Longstaff, Alice
Longstaff, John Wycliffe
Longstaffe, Edward
Longton, Findlow
Longton, Richard
Longworth, Samuel
Lonnergan, Thomas Edward
Lonsdale & Co
Lonsdale, C & Nafzger (Lonsdale & Nafzger)
Lonsdale, Frederick A
Lonsdale, Harry
Lonsdale, John Smith
Loof, Henry
Looser, Otto
Loraine, Loraine
Lord & Barnes
Lord & Binns
Lord & Co
Lord & Fox
Lord Raglan Co
Lord, A A & Co Ltd
Lord, Abraham
Lord, E
Lord, E E & Son
Lord, Fred Walker
Lord, Frederick & Son
Lord, Frederick & Sons
Lord, Frederick James
Lord, George
Lord, Henry
Lord, J E 
Lord, James
Lord, James Henry
Lord, Joseph
Lord, Ralph Herbert (H R)
Lord, Richard William
Lord, William
Lorenz, Fritz
Lorenz, Fritz & Co
Lorenzo’s Studio
Loretz, L
Lorimer (Mr)
Lorimer, Mary (Miss) 
Lorne, Alfred
Lorne, Alfred & Co
Lorraine & Co
Lorraine Art Studio
Lorraine, F
Lorraine, Robert (aka Robert Loraine)
Lorrayne & Co
Los Angeles Portrait Studios
Los Angeles Studios
Losel, Franz Heinrich (aka Francis Henry Losell)
Losh, John
Lotherington & Evans
Lotherington, Maude (Miss) 
Lothian Brothers
Lothian, Adam
Lothian, Peter
Lothian, Robert
Lott, Arthur
Lott, Edwin
Lott, H
Louch, Arthur
Loudan, B M & Co
Louden, Julia (Mrs) 
Loudoun Photo Studio
Loughran (Tenterden) Ltd
Loughton, A
Louis Studio
Louis, Arthur
Louis, Jules (Monsieur)
Louise Studio
Louvain Studio
Lovatt, George
Lovatt, Harry P
Lovatt, Mary Jane (Mrs) 
Love, Jesse
Loveday, Sally (Miss) 
Lovegarove, William
Lovegrove, Arthur
Lovegrove, Louisa
Lovegrove, W A F
Lovejoys Library (Shop)
Loveland, Albert
Lovell, Alexander James
Lovell, S
Lovell, Smith
Lovell, William John
Lover, George W
Loverock, James
Lovesy, Edgar
Lovesy, H & Son
Lovett & Co
Low, Claude
Low, Edmund
Low, M & Co
Low, Mary (Mrs) 
Low, Peter & Co
Low, Peter (aka Messrs Low)
Low, Philip Ernest
Low, Richard (aka Richard Lowe)
Low, T L
Low, Thomas
Low, W &, Low, P (aka Low Brothers)
Low, William & Son
Lowcock Brothers
Lowden, G
Lowden, George
Lowden, William
Lowden, William & Son
Lowe & Co
Lowe & Tyler
Lowe (Miss)
Lowe, A
Lowe, Alfred
Lowe, Bennett
Lowe, Charles
Lowe, Eliza (Mrs) 
Lowe, Ellen (Mrs) 
Lowe, F
Lowe, Fletcher & Hulme
Lowe, Frederick
Lowe, George
Lowe, George E
Lowe, Harold
Lowe, Harry
Lowe, Harry C
Lowe, Jonathan
Lowe, Joseph
Lowe, L (Miss)
Lowe, Lawrence
Lowe, M
Lowe, Matilda (Mrs) 
Lowe, Oliver Benjamin
Lowe, Oliver Benjamin & Lowe, Alfred
Lowe, Oliver Benjamin & Sons
Lowe, Phil
Lowe, R
Lowe, W & E
Lowe, William
Lowell, Alexander
Lowenthal (Mrs)
Lowenthall Brothers
Lowenthall, Louis
Lowenthall, P
Lowery, Grace (Mrs) 
Lowery, Joseph
Loweth Studio Ltd
Lowndes, Bernard
Lowndes, Jacob
Lowrie, Frank H
Lowrie, James Frederick
Lowry, John
Low’s Photographic Studio
Lowther & Baker
Lowther & Son
Lowther, Alfred
Lowther, Charles L
Lowther, Francis Sebastian
Lowther, George 
Lowther, Hugh
Lowther, Michael Angelo
Lowther, R
Lowthian Brothers
Lowthian, Harry
Luboskey, Ela
Lucas & Box
Lucas & Groom
Lucas & Lee
Lucas & Ohrly
Lucas & Son
Lucas & Tuck
Lucas Brothers (Arthur & John Templeton Lucas)
Lucas, Arthur
Lucas, Charles Albert
Lucas, Charles Herbert
Lucas, Edward Batty & Co
Lucas, G A
Lucas, H
Lucas, J
Lucas, John
Lucas, John T
Lucas, John William
Lucas, Nan (Miss)
Lucas, Richard
Lucas, Thomas
Lucas, Thomas Scott
Lucas, W A
Lucas, William
Luck & Hatt
Luck, Walter
Luck, William Percy
Lucken, William
Luckham, Frank
Luckin, Thomas
Ludgate Photo Co
Ludlam, Ebenezer
Ludlow, Albert J
Ludlow, Henry
Ludwig, Harry
Luesley, Richard John
Luff, Robert
Luff, William
Luff, William James
Lugg, T J
Lugg, T J & Son
Lugg, T J & Sons
Lugton, Thomas Polson
Luke, Frank
Luke, S Arnold
Luke, T
Luke, W H
Lukey, Joshua
Lukies, W H
Luks, William
Lumb, Ashton
Lumb, Edwin & Co
Lumb, T & Sons
Lumby, Herbert O (aka Herbert O Lamby)
Lumenart Ltd
Lumley, John William
Lumley, John William (aka Lumley & Sons)
Lumley, Percy
Lumsden, Charles F
Lumsden, Fraser
Lunar Photo Co
Lund, B
Lund, Margaret D
Lund, Percy & Co
Lundager, J Hansen
Lundie, Daniel Murray (aka D M Lundle)
Lundstrom, A
Lundstrom, Adrian
Lundy, Richard
Lunn, Colin
Lupson & Son
Lupson, Augustus
Lupson, Frederick
Lupson, Frederick & Co
Lupson, Frederick Thomas
Lupson, S
Lupton, A E
Luscombe, John
Lush, Henry
Lush, J J
Lush, Joseph
Lusty, George H
Luther, Herbert Henry
Luton, Percy William
Luxograph Company
Lyall, Thomas
Lyall, Wiliam
Lyceum Studio
Lydford, George
Lydford, Sydney George
Lygo, Thomas
Lyle, A J
Lyle, Arthur
Lyle, T Byron
Lyles, Albert
Lymburn, J
Lynas, John
Lynch, Owen
Lynch, P (probably Percy)
Lynch, Robert & Co
Lynch, William Robert
Lynde, Frederick Raymond
Lynden, William A
Lyndford, S G
Lyne, Edwin H B
Lyne, Percy
Lynn, Brook
Lyon, Job
Lyons (Mr)
Lyon’s Enlargement Co
Lyons, L
Lyons, Lewis E
Lyric Art Studio
Lytheer, Alfred
Lytheer, Henry
Lyttle, Robert Clements
Lytton & Co
M S A Studios 
M W & Co 
Maas, Johannes Fredrick
Maastyr, E H 
Mabbett, Gwynn 
Maberley, T 
Mabley, George 
Mabley, Mary (Mrs)
Mac, Harry 
MacAlister, Henry John 
MacAlpine & Son (aka Macalpine & Son)
MacAlpine, Charles 
MacAlpine, Malcolm (aka Malcolm Macalpine)
Macandrew, James Grant
Macara, D 
Macara, D & Co
Macartney, A 
Macaughey, S 
Macaughey, S & Fraser (Macaughey & Fraser)
Macaulay, Alex 
Macbeath, Donald 
Macbee Photographing Co
Macbeth, Donald  (aka Donald Macbeath)
MacCluskey, P & Son (listed as Daniel, 1878)
MacColl, Robert 
MacCrossan, Joseph & Co 
MacDonald & Co
Macdonald Brothers
Macdonald, Charles H 
MacDonald, Edward 
MacDonald, George 
Macdonald, Helen (Miss)
Macdonald, Henry William 
Macdonald, John (aka John McDonald)
Macdonald, Kathleen Ada 
Macdonald, R (Miss)
Macdonald, S 
Macdougal, Adalai 
Macdougald, J W 
Mace Brothers 
Mace, Augustus 
Mace, Herbert 
Mace, Herbert & Mase, T A (Mace & Mase)
Mace, John 
Mace, Thomas 
Mace, Trafalgar 
Macey, Alfred 
Macey, E 
Macey, E & N
Macey, Hiram 
Macey, M (Mrs)
Macey, Robert H 
Macfadyen, Frederick 
Macfadyen, Frederick (aka Frederick Macfayden)
Macfadyen, J (aka J Macfayden)
Macfarland Brothers
Macfarlane & Harris
MacFarlane, David 
Macfarlane, M 
Macfarlane, R
Macfarlane, Robert
Macfarlane, Robert 
Macfarlane, Robert & Harris, G (Macfarlane & Harris)
Macfarlane, Robert (aka Robert Macfarlain)
Macfarlane, Walter 
Macfayden, Frederick 
Macfee, Isabella (Mrs)
Macfee, Neil
MacGill, Louis 
MacGillivray, M & Co
Macgowan, J
MacGregor, Duncan 
Macgregor, Helen (Miss)
Macgregor, James (aka James McGregor)
MacGregor, Thomas A 
Macgregor, Thomas Mitchell 
MacHardie, Alexander (aka Alexander MacHarrie after 1900)
Machin, G W 
Machin, T 
Machon, Leslie Guy 
Macintosh, Walter
Macintyre, Alexander (aka A McIntyre)
Macintyre, Alexander (aka Alexander MacIntyre)
MacIntyre, J 
MacIntyre, J G
MacIver, Donald
MacIver, Donald & Co
MacIver, Kenneth 
Mack & Co 
Mack, D 
Mack, E W
Mack, John
Mack, John & Son 
Mack, Lancey 
Mack, S G 
Mack, Thomas (Tom)
Mack, William
Mack, William J 
Mackail, John 
Mackay & Edwards
Mackay & Giles
Mackay & Paterson
Mackay, A 
Mackay, George Hay (aka George M Mckay & George A Mckay)
Mackay, George Ritchie 
Mackay, George Ritchie (Mrs)  
Mackay, J H
Mackay, James M 
Mackay, John 
Mackay, John H 
Mackay, R B & Co
Mackay, Thomas Faulkner 
Mackay, William 
