To help defray the cost of maintaining the collections, we make a charge for some services.

Some services, and the payment for them, are fully automated.

For other services we prefer to receive a GB Pounds Sterling payment via PayPal using our Payment Facility.




Photographer Details – Addresses and/or Operating Dates   (Automated)

Details of all photographers are now AVAILABLE ON-LINE

For each different photographer/address combination only  – £1.95p



Photographer Details – Addresses and/or Operating Dates

Details provided by email

For 1 photographer/address combination  – £2.00p

For 2 photographer/address combinations – £4.00p

For each additional photographer/address combination  – £1.00p



Dating a Photograph – DIY Wizard    (Automated)

Do-it-yourself photo dating service –  £7.50 per photograph



Named Sitters – Original Photographs

Original photographs of named sitters – £20.00 each – discount for 2 or more, please Contact Us for a quote.

Photographs cannot be released if they are part of the permanent archive, however, high quality scanned images can be supplied instead. See below.



Named Sitters – Scanned Images (for personal use only)

High quality scanned images of named sitters – £10.00 each – discount for 3 or more, please contact us for a quote.

The cost of scanned copies for commercial use or display is subject to negotiation. Costs will depend on the type of use required.



Scanning other Photographs and Documents from the Collection (for personal use only)

Scanned copies of photographs from the collection (front & back) – cost as follows

£4.00 per photograph – discount for 5 or more.

The cost of scanned copies for commercial use or display is subject to negotiation. Costs will depend on the type of use required.

Copying to disk and mailing (UK) – £3.50



Photographs for Sale

We have many cartes de visite , cabinet cards and other photographs for sale. Ideal for collectors, researchers and for social and local historians. Please Contact Us and tell us what you are looking for.

Cartes de visite and cabinet cards cost from £4.00 each, plus postage – discount for 5 or more.



Census Returns

We can search for census returns  relating to photographers and their families. They were compiled every 10 years – available dates are 1841 – 1911

Each census return that is found costs £4.00 (no find, no charge).



Photographer Biographies

We are happy to help you develop a biography of a particular photographer that you are researching. This entails at least two full day’s input on our part and also costs us £25 to have the web manager publish it. Do read our biographies published at and, if you would like us to work with you to develop one, please ask.