James Giles   1829 – 1877

Born 1829 in Highworth, Wiltshire
Baptized   ?
Died 1 Mar 1877 in Walsall

Established in 1864 or before. James worked until his death in 1877.
Studios were operated at two addresses in Walsall

Biographical Notes

James Giles was born in Highworth, Wiltshire in 1829 to John Giles, probably a woodworker, and Esther Avenell who had married three years earlier in Highworth on 21 May 1826.

By 1851, James was living in Lady Wood Lane, Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England lodging with the Collins family and working as a clerk.

In 1861 he married Ann Cubley from Birmingham. The ceremony took place in Walsall, Stafford, and they started married life at 216 Hatherton Street, Walsall; later moving to Essex Terrace Cottage in the town.

Whilst in Walsall, James and his wife had 6 children and there is a record of a further daughter being born in Sheffield in 1880, three years after James had died. The family legend says that she was a gypsy’s child as she was very dark.

Their seven children were James Thomas (b. 1862, Lydia Dorothy (b. 1864), William A. (b. 1866), Catherine A. (b. 1868), Jemmima (b. 1870), Harry (b. 1876) and  Edith (b. 1880).

According to Jones Directory of the Iron District of South Staffordshire and Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire), James had a studio at 140 Bridgeman Street, Walsall from 1864 and moved to Bradford Street, Walsall in 1865. His last trade directory advertisement is dated 1876 and James died the following year on the 1 March 1877 at the age of 48.
Ann lived until 1905.

Father – John Giles – born c.1800 in Highworth, Wiltshire
Mother – Esther Avenell – born 19 Feb 1798 in Highworth, Wiltshire


Born         1829 in Highworth, Wiltshire
Married  30 May 1861 in Walsall, Staffordshire to Ann Cubley who was  born in 1838 in Birmingham, Warwickshire and died in 1905
Child 1 – James Thomas – born 1 Jun 1862 in Walsall. Died 1907
Child 2 – Lydia Dorothy – born 1 Mar 1864 in Walsall
Child 3 – William A – born 1 Jun 1866 in Walsall
Child 4 – Catherine A – born 1 Jun 1868 in Walsall
Child 5 – Jemmima – born 1 Dec 1870 in Walsall. Died 1873
Child 6 – Harry – born 1 Dec 1876 in Walsall
Child 7 – Edith – born in 1880 in Sheffield. Died 1946

Died         1 Mar 1877 in Walsall

Compiled by Ron Cosens

Thank you to the Giles family historian Karen Trinder for her kind assistance and contributions

Trade directory information courtesy of Sandy Barrie & Karen Trinder
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Giles, James carte de visite face

Giles, James carte de visite face

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Giles, James carte de visite back