Mackay, William & Co
MacKay, William & Co (aka William Mckay & Co)
MacKellar Studio
Mackenzie & Co
Mackenzie Fine Art Co
Mackenzie, A
Mackenzie, Alexander 
Mackenzie, Andrew F
MacKenzie, Charles B 
Mackenzie, Duncan 
MacKenzie, E
MacKenzie, Elsie 
Mackenzie, George Alexander
Mackenzie, J S
MacKenzie, James 
Mackenzie, M 
Mackenzie, Mathew K
Mackenzie, Norman 
MacKenzie, William 
Mackenzie, William George (aka William George McKenzie)
Mackereth, Hilda (Miss)
Mackervail, Agnes (Miss)
Mackey, George 
Mackey, William 
Mackie & Co
Mackie & Logan
Mackie Brothers
Mackie, Alex 
Mackie, Alexander 
Mackie, George S 
Mackie, J M 
Mackie, James 
Mackie, John James & Swann, Arthur Lionel (Mackie & Swann)
Mackie, R & Co
Mackie, Susanna B 
Mackie, W S 
Mackie, William G 
Mackinnon, Roderick 
Mackinson, William 
MacKintosh, Alfred W (aka Alfred W McKintosh)
Mackintosh, James
Mackintosh, James & Co (aka James MacKintosh & Co & James Macintosh & Co)
Mackintosh, John Alex 
MacKintosh, Mary A  
Mackirdy, John (aka John McKirdy)
Macklin & Wingett
Macklin, J 
Mackrell, John (aka John Mackarell)
Mackrell, Peter (aka Peter Mackarell)
Mack’s Studio 
MacLachlan, E 
MacLachlan, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Maclachlan, James 
MacLachlan, Pirie 
MacLagan, Alexander 
Maclardy, John
Maclardy, John & Cogan (Maclardy & Cogan)
Maclean, D 
Maclean, Don
Maclean, Donald 
Maclean, Donald A 
MacLean, George
MacLeay, Kenneth
Macleay, M’Neil 
MacLeod, John 
Macleod, Joseph George 
MacLeod, William (aka William McLeod)
Maclucas & Co
Maclure & Macdonald
Maclure, Macdonald & Co
Macmahon & Baron
Macmahon & Co
Macmahon, Francis 
Macmahon, Frank C 
MacMahon, John
MacMahon, John 
MacMaster, Allan (aka Allan McMaster)
MacMillan & Co
MacMillan, David 
Macmillan, J
MacMillan, James 
MacMorran, George (aka George MacMerran)
Macnab, Alexander (aka Alexander McNab & Alexander MacNab)
MacNair, A B 
MacNair, Robert 
MacNamara, W 
Macnaughten, Ellen (Miss)
Macnee, Oliver 
MacNeil, Mary T 
MacNiven, J 
Macpherson & Reid
Macpherson, E (Miss)
Macpherson, P 
Macrae, C J 
Mac’s Lighting Studio
MacTear, A & W
MacWilliams, Alex R 
Macworth, A 
Macy, Edwin 
Macy, William George
Maddison & Co
Maddison, Arthur
Maddison, Arthur 
Maddison, Arthur & Hinde (Maddison & Hinde)
Maddison, Charles 
Maddison, John George 
Maddison, S 
Maddison, W 
Maddock, J A 
Maddock, Samuel 
Maddocks, Herbert 
Maddocks, Samuel 
Madeline-Miles Ltd 
Maden, Joshua 
Madge, Eddie 
Madge, Ernest 
Madge, W T
Madley, G 
Madren, William H
Madsen, Rasmus R 
Maffett, John
Maffett, John 
Magee, John 
Magger, N 
Maggs, James Charles
Maggs, P 
Magill, James
Maginn, James J 
Magna, Arthur E 
Magnesium Light Photographic Company
Magness, James George 
Magneus, Isidore 
Magnier, Victor 
Magowan, Charles 
Magowan, J
Magregor, Duncan 
Magues, Louis 
Maguire, J
Maguire, Julian Bernard
Maguire, Julian Bernard 
Maguire, T (Junior)
Maguire, Thomas
Maguire, Thomas 
Maguire, Thomas & Co
Mahalski, Augustus
Mahalski, Augustus 
Mahdeen & Co
Mahdeen & Co 
Mahomet, Albert John 
Mahoney & Co 
Mahoney, John 
Mahy, Hippolite 
Maidenhead Photographic Company
Maidstone Photographic Company
Mail Photographic Service 
Maillard, Osmond C 
Main, Frank G 
Main, James 
Main, T P & Sons 
Mainds, Francis Patrick 
Mains, James (aka James Main)
Mainwaring, George R
Mair, Alec
Maitland Studio
Maitland, W F 
Majestic Studio
Major & Darker
Major, C R
Major, C R & Son 
Major, C R & Sons 
Major, Cyril Lawson
Major, Darker & Loraine
Major, Dixon & Co 
Major, Fred 
Major, J 
Major, James 
Major, John 
Major, John Brian 
Major, Laura (Mrs)
Major, William Henry 
Makin & Sons 
Makin, Alfred 
Malby, Albert 
Malby, Albert James 
Malby, Bert 
Malby, Henry Thomas
Malby, Henry Thomas & Son
Malby, Walter Noah 
Malcolm, Archibald 
Malcolm, Ella (Miss)
Malcolm, Kate (Miss)
Malcolm, McNeillie & Co 
Malcolm, Robert 
Malden Studio 
Malden, Colman 
Maldon Portrait Rooms
Male, Bernard 
Maley, James 
Maley, John 
Maling, A Donald 
Malkin, Albert Cuyp
Mallabon, John R 
Mallandain, Albert E 
Mallet, N T
Mallett & Sons 
Mallett, Alfred 
Mallett, Alfred Overend 
Mallett, J & Sons 
Mallett, M 
Mallett, Thomas 
Mallia & Galea 
Mallia, John 
Mallin, Charles T
Mallin, Thomas
Mallin, William A 
Mallin, William Adams (aka William Adams Malliah)
Mallinson, Donald 
Mallinson, James B 
Mallinson, Joseph 
Malo Ltd 
Maloney & Taylor 
Maloney, Charles E 
Maloney, James 
Maloney, Michael Patrick 
Maloni, Thomas 
Malpass, J R
Maltby, Crawford & Co
Maltby, Glasse & Co 
Maltby, John 
Maltby, William Flower
Maltby, William Flower & Co 
Malthouse, Frederick 
Malthouse, Gilbert 
Malthouse, Ray & Co (Malthouse & George Ray & Co)
Malton, John William 
Malvern Photographic Co
Manbey, Charles
Manchee, Peter 
Manchester & Salford Portrait Co 
Manchester Imperal Photo Art Co (aka Manchester Imperial Photographic Co)
Manchester Photo & Tracing 
Manchester Photo Enlarging 
Manchester Photo Press Agency 
Manchester Photograph Company (Manchester Photographic Company)
Manchester Photographic Art Association 
Manchester Photographic Art Co Ltd 
Manchester Photographic Company Limited
Manchester Photographic Enlarging Co 
Manchester Phototype Company
Manchester Wood Engraving Co Ltd
Manchester, James 
Manchester, T 
Mandall, Thomas 
Manders, Alexander 
Manders, Arthur
Manders, Arthur 
Manders, Elisha 
Manders, Ernest Walter 
Manders, Frederick 
Manders, Victor G
Manders, Victor G 
Manders, William A 
Mangnall, James 
Manistre, Harry 
Mankee Studio 
Manley, Frank H 
Manley, G P
Manley, Leopold F 
Manley, Martin 
Manley, T W 
Manly, C 
Mann & Adcock 
Mann & Kirby 
Mann Brothers
Mann, A & Co 
Mann, Albert 
Mann, Arthur 
Mann, Charles J
Mann, Edward
Mann, Frederick Stephen 
Mann, George F 
Mann, Henry (Harry)
Mann, J M 
Mann, James
Mann, James Mathew 
Mann, Louis 
Mann, Richard 
Mann, S 
Mann, Stagg & Co 
Mann, Stanley
Mann, Stanley 
Mann, Thomas & Co 
Mann, Thomas (Junior)
Mann, Thomas A M 
Mann, William 
Mann, William H 
Mann, William Henry 
Mannell, George 
Manners, A P Ltd 
Manning, George 
Manning, J
Manning, John 
Manning, Joseph Peter 
Manning, R & W T 
Manning, Raymond George 
Manning, Robert F
Manning, Thomas 
Manning, William 
Mansbridge, Alfred 
Mansell & Bruce
Mansell Brothers
Mansell, A Vivian & Co 
Mansell, Anne (Mrs)
Mansell, Edward & Co 
Mansell, Horace 
Mansell, Horace & Son 
Mansell, John William 
Mansell, John William & Scott, Ernest William (Mansell & Scott)
Mansell, William Axom & Co 
Manser, J T 
Mansfield & Co 
Mansfield, Edward Arthur 
Mansfield, George
Mansfield, R 
Mansfield, T Plumtree 
Mansfield, W
Mansfield, William Ltd
Mansfield, William Ltd (aka Mansfield Studio Co)
Mansfield’s Studios 
Mansher, G W
Mansion House Photographic Company
Mansion, Rose 
Manson, Andrew 
Manson, H 
Mantegani, C
Manterfield, F (or T)
Manton, H C
Manuel, M 
Manwaring, George Richard 
Manx Studio
Mapel, Fred & Co 
Maple, Albert 
Mapson, W 
Mapson, William
Mapson, William & Son
Mar Studio
Mara (Monsieur) (aka Monsieur Mars)
Marble Arch Studios
Marceau, S l 
March, Joseph 
Marchale, Charles
Marchant & Morgan 
Marchant, D 
Marchant, Harold R 
Marchant, Thomas Howe
