John Hinchcliffe Biography Published

A new biography has just been published at Photographers 1840 – 1940 Great Britain & Ireland

The Hinchcliffe family provided two generations of photographers who operated variously in Dewsbury, Liverpool and Leicester from 1864 until about 1923. It is possible that the Hinchcliffe name continued above studio doors for a few years after 1923 but that the studios were actually owned by people who were not members of the family.

Research has been difficult at times because the family name has been variously recorded as Inchcliffe and Hinchliffe as well as Hinchcliffe.

John Hinchcliffe had seven children and most of them were involved in photography to some extent. His sons Ramsden, Henry and Eugene were particularly active as commercial photographers as were Henry’s wife Ellen and Eugene’s wife Alice. Read more …

This is just one of many more free Victorian Photographer biographies currently published. More are scheduled for publication over the coming months.


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