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We stopped recording nice feedback in April 2010 otherwise we would have needed a separate website just for that purpose!!


“Dear Ron,  The presentation went very well, thanks  The ages ranged from about 3 years old to late 80’s.  Most were astonished when I showed one of your photographs blown up large on a screen, and then held up an actual photograph in my hand.  They were surprised to find how tiny the originals were”  April 2010 Frances


” your research and commitment is wonderful i learnt more about the Covell family from your site in minutes than i have done in the last 5 years i have names now to very old family pictures thanxs and god bless”  Mark Ashdown  April 2010


“Dear Ron, Thanks for your kind reply; yes, I did see it all on the cartedevisite website you mentioned, which is unbelievably excellent. I think you have done a fantastic job of it. The copyright would apply not to me, in this case, but to the webmaster of the site which has the material on it. If I can get permission to do so, I’ll send the pictures to you for dating. For now, every good wish for your splendid site(s).”   Joe February 2010


Dear Ron, a quick email to say a very big thank you for the carte de visite which arrived yesterday.  I’m not a sentimental sort, but I had a big lump in my throat when I opened the envelope and actually looked at the photo “in the flesh”.  It is amazing how an old photograph can speak to you and it was the same as when I first opened the scan you sent me.  I remember saying out loud “I know who you are”!  Thank you very much – it’s like having a member of your family arrive!  Best wishes”  Frances Culham January 2010


“Hi Ron, thank you very much for putting so much effort into researching our image.  We really appreciate your help and will have a look at the family tree (as far as we’ve researched it so far) to see whether we can identify who would be in the age range at that time. Thank you again”  Charlotte Hicks  November 2009


“Hello Ron, just a note to let you know that I have solved the mystery of my gg grandfather in the Symonds and Co/Southampton photo I emailed to you back in May.  You had estimated the photo was taken mid to late 1880’s and not after 1891.  At that time I knew that the family had lived in Northamptonshire in the early 1880’s and couldn’t find them in the next 2 census.  After much research I had decided that a gentleman with the same name, living in Lambeth was one and the same but could not prove it definitively.  I was trying to get my gg grandfather out of Northamptonshire and thus the ‘Southampton’ question.

Since we corresponded, I’ve discovered that my gg grandfather was living in Hertfordshire in 1884.  I’ve found that he was in Bedfordshire in 1887 when his first wife died, and last week I found proof that the Lambeth man was my gg grandfather.  It was a very gratifying moment. My gg grandfather’s second wife was from Hampshire and their first child was born in Lambeth in 1891.  It’s highly possibly that the couple travelled together to Southampton sometime between 1887 when first wife died and 1890 when future second wife became pregnant which would fit your time frame.

Thanks again for your good advice.  Best regards”  Susan Schultz  Ottawa, ON Canada November 2009


“Hi Ron: I am thrilled to get these photographs.  Thank you so much.  They will be a wonderful addition to my ‘family tree information’. Looking forward to receiving the originals by John Fergus in the mail. I never dreamt of having all this for my McKenzie family.  It is wonderful.  I will get to work on the biography. You have a wonderful website and are doing a superb job. Sincerely, Linda Walker”  October 2009


“Many thanks for the scans etc., very exciting to see photos that my Great Granddad took! I have several photos including one of Frank (taken outside his studio) and his wife Eliza nee Osman and their only son Frank George Wreford Richards, also have dates etc. of his life in Dawlish, will forward them to you when I have typed them up, and hopfully we will have enough for a web page. So glad I saw you web site advertised in Practical Family History magazine in an article called ‘Watch the Birdie’ – all about Carte de Visite……according to the article you are an essential website……..must say I totally agree“.   Sue Wood  Sept 09


“Hey, this is a great site!! Cheers from Germany!”   Birte   8th April 2009


Firstly, what a fantastic website you have, a fantastic resource, I look forward to seeing more updates soon … ”  David Bourne  April 2009


“Hi – thanks for sending me the four photos taken by Arthur Woodbridge my grandfather.  They are all brilliant and, as it was the first time that I’ve seen any of his work, I was delighted to see them.  …………..      Thanks ”    Derek Woodbridge     March 2009



“Wow.  Many many thanks”     Tracy Dodds February 2009


Wow!!  I am thrilled to receive the two photographs taken by my great grandfather.  Many thanks.”   Marlene Holloman February 2009