Marchant, William 
Marchbank & Co
Marchbank & Washer
Marchbank, C & W
Marchbank, Charles 
Marchbank, John 
Marchbank, John & Harland (Marchbank & Harland)
Marchbank, William 
Marcroft, Thomas 
Mares, Frederick Holland
Mares, Frederick Holland & Burr, Michael (Mares & Burr)
Marett, Albert Feltham 
Marfleet, Herbert Sidney 
Margand, Alfred 
Margaret Edgar Studios & Photographic Supply Co Ltd 
Margerie, E G (aka E G Margrie)
Margetson, James Robert Oakley
Margetson, Rowland
Margetts, Joseph William 
Margetts, T 
Margolin’s Art Studios 
Margrave, Frederick 
Margrett, Henry S 
Margrove, Arthur William 
Margrove, R T 
Marhed Photos 
Maries & Nield 
Maries, J & B 
Marine Photo Company
Marine Photographic Co
Marine Photographic Co 
Marine Promenade Photographic Company
Marini & Co 
Mario, A
Marion & Co 
Marion, A & Co 
Marion, A & Son & Co
Marioni, Giovanni D 
Mariott’s Photo Stores 
Mark & Bailey 
Mark & Co 
Mark, Thomas 
Markcrow, G E 
Markey, Peter 
Markham, G 
Markland, George F 
Markley, Frederick William 
Markley, Walter 
Marklove, Richard Henry G 
Markowicz, Maurice 
Marks & Avery
Marks (Mr) 
Marks, A & Co 
Marks, D & M 
Marks, Eli 
Marks, Frederick 
Marks, Frederick & Ralph 
Marks, George 
Marks, Henry James 
Marks, Hyman 
Marks, Isaac 
Marks, J E 
Marks, John William 
Marks, Marcus 
Marks, Ralph 
Marks, S & Sons
Marks, Walter 
Marks, Wilmot C
Markwick, Joseph (aka Joseph Marwick)
Markwick, T W 
Markwick, T W & Co
Marlady & Cogan
Marlborough Gravure Studios 
Marlee, Adolphus Harold 
Marlee, Hiram Adolphus 
Marlee, T H 
Marlin, Thomas 
Marlow, Christopher 
Marlow, Christopher & Marlow, J 
Marlow, Frank T 
Marlow, George 
Marples, Robert 
Marquand, W
Marquis, Daniel
Marr & Co 
Marr Brothers
Marr, Hugh 
Marr, J S
Marrett & Co 
Marrett, James 
Marrin, J A 
Marriott & Luckin
Marriott, Henry
Marriott, Henry & Co
Marriott, T W
Marriott, W T
Marriott, W & A
Marris, William H 
Marrow, Samuel 
Marschall, Adam 
Marsden & Co
Marsden & Co Ltd
Marsden, Constance (Miss)
Marsden, E (Mrs)
Marsden, John 
Marsden, L
Marsden, L R
Marsden, Percy H 
Marsden, R
Marsden, T 
Marsden, W 
Marsden, Walter Major 
Marsden, William 
Marsean, S (aka S Marseau & S Marcoeau)
Marsh & Co 
Marsh & Tiddy 
Marsh Brothers 
Marsh, Charles 
Marsh, Charles Bernard 
Marsh, Edwin 
Marsh, Frank 
Marsh, Fred 
Marsh, G 
Marsh, George 
Marsh, George William 
Marsh, J J
Marsh, Joseph & Son 
Marsh, Joseph E
Marsh, Joseph E & Sons
Marsh, Ralph 
Marsh, Thomas 
Marsh, W
Marsh, William Parkhurst 
Marsh, William Parkhurst & Sons 
Marshall & Clift Ltd 
Marshall & Co 
Marshall & Co (Nottingham) Ltd
Marshall & Cram 
Marshall & Dedicott 
Marshall & King 
Marshall & Son 
Marshall Engraving Co (aka Marshall Studio Ltd)
Marshall, A 
Marshall, Adam 
Marshall, Albert
Marshall, Alfred 
Marshall, Amos
Marshall, Angelo 
Marshall, Benjamin 
Marshall, Bertrand N 
Marshall, Charles 
Marshall, Charles E 
Marshall, Charles Herbert T 
Marshall, D (Miss)
Marshall, Ebenezer 
Marshall, Edwin 
Marshall, Ernest W 
Marshall, F 
Marshall, Fox Ltd 
Marshall, Frank 
Marshall, Frederick 
Marshall, George
Marshall, George 
Marshall, Gervas 
Marshall, H F 
Marshall, Harold E 
Marshall, Henry 
Marshall, Henry & Marshall, Alfred 
Marshall, Herbert 
Marshall, J
Marshall, J & Son
Marshall, J B
Marshall, J T 
Marshall, James M 
Marshall, Jockell & Co 
Marshall, John 
Marshall, Keene & Co 
Marshall, Richard 
Marshall, Robert
Marshall, Robert 
Marshall, T 
Marshall, Thomas William 
Marshall, William
Marshall, William Shury 
Marshall, Winifred I (Miss) 
Marshfield & Co
Marshman, Samuel 
Marsland, A 
Marson, H J
Marson, Henry 
Marson, J S 
Marson, N 
Marson, Thomas
Marsters & Freeman 
Marsters, Thomas W 
Martel, Anne Carroll (Madame)
Martell, Henry 
Martell, William Henry 
Martin & Co
Martin & Co 
Martin & Hawley 
Martin & Sander (E J Sander t/a)
Martin & Sharpley 
Martin & Simmons 
Martin & Son 
Martin & Taylor 
Martin & Tyler 
Martin Brothers 
Martin, A
Martin, A T
Martin, Anthony Thomas 
Martin, Arthur 
Martin, Ash 
Martin, C J
Martin, Charles
Martin, Christina (Miss) 
Martin, Colin 
Martin, Connall 
Martin, Connall (aka Connell Martin)
Martin, Dolores (Miss) 
Martin, E 
Martin, Edward
Martin, Emma (Mrs)
Martin, Ernest G 
Martin, F 
Martin, Frank
Martin, Frank 
Martin, Frederick James 
Martin, George
Martin, George 
Martin, George & Son
Martin, George Frederick 
Martin, Gilbert 
Martin, H
Martin, H H
Martin, H S
Martin, Henry 
Martin, Henry Herbert 
Martin, I
Martin, Isaac 
Martin, Isador 
Martin, Israel & Son
Martin, Israel E 
Martin, J
Martin, J Robertson 
Martin, James
Martin, James 
Martin, James & Co 
Martin, James & Sallnow, Mary Ann Emma (Martin & Sallnow)
Martin, James S 
Martin, Jessie (Miss) 
Martin, John
Martin, John 
Martin, John & Son
Martin, John A 
Martin, John Ashburner 
Martin, John Henry 
Martin, Joseph 
Martin, Kate (Mrs)
Martin, Kate Elizabeth (Mrs)
Martin, M
Martin, Margherita (Miss)
Martin, Paul
Martin, Paul 
Martin, Reginald 
Martin, Richard 
Martin, Rita Weir (Miss)
Martin, Rita Weir (Miss) Ltd
Martin, S 
Martin, S E 
Martin, Stephen John 
Martin, T F
Martin, Thomas 
Martin, W 
Martin, Walter 
Martin, William
Martin, William 
Martin, William (aka William Martins)
Martin, William Francis & Sander, Edgar Julius (Martin & Sander)
Martin, William H 
Martin, William John 
Martin, William S 
Martin, Wohlegmuth, Benjamin & Co
Martindale & Bowen 
Martindale, Edward 
Martindale, John 
Martinie, Catherine 
Martinson, H
Martinson, H 
Martinson, Henry 
Martyn Brothers 
Martyn, Arthur J 
Martyn, Frank 
Martyn, George Henry
Martyn, George Henry & Clarke (Martyn & Clarke)
Martyn, George Henry & Sons
Martyn, James 
Martyn, James Godfrey
Martyr & Morgan 
Martz, F & Co
Marwhite, Louis 
Marzinzig, Gustave A 
Mascot Studio 
Mashiter, William 
Masker, James
Maslen, George 
Mason & Basebe, Edgar Allan (Mason & Basebe)
Mason & Co
Mason & Co 
Mason & Easton 
Mason & Hitchinson 
Mason, A J
Mason, Alfred 
Mason, Arthur 
Mason, Charles
Mason, Charles 
Mason, Charles Gerald 
Mason, Edward 
Mason, Ernest James 
Mason, Ernest N
Mason, Eugene (Mrs)
Mason, Eugene (Mrs) (aka Mrs L Mason)
Mason, Eugene August
Mason, G M 
Mason, George
Mason, George 
Mason, George & Co
Mason, H
Mason, H (Miss)
Mason, Harold B 
Mason, Henry 
Mason, Henry G 
Mason, Herbert C 
Mason, J H
Mason, J W 
Mason, James W 
Mason, John 
Mason, Joseph Howkins 
Mason, Lillian G (Miss)
Mason, Mary (Mrs)
Mason, Nellie (Mrs)
Mason, R
Mason, R & F 
Mason, R E
Mason, Reuben 
Mason, Richard 
Mason, Robert 
Mason, Robert H & Co
Mason, Robert H & Co 
Mason, S A 
Mason, S I 
Mason, Samuel James 
Mason, T 
Mason, Thomas
Mason, Thomas & Co
Mason, W 
Mason, Walt 
Mason, Walter Edward 
Mason, William 
Mason, William Henry 
Masser, Harry 
Masser, L H
Massey, A G
Massey, Alfred 
Massey, Arthur G
Massey, Arthur G & Co
Massey, Donald 
Massey, Edward Easterby 
Massey, Frederick 
Massey, J & Co
Massey, Jane Emma (Mrs) 
Massey, W 
Massey, William John 
Massingham, George P 
Masson, Ernest 
Massy, Sophia (Mrs)
Master & Co 
Masters Brothers 
Masters, E C 
Masters, Frank Henry
Masters, H 
Masters, W 
Masters, W & H
Masters, W (H?)
