The invention of photography had a massive and everlasting impact on everyone; on commerce, on industry, on the rich and on the man in the street. Because of it we can actually see into the past!

This site is all about early photographers from the Victorian era, the Edwardian era and later – up to 1940. It is about their work and their studios.


Artist Portrait & Landscape Photographer

Artist Portrait & Landscape Photographer

We want to bring these facts to life by providing a huge, comprehensive, authoritative and unique source of information about earlier photographers in Great Britain and Ireland – all in one single place. The information is based on the analysis of two extensive collections – one of British and Irish cartes de visite and another of British trade directories.

Additional data is continually being added to the site so do come back and look again, and again.

If you want to research a photographer  – and possibly even see some examples of their work – we would be delighted to hear from you.

We can even offer you a web page dedicated to your photographer.

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