 “Thanks a million Ron, very much appreciated.” Caroline  February 2009


 “Thank you so very much Ron for those dates.  I really do appreciate it as it helps to date the Gambling Stud-button, and I will mention your help to the Button Magazine editor. Hope somebody does something really nice for you today! Have a good year,  and go well, sincerely.  Sandra Jones, Australia” January 2009


 “Thank you for the encouragement to get something onto paper as the family are getting very interested. Having visited the area, I am not surprised that many photographers and artists have made their home in Fife as the lighting is superb. Best wishes, Frances Culham”  January 2009



“Thank you for the dates.  A great help!  Judith Gilbert”   January 2009


” Thanks for that. Another mystery solved.”    Anita Firth  January 2009


 “….    It was very kind of you to offer me the images at a discount but I think the website is so good, especially for family historians like me, that I am happy to pay the full amount.  The images are brilliant and I have printed a copy of them for my father. Thanks….  Jane”  December 2008


Dear Ron.  I would like to thank you very much indeed, on behalf of the Club in general and of the fascinated audience at Market Harborough in particular, for your most intriguing talk last Sunday. I went straight back home and sorted through my box of old family photographs to apply my new-gained knowledge. Thanks again for a very interesting morning.  David Woodrow PCCGB”      November 2008


 Thank you for this, Ron.  Much appreciated.  You’re the first person I’ve written to on the subject that has replied.   Sue”    November 2008


“Thank you. Your information, especially regarding the photographer is muchly appreciated.  I will also use the other resources you included.  It is important to let you know how much I appreciate both your efforts and suggestions. I wish you much success in your endeavours.” Best Regards,   Tim Keene     November 2008


“I am really delighted to have found something so concrete [an original carte de visite] about my relative  and I thank you for having it.” Karen Trinder London  October 2008


Thanks very much – the guy in the VENN photo died in 1918 I believe, so that would date it to 1913-1918, which sounds about correct. I’m hoping to write a book about this family (eventually!) so I’ll let you have a copy if you are interested. Regards, Martin Entwistle”  October 2008


“Thank you very much for your thoughts about the paintings which have been in my family at least since my gg grandmother Jane Ullathorne in Oldham died around 1900-1915 – which was probably when my great grandmother inherited them and took them with her to Norway. She settled here, married a Norwegian man etc… The oral tradition of my family claims that they are some Ullathorne relatives from the 19th century. Now I want to find out who they were, and dating the paintings is the first step.

Thank you again for the information and the good advice! We need to get some art historians to look at them and give us more information, but you have certainly been of much help” Kristinn Hegna        Norway  September 2008


“Just to let you know that the Fortescue items you sent me are now with an even closer relative of William Crawford Fortescue, who was one of the Plymouth and St Budeaux branch of Fortescues who lives in Australia, and I have recently made contact with the living son of William Henry Fortescue and grandson of William Crawford Fortescue who lives in California, aged 95. Your service has brought happiness to quite a few family members. Kind regards, David Reading.”


“Please find a cheque for the photographs by Charles Henwood that you sent me.  Thank you for all of your help, Teresa Russell”   August 2008


“Thank you very much for the information concerning Victor Leon, photographer which appeared on the reverse of a photograph that I have dated 1913.  The name was not clear. Thank you again for your help in tracing the photographer and I shall certainly mention your website to anyone else searching for photographers in connection with their family history. Regards, Jenny Plumb”  September 2008


I could not resist adding this one:-

Hello Ron!  Just a quick note to let you know that the Stewart CDVs arrived safely and in good condition. I cannot find the words to tell you how thrilled I was to hold them in my hand. It sounds a little strange to say I feel the connection, down through the generations, as a physical sensation, when I see and feel the photos. My Dad, my Grandmother, my Great-grandfather, and my Great-great-grandfather. all played a part in my being and to hold something, over a hundred and fifty years after my GGgrandfather held it in his hands, is something I never would have thought possible. I thank you for your kindness and generosity in making this possible. Cheers,  Lorraine 2 May 2016

and this one:-

These are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much. I had no idea how emotional seeing these would make me. I often wander in his footsteps over Skelton way but seeing images exactly how he had seen them is a wonderful experience. Really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into this!  Kindest regards, Sam   August 2023