Masters, William 
Masterton & Co
Masterton, William (Junior)
Mastin & Key 
Mastrowsky, Baron 
Matchin, B (Miss)
Mather, Charles Cyril 
Mather, E A 
Mather, W 
Mather’s Photographers 
Mathers, R K H 
Matheson, D (aka D Mathieson)
Matheson, George 
Matheson, Henry 
Matheson, Percival 
Mathew, Charles Arthur (aka C A Mathews)
Mathew, Edith (Miss)
Mathewman, John William 
Mathews & Simpson 
Mathews, Charles Frederick
Mathews, D H
Mathews, E H 
Mathews, Edward & Co 
Mathews, Edwin (aka Edwin Matthews)
Mathews, F
Mathews, F & Co
Mathews, S B
Mathews, T 
Mathewson, William 
Mathhyssen, Gherrada (Miss)
Mathias, J E
Mathias, John Turnor 
Mathias, Thomas 
Mathieu, Francis 
Mathieu, Francis & Co
Mathieu, James 
Mathison (Miss) 
Mathison, Alexander
Matin, Justin
Matioli, A Emile 
Matkin, William Henry (aka W H Matkins)
Maton, W A 
Matthew, Albert Marsden 
Matthews & Co 
Matthews (Herr) (aka Herr Matthias)
Matthews (Mr)
Matthews, Arthur 
Matthews, B 
Matthews, C A 
Matthews, Charles 
Matthews, Charles Frederick 
Matthews, E V & Son 
Matthews, Edwin 
Matthews, Edwin (aka Edwin Mathews)
Matthews, Ellen (Miss)
Matthews, Francis 
Matthews, Fred 
Matthews, Frederick James & Son 
Matthews, George Mabbott 
Matthews, George William 
Matthews, H
Matthews, H & Co 
Matthews, Harry Phillip 
Matthews, Henry William 
Matthews, Isaac 
Matthews, John (aka John Mathews)
Matthews, John Chales 
Matthews, Joseph 
Matthews, M A A 
Matthews, S
Matthews, Samuel 
Matthews, Thomas 
Matthews, W 
Matthews, William 
Matthias, John Turner (aka J T Mathias)
Matthias, Thomas 
Mattison, M A (Mrs)
Mattype Co 
Matz, Herman 
Maud, Charles H 
Maud, Stephanie (Madame) 
Maude, A
Maude, A (Mrs)
Maude, Edgar B 
Maude, Jabez 
Maudsley & Taylor 
Maudsley, Frederick
Maugham, J W  (aka P W Maugham)
Maughan, J 
Maule & Co
Maull & Fox Ltd (Herbert Fox & T Chambers)
Maull, Charles 
Maull, George 
Maull, Henry & Co
Maull, Henry & Co 
Maull, Henry & Fox, John (Maull & Fox)
Maull, Henry & Polyblank, George Henry (Maull & Polyblank)
Maunder, Herbert Arthur 
Maurice Howard Studio 
Maurice, A N 
Maurice, Arthur Samuel 
Mavetti, Henry 
Mavin, W 
Mavis, Louis Charles 
Mavius & Vivash
Mavius, F E 
Mawdsley, Hugh 
Mawdsley, James W 
Mawdsley, Peter 
Mawn, Benjamin H
Mawson, G 
Mawson, J 
Mawson, Lucy (aka Lucy Millard)
Max, A 
Max-Mills, Victor
Max-Mills, W & E 
Maxwell, A
Maxwell, A McLean 
Maxwell, Alexander 
Maxwell, Arthur 
Maxwell, Charles 
Maxwell, D A 
Maxwell, Edmund Arthur 
Maxwell, Flora (Miss) 
Maxwell, G R 
Maxwell, George Whitehead 
Maxwell, Mary (Mrs)
May & Jacobs
May & Stowe 
May Brothers 
May, Arthur 
May, C 
May, Charles 
May, Charles E 
May, Charles E & May, A A 
May, Charles Henry 
May, Charles James 
May, Cyril E 
May, David William 
May, F & Co
May, Frederick 
May, G
May, George A 
May, George Austin
May, George Austin & Co (May & Co)
May, George William 
May, H Goulton 
May, Harry G 
May, Henry & May, Philip 
May, Henry John (aka J H May)
May, J 
May, John
May, John 
May, John William
May, Norman
May, Norman & Co
May, Norman & Co Limited
May, Robert C 
May, Samuel F 
May, T B
May, W 
May, William David (aka David William May)
Mayall & Co 
Mayall & Co Ltd
Mayall & Co Ltd 
Mayall & Newman Ltd 
Mayall, Amy M (Miss)
Mayall, Edwin
Mayall, J E Limited
Mayall, James E 
Mayall, John 
Mayall, John & Collins, Thomas Henry (Mayall & Collins)
Mayall, John & Mayall, Edwin 
Mayall, John & Mayall, Edwin  & Collins, Thomas Henry (Mayall, Mayall & Collins)
Mayall, John Jabez Edwin (aka John Mayall & John E Mayall & John Edwin Mayall & Professor Highschool)
Mayall, John Jabez Edwin (aka John Mayall & John E Mayall & John Edwin Mayall)
Mayall, John Jabez Edwin (aka John Mayall & John E Mayall & John Edwin Mayall & Mayall’s)
Mayall, Joseph Parkin
Mayall, Joseph Parkin 
Mayall, Marian Emma (Miss)
Mayall, Messrs
Maybury Studio 
Maybury, Alfred 
Maybury, Alfred E
Maybury, Alfred E 
Maybury, Alfred Edward 
Maycer, John (possibly John Mayger)
Maychell, George 
Maycock, Arthur 
Maycock, F A 
Maycock, James 
Maycock, James W 
Maycock, Richard Frederick 
Maycroft & Robbins 
Mayer Brothers
Mayer Brothers 
Mayer, John 
Mayer, Leopold Ernest 
Mayer, Rudolph
Mayer, Rudolph & Co
Mayes & Son 
Mayfair & Co 
Mayfair Press Agency 
Mayfair Studio 
Mayfair Studios 
Mayfield Cobb & Co Ltd
Mayfield, J 
Mayflower Syndicate Ltd 
Mayger, A 
Mayger, John 
Mayger, Nathaniel 
Mayhew & Co
Mayhew, Athol
Mayhew, Gertrude (Mrs)
Mayhew, Henry
Mayhew, Henry 
Mayhew, J
Mayhew, Joseph 
Mayhew, Julius 
Mayland, William 
Mayle, John
Mayle, John & C 
Mayle, John & Son
Mayle, John & Sons
Maylott, Leonard Cousins
Maylund, Charles 
Mayman, Alfred 
Maynard, E
Maynard, F N 
Maynard, George 
Maynard, George M 
Maynard, Henry 
Mayne & Co 
Mayne, G J 
Mayne, J G
Mayne, W
Maynell, Walter 
Mayo, Benjamin 
Mayo, Benjamin John
Mayo, William Leonard
Mayo, William Leonard & Co 
Mayoh, John T 
Mayor & Meredith 
Mayor, William 
Mayow, H 
May’s Studios 
Mays, Fred Ellis 
Mayson, Henry
Mayson, Henry 
Maytum & Pearce 
Maytum & Rudd, Francis C (Maytum & Rudd)
Maytum, Alfred Richard 
Maytum, Alfred Richard & Co
Maytum, Emma R (Mrs)
Mayze Brothers 
McAdam, Jes 
McAllan, Thomas Henry 
McAllister, Isabel 
McAllum, John 
McAlpine, Gertrude (Miss)
McAndrew, James G 
McAnn, Thomas 
McArdle, Peter 
McArdle, Peter (Mrs)
McArthur, C A (Mrs)
McAulay, John 
McAuliffe, William 
McAuslan, Norman 
McAven & Beatty
McBean, Donald 
McBean, Richard H
McBeath, David 
McBeath, Edward H 
McBride, H 
McBride, Peter C 
McBryde, John S 
McBurney, Hamilton G 
McCabe, S
McCaffery, George 
McCall, E  Lennie 
McCall, George 
McCall, George & McCall, Alfred 
McCall, Thomas 
McCallum, W B 
McCallum, W B & Gillan (aka McAllum & Gillan)
McCamley, Peter 
McCann, Alfred 
McCann, E
McCann, Eileen (Miss)
McCann, Thomas 
McCarthy Brothers
McCarthy, Eric J 
McCarthy, John 
McCarthy, John William
McCarthy, John William Ltd
McCarthy, Madeline (Miss)
McCarthy, William 
McCartney, James (aka James MaCarty)
McCaul, Helen (Miss) (aka Miss Helen McCall)
McCave, Joseph 
McClellan, S B
McClucky, Alex 
McConachie, Robert
McConachie, Robert (Mrs)
McConchie, Robert 
McColl, Gavin T
McConnell, W  George 
McConochie, James
McCorkindale, Annie 
McCorkindale, Archibald 
McCormick, James (aka James McConnick & James McCornick)
McCornick, Ed 
McCourt, Thomas Bernard 
McCracken, John
McCrae, M 
McCrae, Melville 
McCraw, William
McCraw, William 
McCrea, J N
McCree, William 
McCreery, Albert 
McCrudden, A 
McCruddon, Isabella (Mrs)  
McCulloch, Charles Frederick
McCulloch, Stanley Henry 
McCulloch, William John
McCully, A 
McCurlie, Frank 
McDermind, John 
McDermott, J
Mcdonald & Co
McDonald, Abel
McDonald, Abel & Co
McDonald, Alex 
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Annie 
McDonald, C 
McDonald, Daniel 
McDonald, Donald 
McDonald, Edward 
McDonald, Hector 
McDonald, James 
McDonald, John 
McDonald, John D 
McDonald, R
McDonald, R J 
McDonald, Ralph (Ralf) Edmundson
McDonald, Robert William 
McDonald, T & Co
McDonald, Walter 
McDonald, William 
McDougaled, John 
McDougall, Alexander
McDougall, Annie 
McDougall, D 
McDowall, William Ross
McDowell, Thomas 
McEachen, Charles Alexander Julian
McElroy, William 
McEvans, Martin
McEvoy, Bernard
McEwan, John
McEwan, Peter B
McEwan, Robert
McEwan, Thomas 
McEwen, Archibald 
McFadzen, Robert (aka Robert McFadsen)
McFarland, J
McFarland, James 
McFarlane & Co
McFarlane & Haiselden
McFarlane, Hugh
McFarlane, James 
McFarlane, Peter 
McFarlane, Robert 
McFarlane, Thomas 
McFarlane, Thomas Fleming
McFarlane, Thomas Fleming & Co
McFee, Hugh Neil (aka H N McPhee or Neil Macfee)
McGahey, John
McGahey, John & Son
McGahey, John James
McGale, John
McGanick, Charles 
McGeachie, Edward
McGeachin, Hew 
McGeehan, R 
McGhee & Parker
McGhee, Robert
McGhie, John (aka John McGhee)
McGhie, William 
McGibbon, John 
McGill, Lewis
McGillivray, A 
McGillivray, George
McGivern, Henry 
McGlashon, Alexander
McGlashon, Alexander 
McGlashon, Alexander & Walker (McGlashon & Walker)
McGlone, Weston Joseph 
McGowan, Edward 
McGown, Thomas G
McGregor, Adam (Junior)(died WW1)
McGregor, Adam (Senior)
McGregor, Adam (Senior) & Sons
Mcgregor, Alexander 
McGregor, Henry 
McGregor, James 
Mcgregor, John 
McGregor, R W 
McGregor, T M 
McHarg, John
McIlwrick Studio
McIlwrick, William J
McIndoe, John 
McInnes & Co (aka MacInnes & Co)
McInnes, Alex
McInnes, D M & Co
McInnes, J
McInnes, John
McInnes, Samuel Donald  & Co 
McInnes, William
McIntosh (Mrs) 
McIntyre, J
McIntyre, Peter S 
McIntyre, T & Co 
McIsaac & MacPherson
McIsaac & Riddle
McIsaac, Adolphus 
McIsaac, Algernon 
McIsaac, Henry W
McIver, Donald
McIver, Donald & Co
McKaig, Annie & McKaig, Gertrude  
McKaig, William (Billy) H
McKay, Donald
McKay, T & Co
McKay, T & R
Mckay, William C
McKean Brothers
McKean, C 
McKean, John
Mckechie, J C 
McKechnie, John Bertram 
McKeever, Mary (Miss)
McKendrew, John
McKenna, Robert
McKenna, W
McKenna, William 
McKenzie, Alex 
McKenzie, Alfred 
McKenzie, Amyas 
McKenzie, David F
McKenzie, Frank 
McKenzie, G
McKenzie, George (junior)
McKenzie, George (senior)
McKenzie, Janet (Mrs) (aka Mrs Janet MacKenzie)
McKenzie, John 
McKenzie, Malcolm 
McKenzie, Robert George & Co
McKie, James Rodgett
McKie, William J 
McKim & Apted
McKim, J (Junior)
McKim, John 
McKim, William 
McKim, William & Apted (McKim & Apted)
McKinlay, Margaret 
McKinley, Jos 
McKnaught, J (aka J McKnaughton)
McKnaught, Thomas 
McLachlan, Ada
McLachlan, Annie (Miss)
McLachlan, Douglas
McLachlan, Lachlan
McLachlan, Lachlan R 
McLaine, John 
McLanachan, John 
McLanachan, John L 
McLanachan, John L & Co
McLaren, John
McLaren, John 
McLaren, L 
Mclaren, Peter 
McLaren, Thomas 
McLauchlan, James 
McLauchlan, James & Masson (McLauchlan & Masson)
McLaughlan, Annie H (Miss)
McLauren, T 
McLean & Co 
McLean & Haes
McLean & Son
McLean, Blanche & Mildred (Misses) (aka Blanche & Mildred MacLean)
Mclean, David
McLean, George 
McLean, George (aka George MacLean)
McLean, James H
McLean, Jane (Mrs) (aka Mrs Jane MacLean)
McLean, Lawrence George (aka L G Maclean)
McLean, Melhuish & Co 
McLean, Melhuish & Haes
McLean, Melhuish, Napper & Co
McLean, W
McLean, W & Son
McLean, William (Senior)
McLellan, Christina 
McLelland, Robert 
McLelland, William J 
McLelland, William J & Sons 
McLennan, D 
McLennan, Donald
McLennan, Kenneth (aka Kenneth MacLennan)
Mclennan, Lindsay (aka Lindsay McLellan & Lindsay McLeman)
McLennan, Lindsay (aka Lindsay McLenon)
McLennan, William
McLennan, William & Co
McLeod Brothers
McLeod, Archibald (aka Archibald McCleod)
McLeod, Charles Ross 
McLeod, J
McLeod, John
McLeod, John 
McLeod, N 
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, T H
McLeod, Thomas H 
McLeod, William 
McLiesh, William
McLintock, James 
McLowe, Matthew H
McLucas & Co
McLucas, Allan
McLucas, Harron (Harrow)
McMahon, John 
McManus Brothers
McManus, John
McMillan & Thompson
McMillan, Aeneas
McMillan, Alfred James
McMillan, Daniel 
McMillan, E & J
McMillan, James 
McMillick, John William 
McMilrick & Beatie
McMilrick, John 
McMoran, Fred
McMullen & Staker
McMullen, John 
McMunn, A 
McMunn, Andrew
McMunn, Andrew 
McMunn, Andrew & McMunn, James 
McMunn, James 
McMunns, A
McMurtrie, J
McNae, Robert 
McNair, Andrew C (G?)
