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  • 33,000 photographers from the Victorian era and later – up to 1940
  • 62,000 studio addresses and dates of operation
  • 6,000 customers (the sitters who posed for them)
  • nearly 50 fascinating biographies – big families, multiple marriages, financial woes and emigration – as well as the odd jail sentence !
  • FREE downloads about various aspects of Victorian photography – with more to follow shortly

The information, much of it unique, is taken from original cartes de visite and cabinet cards in the Victorian Image Collection and from trade directories collected over the last 30 years. Information from other sources such as the UK census, trade advertisements and photographic ephemera is also available.

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Lovely Feedback

Hello Ron,  WOW!!!!!

Those pictures are great. I loved the art work and the script of Augusta’s name and design of the back of his pictures which leads me to new searches. Would the backs all been out at the same time or change as the years went by?  I now have art work drawn by my Great, Great grandfather, and also see the people that hopefully he  brought happiness to when capturing them in his work.

Can’t wait to see the ones coming in the post.  Kind regards and thank you for doing what you do. Wendy P and family – Australia.