Good Books on Photography

We have found the following books particularly interesting :-


Case Histories – The packaging and presentation of the Photographic Portrait in Victorian Britain 1840 – 1875

An excellent and unique book on cased and framed images from the period. Many fine and unique illustrations.

Author: Professor John Hannavy  –  Publisher: Antique Collectors’ Club 2005 –  ISBN: 1 85149 481 2

Hardback  –  27cm x 22cm  –  144 pages.


Beautiful Ambrotypes – All about ambrotypes – Frederick Scott Archer’s discovery in 1851.

An excellent book on the subject with lots of illustrations.

Author: Paul Cox & Heather Forbes  – Publisher: Travelling Light 1989 – ISBN: 0 90633 325 3

Hardback  –  24cm x 22cm  –  48 pages.


The Art of the Daguerreotype – The history and art of the daguerreotype.

An excellent, sumptuous and comprehensive book which looks at the consequences of this early and innovative form of photography which was discovered in 1839. Contains lots of beautifully reproduced images in authentic colour.

Author: Stefan Richter  –  Publisher: Penguin (Viking) 1989  –  ISBN:  0 670 82688 X

Hardback  –  23cm x 25cm  –  138 pages.


The Victorians Photographic Portraits – The history of Victorian photographic portraits

An excellent, well researched and comprehensive book which examines early photography from many angles. It includes technical innovations as well as cultural conventions and social impact.  Many unique illustrations including interesting photographs of early photographic studios.

Author: Audrey Linkman  –  Publisher: Tauris Parke Books 1993  –  ISBN: 1 85043 738 6


A History of Postcards – The history of this 20th century phenomenon.

A comprehensive book covering the history of picture postcards during the 20th century. Lots of colourful illustrations including real-photograph postcards of views etc.

Author: Martin Willoughby  –  Publisher: Bracken Books 1994  –  ISBN: 1 85891 162 1

Hardback  –  23cm x 30cm  –  160 pages.