McNair, Henry Stein
McNair, James B (aka James B Macnair)
McNairn, Peter
McNally, William 
McNamara, John
McNamara, John & Son
McNamara, John T
McNamara, Pierce O’Reilly 
McNaughton, George 
McNeil, James Norton
Mcneil, William 
McNeill, Alex 
McNeill, Alexander
McNeill, Alexander & Son
McNeill, Rose (Mrs)
McNeille, Douglas James
McNeille, Malcolm 
McPhee, James 
McPherson, George W
McPherson, George W 
McPherson, J
McPherson, James
McPherson, James 
McPherson, John 
McPherson, William P 
McQueen & Stubbs
McQueen, James 
McQueen, William 
McQuire, John Britten
McRae, Duncan Forbes
McRae, Duncan Forbes 
McRea, William 
McWatters, J
McWatters, Stewart 
McWilliam, Archibald 
Meachin, George
Mead Brothers
Mead, Arthur William 
Mead, J B B 
Mead, Maurice W 
Meade Brothers
Meade, C
Meade, Cecil & Co 
Meadows, James 
Meadows, James Francis 
Meadows, Thomas 
Meads, Frank Howard 
Meagher, Patrick & Co 
Meakes, Albert George 
Mealey, Thomas Henry 
Mean, William 
Means, Ernest A & Co 
Mearns, Archibald 
Mears, Frederick 
Mears, W & Co & Son 
Measey, F 
Measey, Frederick George 
Mechan Brothers
Mecklenburgh, Samuel 
Medallion Portrait Rooms
Medcalf, Charles 
Medcalf, Maurice William 
Medcalfe & Evans
Medcalfe, Henry B
Medhurst, Edward Thomas 
Medina, A (Mrs)
Medina, George 
Medina, George A 
Medland, John Brandon
Medlen, James 
Medley, James 
Medley, W Griffith 
Medrington Limited
Medrington, Arthur S 
Medrington, Charles 
Medrington, Marcus 
Medway House Studio 
Medway Studio 
Medway Studios 
Mee, Amy Gertrude (Miss) 
Mee, E 
Meech, George 
Meek & Hughes
Meek, F J & Co
Meek, Ferdinand James
Meek, Frank 
Meek, Herbert 
Meek, Herbert James 
Meek, James (aka Meek’s Studio & Meek & Co)
Meekeson, Henry 
Meekins, Edward George 
Meeks, Ferdinand James & Co 
Meersbrook Studios 
Mees, E V D 
Meeson & Marden 
Megale, G 
Megalughlin, Henrietta (Mrs) (aka Mrs Henrietta Maglaughi)
Megann, Edward 
Mehew, Hardingham Rushbrook 
Meider, James Henry 
Meider, Newman 
Meill, James W (aka James W Miell)
Meisenbach Co Ltd
Meisenbach Works (aka Carl Hentschel Ltd)
Melanie, Agatha 
Melanographic Portrait Co 
Melanographic Portrait Studio 
Melbourne Portrait Company
Melgriff Studio 
Melhuish, Arthur James 
Melhuish, R
Mellard, Frederick 
Melling, Ernest
Melling, Henry (Harry)
Melling, Peter 
Melling, Thomas 
Melling, William 
Mellis, Archibald D 
Mellis, J 
Mellish, Walter 
Melliss, Andrew 
Mellor, Jack 
Mellor, S J 
Mellor, Thomas Barker 
Mellor, Walt 
Melnotte, Frederick 
Melrose, G Watt 
Melton & Heaken
Melton Mowbray Photographic Rooms
Melton, Frederick 
Melton, J A
Melton, John Augustus 
Melville (Mrs) 
Melville, G C
Melville, George Clough
Melville, H T 
Melville, M A
Melvin, David 
Melvin, Robert 
Melvin, William 
Membrey & Taylor
Memorial Studio
Mendel, William 
Mendelssohn Ltd (aka H S Mendelssohn Ltd)
Mendelssohn, Albert 
Mendelssohn, Hargreaves A 
Mendelssohn, Hayman Seleg & Company
Mendelssohn, Hayman Seleg & Mendelssohn, Herman Eliaschov
Mendelssohn, Hayman Seleg (aka Hayman Selig)
Mendelssohn, Herman Eliaschov
Mendoza Galleries Ltd 
Menns, W 
Mentor, Elizabeth Zilpha & Co
Menzies, Duncan 
Menzies, Frazer 
Menzies, George
Menzies, James 
Menzies, Neil 
Menzies, William 
Mercer & Co 
Mercer, Cyril 
Mercer, F & S
Mercer, J
Mercer, Lewis 
Mercer, Thomas
Mercer, Thomas 
Mercer, Thomas & Mercer, William (aka Mercer Brothers)
Mercer, Thomas & Mercer, William G (aka Mercer Brothers)
Mercer, Thomas A
Mercer, W A
Mercer, W B
Mercer, William 
Mercer, William G 
Mercer, William G & Son
Merchants Portrait Co (Ltd)
Merci, Louis 
Mercier, F H
Mercier, John C 
Mercury Studios 
Meredith, John 
Meredith, John Henry Mervyn 
Meredith, R & Son
Meredith, R & Son 
Meredith, Robert 
Meredith, W 
Merick, Moses 
Merison, Ellen (Mrs)
Merralls, Joseph 
Merret, R 
Merrett & Co 
Merrett Brothers (aka Merritt Brothers)
Merrett, Herbert 
Merrett, John H (aka John H Merritt)
Merrett, John Joseph 
Merrett, R 
Merrett, Rayner 
Merrick, C N & Harrison, G (Merrick & Harrison)
Merrick, J & Co
Merrilees, Robert 
Merriman, H J 
Merriman, H J & Rumbold (Merriman & Rumbold)
Merriman, James (aka James Merryman)
Merrion Studio 
Mertens, Henry William (aka H W Merteus)
Merthyr Portrait Co
Merton & Co 
Merton, Cyril 
Merwood, Hubert Kenneth (Ken)
Mesnard, W 
Mesney, Robert Locke 
Mess, Archibald 
Messer, Horace Charles (Charlie)
Messerli, A 
Messum, H 
Metalic Photo Printing Syndicate Limited (also listed as Ahrler)
Metaline Co 
Metalline Photography Ltd 
Metatone Studio 
Metcalf, C T 
Metcalf, Charles 
Metcalf, F G 
Metcalf, John
Metcalfe, Ed A
Metcalfe, H P
Metcalfe, Henry B (aka Henry B Medcalf)
Metcalfe, Herbert James 
Metcalfe, John 
Metcalfe, Thurston 
Metheringham, Hamlet 
Metropole Fine Art Co 
Metropole Studios
Metropole Studios (Craely) 
Metropolitan Photo Co 
Metropolitan Photographic Art Co (Studio)
Metropolitan Portrait Co 
Metropolitan Portrait Company
Metropolitan Studios 
Meurant, Joseph 
Meurant, Rosney & Durand 
Meves Brothers
Meves Brothers 
Meves, Louis Charles 
Mew, Horace William 
Meyer, H E 
Meyers, George A
Meyers, Milton 
Meyerstein, Emil 
Meyrowitz, E B 
Mezzotint Co
Miall, Frank 
Miall, Harry H
Miall, Thomas 
Michael Brothers (Owen Michael & Richard Michael) 
Michael, F 
Michael, Henry 
Michael, Hermann 
Michael, Iris 
Michael, Owen
Michael, Richard 
Michael, W H 
Michaelis, Mathias 
Michaud, A 
Michel, Edward 
Michel, W H 
Michell & Michell
Michell & Son
Michell & Yendell 
Michell, Charles F 
Michell, W 
Michell, William Henry (aka William Henry Mitchell)
Micklem, Frank 
Micklethwaite, W B
Micklethwaite, W B & Son
Micro-Security Ltd 
Middlemas, William 
Middlemass, Archibald 
Middlemass, Joseph 
Middleton & Shephard 
Middleton & Trindall
Middleton Brothers
Middleton, A J 
Middleton, Albert George 
Middleton, E & J 
Middleton, E Eugene 
Middleton, E H
Middleton, Edward McIntosh 
Middleton, G
Middleton, George 
Middleton, J H 
Middleton, J W 
Middleton, Joe 
Middleton, John 
Middleton, John Booth 
Middleton, John W 
Middleton, Joseph 
Middleton, Richard 
Middleton, S D 
Middleton, Sarah Ann (Mrs)
Middleton, T 
Middleton, Vera (Miss)
Middleton, Wallace Edwin 
Middleton, William
Middleton, William 
Middleton’s Photo Art Studio 
Midget Photo Co 
Midget Photograph Co 
Midgley, F J
Midgley, Mark 
Midgley, Thomas G 
Midland Art Co 
Midland Art Photo Co 
Midland Art Photo Studio 
Midland Art Photographic Studio 
Midland Art Photography 
Midland Counties Photo Co
Midland Film Studios 
Midland Permanent Photographc & Enlargement Co 
Midland Photo Company
Midland Photo Engraving Co 
Midland Photo Keramic Co 
Midland Photographic Co 
Midland Portrait Studio
Midland Press Agency 
Midland Studio 
Midwinter, William Henry
Midwinter, William Henry & Co
Midwood & Chappell 
Midwood, Thomas Horsfell 
Miell & Miell 
Miell, Harry A
Miell, Harry A & Ridley, Martin John (Miell & Ridley)
Miell, James Wesley
Miers, John 
Mieski, Lewis 
Mikado Art Co
Mikulowski, George
Mikulowski, George & Roemhild (Mikulowski & Roemhild)
Milan Photographic Studio 
Milborn, Ernest Alfred 
Milborne, Joseph Harold 
Milburn, F C 
Milburn, G R 
Mildmay, Paulet St John 
Miles & Kaye (aka Miles & Kay)
Miles, Arthur 
Miles, Edwin E 
Miles, Horace A
Miles, Horace Albert 
Miles, John & Co
Miles, John & Co 
Miles, Joseph 
Miles, S
Miles, W 
Military Studio
Mill, W G
Mill, W G 
Millais, F W
Millar & Co 
Millar & Harris 
Millar & Lang Ltd 
Millar & Scott 
Millar, A B
Millar, David 
Millar, James P 
Millar, John & Co
Millar, John & Co 
Millar, John H (aka John H Miller)
Millar, Thomas W 
Millard & Co 
Millard & Vanbrook 
Millard (Messrs) 
Millard, Alfred 
Millard, Alfred & W 
Millard, J
Millard, J 
Millard, James
Millard, James & Co
Millard, L (Miss)
Millard, M & Co 
Millard, R
Millard, T
Millard, T & Robinson (Millard & Robinson)
Millburn, M C 
Millen Brothers 
Millen, G (possibly G Miller)
Millen, George James 
Millen, Marion (Mrs) 
Millens, George 
Millens, Marton (Mrs)
Miller & Adamson 
Miller & Lang 
Miller & Lower
Miller & Vesey 
Miller Brothers 
Miller Brothers, Hall & Co 
Miller, A E 
Miller, Andrew 
Miller, C 
Miller, Charles 
Miller, Charles J
Miller, Dorcas (Mrs) 
Miller, E 
Miller, Edward 
Miller, Elizabeth (Mrs) 
Miller, Frederick Douglas 
Miller, Frederick W 
Miller, G S
Miller, G S 
Miller, G W 
Miller, Haines & Co
Miller, Henry
Miller, Henry William 
Miller, Holloway 
Miller, J
Miller, J A
Miller, J H 
Miller, J Heath & Reach (Miller & Reach)
Miller, James 
Miller, James Henry 
Miller, James Peat 
Miller, James Peat (aka J P Millar)
Miller, John 
Miller, John George 
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Joseph 
Miller, Joseph Harwood 
Miller, Miss
Miller, Percy Victor 
Miller, R 
Miller, Reginald (Reg)
Miller, Sarah (Mrs)
Miller, T
Miller, T 
Miller, Thomas 
Miller, Thomas B 
Miller, Thomas J (Junior) 
Miller, Thomas W (aka T W Millar)
Miller, W
Miller, W 
Miller, W H
Miller, W H 
Miller, Wallace R 
Miller, Wallace R (Mrs) 
Miller, William 
Miller, William A 
Miller, William H 
Miller, William John 
Miller’s Photo Studio 
Miller’s Portraits 
Miller’s Royal Photographic Studio
Millette, Wilfred 
Millichap, George T 
Millichap, Mary Francis (Mrs) 
Milligan, James 
Milligan, James Wilson 
Milligan, W 
Milliken, Robert 
Millikin & Lawley
Millinger, George 
Milling-Johnson Ltd
Millington, Leslie H 
Million Photo Co
Millis, Walter Ltd
Mills & Co 
Mills & Palmer 
Mills & Son 
Mills (Mrs) 
Mills Brothers 
Mills Studio 
Mills, A W 
Mills, Alan 
Mills, Albert 
Mills, Albert Ernest 
Mills, Alice
Mills, Allan 
Mills, D Limited 
Mills, Dorondo Harold
Mills, Dorondo Harold & Co
Mills, Ernest H 
Mills, F C
Mills, Fitzroy John 
Mills, Frank 
Mills, Frederick Charles 
Mills, Frederick S 
Mills, George 
Mills, George William & Son 
Mills, Guy C 
Mills, Gwilym E 
Mills, Herbert L
Mills, I 
Mills, Inez (Miss)
Mills, J P
Mills, J W 
Mills, James 
Mills, James (Junior) 
Mills, James John 
Mills, John 
Mills, John Nepigon (aka Mills Studio)
Mills, John William (aka Mills Brothers)
Mills, Joseph 
Mills, Robert Henry 
Mills, Samuel 
Mills, T W 
Mills, Thomas 
Mills, Thomas & Co
Mills, Thomas Robert 
Mills, W E 
Mills, Walter Ltd (possibly Walter Millis Ltd)
Mills, William 
Mills, William Edward 
Mills, William John 
Mills, William John & Co
Millward, Joseph John (aka J J Milward)
Millward, P W 
Millwood, Robert 
Milne, A
Milne, Alexander 
Milne, Alexander Chapel
Milne, David 
Milne, David & Son 
Milne, George 
Milne, James
Milne, James 
Milne, R 
Milne, Robert 
Milne, William Albert
Milner & Morton 
Milner, Amy (Miss) & Milner, Ernest 
Milner, Charles 
Milner, H
Milner, J R
Milner, John & Son
Milner, Nellie (Miss) 
Milner, Robert & Son 
Milner, William 
Milner, William Edward 
Milnes, John P (aka J P Milne)
Milnthorpe, Thomas 
Milo, Blanche (Mrs) 
Milrick, J M 
Milsom Photographic Co 
Milton & Henry
Milton & Smale 
Milton (Mr)
Milton, Edward Mallett 
Milton, Frank 
Milton, Frederick 
Milton, George 
Milton, John Stirling 
Milton, W
Milton, W H 
Milton, W H & Co
Milton, William 
Minchin, Henry 
Mindel & Faraday 
Mindel, I 
Mines, R
Minett, Herbert T 
Miniature Photographic Co 
Miniature Portrait Studio 
Minnis, Herbert Henry 
Minnit, John William 
Minogue, J M
Minora (Monsieur)
Minshaull, Annie E (Miss)
Minshull & Hughes 
Minshull, E & Co 
Minshull, Percy Major 
Minten, A 
Minto, Frederick 
Minto, Remy Granville 
Minto, Robert 
Minza, Ruby M (Mrs) 
Mirfield (Miss) 
Mirfin, Hannah
Mirro Photo Co 
Misell, Moses 
Misell, Woolf 
Mitcham, Alfred Ernest 
Mitchell & Debenham 
Mitchell & Henderson 
Mitchell & Laing 
Mitchell & Mackie 
Mitchell & Nelson 
Mitchell & Polhill
Mitchell & Shelley 
Mitchell, A
Mitchell, A 
Mitchell, Alfred J 
Mitchell, Alice & Mitchell, Edith (Misses) 
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, Charles 
Mitchell, Charles & Co
Mitchell, Charles Henry 
Mitchell, Daniel 
Mitchell, David 
Mitchell, David K 
Mitchell, Duncan
Mitchell, E 
Mitchell, E C 
Mitchell, E H 
Mitchell, Edward 
Mitchell, Edward Howard 
Mitchell, Edward Howard & Co
Mitchell, F 
Mitchell, F (Miss)
Mitchell, Frances 
Mitchell, Frank 
Mitchell, Fred 
Mitchell, G E 
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, George 
Mitchell, George Arthur 
Mitchell, George G
Mitchell, George G 
Mitchell, Grierson G 
Mitchell, H
Mitchell, Henry
Mitchell, J
Mitchell, J 
Mitchell, J & D 
Mitchell, J B 
Mitchell, James 
Mitchell, Jessie N (Miss) 
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, John & Son 
Mitchell, John Gardner
Mitchell, Margaret Ann 
Mitchell, Mark E
Mitchell, Mark E & Co 
Mitchell, Maude (Miss) 
Mitchell, Michael 
Mitchell, Percy 
Mitchell, Percy C 
Mitchell, Thomas 
Mitchell, W & Cooper, E (Mitchell & Cooper)
Mitchell, W A
Mitchell, W B
Mitchell, W B & Co
Mitchell, William 
Mitchell, William A 
Mitchell, William Alexander 
Mitchell, William B 
Mitchell, William Coverly (aka William de Coverly Mitchell)
Mitchell, William Henry (aka William Henry Michel)
Mitchelson, William V 
Mitchinson, John William 
Mitre Press 
Mitry Brothers 
Mittell, Frank 
Mizon, Charles 
Moate, Crofton George 
Mobbs, William 
Mockeridge, Henry Samuel 
Mockett, H J
Model Studios 
Modern Electric Studios 
Modern Marvel Co Ltd 
Modern Photographic Co
Modern Photographic Co 
Modern Portraits 
Modern Studio 
Modern Studios 
Moeser, Charles 
Moevius, Jane (Mrs) (aka Mrs Jane Moevis & Mrs Jane Moervius)
Moevius, Johannes (aka Johannes Moevis & Johannes Moervius)
Moffat, Alexander S 
Moffat, Charles 
Moffat, Curtis 
Moffat, Frank Pelham 
Moffat, John
Moffat, John 
Moffat, Menzies 
Moffat, Pelham Swinton 
Moffat, R 
Moffatt, William James 
Moffitt Brothers
Moffitt, Robert 
Moffitt, W W 
Mogford, T
Mogg, Thomas 
Mohr, John M 
Moir & Netton 
Moir, J 
Moir, William S
Moir, William S & Halkett, W (Moir & Halkett)
Moira, Edward & Haigh, Edward Makinson (Moira & Haigh)
Moira, Edward (Eduardo de Lobo de Moura)
Molby, Walter 
Mold, George
Mold, George & Co
Molden, Robert 
Mole, Charles 
Mole, John 
Moll, Jacques
Moll, Jacques 
Moll, Peter 
Mollard, S
Mollart, H 
Molloy, T P 
Moloney, James 
Moloney, Patrick Ltd 
Molton, F J (aka F J Molteno)
Molton, Frank 
Molyneux Brothers 
Molyneux, Fred 
Molyneux, H
Molyneux, James (1)
Molyneux, James (2)
Monapenny, Clarence 
Monapenny, M 
Monck, Basil 
Monger, Alfred Peter
Monger, Alfred Peter & Marchant  (Monger & Marchant)
Monger, Arthur Peter 
Monk & Lamb 
Monk, John (Jonathan)
Monk, Joseph 
Monk, R 
Monk, Thomas
Monk, Thomas & Co
Monk, W
Monkhouse, William 
Monkhouse, William & Co
Monks, John 
Monney, W H
Monnickendam, Alexander 
Monnickendam, Edward 
Monochrome Co 
Monochrome Photographic Co 
Mons, William 
Monson, Benjamin 
Monson, Charles
Monson, Charles (aka Mr & Mrs Monson)
Monson, Edward
Monson, P
Monson, Phillip 
Monson, Phillip & Mondon, Charles
Montague Studio 
Montague, John 
Montague, Percy 
Montague, Walter 
Montague, William 
Monte, James & Russell (Monte & Russell)
Monte, James (aka Jacob Monte)
Monte, James (aka Jacob Monteney)
Monteath, George J 
Monteney, Jacob (aka James Monte)
Montgomery, Arthur William 
Montgomery, Edward 
Montgomery, Henry 
Montgomery, Robert 
Montgomery, Samuel 
Montlake, M 
Montpelier Studio
Moodie, John 
Moodie, Thomas
Moodie, William 
Moody, A 
Moody, Charles F 
Moody, Frederick John 
Moody, George Thompson 
Moody, Harry 
Moody, J C
Moody, J J 
Moody, James
Moody, James 
Moody, James (or John)
Moody, James Hawke 
Moody, John 
Moody, Norman 
Moody, W 
Moody, William 
Moon, John 
Moon, Sarah A 
Moon, William
Moon, William & Co
Moon, William & Son
Moonen, Leo 
Mooney, John Arthur Hamilton 
Moor, Edwin 
Moor, F 
Moor, Fletcher
Moor, Henry Watson 
Moor, J Walter
Moor, L J (Miss) 
Moor, Thomas Henry 
Moor, W 
Moore & Co 
Moore & Cowen, G B (Moore & Cowen)
Moore & Sievewright 
Moore Brothers 
Moore, A 
Moore, Agnes (Mrs) 
Moore, Albert 
Moore, Alex J 
Moore, Alfred 
Moore, Annie & Moore, Miriam (Misses) 
Moore, Arthur
Moore, Arthur 
Moore, Edward 
Moore, Ernest 
Moore, Ernest Walter 
Moore, F 
Moore, F & H 
Moore, F W 
Moore, Francis 
Moore, Francis Samuel
Moore, Frank 
Moore, Frederick
Moore, Frederick 
Moore, Frederick Lancaster 
Moore, Frederick W
Moore, G
Moore, G I
Moore, George
Moore, George 
Moore, George Isaac 
Moore, George Stephen 
Moore, George W 
Moore, H 
Moore, H W 
Moore, Harold 
Moore, Harry 
Moore, Harry Charles 
Moore, Henry
Moore, Henry 
Moore, J
Moore, J P
Moore, J W 
Moore, Jack 
Moore, James (Junior) 
Moore, James Conlan
Moore, James Mason 
Moore, John
Moore, John (Junior) 
Moore, John H 
Moore, John Thomas
Moore, John Thomas & Co
Moore, Jonathan Reuben 
Moore, Joseph 
Moore, Melancthon
Moore, R 
Moore, R W
Moore, Raoul 
Moore, Samuel 
Moore, Sidney James 
Moore, Stuart Allen 
Moore, T H
Moore, Thomas Ingleton 
Moore, W & Co
Moore, W G
Moore, Walter 
Moore, Walter H
Moore, Walter H 
Moore, Walter H & Son
Moore, Walter Rowland 
Moore, William 
Moore, William Henry 
Moore, William J 
Moorecroft, William 
Moore’s A1 Portrait Rooms 
Moores, Alfred J
Moorhouse, Admiral 
Moorhouse, Edward 
Moorhouse, Edward James 
Moorhouse, John W 
Moorhouse, Samuel  (aka Samuel Morehouse)
Moorkens, Louis C 
Moorly, Thomas 
Moorman, William 
Mora Ltd 
Mora Photographic Co 
Mora Studios 
Mora, John Henry 
Mora, Percy C (aka Percy Cocker Mitchell)
Mora, Walter Henry 
Moran, John J 
Moran, R G
Morath, Adolf 
Morath, L A 
Morcomb, Edward 
Morcombe, E J 
More, Thomas 
Morecambe Photographic Company
Morehen, P
Morehen, P W
Morehen & Co 
Morel, Henri Louis
Morel, Joseph (Jules)
Moreland & Wright
Moreland, Charles 
Morely, M D 
Morely, Manfred M 
Moreton, Hodson 
Moreton, John 
Morey, Arthur Henry 
Morgan & Andrews
Morgan & Eliott 
Morgan & Howell 
Morgan & Kidd 
Morgan & Laing
Morgan & McWhinnie 
Morgan & Newton 
Morgan & Parry 
Morgan & Sons 
Morgan (Mrs) 
Morgan, A 
Morgan, Arthur 
Morgan, Arthur H 
Morgan, Charles E
Morgan, D 
Morgan, Daniel 
Morgan, E
Morgan, Ebenezer
Morgan, Edgar 
Morgan, Edward W 
Morgan, F
Morgan, F G
Morgan, Frank W 
Morgan, Frederick William 
Morgan, G & Morgan, William (aka Morgan & Co Ltd)
Morgan, G & William
Morgan, G (possibly George Arthur Morgan)
Morgan, George Arthur 
Morgan, George Henry 
Morgan, George R 
Morgan, Henry 
Morgan, Henry John & Co 
Morgan, Henry W
Morgan, J C 
Morgan, J T 
Morgan, James
Morgan, James 
Morgan, John 
Morgan, John L 
Morgan, L 
Morgan, Percy George 
Morgan, R D
Morgan, R E 
Morgan, R M Ltd 
Morgan, Richard 
Morgan, Robert Edwin William 
Morgan, Robert M
Morgan, Robert M Ltd
Morgan, Samuel 
Morgan, Sarah (Mrs) 
Morgan, T Brown 
Morgan, Theo P 
Morgan, Thomas
Morgan, Thomas 
Morgan, Thomas & Co 
Morgan, W
Morgan, W H (also J P)
Morgan, W H M
Morgan, W R
Morgan, Washington
Morgan, William 
Morgan, William Thomas
Morgan, William Thomas & Co
Morgans, John & Morgans, Richard 
Morganti, Alfred 
Morganti, R (Miss)
Morhall, Amos 
Morhall, Amos & Jones, William (Morhall & Jones)
Mori, J F
Mori, James 
Mori, W Co
Morice, Walter 
Morioka, Tadakaju 
Morison, G P
Morland Studio 
Morley & Barwick
Morley & Wright 
Morley, C
Morley, C E 
Morley, Charles Edgar 
Morley, E W 
Morley, Edward 
Morley, Eric 
Morley, Eric G
Morley, Eric J 
Morley, George Arthur 
Morley, H 
Morley, Henry
Morley, Henry Charles 
Morley, J & Son 
Morley, James 
Morley, James G 
Morley, John 
Morley, Joseph 
Morley, Joseph D
Morley, Joseph D & Sons
Morley, M 
Morley, M (Mrs)
Morley, Manfred Marshall 
Morley, Manfred Marshall & Sons
Morley, Marshall David 
Morley, R
Morley, Robert 
Morley, William 
Morling & Co 
Morling, Charles 
Morling, Charles E
Moroney, William 
Morpeth, John 
Morrall & Jones 
Morrall, Amos
Morrall, Jos
Morrell & Co 
Morrell, George 
Morrell, Ivy Dene
Morrill, Joseph 
Morris & Co 
Morris & Logan 
Morris Fine Art Co 
Morris, A
Morris, A U
Morris, Alfred 
Morris, B
Morris, B 
Morris, Benjamin 
Morris, Charles 
Morris, Charles George 
Morris, D L 
Morris, David 
Morris, David R 
Morris, Edward 
Morris, Edward Robert 
Morris, Edward Walter 
Morris, Edwin 
Morris, Edwin Percy 
Morris, Elizabeth (Mrs) 
Morris, Emanuel 
Morris, F 
Morris, Francis Edward 
Morris, Francis M (Mrs) 
Morris, Frederick Thomas James 
Morris, G M 
Morris, George 
Morris, George Samuel 
Morris, H
Morris, H 
Morris, H (Mrs) 
Morris, H M 
Morris, Henry
Morris, Henry 
Morris, Herbert 
Morris, J
Morris, Jim 
Morris, John 
Morris, John Hilton 
Morris, John William 
Morris, Joseph 
Morris, L 
Morris, L (Miss)
Morris, L E (Miss)  
Morris, Leonard 
Morris, Leonard Charles
Morris, Owen Richard 
Morris, Percival G 
Morris, Percy 
Morris, R 
Morris, Rachel (Mrs) 
Morris, Ralph Clayton 
Morris, Richard 
Morris, Robert 
Morris, Robert Matthews 
Morris, Robert Matthews & Co
Morris, Robert W 
Morris, Robert William
Morris, Robert William & Son
Morris, S & Morris, L E (Misses) 
Morris, S W 
Morris, Thomas Albert 
Morris, W
Morris, W & F 
Morris, Walt 
Morris, Wilfred 
Morris, William
Morris, William 
Morrish, J 
Morrison & Ednie 
Morrison, A 
Morrison, Adam 
Morrison, Alex 
Morrison, Alex I 
Morrison, Alexander 
Morrison, David 
Morrison, G & M
Morrison, G & M Ltd
Morrison, George 
Morrison, George G 
Morrison, Harry Alex 
Morrison, J George 
Morrison, James 
Morrison, John 
Morrison, Robert 
Morrison, Thomas A A 
Morrison, William 
Morrison, William Robert 
Morrison’s Studio 
Morrod, T 
Morroll, Harry 
Morrow Studio
Morrow, George 
Morrow, John 
Morse (Mr)
Morse, H & G 
Morson, J 
Morter, D & R (Misses) (Mesdames)
Morter, Ernest 
Morter, Thomas 
Morter, Thomas & Ernest 
Morter, Thomas (Mrs) 
Mortimer & Co 
Mortimer & Wright
Mortimer, Edward 
Mortimer, Frederick
Mortimer, Harry Aylmer & Sons
Mortimer, Harry Aylmer (H A Mortimer junior)
Mortimer, Henry Aylmer (aka Harry Aylmer Mortimer)
Mortimer, Hugh 
Mortimer, Ivy B M (Miss) 
Mortimer, Walter F 
Mortin, James H
Morton & Co
Morton (Mr) 
Morton, A & Co 
Morton, Charles 
Morton, Cyril 
Morton, Day R 
Morton, E 
Morton, Ernest 
Morton, Fred 
Morton, George 
Morton, George R 
Morton, George S
Morton, Henry 
Morton, Henry & Co
Morton, Henry (aka Henry Marton)
Morton, J H
Morton, John 
Morton, Thomas & Co 
Morton, William 
Morton, William Henry 
Morton, William Stanley 
Morton-Day, R 
Morton’s Photo Co 
Moryson (aka Morryson)
Moryson, Thomas Arthur
Moscrop, C 
Moscrop, William
Moscrop, William 
Mosdel, Ethel (Miss) 
Mosedale, A & Co 
Mosedale, John T 
Moseley, Elizabeth (Mrs) (aka Mrs E Mosley)
Moseley, William H
Moseley, William Henry & D (aka  W H & D Mosley)
Moseley, William Henry (aka W H Mosley)
Moser, Herman
Mosley, Fredrick (aka Frederick Mawdsley)
Mosley, J (F?)
Mosley, V V (Miss) 
Mosley, William 
Moss & Peckham
Moss, Alice (Miss)
Moss, Alice (Mrs)
Moss, Charles A 
Moss, Dennis 
Moss, E (Mrs)
Moss, Ernest 
Moss, George 
Moss, Hardwick 
Moss, Harry 
Moss, J
Moss, M
Moss, T E 
Moss, W Denis 
Moss, William 
Mossman, Wilfred S
Mossman, Wilfred Stanley 
Mote, Sydney Charles 
Motley, David 
Mott, Edward (junior)
Mott, Frank J 
Mottershaw, Frank
Mottershaw, Frank 
Mottershaw, John William 
Mottershaw, W 
Mottram, J T
Moul, Frederick 
Mouland, Albert Henry
Mould, J 
Moulden, George 
Moulden, Henry George 
Moulding, Julia (Miss) 
Moule, Claude 
Moult Photographic Co 
Moulton & Tysoe 
Mouncer, A 
Mounds, H 
Mount, Arthur Edgar 
Mount, Kennith H 
Mountain, John T 
Mountain, R
Mountain, William 
Mountford, S 
Mountfort, Arnold G 
Mountney & Co 
Mouque & Colas 
Moute, Harry 
Move-o-Graphs Ltd
Movie Snaps 
Movie Snaps Service 
Movie Snaps (George Coleman t/a)
Mowat, William 
Mowat, William Alexander 
Mowbray, Alfred Richard 
Mowels, S A 
Mower & Co 
Mower, Bertram 
Mower, Eden & Co 
Mower, Henry
Mower, Henry Thomas 
Mower, Mars V
Mower, Percival M 
Mowll, Alfred Francis & Morrison, Harry (Mowll & Morrison)
Mowll, Edwin Balleshall (aka E B Mowell)
Moxon, Charles 
Moxon, Edward Charles 
Moxon, Henry 
Moxon, John 
Moxon, Thomas 
Moyes, James 
Moyle, Samuel 
Moyle, Simon 
Moyse, Harold 
Moyse, S 
Mozart, M 
Muckell, Samuel 
Mudd, James
Mudd, James & Robert 
Mudd, James & Son
Muddimer, E 
Muddle, John Henry 
Mudford, Bernard 
Mudford, Edwin 
Mudford, Walter
Mudford, Walter & Son
Mudge, Alfred
Mudge, Ernest 
Muenzer Ltd 
Muggeridge, Claud 
Muir & Lush 
Muir, A R
Muir, Alexander 
Muir, Catherine 
Muir, George Thomas
Muir, George Thomas 
Muir, James 
Muir, James L 
Muir, Richard 
Muir, Samuel John 
Muir, Samuel John & Co 
Muir, Stella (Miss) (aka Stella Muir Productions Ltd)
Muir, Thomas 
Muir, Thomas S 
Muir, Walter 
Muirhead, Lewis P 
Mulcahy, John Robert 
Muller & Co
Muller, C L
Muller, C L 
Muller, Cederic 
Muller, J & Co 
Muller, Joe & Co 
Muller, John 
Muller, L E & Muller, Maud 
Muller, Louis Edward
Muller, Louis Edward & Son
Muller, Robert A
Mulliner, John G 
Mullins & Route 
Mullins, Bertram S (aka Mullins & Co)
Mullins, Gustav H 
Mullins, Henry 
Mullins, Henry & Milward (Mullins & Milward)
Mumby, Charles 
Mumford, Arthur 
Mumford, Charles William 
Mumford, Frederick 
Mumford, Joseph Henry 
Mumford, Kate (Miss) 
Mumford, Wallace 
Mummery, J B 
Munby, Arthur
Muncey, Frederick William 
Munch, Anna Margret (Miss)
Munday, Henry 
Munday, Nora Katie (Miss) 
Munday, Peter George
Munday, Thomas 
Mundell, J
Mundill, F
Mundy, A J 
Mundy, Algie 
Mundy, Henry 
Munford, John
Munford, John & Edward Hodder 
Munford-Sellar, S W 
Mungeam, R
Munich Gallery 
Municipal Portrait Co 
Munns Brothers
Munns Brothers & Fleetcraft Ltd 
Munns Brothers Ltd
Munns, William T 
Munro & Co
Munro H 
Munro, A 
Munro, Alexander 
Munro, Daniel 
Munro, David H 
Munro, Donald 
Munro, F
Munro, H 
Munro, James 
Munro, John
Munro, John & Son 
Munro, John K 
Munro, Joseph Calder 
Munro, William J 
Munro, William K 
Munroe, Ellis 
Munroe, Hector 
Munsey, N 
Muntz, W 
Muntz, William 
Murano, Andrea (aka Andrea Muriano)
Murch, A H 
Murch, Archibald 
Murch, Henri 
Murdoch, A M 
Murdoch, Hugh 
Murdoch, John C
Murdoch, R
Murduck, Robert George 
Murgatroyd, Herbert & Co 
Murley, T
Murman, William 
Murphy, William 
Murphy, William Charles 
Murray & Campbell 
Murray & Inglis 
Murray & Pickin
Murray Brothers
Murray, A G 
Murray, A Melgund 
Murray, Alfred 
Murray, C 
Murray, David 
Murray, E & Co 
Murray, E C 
Murray, Ebenezer 
Murray, Edward John 
Murray, Frederick 
Murray, George 
Murray, George Henry 
Murray, H 
Murray, Henry 
Murray, Henry (Mr & Mrs)
Murray, Ian A L 
Murray, J
Murray, J H
Murray, James 
Murray, James Lind 
Murray, Jessica (Miss) 
Murray, John
Murray, John 
Murray, John A Campbell 
Murray, John E D 
Murray, John Somerset 
Murray, K (Miss) 
Murray, K W 
Murray, R 
Murray, Rebecca (Mrs) 
Murray, Richard 
Murray, Robert Charles 
Murray, Stewart 
Murray, Tom A 
Murray, Ward & Grove 
Murray, William
Murrell, Henry 
Murrell, Walter 
Muse Brothers 
Muse, John G 
Museum Studio
Musgrave (Miss) 
Musgrave, Edwin H 
Musgrave, Samuel Henry 
Musitano, Gaetano (Signor)
Musitano, Gaetano (Signor) & Co
Muskett, A
Muspratt, Albert 
Muspratt, Albert & (Mrs) 
Muspratt, Helen (Miss) 
Musto, A W
Musto, A W & Co
Mustoe, J T (aka T J Mustoe)
Myatt, Harold 
Mybrea, E 
Myers & Frost 
Myers & Thompson 
Myers, Alberto 
Myers, Clara (Mrs) 
Myers, Ellen (Mrs) 
Myers, Frederick William 
Myers, George Alfred 
Myers, Henry 
Myers, Joseph 
Myers, Myer 
Myers, S 
Myers, W
Myers, William 
Myerscough, George 
Myhill, W E 
Myles, E 
Myles, George
Myles, George & Co
Myles, George (aka George Miles)
Myles, J 
Myles, W S 
Mylne, Bertrice (Miss) 
N W Artistic Portrait Co
Nadar, Eleve de
Naddermeir, J F 
Nadin, Charles Harold
Nadle, Gerson 
Nagel & Co
Nagington, H W 
Nainby, Alfred 
Nainby, Edwin
Nainby, Edwin 
Nainby, Edwin (Mrs)  
Nainby, Fred 
Nairn, Peter 
Nairn, Peter D 
Nairn, Peter D & Christie (Nairn & Christie)
Naismith & Co
Naismith, Hugh R C 
Nall, William 
Nance, Benjamin 
Nancy, J J 
Nansen & Co (aka Nanson & Co)
Napier & Holmes
Napier, H
Napier, William John 
Napper, Robert P
Nappy & Eccles
Nappy, George
Nappy, George & Audas (Nappy & Audas)
Narbett, L & B
Nash, A C 
Nash, A H & Co
Nash, Arthur 
Nash, Herbert
Nash, Herbert Ltd
Nash, James 
Nash, Kenyon & Co
Nash, Robert 
Nastrowsky & Co
Nastrowsky, Colson & Co
Nastrowsky, Paton & Co
Nastrowsky, William Charles & Co
Nastrowsky, William Charles (Baron)
Nathan, M S 
National Art Co
National Illustrating Co
National Photo Art Co
National Photographic Co Ltd
National Photographic Company
National Photographic Studio
National Portrait Co
National Press Service
National Studios
National Temperance Publication Depot
Naudin, Adolph
Naudin, Adolph 
Naudin, Charles & Co
Naudin, G 
Naudin, William J 
Nautical Photo Agency
Navan, A 
Navana Co Ltd
Navana Ltd
Navey, Joseph 
Navey, Joseph & Braithwaite, C H (Navey & Braithwaite)
Nawell, Joseph Thompson 
Nayer, Philip 
Nayler & Udall
Nayler, Robert 
Naylor, Frank (Francis)
Naylor, Henry 
Naylor, J W 
Naylor, Robert 
Naylor, William 
Naysmith, Stephen 
Naysmith, Thomas 
Ne Plus Ultra
Neaf, Frederick 
Neal & Bacon
Neal Brothers
Neal, John Samuel
Neale, Arthur 
Neale, Arthur J 
Neale, Ernest Horace (aka Horace E Neale)
Neale, H 
Neale, Henry
Neale, William Browne 
Neame, Alice (Mrs)
Neame, Herbert (aka Herbert Neam)
Neame, S Edwin  (aka Edwin Neame Ltd)
Neave, William John 
Neaves, Louis C 
Nedah, Frederick
Neech, Friday A
Need, James 
Need, John
Needham, G 
Needham, George 
Needham, L 
Needs, Walter Henry 
Negretti, Henry & Zambra, Joseph Warren (Negretti & Zambra)
Negus Photographers Ltd 
Negus, Marcus Robert 
Neighbour & Rostance
Neil, Albert Ernest 
Neil, Elsie (Miss)
Neil, Frederick Henry 
Neil, Joseph 
Neil, William 
Neild, James 
Neill & Co
Neill, Charlotte (Mrs)
Neill, George W
Neill, Robert G 
Neilson, Adolph B 
Neilson, Marion (Madame) 
Neilson, William 
Nelson & Emmens
Nelson & Graham
Nelson & Marshall (aka Neilson & Marshall)
Nelson & Mitchell
Nelson & Son
Nelson & Sons
Nelson Brothers
Nelson Photographic Co
Nelson Studios
Nelson, Alfred
Nelson, Alfred & Son
Nelson, Arthur 
Nelson, Frederick A 
Nelson, Horatio
Nelson, Horatio 
Nelson, James 
Nelson, John
Nelson, John 
Nelson, Mr
Nelson, Richard 
Nelson, T
Nelson, W M 
Nelson, Walter 
Nelson, Walter  & Nelson, Sarah (Miss)
Nelson, Walter & Nelson, Madeline (Miss)
Nelson, William Henry & Nelson, J
Nelson, William Henry & Sons
Nelson’s High Class Studios
Nepean, Harry Hughes 
Neppress, James William
Nesbit, Arthur W 
Nesbit, Arthur William
Nesbitt & Co
Nesbitt, Albert
Nesbitt, Albert & G
Nesbitt, C  William 
Nesbitt, Charles 
Nesbitt, E (Miss)
Nesbitt, Edwin James 
Nesbitt, George
Nesbitt, George 
Nesbitt, George & Co
Nesbitt, J & G
Nesbitt, John 
Nesbitt, John & Lothian (Nesbitt & Lothian)
Nesbitt, Thomas 
Ness, John R 
Ness, Robert 
Nessbitt, J
Nethercott, Daniel P
Netherwood & Co